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#black ops zombies
ludwigvonparody · 14 hours ago
That moment when you die to a crawler on round 52:
Tumblr media
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justacod-ish-fan · 2 days ago
I crave info dump on non fandom Ivan, or Primis Izzy, your choice 👁👁
Also completely off topic but I think it’s funny that Ult Ivan clearly doesn’t like Richtofen or Dempsey but absolutely loves Rose, so when he met her “parents” he (from what I think) would probably be like “oh what the fuck????”
He would-
Since I've not got alot on primis Izzy and non random Ivan I've had since
He lives in the same town as Sylvester and is responsible for his love of old movies.
He's got a funky lil tail. Most of the time he hides it but it's basically just a boar tail.
He doesn't have tusks but he has fangs. he also usually has a sunburn.
He's afraid of dragons because of Swerp's antics. However this hasn't stopped him from trying to ride one.
He grabbed onto Swerp's tail once and ended up being treated like a a flea; He's ok because he landed in Sylvester's barn.
He goes to cities and stuff to sell them which is probably how he met Rose.
Ivan makes snorting noises while he's laughing. He can't help it.
He's got pig ears. They move around weird sometimes though because of their placement on his head.
He doesn't have a pig nose.
Unfortunately for him he's tall and has the issue of ducking into doorways.
Ivan still has red eyes but it's not a vampiric thing,He's just tired
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justacod-ish-fan · 2 days ago
Is Izzy trans out of codz?
Yes. Primis Izzy is cisgender,Ultimis Izzy is trans masc and Non fandom "Izzy" is uh-
Well he's a mix between a wereboar [his dad] and a vampire [his mom]. He's more nb and THIS NORWEGIAN MAN IS NICE
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justacod-ish-fan · 2 days ago
BEHOLD! I TURNED YOUR MILF INTO A murderous bastard.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
But Ivan's transgender and is deathly afraid of people knowing so outside of his old job; No one knew that this man right here was actually a man.
Felix's support is off the table only because of what Ivan has done. Other then that he does the bare minimum to not deadname or misgender him since Ivan let him have boyfriends and a girlfriend so-
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justacod-ish-fan · 2 days ago
I can just imagine Primis Izzy and Ultimis Rose just vibing while Primis Rose and Ultimis Izzy are just doing whatever they are can to annoy the hell out of each other
Primis Izzy would be talkin to Ultimis Rose while Ultimis Izzy raises hell with Primis Rose
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smokeywhalee · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Made one but with the good guys because I had to-
Sorry for Adler's face being covered by the watermark, but I just wanna say that I mostly included the ones I think are iconic. In case you're curious, yes, I included both OG and reboot Gaz because both are just 👌🏻while Price, Soap, Ghost, and Nikolai only had their OG counterparts. Also don't mind me having a low tier category bc I can't bear to hate them 😂
I thought it'll be fun if I included the Primis Crew and Samantha Maxis so feel free to be happy for you CoDZ fans 👀😏
Wanna rank em on your own? Well here's the link!
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richtofen2015 · 3 days ago
Imagine instead of hellhounds, it’s hell cats? What if fluffy was a cat and you got chased by fiery cats?
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shooktofen · 3 days ago
only the thiccest of them all 
Tumblr media
das right hoes its ya gorl granny dumptruck robot 
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justacod-ish-fan · 4 days ago
Soo I’ve been thinking of giving Ultimis Rose She/them pronouns, thoughts?
This is,,Yes.
Do what you want with your oc but that's adorable.
lil gender nonconforming parents for the three babies
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justacod-ish-fan · 4 days ago
Due to the fact I made it that Rose escaped the USSR and met Izzy while captured by them, I now have to rewrite on how she would react seeing Izzy again and that made me so angry in art class because I remembered that in ART CLASS-
That had to suck. Sorry mate-
But Izzy took it upon himself to find her so if anything I'd be a bit confused if I saw him cuz omfg creepy lieutenant lady/man
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comrade-bell · 4 days ago
solo outbreak is surprisingly relaxing when all you're doing is hunting for intel and trying to avoid zombies like a survival game. its actually kinda fun staying in the first area and exploring
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justacod-ish-fan · 4 days ago
Info dump of Izzy lore? 🥺
Sure! Sorry for answering late
Drug use mention
Izzy will steal your entire identity because he can shapeshift. Unfortunately for him; his accent is still noticeable no matter what.
He just wants to destroy the earth at any cost because of his obsession with the aether; however that was killed off when Lumi shot him in the gut.
The marking on his stomach was cut off by a scar on his stomach which rendered it useless. He can't use it anymore.
He's trans and is still looking for a chosen name. He hasn't cut his hair yet due to feeling like it makes him more obvious.
He's ashamed of killing Jasper but mentioning it to him usually results in broken jaws.
He doesn't like Edward or Tank. He could care less about Nikolai and Takeo scares him.
He won't get a surgery to feel comfortable in his own skin because he doesn't trust anyone near his chest.
Felix looks innocent but Izzy has almost died before by killing Felix's previous lover; the only exception being Rudolph.
Izzy would set Felix up with people that he knew he could kill easily to bring Felix down to his level to use him.
He smokes marijuana to ignore the deafening pain in his side and back. Not because he thinks it's cool,He just likes to zone out for hours.
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justacod-ish-fan · 5 days ago
No one:
So the urge to draw Izzy impersonating Felix but every time he slips up and exposes himself he makes this face has become overwhelming.
Tumblr media
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justacod-ish-fan · 5 days ago
Oh fuck I just imagined Primis Rose whenever she’s tired she just speaks fluent German and it fucks with Richtofen’s head every time because he sometimes forgets that she’s part German-
"Tiny child..GERMAN?!-"
Yes I can see this
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justacod-ish-fan · 5 days ago
I just love how Ultimis Rose can bring out the best of bad people, and the fact she can look through the bad things and still see a normal person 😌
Basically she’s amazing and she will try and make everyone happy :]
I love that about her.
She literally took someone like Izzy [who fist fought with Jack trying to kill Felix] and made him a sophisticated person who doesn't kill everyone in sight.
Props to Rose fr
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justacod-ish-fan · 5 days ago
I'm tired so I'm gonna go to bed soon but here's some Ultimis Felix info:
Felix grew up in a farmhouse where they fostered baby animals so in the case of baby Jack; Felix carried him around in his satchel for months before letting him prance around. He's also let Milla,Chase and Beverly ride Jack to and from places.
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