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#black forest cake

my office is an Essential Service™️ and we’re still going to work, overall doing ok except for the crushing blow of half our contracts being suspended or cancelled

So morale has been super low and my boss sent me on an emergency rescue cake mission for spirit boosting snaccs + to support a local business ☺️🤍

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A few years back I made The Cake, and I totally forgot about the pictures I took. This cake was definitely not a lie, but was in fact “delicious and moist”.

Also, I found out the hard way that when you shred chocolate with a cheese grater, it becomes magnetic! A truly dreadful experience for everyone involved! It’s science!

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as a person of german descent, black forest cake’s design was an awful stereotype and made me feel really gross. so i decided to redesign her using clothing ACTUALLY from that area. she still fights w a giant gun tho bcos that’s cool as hell !

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Yes. This is BFC. I know, she’s seems different, but its for the better. I wanted to redesign her to seem less like a Nazi. I think I succeeded. I styled her outfit after traditional clothes in Black Forest. I did change a few things, like the end of her dress and waist, and the dresses I saw her black rather than brown, but I still wanted to keep some elements from her original design that didn’t add to the whole…ya know…Nazi thing. Anyway, I hope I did good in making her a different design.

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