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#black panther fanart

“People often ask, ‘What is Black Panther? What is his power?’ And they have a misconception that he only has power through his suit,” says Chadwick Boseman.

“The character is existing with power inside power"

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This isn’t the MCU Black Panther, however i made this thinking deeply about Chadwick Boseman’s passing and the impact his work and passion has on the world. It’s a great loss but if anything is clear by these days of grief, is that his legacy will live on countless young kind people. He rests with the old kings now.

This concept was a mix between Mr. Bian Stelfreeze’s design on the current Black Panther comics and the suit from “Urban Jungle”, there’s algo inspiration from a work Rafa Grassetti published a few days ago on his instagram and YouTube Channel.
Sculpted in ZBrush, rendered in Blender.

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Switched to working on a tribute to King T’challa. I only just got started on it. It’s a hard piece to work on for a long time, because doing it makes me sad.

Boseman’s passing is a tragedy, but he left behind an amazing legacy, having brought to life on the big screen some incredibly important roles. Black Panther is my favorite move in the MCU and I know it inspired a lot of people. 

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