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jetslay · a day ago
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DC Super-Heroes by George Kambadais.
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mikejbecker · 20 hours ago
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Justice League
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funnypages · a day ago
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Little Lian is cooler than you will ever be
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cantstopthinkingcomics · a day ago
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Black Canary by Otto Schmidt
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blanddcheadcanons · 2 days ago
Oliver Queen smokes cigars. not regularly, twice a year at most, usually as part of a major celebration after a Big Win.
After his relationship with Dinah reached long-term status, he put the cigars to rest. he's got two left, more for sentimental reasons than for use, marked for specific events; one, for when he hangs up his quiver for good; the other, for when the two of them finally tie the knot. (he doesn't think he'd actually smoke either of them, when the day comes. they're more of a metaphor.)
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castlewyvern · a month ago
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The Green Arrow Family character artwork by Denise Zhang
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comatose--overdose · a month ago
it's not uncommon for members of the league to ask to see who's in the bird cage when a Robin is roosting.
Dinah, passing by: Oh? That cape's looking a little lumpy. Can I see your bird?
Bruce: Hn. [Carefully unfurls his cape a fraction to show a sleeping Nightwing curled up in his arms, drooling a little against his chest. Looking a bit closer reveals Robin, also asleep and tucked between them. Nightwing's eyebrows furrow a little at the sudden light.]
Dinah, softly gasping: Two sleepy birds! That's so cute! [She coos]
Clark, appearing suddenly: 👀 I would also like to see the birds.
Bruce: Don't wake them or--
Clark: I know, I know, kryptonite batarang.
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thisiswhereikeepdcthings · a month ago
Justice League moments caught on live television
Captain Marvel: Can we get cheeseburgers after this?
Batman: You had cheeseburgers for lunch.
Captain Marvel: So?
Batman: *long sigh*
Wonder Woman, to herself: I have the patience of the gods and the kindergarten teachers.
*proceeds to break up argument between Batman and Superman*
Flash: Well how was I supposed to know which one you meant?
Green Arrow: How hard is it to figure out ��Meet us in Washington.”
Flash: Hey, there’s lots of Washingtons, alright?
Superman: Yeah. At least forty three.
Green Arrow:
Superman: That I didn’t stop in before I got here.
Green Arrow:
Flash: Hey, it could have been the one in Sussex.
Green Arrow: You both understand this is why Batman hates us, right?
Hawkwoman: You can’t live off of that stuff.
Martian Manhunter, eating from a party size package of Oreos: You don’t know that.
Batman: I have kryptonite, you know.
Superman: And Nightwing knows where it is.
Batman: *shocked gasp*
Black Canary: *fighting a bunch of robots*
Green Lantern: Hey do you think if we tried turning them off and back on again-
Black Canary: This is NOT the time.
Green Lantern: Hey, I’m just saying. It worked for the watchtower.
Black Canary: It worked because we spent three weeks fixing it.
Green Lantern: Okay, yes, but technically-
Batman and Green Arrow: *emerge from a collapsed building*
Green Arrow: Our kids are never letting us live this down.
Batman: Assuming they find us in the first place.
Green Arrow: You can’t always run away from your problems! It didn’t work in high school, and it’s not-
Batman: I didn’t hear from you for a decade so I’d say it worked out fine.
Aquaman, muttering: I have no idea where I am.
Flash: Okay but how are we counting how many times we’ve died?
Green Lantern: Do alternate dimensions count? Because that’s going to change a few people’s numbers.
Superman, nodding: We’ll have to lay down some ground rules.
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dailydccomics · 3 months ago
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Birds of Prey by Otto Schmidt 1.16.20 / 3.15.20 / 7.4.20 / 8.7.20
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jetslay · 2 months ago
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DC Super-Heroes by Andrew Day.
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whelmedsworld · 7 months ago
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Bruce's Jealousy rate is off the charts 😂
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batcavescolony · 6 months ago
Black Canary: so when is the last time you've seen a therapist or similar?
Batman: ...I fought Harley Quinn last Monday.
Black Canary: that doesn't count, other than Harley who have you seen?
Batman: Jonathan Crane?
Black Canary: *sigh* a someone who doesn't have a cell in Arkham.
Batman: ...
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superbwhispersconnoisseur · 3 months ago
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Nothing but elevator music going on in his head
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sun-stardustt · 3 months ago
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birds of prey + text posts
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robbed-ghost · a month ago
DC thoughts cause I have them
- Bruce canonically cannot cook to save his life, but he’d likely adapt and learn to make snacks for dummies (honey on crackers, apple slices, cereal, etc) and those become a lot of the batboys’ comfort foods
- Billy Batson always has his powers but when he’s in his real form/child body it’s proportionate to his size. So he has incredible endurance, strength, speed, and wisdom (and kind of always smells like rain/ozone) but only in relation to a 5th grader.
- Wisdom of Solomon does NOT mean common sense or intelligence. It means Shazam is perceptive and has good judgement based on knowledge he already has. Whether or not that wisdom is based on how wise king Solomon of antiquity was is unknown.
- Jason actually stole the wheels off the batmobile because he made a bet with Catwoman while he was homeless for $50, who 100% thought he was bluffing. She still has three of the wheels under her bed
- Poison Ivy has acne during spring—it’s her version of seasonal allergies
- When Damian was a kid he demanded servants to eat his food with him. His mother and grandfather took this as him being a natural born monarch being perceptive enough to know about poisons, but really he just didn’t want the servants to feel left out and didn’t want to eat alone.
- At least one member of the justice league is colorblind; that many aliens doesn’t make for a consistent amount of cones (the color perception in the eye, humans have 3) and the watchtower ALWAYS has to accommodate for this in some way. Like hell they’d ever leave someone without their proper accommodations for what could be considered a disability.
- Hawkgirl is incredibly farsighted and her mask/helmet doubles as reading glasses
- When Diana went to a salon for the first time. Oh boy. She didn’t leave that massage table for 3 days.
- Everyone can always tell when Clark just got off a call or back from a visit with his parents because his accent comes back. He can never hear it himself and its driven him crazy trying to get rid of it.
- After an incident involving time travel and meeting another version of Bruce—a very old version—learning the fact that Bruce has a risk of heart problems makes his kids ease up on the pranks and death defying feats. At least while in front of him. He doesn’t though.
- Dick and Wally have a secret code that they made based on Rock Paper Scissors. It looks exactly like Rock Paper Scissors except they move a finger or change angles to indicate what they’re talking about and it took Wally 6 months to get correct
- Every year for the Flash Day in Central City the Rogues decorate things with antlers and red noses without fail. Every year on Flash Day Wallace Rudolph West considers the ramifications of changing his middle name.
- Black Canary always has access to tea somewhere in the room. Any room. One time she pulled tea bags out of one of Batman’s pockets and he was stoically bewildered as she calmly made earl grey during an interrogation
- The amount of times Constantine has had to be escorted from the premises of a case is absurd
- Tim’s footsteps constantly fluctuate between being super loud and extremely quiet. Since he was at home alone so much he was used to being able to be loud, but quickly learned to be quiet after he realized he could be heard while following Batman and Robin, and got even better at it when he became a superhero. Whenever he gets loud, he knows it’s time to take a nap.
- Steph is terrible at chess but the best scrabble player you’ve ever seen. Cass is always in awe, because she’s the exact opposite.
- Barbara can still do a backflip paralyzed from the waist down. Her arms are enormous and she always finds a way.
- Duke HATES the Night Shift, his powers are annoying and near inert when literally everything is bathed in darkness. (He also sleeps with the hallway lights turned on so he can see footsteps under the door before they’re there. All the bats do.)
- Since he was born in the phantom zone, Chris Kent has a lot of problems that taught Clark about being a good father. He and Bruce don’t have many serious disagreements after Chris. He understands now.
- Every single lantern goes absolutely apeshit over Lego bricks, they can’t get enough of it. One time the league went on a mission that involved the lantern corps and there was a giant battle of Lego builds in willpower green that they had to break up.
- Lois Lane is face blind. She does not let this stop her. Clark took an entire class on body language just to try and keep his privacy under wraps because she can read people like a book. Why else do you think she’s such an amazing investigative reporter and can’t spot Superman’s big lovable face a cubicle away?
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caroldanversenthusiast · a year ago
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now why on earth were these promo photos not released for Birds Of Prey... nothing but gay vibes
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sully-s · 5 days ago
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Some DC Ladies Doodles
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why-i-love-comics · a year ago
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Superman: Man of Tomorrow #12 - “Superman’s Day Off” (2020)
written by Robert Venditti art by Scott Hepburn & Ian Herring
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queen-lance · 6 months ago
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thisiswhereikeepdcthings · 6 months ago
You ever think about some of the other members of the Justice League watching Bruce and Oliver in public? Because if you try to tell me that Hal and Barry and Clark and Dinah don’t have a greatest hits video montage titled Billionaires in Their Natural Habitat that’s just dumb things they’ve done or all the times they’ve insulted Lex Luthor then I’m afraid I’m going to have to disagree with you…
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