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#black panther fandom

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Characters: Erik Stevens x black!reader

Summary: Erik takes the reader to the shooting range and learns some interesting things.

Warnings: Language, a dash a violence, Fuckboi!Erik but mostly softboi!Erik, and mentions of smut

A/N: I’m loving this series, so I hope y’all enjoy!


Hanging out with Erik was a total shock. Back home you were used to people talking shit by dressing it up and making it seem like a compliment, but Erik, but Erik Stevens didn’t have no trouble speaking his mind.

If he didn’t like an idea you had for work it wasn’t a ‘Oh, it could be better.’ It was a ‘Texas, that shit fucking sucks. If you wanna beat them colonizers you need something better. Wake me up when you have something better.’

He had no filter on some of your outfits. “Y/N/N stop dressing like you about to go to the hoe down! This is New York City, dress like it!”

Sometimes you wanted to gouge his eyes out, but then you remembered whenever one of your coworkers insulted you, you didn’t break down and cry in the restroom, because Erik was already thickening your skin. You even found yourself snapping back at your coworkers when they tried you.

Then the self-defense training was a whole another beast! Erik was ruthless.  He trained you like you were gonna join the ghost operation, he was a part of in the Navy. It didn’t matter if you just threw up, your ass better be ready, his words, not yours.

Also, it was pure torture, but not because of the physical pain. It was because somehow someway Erik always ended up naked. His raised scars were a little jarring at first, but once you got used to them, it added to his appeal.

Erik was an Adonis, a Greek statute in the living flesh. Half of the time you got knocked on your ass because you were too busy gawking at his body. Sometimes it felt like he knew you were staring because he would just smirk at you.

And then those damn gym shorts he’d be wearing, do nothing to hide his dick print. And what you could tell from it was that it was nothing to play with.

Today he was teaching you a new lesson: how to shoot. Little did he know that you had expert marksmanship. Daddy-daughter bonding with your dad was spent hunting, fishing, and shooting. Erik Stevens was in for a surprise.

“Texas, you need to keep your legs shoulder width apart and keep your feet planted,” Erik instructed, sticking his leg in between yours, forcing you into the stance.

Having him this dangerously close to you made you tremble. His scent was intoxicating and having his hard body pressed against you made you want to lean back into him and stay there.

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Hi I'm sorry to bother you but I saw others asking and thought you might know where I can find this fix I've been searching high and low for. It's Tchalla and Okoye I think and she has a son but then the snap happens. That's

Hey!!! Don’t apology for bothering me! I want y’all to! I sure do know this story!!

By the very good sis @brownsugarcocoabutterwildflowers 😘

It’a all in order for you☺️

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Characters: Erik x black!reader

Summary: Erik promises to help the reader navigate New York.

Request: “Country Girl goes to New York and meets a tough guy New Yorker who teaches her the ropes and then they get together”

Requested by @nervouspetsonanime


With a lot on your mind, you set your purse down on the table and went to refill your drink. The stress of the workday was getting to you and you were only midway through it. Before you went back to work you had to figure out a way to deal with some of your shady coworkers.

Making your way back to your booth, you saw two men standing there arguing. You were hesitant to go back and was about to find a new seat to avoid the scene but then you remembered your purse.

“Man, I’m telling you put that shit back or we gonna have a real problem here,” you heard, getting closer to the two.

“How about you mind your business?” The other guy asked, moving his arm behind his back. That’s when you noticed he had your purse in his hand. The dread head was trying to get this thief to put down your purse.

Noticing movement near him, your savior turned to you. Pointing to your bag, he asked, “Aye, lil mama is that your bag?”

Your mind short-circuited for a moment because of this man. He was so damn sexy. Tall, dark, and thick just like you liked em. He sorta reminded you of the guys back home except for the Oakland accent.

Finally, gathering your bearings you answered the man. “Yeah, that’s my bag and I don’t know why it’s in his hand.”

The Good Samaritan stared down the potential thief and pulled up his shirt to reveal his gun and v-cut you couldn’t keep your eyes off of. “You got 10 seconds to figure out if that purse is worth a hospital bill.”

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AN: OK so I’m kind of in love with this fic like hardcore love it. But like y'all I had to write a toxic Erik it just felt like the right thing to do. SORRY! Like always big ups to: @chaneajoyyy for da proof read!

Summary: A relationship that’s dragged on and off for years has come to it’s peaking point.

Pairing: Toxic Erik x reader

Warnings: cussing, threatens of killing, yk the normal Erik shit

Word count: 1,843

Suggested listening: So Gone (What My Mind Says) - Jill Scott  

“C’mon bring ya ass outside Y/N this is your last warning.”

“Erik please can we just talk about this over the phone we don’t need to be face to face.”

“Y/N you know I have no problem killing that punk ass nigga that’s in there with you, I suggest you get you shit and come outside right now before it gets bloody.” 

“Fuck” you hissed. You knew Erik wasn’t playing around about what he said. You grabbed your purse and jacket and opened the front door.

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Part II


Originally posted by hexzell

A/N: Heyyyyyy my babies!!!! I’m just working through these submissions! The lovely @loveeeeandaffection​ requested a prequel of sorts for Work Boo, and I am here to deliver!! Check out her page, she writes for the fandom as well, and is suuuuch a huge supporter of my own work! As always thank you all for reading, please submit any requests or ideas if you have them and let me know if you wanna be tagged personally!

Pairing: Erik Stevens x Thick Black Reader

“Y/L/N, Broderick will see you in his office now.”

Chewing the inside of your cheek, your heavy boots pad on the tiled floor to the end of the hallway where your boss’s office was. His secretary, Janet, eyed you suspiciously as you passed her desk, smirking evilly as if she was privy to information that you weren’t just yet. Fuck her, you never liked that bitch. You and Broderick had a very contentious relationship, and you were hardly ever brought in unless there was urgent intel or instructions that could only be relayed in person. This was about your last job, you just knew it.

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SO LADS what if I. Did us a favor. Because yall know tumblr has banned porn and graphic content on the site WHICH lead to a lot of my black panther moodboards that we love getting blocked!!! from our beautiful view. If some of you or ANY of you would like to see them again I may be willing to recreate the wounded soldiers we lost and post them again. Because at this point they go to waste!! Never to be seen again. Reblog / reply to this if you wanna see some of our fav moodboards back on here for consumption with a little different pictures here and there ❤

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Many of you may have seen the fuckery over on Twitter regarding a Black man and white woman, both New York Times film critics attacking the looks of Blue Ivy Carter because she has her father’s features. Wide nose, full lips, you know…that black shit.


Also, Ari Lennox and Teyana Taylor were compared to rottweilers, and Ari tearfully went online to ask why Black Women are hated so much by Black men and the non-Black women and Black Pick Me’s who co-sign it.

I was supposed to be writing my new updates, but I have to admit I had to take a day-long non-writing break just to feel all my feelings of hurt for Black women and girls. The reason why I write BP fanfiction is that I want to see Black women be loved up and to share in the joy which was the Black Panther movie that showed the world all the variety of beautiful Black people (in particular brown and darker-skinned Black people) from the diaspora. It’s also the reason why I will be moving into indie publishing and putting out my own contemporary erotic romances soon.

I just wanted to share an oldie but a goodie Bell Hooks book that I’ve read many times (especially during my university days of Black Studies and women’s studies).

We often talk about self-hate in the Black community when it has to navigate white supremacy globally and anti-blackness and misogynoir on the daily, but I wanted to share this book in case some of you wanted a good read. It came out many years ago, but many of the essays still address what is happening still, especially to Blue Ivy, Ari Lennox, and Teyana Taylor.

Poured myself some wine, and will be doing some writing later tonight. New “Wet Sugar” update will be up either later tomorrow, or Saturday. Just needed time to ponder the misogynoir out here in these Twitter streets and lick my wounds.

And because I never want to assume, here is a link that talks about misogynoir here.

Anyhoo, hope everyone survived New Years’. May Black Women prosper everywhere…

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Author’s Note: Once again I’m posting an old story that got deleted when they deleted my old account. Hope you like this one. I will finally post the second part when I finish it. 
Erik Killmonger x Black!Reader; Warning this contain so soft boy Erik. Don’t ask me why but I just thought about that final scene with him and T’Challa and he just seemed so soft and vulnerable and like he just wanted a big fucking hug and maybe an “i love you”.

Summary: You lived across the hall from Erik. You stood by his side since before his father died and you intend to stay by his side until the very end. You don’t know what exactly that will entail. (Part ½)

You remember the day that his father died. Your mother spoke to the police as they pulled the body out of the apartment building. You sat with him there, listening to the sound of police sirens and murmuring from the police.

“Fucking claw marks?”

“Probably a gangbanger or some shit, Bobby. You know usual project shit.”

“But fucking claw marks?”

“Maybe he was involved in some drugs? You know crackheads can be crazy.”

Erik gripped your hand then, so fucking tight that you were sure your hand was going to turn blue. He turned to you, tears gathering in those big brown eyes of his, the tracks of previous tears still not dry on his face. His eyes were burning hot. You gripped his hand back. You didn’t want him to get up and go start shit with the cops. That never ended well. His lip curled.

“He was no drug runner or nothin’. Y/N, you have to believe me,” he said. He was all fire on the inside, but his voice was still small and young and you were suddenly hit with the enormity of his situation. Young and lost in the world with no guide. He had no parents and you had your mother. Tears almost gathered in your eyes as you remembered Erik’s father. He was a good man and so nice. He would always tell you the best stories and he was so kind with the way he treated Erik. If you knew your father, you wished he was like Erik’s dad. But now he was dead. You nodded squeezing his hand twice.

“I know.”

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Soooo I made a BP fanfic writers group chat? Do you think anyone would want to be in it? Like I dont want to just add people because that might be rude. I dont wanna make it weird for anyone lol

I think so!! I think a lot people’s reactions to this new update is a bit of shock cause depending on the type of gc people create and depending on how epersonal it is, is public even though it’s invite only and I’m not seeing options to make it private. Especially if the gc is gonna be personal. I think it would be a great idea! It can even bring out new writers who may be afraid to share their work. Cause ideas can be bounced off each other, if a writer is in a funk with where they’re at on a story, help is there, share resources, ask advice, etc. But I definitely get it! You wanna make sure writers would want to be apart of it.

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Um I know this is for fics, but maybe can I get help? I wanted to show my older sister that one meme with the pitbull saying the "I found my daddy with panther claws" line because it's so freaking funny

Hey it’s all good! You came to the right place!!!😘! With some help of my friends on here/GC I found the meme! I am threw my damn self🙈🙈😭!!

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Prince N'Jobu Udaku is the second son in line for the throne of Wakanda. While his older brother T'Chaka is being groomed to take on the mantle of King and lead their nation as the Black Panther, N'Jobu is being groomed to become the Ambassador of Wakanda. While completing his Masters in Political Science in the United States, he meets the woman who becomes the mother of his secret son, Erik N'Jadaka Stevens-Udaku, and inspires his radicalization in helping Black people globally when he becomes a War Dog in Oakland. This eventually leads to tragic results for himself and the future of Wakanda when he has to hide his son Erik, and Erik’s mother in plain sight.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

Chapter 16

Chapter 17

Chapter 18

Chapter 19

Chapter 20

Chapter 21

Chapter 22

Chapter 23

Chapter 24

Chapter 25

Chapter 26

Chapter 27

Chapter 28

Chapter 29

Chapter 30

Find “Black Boys Bloom Thorns First: Volume 2″ here.

Uzumaki-Rebellion Masterlist Here.

A.N.: The title of the series is taken from the song “Brown Boy” by Ursula Rucker:

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Hey Black Panther Fandom!

Care to explain this?


Why are we pairing real people with the characters they portray? I came across this relationship tag while cross-posting one of my other WIPs. Nearly jumped out of my skin.

This screams “fetishization”.

This is not discourse. Just a simple, what’s going on and why are we allowing this?


Originally posted by fragilefiller

I know I’ve written some snippets in the past where characters cross paths with actors who portray them, and I’ve read many cool fanfics within the past year where similar concepts are explored.

But the snapshot you see above? Not the best way to go about doing it. IJS.💯

While it’s entirely okay to write RPF on AO3, it will always come down to how it’s done. I’m trying to scratch this off, but if Tumblr ain’t drunk and you see this, discuss.


Originally posted by missmarvxl

Perhaps I’m just going off, but honestly…


Originally posted by wifin-niggaz


Originally posted by mcufam


Originally posted by chadstahelski


Originally posted by wifin-niggaz


Originally posted by fyeahmarvel


Originally posted by heart-span


Originally posted by wifin-niggaz

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I’m 19 and still a virgin. Dated a few times with cute guys but what has me still shook and dreaming is my first kiss. That was when I was 18. In a discobar and he was 27 and looked a lot like Chadwick Boseman. I realised that later. But he was so sweet and careful. I really hope to meet such a guy later ❤️

First of all! I wanna go to a Discobar!!!! Like damn. And secondly that shit is sweet as hell!!!

I’m shipping you with a T’Challa


Originally posted by royallyprincesslilly

He’s a sweetheart at heart even though he has some petty ass moments. He’d make sure you and him had a genuine good time so you wouldn’t have to dream of that first kiss but get it every morning/afternoon and night

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Alrighty sis idk what type of dirty secret to tell like an actual dirty one or one about me so you getting both! So my dirtiest secret is I cheated on my bf in my longest relationship I ever had (3 years) & I low key think I’m still reaping that karma til this day. And just a random dirty secret of mine is I always go for boys who literally do not want me // borderline cant stand me & idk why I cant just go for guys that like me 😭😭 also can my ship pls be Black Panther (Ive never seen Vikings)

Yesss they can be Black Panther! Where is this fandom at 🙈😂 I’ve been waiting on y’all!

Sisss we got the same problem!! When I was younger I had this guy I was in love with that literally only wanted to be around me to fuck. You’ll grow out of it!!! Self worth is something I had to learn! Now if you don’t want me you can suck a dick, I’m fine af… somebody else would be glad to have me 😂😂😂

I’m shipping you twice!!!! First with Erik!


Originally posted by male-model-gif

A relationship with him would be toxic. I’m just saying he killed homegirl with an apology. This kind of man is destined to come in your life at some point. Fine af, messing up all your emotions!!! Coming back to you when your edges in line and you spiritually attuned and then making you addicted to dick and bad personality.

But then a few years later, after some healing and self growth… I’m shipping you with M’Baku


Originally posted by jamesvega

This Sexy ass man would be all about you first and he’d be sure you knew it. He’s a pamperer and he’d make you feel wanted and I’m certain you’d want him back.

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