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#black clover
the-black-bulls · 2 days ago
Yami: Everyone who thinks Bigfoot is real, say yeah.
Asta, Magna, Luck, Charmy, Grey, Vanessa, Henry: Yeah!
Nach: Everyone who thinks Bigfoot is fake, say yeah.
Liebe, Noelle, Nero, Gordon, Finral, Gauche, Zora: Yeah!
Nacht: Okay, about half and half.
Yami: That means half of you are stupid.
Nacht and Yami: Discuss.
[everyone explodes into argument]
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rorronoa · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I am a magic knight of the Clover Kingdom, Yuno.
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slayslothart · 12 hours ago
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⭐ the power to seal the darkness 🌙
im using Nero to try and get back into drawing
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silvyavan · a day ago
BC THEORY: Who spread the rumor of Noelle killing Aciee?
Okay so it's almost midnight, I just chugged a monster energy and brain is filled with ThoughtsTM
From Nozels flashback, he more less saves what little respect I have for him via showing that someone (not limited to 1 person) within the Silva House started a rumor that Aciers death was because of Noelle's birth
Tumblr media
My theory is that it's her husband, the Silva patriarch.
From the very limited amount of information we have on Acier Silva, we know for sure that
1. She was the previous captain of the Silver Eagles and had a much more empathetic way of governing it via not being a nobility only squad and training junior mages.
2. She had insane battle prowess, to the point where she was named the Steel War Princess, likely pointing to the fact she had MANY campaigns, likely against Diamond Kingdom. This fact was given to is from the Silva Patriarch (this is important).
3. She liked children and training said junior mages.
Tumblr media
From what we can count through her age and the age of her kids, she had Noelle when she was 32-33, she had Solid a year or two prior (30-31), she had Nebra when she was 22-23 and Nozel when she was either 17-18 (???).
Now, strictly medically speaking, having your first born at such a young age can be difficult and then having 3 more is bound to take a toll on your body, especially if the last two are only a year or two apart. Acuer having a difficult pregnancy with Noelle isn't impossible, which may also showcase why Acuer went into seclusion to rest/recover from post-partum.
Tumblr media
I'm assuming this is because Acier was more a lover than a fighter and wanted a large family (assuming that her brother is Mimosa's father). No shame in wanting a family, and, from an outline of her character, she was slowly easing her way out of the Active Captain role to more or less Mentor/Passive Captain to the Silver Eagles. She was, essentially, trying to ease into a peaceful life.
Why am I mentioning all this? Because the person who may have spread the assumption that Noelle killed Acier could have very well been the Silva Patriarch.
Now, from how little we see this motherfucker and how he is the head of the house, mostly because Nozel isn't named head, this guy has a very hands off approach to children. Especially considering this may have been a political marriage.
But, first and foremost, we can see that, the memory Noelle has on him, is... well, this.
Tumblr media
I want to emphasise that Silva Patriarch calls her the Steel Warrior Princess and how the last thing she left behind, Noelle, was useless.
I'm going off on a limb to say that the reason why Silva Patriarch was so focused on Acier being a warrior, calling Noelle, his own damn child, useless (likely because of her difficulty with magic control) and so unbothered with taking care of his own kids, is probably because he's probably more war/colonialism focused. Since we know for a fact he had Water magic, he probably had a disadvantage to war, unlike Acier, who was able to stand her ground against Mereoleona, despite having a strength and element disadvantage.
Now I'm not saying that Papa Silva married Acier to project his warmonger fantasies on her but ain't no way this man had nothing nothing to do with it.
With that being said, it's probably not unusual that he'd probably be against Acier having Noelle, which may be why he shows so much... resentment or animosity towards her.
So now, he probably saw that Acier had Noelle and then, consequently, her health declined drastically, essentially ending whatever campaigns he had in mind, man's probably lost his mind in rage and, seeing as how he may have been against Aciers last pregnancy, blamed all of it on Noelle.
It would make sense. No one, NO ONE, with a decent fucking brain would blame a literal child for the death of the head of the house, especially if that child is an infant, the last mementos of the head of said house and was the spitting image of them as well. Especially if they had very little standing in that house.
For the rumor to be spread, believed and accepted, the person who would have had to declare it would be someone who the rest of the house would see as reliable, authoritative and someone who had the context of the situation.
Papa Silva fits the criteria, fits the characterisation and, if my assumptions are correct, has every motive to lash out on Noelle as some petty form of vengeance.
It would also be someone Nozel couldn't refute/go against. Seeing as how Nozel would be next in line as heir, he COULD have dismissed any malicious rumors against Noelle if it were someone not from the direct family branch. Maybe not outright deny rumors because of the curse, but definitely not make it so that its pinning all the blame on the newborn.
The only person who could have the authority to actively make the statement malicious and with the intent to blame Noelle and NOT get his ass whooped by Nozels mentally unstable ass, would be the current head of the household.
TL;DL: Papa Silva was likely a colonial fuckhead that used Acier for his war campaigns and was severely against her being a mother, which she refused to comply to, and when she died due to Megicula's curse, he essentially was the one who kickstarted the cycle of Noelle's abuse.
Tabata, if you start the political/clover rebellion arc after this one, I sincerely ask that you get Nozel to get his ass in gear and unionise the Silva siblings to make this image canon:
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Flames of frustration and injustice
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tako3 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dark Noelle + Secre.
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blackbulls-week · 10 hours ago
5️⃣ days until BlackBullsDecember!!
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the-black-bulls · 2 days ago
Undine: What part of ‘completely terrified’ did you translate to as ‘Show us your swords, Liebe’? Don’t show us your swords, Liebe. We have no interest in your swords.
Liebe: So this sword is a katana. I like it because it has a good grip for stabbing.
Bell: Why do you say these things? Is it to make us sad?
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Tumblr media
Marx: I have to go through Yami again?
Julius *thinking*: Ahhhh, I remember when Yami was in his lil shit stage☺️
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thelionshubris · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Halloween space bros, but Langris dropped his pride edition 
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awakefor48hours · a day ago
Yami: Do you want to know how I actually hurt my wrist?
Asta: Yes
Yami, showing Asta pictures: I was hula hooping. Charlotte and I attend a class for fitness and fun.
Asta: Oh my god
Yami: I’ve mastered all the moves. The pizza toss, the tornado, the scorpion, the oopsie-doodle
Asta: Why are you telling me this?!
Yami: Because no one…. Will ever believe you *deletes photos*
Asta: you sick son of a bitch
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story-kat · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Art by  おぎい
Posted with Permission (reprint/edit and/or commercial use prohibited)
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blackbulls-week · 2 days ago
7️⃣ days until BlackBullsDecember!!
Tumblr media
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the-black-bulls · 2 days ago
Noelle: We need to distract the others.
Gordon: Leave it to me.
Gordon: Centaurs have six limbs and are therefore insects. Discuss.
Zora, Gauche and Nacht: [immediately start arguing]
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