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It’s…complicated II
With her plus one for tonight’s banquet solidified, Ayanna followed the mass of commuters into the express train, grateful to snag a seat.
Resting her dogs, she candidly mapped out a set of plans to turn herself from rags to riches in a matter of hours.
When the express pulled into the 125th street train station platform, Ayanna was out the doors in a hurry, freely descending up the steps in her New Balance sneakers that she’d managed to swap out with her Mary Jane’s.
“Why hello, Ms. Pierce.” Her landlord greeted her. 
“Hello, Ms. Rosie.”
Parked on top of the first few steps with her walking cane in hand, Ms. Rosie craned her neck up at Ayanna with a puff of smoke trailing out her mouth, “In a rush?”
“Kind of…”
Renting out a quaint, two bedroom apartment in the heart of Harlem wasn’t quite what Ayanna expected it to be but, nonetheless, she was grateful to have a place to call her own.
Throwing her purse along with the shopping bags down, Ayanna kicked off her New Balances, sending each sneaker flying in separate corners of the living room.
Her work clothes were the next pieces to be strewn across her apartment as she hightailed into the bathroom.
The anxiety that berated her body was temporarily inhibited by the warm sprinkling water, massaging the soreness that throbbed amidst her lower back.
The idea of seeing my T’Challa tonight got Ayanna all worked up. 
Slipping two fingers between my legs, she stroked the sensitive bead of flesh within her core at a slow pace. 
‘I had no business pleasing myself with such little time on my hands, especially one that was already spoken for.’ Ayanna chastised herself. But self satisfaction was the best endorphin to calm her apprehension about tonight’s festivities.
Getting carried away, Ayanna massaged her breast with her free hand, right before she brought herself to the peak.
Coming down from the quick high of a release, she twisted the nozzle of her shower head and stepped out.
Draping her bathrobe over her body, Ayanna scampered into the living room to collect the shopping bags that nearly rendered her bank account into the negatives.
Laid out across her bed was the sexy red silhouette Valentino gown, accompanied with black peep toe stiletto sandals from Zara, which Carla urged her not to buy. ‘This woman must think I have a bevy of sugar daddies to fill up my bank account with coins.’
All equipped in her gown, heels, and matching velvet clutch, Ayanna opted to slick her hair up into a high top bun. 
There was only one more thing left…
Hustling through the revolving doors of Macy’s, Ayanna trotted off into the makeup department.
“Help me, I’m basic.” Ayanna whined, throwing herself over the glass counter dramatically.
“Ho, sit down.” Her roommate Ravyn, waved her over to a seat across from her makeup booth.
“You are a lifesaver.” 
“No need to kiss my ass girl, just sit so we can get started.”
Ravyn was a true artist in the world of makeup. So Ayanna knew her wondrous hands would work it’s magic.
Resting her chin on her hands, Ayanna leaned over the glass counter that distributed an array of designer makeup, and let Ravyn beat her face.
The buzzing of her iPhone, along with the brief text message from Erik,
‘Where you at?,’
Broke the tranquility of being pampered.
“Hmmph, let me find out.” Ravyn’s saucy voice rang as she tilted Ayanna’s head to get a better angle.
“It is not even like that, he is just my plus one for tonight.” She affirmed, gripping her phone with both hands as Ayanna replied to Erik’s message.
“Now why would you go ahead and do that?” Ravyn countered, smoothing out the base of Ayanna’s foundation. 
“I couldn’t think of anyone who would be available in such short notic–.”
“Yea, keep telling yourself that.” 
“What is that supposed to mean?”
Squinting her eyes at Ayanna skeptically, Ravyn pursed her lips. “You can keep it 100 with me Ayanna, Erik I were just fuck buddies.”
“Oh gosh here we go again. Erik and I go way back since, M.I.T. I told you this from the first day he helped me move into our apartment.” 
“I just don’t understand how you could be around a man that fine for that long and not once get the dic–”
“I know Erik has the ability to pry any woman’s panties off at the wink of an eye, I’ve had the misfortune of witnessing it a time or two, but I pride myself on my strong will to maintain my dignity.”
“Well I’ll remain undignified, the dick was bomb.” Ravyn boasted.
“Congratulations for adding yourself as another notch on his bedpost.”
“Girl, and how is saving yourself for the right man, treating you?”
“Very well I might add.”
“The lies.” Ravyn brushed her off.
Allowing the busy noises of Macy’s to filter out her badgering nerves Ayanna slipped in a lil cat nap, enjoying the strokes of Ravyn’s brush against her face.
The frequent buzzing of her iPhone rattling over the counter caused her to pop one eye open to view her messages from, Erik
I’m outside
You still ain’t done?
“That’s my cue, Ray.” I’ll text you when I’m heading home.
“Don’t bother get you some dick, preferable rated E dick,” a nickname Ravyn conjured up for Erik, causing Ayanna to gag instinctively. 
“I don’t do sloppy seconds, or thirds or fourths. I can’t even keep count of his hoes, but anyway…thanks for the beat face.” Ayanna smooched her lips, waving away as Ravyn gave her the finger.
Her gleeful exterior didn’t last for long once she made it past the threshold of the Macy’s revolving doors.
She couldn’t even hold back her irritation as she eyed Erik’s attire. “I can’t believe you!” Ayanna squeaked. 
Eyeing his sherpa lined jacket, African beaded necklace, down to his white tee, baggy trousers, and his infamous combat boots.
“What?” He coaxed taking one last pull of his blunt before he flung it aside.
“I told you it was a black tie event.”
“I’m black and I couldn’t find my tie”
Screeching in horror as she stomped over the pavement, Ayanna paced before Erik. “Go in there and get a suit.” She demanded.
“You must not want me to be your plus one after all.” Erik laughed.
“I can’t believe you would do this to me.”
“Did you forget who I am?”
“No, but I thought you would do me this one solid.”
“With no pussy in return, nah.”
“You said I could cook and clean instead.
“I said for a month and you talking about two weeks.”
“Well you can forget I even agreed to that.” Ayanna growled, retrieving her phone from her clutch to request an Uber.
Ten minutes later, Ayanna was sitting in the Uber en route to Lincoln Center, she drew her attention outside the passenger side window. Unable to even look at Erik sitting beside her in the back seat.
“This is your stop.” The driver announced. 
Ayanna’s nerves were back with a vengeance, making her perspire profusely. Even if her plus one looked and smelled like an extra from a Kendrick Lamar video she was thankful for Carla’s choice of a gown. The sheer material easily masks any signs of sweat.
‘Sorry, not gonna make it, something came up.’
This night just couldn’t get any worse, Ayanna whined, crumpling her iPhone in her hand, eyes scorching the text message, right as they coasted out the elevator.
Her disdain mounted. 
This bitch had some nerve, after she pushed me to attend the banquet, and her ass decided to leave me to fend for myself.
The rest of the night Ayanna was stuck trying to blend in with the swarm of white faces in their tailored suits attached to women adorning those infamous red soled shoes that she could only dream of owning.
She sipped on a flute glass of champagne, railing as she scanned the room of high profile degrees, and six-figure salaries, trying to mask her discomfort from the smugness in the room.
Carla crossed her mind a few times during the night and Ayanna made it a point to leave her with a few harsh words before the night was up. Shrugging off those thoughts, Ayanna became instantly sick to her stomach at the sight of two modelesque attendees draped across Erik’s arms like his finest accessory. His little stunt annoyed Ayanna to no end.
She glared at him as he walked around the ballroom, eating up all the attention he procured from the bourgeois from his unconventional attire. Erik loved nothing more than to make white people uncomfortable. She should have known he wouldn’t miss an opportunity to make some sort of racial-political statement in front of New York’s elite.
With the sound of silverware tapping against a champagne glass, Philip Coulson descended onto the brightly lit stage, grasping the mic before he made his proper speech, announcing the total donations that have been offered for the evening.
Thankfully, the food was the only satisfying piece of the event. 
“Excuse me.” 
Seeing T’Challa over her shoulder released all the tension in her body.
“May I have this dance?” He asked.
“You look absolutely beautiful by the way.” 
Ayanna smiled coyly.
His hand settled firmly at the small of her back, drawing their bodies closer, she could have fainted with the close proximity.
She shifted awkwardly across the dance floor as she tried to let T’Challa lead.
“Enjoying the event?” His voice resonated over Ayanna, riling up her anxiety.
“Uh…it’s nice.” Really bitch? Pinocchio is a better liar. Her inner cynic bantered.
His gaze studied her profile, but she pretended not to notice.
“You don’t have to lie, these banquets are kind of stiff and boring.” T’Challa’s voice lulled her back in with a hint of mirth.
Ayanna squinted at T’Challa, questioning his response. She managed to smile when his devilish laughter followed right after.
“To be honest, I’m not used to attending…an event this…extravagant.” She admitted
“I’m kind of jealous, I wish I never had to attend any of these things, ever again.”
Ayanna glanced at T’Challa trying to read him, but his buoyant grin seemed sincere.
“Then why even go if you’d rather not be at these events?”
“Okoye…my general says these events are detrimental for our induction into society.” He responded swiftly. It wasn’t so long ago when the secretive nation finally revealed it’s true riches and technological advances to the rest of the world.
“It must be nice to always have protection.” Ayanna looked around the ballroom, noticing T’Challa’s bodyguards dressed in fine armory, eyeing them intently.
“Some Days it is.” He chuckled.
Once the band transitioned into another song, Ayanna’s attention would bounce back and forth between T’Challa and Erik who was much too comfortable with some new voluptuous bronzed prize.
“So…I see my cousin has caught your attention.” T’Challa chuckled.
The revelation captivated Ayanna. 
“Your cousin?” Something instantly shifted in his demeanor, overcasting his keen disposition with eager curiosity.
Ayanna studied the way T’Challa’s lips pulled at the side, forming into a slight smirk. 
She bit her lip nervously, ashamed that she had been caught.
Checking on Erik once more out of habit, Ayanna noticed him slithering out of the arch of the entryway, cradling two woman of interest underneath the cusp of his broad arms. 
“Yes, his father N'Jobu and my father T’Chaka were brothers.”
Ayanna jerked to a halt at T’Challa’s revelation. She knew Erik to be a very private person, but the cryptic pieces of his past he shared with her always pointed her to the conclusion that Erik was an orphan. 
“I feel like you’d rather be somewhere else.” T’Challa whispered closely against her ear.
“Uh—” Ayanna muttered, silenced by the feeling of T’Challa’s baited breath brushing against her jawline.
“I just need a moment.” Ayanna began, raising the hem of her gown before she bolted towards the exit in search of Erik.

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A/N: I’m posting this from my phone sorry for the formatting error and shit.

You sat on the porch of Eriks cabin tears flowing down your cheek, you were wrapped in his sweatshirt and a pair of nike shorts. Fuck was it cold and you regretted storming out on him without grabbing a sweatpants. And why did you have to be wearing HIS sweatshirt, his scent enveloped your senses which only made you cry more. This isn’t right you told yourself, this isn’t healthy this isn’t how relationships hare supposed to make you feel. The creak of the screen door snapped you out of your trance and you didn’t even have to turn around to know it was Erik. He walked out and sat down next to you, noticing your shivering body he pulled you closer to him wrapping his arm around your shoulder. You leaned your head against his chest and he let out a sigh.

“This isn’t good for us Erik.” You said between sniffles.

“I love you”

“We can’t keep doing this.”

“I love you”

“I don’t feel like it!”

“What do you mean you don’t feel like it?” Erik pulled you off his chest and forced you to look at him.

“I hate the way you make me feel Erik! This isn’t healthy I-I shouldn’t keep coming back to you after what you do to me. It hurts Erik! It hurts!”

“Y/N you’re just drunk you don’t know what you’re talking about” Erik rolled his eyes at your words not paying you any attention.

You stood up and looked at him.

“We need to break up erik. We need to end this now.. we need a break.”

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SO LADS what if I. Did us a favor. Because yall know tumblr has banned porn and graphic content on the site WHICH lead to a lot of my black panther moodboards that we love getting blocked!!! from our beautiful view. If some of you or ANY of you would like to see them again I may be willing to recreate the wounded soldiers we lost and post them again. Because at this point they go to waste!! Never to be seen again. Reblog / reply to this if you wanna see some of our fav moodboards back on here for consumption with a little different pictures here and there ❤

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Many of you may have seen the fuckery over on Twitter regarding a Black man and white woman, both New York Times film critics attacking the looks of Blue Ivy Carter because she has her father’s features. Wide nose, full lips, you know…that black shit.


Also, Ari Lennox and Teyana Taylor were compared to rottweilers, and Ari tearfully went online to ask why Black Women are hated so much by Black men and the non-Black women and Black Pick Me’s who co-sign it.

I was supposed to be writing my new updates, but I have to admit I had to take a day-long non-writing break just to feel all my feelings of hurt for Black women and girls. The reason why I write BP fanfiction is that I want to see Black women be loved up and to share in the joy which was the Black Panther movie that showed the world all the variety of beautiful Black people (in particular brown and darker-skinned Black people) from the diaspora. It’s also the reason why I will be moving into indie publishing and putting out my own contemporary erotic romances soon.

I just wanted to share an oldie but a goodie Bell Hooks book that I’ve read many times (especially during my university days of Black Studies and women’s studies).

We often talk about self-hate in the Black community when it has to navigate white supremacy globally and anti-blackness and misogynoir on the daily, but I wanted to share this book in case some of you wanted a good read. It came out many years ago, but many of the essays still address what is happening still, especially to Blue Ivy, Ari Lennox, and Teyana Taylor.

Poured myself some wine, and will be doing some writing later tonight. New “Wet Sugar” update will be up either later tomorrow, or Saturday. Just needed time to ponder the misogynoir out here in these Twitter streets and lick my wounds.

And because I never want to assume, here is a link that talks about misogynoir here.

Anyhoo, hope everyone survived New Years’. May Black Women prosper everywhere…

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Author’s Note: Once again I’m posting an old story that got deleted when they deleted my old account. Hope you like this one. I will finally post the second part when I finish it. 
Erik Killmonger x Black!Reader; Warning this contain so soft boy Erik. Don’t ask me why but I just thought about that final scene with him and T’Challa and he just seemed so soft and vulnerable and like he just wanted a big fucking hug and maybe an “i love you”.

Summary: You lived across the hall from Erik. You stood by his side since before his father died and you intend to stay by his side until the very end. You don’t know what exactly that will entail. (Part ½)

You remember the day that his father died. Your mother spoke to the police as they pulled the body out of the apartment building. You sat with him there, listening to the sound of police sirens and murmuring from the police.

“Fucking claw marks?”

“Probably a gangbanger or some shit, Bobby. You know usual project shit.”

“But fucking claw marks?”

“Maybe he was involved in some drugs? You know crackheads can be crazy.”

Erik gripped your hand then, so fucking tight that you were sure your hand was going to turn blue. He turned to you, tears gathering in those big brown eyes of his, the tracks of previous tears still not dry on his face. His eyes were burning hot. You gripped his hand back. You didn’t want him to get up and go start shit with the cops. That never ended well. His lip curled.

“He was no drug runner or nothin’. Y/N, you have to believe me,” he said. He was all fire on the inside, but his voice was still small and young and you were suddenly hit with the enormity of his situation. Young and lost in the world with no guide. He had no parents and you had your mother. Tears almost gathered in your eyes as you remembered Erik’s father. He was a good man and so nice. He would always tell you the best stories and he was so kind with the way he treated Erik. If you knew your father, you wished he was like Erik’s dad. But now he was dead. You nodded squeezing his hand twice.

“I know.”

Keep reading

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I think so!! I think a lot people’s reactions to this new update is a bit of shock cause depending on the type of gc people create and depending on how epersonal it is, is public even though it’s invite only and I’m not seeing options to make it private. Especially if the gc is gonna be personal. I think it would be a great idea! It can even bring out new writers who may be afraid to share their work. Cause ideas can be bounced off each other, if a writer is in a funk with where they’re at on a story, help is there, share resources, ask advice, etc. But I definitely get it! You wanna make sure writers would want to be apart of it.

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Prince N'Jobu Udaku is the second son in line for the throne of Wakanda. While his older brother T'Chaka is being groomed to take on the mantle of King and lead their nation as the Black Panther, N'Jobu is being groomed to become the Ambassador of Wakanda. While completing his Masters in Political Science in the United States, he meets the woman who becomes the mother of his secret son, Erik N'Jadaka Stevens-Udaku, and inspires his radicalization in helping Black people globally when he becomes a War Dog in Oakland. This eventually leads to tragic results for himself and the future of Wakanda when he has to hide his son Erik, and Erik’s mother in plain sight.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

Chapter 16

Chapter 17

Chapter 18

Chapter 19

Chapter 20

Chapter 21

Chapter 22

Chapter 23

Chapter 24

Chapter 25

Chapter 26

Chapter 27

Chapter 28

Chapter 29

Chapter 30

Find “Black Boys Bloom Thorns First: Volume 2″ here.

Uzumaki-Rebellion Masterlist Here.

A.N.: The title of the series is taken from the song “Brown Boy” by Ursula Rucker:

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Hey Black Panther Fandom!

Care to explain this?


Why are we pairing real people with the characters they portray? I came across this relationship tag while cross-posting one of my other WIPs. Nearly jumped out of my skin.

This screams “fetishization”.

This is not discourse. Just a simple, what’s going on and why are we allowing this?


Originally posted by fragilefiller

I know I’ve written some snippets in the past where characters cross paths with actors who portray them, and I’ve read many cool fanfics within the past year where similar concepts are explored.

But the snapshot you see above? Not the best way to go about doing it. IJS.💯

While it’s entirely okay to write RPF on AO3, it will always come down to how it’s done. I’m trying to scratch this off, but if Tumblr ain’t drunk and you see this, discuss.


Originally posted by missmarvxl

Perhaps I’m just going off, but honestly…


Originally posted by wifin-niggaz


Originally posted by mcufam


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Originally posted by heart-span


Originally posted by wifin-niggaz

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I’m 19 and still a virgin. Dated a few times with cute guys but what has me still shook and dreaming is my first kiss. That was when I was 18. In a discobar and he was 27 and looked a lot like Chadwick Boseman. I realised that later. But he was so sweet and careful. I really hope to meet such a guy later ❤️

First of all! I wanna go to a Discobar!!!! Like damn. And secondly that shit is sweet as hell!!!

I’m shipping you with a T’Challa


Originally posted by royallyprincesslilly

He’s a sweetheart at heart even though he has some petty ass moments. He’d make sure you and him had a genuine good time so you wouldn’t have to dream of that first kiss but get it every morning/afternoon and night

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Alrighty sis idk what type of dirty secret to tell like an actual dirty one or one about me so you getting both! So my dirtiest secret is I cheated on my bf in my longest relationship I ever had (3 years) & I low key think I’m still reaping that karma til this day. And just a random dirty secret of mine is I always go for boys who literally do not want me // borderline cant stand me & idk why I cant just go for guys that like me 😭😭 also can my ship pls be Black Panther (Ive never seen Vikings)

Yesss they can be Black Panther! Where is this fandom at 🙈😂 I’ve been waiting on y’all!

Sisss we got the same problem!! When I was younger I had this guy I was in love with that literally only wanted to be around me to fuck. You’ll grow out of it!!! Self worth is something I had to learn! Now if you don’t want me you can suck a dick, I’m fine af… somebody else would be glad to have me 😂😂😂

I’m shipping you twice!!!! First with Erik!


Originally posted by male-model-gif

A relationship with him would be toxic. I’m just saying he killed homegirl with an apology. This kind of man is destined to come in your life at some point. Fine af, messing up all your emotions!!! Coming back to you when your edges in line and you spiritually attuned and then making you addicted to dick and bad personality.

But then a few years later, after some healing and self growth… I’m shipping you with M’Baku


Originally posted by jamesvega

This Sexy ass man would be all about you first and he’d be sure you knew it. He’s a pamperer and he’d make you feel wanted and I’m certain you’d want him back.

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I post my work and I either get overlooked, ignored or put in the “to be read” tags. Why do I even try tbh. I this is why I hate putting my heart and soul into shit. I’m useless as fuck. Anyways lemme get back to my trash life life and go tend to my hyperactive thyroid and my erratic heart rate.


Originally posted by adventurelandia

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Silent Treatment: Black Panther Headcannons

Author’s Note: thanks for the request anon!! Taglist open And if you want to be removed let me know and requests are open! Happy Reading. ❤️ Warnings: None.




Originally posted by asgardodinsons

  • It started off with only you being silent but T’Challa has a streak of being petty, he doesn’t care if you talk to him or not in the beginning.
  • The silent treatment would start with stare offs with you and him at breakfast. “King T’Challa, Queen Y/N breakfast is served.” The servant would place the food down in front of the both of you and instead of asking to pass something it would lead to you two walking to get what you want
  • T’Challa’s face would give away exactly what he meant. “Could you prepare a separate sleeping quarter for the King tonight? He didn’t sleep well.” You’d smile softly as she returns. Tchalla’s face:

Originally posted by wifin-niggaz

  • T’Challa will subtly start to make things up with you but he knows you won’t break easily. He’s still not breaking the silent treatment first.
  • He’d place flowers on your bed. Walk with you even though you aren’t talking to him, touch your hand by grazing your finger tips down the palm of your hand
  • At night once he’s heading to the separate bed you had set up for him he’d break though. “Why must we sleep alone? Hmm? Is not hearing your voice utter my name a single time for the day not enough of a punishment for whatever it is you believe I have done wrong?”
  • “You don’t know even know why I’m mad?” “You haven’t made it that easy? To figure out?” Her shrug. “But I surrender, I am coming to bed.”
  • You don’t fight him only wait for him to join you in the bed so you can have a good night sleep yourself.



Originally posted by jamesvega

  • M’Baku is oblivious to the fact that you’re giving him the silent treatment at first because he is so used to talking.
  • The day would start normal with planning the week and then he’d catch on. “Why are you so quiet?” He’d ask with a raised eye. No response. “This surely isn’t about last nights argument.” He’d laugh confused. “I thought it was over.”
  • The devilishly squint in your eyes followed by a self dismissal would leave him dumbfounded turning to his guards. “What is her problem?”
  • Tries to make up with you. Blocks doorway playfully only to see your are not with it. “Y/N, I demand you talk to me.”
  • He sees your annoyed and gives you space, cooks for you though, plans to cater to you anyway.
  • Finally remembers what the arguement was and approaches you, apologizes and let’s you know there is nothing more important in this world than the relationship you two have
  • You’ll break not after the first kiss, but when he starts to sweep you off your feet and pins you against the nearest wall, his weight being one of the sexiest things about him, (and the thing he loves most about you)
  • You accept his apology and the food. Only for him to make the night more than you could have ever imagined.

Erik Killmonger


Originally posted by wifin-niggaz

  • Totally unbothered that you are giving him the silent treatment.
  • Cooks breakfast for just himself. Notices you strolling into the kitchen and smiles at his full plate. “You hungry?” You don’t answer looking at the cleaned pots and pan in the sink. “It’s Lucky Charms in the top right cabinet, I would get it for you, but we ain’t speaking.”
  • You ignore him pushing out the way and open the fridge. It’s no bacon, eggs or damn milk left. He’s just smiling.
  • Two can plan that game though. You purposely head to the bedroom stripping down with the door open and see him peeping around the corner and slam the in his face
  • Does not try to help the situation in anyway at first, but when you two are out and you get the attention of others he is mad as hell. “So… you gonna talk to that Daniel Caesar looking dude and I can’t even get a good morning?” You smirk. “You hear somebody Nakia?”
  • Erik would break but it wouldn’t be a direct apology. “Sooo… we really ain’t talking? You mad, mad?” Shifts around sucking his teeth. “ you’d notice him shake his aight. “That’s cool.”
  • He’d last half the night but it wouldn’t be silent. After midnight he’d come in the living room. “Aight, I’m sorry. We cool now?” When you still said nothing the small kisses of adoration would start. “You hear me? Or are your ears off too?”
  • You’d finally break after about two minutes of foreplay and a genuine apology.

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I love us forreal.

If you see me talking about somebody, it’s jokes. I swear. Y’all know I love Chad and won’t stop because of who he’s dating or what he’s wearing. I think we’re amazing. I think we’re creative. I think we are a strong unit and have room for growth.

Be blessed this week. Rest Easy Nipsey Hussle.

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