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#black love

Hope that all is well with you and your loved ones. This blog will still be uploading content, just at a pace that fits the circumstances nowadays. By the way, anyone isolating with a partner? If so, how’s it going? If not, what kinds of activities are helping you connect from a distance?

Feel free to express! :)

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Honestly, I’m tired of seeing black and white relationships. I want to see a black woman and a black man loving one another, everywhere. I feel like the idea of black people loving each other in that manner for as long as they live in an healthy relationship is being painted as fictional.

Like I’m all for loving who you want. But, also. Black people need to see that we are a valid source of variety in people. You can find a weirdo, a weeb, a goofball, a smarty, a geek, a classy, a street, you can find a mixture of all types of characteristics in the black community.

And we don’t need to feel out of place for not being the stereotypical version of the black community that the world has placed on us African Americans. The plain one dimensional race they’ve painted us to be. You’re not different, you are us, and we are black America.

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