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#black butler reader inserts

Absolutely! First time I’ve written for Cheslock, so I hope I did him justice!!




  • So I feel Edward would be a bit more subdued than Cheslock
  • Not in a bad/uninterested way, just that he’d be a little quieter/less charismatic about the whole thing
  • Like people would know the two of you are in love, but he’s not the type to scream it from the rooftops
  • He would definitely be affectionate though
  • But again more subtly
  • I think a lot of hand holding would be the main thing with Edward, or linking arms, him putting his arm out a little so you can rest your hand in the crook of his elbow
  • He’s very much a bow and then kiss your knuckles/back of your hand type person, quite the gentleman in every way you can think of
  • When it comes to PDA, he’s certainly comfortable with all of the above
  • But really not much more than that
  • He might give you a goodnight/goodbye parting kiss on your cheek or your forehead if you’re out in public, but only a brief one (might need to persuade him with puppy eyes)
  • That said, if a situation unfolds whereby you are threatened, uncomfortable or otherwise in some sort of danger, all of the above goes out of the window
  • Gone is the quiet, well spoken person you’re so used to and that you have come to love
  • He is replaced immediately by someone who would give his life if it meant saving yours, who will do anything to protect your honour and integrity
  • Edward is incredibly protective when it comes to your safety and well being, so god help anyone who threatens that
  • If it were a physical threat, he would immediately have a sword to hand with his other arm held out to the side, keeping you firmly behind him where he knows you are safe
  • If words are being used as weapons, he can take part in a battle of wits as skillfully as he can fight with any blade
  • He wouldn’t be possessive, but he would want to protect you in absolutely everything, and he will not tolerate anything negative being said about you
  • He won’t tolerate you being negative towards yourself either
  • Of course he makes sure you know you can talk to him about anything at all, however silly or unimportant you think it is, but he will be firm with you if it turns out you’re upset with how you look or some other aspect of who you are
  • He will tel you why that part of yourself is as beautiful as every other, not letting you believe for one second that there is anything at all wrong with you
  • He loves you dearly and thinks you’re perfect in every way; he won’t let you put yourself down like that


  • I feel like for you to be in a relationship with Cheslock, you’d have to be something more of a wild child yourself
  • I think Edward would be with someone a touch more refined, but Cheslock is there for pretty much any type of person who knows how to have fun
  • You’re part of a rock band? So was he at one point, let’s make a new one
  • You want to learn a new instrument? He’s probably already mastered that one, and he is more than willing to teach you (he’s better than any professional teacher, trust me)
  • You’re female but you don’t want to wear dresses or you’re male and you do? Your preferences are entirely yours, he will literally never judge you
  • That’s kind of a recurring theme with Cheslock - it doesn’t matter what you wear, how you act or anything else, he won’t ever judge you
  • That said, if somebody else is doing they judging, they are very quickly going to regret
  • He is not beyond starting a bar fight style brawl for the sake of protecting you from someone else’s horrible words, make no mistake
  • He can do the whole battle of words thing, but he’d rather just have an actual fight, win it, then be done with the whole thing
  • When it comes to PDA, he probably has less boundaries than you do
  • Not embarrassed in the slightest about anything
  • And arm slung around your waist to keep you close to him, you tucked into his side under his heavy winter coat when it gets cold, passionate kisses with people watching
  • He welcomes all of it
  • I think he likes/would seek out physical contact more often than Edward
  • He’s not touch starved or anything like that, he just enjoys the closeness, as well as knowing that you enjoy it too
  • If on the other hand, you happen to be touch starved, you won’t be for very long
  • The two of you would probably share a lot of kisses, arms hanging over shoulders and the like in a way of displaying more casual less ‘pretentious’ as he’d call it affection
  • Also, despite the tough exterior that so many people get put off by or are nervous of, I get the feeling he really likes hugs (I have nothing to base that on other than the vibe I get)
  • Like Edward, he wouldn’t become possessive of you
  • He trusts you deeply, but more importantly than that, you are perfectly capable of being independent and making your own decisions, which is something he is definitely not going to stand in the way of
  • Anyways, he is a very affectionate partner to have, and is very supportive in everything you do
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Of course, hope you enjoy! You take care too!!



You smiled over the table at your date, a hand resting on top of his as the waiter takes your order of drinks. Max was truly like no one you had ever met before and you couldn’t remember the last time you felt this happy. This was your third date with him and the two of you got on like a house afire. In spite of that, your mind would wander back to Sebastian every so often, utterly out of your control. You had begun to wonder if you ever felt this happy when the two of you were together and at this point you honestly believed you hadn’t.

Max turned his hand to gently take hold of yours, smiling softly at you from the other side of the table. It was dark outside, you noted as you glanced through the window behind him. Beautiful orange lights lined a peaceful river, reflecting in soothing patterns off the black water beyond the fence that separated a path from the water. The lights seemed to reflect in your date’s bright blue eyes, making them even more captivating than they already were.

You were drawn from your thoughts by the arrival of your drinks, saying a quick ‘cheers’ as you clinked glasses then beaming as an idea struck you. Max questioned the change in expression with a grin of his own, chuckling as you shipped out your phone and told him you needed a picture together. It was absolutely stunning, the lights a little blurred in the background and the ambient lighting of the restaurant making you both look almost ethereal. You fully intended to set it as your phone’s background as soon as you got home, after sending it to your partner, of course. Just when you decided your evening couldn’t possibly get any better, disaster struck.

“Oh no…” you muttered under your breath, having just made eye contact with the one person you had hoped to never see again. Sebastian it seemed had no such concerns and wasted no time in striding into the restaurant, fiery gaze glued to the back of your date’s head. You thought you might get away with just ignoring the demon, but evidently he wasn’t going to let that happen. The demon walked straight up to your table and spoke to you with his back to Max, acting as if he didn’t exist. In fact, he spoke right over the top of your partner.

“I didn’t expect to see you here, my dear,” Sebastian started confidently, “surely you could have managed better than this?”

Your jaw tightened immediately. This wasn’t the usual type of restaurant you would choose to go to and he knew it - Max had picked it, therefore you were determined to have a good time. In fact, this particular place was one of the best you had ever visited, whether or not it was your usual style.

“Do you mind?” You replied coldly, not gracing his comment with an answer addressing it. When you did nothing more than glare at him, seeing Max’s confused gaze jump between you from the side, he carried on.

“Why, not at all. I’m certain we could find somewhere more … tasteful than this little place, aren’t you? In fact-”

“Look, what’s going on here?” Your partner had finally said something, your hand still in his as your way of assuring him you had no intention of going anywhere with Sebastian.

“Oh? He speaks,” the demon sneered, leaving your features drawn in a frown at how uncharacteristically he was behaving. You had never seen him do this before, but really all it was doing now was confirming to you that you had made the right choice in leaving him. You leapt out of your seat before your date had a chance to, one hand held up in each of their directions as you quietly asked that this be taken outside.

All three of you left a moment later and you turned away from Sebastian, impressing onto Max how you had no idea this would happen and that you never wanted to see your old partner again. He got it, more than understanding of the whole situation to both your shock and delight, then suggested you leave without another minute’s delay. A hand in his arm, you both turned to walk away without any confrontation. Then, the butler started insulting your current partner. Max as it turned out, would have been willing to let it go - you weren’t. You swung around to face him with a fire in your eyes, one Sebastian had only seen once before; when you had told him to leave.

“Look I don’t know what your problem is,” you started, “and I don’t care. All you’re doing here is ruining what would have been a perfect evening, so why don’t you just get on your way. I don’t ever want to speak to you again, do you understand me?!” The demon paused a moment, then his eyes narrowed in cruel delight.

“Do you truly believe that he is the best you can do? You should be placing the bar far higher than that my darling, I-”

“It’s because he can love me, you can’t!” Your eyes were lined with moisture despite your best efforts. “And don’t you dare call me ‘my darling’, I am nothing of the sort and you were the one who made sure of it, so just leave me alone!”

With that, you stormed away from him and back to Max, quickly taking his arm once more and walking away as fast as you could. You didn’t turn around and the demon didn’t follow.

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I am thank you, hope you are too!! Also I tried to do this as a oneshot but thought it worked better as headcanons, hope you don’t mind. Enjoy!

13] Terrifying each other (jumping out from behind doors and screaming, etc)

17] Visit a haunted house

27] Wear matching couples costumes



  • So the two of you went as mad scientists
  • It took you a bit of convincing to get William to join in, but once he did you made him go all out
  • The both of you had lab coats and gloves, various bits of headgear and you were quite literally covered in fake blood
  • You’d told the reaper this was absolutely necessary for your costumes to come out right, to which he’d argued that he spent enough time drenched in real blood during the working week and could well do without it in his free time
  • Frankly, you couldn’t think of much to say to that, but when he wasn’t looking you turned his white lab coat a brilliant crimson
  • Seriously, Grell would have been proud
  • And when he tried to tell you he would just go without the clothing altogether, you did your best puppy eyes and reminded him that he’d agreed to do matching couples costumes with you and it wouldn’t work if only you wore a lab coat
  • He gave in eventually, because it was you - he would never admit it to anyone, but you hold far more sway over him than he wishes you did
  • You put your costume on considerably earlier than he did and as such, you decided you would take the opportunity and try to scare him
  • Needless to say, it didn’t quite work out as you planned
  • Given that William isn’t actually human (something that can be far too easy to forget, especially when he gets in from a long day at work and you can see that really all he wants is a three week holiday) his senses are considerably better than yours
  • You try to just scare him by hiding behind doors and around corners several times, but he knows you’re there long before you even realise he’s coming so he never so much as flinches
  • You try grabbing him from behind, screaming and screeching as you launch yourself at him, but even that doesn’t work
  • It gets you a small, disbelieving huff, because he can’t believe you’re willing to act so childishly
  • Also because he likes to act all aloof
  • But in the end, it gets to him too
  • He takes the opportunity when you’re in the kitchen, preoccupied with whatever you were looking at
  • William walks up to you, so very silent that you don’t hear him coming at all
  • When his arms wrap around you with no warning from behind and he murmurs a soft greeting in your ear, you jump right out of your skin
  • You also shriek like you’re being murdered and the overreaction actually manages to draw a quiet chuckle from your partner
  • You turn in his embrace to face him, just catching the tale end of his smile
  • Your eyes are wide in surprise as you grin, thrilled that you made him laugh
  • The reaper does it so rarely and you love it so much when it does
  • He just rolls his eyes in response to your happy astonishment, but internally he’s thrilled that something as simple as a smile could produce this reaction in you
  • A bit later on at night, you ask if he wants to go out somewhere
  • He agrees, albeit it slightly cautiously, because no matter how hard he pushes you will give nothing away
  • He doesn’t even know where your destination is, and being aware of the direction you were walking in from the house is honestly no help
  • You look excited though, so he’s willing to go along with it and find out what you have planned
  • He’s left in a state of disbelief when you round a corner and are met with massive black signs proclaiming, ‘Haunted House, This Way!’
  • You can’t help but laugh at the expression on his face
  • “Y/N, you do realise you’re already in regular contact with all kinds of supernatural beings, not least of all myself. What exactly is the purpose of this?”
  • He’s a non-believer from start to end, though you manage to give him a laugh if nothing else
  • You scream at literally everything; every time an actor jumps out at you, every sound (recorded for the show or not) and every time something moves, whether it was supposed to frighten you or not
  • You’re clinging to William for dear life by the time you come out the other side and by this point you’re too scared to notice the look of vague annoyance he’s giving you (he’s sighed out ‘honestly…’ more than once)
  • Though he thinks the haunted house is perhaps a stretch too far, the reaper has enjoyed spending his Halloween with you
  • He gently squeezes your hand as you start walking home, just to let you know he’s there and you’re safe
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No worries at all, hope you enjoy!! This was hilarious to write

2] Dressing up (costumes, cosplay and the like)




  • You want him to what? Why?
  • Exactly what purpose is this humiliation tactic supposed to serve
  • And ‘Because it would be funny’ really wasn’t the answer he was looking for
  • Be prepared for literally no verbal answer, just the slow raising of one eyebrow and a sudden feeling of being very small
  • You start laughing - nervous laughing - in an attempt to cover the flush creeping up your cheeks and how embarrassed you are beginning to feel
  • However, instead of a straight out, deadpan ‘no’, which is what you were expecting, you get instead a “Are you being serious?”
  • It’s said in that monotone voice of his so you can’t tell exactly what he is thinking, equally you can’t manage that most of the time - it’s something of a goal you set yourself to get his expression and or tone of voice to change
  • Frankly you were expecting at least some sort of emotion to show itself at this request
  • A huff emits from your partner’s lips
  • Well that counts as something, right? Better than-
  • A chuckle
  • Your eyes widen and your head shoots up in surprise, but your eyes tell you what you heard was indeed correct
  • His lips were quirked upwards at the corner and his eyes slightly narrowed; a hand brought up to his face in an attempt to cover it
  • It happens again when he takes in the look on your features, utter shock and disbelief
  • What shocks you more is when he gently pushes his glasses back up the bridge of his nose and steps closer to you to rest his hands on your waist
  • And then says yes
  • You’re sorely tempted to ask who is standing on front of you and what have they done with Claude
  • “This is perhaps one of the most ridiculous things I have been asked to do during my time in the human realm,” you were already aware that amounted to a good few centuries, “but fine. If and only if it would serve to amuse you.”
  • You couldn’t keep the cheeky grin off your lips
  • “It definitely would”
  • Getting an outfit big enough to successfully fit him was the first issue, the second was convincing him to put it on in the morning and wear it for the whole day
  • “I doubt many dress up for Halloween until the evening, afternoon if it involves children”
  • You tell him that yes, people definitely do dress up earlier than that
  • What finally tips him over is you saying that you’ll put your costume on as well
  • Which turns out to be a matching maid dress
  • You’ve successfully confused the demon more than anything else, but he does actually wear the costume for the day


  • Sebastian looks about as confused as you’ve ever seen him when you make your request
  • His eyebrows draw together almost comically as his gaze flicks between your eyes, working out whether you were joking or not
  • Evidently you weren’t
  • You laugh to cover up your nervousness as he just kind of stares at you, grinning as you wait for your reply
  • “May I enquire as to why?” The demon asks in the end, amusement now starting to bubble just under the surface of his straight face
  • You just shrug lightly, smile growing, and tell him you think it would be really funny
  • Sebastian steps towards you and wraps his arms around your waist, pulling you close to him
  • You rest your hands on his shoulders and keep eye contact with him
  • “You think it would be funny,” he repeats back to you, raising a teasing eyebrow as you nod slowly
  • “Then what would I get to amuse me in return?”
  • You open your mouth to answer, then falter, hesitating as you ponder what exactly he would want you to do
  • “I’ll wear whatever costume you want?” You ask, mentally crossing your fingers and hoping he doesn’t pick anything too ridiculous
  • The sudden, decidedly evil grin you get makes you question that thought
  • What he decides on in the end (after multiple dramatic pauses for effect) is to get you to dress up like a butler
  • Not too bad all things considered - you were expecting to end up wearing something far more ridiculous and less Halloweeny
  • That said, when it turns out you want him to wear the costume the whole day, Sebastian’s conditions change
  • You have to also wear your costume for the whole day, but on top of that, you have to play butler to him
  • You can’t help but laugh when he says it, wondering what Ciel would think if he were around or happened to find out about your deal
  • It seems a comparatively small price to pay though, so you agree to it quickly
  • And that was how you ended up spending Halloween doing all the things Sebastian wanted to which you had previously disagreed on
  • He wanted a cat and so did you, but you didn’t think there would be enough time for you to look after one
  • Therefore you went to a local shelter and came back with two cats, Sebastian insisting the two of you would be able to look after them
  • He knew how much you loved Halloween and wanted to treat you to an awesome grave decoration, one you’d previously told him was too expensive
  • If Sebastian got weird looks from people, he really couldn’t care less
  • He just carried on regardless
  • You got home again in the early afternoon, ready to start preparing for trick or treaters
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Yes he does!!

26] Scare yourselves silly and end up having to sleep with the lights on



  • So the two of you are anything but calm for the entire day
  • Breakfast was all things sugar and you just went on from there
  • You went all out; costumes were worn the whole day and you were in possession of more Halloween candy than any two people had a right to
  • You had a whole list of scary films lined up to watch, the best decorations you could find all over the house
  • Your movie marathon started as soon as the onslaught of trick or treaters ended, so quite early in the evening all things considered
  • Each of you were beyond jumpy before the films even started but you were clutching onto each other at the very first jump scare, muscles taught and hands shaking
  • You were only about ten minutes when you grabbed a pillow to hold to your chest and Ronald draped a blanket over your shoulders, another hanging around his own
  • When I say you were curled up together, I literally mean it
  • Your legs were entwined, arms around each other and pressed as close as you could get for fear of something jumping out at either of you
  • You both had your feet tucked up as well so that nothing could grab either of you from under the sofa
  • At the most frightening parts of the movie, you closed your eyes and hid your face in Ronald’s chest, his hand coming up to cradle the back of your head as he carried on watching in horror, unable to turn his gaze away from the screen
  • You screamed at the monster even though you weren’t looking at it; you were jolted by the music and roaring coming from the speakers
  • You hadn’t had the good sense to leave the light on either and now it was well and truly dark outside meaning that when the light levels on the television dipped, you couldn’t see a thing
  • Your boyfriend could, you supposed, but that wasn’t really the point
  • The real issue came when, during the second film you put on (this one even scarier than the first) you heard something move upstairs
  • The look of pure dread you shared with the reaper is a sight you doubt you will ever forget
  • Your heartbeat was pounding in your ears and your breathing getting steadily heavier as you considered what to do for the best - silently, of course, unless whatever it was could hear you
  • You watched your partner’s shoulders tense as a resounding crash echoed down the stairs before he came to an immovable decision; he would protect you no matter what
  • That was how you ended up running up the stairs behind him as you both shouted bloody murder and he brandished his death scythe
  • It was testament to his strength and control over the weapon that he managed not to catch any of the walls with it as he burst into the room where the noises had come from, only to stop short
  • When you glanced over his shoulder, you were confronted with none other than an open window that was swinging on its hinges in the slight winds that had been steadily building up all evening
  • You allowed your body to slump forward in relief against Ronald, but flew back upright again when he swung around screeching in terror
  • That of course made you scream as well, leaving you standing there yelling at each other
  • “What did you do that for?!”
  • “I didn’t do anything, its not my fault your have a nervous disposition!”
  • “You screamed too!”
  • You eventually worked up the courage to go back downstairs
  • You held hands tightly as you did so, your partner’s death scythe ready to attack anyone and anything that could be considered a threat
  • The journey back up was even more haunting and by the time you made it into the bedroom, you came to the decision that it was better to leave the lights switched on
  • This way you could see everything that went on and neither of you had to be especially terrified if you woke up during the night at some point (theoretically speaking anyway)
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Yes of course you can!! And thank you so much, that’s really nice to hear. You stay safe too ❤️

1] Going trick or treating

5] Walking at midnight



It was still fairly early in the evening when you and Undertaker headed out. You were both in full costume, him (ironically) as a reaper and you as a vampire, armed with giant bags you intended to fill with Halloween candy. You had discussed this endeavour early in the day and come to the conclusion that trick or treating was an absolute must. You started making your way down the road outside the parlour, slowly walking further into the city and towards various outside decorations and orange and purple lights. Everything was in full swing by the time you got into a more festive area, children in costume running around excitedly and some of their parents standing around to chat.

You grinned at the mortician as you approached your first house, shoulders brushing and fingers entwined. It didn’t bother you in the slightest that you were probably far too old to be doing this, you got in line just like the children who were bouncing on their toes and waiting for treats. For the most part, nobody gave you two a second glance so you had full bags in no time at all, having perfected the timing for a simultaneous “Trick or treat!” with matching cheesy grins and a hopeful look in your eyes. Your act made literally everyone laugh, much to your delight. You started heading back to the parlour once your bags were full, joking and trying to work out what you had been given the whole way.

You sat down together as soon as you arrived, emptying both bags out on top of a coffin and swapping sweets over so you both got the ones you liked. The rest of the evening seemed to go by quite quickly, just with the two of you talking about nothing and everything. You made your way through plenty of the candy you had been given and the pumpkin carving was finished hours before you went out. The Nightmare Before Christmas was playing quietly in the background and you were curled up together on the sofa. You lightly mentioned the time when a notification lit up your home screen, which then loudly proclaimed 23.47. Undertaker playfully raised his eyebrows at you, elaborating when all you offered was a blank expression.

“Almost the bewitching hour, you know,” he teased, wiggling his fingertips in a way that was meant to suggest mystery. You snorted unceremoniously then burst into proper laughter, the reaper soon joining you. He stood up a few moments later, a hand reached down to you and head tilted so that you could see one eyes through his bangs. “Come with me?”

You took the proffered hand and jumped as you were hauled to your feet. The mortician started making his way to the front door so you grabbed a coat on the way out, linking your arm with his after you put it on. You waited for him to lock the parlour up, breath forming frozen white clouds and collars pulled up your neck against the cold.

“Where are we going?” You questioned as he slipped the keys into his pocket and drew you close to his side, walking in the opposite direction to where you had gone earlier.

“It’s a surprise, love,” he commented idly, “think you’ll enjoy it though.”

“Ooo, a surprise,” you repeated back, eyes glinting with humour. You were more than intrigued and the reaper knew it, though he gave away nothing further. Once you got a decent way down the road and away from the centre of the city, Undertaker pulled you to one side and held his arms out, gaze locked on yours.

“Trust me?” He asked, smiling when you said ‘of course’. He scooped you up in his arms immediately and the next thing you knew, London had fallen away from around you both. You glanced around to find the pair of you were standing in the middle of a beautiful, dark woodland. You found there were plenty of leaves underfoot when the mortician let you down, and you were certain they would have all been a brilliant array of red and orange, but the light was too low to see.

Undertaker took your arm once again and you set off at a leisurely pace, not feeling the need for words. The air was different in here somehow, clear and cold and nothing like the pollution you had become used to by living in a city. There was something of a damp hint too, like it had rained recently, but the cloud had cleared now and you could see astonishing detail in the constellations arching above your head, the full moon providing just enough light to see by. You risked a glance at your companion and felt your chest warm at his expression. He was happy, genuinely happy and utterly relaxed in this safe wilderness. In fact you didn’t think you had ever seen him look this calm. You weren’t sure where exactly he had taken you, but you knew this walk would stay in both of your minds for a very long time to come.

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  • Completely agree with you there, Undertaker would be brilliant at pumpkin carving
  • Like scarily good
  • He doesn’t even use the little carving tools you get in packs that come with scoops and stuff
  • He carves them with actual knives
  • And they are amazing
  • I mean it’s hard enough to carve pumpkins with the specific tools they make to do it, but he comes up with these impeccable creations (all things he’s designed himself) and executes them perfectly
  • He gets the finest details by having absolute control over the blade he’s using, managing to carve intricate patterns that act as shading
  • Once you dared him to do the most difficult thing he could think of off the top of his head
  • You looked back at him a short while later to find he’d done a portrait of you carving your own pumpkin
  • It honestly looked like a photograph and you were absolutely thrilled
  • You aren’t sure if he’s especially artistic in the traditional sense (paintings, drawings and such) but if his pumpkins are anything to go by, he’d be really good at that too
  • Whilst you have always loved this particular tradition, it’s never been something you could call yourself brilliant at
  • And
  • Considering you are currently staying with an absolute expert, this seems a positively brilliant opportunity to up your pumpkin carving game
  • Undertaker is a rare one for buying far too many pumpkins, then carving them all magnificently in the same time as it takes you to do just one
  • Meaning he has plenty of time to spare to help you
  • You’ve just got all of the equipment out; various designs, tools, blades and the like, laid out on the wooden table in the kitchen like you’re about to do an autopsy
  • You think it’s fun and it makes everything look more authentic and Halloween-y, the mortician genuinely finds it helpful - he’s so used to dealing with the deceased that this setup is somewhat automatic for him
  • Anyways
  • He’s gathered the pumpkins together and put one in each of your customary spots, the others left in the centre of the table were fair game
  • He always did that, even if he knew you’d probably only get one done
  • The sight of the table all prepared for your annual festivities brings a joyful smile to your lips and the reaper is by your side a moment later, a soft kiss left on your temple and his arms around your waist
  • You let him pull you into his chest, pressing your own kiss against his jaw
  • “Like it, love?” Undertaker asks you quietly, a small smile playing at his own lips
  • “As always,” you agree cordially, “but I have a favour”
  • You spin to face him then, hands on his shoulders as he smirks back at you
  • “And what might that be, hm?” He replies, head tilted ever so slightly to one side as he assesses what’s going through your thoughts and arms circling your sides once again
  • “Teach me how to carve pumpkins”
  • That itself brings on enough of a laughing fit to more than fill the mortician’s bizarre payment for information, but when it finally passes, he is still grinning
  • One amused phosphorescent eye is visible to you from between his bangs when he agrees to help, a hand to the small of your back as he leads you back over to the table
  • He’s got that unnerving grin of his on the entire time, the one that says I know something you don’t and it makes you wonder what he’s planning
  • As it turns out, his definition of helping is not giving you a demo and subsequent tips on how to improve on your version of it, but rather to stand right behind you, a hand over yours holding a knife and controlling your movements in a way a parent might when teaching something to a child
  • That along with occasionally breathing down your neck for the sake of distracting you and giggling when you yelp
  • You have to draw a line however when his hand drops to your side and he starts tickling you, almost making you drop the knife entirely
  • You leap away from him and dance back, brandishing your weapon and warning him not to do it again
  • You just receive another grin in response, making you realise the reaper fully intended to carry on like this and leading you to the decision that no amount of gained knowledge was worth this
  • As such, when he beckoned you back over to him to carry on carving, you stayed put
  • The knife was still held out in front of you, great help it would be, but that just seemed to amuse the reaper further
  • “Y/N, don’t be daft. Get back over here”
  • “I think not!!”
  • “I won’t do it again, I swear”
  • “You lie!”
  • This stand off went on for quite a while until in the end you told him to go back to his own pumpkin and let you finish yours in peace
  • “I thought you wanted my help,” he murmured, a feigned, soft look in his eyes as he did his best impression of a sad puppy
  • “It’s not worth it!” You cried, only to shriek as he lunged at you
  • You dropped the knife in favour of running in terror, though you made it all of three steps before the mortician’s hands were back at your sides, tickling you mercilessly
  • You rolled around and struggled in a doomed attempt to get away from him, laughing and screaming at the same time, but he’d pinned you down quite nicely
  • Only at the moment when you could no longer breathe to beg him to stop and you were too exhausted to attempt to get away did he finally let up
  • Cheeks red and fingers trembling, he looked down at your panting figure with an expression that said he’d done well
  • Of course what he hadn’t taken into consideration at the time was that you wouldn’t trust his surprise hugs from behind for a very long while afterwards
  • Nor would you ask for pumpkin carving help again (YouTube tutorials, here you come)
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Of course, sorry I missed the holiday itself!!

23] Gorging yourselves on Halloween candy until you’re simultaneously having sugar rushes and feel sick



  • Okay, so first off let it be said that you had to convince Claude to even try the Halloween candy to begin with
  • He was all ‘I’m a demon, I don’t require anything humans use for sustenance’
  • That then meant you had to explain to him the point of eating Halloween candy was not because you were hungry, it was something done for enjoyment
  • The look on his face told you clearly that he didn’t believe you for one second, which left you with no choice
  • You told him you were going to the supermarket, that you would only be a few minutes and asked if he needed anything
  • Again came the ‘I don’t require human food to sustain myself’ speech and you simply nodded along to it, heading off as quickly as possible
  • In truth, the only thing you had any intention of buying was every type of Halloween treat you could think of
  • You got a single pack of each thing you came across (the share packs of course, no point in buying these things if you don’t get far too many of them)
  • Jellies were first on your list
  • You got brains, vampire fangs, those giant worm things and Halloween tangfastics
  • Chocolates wise, you got a pumpkins, eyeballs, ghosts, scream eggs and basically everything in between
  • It didn’t matter one bit to you that all the chocolate tasted the same, the treats were clearly completely different to each other because they were decorated with different foil
  • And that was that
  • You got a massive pack of candy corn
  • Skull shaped biscuits with carefully traced icing on them
  • Gingerdead men (as in gingerbread men, but with iced skeletons instead of the usual Christmas patterns)
  • Halloween specials of every brand worth knowing that had brought any out - and really what brand is worth knowing if they don’t have a Halloween special?
  • Even you had to cringe at the size of the bill you were given, but this was absolutely going to be worth it
  • You arrived back at Claude’s place in but a few minutes, bringing a swirl of cold air and autumn leaves with you
  • You triumphantly announced your presence as you marched into the kitchen and waved the plastic carrier bag at Claude, who simply stared at you judgementally from behind his glasses and raised a single, elegant eyebrow at you
  • Rolling your eyes, you discarded your coat and grabbed the demon by his arm, dragging him into the sitting room behind you and plopping down on the sofa, holding out your arms to ask him to join you
  • You received a small huff, but he did as you asked and then drew you into a hug
  • Claude, to your joyful surprise, held you close to his chest for a moment and kissed you gently, gaze softening at the small smile that grazed your lips when he pulled away
  • You quickly blinked yourself out of your trance, however; must focus on the task in hand
  • “Right,” you stated decisively, “prepare yourself”
  • That was as far as your warning went and you were given another raised eyebrow for your trouble, though that quickly changed to a rolling of his eyes as you tipped the bag up and he saw all of the food
  • “How many times-”
  • “Nope! Not today. Halloween candy is not something you eat because you need to, you eat it for the sake of getting into the spirit of things (get it?)”
  • You laughed, but Claude looked decidedly unimpressed
  • “Never mind. Point is you aren’t eating this because you’re hungry any more than I am, and I refuse to let you go through the Halloween season without discovering the joys of these sweets”
  • You started with jellies, realising quite quickly that the brains were his favourite
  • You couldn’t help but fit a set of the fangs to your own teeth though, talking to the demon in a horrendous impression of Count Dracula that made Claude snort in spite of himself
  • Now that was what you called an achievement
  • Next were the chocolates
  • He wasted no time in pointing out that you had gone and bought a bunch of the same thing, just in different wrapping
  • You retorted that the wrapping made all the difference and the chocolates were in fact nothing like one another
  • He didn’t share your opinion so you agreed to disagree, though it was obvious to you that despite trying to hide it, the demon was actually enjoying the food you were giving him
  • Finally came the biscuits and before long, they had disappeared completely
  • In fact, you thought in building concern, everything you came home with had been devoured in a matter of minutes
  • It was when you began feeling sick and having that indescribable energy rush running through your veins that you knew you had made a mistake
  • When you glanced over at Claude, he looked more confused than anything else but his fingers were actually trembling
  • You couldn’t help the grin that made its way onto your face at the thought that he had probably never experienced a sugar rush before and had no idea what was going on
  • You ended up just taking hold of his hand - he looked so lost!
  • The demon’s eyes locked onto yours as he frowned and asked what exactly you had done to him
  • You just had to laugh and explain that to him as well, telling him it would wear off soon and he’d feel sick instead
  • As it turned out, you were the only one who felt sick, which provided your partner with no small amount of humour
  • “Is this also the point of eating so much of your beloved ‘Halloween candy’?”
  • “Yes!”
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Of course, and thank you so much!! I’m really glad you think that. Also sorry I didn’t get this out in time for Halloween

24] Go explore pumpkin patches to find the perfect pumpkins

25] Go shopping for decorations together (so basically buy the whole shop and low key concern the cashier with your dedication)



You linked arms with Undertaker as you made your way through an ancient woodland he found, coat pulled tightly around you to fend off the cold. You had no idea how he knew of this place and he wouldn’t tell you, if only because he enjoyed seeing your burning curiosity. He claimed this place had the best pumpkin patch you had ever seen and you couldn’t wait to find out if he was right. The reaper squeezed your arm gently, grinning at the excited energy practically coming off of you in waves.

“Just through here,” he told you softly, drifting off to the right of the path you were currently taking and leading you into the undergrowth. A few minutes later, the woodland thinned out into a sprawling clearing and as your view of the place improved, you realised it was absolutely full of bright orange pumpkins. You didn’t even realise that a wide smile had taken over your features until the mortician giggled and pressed a quick kiss to your temple, asking if you liked it. You threw your arms around him in thanks then rushed off into the pumpkin patch without a second thought.

Undertaker hung back a little to watch you, a small, happy smile on his lips. You made your way from pumpkin to pumpkin at lightning speed, occasionally turning them to check their colour and shape on the side closest to the vine, already knowing exactly what you were looking for. The mortician loved the tradition of carving pumpkins, always had, but right now he was taking far more enjoyment from watching your happiness at this unexpected surprise. He got so side-tracked by you, in fact, that you had returned to him with a pumpkin under each arm (one for each of you) before he’d even begun his search. He didn’t miss the other little one you had picked up, claiming it was ‘too cute to leave behind’ when he questioned you on it.

The reaper took one of the pumpkins from you as you both started strolling back to the car - his car, the gleaming black and chrome custom hearse he was so proud of - so that you weren’t left carrying everything. You went back to the parlour to drop off your quarry, then went straight off once more to the best shop you knew for Halloween decorations. It was getting quite close to the day now, so you already had plenty of decorations around the place. The advantage of both your partner’s profession and rather niche hobbies in the case of this holiday was that you already had a fairly unlimited supply of coffins and body parts preserved in jars, some of which you were fairly certain were actually relics from the Victorian era. That and the fact that he seemed not to have properly cleaned the place from around that time period either, so you had more than enough cobwebs and spiders to decorate the entire street, never mind just the one building. That said, it was not going to stop you from buying a crazy amount of other decorations as well.

The pair of you were like kids in a candy store from the moment you got out of the car. You had several positive comments whilst in the car park about how you must go all out on the Halloween thing because of the hearse, not least of all because the mortician had a skeleton wearing a top hat positioned so that you could only see it out of the back window when directly behind it, as well as the sign he had stuck to the glass which read ‘the dead travel fast’. Once inside, you grabbed a trolley each - the large ones with enough space for a seat to put a toddler in along with the shopping - and set off for the seasonal isles. It took you very little time to fill both of them with literally everything you could get your hands on.

Undertaker put a stack of Styrofoam graves in his as soon as he saw them, you going for a full sized zombie instead. Next on your list was an enormous black candelabra with electronic flames which flashed a tantalising combination of black and crimson. You barely looked away from your partner for a moment, but when your gaze returned to him, your mouth fell open. He’d managed to get a cauldron you reckoned you could fit into if you tried, a hanging wired ghost and the biggest spider you had ever seen into his trolley along with the graves and was now filling the spaces in between with packs of cobwebs. He simply grinned at your astonishment, reminding you that you were no better. This was very true, you thought to yourself as you rushed over to a massive hanging bat decoration and started working on getting it in beside the zombie and candelabra, then moving on to packs of sweets and chocolates to fill in your gaps.

When you both arrived at the cash desk, the cashier’s eyes widened to the size of saucers and he had to take a moment to regain composure, quickly falling back on the welcome lines all shop assistants were told to memorise. That just made you both laugh raucously and you had to tell the poor lad not to apologise for being so surprised. He eventually felt able to admit that he had never see anyone buy that many decorations in one shot and proceeded to congratulate you on your dedication to the season. The mortician took a mock bow and you gave a playful salute, taking your goods and giggling as you rushed back outside to unload everything into the car once more. Your collective excitement was practically audible as you both jumped in, ‘This Is Halloween’ blaring through the stereo as the reaper pulled away and both of you utterly consumed by thoughts of the hours of decorating to come.

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No worries, hope you enjoy!

Original ask; Halloween prompt 17 for Sebastian (relationship) and Ciel (platonic).

17] Visiting a haunted house


(So it’s November and now I’m writing the Halloween stuff. Sorry my dudes but at least I’m keeping the spirit of things (haha?) going 😂😅)


Sebastian (drabble)

You and Sebastian were going on a long walk in the middle of the night. You were still wearing your costumes and accompanying makeup, Sebastian having claimed he had a surprise for you. What this surprise was, especially at this time of night and in the opposite direction of the cinema you had no idea, but you were more than excited to see it. The further you walked, the louder the noise of people talking got until you finally rounded the last corner to see a massive purple and orange sign announcing, ‘Haunted House!’. You absolutely grinned, turning to your partner who was already smirking back to you. You grabbed one of his hands with both of yours and held it tightly, practically bouncing on your heels at the though of going in.

“I thought you would enjoy this,” the demon told you, producing two black, embossed tickets. You all but squealed in delight, launching yourself into Sebastian’s arms and pressing a happy kiss to his lips. He took your arm as you carried on walking towards the entrance, handing the tickets over with a positively regal nod to the zombie butler standing at the door. As soon as you stepped inside, the doors slammed shut behind you and all the noise from outside disappeared into nothing. It was incredibly cold, enough to already send a shiver down your spine. The house itself was genuinely built during the Tudor period, rumoured to be haunted for real.

A neon orange arrow pointed you towards the first door and you set off, glancing around the room at the positively impressive display of cobwebs and giant spiders. You shrieked as soon as you went into the next room, a horrifying clown having jumped out at you from behind a curtain. You grabbed onto Sebastian automatically, too frightened to see his smirk. As you moved on again, he left an arm curled around your waist, fingertips absentmindedly stroking over your side. You stayed close to him as you walked further into the house, the lights dimming accordingly and the cobwebs increasing tenfold. Your body jolted as you heard a horrified scream, giving your own a moment later when you could have sworn you felt someone - not your partner - breathe down your next and whisper something gargled in your ear.

The next room seemed to contain nothing like any of the previous ones, just empty with bare floorboards and peeling wallpaper. The neon arrow was still there to direct you to the next door, so with a final sightly confused glance, you started off once more. You heard a strange rustle from behind you and flew around to be met only with empty space. Sebastian quirked a brow, asking what was wrong. You just shook your head when it turned out he hadn’t heard something; it must truly have been your imagination. That said, you screamed the loudest you thought you ever had when something fell over your head and shoulders. Convinced something had grabbed you, you made a run for the next door, scrapping at the thing - whatever it was - and twirling around as you tried to get away from it, even though it was quite literally attached to you. You jolted to a stop as you careened into something which proceeded to hold you in place, leaving you struggling viciously and hitting and kicking at your assailant, more terrified than ever.

“Y/N!” Suddenly, you could see again, finding yourself looking up into Sebastian’s eyes, poorly suppressed amusement displayed across his features. He held a piece of thick black fabric aloft in one hand, snickering quietly to himself.

Your heart pounded even as your partner explained it wasn’t real, someone had just dropped a blanket on your head and you were alright. When you finally pulled yourself together and made your way back out onto the street, Sebastian kept a protective arm around your shoulders, holding you close to him at all times. He couldn’t help but find the whole thing quite funny though; the look of terror on your face over a piece of fabric was priceless.

Ciel (headcanons)

  • Okay so Ciel’s going to act all big and brave
  • He’s in a contract with a demon for crying out loud, he ain’t afraid of no ghosts (get it? The Ghostbuste-no? okay)
  • Of course you both know that whatever’s in this haunted house isn’t real
  • A bunch of cobwebs big plastic spiders - maybe animatronic ones - possibly people in costume
  • This knowledge is no use in lowering your fear
  • As soon as you walk in, the both of you get jump scared by a vampire
  • It was so unexpected that both of you screamed - you more than Ciel - and leapt out of the way
  • Ciel shook his head afterwards and tried to claim you were ridiculously nervous and you made more of a fuss than the actor
  • You retaliated of course, but he wouldn’t have it
  • The next thing to happen was a horrible sound filling the room you were standing in, like nails scraping down a blackboard
  • It sent chills down your spine immediately and you shivered, goosebumps covering your skin
  • Ciel frowned a little, standing up just a bit straighter and glancing around the room
  • You noticed his grip on the walking stick he held had tightened
  • It was all too easy to forget you were in an attraction rather than a real place, the whole thing had been set up so well
  • The scratching seemed to be getting louder and louder, closing in around you and you were still both standing still, trying to see where the noise was coming from
  • It seemed like it was in every wall, filling every available space
  • Then, out of nowhere, it stopped
  • You were left with your heart pounding and breathing heavy, the earl standing rigid next to you
  • The jumped involuntarily when a deep thud sounded somewhere beneath your feet, loud enough to send tremors through the floor
  • You shared a quick sideways glance with Ciel, nodded once, then slowly started making your way to the door
  • You shoes barely made a sound on the floor so as to avoid whatever it was hearing you
  • You forced to stand still once more when the lights went out
  • There were no windows so it was pitch black; you could hardly even see your friend, never mind how to get out
  • You sucked in a sharp breath then felt Ciel grab your wrist
  • “Walk straight forwards, the door should be right in front of us,” he whispered, waiting until you agreed before taking a first step
  • As soon as you did, you heard something move behind you
  • Filled with dread you gripped Ciel’s hand, slowly starting to turn your shoulders
  • You shrieked when you felt something grab you from behind and you all but felt your friend’s hair stand up on end when the same thing happened to him
  • You both spun around to be faced by two glowing skeletons which immediately made to grab you again
  • You glanced over your shoulder once more to see an exit sign which you were certain hadn’t been there seconds before
  • Grabbing Ciel’s arm, you made a run for it to be met with fresh cold air from outside as soon as you got to the door
  • You were still running even as you crossed the street and when you finally turned back, hearts racing and breathing heavily, you saw a crowd of people all laughing, someone holding up an official looking photograph of the two of you running in terror
  • You bought the photo just for the fun of it and every time Ciel tries to insist he wasn’t frightened, you bring it out just to prove him wrong
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Hi everyone!! So the thing is, Halloween is getting very close and I have 17 requests to fill from the Halloween prompt list, meaning I won’t be able to get them done in time (sorry about that, but I never expected I’d get so many requests!! Means a lot that I did though❤️❤️)

So! I’m giving Halloween requests priority and I’ll write other requests after I’ve finished those. I usually go from oldest to newest, but given that the season is running out, I think this is best. Keep an eye out for more writing!!! 🖊

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No worries at all, of course you can!! Hope you enjoy!

6] Scary movie marathon

21] Telling scary stories



This year, you and Sebastian had your entire Halloween planned out and it was going to be perfect. You went over to his place, armed with as much junk food as you could carry, as well as fizzy drinks, blankets and at least one extra pillow. The demon had insisted he already owned more than enough blankets and pillows without you bringing any more, but you just couldn’t resist. You hadn’t shared a movie marathon in such a long time and you had been looking forward to this one all week.

You were starting with It, swiftly moving on to The Shining and ending with the Woman in Black. When you arrived, Sebastian had already organised the sofa so that you couldn’t see the furniture for the piles of blankets and pillows (as you requested). He’d pushed a coffee table in front of it so you had somewhere to put drinks and snacks and the fire had been on for a while, leaving the room cosy and warm. With your cheeks and nose tinged pink from the cold when you had only been outside a few minutes, it was truly welcome. You added your pillow and blankets to the mix, then collapsed into the sofa together and started the marathon.

You were the first to scream. You did your best to hold it in, but you were quite literally wrapped around Sebastian in moments, clutching onto his arms with your legs crossed over his as you tried not to flinch at every screech of the violins. The first jump scare had you hiding your face in the demon’s shoulder, arms winding tightly around him and fearfully glancing back over your shoulder at the screen. Your antics actually made him laugh, though of course you found the whole affair anything but funny.

Sebastian held you tightly throughout the whole ordeal, sarcastically asking you if you wanted to turn the light on and watch something happy when you almost went down during the Shining. He smirked as you whacked him on the arm in retaliation then promptly hid in his chest not a moment later. By the end of the marathon, you were curled up so completely that your entire body fit on the demon’s lap. You had a pillow clutched in front of you and an entire pile of blankets weighing down your shoulders, hiding behind said pillow and repeatedly asking Sebastian to keep holding you. Of course all of this led to no end of teasing, but you’d rather you get teased for wanting to be close to him than be grabbed by something in the dark. He found the fact that you felt safer being held by an actual demon then sitting in a dark room haunted only by your imagination far too entertaining.

It was the early hours of the morning when the marathon ended, you awake through pure trauma and Sebastian because he didn’t need to sleep in the first place. At this point, there was already no hope of you getting any rest, so you both decided the best option was to tell scary stories. You told the best you could think of in your frightened state of mind, about a group of kids going trick or treating and getting more than they bargained for, and about a lost tourist who ended up seeking shelter in an old, haunted building. But the ones Sebastian told… they were truly bone chilling. There was one about a hitchhiker on the Yorkshire moors, another about a horrifying, demonic black dog that supposedly arrived in London during the 1700’s, brought accidently on a tea clipper.

“Legend has it, the hound still roams the streets. People claim to have seen it on foggy nights when the tide is out, prowling along the banks and looking for sailors to drag away-”

His story was interrupted by an almighty howl from just outside, the sound positively deafening. You shrieked, voice more shrill than even you thought possible, and launched yourself at Sebastian, eyes squeezed shut and heart pounding so hard he could hear it, even without you pressing your body against his in terror. In spite of being tempted to roll his eyes at the incredibly human display of fear, he held onto you tightly, attempting to tell you that it was just a stray dog, a coincidence; you wouldn’t have it. When the demon suggested going to bed might be a good idea just a few minutes later, you refused to get out of the cocoon of blankets you were in, lest something ‘get you’, though what you were expecting, Sebastian had no idea.

He carried you in the end, scooping you up into his arms like you weighed nothing and walking upstairs with you. The demon smirked and tried not to laugh when you flinched at even the slightest of noises. Your senses were incredibly heightened due to how scared you were and the demon couldn’t help but marvel at just how good a human’s hearing could get when they were frightened. You jumped at noises you would never normally be able to hear, and at one or two that sounded a little faint, even to him. He just squeezed his arms a bit when it happened, lightly shaking his head and fondly telling you how ridiculous you were being. Your whole body was shaking like a leaf, eyes wide whenever you looked up at him.

“You know, we won’t be able to have any more of these marathons if you always become this frightened,” he chided, narrowing his eyes in pure delight when you said he couldn’t threaten not to do marathons anymore, claiming you enjoyed them too much.

It was less than a minute later when he deposited you neatly in his bed, pulling all the covers up over your shoulders then walking to the other side to get in and join you. He likened you to a limpet when you were like this; you barely gave him time to get settled before you shuffled over to him sheepishly, quickly pressing yourself against his side. Sebastian smiled at you as he turned on his side and wrapped his arms around you, pulling you close to his chest. You buried your face in his shoulder, still jumping at the slightest sound, but feeling a bit safer for the contact. You did eventually manage to get to sleep, though you wouldn’t exactly call it the most restful experience of your life. Your dreams were still haunted by ferocious howling and foggy nights, screams echoing through the dark.

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Of course!! Sorry this took so long, hope you enjoy! And thank you!!

Prompts in bold



When you unlocked the door to your home, at about 11 o’clock at night, you were quite certain that this was the worst day at work you had ever had. You leaned on the door to close it, dropping your keys on the nearest available surface with a metallic clang then shuffled into your living room, leaving your coat and bag on the arm of the sofa then dumping yourself across the rest of it, face first, and breathing in the scent of your couch pillows. A long sigh escaped your lips and you shifted a little to make yourself more comfortable.

“Y/N?” Asked a low voice to your right, terrifying you half to death. You shrieked and leapt up, only succeeding in falling off the sofa and hitting your head on the coffee table. You groaned and fell back against the couch, eyes squeezed shut and knowing with absolute clarity that you were going to get a massive lump on your forehead.

Claude murmured your name again then knelt down next to you, fingertips gently grazing over the growing red mark on your skin.

“I’ll get some iced peas,” he offered moving to the kitchen before giving you a chance to say anything. When he got back, he hauled you up from the floor and put you back on the couch, taking a seat next to you and pressing the peas to your head. You hissed at the cold, but the feeling soon subsided and you decided you would be far worse off without them. You had just started relaxing into Claude’s side when he spoke again.

“So?” You glanced up at him with a slight air of confusion. “Are you going to tell me what happened? Or should I guess?” You gave a small grin in spite of yourself then let out another sigh.

“It was just a bad day at work, that’s all.” Claude’s disapproval was practically radiating from him in waves at your vague answer.

“So tell me about it,” he repeated. He then paused and took a breath, at length extending to “It’s supposed to help alleviate your stress.” So your demon boyfriend was looking into methods humans use to reduce stress? That brought a genuine smile to your lips. You tried and failed to quench it at the look he gave you, positively daring you to say something.

You decided to give him the full story, starting at the beginning of the day when your bus had come late and you had subsequently been late into work, getting yelled at by your boss who gave you no chance to explain yourself. As you related the story, you felt Claude’s hand move to cradle the back of your head, protective as always.

Next, you told him how this one woman was absolutely determined to ruin a day that had already gotten off to a bad start. She’d never liked you, right from when you first met her and she was always the type to walk by and mutter nasty comments about you, be it was you were wearing, your hair, your work ethic, she always had a jab at something. She usually gave it a rest at some point, but today she had said something every time she saw you and eventually you had snapped at her to mind her own business and leave you alone, only to find out she had gone and cried to your boss to leave you in even more trouble.

You took a deep breath, allowing your head to rest against Claude’s chest. You felt him run his hand back through your hair, in a gesture designed to bring comfort.

“Who was it?” He murmured, so quiet and soft that you almost told him. You stopped yourself at the last second though. Much as you didn’t like her, you didn’t want to be responsible for bringing the full wrath of a very powerful demon down on her.

“Doesn’t matter,” you replied in the end, feeling rather than seeing Claude roll his eyes.

You carried on to tell him how you had tripped and dropped your lunch, simultaneously scuffing your favourite pair of work shoes, which meant you then had to go out and buy something to eat, leaving you with all of ten minutes for an actual break. Then, you’d had to stay late after work to make sure everything was ready for an inspection tomorrow and there had been an accident on the road coming back, leaving your bus with 12 miles of tailback to work its way through. And to top it all off, you had hit your head on the coffee table.

Claude adjusted his position slightly, a hand on your side bringing you impossibly closer to his. You gave a small smile, allowing your eyes to close and looping your arms around his neck. You breathed in the smell of his hair, something that always brought you comfort and allowed yourself to relax for the first time all day.

You stayed in a comfortable silence for so long that you felt your eyelids drooping, but you refused to move, being far too happy to bear the thought. When Claude mentioned how late it was, you simply gave a non-commital hum, burrowing your face further into his shoulder. The demon clicked his tongue, deciding the best course of action was to simply pick you up and put you in your bed. You were too tired to really complain that much, though you did grumble a little. That said, you were most upset when Claude went to leave. In the end, with a few annoyed huffs (which really weren’t annoyed at all) he got in the bed next to you, locking his arms around your body so you would feel safe and letting you use him as a pillow. You were asleep in moments and rested fitfully the whole night through.

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For those of you who’ve been paying attention, you’ll know I ran a little voting competition to find out which character you wanted me to write about in lockdown with you, my dear readers, in honour of 200 followers. The votes were tied for Undertaker and Sebastian, so god damn I guess I’ll just have to write one for both.

Here’s Undertaker’s, enjoy!



You and Undertaker had realised some time before the actual event that the entire country was going to be shut down. You had both taken bets on the day when schools would be shut down nationwide, and ultimately neither of you owed the other anything at all as you were both correct. Your bets on the final shutting down of everything had also been correct (you had made them around 4 weeks in advance). As such, you’d had plenty of time to plan what you were going to do. When Undertaker had offered for you to stay at his place throughout the shut down, you had been overjoyed. You had been able to gradually moves the stuff you would need into his home, all taken in small loads. You had stayed over the night before you both bet the lockdown would start, only to be proved right by the early morning news report. You had gone back to your place quickly to make sure everything was in check and made one final trip to the supermarket. Then it began.

For the first week or so (okay maybe closer to four days) it was perfectly good. You had gotten some work done, learned how to cook a stew that you swore blind Undertaker hand made up on the spot and at least signed up to a foreign language course. You had also made a theoretically very successful workout plan … you had no idea how successful it would be. But after that short period, the boredom dialled up massively. You would have been alright by yourself, but if you thought Undertaker was full of energy on a normal day, you’d had no clue what you were signing up for by agreeing to stay with him for this whole lockdown.

Day 5

Your computer was open and you had been typing for round half an hour. Undertaker had made bacon and eggs for breakfast then you disappeared off into the room adjacent to the kitchen, headphones in and committed to getting as much work done as possible. You hadn’t heard Undertaker start singing, increasing dramatically in volume, nor had you heard him call you when you made no comment on the singing. He took in the situation as he leaned casually against the doorframe, excellent hearing even able to pick up the song you were listening to. A grin took over his features as he planned his next move, sauntering up behind you. He loomed behind you, but engrossed as you were in your word document, you were oblivious. This was absolutely not something he could deal with. He suddenly leapt forward, arms flying around you as you jumped so violently you knocked the chair over and would have landed painfully on the floor had the reaper not been there. That said, he turned out to not be much help when he collapsed to the carpeted floorboards, still holding on to you, with tears running down his face and rendered incapable through his howling laughter. You had barely recovered from your heart attack when you gave in to the infectious humour.

“You should’ve seen you face!” Undertaker tried to say through gasping breaths, unable to so much as get up from the floor. Given how strong he was, you had given up on trying to get away from him and just resigned yourself to your fate. You ended up just lying there together, work well and truly forgotten.

Day 9

You were abruptly woken up by a loud crash echoing up the stairs. Hair looking like a bird’s nest and bleary eyed, you stole one of the mortician’s black t-shirts and staggered down the stairs to the tune of raucous laughter, dreading what you would see. As you opened the door to the parlour, Undertaker was curled up on the floor twitching with a small anatomical mannequin stood in front of him. There was a crudely drawn black patch over one of its eyes, clearly done in sharpie, a sotoba propped up approximately at a hight the model could hold and the mortician’s own robe draped around its shoulders, his hat perched at a jaunty angle on top of its head. He had clearly also found a blue sharpie to colour the other eye to his liking.

“What the hell…” you muttered, carefully approaching the reaper. “Umm, Undertaker? You good?” He leapt up abruptly, as if he had only just realised you were there, then grabbed your shoulders to spin you towards the mannequin, still cackling. “Right…” you said by way of answer, nothing if not confused. As you apparently didn’t get the joke, Undertaker grabbed your shoulders again so you would face him, then waved an expansive hand towards the model. You made a general face and gesture of ‘what?’, which only served to amuse him further. The maniacal grin wasn’t doing much for your confidence either.

“It’s the earl!!” He exclaimed excitedly, before collapsing in tears once more.

The earl? What earl? Does he mean from a TV show? Or is it meant to be Phantomhi - Oh for God’s sake.

“Oh my God!” You yelled in desperation, whacking his shoulder and quickly making your way back upstairs, intermittent chuckling drifting after you.

Day 17

“Y/N?” You stayed stubbornly turned away from the reaper, curled up on the couch and feet tucked underneath you, doing your level best to just read your book. When he said your name again and you still didn’t answer, he stepped into the room and leaned over the back of the sofa. “Y/N, I know I’ve been messing about a lot recently, but this is actually important.” You scoffed.

“The last time you said that, it was because you’d put flour outside the door and wanted me to see that the postman had left footprints all the way down the street,” you told him, not lifting your eyes from the page. That drew a small pout.

“But it was starting to rain!” You just raised an eyebrow. “Okay fine, you’re right, but please just look at this, please?” He couldn’t stand it a second more. “Y/N, I mean it.” And if that voice didn’t send electricity up your spine. He never spoke in what you considered to be his true voice, the softer, lower one, when something was a joke. When you turned to look at him, you came inches away from burning chartreuse, grey bangs pushed well and truly to the sides. But he looked almost … guilty. Maybe he’d accidentally broken something?

“There’s water running down the stairs.”

Your eyes widened and in a split second, you had taken in the pouring rain pounding against the windows and leapt to your feet, pushing past the mortician and rushing to inspect the damage. You looked around frantically for the flood, only to glance behind you when you heard a very badly concealed snort. Undertaker’s shoulders were shaking and his and was pressed over his mouth to stifle his giggling. When you looked back to the stairs, you realised everything had been so carefully planned that you laughed in spite of yourself. He’d gone and placed trainers, yours and his, on alternate steps with water bottles in the open part where your ankle should be. The reapers humour was infectious and try as you might, you couldn’t fight it.

Day 21

Your mouth fell open in shock. You had trusted him. Told him all your secrets, given him information that had never been shared outside of your family, and he had betrayed you in the worst possible way. You dropped your spoon back to the kitchen table with a clatter, levelling your most fearsome glare at a person you knew full well was entirely immune.

“Do you mean to tell me,” you took a breath, “that I told you the one thing I couldn’t stand,” another breath, “was that no-good, good-for-nothing aniseed, and you went and put it in my favourite soup as a joke?! Because you thought it would be funny?!” Clearly it was for him, already collapsed against the table with tears in his eyes. “You betrayer!” You stretched to hit his arm, only for him to cry out unintelligibly.

“That’s a-ssalt!” He yelled, dramatically waving the salt pot in front of your face, proceeding to allow his hand to drop back to the table as he silently wheezed. Right. That was it; this was war.

Day 23

You made sure you were up before him. You had no idea how you managed, but you snuck out of bed, crept downstairs and boiled the kettle before he woke up. You made two glass measuring beakers of tea, but replaced his heaped teaspoons of sugar with salt. You almost died of a heart attack before you had a chance to carry out your plan when you turned to find him casually leaning in the doorway, bangs split perfectly over one eye.

“You’re up early,” he murmured, smiling in thanks when you handed over the tea.

“Yeah, I don’t know what happened, really. Couldn’t seem to get back to sleep.” Smooth, Y/N, keep your cool.

“Should’ve said something,” he replied easily, raising the glass to his lips, “we could’ve stayed in bed bit longer.” You gave a small smile.

“Didn’t want to wake you up.” He huffed lightly and shrugged, taking a gulp of the tea. And then straight up chugged the rest. You were left in shocked silence as he put the beaker down on the counter then flashed his teeth in a grin.

“Did you honestly think I wouldn’t realise?” He took a step towards you. “Other than the fact I’ve been standing here the entire time,” he leaned up against you, hands on the counter either side of you, “I’m a remarkably light sleeper. So even though the alarm you set only went off in the headphones you wore all night, which is also something you never do, I heard it go off too.” The grin turned evil. “What’s the matter, love? Tongue-tied?”

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Can I request a scenario where Grell indirectly sets a girl up with Sebastian? Like Grell introduced the girl to him and something clicks later on.

Sorry about the length! I guess a got a bit carried away! Lovely request, thank you hon!

Even though Grell loved the ethereal beauty, he always insisted on playing hard to get. Or so that’s what the reaper had figured in his mind, besides, who could really avoid him? Not many, aside from the stoic figure, William. He made friends easily, and women seemed to cling to him. Not really catching the drift that he wasn’t necessarily interested in the opposite team. Yet, he still had times where his rather over abundant nature got a few ladies pawing at him, he still avoided them like a dog towards cats.

Even though the majority of women revolted him, he did like the way Y/N carried herself. She had a sense of self. Charisma. Something that wasn’t around him, something he could never find within William, or even truly, within himself. But it seemed Y/N still had that glow to her. The bit of hope that so had been torn away from everyone else in the streets and world of London.

He remembered that as soon as Y/N was introduced to the Reapers Association, he just knew there was a click. While she wasn’t discouraged by the job, she took it seriously and when there was a life she couldn’t spare, she felt a sense of heaviness often overcome her. Making her only more and more particular about the cases, some she flat out snubbed her nose at and pawned it off on the other colleagues. None of them seemed to mind, however, as a good sum of them enjoyed it.

“My, my, my,” Grell smirked as Y/N slaved over a good batch of paperwork. Seeing the expression on her face, she nearly resented it as much as Spears did. “Need a bit of a break?”

Y/N’s eyes flickered upward, not surprised at all that of all people bothering her, it was the crimson haired nuisance. “Not particularly… Just want to get this done and out of here.”

She liked Grell, don’t get her wrong! But she also didn’t want to be dragged off to do one of Grell’s hundredth love quests of the week, helping aid him in acquiring the awfully long list of men he wanted in his life.

With that response, Grell popped himself on her desk, feigned a bit of sadness on his rosy features, “Oh, Y/N! I beg of you to take a break! You’re going to faint if you’re all work and no play!”

“What do you want?” Y/N said flatly. She knew better than to think that Grell cared for her wellbeing. Although a fun enough person once you got around to knowing him, but ‘considerate’ was never a word she’d use for him.

“Hehehe… You think I want something?! I just want you to take a break! We could stop and get some tea, act like those silly little dull humans, and chat.” Grell mused.

“And?” She said, a stern looking on her face.

“Well, and… maybe along the way you could help me with this teeny tiny problem I have… With this handsome gentleman…”

Y/N huffed loudly, setting down her pencil. She straightened up to look him in the eye. “Listen, I love you to death, but I am not going to help you harass some hot guy you barely know!”

“Y/N! I promise this time it’s not like that! I-I think it may be true love… He’s got more style and beauty than any man here… You gotta help me, please. . !” Of course the dramatic side of Grell was coming out.

“And you already know this man?”

“Y-yes! We’ve met a few times, got saucy quick~. But you see, I need to show him how worthy I am of him. And you’re a sensible, albeit a bit of a wretch, but still sensible?” Grell stuttered out, knowing he slipped up a bit. He couldn’t help it, girls just got on his nerves. Maybe it was that underlying hatred for the fact he wasn’t born one. A sad world it was.

She sighed, completely dismissing the last comment. Harsh, yes, but she knew how the young reaper in front of her was, and she’d do anything to get him from going into details of this ‘sauciness’.

“Fine, I’ll help. I guess I do need a break.”

With that, Grell grabbed her by the arm, yanking her and racing off to where the renowned Ronald Knox had spotted the pair, his beautiful Bassy, and the unfortunately annoying Ciel. It didn’t take them long until they reached the destination, and spotted them. They were looking around the markets.

“There! There! I see them, let’s go!” Grell said, ushering Y/N forward.

“W-Wait, calm down Grell! We haven’t planned what you want me to do… !”

The red haired gentleman could barely hear her, let alone care what she had to say, figuring they’d make it up as they go. With one final push of the girl, she crashed into a tall, dark haired figure with eyes that glowed a beautiful fuschia. She was about ready to pounce on Grell and tear him a new one for causing her all this embarrassment, until she looked up and noticed him.

“I’m so sorry,” she muttered, finally breaking from the trance he’d locked her in. He had such a beckoning gaze.

Ciel still had his back turned to the trio, not really bothering to look up or really care at all about the situation. He could give less than two hoots about what happened to the demon, after all.

As Sebastian parted his lips to mutter about how no apology was needed, a smirk forming on his lips, Grell, as per usual, his shriek ruined this rather intense moment. “Oh, Bassy~! I’m so sorry about that wench! She simply has no sense of direction. A total clutz!” He practically screamed it, enough that passersby were giving them weird looks.

She turned to glare, “Say it a little louder, why don’t you?”

A chuckle arose in Sebastian’s throat. Sassy, wasn’t she? He liked that.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you pushed her.”

“But of course, you do know better, my love,” uttered Grell, rubbing his neck awkwardly. “This is Y/N L/N~! She was just bragging about me being such a good friend, all my lovely qualities, and how LUCKY she is I’m friends with her, when she happened to bump into you. I don’t know why I take pity on her… Poor thing can barely walk.”

Normally, Y/N would be more than furious about Grell’s statements and put him in his place, but she just kept her gaze at the butler. Sure, he was more than handsome. Devilishly, some might say. But there was something within her that told him that he was so much more. After all, Y/N was a reaper. And she’d heard the legends of there being so many other creatures out there. Special and filled with beauty. Perhaps the man in front, who she desperately wanted to know better, was one of them.

Sebastian frowned, before a gloved hand was placed upon hers. “Oh, really? And what great qualities, were they, Miss Y/N?” He then placed a kiss on her hand before she could answer. And when he smiled, he showed a thick row of pearly whites.

Cheeks flushed and she was sure she was visibly embarrassed. How could she become so enthralled with a stranger so quickly? “It seems it’s slipped my mind.” She snapped, shooting a glare towards Grell. “And your name?”

Sebastian released her hand, ready to answer, before once again being interrupted by Grell, “OH BASSY! No replies are needed for her. Besides, I’m sure that little miss Y/N is starting to remember those great qualities!”

“Afraid not. Now, your name, before you were so rudely interrupted.” Y/N said.

“Sebastian Michaelis.” He bowed. “No need for the concerns, M’lady, as I am just a lowly butler.”

Before another flirtatious response between the two, and some sobbing response from Grell could be assumed, the boy that had not been acknowledged, turned and appeared. His conversing with the salesman was over.

“I gathered the information for the Queen we needed,” the young boy said to his butler. Y/N looked almost surprised such a young man was working for the Queen. Then again, she did hear whispers about the Queen’s guard dog… “We must be heading off to see the old Undertaker, might as well get some information on the bodies.”

Ciel shot Y/N a strange and curious look, before glaring at the reaper next to her.

“As you say. Once again, it’s been a pleasure, Y/N. Can’t say the same for you, Sutcliff… I have a feeling, M’lady, I’ll be seeing you very soon. As I hope.”

With that, he nodded, and the pair walked off.

Y/N’s face was completely hot at that point, and she knew that she hoped the same. However, Grell was going to murder her. But then again, what’s the crime of seeing him again if Grell and this handsome stranger weren’t even together?

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Hi all! here is the second part of my little head cannon! I hope everyone is doing well and is excited for upcoming holiday. Food is wonderful. So! Back on track, here is the second Victorian Reader, this time a commoner. I hope you all enjoy!


It was at a party when you met him. You were new to the Midford household, a new servant to watch over the small Lady and young Lion. Elizabeth had taken a liking the most to your personality, so she made you follow along (well it was your job) and cooed at how lovely she had made you look. You were a little grateful for this when your eyes landed on him. How beautiful this man was should have been a crime. 

  • Sebastian knew right away how you felt, lust was something he was use to feeling when humans were around him. 
  • The butler also expected you to be just like the maid or as useless as the cook. Either unable to keep yourself in control or so flustered you ruined everything. 
  • Yet, you were competent when put to work, he should have known as he had experienced Lady Midfords strict requirements towards servants. 
  • When Elizabeth ordered you to help, Sebastian welcomed the change, sure, you were no Agni, but you at least could preform your duties. 
  • After days, weeks, and months of visiting, the demon was surprised when one day you showed no signs of lust. 
  • Then, out of the blue, for the first time in his existence, something odd happened. 
  • You rang on the wire asking when his next day off was, you had mentioned it would be fun to see a show, or go out for drinks, even gamble if that was his thing. 
  • When he asked, your response was simple, pure, and kind. “It’s what friends do.”
  • Angi had called him a friend, yet you were making more efforts to ensure a close friendship with the demon. How curious. 
  • Ciel nearly fell over when he asked for an evening. Sebastian explained his curiosity about you and Ciel raised an eyebrow. 
  • The Earl allowed it, but he would be following with the other servants… not that he would tell Sebastian that. 
  • Once both of you were ‘off’ Sebastian was amused to find that you, who worked for the Midfords were devilish. 
  • You reasoned that Sebastian, being head butler to the earl, had to be so tight on rules due to his position and therefore on his day off, should let loose.
  • It started with pranks being pulled on the yard. Followed by causing trouble at a local church. 
  • You somehow brought the priest into frightful tears as you explained all your ‘sins’ and nearly seduced a nun until you told her that easy women were not your flavor. 
  • Sebastian had found, what could be described as a bosom-buddy, for you both made trouble all around London before going to the bar. 
  • When drinking got involved, both of you provoked a fight between strangers and watched merrily as you both enjoyed the scene. 
  • Sebastian went back to the manor feeling rather relaxed and relieved. 
  • When Ciel asked about the night, having lost track of the pair, Sebastian gave the little Earl the most disturbingly happy jagged tooth smile he only saw the day he made the contract. The earl wasn’t sure he liked the friendship. 
  • This continued for months, and each time, the both of you got closer and committed more fiendish crimes which caused others to take the downfall. 
  • When Ciel saw the hassle the Yard was having, the Earl was there for shopping reasons with Lizzy, he wanted to get involved. 
  • So when that night, when Sebastian confessed to being part of the mischief, Ciel demanded an end to the friendship. 
  • Sebastian of course listened to his master. 
  • When you suddenly appeared at the servants door, and wore the standard uniform for the Phantomhives, Ciel was confused. 
  • Sebastian just smiled with you and explained in private that it was costumery for servants to have their partner live with them and work in the same household. 
  • When the Earl stated he hadn’t followed orders, Sebastian just smiled. 
  • “Ah, my Lord. You ask for me to end the friendship, I have. We are now romantically involved and considered a couple. Friendship doesn’t include the behaviors we have recently displayed.” 
  • Outsmarted, the Earl gave strict, specific orders on how both of you would behave. 
  • Agreeing, you and Sebastian continued your mischievous  behaviors, all whilst keeping to the Earl’s strict rules. 

I really enjoyed writing this one! I think it fits, kind of, to one of the possibilities in which Sebastian could experience a relationship. The man does enjoy and is curious about human behavior. So having one so freely want to do nothing but break rules and have fun would probably make the Demon excited to see just how many rules could be broken. 

I hoped you all enjoy!

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[ inspired by the cover song epiphany by the piano guys - i encourage you to listen to it while you read ! ]

this had been plaguing you for days now, you realized as you laid in the neatly made bed, your (e/c) eyes gazing out the window a few feet from where you lay. the trees swayed ever-so softly in the breeze, a few leaves being carried off by the soft wind. the calmness of the manor almost calmed your nerves

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Hello! Je vous présente un one shot sur Claude en français, mes chères fans de Claude seront enfin heureux :)

BREF, je vous laisse avec le one shot!

♡︎ 𝙻𝚎 𝚛𝚘𝚖𝚊𝚗 ♡︎

Tu travaillais beaucoup, voulant absolument finir ton roman. Une histoire d'amour, un classique mais que tant de monde apprécient. Aloïs te collait ces derniers temps, il t'aimait beaucoup, un peu trop même… Tous les deux jours, tu allais rendre une visite au comte, lui lisant ce que tu avais déjà écris, jouant avec lui, ou même en dansant en sa compagnie. Bref, cet enfant était comme ton petit frère. Tu étais au courant pour son majordome, il n'était pas humain, et cela t'inquiètais. Aloïs allait mourir un jour, ce jour arriverait peut-être plutôt que prévus, après tout… il suffit simplement que ce démon est assez de lui et s'en ai fini…

Ces pensées étaient ton cauchemar, perdre Aloïs était TA pire peur. C'est pour cette raison que tu avais ignorer Claude, ainsi que les triplet. La pauvre domestique, elle, te fesait énormément de peine malgré sa nature. Jusqu'à aujourd'hui, Claude te parlait de temps en temps, mais il ne forçait pas le dialogue, voyant très clairement que tu l'evitais. Au début, le démon avait ressenti un sentiment désagréable. Comment une simple humaine de votre genre osait l'ignorer ? Puis, ce sentiment est passer à du dégoût. Pas de vous, mais de lui. Aussi étonnant que cela soit, il avait ressenti des émotions très forte pouvant aller jusqu'au coup, mais il c'était retenu. Cette rage qui lui-même ne savait pas gérer, c'était agaçant de voir que vous, vous arriviez à le calmer avec votre simple présence. Après tous ces sentiments différents, il a senti “sa” qui ne pensait jamais ressentir ; la tristesse. Vous le manquiez, parlez avec vous comme avant lui manquait. Il voulait tant revenir au temps où vous n'étiez pas au courant de sa nature, le temps où vous et lui discutaient ensemble pendant que vous écriviez votre roman. Il vous conseillait, vous aidait à vous corrigez et inconsciemment, il était tombé amoureux de vous.

Aujourd'hui, vous rendiez votre visite habituelle à votre cher ami, Aloïs Trancy. Pendant que toi et Aloïs rigolaient, Claude admirait tes beaux cheveux, tes yeux, et ton âme. Tous ce qu'il aimait chez toi. Aloïs dû partir un moment, te laissant seul dans la jardin avec le majordome. Ce dernier s'approcha de toi, ne fesant aucun bruit pour que tu ne fuis pas.

“Claude, que voulez-vous ?…”

Le démon vous regardait avec des yeux remplit de rage et de tristesse à la fois. Ces émotions que vous ne pensiez jamais voir chez lui. Remarquant ce regard attristé, vos sentiments n'ont pas pu se tenir en place.

Vous aimiez Claude à la folie, l'ignorer était comme une torture. Mais souffrir était trop, et vous ne vouliez pas.

S'en prévenir, vous enlacez le démon qui ne réagi simplement pas. Ce que vous ne voyez pas, c'était les yeux de Claude qui était soudainement devenu doux. Il n'était pas stupide, il vous connaissait et vous aurez sûrement fini par craquer.

“Et bien, où sont vos manières, madame ?”

Claude dit cette phrase ironiquement, et comme seule réaction il eu un grognement Incompréhensible de votre part.

Le démon prit votre menton entre ses doigts, vous fixant soudainement. Ses lèvres qu'il avait tant envie d'embrasser, il venait de le faire…

Aloïs arriva soudainement et vous et votre amants vous séparez. Aloïs n'aimerai pas cette relation… Cependant, est-ce vraiment une raison pour ne pas la tenter ?


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