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#black butler oc

I’ve been having trouble writing because brain damage reasons but I have gotten a lot of prewriting done on HMDMSaT and I basically got to the point where I figured I’d need to insert a more in depth OC than I had previously wanted to to serve as sort of an antagonist/plot device. So this is Leon Frank, my reaper OC:


He’s a ginger from Massachusetts and he’s a fucking asshole.

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So I tried a more semi realistic style with this one and it’s pretty different from my usual style but I really like how it came out.

It’s just a small redesign of my old black butler oc. I haven’t decided what I’ll do with her, I’m definitely keeping her since I love her new design but I’m not sure if I’ll keep her as fan character or what I’ll do with her.

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Grell: You’re the vicious maid Bassy was blabbering about? You’re a child! How are you any worth my time fightin-

Lucille mumbling: pretty Red Lady…

Grell chocking: You think I’m pretty? 🥺

Sebastian most to his disgust: Lucille the young Master said Fight any threat on sight..

Lucille: Red lady paint my Nails!

Grell: yeah Bassy the lady’s are painting their nails come back later.

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I’m loving my mutuals who read the first 2 chapters ask me question about Lucille like im about to answer them honestly. ☠️☠️ No I’m gonna leave you wondering I’m sorry baby.

My fav questions so far.

“didn’t you say she was human?”

“where’s the fucking demon?? Hello?? Is he ugly omg”

“was it a demon or a angel I’m confuse?”

“omg is it inside of her 😨”

“Ash/Angela did a comeback”

“omfg is Jesus”

“ oh she has a god complex with out knowing it”

“Sebastian acting sus Ash you sure it wasn’t him popping up ☠️”

“Is SHE Jesus?”

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My Black Butler OC/Self-Ship: Heiress Industrialist, Magdalene “Maggie” Brisco Fulbright

24 years old, born January 3rd, 1864. Capricorn. Blood Type: O+. 5′9″ & 104 lbs. Human with no prior supernatural affiliations. Cis woman. Bisexual, with a strong preference for men.

“Sir, the best revenge is to seek none whatsoever; but baring that, success will more than suffice.”

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