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How does someone who is broke (can’t afford materials) start root working? I want an ancestor alter but living situation won’t allow that how do I still speak to them

Hi dear!

Well, rootwork is about doing with what you have, by all means. You don’t need to buy anything to hoodoo.

First of all, search around your house, your neighborhood, your work place, anywhere and anything you see you can use? Take it and use it. That’s how you find ingredients for rootwork:

  • I personally have a box of found items that I keep for future use, my lil trinkets box, with everything from a nice beer cap I thought was cool for representing dominance? Golden and with a crown on it; to the wings that fell off a dead moth when I was trying to take her out, moth wings could be used to bring someone down, attract them like a moth to the flame.
  • I also keep dirt from places like the park, the bank’s front lawn, from crossroads, even from a cementery if you happen to work with that kind of spirits, each type of dirt have different associations and It’s ALL free.
  • Holy water? Holy water. You don’t have to buy it. Go to your local church with an empty bottle and get yourself some free holy water from the basins laying around. It’s even better than bought because this way you’re sure it was blessed by an actual priest.
  • Found a cool rock with shape resembling something? Maybe an animal? Keep it. Traditionally, we use rocks shaped like sheep or other farm animals to represent wealth and well-being, you could try something like that too.
  • Small pennies or coins you don’t use? They’re used as offering to spirits. Psa: don’t pick up coins you find on the street, specially after sunset, they’re there precisely because they’ve been offered and you don’t wanna bring any spirits home with you because of picking up that coin.
  • Those broken dollar bills that are just so old and teared apart that no one accepts them? Keep them, bless them, grind them/cut it into small pieces and use them in prosperity work.
  • Any feathers you stumble upon? What color they are has special meanings but all can be used to bring or deliver swift messages and blessings, and curses too.
  • Any and all spices and herbs you can put your hands on, as inexpensive as they can be, they have use in rootwork. Salt, pepper, basil, even tea bags like mint, chamomile, and more. Your herbs don’t have to be expensive or bought in a botanica to be good herbs, they’ll work just the same.
  • On the same note, if you see plants laying around? A wild lavender or something? Pick some up. Congratulations you just got new herbs to dry and store away for later use.

Seriously any and everything you find just laying around can be of use. Our ancestors were slaves. Hoodoo started in slavery. We’re talking about people who couldn’t own shit, who didn’t even own themselves, you think they would go to a botanica to buy a 97334 dollar$ root for a mojo bag? HELL NAW AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU.

For your ancestral altar, here’s what you can do:

  • Put a glass of water filled all the way to the very top. Tap water is fine if it’s what you drink aswell. You’ll be using that glass JUST for the Ancestors so don’t let anyone drink from it. They’d be drinking death.
  • In the front, you can put incense or candles if you have access to those, but if you don’t, once a week perform a service for them, on the day of your choosing (saturdays are common) cook your meal, even if it’s just plain ole brown rice, sit in front of the altar and separate a bit of your plate for them. Most people like to say a prayer or recite a psalm, or even a whole rosary, and afterwards eat their meal while talking to them and then eat their part at the end aswell. Some don’t eat the Ancestors’ bit for the same reason you wouldn’t drink from the glass, but hey, in my house I was taught to not throw away a single bite of any food, you do what feels right by you.
  • When talking to the Ancestors, some keep it formal and talk like they would speak to an elder or superior, but many speak to them just like you would speak to your parents or an old friend. They’re your family afterall. How you address them is up to you entirely.
  • After some time of praying, talking and offering as described above? They’ll guide you. You will start to see your intuition become stronger, the messages will be clearer, you’ll be able to find whatever information or object you need. Your paths will continue to clear. You’ll see their influence in your daily life, that’s how they answer. Keep praying, keep offering, keep talking to them. To stop at that point would not just disrespectful but could even cause you some major troubles.
  • Again, search around the house for family belongings. Your grandma’s bible or rosary, put it in the altar for her. Use it to recite prayers or study the bible as a book of magic, with her blessing. Someone that passed in your family liked a particular parfum and you happen to have that bottle, it goes in the altar. Anything any of your dead relatives has gifted to you, it goes in the altar. It isn’t just a place of ancestral veneration or “worship” to elevate their spirits, it’s a place for rootWORK. 90% of the things in the altar will be moved around and used at different times. The floral perfume can act as Florida water, the playing cards you keep in there, used to read any situation, not just to communicate with them. The necklace or rosary, can be worn for protection whenever you feel like you’re in danger or need their company. Or if it’s a rosary, obviously used to pray over any of your workings aswell.

It’s all about whatever you can put your hands on, bonus points if it’s inherited ‘cause that will help keep the tie to your ancestors even stronger. Check my #hoodoo tag for more tips, I’m sure you’ll find some more useful stuff there. Hope that helps hon!!!!! 💙

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