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Minneapolis, MN (2020)


The fact that this will be in our children’s history books is amazing. Fuck the Boston Tea Party. Minnesota Riots in response to George Floyd is iconic. This is America. The Dream. The country of endless possibility right? The country of freedom of speech, religion, press, ASSEMBLY, and the right to petition the government. YOUR president gave the go to KILL citizens of the United States. “When the THUGS loot, we shoot” for lack of better words. Why is it when yt Americans assemble, speak their mind, hell disrespect and challenge them, nothing is done?! They are protected!!!. Black women and men are no different but the color of their skin. Black culture, black fashion, black music is inhaled by their children, literally, black Americans, black individuals are the prototype, originators, foundation, the ones who built this forsaken piece of shit . W/out US, their would be NOTHING. This period in time is a blessing. It will be brutal, tears will be shed, but it will be so worth it. Change is here, they didn’t hear us, they didn’t feel us, but honestly silence and the half-smirks to aggressions intended for them is no longer an option. Speak your mind, speak your piece, speak tf up for what’s right! Being soft-spoken is NO MORE. For the midnight-riders, your silence is seen. You all are cowards and pathetic. Your fetishes with black men and women is disgusting. How is it you love them, but when it comes to those that look like them, you don’t speak a word to them, you don’t acknowledge them, you don’t even look their way! I really fear for some of yalls future kids because you are the type of people who don’t deserve black children, and yes I said BLACK children because in the eyes of America they are black. They look more like an African American than they do anything else. Those black genes stick baby. Regardless, like I said your silence and lack of advocacy for black people or the willingness to learn/the willingness to use your privelage to help those that don’t look like you is seen.

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(PIc from my final session with Dr. Norman Pfile. Also the day he told me he was retiring)

I’m sharing my experience to help commemorate Mental Health Awareness Month!

I turn 33 next month. That’s not a complaint about getting old, I’m actually excited about it! But living 33 years as a Black person in America has not been easy at all. Usually, I’m good about dealing with the stress and pressure. What I’ve learned to do is:

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I have disaster before my eyes

Stale lies

There are people choked with wants

People grasping deep for hope

Why is it that my skin calls you in

Getting along a far fetched recipe of hope

Mutilated trust

Thrusting authority before us

I have politely asked

Screamed to be given

Begged acknowledgement

All tossed into an oblivion

An abyss


In a distance so near to us

All rational in the mind of the lost

Never seeing need when untouched

Can I mom ever cry enough

Is there no humanity within us

Able to see injustice when no blame can be lobbed into your court

Your eye rolls in protest of my last hope

How are we so insignificant

The past has proven the test

Still you manipulate to obtain a truth you formulate

And we stand united




Our insignificance a measure of your true humanity

You walk on two legs but think on four

Playing human draining all truth from it

Names etched on bloody walls you ignore

And still we reside in a world filled with denied hate

We make choices clear

Can you hear

You want

You never give

You believe while thought resides in deep seas

Of your conciousness

Have you never had a use for it

I want to be more than my skin

I want to human

I want to be seen with eyes of more than assumption

My soul stays clean

There is an infinity within me

The me you refuse to see

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Black women have been supporting the hell out of black women in the past 5 years. Their support for each other has grown to almost 100%. I say this because main stream black woman owned businesses have thrived mainly because of the support from Black Women. Black women support black men even if sometimes the idea is a dead end, most support black men just because they want to give them something to push them in the right direction, or give them a reason to strive for more, or just out of love for us Black men. Black men support Black women, however, but still tend hate on them a lot. No this is not all Black men at all; but it’s still happens in alarming numbers. And quite honestly for no reason at all. Black men hate on other black men without question. It’s rare you see Black men support other black men’s businesses, ideas, success, and them in general if they are not in their immediate circle or click (Yes it’s still a thing). It crazy how few support their own at work, in the community, in other communities, in the market, or hell even at home. It’s sad that we are the ones hating (as a whole). But then having to deal with walking outside, going to the store, taking a breather on a corner, selling CD’s, selling lose cigarettes, or simply just being in the wrong place at the right time and the reality being that we may never come home or see another day is disheartening. We aren’t willing to risk our lives to stand up for one another but our women will without question (no matter how we treat them). Sorry for rambling but I see so much wrong that we need to right; and it starts with our Black Women … No our Black Queens, whether it be our sisters, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, cousins, girlfriends, wives, baby mothers, etc… and then with each other; our brothers, sons, fathers, uncles, cousins, friends, neighbors, homies, whatever. We got to start taking care of our own. Start loving our own. Start supporting our own. We as Black Men need to start being the pillars of our communities and the foundational our homes again. We need to finally be the Black Kings that our women, children, and communities have needed us to be for a long time now.

No more excuses. Become the Black King you were meant to be !

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Dear black men,

Your deep, passionate, aggressive love making drives us wild! Every race wants a taste of your greatness. I don’t blame them because, let’s be real, you are fucking greatness! No wonder they are jealous of you black men, because they know you are everything they lack, and that’s being a real man!

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