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#black lives fucking matter

Hey if anyone is near north florida, supports lgbtqia rights, black lives matter, muslim lives matter, asian lives matter, latina lives matter, pro-choice, loves to go on adventures, is alternative, caffeine addict, honestly anyone I won’t discriminate just naming some random things, and is hopefully between the ages of 16-20 pleaseeeee say hi

I need friends

I’m dead inside

And out of caffeine

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Honestly, I still think people just really don’t realise how America is praised in European countries. At least where I lived, we were still in this “American dream” phase. For the 15 years of my life I didn’t see anything wrong with America, I thought living there was like living in a paradise. I didn’t even bother to actually educate myself about what is happening there, because “why should I? I know everything what I need already.” I heard from my friends, parents, family members about all the cool things they bought and they said “it’s from America” like it was a product from some other galaxy. And everyone got always so jealous. Because Wow, this is from America, a product from America, this must be so good. I honestly find that so scary. When you’re young, you can get manipulated so easily, it can be really hard to actually realise that America is not only rainbow and sunshine. And it can get really hard to let yourself educate. That’s why my parents are racists, because they don’t understand “how black people can complain about America while they have so much better life than where we live.” It’s really sad and horrible. I hope this ends as soon as possible. I’m glad I have the opportunity to live in place with different cultures right now, but not everyone gets so lucky…not everyone will see the truth.

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I refuse to post pictures of any black body beaten and abused. I refuse but since @nbcnews @thedailyshow @cnn @msnbc @yahoonews @usatoday @washingtonpost @nytimes won’t talk this. I guess I should post about it. #justiceforquawancharles

Artist • @itshunnib

#blacklivesmatter #words #badwords #slurs #thingsyoudidntknow #talk #language #racism #fightingracism #usingwords #standuptoracism #microaggressions #hatecrimes #hatecrime #racism #representationmatters #news #newsong #Newstyle #newseason #newspaper

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