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#black panther

I did a poll on instagram where I had my followers pick what movie I was going to watch and the options were “literally anything with Tony Stark” or Black Panther. It was a joke, clearly, anybody could see that. A little jest at how any movie with Tony Stark is equal in worth to the cinematic marvel that is Black Panter. Apparently nobody got it.

They chose Black Panther.

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Am I the only one who thinks Marvel is missing an opportunity on having Luis (from Ant-Man) have his own Disney+ show where all he does is recap the entire MCU movies and TV shows?

At the end of every episode (except for the season finale) Scott comes in and is all like; “No. That is not how Tony Stark took down an angry Russian.” Or “How do you know that Thor fought his sister with a spaceship for love making? You weren’t there.” Scott always leaves with a irritated huff and a sigh.

And like at the end of the season they could have Fury or Hill come to his door and say “Sir you’ll have to come with us.”

And they take him to a SHIELD black site, because the man knows way too much for a regular civilian.

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Pairing: Erik Killmonger x Black!Reader

Summary: The best way to fight your monsters is to have a bigger one standing at your back OR the socialite with the perfect life, you find yourself on the run and in hiding in your parents’ old neighbourhood, and suddenly under the protective wings of a man who’s just dangerous enough to be enticing

Word Count: 1.7k

Warnings: the happy ending they both deserve

A/N: wow this has been a long time coming. big thank you to all the love and support y’all gave me through this journey. i hope this lives up to what you want


||  Not small and warm and gentle, but burning, exhilarating, larger than life could ever be. ||


T’Challa had taken you, stricken and unresponsive, to Wakanda. A king. A king had gently led you from the ship, his voice low and soothing in his lilting accent. His sister, a princess, a princess, had greeted you just as gently, as kindly, and if tears sparkled on your cheeks, they pretended not to notice.

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So I’m getting into the avengers, and here are my thoughts:

-Stephen Strange is gay

-Captain Marvel is a queen

-Tony Stark…. Daddy….

-America’s ass

-Loki is Hot

-T’challa is best boy and he knows it

- Pepper is an absolute Q U E E N

- Peter Parker is baby

- Ironstange is cannon

- Bucky wants dick

-Banner is also kinda baby

-my dad thinks Thor is gay

-Thanos has ocd

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