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#black butler theory

Spoilers up to ch. 142 //

Since I’m just now starting to read the manga, I’ve been searching all over for Kuroshit content and theories as usual and managed to find @sebastian-die-bitch ‘s theory on o!Ciel being isolated from the people who care about him. I’m not going to be debunking it but, rather, adding some more insight to justify why I support it.

Since o!Ciel’s returned and had taken up the role of the Queen’s Guard Dog, his life (from his perspective, at least) has always been set up like a chess game with him playing the central role of king. Usually, his opponents have been petty criminals of the underground but, with the reanimation of his brother, his opponent is now r!Ciel.

While it’s entirely possible to win a game without taking away your opponent’s pieces in chess, it’s much easier to do so by acquisition. That’s exactly what r!Ciel is doing in this game. By taking away the people that care for o!Ciel, r!Ciel is securing his checkmate and attempting to capture the king (as stated before as being o!Ciel).

If I had to guess who was playing which role… I would say that Lizzy was acting as his knight, the Phantomhive servants are his pawns, and I’d say Prince Soma and Lau are his bishop and rook (though I’m not sure who is who). Right now, as in chapter 142, r!Ciel is showing off three of his pieces - Undertaker, who is acting as his queen, the Scotland Yard, and the Midfords.

From this alone, I imagine that at some point in the story, r!Ciel will be forced to focus on taking down o!Ciel’s queen, his most powerful piece, Sebastian, before he’s truly able to get to him and win.

Wait, lemme add a link to their theory:

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Little theory about black butler…

Let’s start I have a crazy theory too bordering on the most absurd but here it is and not if someone else has mentioned it but here it goes:

I was looking for an image and I came across a fan art of “ciel” and sebastian and below it was “ciel” and the black dog that Vicent had will put them down, then a crazy idea went through my head Vicent already had or knew Sebastian? because “Ciel” would give the name of his guard dog to his butler, we know that Sebastian makes dogs trivial, almost to the point of saying that they are misunderstood animals and he prefers cats…


then from there we understand, because “Ciel” says that Sebastian since it was the name of his dog.


Also, and if Vicent knew the future he would face and already had a kind of deal to protect his family, I mean the twins since our little “Ciel”l was the sickest and asthma…


And if Sebastian already knew it and there he was when they kidnapped the twins, never leaving them alone, he would know what would happen, he would make a pact with our Ciel, knowing him before then what we would know later.

“He asked me not to betray him, no tell lies but … he is a liar " 

” I told him not to tell lies “

But we know that Sebastian is a devil and well I have to explain it …

I would always have protected him being his sword and shield.


it’s just a theory actually haha ​​i was arguing about this, it sounds old but i’m going back to the chapters again.

And I know that in a chapter Sebastian (dog) appears dead but Sebastian is a demon, he can create illusions like when Ciel is shot and it is an illusion.

This post is too nerdy and I really love Yana…

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Black Butler theory: opening one is meant to be from Ciel’s perspective, opening 2 is meant to be from Alois’ perspective, and opening 3 is meant to be from Sebastian’s perspective.

I’d read the one about Ciel in a youtube comment section, but I came up with the other 2 (unless someone’s already said it). I might post an explanation just Because I Want To and I like talking about this sorta stuff

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So I realize I have never even once reblogged Kuroshitsuji to this blog, but lately I’ve been so consumed by this manga and this one particular theory won’t stop haunting me. It’s been an eternity since I really got taken in by a juicy piece of media like this (maybe since my Death Note days), so I figured I really needed to get it off my mind by writing it out.

This is- quite long, lmao. And I’m not sure if someone has already made this theory, because I only recently started diving into the fandom. Spoilers begin under the cut.

Keep reading

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“ I shall serve you with everything I have. Until the day it ends. Until lie becomes the truth. ”

Quoted from Sebastian at the very end of Book of Murder. Does anyone think this could be referring to something? Knowing the contract, Sebastian is not allowed to lie, he literally can’t. Perhaps he lied before the contract? When they first met? And this is referring to something more? I’m probably overthinking it and my heart can’t take the inevitable ending.

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Hi hello Viscount of Druit Aleistor Chambers is not who he says he is

I had an idea for a cielizzy fanfic (taking me ages to write but thats beside the fucking point) and I made up a half arsed plot for the occult based on the fact I dont get why Aleistor Chambers is relevant at all in a manga where everyone has two sides of themselves and arent as they seem…he cant just be comedic relief right?? Look!

Aleistor Chambers is said to be based on Aleistor Crowley who is an occultist among other things but the guy is responsible for the religion Thelema which was seen as an occult but any way LOOK the people that took the twins were speaking in french and they said this

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Vincent is a demon

First of all, let’s take a look at Vincent’s parents.


In this panel, we learn that Vincent is born from Claudia Phantomhive and Cedric K. Ros(s). But not only that:


There is something up with O!Ciel’s lineage that makes him able to see shinigamis. An already established theory within Kuroshitsuji’s fandom is that Cedric, Vincent’s father, is actually Undertaker. Let’s assume for the sake of this theory that this is true. What would happen if a shinigami (Undertaker) were to have children with a human (Claudia)?

The result of the union would be a demon.

As Yana herself has stated, Vincent is definitely not a goood person. This is further emphasized in chapter 99.5 in an exchange between Diederich and Vincent.


Diederich seems genuinely surprised at the thought that Vincent is capable of feeling love. We know for a fact that in the Kuroverse demons are creatures who can’t feel human emotions, at least not the positive ones. The panel is even more strange taking into account that they were talking about Rachel here, thus Vincent’s family. If he doesn’t love his family, who would he love?

Vincent’s appearance is something Yana discussed a couple of times. She mentioned that he makes himself appear younger because he is older than Rachel. In chapter 137 it is shown how demons can modify their physical form at will through the different creatures Sebastian appears as:


In another instance, Yana discussed how similar Vincent and Sebastian look, and she also mentioned that this is not a coincidence. This might be because they are both demons.

One argument against this theory is the fact that Vincent is dead. It is not impossible for demons to die, but it’s much more difficult to kill a demon than it is to kill a human. Vincent could not have died from being stabbed, just as Sebastian didn’t die back in the Murder arc in similar circumstances:


(Note how the expression and pose match).

Fact is, Vincent could very well be pretending to be dead in that panel. Wouldn’t be the first time a demon faked its death in Kuro. If so, what about his body? Undertarker commented that not even Vincent’s bones remained:


There’s no physical evidence of his corpse.

This one is a bit of a stretch, but I think it’s interesting to point out regardless. Demons are not only difficult to kill (but not impossible, so even if Vincent actually died that day it doesn’t prove that he’s human), but they also live for centuries. Sebastian is mentioned to be responsible for the Black Death, that for the record lasted from 1347 to 1352, and Kuroshitsuji is set in the Victorian period (1837-1901). Vincent seems quite the visionary:


What I think is even more interesting are the implications of Vincent being a demon. The fact that he had children with Rachel may have an influence on what the twins are. They can’t be souless creatures because there have been multiple instances where it is confirmed that O!Ciel does have a soul, and a very special one as Bravat notes:


Personally, I don’t think he is talking only about O!Ciel’s blood type here. His soul is of a rare radiance. In the flashbacks we are shown how pure-hearted O!Ciel was in the past.

Humans having children with shinigamis result in demons, kind of the opposite of a god. So demons (Vincent) and humans (Rachel) together might create the opposite of a demon… perhaps an angel. The existence of angels is confirmed in the first season of the anime with Ash/Angela. While the anime differs a lot from the manga plot, there was important foreshadowing of canon material throughout the series. Ciel’s name is another clue pointing towards this direction, since it means “paradise”.

Back to the anime, the second season ends with O!Ciel becoming a demon and thus Sebastian being unable to eat his soul. This is a scenario I feel like could be repeated in the manga, but for the opposite reason: O!Ciel is an angel and his soul can’t be eaten by a demon. This parallels Goethe’s Faust ending, where Mephistopheles is unable to claim the man’s soul because he is saved by angels and ascends to heaven.

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Mating Ritual

Okay, some ppl believe Sebastian impregnated the nun, but i like to believe that it’s not his. I mean, for her to be so willing to have coitus with him, it doesn’t seem like she’s all that hard to lay and after she had intercourse with Sebastian her oath is void and it doesn’t even matter anymore. So, I say that child is someone else’s (also I feel like she’d claim she was raped so the other nuns wouldn’t feel disdain towards her and the baby.)

Also, if Sebastian could impregnate women just like that, given he’s been alive for hundreds of years, he’d have a shit ton of kids.

But, Sebastian never takes his clothes off to have intercourse. So, I headcanon that he must be completely nude to be able to impregnate a woman.

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I have the following theory as to why his hair colour is light gray/silver:

So before he became a reaper he had to endure great losses of some kind, which led him to suicide. He may have lost people very close to him, like a family. Maybe he had children too. Let’s imagine many of them died at once. Of course he would be dead sad and desperate and there would also be an insane amount of stress involved.

My theory/headcanon is, that this stress caused his hair to turn gray/silver way earlier. Hence why he has to stick with that colour ever since. My guess is, that he turned into a reaper in his thirties. I mean, look at him. Look at his face. Does he look old enough for his hair to turn gray by the usual aging process? No, he doesn’t!

I don’t think his hair turned gray after he became a reaper. It doesn’t make sense since they don’t physically age at all.

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@shinigami-mistress’ post about a reaper’s redemption motivated me to finally write down this theory of mine. I figured I better also make a post about it.

Her idea of the redemption maybe not even existing is very interesting. I thought something like that years ago.

To me it always felt as if reapers kind of get exploited. Redemption is hard to grasp. It seemingly can’t be proven or anything. Essentially they are just promised redemption if working hard and long enough. And it appears that, in the eyes of the higher ups, that doesn’t need to change.

I don’t trust the higher ups. I always wondered what exactly the point of collecting souls is. (Or perhaps I missed something?) It can’t just be to prevent demons from feeding on them or for “punishment” reasons. I don’t buy that. Maybe there is something way bigger. And by keeping most reapers occupied with a great lot of work, they will most likely never think about these things, let alone question them. I imagine it to be dangerous for a reaper to ask such questions at HQ…
As Undertaker worked perfectly, he might (or most likely) have been promoted and had some insight. Possibly that also took part in his decision to leave.

It always feels to me, as if the higher ups are trying to hide something big. But maybe I just get carried away with this idea… But still, let’s imagine the following:

What if there were no reapers left? (If all either died or received redemption and there aren’t any new ones, at least at the time.) Who would collect souls then? Who would be left at HQ? The ones who established the whole organisation. The “higher ups”. The whole idea of collecting souls surely didn’t arise from a human mind, if you ask me. Especially humans, who committed suicide “just moments ago”. I think the higher ups consist mostly, if not entirely, of something like born reapers. That would make the most sense to me. Since otherwise, the whole soul collecting work and duty would simply cease to exist with the theoretical disappearance of suicide-born reapers. (Again if all either died or received redemption and there aren’t any new ones at the time.) That would make it nothing more then a punishment-measure, which I don’t believe. It is treated to be far too important for that. Maybe they have to rely on non-born reapers to handle all the souls.

Now let me go even further into my weird theory:
Maybe the “punishment” is just an excuse they made up. Maybe they have the ability to change humans into their own kind. And they choose humans, who committed suicide, because something like a punishment would seem believable to them. And would make them easy to use… for their purposes.

If the redemption thing is actually true, why should everything about it be so vage? I too find that suspicious.
As you all can see, I don’t trust them at all. Haha…

I hope I made my points clear, since English isn’t my native language. If there are any questions, feel free to ask.

Even if nothing of my theory turns out to be true, I still find it interesting. Teheh…

I originally just linked to shinigami-mistress’ post and blog, but of course that means, that my post doesn’t appear in the search at all… I had that problem years ago, but had forgotten about it. What’s the point of the link-function, if every post using it gets hidden by tumblr??? Seriously….

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Another Hot take, this time about Undertaker and his motives. 
 This person is on to something and I’ll give credit where credit is due:
I think Undertaker might have been a twin. 
His twin, (if not himself) could be Lord Polaris, but LP is someone who has been assisting him in the task of making the bizarre dolls. 

Either way, I also believe that Undertaker himself (and possibly his brother) were bizarre doll experiments. 
I think this is how Undertaker died. 
Why would he go to such lengths…? He died trying to bring Claudia back to life. She died young, after all. It was only in death did he discover how to perform the experiment correctly, and have access to the cinematic records. So he could cut them and connect them together.
But by the time he could return to Claudia, her body was too decomposed to become a doll. 
I think it’s entirely possible he modified her remains to become a part of his scythe, the next best thing. 


Thus; he doesn’t give a flying fuck what the Phantomhive twins went through and why he didn’t show up until RC was dead, as long as they die of natural causes, eventually. That, and he has access to their bodies.
What is a little suffering if they can be bought back, and essentially be immortal? 

I do know this, he’s probably not extremely happy that OC has picked up Sebastian. 

My last and only remaining question is the Queen’s involvement and whatever she did to cause UT to dislike her as much as he does.
Likely he blames her for Claudia’s death (maybe the death of ALL Phantomhives). 
That or perhaps for starting/having something to do with the experiments in the first place. I wonder if the Queen was trying to bring back Albert? Not sure. 

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now im not usually the one making kuroshit theories (i’m more the type to frantically search the tag for Any explanation of whats happening after yana curses us with another new chapter), but i feel like theres too much evidence for it to be a coincidence

i think we can all agree that we dont trust r!ciel? i mean, we still dont know if he has a will of his own as a talking corpse or if he’s undertaker’s puppet, but his speech and actions seem hypocritical at best

but its also obvious that something is being set up, especially with the entrance of the scotland yard in 142 (but ill get to that)

my theory is that whoever is the ringleader of this scheme, whether its undertaker or r!ciel, they are purposefully trying to isolate o!ciel

as badly as ciel acts like he has no intention to care about people or form bonds, there are several characters who are SET on loving and caring about o!ciel. specifically: Lizzy, Prince Soma, and the Phantomhive Servants


and coincidentally, his relationships with all of them are being split because of r!ciel.


with lizzy, we have her discovery of o!ciel’s lie and that r!ciel was “alive.” despite proclaiming her love for ciel dozens of times, especially during the campania arc, r!ciel’s sudden appearance has her completely against being on o!ciel’s side. 


for soma, we have agni’s death, which is heavily implied to have been at the hands of r!ciel (given his reaction to seeing o!ciel again). with r!ciel having the same face as o!ciel, agni’s murder being his doing makes it seem like a deliberate plan to take away soma’s trust in o!ciel. 


lastly, we have the phantomhive servants. 


given their reactions throughout the past year of chapter updates, they seem to be the most likely to stay on o!ciels side (to be fair, they’ve only stood in shock for the past year, so we don’t have a particularly good read on what theyre feeling). 


however, the one im most curious about is tanaka, as he seems to be the only other person besides o!ciel, sebastian, and undertaker that knew of and is unphased by r!ciel’s existence. we’ve seen tanaka’s loyalty to the phantomhives in plenty of chapters, especially when he takes over as head butler during the murder mystery arc, but we havent seen much strong emotion.

i actually have an inkling of a suspicion he might be another reanimated corpse, as we see in the flashback chapters that he was stabbed right before o!ciel was kidnapped (however thats an entirely different subject)


with the entrance of the scotland yard, like other theories have pointed out, r!ciel and undertaker are unphased by their arrival. this suggests that they either planned it themselves or knew of the plans for the raid. this raid supports my theory even greater, because it rounds up a good number of witnesses to o!ciel’s lie, including more people that trusted o!ciel


edwards broken face says it all - everyone who ever loved or trusted ciel is being confronted with his lie all at once, and they’re all abandoning their trust in him

it seems obvious that r!ciel and undertaker are trying to isolate o!ciel, but my only question is Why

my personal theory is that undertaker, despite caring about the phantomhives enough to revive one from the dead, needs o!ciel out of the picture to make sure his experiment with r!ciel is successful. why? because the one person who they cant separate from o!ciel is him:


i believe undertaker does genuinely care for o!ciel as he does with r!ciel and the rest of the phantomhives, but as long as ciel is bound to sebastian, he cant trust him. 

those flashback chapters werent just relevant to give us backstory, they were relevant to undertaker’s plans. we learned sebastian and ciel’s contract conditions are as follows: 1) sebastian cannot lie, 2) sebastians movements are constricted to ciels orders, and 3) sebastian must not betray ciel, but protect him. 

with these conditions, sebastian cant be tricked like soma, abberline, and the midfords, and he cant betray ciel like lizzy did. sebastian is ciel’s all-powerful trump card, and not even undertaker can separate them. 

that’s why i believe undertaker and r!ciel are separating ciel from the rest of his loved ones. they cant get rid of sebastian, but they can make it as hard as possible for ciel to recover from his position, even with a demon at his command. 

in general, i believe the story is about to push in a direction where sebastian is ciel’s only real ally

(tell me what you guys think! ive been thinking about this for a little over a month)

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R!Ciel’s soul was the price to cross the bridge, but it really disappeared? Sebastian seems to possess memories related to the two brothers. Did he have them from R!Ciel’s soul, or when he made the contract with O!Ciel? Personally I think that R!Ciel has transmitted his memories, after all Sebastian has materialized from his blood, it makes sense.

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I randomly thought of theory of how kuro could pull off a “happy”-ish ending. With O!Ciel and Sebastian’s contract being broken.

I don’t think it will actually happen, but I have a theoretical way for it to work thematically

More going off the themes and biblical references the manga makes - there’s this thing in the bible, where the idea of Jesus dying , is he’s dying for humanity’s sins, right? But in the deeper meaning what he’s doing is accepting death out of love, and this is what protects humanity from the price of sin. The very same themes is used in Harry Potter that echos themes of the gospel - where sacrificial love is essentially used as a shield that saves someone from rotting in hell basically…to me.. we don’t know yet, but we have Ciel who has died, but has come back, and in the flashback, Sebastian even holds him up like Jesus crucified on the cross… which makes me think this could be a possible hint of foreshadowing, or possibly yana making a joke about the resurrected ciel - but stillI also kind of wonder with Undertaker insisting that he doesn’t want to loose any more phantomhives… he has something under his sleeve to try and break Ciel and Sebastian’s contract , we also have Bravat mentioning to Ciel to help him break the contractI honestly don’t know if this is where it will go…but if the story follows themes heavily mentioned in Christianity with the idea of sacrificial love…and that being a shield…

   ……..Who is the person who would lay her life down to protect Ciel?Knowing this manga, I kind of have a terrible feeling Elizabeth may play a key part in this outside of just what we know of.

@pigexn - when I was talking about this replied with “ I’m honestly rooting on Elizabeth becoming a reaper “

But that got me thinking…. 

I kind of think Elizabeth might die to protect Ciel or sacrifice herself…..does self -sacrifice count as suicide? If your sacrificing yourself for someone else? Could she become a reaper in that case??? She gives up her life, her own salvation, and becomes a reaper for the sake of Ciel being rid of Sebastian? Now that would be an ending

any theorists feel free to rip this to shreds, I’m not attached.

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((Stole this picture from @dreamilydelicatesublime))

So okay so this is a small side theory that I thought of yesterday after seeing this panel!

What I started thinking about after seeing this is that what if Undertaker got to R!Ciels body too late and couldn’t save it but he was able to get hair samples or any sample of his DNA and he gave it to Othello and Othello started experimenting and he made a CLONE of R!Ciel ((I KNOW THIS IS A STRETCH A VERY FAR STRETCH I AM FUCKING REACHING WITH THIS ONE BUT HEAR ME OUT)) but this could also be why Undertaker started doing the experiments with the cinematic records. Maybe he put R!Ciels soul in the clone I mean I know he can make bodies pretty and practically make them look newish again but idk if even he could preserve a body for that long.. ((he probably could because he’s fucking Undertaker)) but just reading this panel just made me start thinking of the possibility of R!Ciel being a clone! ITS A REACH I KNOW AND I DON’T EXPECT IT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY IT WAS SOMETHING THAT JUST CAME INTO MY HEAD!

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