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venom-tch · 14 hours ago
Calming Him Down With A Kiss...
Tokyo Revengers: Ken Ryuguji, Keisuke Baji, Manjiro Sano, Chifuyu Matsuno, Kawata Brothers.
PART 2: Chifuyu Matsuno & Kawata Brothers!
- Black gn! y/n
- Genre: Fluff, slightly suggestive
- Note: This is only slightly suggestive for the kiss parts. Characters are aged up!
Tumblr media
Chifuyu Matsuno
Now, it's known that Chifuyu is a chill person, and it's a little hard to rile him up, and the only thing you could think of that would spike his anger is those abusing their power of being a higher up, with that being said, when he came home angry and scratched up, you knew why.
Before even greeting him you look him up and down while he huffed in frustration. Turning your body, you went down the hall then reappearing with a first aid kit, dragging him to your shared bedroom. You crossed your arms, changing your stance and giving him the look, causing him to look away.
You stayed like that for a hot second before giving him the other look while sitting on the bed. "Strip." He followed what you said with a dramatic sigh. Now in his boxers you do the routine, check his legs so on and so forth.
When you finished patching him up he was still angry. "So...why were you beat up?" You asked and he exploded. Going on a full tangent about the people abusing their power and such. Every time your tried to butt in he would cut you off. It got even more frustrating because the neighbors could hear him.
In quick thinking, you jump out of your sitting position, grab his face and kiss him. His mind changed directions quickly, and his immediate thought was 'oh- oh'.
It took him a second but soon his brain fully processed. Hesitantly, he responded, putting his hands lightly on your waist, feeling the butterflies flutter through his stomach when you play with little strands of his hair. He pulled away and stared into your eyes softly, admiring your face, hair and the beautiful skin he fallen in love with. His face was rosy red from his blush but he was still able to function properly, for now at least. "I love you so much, Y/n, I'm glad it's you I fell for."
A small blush crosses your face, your own butterflies appearing. You smile brightly and admire his features as well. "I love you too, Fuyu, I never want anyone else except you."
Tumblr media
Souya Kawata (Angry)
Well now, if we are talking about Angry, you'd think this was a normal thing, but it wasn't. Souya was actually a very kind and gentle soul, who wouldn't dare fight anyone, as he's shown and from what his brother states. But when it's necessary he can and will beat a bitch. There is a secret that only you and his brother know about him, his brother not knowing you know, it being when he cries.
So, being that you are his s/o, and being that you don't take no bullshit, you know about his gang duties and such. You were well acquainted with the members and knew whenever he went on a mission, today was no different, except it was.
Today you had a bad feeling, a really bad one, and most of the time you would avoid it but it involves your man, so you said fuck it and walked out the house with what you had on, which was his jacket, and some shorts, and not no short shorts ya nasties.
And of course you had your hair nicely done because fuck if you had it as a rats nest. Now coming up on the area, you snuck around until you found an entry way, and when you entered, you hid behind a building, watching the fight go down.
You saw your man and of course recorded, cause he fuckin' them up, duh. But after a hot minute, and you being distracted, it settled and you heard one of the members speak up, catching your attention once again. You look over and see Souya having one of his own members at their throat. Tears ran down his eyes while blankly staring at him.
You slip out from the shadows and approach him from behind, dodging a hit he swung when you touched his shoulder. Pulling him by his belt, you bring him into a passionate kiss, his face changing back to regular. The member slipped from his grasp and scrambled away while Souya's focus was now on you. Breaking the kiss, you wave to the men and drag him by his belt back to your house, greeting your father (that actually stayed) then going back to your room. "You better keep that damn door open!" He shouts from the room.
"Dad this is my house, you free loader! Don't tell me what to do!" You and Souya end up cuddling for the rest of the night.
Tumblr media
Nahoya Kawata (Smiley)
Today was a little special, since Nahoya said today is a you day, which he'll pay for everything you want, transportation and such. Since you already went shopping recently the only thing on your mind was to get your nails done and get something to eat, which he agreed to and chose to drive you on his motorcycle. Of course he had you facing him in the front, you both having a helmet 'n such.
When you reached your destination Nahoya felt bad vibes, and same with you but you knew how to handle yourselves. Everything was going fine, and since you two have been dating for a while you taught him how to speak Swahili, since that's what you grew up speaking along with english and learned Japanese starting in high school.
So you two were talking in Swahili so no one here decided they wanted to be nosey and that set them off. The lady next to the girl that was doing your nails started bad mouthing you in front of your face, obviously making the worker doing your nails uncomfortable.
She even started talking about Nahoya, but not in the most appropriate manner, setting him off. He stormed out the store waiting outside the door, smile still on his face. You patiently wait for your nails to get done and then go off on her in Japanese, embarrassing her thoroughly.
When you walked out the nail shop he went right in, now going off on her while he paid. You just sat on the bike, facing the back while waiting for him to return. When he did he was huffin' and puffin'. He sat on the bike stumbling with his keys before just stopping and sighing. He looks you in the face, his smile gone, replaced with a line. You chuckle at his struggle while his arms link around you, already knowing what he wants.
Still all giggly, you couldn't kiss him without smiling like an idiot, making him pout playfully. "Baby, I want a kiss, gimme one please." You laugh even more, covering your face and calming down, then kissing him finally, you both smile in the kiss, him a little eager for your kisses. You break the kiss and push the hair out of his face. "You're so pretty babe~" He rolled his eyes and messed with the hem of your shirt. "You're a cutie baby~"
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liquorize · 4 months ago
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by gabrielpittaa
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cupidgaydating · 2 months ago
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Cupid Gay Videos:
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lovesmoke1331blog · a month ago
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IG: i_am_dre_21 💋💋💋
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blackcoffeeforthisgirl · 3 months ago
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Hot 🔥 girl summer means you have to find a hot guy 
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venom-tch · 3 days ago
Calming Him Down With A Kiss
Tumblr media
Tokyo Revengers: Ken Ryuguji, Keisuke Baji, Manjiro Sano, Chifuyu Matsuno, Kawata Brothers. PART 1: Draken, Baji, Mikey.
- Black gn! y/n
- Genre: Fluff, slightly suggestive - Note: This is only slightly suggestive for the kiss part. Characters are aged up!
Tumblr media
Ken Ryuguji (Draken)
It was late evening, soon being dusk and you were waiting for Draken to come over from doing his gang stuff. You didn't affiliate yourself with that, knowing how dangerous it is and how he didn't want you involved either way. Your mother and her bestfriend were over for a visit and they, nor did you, know what was coming as soon as he came to the door. They sat in the kitchen while you sat in the living room, unfazed by the girl getting slaughtered on screen. "I told her don't run in there, dumb shit.." You mumble and check the time.
Its 6:45pm and he's yet to get there. You were just about to get up and call when you hear yelling from outside, and you knew whose voice it was. You jump over the couch and unlock the door, then backing away slightly while his voice neared the door, the handle wiggling and the door swinging open and shut, shaking the house. You stood right in his path and as angry as he was he didn't lay a hand on you, he just stayed cornered.
There was a wait, a few more screams, and then an angry man hanging up the phone. You look at him unfazed but curious and he could tell. "Not right now Y/n." He grumbles, trying to walk past you but you get in the way. "Ah. Where do you think you're going bein' angry in my house?" You ask, making him sigh obnoxiously.
You walk forward, your mom and her friend peeking from the kitchen and your mom recording, because she knows damn well not to let you get hurt and not have footage. You slide your hands on his shoulders, up and down, talking to him lightly. "Hey, I don't know what bitch got you riled up, but not in my house. I like seeing you enjoying yourself and at peace ok? So lets bring that ten down to a two. Can you do that for me baby?"
His heart started picking up in pace, thinking about you and what happened and you can see it in his eyes. Your hand abandoned his shoulders, going for the face instead, cupping it and pulling it towards your own face and pressing your lips to his. He takes that moment to calm down, now wrapping his arms around your waist, chasing after your lips when you try to pull away. A soft chuckle emitted from your throat and you managed to escape his lips for now. Mean while he puts his forehead to yours and closes his eyes, taking you and your presence in.
"You feeling better now?" There was a small silence before he hums a yes to you. "Thank you..." He mumbled, and you could only smile and giggle. "Anything for you boo."
Tumblr media
Keisuke Baji
Baji was already not having a good day, and to make it worse his ex kept texting him from different accounts. He almost broke his phone while the two of you were walking down the street. It really was a stressful day for the both of you. And right when you were about to go to order your snacks for the movie he got a call, knowing who it is. You both sigh and he tells you to order while he goes outside. You don't listen to him and instead follow him, grabbing his hand for support while he answers, putting the phone to his ear.
You could hear another man on the other end, threatening him while his ex snickered in the back, making you sick. Baji only laughs, his signature grin on his faces, threatening them back and such. It got too chaotic that it attracted other's attention, which he paid no mind to. You snatch the phone out of his hand, him wanting t back but not going over your authority. You keep your finger in his view while talking to the other end of the line. Using your stern voice and finishing with a restraining order threat, making them hang up on you in fear.
A soft sigh is heard from you and other people around you. They resume their day while you resume yours, putting his phone in your back pocket and looking at his displeased face. "I wanted to keep talking and beat them up." You shook your head. "Nope, now lets go."
You try bringing him back but he was still upset, going straight to the theater, leaving you to get the snacks for the both of you. As you watched him disappear you shrug your shoulders and get in line. He don't wanna get anything, then I'll get him a snickers, pretzel and he better be happy because I'm not paying for more stuff if he's just going to be upset. You thought, his tantrum not affecting you at all.
When you did, however, get back to your seats with some stuff he was still pissed and you just weren't having it. Since you two were in the middle seats at the top you bent over in front of him and connect the both of your lips. Shock flashed his eyes, but quickly changing to a calm storm. You get on top of him, still kissing him while his hands hid under your shirt.
You pull away and smile, and he follows suit. "I like that, you should do that more often." He mumbled, bringing you back into the kiss, basically eating each other's faces almost half the way into the movie before you actually switch positions and pay attention, him peck your cheek every once in a while.
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Manjiro Sano (Mikey)
Mikey wasn't just mad, he was furious. The people he went to didn't give him a flag, you were hit on by 5 different guys, it started raining and another gang was already being on his ass for some shit. You on the other hand were just chillin' all day with your man. And now you finally understood when Draken questioned you about dating him, only making you giggle. There was tension in the air while you sat in Mikey's office, him going in an out every once in a while sparing you a glare, not glance, glare. That's what pissed you off, leading you to get on him next time he comes back in to sit down.
Previously, you tried getting his attention more than once, and the only response you got was a grunt and " 'm workin' " from him. Well now you wanted his full attention, so when he came in and sat down you took action. Leaving your seat from the corner of the room, you make your way to his seat, pushing it back and getting on his lap. "Y/n what are you doing I don't-" He would have finished, if you didn't cut him off. "You, right? You need to chill out babe, you're pissed and scaring everyone."
You cup his face, looking down at him and smiling at his pout. "Today has been a bad day though, I'm just so frustrated." Now you initiate your plan, connecting your lips with his. Mikey immediately cooled down, pushing his tongue through your mouth and taking it a step further. His hands settled on your waist, rubbing it with his thumb up and down, giving you butterflies like from when you two first ever kissed.
This was one of those moments that really sent you to heaven in peace. He pulled away and stared at you in awe, loving the view. "I love you so much, I'm treating you tomorrow as well." He states, making you giggle softly. "I'd love that, I love you too."
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penetravel · 5 months ago
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