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#black eye peas
vertigocampoelias · 2 months ago
Sergio Mendes
feat. Black Eyed Peas
Mas Que Nada
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yinx1 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
How many BEPs have you eaten today?
Here’s to a physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially BETTER 2021.
Happy New Year, Loverlys. 😘
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robertsfoodandmore · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
I guess this is Hoppin’ John. Black eye peas with collard greens and ham served with rice. And cornbread! Happy new year!
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ofwantsandneeds · 5 months ago
WHAT IF we had the technology to watch (like a tv show or movie or youtube video) the future or past? Like, instead of travelling to the past or future, I think it would be fascinating to be able to tune into some future/past moment in time and just watch it. I’m not physically there so I cannot affect the moment in any way but I can just watch it and see what’s happening. 
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too-becontinued · 7 months ago
What it's your weirdest inside joke?
Reblog in the tags
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bombshellbre95 · 8 months ago
I rewatched black eyed peas performance from last night. Honestly if they needed someone to fill in for Fergie they should have gotten CL again. She performed with them when they were the guests at the MAMAs years ago and she has a whole ass song with them that was released a couple years ago. Like......she was available lol.
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yeennqueenn · 9 months ago
Anon what have you done.... I've been listening to Whodunit for 15mins...
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taketwo-orthree · 10 months ago
So the Black Eye Peas kicked Fergie out??? And rehired their old member? And they're making songs as a unit again??
Tumblr media
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explorationsoftheid · 4 hours ago
I just ran across these on Instagram.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Now I won’t say this is an absolute list but it is interesting. Starting from the top:
I don’t make noises. I want QUIET, and I don’t disturb that quiet.
I have my habits and ways of doing things. I tend to make the same thing for breakfast and take the same thing for lunch. It bugs me to change my routine whether for food, or how we do something, or what the schedule is. At work they changed the test sheet for one of the devices and I was really annoyed that it was different. It wasn’t that the change was bad, just different. Fun Fact, at work I managed to make it my JOB to develop and write procedures for things we do and make.
I like colours and lights. I was fascinated by prisms in school, even made a couple. Give ten year old me a couple of mirrors and a prism and I’d happily spend the afternoon fiddling with them until the sun went down.
Safe Spot? My desk. I work there, watch videos there, eat there, When in doubt that’s my happy place.
Motor Coordination? Don’t make me laugh. I almost gave myself a black eye on the trampoline, with my knee. Dancing is a totally lost cause. I chronically trip going up stairs. I’m continually dropping, tripping or poking myself because I’m just crap when it comes to coordination. On the other hand running was great because I could set up a pattern, a pace, and just keep it going all day. I still work out by running on the treadmill.
I’ve never liked Christmas. I mean starting with taking down all of our perfectly good stuff to put up “holiday” things, knowing full well you have to switch it all back in a month. Then there’s the parties, and the crowds, and well everything. The IDEA of Christmas is fine, but I’m not comfortable with the execution.
Yeah, on my desk I have a lamp with the transformer in the base. It gets warm. I find that I’ll spend a lot of the day with my left hand on the base of the lamp. I like kitties for the same reason. Nothing like warm AND purring.
I’m not so worried about my food touching, I don’t want them to mix, but if a little gravy gets on the peas I’m cool. I do tend to eat each food and then go to the next. (I still eat M&Ms by colour).
Oh yes I used to wear sunglasses all the time outdoors, and sometimes indoors. Less so now because I’ve arranged things to not be so bright.
I used to sit weird a lot. On my foot, sideways with my legs over the arm of the chair, on the floor with my book on the chair. Yeah I did that.
Not much for headphones. Honestly I don’t listen to much music, though that comes and goes. Mostly I keep my workspace as quiet as possibler. At my job I have some of those muff-style hearing protectors. I’ll wear those of the ambient noise level goes up.
Loud noises? See previous answer.
I do like animals. Oddly I’m more fascinated with extinct ones though.
Comfy clothes? Yes, but for me it’s jeans and a three button sport shirt. For a long time I had a series of light, long sleeve cotton jackets. I’d wear them outdoors, indoors, everywhere. When I got my wisdom teeth pulled we went home, and I was still doped up pretty good. My SO put me to bed but I refused to let her take my jeans or jacket off. I woke up a few hours later and asked why I was in bed fully clothed with my jacket and even shoes on. “Don’t go there” was all she said.
I doodle, I draw, I colour, I like it.
Define “plain food?”
I tend to fidget more by bouncing my knee than my hands. I learned early on that was more acceptable than drumming my fingers, or wiggling them, or whatever.
I’ll keep my shoes until they are falling apart before I get new ones. Last time I hit the jackpot. When I went to get new shoes I found the exact same make, model, and style I had gotten two thousand miles away and seven years earlier were still being made. It was almost like I had just cleaned the old ones. That was a happy day.
Yes, I want to touch things. From the pillow on the shelf to the chromed steel wrench in the bin.. But I can hear my mother’s voice in my head, “Look with your eyes, not your hands”. Though I still really want to touch things to understand them. Fortunately my SO is of like mind so we’ll be in somewhere and touch the stuffed animals, or the pillows, or brush the sequinned jacket, or whatever.
And that is an insight into me.
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teashopwritingzz · a day ago
May I rq hcs for Lilia, Vil, Epel, and Neige (Bc that poor boy is underrated-) with a crush who tends to say flirty remarks to them, but the thing is, is that they don't even realize that their remarks are flirty!
You are so right about Neige, poor bby is underrated-
Here’s your order! Four cups of tea; One Spiced Black Tea, one Butterfly Pea Flower Tea, one Cinnamon Apple Herbal Tea, and one Blackberry Sweet Tea! Enjoy~!
¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º° °º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸
Lilia Vanrouge
Tumblr media
~ He’d always grin and coo about how interesting you were. Flirting without even realizing it? Why, your words might be enough to make him blush, you whippersnapper!
~ Like the teasing grandpa he is, he’ll throw flirts back just to see your reactions and he won’t hold back. They’ll start out as little nicknames, and then teasing comments. That blush on your face never fails to make him grin.
~ A part of him though hopes you’ll be careful with who you say your remarks to. He wouldn’t want someone to chase after you in hopes they can woo you just from an unintentional flirt. If that happens though, he won’t hesitate to protect you.
Vil Schoenheit
Tumblr media
~ What’s this? Looks like the potato has some flattering words~. You’re too kind!
~ Instead of getting flustered, he’ll instead be quite flattered and humbled by your words. And rather amused, due to the fact it seems like you don’t even realize what you said was flirty. He’s used to people giving him such compliments and flirtatious comments, but from you? Something about them makes them feel special...
~ He’s amused and flattered at the same time. He’ll pretend to brush it off though and claim that “Ah, of course, I’ve heard that several times before...”, but on the inside, he’s fanning himself. And he’s secretly hoping you’ll say more to him.
Epel Felmier
Tumblr media
~ Huh?! Why would you go Around saying something like that, even if you didn’t even realize what you said?
~ Every time you’d throw a flirty response to him, he’d splutter and his face would go pink. You always managed to throw him off guard with your words. He doesn’t want to admit it, and that causes him to act quite tsundere-ish.
~ But if the boy was feeling bold, he might throw one back with a boyish grin and a hand on his hip. He’ll feel satisfied by your surprised reaction and your blush. Maybe he should respond like this more often!
Neige LeBlanche
Tumblr media
~ Congratulations, you just accidentally woo’d a hopeless romantic.
~ He’ll always blush and widen his eyes from your remarks, like Epel, but he won’t try to refuse your words. In fact, he’ll smile and sing his compliments to you like the sweetheart he is.
~ He doesn’t even realize that you don’t mean to act flirty, too. All he’s hearing are sweet words from you that were enough to make his face feel warm and his heart race!
¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º° °º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸
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cole22ann · a day ago
Radioactive Spider Bite
Tumblr media
Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings: language, vilonce, muture content? Maybe later on?, jealousy, death, idk its marvel... slow updates.
A/N: please don't be rude. Feed back is welcome but be kind. If there is any little details you would like to change to fit your style and personality please do so. This will also be on my WATTPAD along with all my other stories. This begins with Civil War when Peter comes home to find Tony Stark there. It will go to Homecoming, Infinity War, End Game, Far From Home, and then when No Way Home is out and I watch it the story will continue as long as there is a new movie with Spider-Man.
This chapter is short because i want this to be one big book but i also want to keep the movies separate.
Word Count: 800
End of
Captain America: Civil War
Chapter Five
"Maybe the kids onto something," Mr. Stark said. "High now, Tony. Go high," Rhodey said as Peter snd I continued swinging around Lang and wrapping him in webs. Rhodey and Mr. Stark came flying by hitting Lang in the face and he started falling back. "Yes! Haha!" Peter said. "Timber!" I yelled as we went to swing away but Peter was kicked in and went flying as Lang fell. I quickly swang after Peter as he landed in wooded crates. When I landed I ran over to him. "Peter!" I said as I saw him laying on his said and Mr. Stark landed beside me.
Mr. Stark knelt beside him. "Kid, you all right?" He asked and went to touch him but Peter went to fight back. "Hey!" He said and Mr. Stark grabbed his arm. "Whoa! Same side. Guess who. Hi. It's me," Mr. Stark said as Peter fought him. "Peter! Stop!" I said kneeling and looking at him. His mask was pulled up a little. "Oh. Hey, man," Peter said looking at Mr. Stark. "That was scary," he said. "Yeah. You're done, all right?" Mr. Stark said. "What? I'm good, I'm fine," Peter said. " I did a good job. Stay down. Make sure he stays down," Mr. Stark said. "Got it," I said. "No, it's good. I gotta get him back," Peter said trying to get up. "Stay down. You're going home or I'll call Aunt May!" Mr. Stark told him. "Dude," Peter whispered. "You're done!" Stark said and walked off.
"Wait," Peter said and I stood up. "Mr. Stark, Wait. I'm not done. I'm not..." said as he went to stand up fell back down. "Okay, I'm done. I'm done," he said and laid on his back. I stood over him looking down. "Hi," he said looking at me. I fell to the ground and wrapped my arms around his neck as he sat up a little. "Ow," he said and I pulled away. "Sorry!" I said but he pulled me back to him. "No. It's okay," he said wrapping his arms around my waist and hugging me to him. After Cap got away Mr. Stark took us home.
Peter and I sat on his bed when he lifts the sleeve of his sweatshirt to play with the web shooter had on from the suit Mr. Stark made him. "So, are you going to fight crime with me now?" He asked. "I'll think about it," I said. He had a black eye from Cap hitting him. "So who was it? Who hot you?" We heard Aunt May yell from the kitchen. "Some guy," Peter answered. "So itchy, man, god," he said to me playing with the web-shooter. "What's some guy's name?" Aunt May asked. "Uh, Steve!" Peter said and I leaned back against the wall. Peter pushed something on the web-shooter and it made a red beam come on. "Oh, damn," I said covering my eyes. "Steve? From 12-C? With the overbite?" Aunt May asked.
" you don't know him. He's from Brooklyn," I said as Peter played with the red beam. I heard May coming and hit Peter. He quickly pulled his sleeve down and put his head in my lap holding his eye. "Ow," he groaned out as May came in the room. "Such a baby," I said rolling my eyes but played with his curly hair. "Well... I hope you got a few good licks in," May said as she sat on the end of the bed. "Yeah, I got quite a few in, actually," Peter told her. She handed him the bag of peas wrapped in a dishtowel and he took it. "His friend was huge. Like huge," he told her. "Yeah, he made us look like ants," I said smiling as he looked up at me. "That's way better. Thank you," Peter said to May as he put the cold compress on his eyes. I stopped playing with his hair.
"Don't stop," he whined and I laughed but went back to it. "Okay, tough guy," May said smiling at us, and stood up walking towards the door. "Love you, May," we both said. "Hey, can you shut the door?" Peter asked and she did as she walked out. We looked and waited a couple of seconds as Peter put the cold compress down. He turned the red beam back on and we looked up at the ceiling to see a Spider-Man logo with a bunch of stuff I didn't know what it was it was cool. "Mr. Stark is going to kill you for taking that suit," I said. "Correction he will kill both of us," he said. "What?" I asked. "I took yours too," he said and I groaned. "Peter!" I said and he just gave me an innocent smile.
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juggio · 2 days ago
Oh wow oh wow- so like. A time skip AU. But established Jugpea. @viknikisbae came up with the brilliant concept of ' what if Jug left Riverdale, yes, but he still came back every now and again? Maybe once a year? And him and SP have this tentative, fragile thing between them called 'hard-core pining idiots loving one another so much but they don't say anything and pretend everything is okay. Until it isn't.'
So yeah. Jug can't take the thought of them only being friends with benefits and nothing else,- even if he doesn't deserve someone like Sweet Pea. Someone too right and too good to deal with his broken self.
Jug knows Sweet Pea pretends to be okay with it; pretends he prefers hours over years, kisses under twilight instead of daylight, hushed 'I love yous ' when he thinks Jug is sleeping to saying it with his chest. Jug loves him right back, desperately, achingly, back.
He wants this world, who treated him poorly and unjustly, to KNOW it wasn't pwerful enough to take that away.
Sweet Pea loves strongly, loves deeply, loves in ways not every man could. In ways Jughead doesn't deserve,  but maybe someone better will.
So he calls the arrangement off, and leaves Riverdale for good.
He breaks Sweet Pea's heart gently.
Jug comes to town, and Sweet Pea waits by THEIR booth, as usual; he already ordered for Jug. He's been in this seat so many times before it feels more like home than his actual house.
He watches bluesky bleed orange, then midnight black, and counts the stars one by one until he realizes Jughead won't come. So he goes home- and Jug is leaning against his trailer. Dwelling on nothing in particular, fiddling with his fingers.
Concern blossoms like a thorned flower, squeezing at Sweet Pea's chest when he tries to look Jug in the eye and finds the sea green eyes he loves to admire terribly dull, even in the dark. Sweet Pea steps forward, crackling leaves trailing at his boots.
The nature echoes , because neither of them say a word. That's the problem,  wasn't it? Both of them speak, but they never talk.
" I forgot to give these back," Jug whispers, carefully calm,  words chillingly rehearsed, as if he practiced them in a mirror until he got the tone just right.
They betray no emotion other than nonchalance. A mellow death, if Sweet Pea ever heard one. "Here; They're yours. I don't want them anymore."
Like hell. Like fucking hell. " You were late at Pops today; Sunset looked nice," Sweet Pea shoves past him, feet stomping , heart racing and bleeding and cracking all the way. 
His joints tremble with aching anger, panic. He's losing him. He's losing his baby and it will stick this time. "Anyway, wanna come in?"
Jug doesn't follow right away, but Sweet Pea swears he heard some harbored breathing, forced intake of breaths, a few mumbled curses salted with sorrow.
Sweet Pea  hopes his heart break just as much as his own. And he hates that most of all. "Nate, please."
Sweet Pea stays deaf to it. " You know, you could've called. Had to phone Red to ask if you were even in town, and that wasn't a happy talk. I also had to eat that gross milkshake and fries thing by myself, which, you owe me for now,- damn it why won't it go the FUCK in?!"
The keys won't fit because his hands are shaking, too pained, and too jittery to match the lock. His throat feels raw, matching the pain in his chest, and his voice sounds broken even to his own ears.  "Why won't it go on?"
"Nathaniel, look at me, - "
The pain overpowers Sweet Pea. He punches the door, blow after blow after blow until the shape of his fists leave deep dents in the surface and a few bones crack under the weight of his fury. Fury, or heartbreak? In love, both might as well be synonyms.
The assault is stopped by a small hand resting on the taller man's crimson fist, too gentle and too loving for what he's doing. Sweet Pea stops nonetheless,  - Jughead Jones had him bewitched, ever since they were 16, trading giggly kisses behind Pops.
He could make Sweet Pea do just about anything. Either with a pleading tone or big Bambi eyes staring, asking for what his mouth won't, because he never had to. Sweet Pea always knew what Jug needed, what he wanted,  the desires he didn't want to name. He just KNEW Jug.
But clearly not enough to see this coming. "We can't keep this up. Its not healthy."
Sweet Pea snorts, vindictive, venom pouring dripping on his words. His soul is burning and he wants Jughead to know he's holding the matches. "And you, Mr. New York junkie fuck, know everything about health, huh?"
Hurt washes over Jug's features, and Sweet Pea wants to take those cruel words back with a quickness, take his boy in his arms, grovel for forgiveness. But they're past that now.
."Newsflash, asshole! It's the only thing we have, and it didn't kill us yet!" He's desperate.  And it tastes so bitter, so sour, a vicious thing clawing at every nerve of his body and invading every thought.
The smaller man's jaw clenches, his right cheek hollow. " Dying goes beyond not breathing, Sweet Pea. And I can't, - I can't let you do this to yourself anymore,"
and then, under the winking stars of Sunnyside Park, Jughead Jones places his dog tags in his bloody hands, plants a kiss on the corner of his mouth, and breaks his heart into a million pieces, all begging for a place to go wherever Jug is going.
"You were the best part of my life," liar, he's a fucking LIAR, a pretty one, sweet voiced and summer warmth with skin, but a liar all the same. If that was true, he would stay. If that was true, this wouldn't taste so much of heartbreak. "I'm sorry I couldn't be that for yours."
He's going to walk away,  leave Sweet Pea behind, AGAIN, like he did when they were 16 and in love without even knowing how to love yet. As if Sweet Pea means nothing. As if his love means nothing.
"I LOVE YOU," he screams, because he wants this boy to know, to be kept awake every night like Sweet Pea was. Haunted by just how deep this glass shard love could cut. Jones can run from him, but he won't be able to outrun this. "ASSHOLE."
Jughead halts, fists balled, chasing a phantom weight no longer there. "I know."
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just-a-bisexual-demon · 2 days ago
I got a feeling by the black eye peas makes me unexplainably angry but yet I'll still listen to it when it comes on the window
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angeloncewas · 2 days ago
Stuff from Dream's merch discord stream !
Dream likes most foods (yes: pineapple on pizza, quesadillas, peas - no: coffee) so there's not really a point in asking
Dream Shorts are made with Ken (manager-friend-person) giving a list of sets to a builder who Dream's been friends with since the MunchyMC days (Dream says he's the best in all of Minecraft)
The animation isn't done, but Mask is being released on the 21st no matter what (if it comes really close that could end up changing though, because he thinks that some of the nuance will be lost without the video)
He usually likes his steaks medium rare
Sapnap thought "well-done" steak meant "done well"
They recently got a weight rack (dt home gym truthers are winning)
"Eat the rich? Shut up" (affectionate)
Dream was thinking about opening a charity to house at-risk lgbtq+ youth and the like :( but he couldn't think of a way to do it that wouldn't be misconstrued so he scrapped it
He's unsure about pride merch because he doesn't want people to think that he's profiting off of lgbtq+ people, but if people in the community really want it he'll consider it
George (implied) is gonna be added to the merch distribution company soon !
He really wants to start a charity (definitely centered around lgbtq+ in some way) but it's complicated so it'll be a while
Dream says he's not good with time management - claims to be the worst person ever at replying to messages
Dream's been trying to push for a streaming deal (he feels bad when people donate to say something and he can't reply) so that the platform itself will be paying him. If he gets one he'd probably stream a lot more, but Twitch doesn't seem interested
Genuinely likes his Minecraft skin. "It's very me"
Dream asks his friends if they feel like streaming when he wants to stream because they push for subs and stuff and he wants them to benefit
He says the Lovejoy ep was great :) probably likes "One Day" the best
He didn't explicitly say it, but we're never getting the acoustic version of Roadtrip
He's been very hands-on with Mask and he even came up with the main melody - (I love him so much guys) - He's very comfortable with it and can see himself singing it live
Mask isn't actually rock, but it is very instrumental and "raw." We haven't heard the chorus yet !
Dream says we (the fandom) aren't really different from what he expected because he didn't have any preconceived notions of what a community would be like
He says he's happy with us :) ("you're a handful sometimes" "it's worth it though")
Flip flopped a lot about his MCC team, but he's confirmed to NOT be on pink this time
Has about 100 extra of each of his merch coins; wants to give them away in person
He's thought about having a small shop with computers that allow you on the Dream SMP in spectator mode, but it's crazy expensive so he's pretty sure he's decided against it
He called non-Dream-fans "normies" (ajsns)
Dream-brand fidget toys are in consideration, but he's not sure about the quality and stuff - he showed samples:
Tumblr media
Most of the Dream hoodies are black right now because covid makes supplies limited
He wants to go around and do meetups with the Dream Team + theoretical guests (i.e. Feral Boys) and the polls on his priv were for starting to look into that
Still plans to face reveal at an event. Says he does in fact have eyebrows
"Favorite facial feature? I don't know, let me look. Maybe my eyes. [...] If not my eyes... I have freckles"
George did not get a haircut. 404blr your streamer is a liar (/lh)
Dream tries to get a birthday message out every day, but sometimes he forgets and sometimes his schedule doesn't line up with the hours they let him send texts
He's been told that Parkour Warrior is coming back at some point
After a solid 3 minutes of silence, says George's footcam video was "his idea" and "a banger"
Dream is the idea-man ! "It's what I am"
The pliers George showed on stream are a bit of a misdirect as to what his next video is. It's apparently kind of similar to the T-shirt video and is "technically dangerous"
The person who was broadcasting the stream through Twitter spaces got disconnected and Dream told them to join another vc so they could keep doing it :(
He said "eid mubarak" while it was down - here's the clip !
"I am not brunette. You will see. I promise you, you will see."
Super zoomed-in hair pic for our viewing pleasure (he says it's dirty blond):
Tumblr media
"What's Froy's hair color? What is it? Are you gonna try and say it's brown?"
Dream says dirty blond hair can look brown "if it's dark." Thank you king
He loves us and hopes we get some rest <3
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rekiri · 3 days ago
puppy love.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS 𓆩 ♡ 𓆪 zeke loves his pup to the moon and back. eren loves babysitting you while his brother is away because he loves that puppycunt to the moon and back.
WARNINGS 𓆩 ♡ 𓆪 dark content, new format and style, 18+, hybrid au, puppygirl reader, owner zeke, uses of “master,” breeding, mentions of heat cycles, eren taking advantage of your naivety, dehumanization, “mutt,” “puppycunt,” perverted use of chew toys, eren being a big fat meanie.
PAIRING 𓆩 ♡ 𓆪 zeke yeager x reader x eren yeager
WC 𓆩 ♡ 𓆪 2.1K
Tumblr media
Master Zeke is a kind man— a kind, patient and handsome man who takes very good care of you. Gosh, you don’t ever want to have a single thought about your time before Zeke.
Getting adopted was the best day of your life. You remember the day like it was yesterday— all lonely in a cold, gray concrete kennel waiting on the day for any kind human to take you in. But as the days went by it seemed like that moment would never come. It was considered extremely taboo to adopt a hybrid anything in today’s society.
But regardless of all that, you’ll always cherish the day you did get to go to your forever home. You remember vividly how a smooth voice pulled you from your lunch nap. Your sleepy eyes were met with an older blond gentleman, he had been smiling at you through the cage wiring, one of his hands rested on the metal. He was dressed rather nicely: a white button down with a black tie, black slacks and a sandy brown trench coat. The man wore glasses too, he looked like a college professor.
“Hello there, sleepy girl.” He cooed at you with an inviting smile on his lips. You don’t quite understand what he’s saying but his high pitched tone makes your ears perk up. An eager, but reluctant smile forms on your lips as your tail thumps against the floor— so excited.
“Come here, sweet pea. I don’t bite.” He ushers you over closer with a hand. It's cute how quickly you crawl over to him with little to no hesitation. You’re such a sweet thing, how could anyone leave without taking you? Those ears, that tail, those eyes? They were all to die for.
“There she is,” He chuckles at your excitement. “That’s right. You’re a good girl, aren’t you?” He asks.
Good girl? You know those words. Mhm, you like those words a lot. Your little heart was just racing with excitement and happiness. You can’t really speak but, your panting tongue, wagging tail and nodding head are enough to let him know that you are a good girl.
“Would you like to come home with me? Hm?” He sticks a couple fingers through the cage earning licks and head butts from you.
Yeah, that was a good day. And not only was it a happy time for you, but for your master as well.
Zeke was a rather.. lonely man before adopting you, which is hard for many to believe because he’s so handsome and cultured. He wasn’t interested in dating, no woman caught his eye. Nor did he go out much. Besides work, he was pretty much a homebody. Sure, he’d have long time friends over from time to time but, there was still something missing.
But he found that missing piece when he took you in. It was nice having something to come home to everyday, you know? Someone who greets you excitedly at the door when you get home, someone who loves you unconditionally— just about anything you do they’re so amazed by.
Zeke is obsessed with it. You’re his eager, little, dumb puppy. He loves you so much.
He cares after you probably even more than himself. He does everything for you— from helping you bathe, to feeding you meals even down to helping you brush your teeth. He gets so proud when you show him you can do some of these things all by yourself now. He’ll lean against the bathroom door frame with his arms crossed watching your little paws fumble with the toothpaste and the toothbrush. You’re doing really well and he’s so happy that you’re learning, but he's still going to help you though. He can’t help it.
While on the topic of learning, he’s managed to train you to speak. Not a lot, but it’s progress. The only words you know how to say are: walk, food, master, Zeke, play and breed.
Master Zeke is so generous that he even helps you through your heat cycles. He remembers the very first one he’s experienced with you. It felt like a normal day up until he got home and found you at the front door— completely naked. Your ass was up in the air with that pretty puppycunt on display. It was glistening, leaking even. Your face was flushed and pressed against the floor as you looked back at him with pleading eyes. You needed him— humping every single thing he owned wasn’t enough to satiate the burning in your core.
All Zeke did was coo at your state, asking: “Oh does my sweet girl need to be bred? She needs her master’s cock to satisfy her, doesn’t she? Aw, it’s okay. Daddy’s home. I’ll fuck that pretty cunt stupid for you. Don’t worry.”
Of course he was going to help you out, he can’t have your cunt drooling all over the expensive carpeting, now can we? Zeke fucked you into oblivion that entire evening, constantly filling your womb with his hot cum. For an older man, his stamina and libido was enough to challenge yours. He also let you know that he’s been watching the cameras while he was away— he saw you humping that “insatiable puppycunt” all on his expensive shoes and the silk pillow-sheets. It should be a punishment, but the Master will have some pity this time. Next time, you’ll have to wait like a good girl instead of acting like a whore. You know better now.
He brought you a few naughty toys for this reason but you rarely used them, a toy wasn’t going to satisfy you— Master was.
You’re spoiled rotten, but you’re his little pup so it only makes sense that you are. You have different collars and leashes for different days of the week and for special occasions. All kinds of toys, plushies, stuffies, whatever it is, you have it. Oh, and let’s not forget the entire cupboard and mini fridge dedicated to all your treats. It’s all locked of course (we wouldn’t want to have another incident), but it’s all there for you.
All of it is so wonderful, but your absolute favorite thing is when he lets you up on the couch to lay in his lap when he’s reading. You just melt when he gives you head pats, praises and scratches behind the ear. Sometimes when he’s feeling really nice he’ll let you play with his cock. Zeke knows his pup has his bit of an oral fixation, so he’ll give you his dick to suck on. As crazy as it sounds, it’s not sexual at all. Most of the time he doesn’t even finish! He’s too caught up in a thick book or papers he’s grading from work. Zeke just knows your little mouth needs something of his to salivate on.
Sometimes your Master wasn’t so nice though. As much as Zeke loved you, he believed in a firm hand in punishment. Any broken rules would result in immediate correction on the spot. Your punishments varied from being scolded and given the “pointer finger of shame” to more severe ones like spankings and being put in your crate until he says it's okay to come out.
If you did something really bad, Zeke will just straight up ignore you, causing you to follow him around the apartment all day like the ditzy puppy you are. Those doe eyes and tiny hands pawing up at him don’t work, so don’t try. He doesn’t like punishing you, but how else were you going to learn? Exactly, it’s for your own good. Master knows best.
Oh, Zeke has a younger brother who frequently visits. His name is Eren and he’s very fun to play with— also very nice to look at. Good looks run in the family. There have been times where Eren catches you staring with a toy in your mouth with your tail wagging happily, just begging for attention.
When Eren comes over he takes you out for walks, takes you to get ice cream (despite Zeke scolding him on multiple occasions about your tummy being upset when you eat sweets), he even likes to roughhouse with you. He's way stronger than you so he ends up winning most of the time, but that's okay. By the final round he lets you believe that you've won.
You love Eren a lot too. There was a time when you didn't see him for a while you managed to say "Ren" much to Zeke's surprise. He didn't even teach you that. Needless to say, he was over the next day to spend some time with his favorite puppy.
Eren called you his "favorite girl" for a reason, yeah.
When Zeke isn’t around, Eren likes to fuck with you. You’re too dumb and naïve to realize it. He mostly does it when Zeke is away on a work trip and you need supervision. There was just something about that stupid bright-eyed stare that made his cock twitch in his pants.
It started off by feeling up on you. His big hands slipped under his brother's oversized dress shirt, kneading at your ass while you munched happily on a treat in his chest. You were visibly confused as you looked up at Eren with a tilted head, doe eyes and crumbs on your chubby cheeks.
Zeke was the only one who touched you like that, so it felt wrong to do it with someone else. But it had to be okay, right? They’re brothers. Eren soothed all your concerns with a gentle "good girl." It was too easy after that. That same day he shot his load on your face.
Over time, Eren only got meaner and meaner once he realized he could do just about whatever he wanted and you’d still cling onto him like the dumb puppy you were. It was all okay in your head because you got treats and ear scratches. He calls you mean names, pulls on your sensitive tail and pinches your nipples to watch you yelp in pain. You should be running away from him, but you just cry and whimper into his neck even more.
There was one day when Zeke was away and Eren had been watching you. You had been very restless and hyper that particular day and it was starting to irritate Eren. You crawled up to him, and dropped your favorite squeaky toy in his lap before saying: “Ren, play?”
He stared at you from his spot on the couch, before locking his phone with a smirk.
“Okay, yeah. We can, mutt. Gonna take all that energy away from you, just watch.” He said and soon he has his thick cock pounding in and out of your cunt to the point where it almost hurts. Your whimpers, tears and the way you were gushing around his cock only urged him on more. That was also the day Eren came inside of you and Zeke found out when he was preparing you for a bath later that night.
Zeke had his suspicions but it was only confirmed when he spread your legs and you were oozing. Your poor cunny looked so sore and irritated— Eren had to have fucked you various times throughout the day. No wonder you were so clingy and tired when he finally came home.
“You poor thing, I’m sure it hurts.” Zeke coos while rubbing gently at your swollen and red clit. “I’ll let Eren know he’s being too rough with my girl.”
It doesn’t end there, Zeke checked the cameras. There was another time where Eren came on your favorite chew toy and watched you chew and play with it after. Another where he wrapped your leash around your neck, choking you while he fucked you from behind. Zeke knew it was choking you from the way your eyes watered and cute paws clawed at the leather strip. And how could he forget when Eren came down your throat, but it had been too much for you to handle so you coughed up his cum. He made you clean it from the floor with your tongue immediately after.
The audios weren’t any better either. Eren will coo the most degraded things to you, and of course you don’t know any better so your tail is just wagging happily. “Who’s my good little bitch? It’s you isn’t it? You’re a mutt who likes you getting fucked by me and my brother, mhm, yes you are!” You’re only understanding his tone as praise and key words like ‘good’ and ‘yes.”
It wasn’t something that Zeke was proud of, but he’s jerked his cock more than he would like to his little brother fucking you near abuse. Zeke tells him so stop being so rough with you but he never listens. Annoying? Yes, but Master makes it all better when he gets home. He always does.
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mapwrites · 3 days ago
I cruise down the palm tree-lined freeway in my white 2000 Subaru Impreza with the window rolled down because, although it is in the high eighties today, I refuse to waste money on air conditioning. Besides, I love waving my arm out of the window, letting it roll with the wind as if it was riding the waves of the sea. It makes me feel alive, the sensation liberates me.
The Black Eyed Peas come on the radio and I turn up the song, the energy and good vibrations flow smoothly through my body. As the first chorus comes I scream the lyrics along with Fergie and, my open window is an open view for my driving neighbors to view the show.
All of a sudden the music stops. Nothing but static resonates from my dashboard. I quickly turn the knob down and change the station. Again, static greets me. I continue to do this fruitlessly until I eventually decide to turn the radio off completely. At first, I do not suspect anything is afoot, I simply attest this to my beat-up car - something must be wrong with the antenna.
I pull into my college's parking lot several minutes late. (I would have been on time but the traffic was strangely heavy during the last stint.) The parking lot is unusually barren and I only make a small mental note. Hurriedly, I run to my classroom.
To my surprise, only one other student is there, the class is still locked. As I look around the campus the grounds are oddly empty. What would normally be packed with student groups, kids lunching, and soccer balls being kicked around currently resembles something much more lifeless. The rows of buildings with their beige walls and red rooftops are there, as are the wood benches and the young, neatly lined trees but the campus is void of the usual joy, laughter, and life it normally carries.
It seems by all means to be a holiday but I can't fathom which one. Not to mention, today is a Wednesday, and holidays are typically expanded from the weekend, falling on a Monday or Friday. I truly don't understand what's happening but something is severely off.
I make eye contact with the other student and, although we don't share a word, we undoubtedly think the same thing: we seem to be the only two who didn't receive an announcement. Just as she is about to open her mouth, a boy skates by us, obviously seeing how out of place we are, and shouts in a friendly manner:
"Hey, you two! School's canceled. There's been a blackout. Go home and have some fun! Wooooo!!!"
With that, the girl and I look at each other and smile, both bidding each other a good day, each of us going our separate ways.
I check my phone and think of what to do. My charge is at seventy-two percent. I have no idea when the power will come back so for now I decide to just put it away. I don't want to drain my battery and instead, I focus on the world around me. I have no classes to go to, no job, I am a free man with no rush and no concern.
It's just after 3 pm and the midday San Diego sun hits me with a warm though comfortable dry heat. A fresh breeze blows in from the west. The ocean is not too far away and I think I can smell the saltwater in the air. I look up towards the baby blue sky and several small, gentle white clouds playfully pass by. The beach is calling.
It surely is a beautiful day to have nothing to do.
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