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#black literature
afroeditions · a month ago
Tumblr media
“The Saint Heron Library continues the work we have been building by preserving collections of creators with the urgency they deserve,” Solange said. “Together we seek to create an archive of stories and works we deem valuable. These works expand imaginations, and it is vital to us to make them accessible to students, and our communities for research and engagement, so that the works are integrated into our collective story and belong and grow with us.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“The collection of 50 books is free and will be available — first come, first served — to U.S. -based residents only, starting Oct. 18 on Saint Heron’s website. Once checked out, readers will have access to their one selected book for 45 days.”
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statueofanxiety-h · 14 days ago
Sometimes you just need to step outside, get some fresh air, clear your head, and remind yourself of who you are and where you want to be..
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wiinterz · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The body of a black woman.
It’s quite divine in my eyes.
The flourishing hair, to the round lips.
That is ours.
The body of a black woman.
It carries so much, and yet it gets disrespected.
The body of a black woman.
A baby is carried, carried by the stomach.
The black woman is the backbone of the world.
Soil to the trees you chop down.
The warriors to the beatings you get.
The body of a black woman.
The anger she holds by her tongue, tightening her grip on a dress.
Because when she speaks she’s either ghetto, stupid, and much more unpleasant words.
The body of a black woman holds many more things than you could ever imagine.
The anger, the peace, and the world.
And when we speak right we sound white.
When the white woman tries to embody the royalty the black women have, they fail.
Because the body of a black woman can never be embodied.
Black women hold too much power.
And for that, they shut us up, tell us we are worthless and such more.
But when we take a look at ourselves deeply and fall in love with what we see.
No one. And not even the white man could shut our mouth and tell us to change our hairstyles.
Because the body of the black woman is royalty.
Our ancestors are queens, and we take that cup of sovereignty and pour it over ourselves and to our children.
Because royalty is our name.
The body of a black woman.
It’s too beautiful for the world to handle.
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poshtotties · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Marcia McBroom on the cover of The Black Woman Anthology (1970) by Toni Cade Bambara.
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blackgirlslit · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
After learning what Black Out Tuesday was originally intended to be, I too would like to use this opportunity to boast about some black creators and their work that needs more attention.
These are the three books, two graphic novels and one poetry book, that I will be reading this week.
✊🏾 I Am Alfonso Jones by Tony Medina and illustrated by Stacey Robinson & John Jennings with a foreword by Bryan Stevenson:
When an off-duty officer mistakes a clothes hanger for a gun, Alfonso Jones wakes up in the afterlife guided by fellow victims of police shootings. Meanwhile, Alfonso's family and friends struggle with their grief and seek justice for Alfonso's murder.
✊🏾Your Black Friend and Other Strangers by Ben Passmore:
Described as required reading for those seeking to be useful allies in the fight for justice, this collection of culturally charged comics tackles race, gentrification, the prison system, racial micro-aggressions, and more with both humor and relatability.
✊🏾Say Her Name by Zetta Elliot and illustrated Loveis Wise:
In this collection of haikus and poems, Elliot creates a chorus of voices celebrating the creativity, resilience, and courage of Black women and girls while also paying tribute to victims of police brutality as well as the activists championing for the Black Lives Matter cause.
I encourage everyone to check out these books, support a independent bookstore (especially Black-owned ones!!!) and your local libraries. And as always, BLACK LIVES MATTER! And please don't forget to let your Black joy shine!
- Veronika ✊🏾
IG: @black_girls_lit
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devilfilms · a month ago
𝖓𝖊𝖜 𝖘𝖆𝖑𝖊𝖒
Tumblr media
𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐟𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐭𝐞𝐞𝐧.
A SWEET SMELL EMCOMPASSED HER senses, traveling all the way up her nostrils and hugging around the heart shaped piercing on the left side of her nose. She hums sweetly as her voice relays, “Thank you, sugar.” She winks at the woman who smiles back at her, taking the plate in her hands and making her way back over to the table.
“They knew who to put in that fucking kitchen, these Beignets are reminding me of Sybil’s.” Pheme sighed, ripping a piece of the soft bread in between her fingers, taking it into her mouth again as Nadia shook her head in disagreement, “Yeah, only this is reminding me that a lot of shit is better than Sybil’s version.”
“Hey now,” Pheme grimaces, “Sybil is a piece of work but you know her cooking tastes the complete opposite of how we feel about her. Good as fuck.”
“How good?” Nadia seductively smiles.
She seats the plate beside her, the different levels of voices speaking around her as everyone relishes in their breakfast, enjoying the relaxation of the morning vibrations. But the moment she looked at this woman, smiley piercing dancing in her eyes, she could hear or see nothing else.
“As good as you did this morning.” She places her fingers beneath her jaw, kissing her that it left powdered sugar along her lips.
“That’s really good then.” She replied in a laugh, pushing herself fully back along her seat. The morning had been peaceful, Nadia and a couple of other people arriving in Provenance. The moment she made it along those grounds Pheme attacked her into the room showing her just how much she missed her. Pheme then showed her around and took her to the training building, displaying the sleek posture that everyone held up until they all came to eat, letting themselves relax as they enjoyed their food, talked amongst any actual important conversation, it took away all the serious shit for once.
“Where’s my baby at? Isn’t she more in love with Beignets than anyone in this room combined?” Nadia pouts, referring to Sin.
“No idea. I tried texting her this morning but no response, maybe she’s sleeping?”
“You should know your best friend more than I do, I know as bitchy as that girl can be, she's always up at dawn smoking.”
“Well she should be able to text me back when she’s ‘up at dawn smoking’. Imma’ punch her dead in her face.”
“Will you really?”
“No. Her right hook is lethal.”
They both stand, throwing away their trash before beginning to make their way out of the training building as they run into Trey, Buffy and Cloud who all are in the same black attire. They greet them, “Hey, you seen Sin?”
“Nope. Sorry, hey gorgeous.” Buffy winks towards Nadia and she blows her a kiss.
“I went to her room yesterday to bring her food, but when I went in she seemed upset about something and asked me to leave. I think she’s still asleep though.” Cloud explains, a flash of worry coming along his face. Pheme knew that he probably didn’t want to invade her space so he was keeping his actual feelings to himself. She nodded her head and reassured, “Thanks, we’ll go find her.”
“I’ll come. Imma’ catch up with y’all later.” Cloud says towards Trey and Buffy as Trey teases, “Going to check on his girl, gon’ head.”
They all begin making their way outside of the training building towards the rooms, stepping over sticks and sunken grass before they reach Sin’s door, going to politely knock when Nadia pushed herself to the front and opened it.
“What?” She questions the looks between Cloud and Pheme, walking in nonetheless and they follow after. Glass still spreads along the floor like wildfire, dry blood smeared under the shatters as well leading up to a clean bed where Sin laid under the covers. Her foot stuck out on the end, hand sticking up at the top of the banister, the rest of her body never to be seen beneath the sheets.
“What the fuck happened in here?” Pheme speaks.
“What should we do?” Nadia asks.
“Wake her up?” Cloud suggests.
“Wake her up, how? Last time I shook her to wake her up I ended up in a chokehold, I'm good.”
“Maybe we should sing one of her favorite songs?” Cloud suggests and Pheme smiles agreeably as he mutters, “Oh, um, okay—“ he clears his throat and so does Pheme before Cloud starts off with his hand over his right ear,“Golden rubbers in these denim pockets,” Pheme continues, “On my waist there’s a black glock.”
“New girl moved on the block—“
“Will y’all shut the hell up?” Nadia interrupts.
Cloud closes his mouth, “Are we singing the wrong song or the wrong artist?” He looks at Pheme.
“I thought she liked soft men? Ain’t his name Tyler? She likes you.”
Cloud's face drops and he frowns as he repeats, “Soft?”
Nadia rolls her eyes, going over to the side of the bed and lifting up the covers to see she’s fully naked. She then lifts her hand, a wave of heat immersing along the room and shooting directly along Sin’s skin which causes her to jump up cursing, “Fuck—“ her eyes shot open and she takes attention to everyone around the room as she irritatedly snaps, “What? What?”
“Nadia’s here! Aren’t you happy?” Pheme introduces Nadia who waves with a smile. Sin snarls, “Hi Nadia.”
Nadia’s smile drops. “Oh. I did not like the way you said that.”
“What’s up your ass?”
“Fire was, apparently.” Sin grumbles, pulling the covers over her bare chest, “Tyler isn’t my favorite artist, by the way.”
“It’s Frank,” Cloud confirms, coming over to her on the side of the bed and pulling her chin up as he kisses her, Sin nodding her head in agreement.
“Well why the hell did you start singing that song if you knew that wasn’t her favorite artist, Cloud?” Pheme smiles sarcastically.
“I wanted to see if you knew your best friend as much as you say you do, Pheme.” He sarcastically smiles back, grabbing a small towel and seating himself beside Sin on the bed. He squeezes the material around in his hand, twisting his fist from side to side as the milky white towel went from a pure ivory to a damp grey, the cloth now soaking wet in his palm before he released his strength on it, taking Sin’s injured hand in his and beginning to clean the wound.
“Damn, I’m fuckin’ up today.” Pheme mutters, “Anyways, what happened to you yesterday, Hot Head?”
“I don’t know. I called Sybil to see what was going on back home and she said that she’s been in New Orleans for a couple of days, she left Iver in New Salem by himself. Meaning he could wake up at any time and she wouldn’t know. Then she tried to get all professional on me talking about, ‘You have more important things to worry about and you’re calling me about nonsense’— girl fuck you.”
“Nonsense? What was she talking about?” Nadia asks.
Sin blinks. “I just told her about how we had a good time in Orioch, that was all. I guess us partying and being at the strip club wasn’t typically on her list of things for us to do.”
“Uh oh.” Pheme mutters.
“Party in Orioch, hm?” Nadia looks at her girlfriend, “You told me y’all asked a few questions and left. Now we lying to each other?”
“So your hand?” Pheme looks away from Nadia’s eyes that shoots daggers with her arms crossed.
“I just got pissed off and broke the mirror. I don’t know, I was okay yesterday and suddenly I just got really upset, I’ve been feeling irritable ever since.”
“Maybe it’s your period.” Pheme suggests and Sin quietly agrees, “Yeah, maybe.” Yeah, your eyes flashed fucking green too.
She brings her attention back to Cloud who finished cleaning the blood off her fingers, the deep cut she had created seemed smaller than it did the day before, as if it were healing quickly. Too quickly.
“You need me to wrap it?” He asks and she brings her hand back to her chest as she replies, “I’m a big girl, I’ll manage.”
He kisses her hand, Pheme gagging, “Yuck.”
“Jealous?” Cloud teases, leaning back on Sin who wraps her arms around his neck and kisses his cheek in appreciation for cleaning up her hand.
“You should be, it looks like you’re not about to have a girlfriend in the next two minutes.” Sin points towards Nadia who looks to be fuming, the room's temperature increases with the more annoyed she becomes.
“Uh— anyways, you need to shower and get dressed. Aries called for all of us to meet him on the second floor of the training building. He said wear something comfortable. Preferably black.”
“Don’t know, that’s all he said for us to do. So me and Nadia will meet you, yeah?”
Pheme then opens the door to let Nadia go out first, Sin can hear Nadia say, “Strip club, huh?” Pheme’s response unable for her to hear as they close the door, Cloud then standing from the bed and he tells her, “You can shower and stuff, I’ll clean this glass off the floor.”
“Or are you just trying to find an excuse to see me shower?”
Cloud turns back towards her. “I just wanna clean this blood before it stains and also make sure you don’t step on some glass. Now if my eyes just so happen to see in the senses of my peripheral that you butterball ass naked, that ain’t got shit to do with me.”
“Fine. But don’t completely wet my floors with all that water you’re about to create.”
Cloud smirks. Coming towards her as he then comes back on the bed until he’s right in front of her face, “Don’t wet your floors, huh?”
Sin laughs as he kisses her neck, “Cute, but you know what’s even cuter?”
“The face you make when I eat yo—“
“My bad.”
Tumblr media
IT'S INTIMIDATING TO SAY THE LEAST. All black attire, fit bodies stand across from her eyes. She looks down the line as they all stare back at her, she wants to look away, she can’t seem to.
“Damn.” Buffy mutters, “Here I thought Aries was the only fine man in here.”
“Finest, I guess that’d be a better term.” Nadia corrects, Buffy nodding her head in agreement.
Aries stands in the middle of the line as Blue stands beside him, Calypso and Jupiter standing on the side. Each side stands a couple of other men, built in many different shapes, sizes, complexions of skin tone, but equally good looking. Waves, grown out hair, dreads and beards fill their eyes. Women with curves, box braids, locs, natural afros, scents of cocoa butter and different aromas of perfumes as well as colognes fill their senses. Sin’s coven of people are in one room all together for once in a long time, seeing familiar faces made her feel more comfortable against the menacing group of people standing across from them.
“I think I’ve died and gone to heaven.” Elijah sighs, Trey nodding his head as he says, “Who’s shorty in the back? I like 'em’ thick.”
“In order to be able to keep up with the pack, you’ll have to know how to protect yourself in any situation. That means mentality, emotionally, especially physically. You will need to know how to fight against whatever is trying to put you in danger.” Aries speaks first.
“Like deadass fighting them?” Nadia blurts out, everyone looking at her. She shrugs, “What?”
“Yes. We have been taught to fight since we were kids, since I’m sure Sybil doesn't teach shit like that, you need to learn some basic combat training.”
“Um, no no,” Buffy chuckles, raising her hand, “Hate to burst your bubble Big Daddy, but I don’t do what you call, ‘combat’,” she puts air quotations, “Sybil taught my ass to ride on a broom and turn sugar to salt. If you think I’m gonna sweat out my perfectly slicked ponytail I perfected this morning, you’re incorrect.”
“Aren’t you a Protector?” Aries asks.
“Yes. Fire is a good enough protection. If someone touches me, I burn their ass to a crisp.”
“So what do you do if someone has the ability to disable you from using your powers?” Blue challenges.
“Run away?” Elijah suggests with his hand up.
“No,” Aries says, Elijah slowly putting his hand down.
“You ain’t never fought nobody before?” Calypso asks Elijah, he shakes his head, placing his palms behind his back as he replies, “I believe that if someone does something to me karma will get them. No need to fight.”
“Karma takes too long, better two piece that m—“
“You will partner up and first show us what you can do before we practice actual moves so we can know where you’re at. Although from what I can tell we’re gonna have to start from scratch.”
“Ouch.” Buffy scrunches her nose.
“Why do you call him Big Daddy? Can I be Big Daddy?” Blue asks.
“Cause he lets me.” She winks at Aries.
“I don’t let you.” He replies, “….But I don’t hate it. Anyways, Blue.”
Both men then stand in front of each other as the people beside them step back, Sin’s eyes watching as they smirk at one another, Aries’ pupils swelling into that familiar lime hue, Blue’s swirling in different variations before they came forward and crashed into one another, arms coming around both of their bodies as they began. Sin cringes as they put their entire weight into the swings they shoot at one another. Aries throws his fist towards Blue’s face, Blue able to dodge the movement as he ducks under his arm, raising his hands and wrapping himself around Aries’ abdomen before lifting him up, slamming him onto the ground so hard a crack shudders in the floor. They’re similar to kids, laughing as Aries pushes him off, Blue flies upward, the sea of eyes travel across the other side of the room as he hits the ground, landing perfectly on his feet. Blue bares his teeth, growing menacingly before he speeds towards his opponent, Aries grabbing him just in time before he swiftly throws his body along the ground, the crack along the floor splitting even larger.
“Damn. I thought I had your ass this time.” Blue exasperated.
Sin blinks. “You want us to do that?”
Aries pulls Blue up from the floor as Nadia repeated, “Nah, you want us to do that? Ha!” She shakes her head, “Not in a million years.”
“Can he throw me around like that?” Buffy says, Pheme smacking her friends arm.
“Can I partner with you?” A familiar voice strides, everyone looking back to see Electra smiling, throwing a seductive tone of her voice his way as she comes to the front to be across from him, hiking up the sports bra and shorts she wears.
“I don’t like snitches. Partner up.” Aries says, going around her in which she bleats, “Excuse me?!”
Elijah goes to protest when a girl comes in front of him, emerald box braids with a doll face to match, smiling as she offers, “You don’t wanna partner with me?”
“I— uh—sure—“ he squeaks and she pulls him away. Trey also finds the girl he pointed out and pulls her into a corner as she laughs at his attempts at flirting.
“Who the hell is gonna partner up with me?” Buffy asks, in which Blue says to her, “C’mon mama, imma’ find you a partner.”
Her interests peaks. “Mama?” She then looks at Sin, smirking as she says, “I’m taking this one home with me.” Causing Sin to chuckle to herself.
She then skips after him and Nadia shakes her head, “All you gotta do is put a dick in front of her and she’ll do anything you ask.”
“You’re a whole lesbian and you’d drop your panties for Sin’s dad.” Pheme pointed out.
“ I would. And I’d do it again.”
Sin watches as everyone gets into the rhythm of battling one another, some people more gentle, others actually making movements with their entire chest. She comes to the realization that she doesn’t have a partner, circling her eyes to look for Cloud when she sees his hand trapped under another hand that leads up to that light fucking hair, she pulls him into the corner and Cloud seems hesistant, but of course as Sin expects he’s too nice to tell her he doesn’t want to partner with her. Or maybe he’s thinking with his dick. Probably both. It brings a feeling in her chest to watch as they begin practicing. When Cloud wraps his arms around her waist to pick her up, she wraps her legs around his abdomen instead, giggling as her arms find their way on his shoulders. She’s trying me, right? Are my eyes this deceitful?
When Electra looks Sin dead in her eyes as she stays in this position, she concludes that she’s not crazy. Electra is.
“I think she has a death wish.” Nadia is now standing next to Sin, watching as well.
“It’s cool. I’m used to her doing this shit, she’s not getting a rise out of me.” Sin replies, yet her eyes still never leave the two.
“Ooh, okay Ms. I Wanna Be The Bigger Person. It’s sexy when you get all mature.”
Seeing as Electra places her feet on the floor, she raises her lips to Cloud’s ear and mouths something to him that Sin obviously can’t understand, taking his hands in hers and placing them on her waist. Yeah, that didn’t last long.
“I lied.” Sin mutters.
She then turns her attention towards Aries who’s talking to Blue as he watches everyone, going up to him and she asks, “Wanna be my partner?”
“No.” Is all he says to her, going back to his conversation. She then crosses her arms and pushes, “Well I'm not practicing unless you're my partner.”
“If this is a ploy to make your lil’ boyfriend mad, get the fuck away from me.”
“No. This is a ploy to get you to stop being mad at me for whatever reason that is.”
“Who said I was mad at you?” He turns fully towards her, Sin slightly tilting her head up.
“You don’t have to say it.”
He looks back at Blue who has his nose right in the conversation, Blue putting his hands up in surrender before he goes over to Calypso and Jupiter who play around instead of actually training. Aries comes back to her, black triangle bikini top stuck to her chest and Nike shorts painted within her skin.
“I’m cool. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“So then train with me?” She asks again.
“I’m not about to have you crying about me hurting you again, I’m good.”
“Fine,” she turns around, “Guess I’ll just go back to my room then.”
She begins making her way towards the stairs when Aries realizes she’s seriously about to leave and it pisses him off more at her childishness.
“Fuck it, come here.”
“You could say pl—“
He grabs her arm, turning her around and she lifts her leg in an attempt to kick him, the plan completely going south as her back is suddenly to his chest. His arm wraps around her neck, the feeling of her body pressed up against him makes her face feel warm. She breathes heavily at his quickness, placing her hands against his arm that tightens around her neck and he says in her ear, “I could say what?”
“I don’t beg.” She huffs. He suddenly feels a sharp sting of the end of her elbow going into his shoulder that it decreases the strength on her neck, she repeats the movement, falling out of his hold. Successfully lifting her leg she strikes it through his ribs, his back slamming as he hit the floor. The second his eyes open as he tries to stand he sees she’s atop of him, staring down with a confident grin along her face. It’s cute.
“I’m not the one to flatter myself, but were you just flirting with me?” She asks, the expression along Aries’ face seems dumbfounded and she’d never seen that before. She then looks over to see Cloud staring at the two of them on the floor, his emotions not able to read along his face, but just in his body language he’s obviously not happy to see this. Air is taken away from her chest as he suddenly throws her off of him, her back slapping along the floor and he stands, “Switch partners.”
Sin sighs, shaking her head to herself.
“I’m never gonna get anywhere with this man.”
She then lays completely on the ground as she can feel her heart beating erratically in her chest, about to close her eyes and fall off into her thoughts when she suddenly hears Aries voice call, “Cloud,” it has her peak her head completely upward. It feels as though the whole room stops at this, she sits her body entirely up as the two men look at one another, Cloud stepping away from Electra and standing right in front of Aries. She realizes they had never actually spoken to one another or even actually held a conversation, she could never understand why. Maybe she could now. No talking goes into this, Cloud lunging forward with his left fist, Aries dodging the vehement action as he shoves a punch into his stomach, repeating the movement that causes Cloud to grunt beneath his teeth, another fist connecting with his nose. Aries’ movements seem dirtier, more aggressive, aiming to inflict intense pain. Cloud then takes what he watched from practicing as he extends his arms and wraps them around Aries abdomen and squeezes tightly, Aries growling as Cloud lifts him upward and twists his body, slamming him along the ground, a new crack shifting in the floor, Sin can feel the entire room wince. He gets atop of Aries and strikes down along his face, his jaw makes a sound. It feels personal. As they expect them to continue, Cloud suddenly stands, backing up from Aries and only staring at him. She can’t read their expressions, but it’s not victory or defeat.
“That was kinda hot.” Buffy admits quietly, Pheme and Nadia nodding their heads in agreement as Sin has nothing to say but also doesn’t know how to feel about that interaction.
Aries stands from his spot as if nothing happened, everyone preparing to go back to practicing amongst one another as he nods towards Electra, “You.”
She doesn’t have to be told twice as she comes forward, batting her naturally long lashes at him when he suddenly says, “Sin.”
The sound of her name calls her attention when she puts two and two together, she looks to Electa who crosses her arms with a snarky ass grin upon her face, she shakes her head.
“Nah, I’m good.”
“It wasn’t a question. She’s one of your top Protectors, I wanna see what you can do.“
“I really don’t think you want to.” Pheme and Nadia come before Sin, a few other people crowding around them. Sin had managed to calm herself down by the distraction of other things for the amount of time they’d been training, but this was like placing a dog in front of a treat, waiting to receive their treat for good behavior. She had been holding in all of the emotions she had towards this one girl simply because it wasn’t worth going off, but the confidence she had today, she might’ve had a change of heart.
“Aries, I'm good. For real. I’m not tryna fight this girl.” She says seriously.
“Or do you just not want your ass whooped?” Electra then corrects, Sin bringing her eyes back towards this girl as she questions, “Repeat that?”
“I know it would be a little embarrassing to get your ass beat in front of your boyfriend, or fuck buddy, entertainment purposes, whatever you prefer to call him,” Electra says with her entire chest, it causes Nadia, Pheme and Buffy to mutter, “Ooohhh,” as she continues, “Maybe it’ll knock some sense into you to realize holding off your pussy isn’t gonna stop him from fucking mine.”
Sin can’t believe what’s coming out of her mouth right now. She can’t decipher whether she really said that or she’d lost her mind and was hearing things that would make her go apeshit. But seeing as everyone around them stares as if they’re watching a TV show, it really had come out her mouth. All the patience she had with this girl. All the microaggressive comments, the passive aggressive remarks, the backhanded compliments, the continuous disrespect towards her relationship that she constantly tried to work on, the fucking way she couldn’t keep her mouth shut, leading them in the situation they were in now. Yet somehow, she still managed to have something to say.
A gasp erupts in the silence as Sin’s injured fist went full force into the bone of this girl’s nose, the crack enveloping along the room, Electra’s hands flying over her mouth as blood came rushing out her nostrils, unable to protect herself as Sin pounced forward and wrapped both of her hands around her neck, slamming her body into the floor, the wood weeping in despair. Electra’s jaw masks from side to side, taking in each punch that impacts the bone, feeling the blood rush back up her nose and gargling into her mouth, she chokes. Her eyes are shot wide open as the hands that were previously around her neck appear again, stronger, tighter. She places her hands in between Sin’s fingers that don’t budge, her tongue sticking out as she coughs profusely, blood trickling down the sides of her face. A noise of fear erupts from her mouth as Sin lifts her head and slams it into the ground, hair sticking along the blood on her face, her pale cheeks nearly tinting blue at how hard Sin squeezes. She can hear the sound of everyone around her making noises of panic that she might actually kill this girl, squeezing so tightly she could feel her trachea in her palms.
She’s suddenly pulled away from Electra as she’s gripped by her waist, yanked away as her feet plant the ground a couple of inches away from her, her head turning as she sees Aries holding her, she fights in his grip, belting out, “Get the fuck off me!” Aries feels an incessant amount of heat suddenly filing around her body, his fingers ache and he quickly lets go of her as the bronze tint seeps back under her aura. Before he can react, she turns fully towards him, slamming her fist into his jaw, it surprises him that the strike makes the bottom of his face throb.
The entire room is silent. Besides Electra’s low crying as she sits herself up and holds her nose that spews out blood and Elijah who holds her face in his hands, they all turn towards Sin with a look of worry in their expressions. She sees this. Her emotions feel heavy on her chest, looking from Cloud, to her friends, to everyone. She then brings her attention to Aries and he sees her pupils are dilated, eyes glossy. She takes one more look at everyone before she takes off down the stairs, disappearing out of the training building.
“Yo, did y’all see that shit? I mean— did you really see that shit?” Blue suddenly erupts the silence.
“No for real. That shit was like— K.O!” Calypso reenacts, turning towards his brother as he lifts his fist in a slow motion connection to Jupiter’s face, Jupiter also playing along as he slowly falls backwards, making a high pitched scream in his throat as he covers his nose.
Aries looks over at Pheme, trying to understand what had happened.
Pheme shrugs, “She told you she didn’t want to fight her.”
“Training is over for the day.”
Once they had gotten Electra back to her room and out of the training building so Elijah can heal her, everyone takes off for the rest of the day, some going to the basketball court, others going to eat, the event that happened being enough for the rest of the day to simply focus on relaxation. Aries makes his way out of the training building and into the trees, trying to track the scent of cocoa butter and vanilla, why he knew that she smelled exactly like that he didn’t know. He went deeper into the forest as he saw a familiar trail leading up to an opened door, the scent now right above his nose. Different colorations of flowers hung above his eyes, the stream padding against the body of water below it peacefully, mushrooms and other greenery swindling in the peaceful atmosphere. He can see the sun shining through the solar panels covering up the plants, his eyes traveling down as he sees a body sitting on the end of the rock above the miniature waterfall. She has her face laid along her knees, her hand running along the patch of grass next to her.
He walks towards her, seeing that her eyes are red. Tears come down her face and she quickly wipes them as he comes next to her, hesitant in his movements before he sits beside her.
“How’d you know where to find the pack’s greenhouse?” He asks.
“I heard Blue mention it the night we were all drunk. He said he brings females in here to make things all special and shit. Plus, I just needed time to think.”
Although what she said makes him want to laugh a little he doesn’t, knowing Blue and his ways.
“You got a mean ass right hook.” He admits, she pushes her face further into her knees and she softly laughs, Aries eyeing the knuckles of her right hand that bruise heavily.
“I know you’re upset with me.” She says to him, bringing her face to fully look in his eyes.
“I’m not upset about anything.”
“Aries, c’mon. At this point I’m use to you being an ass, but in Orioch—“
“In Orioch I was being nice to you because I didn’t have the energy to do anything else.” He realizes this was a waste of time, going to stand and leave when Sin questions, “What did I do to you, exactly?” She asks, it makes him go quiet.
“We finally had one moment where we could actually consider being more than two people that hate each other, it was nice to see you out of that character. Then you just— switched. Is it because Blue and Cloud came in?” She asks.
“I don’t hate you, Sin.” He clarifies.
“So what then?”
He eyes the bruises along her fist again. “You made me feel comfortable and let me know that it was okay to show I was afraid of something, or to embrace it. When Cloud came in, you called me a mutt, and you reminded me why I’m not nice to you. Because if I do you’ll just backfire that shit against me.”
Sin blinks. “You’re mad because I called you a mutt?”
Aries' expression disappears. “This shit is stupid.” He mutters, going to leave out when Sin jumps up, she puts her hands up as she says, “Wait.”
He looks back, his eyes blinking profusely as the sunlight shining through the glass within the roof suddenly disappears, being replaced with a serene darkness, stars aligning above the glass, the moonlight casting a blue tint over the flowers, over his skin, his chain blaring gold. He looks back at Sin, “How’d you do that?”
“I— I don’t know. I just didn’t want you to leave.” She admits, just as confused as he is she was able to change the entire setting. She’d never done that before. They both sit in silence for a while, taking in the scene before them as butterflies swim in front of their eyes, caterpillars crawling along the smooth rocks, bright colored insects appearing as if someone called for them.
“I really am sorry if I hurt your feelings, Aries.” She repeats, although he’s not looking at her.
“I panicked at the moment because I just didn’t want Cloud and Blue to suspect anything happening. I could’ve said anything else and I went out of line. I don’t ever want to hurt your feelings, especially if you’re open with them to me.”
He looks fully at her, hearing and feeling her sincerity. He couldn’t be too much of a hypocrite, considering he’d done and said things to her he was sorry for, it’d be wrong not to forgive her. He then picks up her hand in his, running his fingers over the bruises and she makes a face that they’re still sore.
“What’d you do?”
“Broke the mirror in my room.”
“I can wrap it for you.”
He doesn’t drop her hand, nor does she pull away from his hold. She nods her head, “Yeah, sure. That’s fine, maybe later.” She softly smiles. She then takes notice of the bottom of his jaw that shimmers a soft tint of purple in the light, she places her hand against his face and she asks, “Does it hurt?”
“Like I fell off a bike and scraped my knee or some shit. I’m good.”
She stares over him for a moment, scooting herself forward to where she’s on her knees and he sits across from her, she leans over and takes his head in her hands. He lowly questions, “Sin—“ before she brings her lips right above the complexion of his jaw, padding her thumb against the skin as she delicately blows her breath onto him. Her breath feels warm, cool air brushing along his face before she pulls back, the bruise disperses and the sting he feels disappears.
“Better?” She asks softly, his deep tone of voice ringing in her chest as he replies, “Yeah.”
They look at one another, Sin’s heartbeat pounding in her chest as Aries doesn’t break eye contact. She clears her throat as she drops her hands from his face and stands, “We should get back to everyone. I need to go find Phem and Nadia before they blow a fuse anyways.”
“Imma’ chill here for a little bit longer.”
She gives him one more soft smile as she walks off, Aries watching her disappear behind the door, the scenery turning back into a shining day, sun rays beaming along the smooth rocks. He sighs.
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hazeltoheraugustus · a month ago
She stood there, six feet away from me. Oh, how much I wanted to take those six steps and scoop her up into my arms. The wind blew and I wanted nothing but to become the hair that vined around her neck. And the moment she looked at me and smiled the smile of half angel, half satan. My heart broke into thousand pieces and the brightness in her eyes glued those pieces back together. And that was the moment I knew how fragile my heart was.
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godzilla-reads · a year ago
Classic Black Literature
Tumblr media
I’m an avid fan of classic literature, but I feel like in the world of academia, people are very euro/white-centric and forget many amazing black authors of classic books, so here’s a small list!
“Beloved” by Toni Morrison
“Invisible Man” by Ralph Ellison
“Native Son” by Richard Wright
“Go Tell it on the Mountain” by James Baldwin
“The Color Purple” by Alice Walker
“Not Without Laughter” by Langston Hughes
“Cane” by Jean Toomer
“Their Eyes Were Watching God” by Zora Neale Hurston
“Sister Outsider” by Audre Lorde
“The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man” by James Weldon Johnson
“Through the Ivory Gate” by Rita Dove
“A Raisin in the Sun” by Lorraine Hansberry
“Passing” by Nella Larsen
“Amiable with Big Teeth” by Claude McKay
“Imperium in Imperio” by Sutton Griggs
“The Street” by Ann Petry
“The Count of Monte Cristo” by Alexandre Dumas
“Narrative of Sojourner Truth” by Sojourner Truth
“The Curse of Caste” by Julia C. Collins
“Jazz” by Toni Morrison
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