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This is for the Quarantine Writing Challenge prompted by @chaneajoyyy​ & @shaekingshitup . I’ve been trying to get  this out of my drafts forever! Now I can check it off my list.

Thanks for the inspiration!


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I was inspired to write this fic a few months ago when discovering Jhene Aiko’s sister Mila J. She has a beautiful voice and had been criminally underrated in the music industry. I created this fic out of the narrative I found in her rmusic. 

I hope you enjoy, my taglist is open let me know if you’d like to be added.

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Part 1

(Dad!M’Baku x Black!OC)

Word Count: 4.8K

A/N: I started the first chapter as a Reader insert, but I’m starting to feel more for original characters, so our main girl, Xavier’s mom and M’Baku’s love interest is Remi!  

Remi had a problem, a pretty big one.  A couple of days had passed since the unexpected friendship between M’Baku and both of their children.  Xavier had talked his mother’s ear off to death about his spunky little new friend he made, and it made Remi genuinely happy to hear.  She wanted her son to get in touch with his new friend again and have a solid friend, however thanks to her father, that may not happen.

M’Baku thought he was slick giving his number to her instead of the other way around.  This forced Remi’s hand to have to make the decision and time to make the phone call and invite them over for the playdate that was promised.  And sure, if Remi said she didn’t want to see M’Baku again, it would be a lie.  But she didn’t even know where to start with him.

“X, get your backpack, it’s time to go baby.”  Remi says, sliding her shoes on as she grabs her keys.  

Xavier drags his feet into the kitchen along with his backpack on the floor.  “Mama.”

“You didn’t pack your game in there right?  I don’t want a kid to steal it.”


Remi grabs her purse talking to herself.  “If I am late again, I’ll fire my damn self.  Shit!”

“Mama!”  Xavier yells out.

“Oh!  Mama’s sorry, I know that’s a bad word.”

“Daddy say that all the time.”  Xavier says matter of factly.

Remi turns to him with her hand on her hip.  “Excuse me?  ALL the time?”

Xavier nods, picking at his nose.  “Mama I don’t wanna go.”

Remi sighs walking over to her son and kneeling at his level.  “Why not?  You had a good time last week.  You have friends there.”

He shrugs.  “I don’t feel good.”

Remi puts a hand to his forehead.  “You’re not hot…Is it your tummy?”  

Xavier shakes his head.  “Sometimes I don’t wanna go is all.”

Remi looks at her son’s round face lovingly.  Her eyes looking back at her has always been a quick source of pride for Remi.  Her hair texture, face shape, and bits of personality brought back memories of when she was a little girl.  She took her time with him in moments like these.

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Characters: Erik Stevens and Essence Jones

Warnings: drugs, language, and violence 

Word Count:  1108

It’s finally here! I have the first four chapters (Act I) planned. This entire fic is based on this, one-shot. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s linked for your viewing. The character list can be seen here.

This first chapter will be pretty short.

Based on: Don’t You Forget It by Glenn Lewis

December  2001- Chicago, Illinois  

The scent of homemade maple syrup made Essence stir from her deep sleep. Christmas break had officially begun, but that didn’t mean Essence was allowed to sleep in. Sooner or later, Hazel Lennox would be heading up the stairs yelling about wasting the day away in bed.

Beating Grandma Hazel to the punch, Essence hurried out of bed and pulled the thick comforter up to her pillows. Another pet peeve of her grandmother’s was an unmade bed.

The young girl’s feet hit the wooden steps with a soft thud, that third step down creaking like it always did. That creak alerted Hazel of the tiny intruder in the cramped kitchen.

“Essy, you know I’m not that old right? I hear your little ass trying to sneak over there to steal a piece of bacon,” the grandmother said over her shoulder.

Defeated, Essence carried herself to the makeshift table in the corner of the room. “I’m starving,” she sighed, resting her chin on her hands. The night before, her grandmother made fried onions and liver and when you didn’t want what was cooked, “you starved”.

“That’s what happens when you don’t eat what I cook,” the older woman said, turning her attention back to the stove.

Essence had been living with her grandmother off and on since birth. Tyra Lennox, Essence’s mother, was in and out of jail for most of her daughter’s childhood. Essence barely knew her mother due to the amount of time she spent away. Hazel was the only mother figure she could count on, even through her tough love.

“I hate livers, Nana,” the girl scrunched her nose in disgust. “Is it okay if I go play with Erik later on? He has a new game.” It was always a good idea to ask these types of questions when Grandma Hazel was in a decent mood. Most times she didn’t want Essence playing around with any nappy headed boys in the neighborhood. Erik being the main one.

Erik Stevens wasn’t a bad kid, but he had a terrible temper that got him in trouble. Essence and Erik had been friends since they were in diapers. Their mothers were best friends throughout school and got pregnant around the same time. A few years after Essence and Erik were born, Erik’s mother was gunned down in a drive-by shooting.

Without his mother, Erik was totally dependent on his father and whoever was N’Darius’s girlfriend at the time. He grew to be a child that was confused, combative when he didn’t need to be, and yearned for love. So, he was a bit misunderstood by Hazel that only saw him as a knucklehead.

“For an hour and that’s it. You better have your little behind back up here before the street lamps come on. You hear me,” Hazel questioned sternly, earning a low yes ma’am. “I mean it. Don’t make me come down that street looking for you because I will.”

“I won’t, Nana,” Essence said, exasperated by her grandmother’s extra reminders.

“Alright, Essy. As long as you know I’m not playing,” she reiterated, causing Essence to roll her eyes internally. She didn’t have the nerves or guts to do it outside of her head. “You bet not be rolling them eyes at me little girl.” Did this woman have eyes inside Essence’s head, too?

Erik always had all the good snacks at his house. Hazel wasn’t allowing ‘all that damn’ sugar in her home, so Erik often brought sweets to school for his best friend. Or she indulged in them when she was visiting.

The two young children argued over a game of Mario Kart as they snacked on honey buns and hot chips. Erik never allowed Essence to win, making her competitive edge kick in even harder when he won another round.  

“Stop covering my eyes, you cheater,” she screamed when Erik’s hand covered her face. “Man! You only did that because I almost beat you.”

“Nah, you lost cause you lost. Maybe next time,” he laughed, pinching the fleshy part of Essence’s arm.

She refused to go down without a fight, snatching Erik’s controller, “Nope, we are going again since you wanna cheat. Start it over.”

“So you can lose again?”

The two went back and forth as they usually did until they heard two people arguing in the living room.

“Nigga, you thought I wouldn’t find out,” an angry voice carried throughout the apartment. Essence recognized the husky voice but couldn’t quite put a finger on who it was. “You a damn traitor!”

“That’s what you think? I was working with Marcus to save yo’ ass. If it wasn’t for him, we’d both be locked up,” N’Darius, Erik’s father yelled back, his rough tone a bit harsher than usual.

Erik and Essence stayed in his bedroom, slowly peeking around the corner and into the living room. Ty’Rq, Erik’s uncle, was standing inches away from N’Darius. His gun was exposed, sitting at his waist for easy access.”Marcus ain’t save shit! You think I’m that stupid, huh,” Ty’Riq asked through clenched teeth as his hand covered his gun. “We brothers but I don’t have a problem droppin’ you right here.”

“Do it then,” N’Darius replied, holding out his arms. “You so big and bad, shoot me mothafucka! Shoot me!”

Ty’Riq smirked and drew the gun from his waist and pushed the cold piece to his brother’s chest, “Not a problem, lil bro.”

Suddenly, time seemed to stop even though in reality everything happened in a split second. Erik pushed Essence back into the bedroom before taking off into the living room. His screams, mixed with the gun shot made Essence’s ears ring. The young girl fell back against Erik’s bed, her body shaking in fear. For three minutes, she was frozen. Her limbs and brain were not on the same page. Even when she heard Erik screaming for her, Essence couldn’t move.

When her body finally carried her forward into the living room, the young girl stared down at her friend and the bloodied body on the floor.

“Daddy, wake up,” Erik cried, tapping his father’s chest, where blood oozed out onto the floor. Tears fell down Essence’s cheeks as she joined her friend.

In that moment, their lives had changed forever.

Killmonger was born.

@theunsweetenedtruth @bakarisangel @supersizemeplz @itsjustshanie @turn-thy-paige  (let me know if you want to be tagged)

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Originally posted by tanrininprezervatifi

*Part 1* *Part 2* *Part 3*  *Part 4* *Part 5*  *Part 6* *Part 7* *Part 8* *Part 9*  *Part 10*

(T’Challa x Reader)

Word Count: 5.2K

Warnings: Violence, Grief

Sitting in Shuri’s lab, you get a moment of peace as she cleans your wound and works a salve over your gash that hardens to a comfortable gel-like bandage to hold your skin in place.  

“That should do the trick.  Should’ve put that on you before.”  Shuri says, removing her environmentally safe gloves.

She hands you a canteen of water and some bread for you to eat.  “Thanks.  It probably would’ve been just fine if it wasn’t for a certain disturbance.”

“Oh yeah, life is funny that way.  And just so you know, your vitals still look good.  Everything seems normal from what I can tell.”  Shuri pushes some options on her interactive wall.

You swallow hard in surprise.  “You didn’t even hook me up into anything or poke me or anything this time!”  

Shuri smirks, looking back at you like a grandmother about to school the youth.  “(Y/N), don’t forget where you are.  Things aren’t the same here as America.  Now some poking would be nice to get a full scope but we don’t have time…”  Shuri studies her kimoyo beads, saying something under her breath as she walks away.

“Where are you going?”  You ask, finishing up your snack before you get up from the table.  The flip of your vital records disappearing from the wall in front of you as you walk over to an opening positioned right across from the falls.  The Dora Milaje have Erik in cuffs, awaiting the start and appearing as cool as ever standing in the rushing waters.  T’Challa is nowhere to be seen just yet.

“Don’t worry yourself over that.”

You turn around swiftly at the sound of a melodic voice carrying beautifully across the lab.  Donned in a green leather outfit, bantu knots crowning her youthful face.  Nakia looks as if she’s never known a day of stress in her life, floating atop all the issues of the world.

You clear your throat, feeling diminutive.  “Uh, well, I wasn’t.  I am just trying to get myself prepared for what is to happen.”

Nakia purses her lips.  “Has anyone explained the ritual that is about to take place to you?”

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*Part 1* *Part 2* *Part 3*  *Part 4* *Part 5*  *Part 6* *Part 7*  *Part 8* *Part 9*


Originally posted by dailymarvelheroes

(T’Challa x Reader)

Word Count: 4.8K

Warnings: Violence, abusive language

Your heart pounds in your chest, Erik’s grip is tight around your wrist.

“You s-shouldn’t do this.  All I gotta do is call someone and-and it’s over!.”  You say this, but your quivering voice makes this statement sound the least threatening.

Erik just grins wide, looking towards the lab.  “That’s fine.  After I kill you, ain’t nothing stopping me from taking out whoever else I can on this floor.  I got nothing to lose, what about you?”

Your mind goes from your pregnancy to T’Challa to Shuri to Queen Mother and the Dora.  Erik couldn’t take them all out without help but you didn’t want to risk one life.

“What do you want from me?”  You ask through gritted teeth.

“You’re gonna get me to see T’Challa.  He owes me, whether his ass wanna accept it or not.”

“What does he owe you?  I don’t know anything about it.”  You say, tears being to form and spill from your eyes.  

“Shut the fuck up!”  Erik says in a low hushed voice with daggers in his eyes.  “Let’s say it’s family business.  Nothing that concerns you, you just a pawn in the plan.”

Family business?  You think back to what Tavia told you, about his being T’Challa’s cousin and gunning for the throne.  

“You are T’Challa’s cousin?  Tavia isn’t making shit up?”   You ask incredulously.

Erik chuckles menacingly.  “That bitch running her mouth off to everybody again?  I told her ass about that, but she ain’t lying.”  Erik pulls his ring off his chest.  “This was passed from my grandfather to my daddy, and then to me.  I know T’Challa got one too.”

You shake your head.  “They won’t believe you.”

Erik’s grip tightens on you again.  “I don’t need them to believe me.  I just need him to meet me so we can negotiate.”

“Why should he?”

Erik laughs.  “Well let’s just say, if he don’t, your pretty ass won’t have to worry about nothing but what you’re wearing to the funeral.  I’ll decide whether it’s yours or his in a minute.”

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Request: AU: Before Zuri can explain to Erik Killmonger that he lied to him about what happened to his father, the latter man kills T’Challa in a very quick fashion, making him the BRAND NEW king of Wakanda. If Erik managed to kill T’Challa and ran his home country, what would happen if Shuri and her soon-to-be partners try to bring down the new king and free Wakanda from his tyranny?

Summary: She’s not sure if she can save her country from their tyrannical new king; she’s not even sure she can save herself.

Word Count: 2.5k

Warnings: major character death, abuse, huuuuuge AU

A/N: this one is a bit longer, and the last installment before the epilogue. I hope you like the ending! Sorry for being gone so long; classes have started. I’ve written 3 papers in two weeks, and am starting by fourth tonight so I’ll be gone for a while still. Anyways, enjoy!


|| part three ||


~ The dark isn’t so bad with a friend ~


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Request: AU: Before Zuri can explain to Erik Killmonger that he lied to him about what happened to his father, the latter man kills T’Challa in a very quick fashion, making him the BRAND NEW king of Wakanda. If Erik managed to kill T’Challa and ran his home country, what would happen if Shuri and her soon-to-be partners try to bring down the new king and free Wakanda from his tyranny?

Summary: She’s not sure if she can save her country from their tyrannical new king; she’s not even sure she can save herself.

Word Count: 1.2k

Warnings: major character death, abuse, huuuuuge AU

A/N: things fall into place. Okoye makes a plan. Nakia speaks with her love.


|| part two ||


~ She wonders if this is what hope feels like ~


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Author’s Note: I do not support relationships that are like this, but they do happen. It’s not healthy and this is written purely as a work of fiction for entertain purposes. I hope you enjoy and please let me know what you think!!! Might have typos lol Taglist open! 

Warnings: Unhealthy Relationship, Smut, Explicit Text

Inspired by: Lil Wayne: What About Us?

Catch Up Here!!! with the Masterlist 


Sidney was a good guy. Straight corporate with good investments and background knowledge. You liked him. He drive through the streets of Atlanta talking of your next trip. It was supposed to be to LA he had a conference out there and you were more excited about a get away with him than you had been in a long time.

You reach over playing in his curls. “This trip has to be amazing. I’m talking all out walk on the stars amazing.”

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Guys, Tumblr has flagged every chapter of Sacredly Scarred 😟

I’ve started to post the chapters on Wattpad but I’m letting you know now that I’m not sure if I should continue on here.

So if you want to continue Sacredly Scarred and be one of the firsts to read Sacredly Scarred 2, please follow and read on my Wattpad account @ whorderofthepheonix! I love you guys.

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House Party Series

Erik x OC, two killers build a unique relationship through their work.







I Dedicate..

Luke James x Reader, two artists meet and fall for each other. Not without a few problems along the way though.


One Shots


Erik x Reader, Through their tumultuous relationship, Erik is stuck on Y/N. 

I’m Never Wrong

Erik x Reader, An unforgettable Christmas surrounded by the ones Y/N loves most.

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A/N: Y’all I love Halloween so I have decided to some short stories for the month and they will be a part of my Hallow-Queen Madness lol and I will be taking requests. I normally don’t write this genre so be easy on me. But I would love to know what you think! 

Warnings: Might be scary. Language 


Originally posted by lincolnliminalllc

“Look I’ve told you three times don’t fucking go down this road.” Erik said rolling his eyes. He was not keen to sitting in the passenger seat, he liked the control. But it was T’Challa’s turn behind the wheel. T’Challa couldn’t operate the GPS and it would be their luck the damn signal was lost when they needed it the most.

“Nigga sit the fuck back.” T’Challa pushes Erik’s chest and shakes his head. “I got this.”

“Yeah, and we got about forty minutes off track the last time you had this, if we get lost this time… I’m beating that ass.”


The figure in the road appears to flicker, but then reappear. T’Challa notices wiping his eyes and then he sees her. A woman the color of mahogany dressed in white. He points and the closer he gets the more distraught she appears to look.

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A/N: My Back Panther muse is coming back!!! I’m so excited! Never wrote him as a gangsta before but he had me squirming writing it! So i hope you enjoy lol Taglist is open! This was highly inspired by SZA Garden lol I love this song! Please let me know what you think feedback is awesome!!

Warning: Nasty.

Black Panther Masterlist!!

Requested: Gangster!Tchalla with daddy, choking, slapping (not in the face or anything but like the rest), impregnation and praise kinks. If he can throw some money around/pay reader’s bills/spoil them that’d be great too 😭 you’re doing the lord’s work, thanks- ANON


You only had a few things to do before you needed to get to work. Pay Rent. Grocery Shop, Hair and go pick up the new purse you’d been eyeing all month. Last night had been lucrative and it was much needed. You really didn’t want to ask T’Challa for anything else, not ever since the fight. Well, disagreement.

How much power should someone who claims to be single have over your life? None was your answer, but definitely not his answer. He was dabbling in everything that didn’t have shit to do with him, all while keeping other hoes on his arm and pissing you off. Good guy your ass.

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King’s Trip (5)

T’Challa, M’Baku, Redeemed! Erik

Part 5 of 11: Everybody Mad

Length: 1.7k+ words

Warning: mild cursing.

A/N: From Rwanda to Qatar to New York to Burlington and finally to Montreal, I’ve made it back home safely only to have the honour to continue this story thread. @blublubleu​ is next and ready to take this to another level! I hope you enjoy my jet-lagged reveries. 

Chapters: (1) by @sisterwifeudaku(2) by @blackandfair  (3) by @royallyprincesslilly​  (4) by @eerythingisshaka


“Absolutely not.”


“Man that’s the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard, hell no.”

T’Challa sighed deeply.

They had wasted the previous day away doing nothing more than informing Erik on the events that had just transpired. While quite perplexed, Erik had brushed the information off quickly and instead had announced that the trio were to be headed next to a strip club.

Nakia, having been present at the time (much to the disdain of Erik) had vehemently opposed herself to the idea making T’Challa follow in suite. For the rest of the evening attitudes were caught, arguing ensued and the question “is she your mama though?” was thrown around multiple times.

It was now morning, and T’Challa wanted to do nothing more than leave the house, on his terms nonetheless.

“N’Jadaka, please just consider it for a second!” T’Challa pleaded at his cousin who was sprawled across one of the many living room couches trying to teach his gentle giant friend that COD was no child’s play.

“I, for one, think it would be an excellent idea,” chipped in Nakia who had seconds ago not been casually leaning against the door of the room the trio was in.  

“You gotta be fuckin- why is she still here?” Erik not so subtly muttered, sending a dirty look to T’Challa’s lover.

Since last night, it was clear the two had an affinity for butting heads.

“I, for one, also agree with T’Challa’s decision,” M’Baku drawled, taking his eyes off the TV screen he had been adamantly analysing and looking back at his now perplexed audience.

“Such promise of delicious food,” the Jabari tribe leader added, “sounds quite alluring at the moment.”

“Nigga, what does your cold-ass-mountain-self know about brunching?” Erik retorted before bursting in a set of ugly cackles.

T’Challa frowned at his cousin’s jab at M’Baku. All he wanted to do was leave the house, not start one of Shuri’s beloved Roast Me sessions he was sure was to follow such a comment.

“Well N’Jadaka, what does your I-will-never-be-king-self know about rightful leadership?”

The entire room froze as M’Baku uttered those words. All eyes were on Erik who seemed to shook to the core.

“So, what you’re saying, big guy, is that you tryna take this outside right?” Erik questioned eyes wide.

Confused, M’Baku glanced at Nakia and T’Challa’s weary faces before turning back to Erik.

“Do you rather have the entire neighborhood witness your defeat instead of nobly conceding inside?” M’Baku asked Erik, before turning to T’Challa.

“Does your cousin have a penchant for humiliation?”

“Alright we fighting!” declared Erik as he stood up in anticipation.

At such show of force, M’Baku stood up in response effectively towering over the Oakland native.

Foreseeing the start of another endless squabble, the silent observer that had been T’Challa had had enough.

“I didn’t come to California with you, M’Baku and you, N’Jadaka to waste the few days off I have each year, sitting around arguing and fighting! We’re going to go brunching, we’re all going to enjoy ourselves and that’s final!”

At T’Challa’s eruption, the room went silent. There was, as there usually is, much veracity to the eldest Udaku’s word; however, Erik still wasn’t having it.

“Ain’t no way I’m gonna go eat some toast and eggs when it might as well already be lunch time with some uppity, self-entitled, mediocre, “oh Tracy, there’s too much citrus in my kale salad,” white people!”

“Too much citrus in a salad made of kale is actually not problematic, but more so hoped for,” interjected M’Baku in confusion.

“N’Jadaka, don’t think about it that way,” cut off T’Challa, a pensive look on his face as he stepped towards the two other men.

If he played his cards right, T’Challa knew his cousin would be unable to refuse him: “listen cousin, if we, three extremely wealthy black men, go ahead and entertain such an activity with a level of panache: pinkies up while sipping on our mimosas while our pinky rings glisten, said white people could do nothing more, but realize that we truly are… the shit.”

As T’Challa finished his little speech, all eyes were on Erik, whose tiny grey cells seemed to be making some intense connections.

“Do you know what would really make people realize we’re the shit?” Erik finally said, successfully capturing the interest of his interlocutors, “going to a strip club and making it rain solely with hundred dollar bills!”

“And that’s my cue to leave,” uttered Nakia who decided that she was done trying go ensure these men returned to Wakanda in one piece.

“Been about time!” Erik called out after her, “you always in everybody’s business but your own, damn. You lucky you cute and T’Challa fucks with you!”

“I think she’s gone now, N’Jadaka.” M’Baku pointed out only to have Erik huff angrily at him.

At his lover’s sudden departure, T’Challa hastily made his way towards Erik, peered through the door Nakia had just exited from and exclaimed, teeth clenched “I swear to Bast N’Jadaka, we will go to your stupid strip club tonight only if we go brunching right this second!”

Finally content, Erik stood up and rubbed his small hands together, “well then let’s get going then! A nigga in the sudden mood for a mimosa or two.”

“Are matching floral shirts in order?” proposed M’Baku as he followed Erik to get ready.

“We’re going brunching, not on a couple’s retreat to Cuba!” yelled out Erik.


They were flamboyant, loud and unapologetic, all in all the perfect embodiment of black excellence as they entered their destination.

If not for M’Baku ordering such a number of vegan pancakes and T’Challa sending apologetic grins to the waiters for the boys’ somewhat unruly behaviour, the trio would have surely been kicked out of the calm and serene establishment they had sought to eat breakfast in.

And yet, laughing at another one of M’Baku’s and Erik’s antics, T’Challa couldn’t help but thank Bast for this vacation which was revealing itself to be quite enjoyable.

“Aye, Keep the mimosas coming baby girl!” yelled out Erik to Stephanie, their table’s waitress whose now scarlet cheeks could be seen from the other side of the terrace she stood at.

As his eyes scanned his surroundings under de safety on his shades, Erik couldn’t help but stop and stare at a little quaint table where the only other black people in the whole joint were seated.

As he peered a little closer, Erik couldn’t help but let out an expletive that had the nearest middle-aged white woman clutch her pearls in shock.

Quickly tapping M’Baku on the arm, Erik motioned to the table in question.

“Ain’t that Shuri over there?”

Squinting, M’Baku slowly nodded, “it would very much seem as though the little one is here, and with a boy nonetheless!”

T’Challa whose direct line of vision did not permit him from spotting his sister and her apparent date quickly tried to turn around subtly to catch his sister in the act.

“Bast!” exclaimed T’Challa, “it really is her!”

“I say we get over there, grab the boy and question him in the alley I saw not far from here.” stated M’Baku a frown gracing his face, “men from here don’t have the purest intentions,” he quickly glanced at Erik who nodded vehemently before catching the shade that had just been thrown his way.

“While M’Baku may have just outright insulted me and my lost tribe,” commented Erik, “I agree wholeheartedly with that plan. These little boys fast as hell nowadays, I don’t trust ‘em especially with my favourite cousin.”

“He looks like, how did you say, a bum.” added M’Baku.

“We can only see the back of that fool’s head but it’s way too square for that nigga to be normal” agreed Erik.

Looking between the unknown boy to Erik, M’Baku nodded vehemently.

“Both your heads are quite alike in what concerns its form so the accuracy of your previous statement seems to be astounding”

During the two men’s exchange, T’Challa found himself reflecting deeply upon the situation.

While a part of T’Challa wanted to do exactly what M’Baku had just suggested, the more rational part of him argued that Shuri deserved her privacy and her independence.

His little sister was a genius for crying out loud, T’Challa was sure she could handle herself with boys, a little date wouldn’t hurt any-

“You think they already fucking?” Erik not so quietly whispered to M’Baku as both men mean mugged Shuri’s table.

“Oh hell no!” T’Challa exclaimed as he abruptly stood up and made his way to where his sister sat, M’Baku and Erik quick to follow in tow.

“Brother, N’Jadaka, M’Baku! What a pleasant surprise,” Shuri called out as she finally noticed the three familiar determined to get to herself table.

Before taking a look at the identity of the person in Shuri’s company, T’Challa, flanked by his both M’Baku and Erik, placed both hands on each of the boy’s shoulder, locked eyes with Shuri only to utter loudly, “Are you involved in any sexual activities with my baby sister, young man?”

Eyes wide, Shuri couldn’t help but exclaim her horror.

“Brother, what the hell! You can’t be doing this, I’m a grown woman!”

“The only thing grown is the whooping you’re going to get for rendezvousing with this fool!” added Erik from the behind.

“Um Sirs, no fighting is allowed in this establishment!” declared one of the female waitresses that had, like most of the other customers, been following the exchange like it was the newest episode of Love & Afrobeats.

“Not now, Stephanie!” threw back M’Baku whose muscles anticipated quite an entertaining fight.

Now the fool in question, had frozen under T’Challa’s strong grasp, refusing to leave his eyes from Shuri, in the hopes she would be his saving grace.

“T’Challa,” M’Baku called out, “let the boy go and let him face us like the man we know he isn’t!”

Nodding as he did just so, the eldest Udaku followed up by his two loyal musketeers, couldn’t help let his jaw drop as the boy in question stood up and turned around to face the trio.

Bast were they not going to hear the end of this.

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