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#black butler sebastian

‘Doing the do w that nun’ anon you killed me. Honestly that made me laugh so much. And yes of course you can, sorry this took so long and hope you enjoy!!


❗️Warnings; angst. More so than expected


You were beyond upset. When your relationship with Sebastian started, you were fully aware of his duties and obligations to his contractor and in turn, his duties and obligations to the Queen. The main consequence of that was Sebastian’s lack of free time, something which you were always very understanding of as he literally had no choice. You also knew he would be directly involved in many of the major police investigations happening in the area and as such would have a hand in how they were conducted. You had no idea that it would mean this.

You swallowed hard and flicked a stray tear from your cheek. As a demon’s mate, you were supposed to be afforded certain things by him as well. Like for example, him remaining faithful to you. You thought you at least deserved that. Mates were meant to share an unbreakable bond and whilst you knew there were very few extents Sebastian wouldn’t go to for the sake of obeying his master, you had at least expected he would tell you if doing something like that was an option for him, or checking that you were alright with it. Clearly not.

You blinked rapidly in am attempt to diffuse the mist in your eyes, jumping slightly when someone knocked at your door. Three quick, hard knocks in succession, and there was only one person you knew who knocked like that. The last thing you wanted to do was deal with the demon right that second, but you knew he would be well aware you were at home and as such you wouldn’t be able to ignore him. You walked quickly over to the door, ripped it open then stalked away again, not giving the butler a second glance. You stood in front of a window, leaning your hands against the sill and huffing quietly. You tracked Sebastian via his footsteps, refusing to turn towards him.

He murmured your name quietly, barely a breath behind you but you remained stubbornly staring out the window. The demon’s hand came to rest on your shoulder, which promptly stiffened without your permission. He let out a short breath.

“Y/N…” You squeezed your eyes shut for a moment. You both stood in silence for a couple of minutes, until he tried again. “Will you at least speak with me?” You had to restrain yourself from physically growling and unable to contain yourself, you spun around to face him, knocking his hand away from your shoulder at the same time. Sebastian’s eyebrows drew together in concern when he saw your red rimmed eyes and the moisture still residing in them. “Y/N I’m so s-”

“Don’t.” You were looking past him in favour of meeting his crimson gaze, trying to keep your voice steady. “How dare you,” you ground out, upset and angry all at once. “You barely leave my side when we’re out together, you have an arm around me before another man can so much as look at me, then I turn my back for one minute while you go on an investigation and you do this? And with a nun, Sebastian?! I’m supposed to be able to trust you, what were you thinking?!” You went to shove him as hard as you could but he grabbed your wrists before you could.

“Will you allow me the chance to explain?”

“Why should I!” You were angry now, yelling with the tears gathering in your eyes once more. You went to pull away from him but he held your wrists in place with enough force that you couldn’t move so much as an inch. You tugged hard on your wrists again, but to no avail. “What?!” You cried in exasperation, shaking your head. The demon waited until you were finished and looking him in the eyes.

“I needed to gather information for the Young Master, you knew this was a duty of mine right from the start, hm?” Any forms of retaliation were directly cut off when he continued as if you had said nothing. “This was the only viable option for doing so. It was a way to gain information for my contractor, nothing more. You understand that, surely.” You grit your teeth as you tried not to say anything rash, but ultimately you failed.

“No, I don’t. I knew you would need to use certain … unorthodox methods to obey your master to the best of your ability, but you never once method this or anything of the like would be an option. And the way you behave around me when you feel even in the slightest bit threatened-”

“Firstly, I didn’t specifically mention this method by name as you never asked me for the details, and secondly, I do not feel threatened by other mortals, I simply don’t trust them with regards to you. It’s not you I don’t trust.” You let out a long sigh then, feeling the fight and the anger drain from you the longer this went on. Of course he would have loopholes and reasons for why and what it would come down to in the end was that he wasn’t at fault. This just wasn’t something you could deal with at that moment. You allowed your arms to go slack and he finally released his hold on you, being fairly assured that you wouldn’t immediately run off.

“Exactly,” you muttered, “and I’m supposed to be able to trust you as well. All you’ve proved to me today is that I can’t.” You turned your gaze away from him.

Sebastian stood still as you stepped past him, once again not giving him a second glance. You opened your front door and waved a hand through it, gesturing for him to leave. He remained still for a moment as if waiting for you to start laughing at the joke. You didn’t.

You didn’t watch as the love of your life walked away, for who knows how long, choosing instead to shut the door and go back inside. You resumed your previous position on the sofa, and this time you did let yourself cry properly. You didn’t know the extent to which the exchange had hurt him too.

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Sebastian (obv from Kuro) and Uriel (from Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist) are the same person so I did art lol

with a bonus Agni as Baphomet :))) (it’s ugly don’t look at it for too long)


Let me just-

(major spoilers for both mangas ahead)

  • Sebastian and Uriel:

- the rich, orphaned, noble, insufferably bratty MC’s “butler”

- absolutely not human

- named after someone from MC’s past

- dark hair, same length too

- saying “young master” 24/7

- g l o v e s, h o t

- technically mildly antagonistic as they are both supposed to kill the MC at some point (it’s more complicated than that for Uriel but still)

- they both infiltrate the MC’s school?????????

- everyone agrees that they enjoy inflicting pain

- appear right after MC’s parents die

- butlers the whole fandom simps for

- “British”

- weird eye colour

- could and would kill you

  • Agni and Baphomet:

- better butler than the aforementioned asshole

- dead lol

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Will do!! Sorry this took so long, hope you enjoy!




You had been feeling worse and worse all day. What started as a simple sniffle has progressed into a particularly severe cold. You finally had to admit defeat when a violent coughing fit had you collapsed to the floor and unable to draw breath, eyes misted over with tears. Sebastian was on his knees next to you in moments, and a hand pressed to your back and eyes glinting crimson as he tried to work out what was wrong.

“Y/N,” the demon murmured, catching your arms as you fell forward once again and tried to even out your breathing. “I thought you were sickening earlier on,” he continued, then leaned down to gather you into his arms. Sebastian stood, cradling your body to his then starting to walk further into the maze of circus tents. “Come, lets get you to the medical tent.”

Time seemed to skip by in strange blocks from then on. The demon found the troupe’s doctor in no time, the man looking more than concerned at your state. The next you knew you had been laid in a bed, a glass of water on the bedside table that you couldn’t bare to drink. You remembered the doctor commenting lightly on the tattoos decorating your neck, the silver one Sebastian’s and the golden one belonging to Claude. Your heart jumped even in your weakened state, but all he said was how unusual they were - Sebastian managed to direct the conversation elsewhere. When you woke up properly, albeit only for a few moments, he was sat next next to you. He explained that the investigation needed to continue and he would be exploring further with Ciel, that you just needed to rest and Claude would probably drop by soon to check on you.

The other demon did go to see you, though you couldn’t decide how soon it was after Sebastian left. You drifted in and out a few times while he was there, seeing him press his wrist to your forehead and tut at the temperature of your skin, then hearing Alois complaining that at this rate, Ciel and Sebastian would uncover the truth about the circus first and they would lose. By the time morning came you had improved somewhat, though you were decidedly below par. You were also aware, thanks to the idle chatter of a performer injured during practice, of Sebastian’s rather choice method of gaining information. No doubt Claude was looking forward to your reaction, but you were fairly certain he would be expecting something different.

You woken, it turned out, by Sebastian’s gentle lips against your forehead, softly whispering you back into the world. He trailed his fingertips over cheek, smiling just a little when he saw you open your eyes blearily.

“We can go home now my darling,” he told you, “our business here is done.” You just nodded, finally reaching over for the glass of water.

“I’m feeling better today,” you told him, recieiving a confirmation that you looked it in return. When you mentioned he wasn’t wearing his gloves though, he paused.

“About that, Y/N, I must tell you-”

You held up a hand to prevent him from talking.

“I know about her,” you started to his great surprise, “but I know why you did what you did. It was for information, nothing more. Right?” Your concern showed through only at the very end, whereupon he took your hand.

“As you say, that is all. Thank you, my dear. You are uncommonly understanding.” With that, he picked you up and walked out of the medical tent, leaving a soft kiss on your hair and heading to the carriage which would take you home.


Claude had watched your condition worsen throughout the day. Ending up caught in a heavy downpour and then having to stay in a freezing tent overnight had given you the worst cold you’d ever had and you suddenly found you could continue the investigation no longer. You were with Claude when you finally fell into a coughing fit that brought you to your knees. A critical gaze running over your form, Claude crouched down next to you until it finished. You looked up at the demon as he ran a thumb under your jaw.

“We need to take you the medical tent,” he told you, putting an arm under your knees and around your back to pick you up. You found the doctor a few minutes later, who ushered you both quickly into the medical tent. In a few short minutes you were in a bed with Claude holding an ice pack to your forehead and the doctor going through his supplies to find the medicine you needed.

From then on, things started to get hazy. You saw the doctor leave then come back in again, followed closely - or at least you thought so - by Alois. He made enough noise to wake the dead and you must have made some noise of discomfort, for soon after that he left again, this time with Claude. The next you knew, Sebastian arrived to give you an update on the case and offer his words of comfort. He gently ran his hand up and down your arm then seemed to disappear in the next moment, leaving you alone once more.

You seemed to be suspended in space for a while, woken eventually by Claude’s gentle hold on your wrist and his thumb running over the back of your hand. As you returned to the waking world however, it was not as peaceful as you initially expected. Alois was standing just behind the demon, taunting him about something. You blinked uncomprehendingly, hearing Sebastian’s name and wondering where he was as well.

“Drink this,” Claude told you softly, handing you the glass of water you were yet to touch. You found yourself finally able to do so, even if it did make you cough once more. By this point, you were fully awake and thus able to listen to what exactly the Earl of Trancy was talking about.

“Who do you think they’ll pick, Claude?” The demon in question just huffed and turned back to you, doing his utmost to ignore his contractor. “Well? Do you think it’s you they ant to go with? Or will they pick Sebastian?” The boy then started laughing as if he had heard a magnificent joke, to the point where he doubled over to clutch at his sides. “What’ll it feel like, huh? If they pick Sebastian when it was you who insisted on staying here the whole time-!” He broke off into giggles once more, Claude restraining himself from rolling his eyes. His contractor had a point though - it would be quite the distressing turn of events if it turned out you wanted to go home with Sebastian rather than him. He didn’t need to have worried though as it turned out - much to Alois’ disappointment - as you quietly reassured him you wanted to go back to the Trancy manor, rather than with Sebastian.

Claude wasted no time after that, picking you up and holding you close to him once more, Alois walking by his side as he made to leave the medical tent for good. He pressed a gentle kiss to your hair as he walked outside, smirking lightly as you curled further into him in the frigid morning air.

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Bonjour @whiteroses220 , for some reason your request got deleted!! Tumblr went weird. I’m good thank you and hope you are too, sorry these took so long and hope you enjoy!




  • Quite the juxtaposition to Sebastian, which just makes him more intrigued about you in general
  • Someone well known for their purity has decided they want to be in a relationship with him? This human is far more interesting than so many others that he has encountered
  • You already knew there was truly something dark about him, to the point where you weren’t surprised when he told you he was a demon
  • This only served to make you even more of an enigma to Sebastian
  • Similarly, in a way at least, Sebastian can sense the purity of your soul
  • It’s tantalising to him
  • White Rose is truly a fitting name to have been given by others and he suspects they don’t even realise just how fitting it is
  • You share the same mysterious grace as those flowers
  • Your unparalleled kindness is something else that fascinates him
  • His experience of humans in general is that they tend to be selfish and willing to trample anyone and anything to achieve their goals
  • You couldn’t be further from this and more importantly, none of it is an act
  • There is not a single time he can think of that you didn’t put others before yourself
  • You always seem to be there to give advice, offer a shoulder to cry on or just help with the smaller things
  • You insist on stopping if you can plainly see someone is lost and you give them directions to the best of your ability
  • Children seem to gravitate towards you if they have lost their people and you are more than happy to help them
  • Sebastian watches your interactions with others from a distance, smiling and shaking his head as he tries to comprehend how you could be so different to so many others
  • Your beauty is also something that catches people’s eyes, but especially when you’re with Sebastian
  • You two are like opposite sides of the same coin; day and night or chiaroscuro
  • They say that opposites attract and this really is the case for you too


  • Edward is in awe of just how kind you always manage to be
  • As a knight, his role is to protect the people of England in both battlefield and everyday life so he strives to match your ability to care for others
  • He too believes that you are very deserving of the name White Rose, from your physical beauty to your caring nature
  • You are by far the most beautiful person he’s ever met, or so he always ensures to tell you
  • You’re like an angel to him
  • Edward can’t sense the purity of your soul in the way that Sebastian or William can of course, but that doesn’t mean he can’t get a vibe about it
  • Specifically, he feels like he could trust you with just about anything and not have to fear you telling anyone else
  • He also knows better than anyone that you are far too pure to have any kind of dark past
  • You two are fairly similar in a sense, in that you both try to look out for other people as much as possible
  • The only thing Edward worries about when it comes to you is that you might get caught up in the underworld
  • Most of the time you don’t find yourself in situations whereby you might encounter it, but you do spend a lot of time with Lizzie
  • Who in turn spends a lot of time with Ciel
  • And whilst Edward doesn’t know which or even how many of the earl’s connections form part of the underworld he has no doubt it is a wide, tangled web that is almost impossible for you to avoid
  • This in mind, he tries to stay with you whilst you’re in Ciel’s company - he doesn’t have all that much against Ciel (aside from the engagement to his sister) but he worries that you might stumble across something and not realise until it was too late


  • William is also intrigued as to why you, someone known for their purity, would choose to be with him
  • It’s not like he’s dark or bad (unlike everyone’s favourite demon) but in being so neutral I get the vibe that reapers kind of have fewer morals than we might prefer
  • To be honest, your unbridled kindness is a nice counterbalance to someone as straight laced as William
  • It may get on his nerves just a little on occasion - he might think you’re being a little too forgiving towards someone - but he’d only go so far as to quietly mention it afterwards
  • You being used to this just laugh a little and tell him he’s too cynical, that he should try to not always assume the worst in others
  • He grunts non commitally - in other words he’s not planning on changing in the slightest - but he appreaciates and even respects the fact that you are different
  • He’s impressed that you manage to maintain such an upbeat view of everything that goes on around you, something he gave up on having many, many years ago
  • William thinks the nickname of White Rose suits you perfectly
  • Your almost ethereal beauty is unmatched and your kindness surpasses that of most others, but equally you don’t allow yourself to be pushed around
  • “You do have some thorns after all, then,” William thinks to himself, glad to know you stand up for yourself despite your reputation
  • Something that manages to bring the hint of a smile to even William’s lips is your unquestioning kindness to both other people and animals
  • With unwavering patience you help to calm crying children, your presence puts other adults at ease and you appear to have an innate ability to settle animals of all different kinds
  • This skill is something the reaper has always found to be most impressive as it demonstrates the true purity of your soul
  • This is something he can sense too; the very fabric of your soul is truly pure, a feat most humans are incapable of
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Aww thank you!! And sorry these took so long, hope you enjoy!!




  • Sebastian thinks your jokes are absolutely hilarious
  • He might not always show it, maybe only smirking or quietly chuckling to himself (especially if Ciel is there) but he could positively scream with laughter most of the time
  • If you’re at home together, he holds back far less
  • It’s not unusual to watch him clasp a hand over his mouth and lean back against the nearest piece of furniture, eyes squeezed shut as he laughs
  • The thing is though, you don’t even have to be saying jokes to sound funny
  • Half of what you say is massively sarcastic anyway and Sebastian (being Sebastian) literally always picks up on it even when others aren’t clued in and think you’re being serious
  • This has gotten you into trouble more than once and when that happens, it really just makes the demon laugh more
  • He does eventually help you out, but not before he’s milked the moment for all it’s worth
  • In return, his comments to you tend to be spoken quietly, generally about the company you’re with whilst they are still standing with you
  • His goal is to make you forget yourself and laugh as he is fully capable of keeping a completely straight face regardless of what happens
  • You, not so much
  • That is a fact that both of you know, hence why the competition started
  • You try to do the same back to Sebastian, but his lips have never so much as twitched, even once
  • Often, he uses this as a way to say something even funnier back to you in an attempt to make you laugh
  • The demon also like watching your reactions in awkward or uncomfortable situations
  • It’s not that he wishes them on you, quite the opposite, he just takes far too much enjoyment in watching you struggle to diffuse whatever tension there is in the room
  • Eventually he’ll help you out with that too, but not before he’s let you flounder for at least a little while


  • Edward was pretty surprised the first time he heard you crack what he would have deemed an incredibly inappropriate joke (for the situation, at least) but quickly came to realise that’s just how you are
  • He does find you very funny, though sometimes he wishes you could keep the joking about to a minimum
  • Think in front of other members of the nobility
  • And his mother! Omg his mother
  • He literally thought you would get a sword between your eyes the first time you said something sarcastic in front of her and immediately jumped in with a speech full of reasons and explanations that any qualified politician would be proud of
  • But the Marchioness laughed
  • She actually laughed at the joke you’d made
  • Edward’s mouth fell quite literally wide open as he watched his mother chuckle at whatever you’d said - he was too astonished to even remember what it was
  • From then on he was less concerned with who you joked about in front of, though he still mentally grimaced sometimes
  • Most often this was during the awkward conversations with people from other noble families where you would giggle profusely, but entirely out of nervousness
  • Edward would mentally facepalm at the display and attempt to help you recover, generally by diverting the conversation away from the topic you felt embarrassed about whilst also getting the assembled party to focus on him rather than you
  • You are always especially grateful to him for it
  • Afterwards though, he may quietly tell you that whatever you did and or said was actually quite funny, just that it was entirely in the wrong time and context
  • If you felt bad about it, he’d tell you not to worry and that they would forget it happened as soon as the two of you walked away
  • Half of them wouldn’t even recognise your faces the next time you saw them
  • He would then proceed to tell you about an incident he once bore witness to in which an older man’s wig has been completely removed from his head
  • Up until that point he had successfully maintained the fiction that it was his real hair and according to Edward, his reaction had been priceless
  • By the end of the story you were collapsed with laughter once again and had quite forgotten about the whole thing


  • Snake, being the quietest of the three, is the least likely to outwardly laugh at your jokes, though his snakes proclaim their love for your humour all the time
  • By extension, or so you think at least, that means Snake himself also finds what you say to be funny
  • Occasionally you manage to draw small smirks out of him, which only makes you put in extra effort the next time
  • Emily in particular is very fond of your dry sense of humour and Wordsworth loves the overused, corny jokes you think of, claiming every time he’d ‘never heard that one before!’
  • Snake’s favourites are when you’re not actually trying to be funny
  • Like you’re just speaking normally and whatever you say sounds sarcastic, dry (maybe both) and whoever you’re talking to looks like they can’t decide whether to be offended or not
  • The more clueless you are, the funnier it gets
  • He doesn’t just leave you floundering though ahem Sebastian he will actually help you get out of whatever situation you’ve dug yourself into
  • It’s something that provides him with endless entertainment
  • At the end of the day, Snake sometimes discusses your day’s worth of jokes and other funny happenings with his serpents, who then vote on the best joke you made
  • He’s never actually told you, but this has become something of a routine now for all of them
  • Snake is fairly certain you don’t even realise how much comedic relief you provide, especially if you’re not intending to do so
  • Either way you’ve given him more laughs than any other person he can think of
  • If he ever gets caught up thinking about his past, he just goes and seeks you out
  • You can’t always tell that he’s a bit off as he hides it so well, but if you just act like your normal funny self, he’ll feel better in no time
  • Sometimes, very rarely, you manage to get him to laugh properly
  • It’s quiet, more chuckling than anything else
  • But it’s there and you’re learning how to get it out
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Hello!! This is my demons masterlist. If that was what you wanted feel free to carry on, if not go back to my main masterlist to find what you were looking for. Also go there for information on requesting things (askbox currently open!!). Hope you find something you like!

Sebastian Michælis

More coming soon!!




Claude Faustus

Keep waiting!



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Ohayou!! I’m good thank you, how are you? Absolutely, sorry these took so long and hope you enjoy!


❗️Warnings; canon typical violence, guns (obviously), death all that stuff. Also Book of the Atlantic spoilers but I guess everyone’s seen that by now??



  • Alright, so when Sebastian first found out about this ability, it was during a life and death situation (for you at least)
  • You had ended up going with him and Ciel on a chase to catch the group behind a recent string of especially violent murders, something the Yard had been pushing to get through as quickly as possible
  • Sebastian hadn’t wanted you to go, back time was of the essence and he didn’t have any spare to argue with you about it, so you went anyway
  • Needless to say it went decidedly wrong
  • The three of you ran straight into an ambush
  • Whilst Sebastian had thought it was a distinct possibility, it didn’t happen at all in the way he expected and he hadn’t been able to take out any of the shooters because he was having to protect both you and Ciel
  • A bullet just clipped the collar of your greatcoat and you yelped, out of surprise rather than pain, diving behind a discarded wooden crate
  • Sebastian and Ciel joined you moments later
  • You were, much to your distress, unarmed and waiting very impatiently for Ciel to bring out his own gun
  • When he didn’t, you called him out on it
  • “Y/N don’t you think I would already be using it if that were an option?!” He rebutted, more than irate
  • “Well what’s wrong with it?” You whisper-shouted back in frustration, jaw dropping open when he said it was broken
  • “For God’s sake, give it here”
  • A few minutes later and with only a key someone had dropped at the side of the road and the corner of a thin piece of metal, the gun was back to rights and fully functional once more
  • Ignoring the earl’s flabbergasted expression, you leapt up and, using the crate as cover, began to take down your attackers
  • Each bullet you fired hit one of them square in the chest and in seconds only two were left standing
  • You cursed when the trigger clicked and nothing happened; out of bullets
  • The last two men realised this at almost the same time and started firing back, giving you very little time to crouch down behind the crate once more
  • You glanced between Ciel and Sebastian, both of whom had very wide eyes
  • When neither said anything, you gave an indignant cry about how you were still getting shot at and neither of them were doing anything
  • Sebastian quickly dealt with the last two then walked back to you and Ciel, letting you know it was safe
  • Ciel went to check the shooters’ pockets, presumably for some kind of identification, whilst Sebastian remained standing with you, an appraising gaze locked on your eyes
  • When you asked him what it was, he just smirked
  • “I had no idea you were hiding something like that, my darling”
  • You grinned back
  • “Perks of being Russian,” you offered as explanation, “my whole family can do everything I just did, really it would be a travesty if I wasn’t able to”
  • “A travesty indeed,” was Sebastian’s reply, then Ciel called you over to carry on the search once again


  • Edward on the other hand, found out aboard the Campania
  • You had been staying in a smaller suite that was fairly close to his and his family’s, disturbed from the book you were reading by a sudden bout of screaming from just down the hall
  • You glanced out through the spy hole in the door to be met by the gaping maw of what could only be described as a monster, groaning and beginning to pound against the door
  • The smell emanating from outside was rancid and you stumbled back from the door in surprise, frowning when the hinges started to rattle
  • A determined look came over your features and you rushed to the desk your room was fitted with, opening the draw and pulling out your loaded twin handguns and multiple spare magazines
  • You ripped open the door and shot the creature point blank in the chest once, twice but to no avail
  • When it didn’t so much as flinch you went for the next best option; the head
  • That seemed to do the trick
  • You stepped over the body, mindful it didn’t move again, then made your way out into the hallway
  • Bodies of the nobility littered the bloodstained carpet, but the moans of the monsters and the screams of their victims had disappeared around the corner
  • You twirled your guns once then took off in the opposite direction, every sense strained to make sure you weren’t caught off guard
  • Edward’s suite was clearly still in the thick of things and you took out as many of the undead as you could before they could make their way through the doors
  • You rushed inside as soon as a path was clear at the same time as a butler dressed all in black appeared, Ciel Phantomhive’s if you remembered correctly
  • “Y/N!” Edward called out, eyes quickly scanning the blood on your face and the guns in your hands
  • He asked if you were alright, concern in his voice, but gave an annoyed huff when the monsters resumed their attack once more
  • Yourself and the butler told the Midfords to aim for the monsters’ heads at the same time, but in doing so you were caught off guard
  • You yelled in protest as one of the undead ripped a gun from your grasp, leaving you no choice but to let it go lest it were to rip your hand off as well
  • You shot it regardless before the others had time to attack, but that didn’t prevent you growling in frustration over your gun
  • Edward told you not to worry about it, that he would be able to find you another one, but you had already picked it up again
  • You grabbed a butter knife from the table behind you and immediately set to work, returning the gun to its full glory in just a few minutes, before the monsters even had time to return
  • You smirked at the look of surprise adorning Edward’s features
  • “Wipe that look off of your face, Edward,” his mother admonished, “she’s Russian, what did you expect?”
  • He was starting to smile now, then asked how long you’d been able to do that
  • “Pretty much my whole life,” you told him proudly, reloading and turning to face the fight ahead
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…Aaah this took me the whole day for some reason…
Kurotober Day 11 - Angel Sebastian 🖤 I had some inspiration and references from pinterest, I really love the colour scheme and aesthetics of this ngl 😔💗 also couldn’t decide if the 1st or 2nd slide is better… 

on instagram

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Ah don’t worry about it! I’d love to write this!

Also you should never down play your experiences! Any amount of abuse is about 10x to much, I hope you can come to terms with the facts of your past darling.

The following headcanons have been properly tagged with abuse and gasslighting TW tags as they mention these things

⚠Warning⚠! Mention of abuse, gasslighting, unhealthy family relationships and things that may be triggering to some people!

Sebastian and Undertaker with an abused s/o who won’t admit it.

  • He knew of it the moment you entered the phantomhive manor, he keeps tabs on all of the servants
  • Was originally going to wait for you to bring it up.
  • But you never did, so he decided to subtly bring it up
  • The look of shock when you just dismissed it as “it didn’t happen that much” Or “I wasn’t that bad”
  • Immediately sat you down and had a very, very, very long talk about how it shouldn’t have happened at all and that it’s extremely unhealthy to dine that such things happen
  • By the end of it your crying in Sebastians arms and telling him everything even if you still try to say it wasn’t that bad.
  • Remember when he stuck that one guy in the oven?? Yah that’s tame compared to what he might do. If you insist he doesn’t kill them then their life is going to be living hell (hahahaha hell)
  • If you still have ties to them and the abuse continues? He won’t let them within the same room as you unless he or another person is there
  • Every so often he’ll bring it up lightly to make sure you haven’t gone back to denying it even happened
  • When finding this out originally as he collected information on you he didn’t look into it, but once you become his s/o he goes back and sifts through it.
  • Is honestly Apauled at the amount of gasslighting (Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which a person or a group covertly sows seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or group, making them question their own memory, perception, or judgment, often evoking in them cognitive dissonance and other changes, including low self-esteem)
  • The way they would manipulate you into thinking that what they were doing wasn’t that bad or didn’t happen often was disgusting to him
  • And if they hit you to? He knows you can handle yourself like all the servants can but he still doesn’t want to see a single bruise or cut on your body
  • You haveing been previously abused doesn’t change his views of you in the slightest, your still a beautiful, capable, smart human and he loves you very dearly demons don’t have emotions my ass
  • If the abuse is still continuing and he happens to see them hit you- no no no, TRY to hit you he’s stopping it in a second. He’ll catch there hand and smile at them with that sickeningly polite smile before giveing them one(1) warning and ONLY one (1)
  • Sebastian will NOT have you be struck in any way, shape, or form . Period.
  • Sebastian cares a lot even if he doesn’t show it all the time and he’s willing to help you as long as he needs for you to come to terms with the abuse you suffered.
  • Another one who already knew, he’s an informant for the underworld of London what do you expect?
  • Unlike Sebastian he brings it up directly, he wants as few secrets between you two, if it doesn’t put your life in immediate danger then he’ll tell you.
  • He brings it up lightly not wanting to make you uncomfortable, so he approaches it with his same juveile happy tone that he always has
  • When you brush it off as no big deal at first he’s like, yah ok Shure Shure maby they’re just at terms with it, but when you brush it off again saying “it didn’t even happen that often” Or god forbid you say it was your fault
  • His hole demeanor changes, you can feel the air grow stale and cold. It’s not often you see Undertaker without a smile but when you do it sends shivers down your spine
  • He knows things like this takes time so he’s going to go very slowly when helping you, he’ll talk about it often, trying to get you to little by little admit that what they did was rong, he’ll slowly help undo any gasslighting or harmful thoughts.
  • He never pushes your boundaries but he does make you talk about it quite often, one of the first steps in healing is admitting something is rong.
  • If the abuse is still continuing he’ll make Swift work of it. He’s quick to defend you and is quite intimidating when he isn’t cracking jokes and giggling
  • Cracks twice as many jokes to see you smile and laugh, especially after you’ve vented to him, gotta make Shure your happy
  • Like Sebastian he’ll always be in the same room as you if they’re with you.
  • A lot more open about affection and isn’t above haveing you in his lap while he eats cookies and giggles like a mad man
  • The sudden shift it his attitude if they have the nerve to try and hit you is terrifying. And by try and hit you I mean if he senses that they have any ill intent twords you he’s on high alert.
  • Undertaker is very protective of you, he’s lost a lot of people and he’s not about to see you hurt in any way. This protective nature is just more obvious around people who he deems a threat or possible threat
  • Undertakers view of you did change slightly when he learned the full extent of what you went through, he gained a lot of respect for you and the strength it must have took to endure that for as long as you did. Other than that he loves you all the same
  • Undertaker loves you deeply and not a day goes by where he doesn’t say it, although he never really says just how much you mean to him.

The end for now

I hope this was good! I’m not the best at writing seby but I tried! Undertaker is honestly one of my favorites and it’s always nice to write for him! Tata darling~ 🖤

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Of course!! Your English isn’t bad at all, hope you enjoy! Also! Angst. Obviously



  • Alright, so lets start off by saying that obviously Sebastian didn’t want you to find out
  • He knew how you felt about him and he cared for you too, but it was imperative that this circus troupe were stopped and it had become more than clear that this was going to be the only way to do it
  • Unfortunately, Ciel and by extension his duties as the Queen’s Guard Dog had to come first
  • Let’s be real though, that is like zero consolation and everyone knows it
  • He knew what he did would hurt you if you found out, but in all honesty he didn’t think you would be able to
  • In fact, he was quite impressed you’d managed it
  • Of course he didn’t say that to you, you were already upset enough
  • He knew you’d found out as soon as he saw you
  • Your eyes were still slightly bloodshot from crying too long and you were curled up on the sofa, defiantly reusing to even acknowledge the demon’s presence
  • He tries to approach you, walking slowly to avoid startling you and quietly saying your name
  • Without hesitation, you lean forward to pick up the tea sitting on the table in front of you and just walk away
  • You look straight past the demon, refusing to allow your tears to fall and not giving him a chance to say a word
  • He sighed silently but decided pushing you now wasn’t the best idea
  • You were going to have to talk to him at some point and he’d really rather it was sooner than later, but that was clearly not going to be the case for you
  • You on the other hand had managed to avoid Sebastian for most of the rest of the day and were quite pleased with yourself for doing it
  • Of course you realised you had only avoided him because he hadn’t put any real effort into preventing it
  • That was until the evening, when you were once again curled up on the sofa as he entered the room, quietly saying your name and asking to talk
  • You tried to do the same thing as before, aiming at just waking past him
  • He wasn’t going to let that happen twice
  • Smoothly, he caught your arm as you went past
  • He was gentle, but firm enough that you couldn’t just shake off his grip
  • You swallowed once, steeling yourself before turning to face him
  • You met his gaze with a cold glare, doing your best to cover up how truly upset you were
  • “Y/N, please can we talk?”
  • You moved your other hand in a silent ‘go on’ gesture
  • You didn’t know what excuses he was going to come up with and really you didn’t care, but you knew this conversation would have to happen at some point
  • H launched straight into it, starting with an apology (which you might even have considered heartfelt, had you not known better) and then explaining that everything had been for a case, for the sake of getting information to help Ciel fulfil his duty to the queen
  • You can feel your anger and sadness rising again and your eyes are beginning to line with tears, but you push on regardless
  • “And you mean to tell me,” you hiss out in a disbelieving tone, “that there was no other way?”
  • “Believe me, we exhausted every other method available to us. This was a last resort, a long shot at best”
  • You nod, albeit sarcastically, then ask, “And you did that work out for you?”
  • “We acquired all of the information we needed and the troupe were properly seen to, so yes we were successful” was his succinct reply
  • You blink a few times, nod once more then spit out “well good for you”
  • With that you rip your arm from his grip and spin away on your heel
  • Behind you, Sebastian narrows his eyes in annoyance then grabs your arm, only this time when you turn to face him, you use the momentum he provided to slap him hard across the face
  • The demon stopps dead and with the force you had used to hit him, there was already a bright red mark blossoming across almost half his face
  • He looks absolutely shocked, albeit not in pain, but his hold on your wrist doesn’t loosen any
  • When you lock eyes with him, you are sobbing, unable to keep it in any longer
  • “Y/N…” he whispers, though what he was going to say you didn’t know and you didn’t care
  • “You broke my heart!” You cry out, uselessly twisting your wrist in an attempt to make him let go, “I loved you”
  • You don’t miss the way his eyes flash at the use of past tense, but you carry on anyway
  • “Why would you do that to me?” The last comes out as a whisper, your voice cracking a little
  • He tries to say the same thing again, about the case and the string of child abductions, but it’s all falling on deaf ears
  • He still keeps ahold of your wrist as you try to walk away and you turn back to him once more
  • “Let go, Sebastian.”
  • There’s something in the way you spoke and he does as you say, watching as you walk out of the room, away from him
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Hi there! I’m good thank you, hope you are too!! Absolutely, hope you like it!




  • Sebastian thinks the whole thing is just overly cute
  • It’s like you’re some sort of mother act and all these kittens keep coming to you for comfort
  • Children seem to have this inbuilt radar whereby they know which people wouldn’t mind talking to them and which to avoid
  • Somewhat unnecessary to point out the demon himself has worked very hard to stay firmly in the ‘avoid’ category
  • Hopefully even ‘avoid at all costs’
  • You on the other hand couldn’t be more different
  • You’ve loved children for as long as he’s known you and he suspects it’s a lifelong thing for you
  • It’s not something he can honestly say eh relates to or really even understands, but it makes you happy and as long as they talk to you and not him, that’s good enough for him
  • One day, the pair of you had gone to the annual ice festival together
  • Although it was still fairly early evening, it was winter so the sky was already dark and your breaths were left frozen and hanging as white clouds in the air
  • You were in the middle of the city and there were street vendors and merchandise stands
  • Most people were going around with takeaway food or at least warm drinks and the whole atmosphere was alive
  • Everyone was chatting and laughing, even to strangers they had never met before
  • those who went every year knew the usual street vendors and struck up conversation while they waited in line often involving other customers waiting behind them in the cheerful talk
  • All was wonderful until you came across a small boy standing in the middle of the street
  • He was crying his eyes out, alone and clearly having lost his people
  • You and Sebastian saw him at the same time and you immediately rushed over, the demon following closely behind
  • He stayed back a ways though to avoid frightening the child any further - he did have a heart when it came to you, after all
  • You asked the boy what was wrong and between sobs he told you he’d lost his dad
  • You smiled warmly, reassuring him and asking what his dad looked like where he had last seen him
  • He told you, but when he got even more upset you told him his dad was looking for him even more frantically
  • The boy sniffled and asked if it was true, which you agreed with emphatically
  • You looked back up at Sebastian to back you up on that point
  • He just nodded, giving a small, polite smile
  • You turned back to the boy, but that left the demon to scan the crowd until he located the father, who rushing from one side of the street to the other, asking everyone who he found if they had seen his son
  • He was too far away for the boy to see, but Sebastian looked at him until he made eye contact, then raised a hand and glanced downwards to wear you were crouched on the pavement
  • He ran over, telling the boy off, hugging him and telling him everything was alright then thanking the both of you all in quick succession
  • You smiled and waved as they walked away together, Sebastian watching the unfiltered joy on your features with a soft smile gracing his own


  • Whenever Edward sees you interact with children, he always thinks about how great a mother you would be
  • He finds your kindness towards children to be inspiring, your willingness to help others remarkable and your smile infectious
  • He thinks its incredible that wherever you go, children seem able to single you out from everyone else in the crowd as a person it would be safe to talk to
  • Edward himself isn’t so much ‘anti-child’ as he doesn’t think it’s his place to interact with them as much as you can
  • His line of thinking is that most people don’t mind their child walking up to a woman as much as they do a man and he would hate to make anybody feel uncomfortable
  • That doesn’t mean he can’t feel happy and enjoy watching you interact with them though
  • One day, the two of you were on a trip out in London
  • You were sight seeing really, despite having been many times before, as it was an especially nice day and you had collectively decided it was the best way to spend your time
  • People came from all over the world to visit the many sights and attractions London had to offer and despite having lived there your whole lives you couldn’t honestly say you had visited all that many of the tourist destinations
  • You had decided to take something of a break around midday and as such were waiting in a queue for a new fast food phenomenon known as a ‘curry bun’
  • There was not a person who didn’t recommend it and the signs on the stall claimed it was the only one in Central London
  • They also boasted as many flavours you could think of so you couldn’t help but want to try one
  • You were chatting idly and swapping theories for what you thought the food would taste like when something tugged your coat
  • You glanced down to find a girl beaming up at you, two front teeth missing and utterly thrilled
  • You smiled back greeting her warmly and kneeling down to talk to her
  • “Did you know,” she started confidently, “that my mummy is going to get me a curry bun?”
  • “Really?” You replied incredulously, “I had no idea, that sounds so exciting! What flavour are you thinking of trying?”
  • Edward watched the scene play out with a happy smile on his face
  • The girl was very excited to tell you all about her favourite curry bun, the one she always had, and then about her second favourite and so on
  • You listened faithfully throughout the entire explanation, throwing in your opinion and asking questions every so often
  • Eventually the girl’s mother came over, carrying the long awaited curry bun and the girl immediately ran to grab it from her
  • Her mother apologised for her chatterbox tendencies, but you only laughed and said you had enjoyed the conversation, now knowing far more about the food than you had done previously
  • When you stood back up, you turned to Edward with a ‘what?’ as his eyes glittered with his smile
  • He shook his head, claiming if you could see yourself when you did that, you would be smiling too
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Yes you can, hope you enjoy!



You swallowed hard, trying to control the trembling in your fingers as your breaths remained unsteady. Sebastian was standing mere inches away from you, eyes glowing blood red but gaze as cold as ice. How was it that he always knew what to say to hurt the most? Nothing had really even happened - evidently you had asked one too many questions about what he’d been doing with one Ciel Phantomhive and he had just snapped. You knew work was a decidedly off limit topic, but you thought you would try once more; you didn’t keep all that much from him, after all. In any event, you wouldn’t be trying that again any time soon.

“Fine,” you muttered, features drawn in a deep frown, “I guess that’s just something else you get to lie about.” You stormed out of the house before he had a chance to reply. Although you were cross, you were really more upset than anything else. Relationships are supposed to be built on trust, or so you believed, and there didn’t seem to be all that much of it to go around in yours.

It was about mid-morning as you left and as such you allowed your feet to carry you wherever they wanted to go. You paid attention to your surroundings - London wasn’t always the safest of places - but daylight hours provided far less concern that those of the night. You didn’t feel the need to keep checking over your shoulder either, fairly certain that Sebastian wouldn’t follow. No doubt he’d have a way of knowing where you were anyway, but at least he wasn’t actually here.

In actuality, Sebastian was pacing around the room you had just left in a threateningly calm manner, eyes were much crimson and an unnatural dark starting to swallow up the room. He was cross at you, yes; you didn’t seem to understand that when discussing the topic of work always leads down this road, you should just stop bringing it up. But more importantly, he was cross at his situation. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to tell you, it was that he couldn’t. The Young Master would be in danger if he did and he was fairly certain that was verging on a breach of contract too, which simply led to you being understandably confused and upset. You knew he was a demon, something he felt it wasn’t fair to hide from you, but you knew very little about him besides that.

Sebastian sighed. Maybe it was time he let you in on a bit more of the secret. He still couldn’t give you the fine details about things, but he could at least give you a bit more background information. Maybe if he did that, you would understand the need for secrecy a bit more. The other thing that bugged him was how you always accused him of lying. He didn’t ever lie to you, he was physically incapable of doing it, but that was something else he couldn’t explain to you. It annoyed him because while he did tell half-truths, he knew you wanted your relationships to be based on trust and if you could understand that was exactly what he was giving you, then you might be less intrigued by what he did at work.

That was it; he was going to have to tell you.


You sat down heavily on a bench in Hyde Park, a disposable cup of coffee pressed to your lips. You’d already finished the consolation slice of cake that you bought and you fully intended to just stay put until you had calmed down. You smiled half heartedly when you saw the barista had sprinkled a chocolate smiling face on top of the white foam. A particularly strong gust of wind jostled your hair and the collars of your coat and you took a long sip of the drink, proceeding to almost jump out of your skin when you noticed a man sitting next to you where previously there had been nobody. He laughed a little, a deep rumble in his chest at your reaction.

“Sorry,” he offered with an apologetic smile, “didn’t mean to frighten you.” Still a little breathless, you assured him there was no problem. “You look a bit sad you know. Want to talk about anything?” To say you were surprised by the stranger’s kindness would be an understatement. You didn’t end up telling him what had happened earlier on, though you did sit and talk for a very long time.

His name was Jason as it turned out. He worked at a local car garage as a mechanic, and a good one at that. During the time you spent with him, short though it was, you felt like you had known him all your life. Without really even realising it, the distance between you had lessened until you were brushing elbows with him as you moved your hands to demonstrate a point, until your knees touched. When he leaned right into your personal space, clearly intending to kiss you, you didn’t catch yourself in time to think about Sebastia-

“Oi!! What the hell was that for?!” A gloved hand had shot between you before your lips could touch and Jason had been hauled upright by the collar of his shirt, Sebastian’s face now very much in his.

“The hell indeed,” Sebastian growled out, eyes flashing as fury burned bright behind them.

“Oh I see,” Jason snarled, eye colour turning to match Sebastian’s in seconds, “she’s yours.” Your boyfriend bared his sharpened teeth in a far more literal snarl than the other demon could seem to manage. You watched on, mute at the whole affair and astonished you hadn’t realised Jason was a demon too. But still, it felt like there was more fuelling this heated exchange than just a kiss.

“How dare you try to mark my mate,” Sebastian hissed, “do you have any idea who I am?” His voice had taken on a shadowy, other worldly quality that sent shivers down your spine. It was something old and dark, belying an immense power that should by all accounts be left alone. Jason on the other hand seemed to know exactly what it meant. He all but shrunk in size, leaning away from the other demon in surrender where moments earlier he’d been leaning forward in challenge. “I need not remind what will happen if she ever sees you again.”

With that he let go of Jason’s collar and watch as he practically disappeared into thin air. Satisfied the other was actually gone, he turned back to you. If you thought he was scary when cross before, now he was downright terrifying. Wordless, he held out a hand for you to take. You did so, albeit hesitantly, to find yourselves instantly transported back to the house. Sebastian crushed your body against his immediately, nose pressed against the shoulder of your coat where Jason’s hand had been.

“Despicable,” he muttered, glancing back as you started to stammer out apologies. “I didn’t mean you.” You stopped short, the demon taking the opportunity to kiss you for as long as possible. It quickly left you breathless and you pulled back, chest heaving and hands against his shoulders. You couldn’t help the smirk that made its way onto your face.

“You’re jealous,” you murmured. His eyes glinted dangerously.

“Is that your attempt at telling me I have no reason to be?”

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“ 𝐘𝐞𝐬, 𝐦𝐲 𝐥𝐨𝐫𝐝. 𝐈 𝐝𝐞𝐯𝐨𝐭𝐞 𝐦𝐲 𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐫𝐞 𝐛𝐞𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐨 𝐲𝐨𝐮. 𝐔𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐥 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐝𝐚𝐲… 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐥𝐢𝐞𝐬 𝐛𝐞𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐭𝐫𝐮𝐭𝐡 ”

- 𝑺𝒆𝒃𝒂𝒔𝒕𝒊𝒂𝒏 𝑴𝒊𝒄𝒉𝒂𝒆𝒍𝒊𝒔

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Absolutely, sorry these took so long and hope you enjoy!




  • Oh wow
  • Okay so Undertaker is gonna be standing there screaming with you
  • Like literally
  • Wherever he is in the house he’s next to you in seconds when you yell that the baby moved, he’s been waiting for this moment almost as impatiently as you have
  • You put your hands on his arms to hold him still, telling him to wait so you can see if it happens again
  • There
  • Just the tiniest of movements but you know you felt it
  • Undertaker drops his head slightly to look at you through his lashes, asking if it happened again
  • You, with the broadest grin he thinks he’s ever seen on you, just nod
  • The next thing his arms are around you and your face is in his chest and he’s spinning you both around, albeit gently, laughing and smiling and telling you how amazing you are and what a great mother you’re going to be
  • He promises to always be there for you
  • When he finally stands still, he rests the most careful of hands over your stomach, looking up at you once more to check it’s alright and asking if he can talk to baby
  • Of course he can, you’re absolutely thrilled
  • He crouches down, one knee on the floor and leans closer to your stomach, grin never once falling from his lips
  • “It’s me again, little one” is how he starts, like always
  • You find your eyes starting to mist up a little when you go through how unbelievably caring the reaper is for the baby
  • He’s always telling you all the things he’s looking forward to the most about having a baby with you (which is pretty much everything)
  • You have literally never seen him be so excited for anything in your life
  • And the other thing he always makes sure to give you is reassurance
  • If you ever have a moment where you’re unsure and you’re doubting yourself, he’s there to tell you how brilliant of a mother you’re going to be, how well you’re going to do and how he’ll be there every step of the way if you ever need help
  • You stand and watch as he tells baby how proud he is of them, and their mum, how it won’t be long until he and you see them and how loved they are, he’s always telling them how loved they are
  • When he stands back up ha can see the tears you’re trying not to let fall, smile big enough that it looks like it hurts
  • “Oh love,” he murmurs, arms around you once again in seconds and leaving kisses on your hair, on the side of your head
  • “I’m happy,” you manage to get out between sobs, “I’m just - I’m so happy
  • You draw a little giggle from Undertaker, who leans back far enough to kiss you properly when he sees your tears are in fact from an overwhelming cascade of positive emotions
  • He smirks and shakes his head, telling you confidently how ridiculous you are before resuming hugging you, wondering if this will happen every time the baby moves


  • Sebastian’s reaction is, shall we say, more conservative, but that doesn’t mean he’s any less excited
  • He too will be by your side in moments when you yell that baby moved and the smile he gives you is so very genuine that you wonder if you’ve ever seen him this happy before
  • He immediately gathers you up into his arms, pecking your face repeatedly before kissing you fully on the lips, his own remaining firmly curled upwards
  • He kneels down in front of you, a hand curled protectively around your lower back and the other hovering just above your stomach
  • He looks back up to you, making sure you don’t mind
  • As you nod he rests his hand against your stomach so lightly, as gentle as you’ve ever seen him
  • “Hello my dear,” he whispers, forehead now resting on your stomach as well
  • His words are somewhat similar to Undertaker’s, and it’s clear from every one how much he wants to meet this baby
  • His fingertips lightly trace over your stomach as he talks, voice soft and quiet, words of care and encouragement all the way
  • As he finishes speaking, he stands up slowly and kisses you once again, arms curling around you and holding you close to him
  • The demon sways lightly with you, you copying and resting your forehead against his
  • His eyes are still sparkling and happiness is practically radiating off of both of you
  • As you stand there, to your unimaginable delight, you feel baby move again
  • You grin immediately and Sebastian does the same - he had been standing so close to you that he felt it ever so faintly as well
  • He closes his eyes and when he opens them again, deep crimson is starting to stain his irises
  • “I can hear their heartbeat, Y/N,” he tells you
  • In truth, he can hear yours and baby’s and he loves that he’s finally able to distinguish between the two
  • “You can?” You ask, “Is it normal? Are they healthy?”
  • He listens again, finding baby’s heartbeat to be perfectly normal for how far along your pregnancy is
  • He tells you as much and he can practically feel the relief flooding through you
  • “Can you check every day?” You ask
  • You had no idea being a demon meant he would be able to hear their heartbeat and it meant you could always check they were alright without needing multiple tests and hospital trips
  • This was a safety net most mothers were not awarded and you couldn’t be happier that it was in place for you
  • Of course he agrees to it as soon as the words are out
  • From then on he always listens to their heartbeat just to make sure, letting you know every so often or when you ask that they are perfectly healthy
  • When baby kicks again your reactions are just as strong and happy as the first time and you end up standing for a long time just wrapped in each other’s embrace, your head resting on Sebastian’s shoulder and his head against yours
  • He swears to both you and himself that he will always protect the both of you
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Ahhh omg yes!! Love this idea!! Sorry this took so long, hope you enjoy!

❗️Warnings; mentions of blood





Vampire!Sebastian looks pretty much the same as our normal demon, only I’d say his eyes are crimson more often than usual

OBVIOUSLY only out and about at night, but honestly he probably doesn’t sleep all that much during the day anyway

I feel like he’d be the type to hang about on street corners in the middle of central London when it’s really busy

Just imagine

It’s midnight, you’ve been out with your friends and just left to start walking back to your place (it’s only just around the corner)

You come across this really tall guy, wearing all black, heavy boots, leather jacket

Maybe a few ear piercings by now because he’s been on Earth for centuries and why not

Smoky, smouldering eyes with just a flash of blood reflecting off the irises

He inclines his head just a little as you approach, one ankle crossed over the other and shoulders leaning against the brick wall behind him

Onyx hair falling to frame his face, crossing over the bridge of his nose

His skin is deathly pale and he’s giving off an heir of someone who knows everything that you don’t

He also seems like someone who is very much in control

He offers you a smirk which widens into something of a knowing grin, stark white teeth glinting in the neon lights and are his canines a bit longer than the rest of his teeth?

I feel like vampire!Sebastian is very similar to his demon counterpart in that humans are incredibly interesting to him

I mean, obviously he’s out for blood, but I think he’d want to talk to the people he drinks from

Like he’s genuinely interested and curious, he wants to know more about humans

The concept of living for about a maximum of around 100 years is all but unfathomable to him so he wants to learn as much about them as possible in the time that they have

He’s the proud owner of some massive gothic manor somewhere

The whole place has a feel to it like it’s haunted

To be honest, it probably is

It’s surrounded by woodland, a little winding path leading up to it

Really, a horse and carriage look like they would be more at home here than a car

You can practically see people of times gone by living here, walking about

But you’re sure that’s just your overactive imagination


Mention it to Sebastian and all he’ll do is give you a knowing smirk and say something that’s not at all comforting for your steadily increasing heartbeat and the tremor wanting to set up in your hands

“Can you now?” or “How interesting…”

Just try and take a deep breath then carry on

With regards to his s/o, he would drink from them, but not enough to cause any sort of harm

And you would have to agree to it first, of course

He genuinely cares about you in more than just a ‘cornered lab rat’ kind of way, he doesn’t want to see you hurt

He especially doesn’t want to be the one hurting you

If you do agree to it and he appreciates you probably won’t. After all, you would need to have absolute trust in him; he’s so much stronger than you that you know you wouldn’t be able to push him away if you needed to. Not to mention, your life is now entirely in his hands

He reassures you he would never hurt you one more time, then slowly leans in, giving you time to stop him if you change your mind

When he does finally bite you, a hand curled around the back of your neck for support and the other running gently across your shoulder, his teeth are so very sharp that they don’t really hurt as much as you were expecting

He glances up at you before he actively starts to drink, waiting for some nod or look of confirmation

If you give one, he actually drinks very little

This isn’t him feeding; given that you’re his s/o this is his own act of intimacy

It’s an open display of your absolute trust in him and he knows that

He’s in complete control at this moment in time, and perfectly capable of deciding you a better meal than partner and finishing the job

It’s only your faith in him saying he won’t

If anything, this just makes your bond stronger and allows you too to grow closer

You already trusted him, but now you trust him absolutely


His coffin is one of the most impressive pieces of art you have ever seen

He got Undertaker to custom build it

It’s made of solid, polished mahogany, so dark it almost looks black in the moonlight

It’s lined in crimson velvet, something soft and padded underneath for maximum comfort

The lid has two golden handles and is so heavy that it almost takes supernatural strength to move it

When you see it, you’re utterly captivated

You ask if you can touch it, wanting to gently run your fingertips along the hard surface and see if it’s as smooth as it looks

If he trusts you enough, he might let you lay down in there with him

Now. If you’re someone who needs very few hours of sleep, hanging out with Sebastian at night probably isn’t that much of a problem

However if you do need a decent amount of sleep, you’ll probably have to change your routine quite dramatically so that your waking hours compliment his

Maybe you start taking night shifts or late afternoon/evening shifts so you can spend as much time with him as possible

The other thing to bear in mind about vampire!Sebastian is that he’s very protective of you

Like if someone upsets you it’s not you they’ll be dealing with

If you’re getting unwanted attention from someone, assuming it’s at night, one minute you’ll be alone, the next he’ll be walking up slowly behind you, eyes narrowed and everything about him radiating confidence and strength

“My love,” he murmurs lowly and voice ever so soft, a greeting and a warning in one

He gently winds an arm around your waist and stands beside you, fingers splayed and stretching from your hip to your bottom rib

“Is there a problem?” He asks you quietly, completely ignoring whoever was bothering you

If they say anything, they become silent very quickly after the look he shoots them, a simple glance of blood red eyes with fury raging behind them

Needless to say you don’t have any problems with that person any more

Finally, on the subject of turning you into a vampire, I honestly don’t think he would have any problems with it

He’s definitely not the tragic ‘I refuse to ruin your life just so you can be with me’ type

He’s loving the (after?)life, if you want to become a vampire he’s certainly not going to be the one to stop you

Plus if it means he gets some more permanent company, then so much the better

He would only do it if you wanted to though, even then only if you were absolutely sure

You would be connected to him by blood ties if he were to turn you, so it’s not something he does lightly, nor is it something he tries to dress up to convince you to do it

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