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#black excellence

- Do NOT wear lipbalm, lipstick or any oil-based make up because tear gas clings to it

- Wear goggles and ski masks to protect your identity and stop tear gas

- Cover your nose and hair (if it is uniquely coloured) because police can identify you that way

- If you are going to post videos of the protest, PLEASE blur faces of the protestors!

- Label medication so police can’t arrest you for drugs

- Write a family or friends number on your arm in case you get lost

- Do NOT carry anything that can look like a gun from a distance as police can always use this as an excuse

- Do NOT use milk left on the streets because it’s likely police have planted it there

- Bring a backpack with a basic first aid kit and water

- Bring CHILLED milk

- Oil-based paint in water balloons to throw at police

- Use anything as obstructions in the road to stop police

- Watch HONG KONG PROTESTS, they were extremely organised and use their tips!

- Bring leaf blowers to stop tear gas reaching you!

-Use traffic cones to diffuse the tear gas (put it over the cannister) and pour water in!


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“ALL LIVES MATTER”-says every black lives matter opposer. Black Lives Matter is not a protest against all lives matter but all lives matter is a protest against Black lives matter. “All Lives don’t matter until Black Lives do.” When I say black lives matter this is what I mean…

1. Police Brutality: They are numerous studies are showing that black people are seen as “intimidating” in society. They are seen as criminals. We are seen as thugs. We are seen as abusers. We are seen as ghetto, etc. This is due to the lack of exposure to black people. And it has been proven that lack of exposure to different races/cultures contributes to unconscious racial biases against said cultures. Especially if your environment is very racially homogeneous and you don’t even WANT to accept the idea of another culture, then you most likely have racial discriminatory tendencies. Black people have a culture that is nothing like white culture. That should not equate to negativity. Just because we are not like “white people” does not mean we are harmful, hostile, and/or aggressive. So stop these lies. White people want us(minorities) to assimilate to their dominant cultural ideals and stay under the radar while they run the country their way and this is just not going to happen because I am not going to negate my black history, experience, heritage, IDENTITY to fit white people’s idea of what I should be. Nope, never will I ever. The Black Lives Matter Movement is putting these ideologies into effect. WE MATTER TOO, PEOPLE. Our people are getting killed senselessly. They are unarmed. They are innocent. They are not posing as a threat to anybody AT ALL, but they still get targeted and attacked by the cops. And the only valid explanation is because “They fit the description”(RACIAL PROFILING) and mostly likely “called” in from somebody named “Karen”. White people can deny, deny, deny all they want. But the truth is a white person never has to worry about being targeted for driving a “nice” car in a “nice” neighborhood and being pulled over by white cops and having a gun drawn on them and being thrown senselessly to the ground and having racial slurs said to them and being threatened… all while being terrified for your life hoping to God that you don’t get killed. This is something black people fear in this country. “Innocent until proven guilty”, right?, but why are 10 guns drawn at an INDIVIDUAL just because they fit a bigoted description? So when I say BLACK LIVES MATTER, I mean that we should not be punished before prosecuted and that we deserve a chance at justice, but through the active criminal justice system, we are simply not getting a chance. And that needs to change. WE ARE TIRED.

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Prof. Brian Mitchell (University of Arkansas at Little Rock). From the episode “Rioting in American History” (June 4, 2020) from Blackbelt Podcast

Black Excellence exists not because of [racist] laws, Black Excellence exists in spite of discrimination and racism… It speaks loads about our resiliency as a people.

Think about it: When we talk about who are the true Americans, who are the first people to come here and have everything taken away from them and reconstructed themselves anew? Europeans came here—they kept their language, they kept their religions, they kept everything. They made little communities mirrored after where they came from. We were the first people to come here who had to give up everything and start all over again. And we’re constantly giving up things and starting all over again. Constantly innovating things because we have no other choice. That is how we have survived in this country… That is the strength of our people. That is the beauty of our people. And that’s why everyone loves our art, that’s why everyone loves our music, that’s why everyone loves black culture. They just don’t love black people.

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when john started talking directly to black men and telling them to protect black women and to stand up as pillars of the family and community…i actually started crying. black women (both cis and trans; i gotta be specific) have been carrying the community by themselves for far too long and have been paid dust for the hard work it takes to do it. black women are also dying at disproportionate rates as a result of racism, poverty, transphobia, lack of access to medical care, etc. if we’re going to get anywhere with the premise that black lives matter, then it’s time for black men to step up and ease their sisters’ burden. this is an intra-community issue that’s been discussed for decades, but it feels good to hear john directly address it.

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