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#black panther fanfic

I Match You With T'challa!

I hope you stay safe as well, Darling. Gif above is not mine, all credits go to the original owner.💙

  • He would first find your clumsiness rather amusing yet adorable.
  • He would help you if you had fallen or assist in regaining your balance with concerns for your safety.
  • He would think the glasses that rested upon your face were adorable as he fixed them.
  • He would fall in love with your caring personality and your kind heart.
  • He would tell you that in itself was far more valuable and precious than anything.
  • He would be protective of you but would never lose his temper, he would take a calm approach to everything.
  • He would do all he could to keep you from falling or hurting yourself in any way.
  • He would catch you if you fell in front of him.
  • But that didn’t stop him from playfully pouting if you ignored him.
  • He would enjoy your baking and help as much as he could, he would always have a kind word for the end result.
  • His favorite place to kiss you would either be the tip of your nose or the back of your hand.
  • He would always be very gentle and loving to you just as you were to him.
  • He would call you, “Little one,” or “Precious one.”
  • His favorite way to sleep would be your head upon his chest and tucked beneath his chin, your hand in his.
  • Most would find your relationship sweet, loving and irreplaceable.
  • He would love you more than anything.
  • He would also fall for your curves and tell you how much he adored them and how beautiful they were.
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Last Updated May 4th, 2020


Originally posted by yenneferofsvengerberg


Originally posted by avengerscompound


Steve returns home to find that Okoye has received a *special* package.

warnings: smut, oral sex, vaginal fingering, strong language

The Captain and The General have a secret

warnings: none

The Captain and The General are looking for a night off to relax

warnings: smut

Steve returns home after the battle with Ultron

warnings: none

Steve and Okoye after the snap

warnings: angst, Avengers: Infinity War spoilers, canon divergence

Okoye and Steve on his 100th birthday

warnings: smut, oral sex (female receiving)


#19: One person stopping a kiss to ask “Do you want to do this?”, only to have the other person answer with a deeper, more passionate kiss.

#32: A kiss so passionate, so perfect - that after they part, neither person can open their eyes for a few moments afterwards.

#33: An unexpected kiss that shocks the one receiving it.

#40: A gentle kiss that quickly descends into passion, with little regard for what’s going on around them.

#42: Distracting kisses from someone that are meant to stop the other person from finishing their work, and give them kisses instead.

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I was inspired to write this fic a few months ago when discovering Jhene Aiko’s sister Mila J. She has a beautiful voice and had been criminally underrated in the music industry. I created this fic out of the narrative I found in her rmusic. 

I hope you enjoy, my taglist is open let me know if you’d like to be added.

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I Need You (T’Challa x Reader)

Requested by @vlovessm with the prompts 1. I need you 3. please wake up 15. just breathe 23. Are you scared of me Warnings: Near-Death experience, Stabbing, Reader gets injured ————————————————————

It was supposed to be a perfect day. It was nice and sunny and peaceful and it was date night. That all changed when an unexpected visitor showed up. He somehow managed to hack and break through the border, and almost made it to the vibranium mines before being caught and handcuffed.

The would-be thief was bought into the throne room and T’Challa was discussing what should be done with him. The whole situation had a sense of deja vu from when Killmonger was here. As you stood behind T’Challa, the man suddenly spoke. “Are you scared of me?” “No” T’Challa calmly responded, before returning to the discussion of. The last thing you heard was “You will be” before everything became a blur.

The man threw a dagger towards T’Challa, and before he could activate the Black Panther suit, you had dived in front of him, taking the knife to the side. You faintly heard your love scream before hitting the floor, and everything going very dark. When you started to come too in Shuri’s lab, you heard T’Challa beg “Please wake up” as he held you hand. You started gasping for air and he moved to hold and help you, “just breathe.”

Once you had started to calm down and get your bearings, T’Challa started to fuss at you. “Why would you do such a dangerous and reckless thing? You nearly died! I couldn’t live with myself if something happened to you.” You quickly stop him, “I couldn’t let that man kill you.” He sighed softly, “I need you, my love. Please never do anything like that again.”

“I won’t.”

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They weren’t gone long.  Okoye, her lieutenant, who I learned was Ayo, and my son returned with a suitcase and his bag of art supplies.

“Where are we going, Mama? And who are these people?”

T’Challa knelt down in front of him and placed his hand on his shoulder.

“What is your name, Little One?”

Xavier looked to me for approval to answer. I always knew that I would be returning to Wakanda one day with him.  I did my best to teach him everything I could about our beautiful homeland.  His eyes would light up when I mentioned the rhinos that my friend, W’kabi, was raising before I left or at hearing of the breathtaking waterfalls that cascaded over seemingly bottomless cliffs.  He knew everything that I could convey of our culture and heritage through my words…this is why he knew not to mention who he is and what he knows unless I tell him.

“Tell him,” I started. “Your real name.”

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: Just an FYI in case you’re new here…I lowkey write smut…I’m not that good at it, but hey. It’s there. This is the only forewarning I’ll be posting.




“T’Challa, stop! Somebody’s going to hear us,” I hissed.

Rustling and muffled giggles were all that could be heard in the darkness of the palace’s combat training room.  I sat with my back against one of the grand pillars with T’Challa laying on the floor with his head in my lap.  My fingers twirled the soft curls in his hair while his mischievous fingers continuously dug into the backs of my knees and inside my thighs, tickling me.

This was our secret meeting place away from all of the royal politics and prying eyes.  We would never be allowed to fraternize any other time. It was fine when we were children, but as we grew older, T’Challa was expected to align himself with royal traditions, and I was to know my place. I wasn’t of royal blood, so I wasn’t monitored as strictly as T’Challa, his baby sister, or his older brother, but King T’Chaka took me into his house after my parents were murdered by an invader named Ulysses Klaue. Many Wakandans lost their lives that day. I was the only survivor of my tribe because I wasn’t close to the blast that destroyed so many lives.

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Waiting In Vain: Chapter 18



“Would you like to Meet my dad ?”

Erik never thought he would hear that question come from Marley’s mouth but it did . And he was thrown off , knowing exactly what he put her through . Why in the hell would she want to go Down this path .

“He and his wife reached out. My Therapist said I should go…Meet with him maybe unveil some hidden wounds or some shit like that”

“Its whatever you want to do” He told her.

“Then I can decide if I want to explore a relationship with him or let him go completely “

Erik , who was very protective over this girl , didn’t want her to get into this situation. Marley had a pattern of forgiving and being too nice to people who hurt her . He hated that trait , he only wanted her to be that way when it came to him. Erik was confident that he had her best interest . Her knew that if he told her not to go, she might do the opposite. And just in case her father decided to hurt her again, he’d be there to back her up. Or fuck him up.

“Yeah I wanna meet that nigga”

So there they were . In Erik’s car driving through mountains of redwood trees and narrow peaks that made it hard to maneuver through . The altitude was so high that the XM radio only spit a static sound . Just to reach her dads property . This definitely wasn’t where he lived when she was younger . Erik asked her if he was rich “or something” Judging by the private driveways hidden with gates and greenery , this new living situation was a total upgrade .

“This is it” he squinted at the tiny lit up address on the side of the steel gate . It was already open so they didn’t have to buzz the intercom that was door level .

Erik drove down the long brick passage, until he got to the circular driveway . Each brick perfectly placed in between healthy green grass . A slight waterfall in the middle , and surrounding it was a Tesla and a Mercedes . Both license plates saying his & hers. Marley grew sick to her stomach when she read them.

“This man , and his wife living an an estate in the mountains with matching license plates” she said in utter disbelief, but she mumbled . The two of them both met outside of Erik’s car and began to walk up to the huge doors. She took a breath and Erik held the small of her back.

“I swear you just say word and we can leave, I’ll get a hotel and everything” Erik could tell she was becoming upset already . He’d sacrifice though , even if the drive was roughly five hours from where they stayed .

“It’s okay . I can do this”

After Erik knocked obnoxiously hard , what Marley thought to be her Step brother opened the door . He had gotten big since the last time she saw him .

“Hi” He said , he had gaming headphones on his ears, and he walked away in true teenage fashion . Uninterested, and trying to get back to the technology. They both walked in, his sister , Marley’s stepsister was walking past . She smiled , waved and went about her business elsewhere . She was nearly a toddler the last time Marley seen her . Her birthday was the day before Marley’s . She remembered because they were always better than hers.

The lady of the house came into view . She wasn’t as dashing as she used to be. It amazed Marley that her father was clearly still smitten by this woman. Marley didn’t know if she just aged badly because she had no melanin or if it was karma for her ruining her life . Karen was her fucking name .

Marley hated Karen more than she hated her father . Her therapist told her not to blame Karen for the actions of her father . Marley would argue that if Karen never had come around , her father wouldn’t have left . To her therapists rebuttal, he explained that her father is who he is, no matter who he married . But Marley didn’t care . Karen did it for her .

Erik held her hand still. Karens eyes bright with surprise. Marley didn’t tell them that she would be bringing her boyfriend , but she wouldn’t have came alone … they should have known that .

“Hi , how have you been ?” Karen asked her. Marley was fake , she smiled and told her that she was doing well. “You look great , you’ve grown into a very pretty girl”

Karen touched her arm and attempted to be chummy . Marley tensed . She felt so ugly growing up in that old house.

“This is Erik” Marley snapped back and introduced him. Karen looked him up and down. Seemingly pleased.

“Cutie” she said in a tone as if he was a toddler. All that was missing was a cheek pinch. Erik nodded and raised his brows when he looked at Marley.

“Hubby’s on a call, he will be out in a second”

Marley fumed At Karen’s Botox filled expression . Her hubby ?

Marley looked around at how nice the inside of the house was . The high ceilings with two crystal chandeliers that towered over the dining room table and the living room center . The table itself was something out of Game of Thrones , large and royal looking . Heavy and expensive. The hardwood floors sparkled like they had just been polished, so clean you probably could eat from it. And It smelled good in there , Karen was preparing dinner . That was something Marley forgot about Karen , she could cook. Whenever Marley was in the mood to come out of her room and eat , it was good.

“I seen pics of your mom , she look way better than her” Erik was able to whisper without anyone hearing , but even if they did . He wouldn’t care .

Marley laughed , but it was shortchanged . She didn’t even want to bring her mom up . In fear that her spirit would be upset that she would even entertain these people . She wondered what kind of haunting her mother had done to her father. She hoped he had nightmares .

Her father had walked into the room with a smile. Erik could literally see that dark cloud of fear hanging over her . She wasn’t ready for this , and he knew it . He wanted to grab her and take her out of there. Marley felt twelve again . Like a shell who couldn’t move . Erik spoke up for her, he introduced himself .

“Christopher” he spoke and shook Eriks hand firmly , he grip wasn’t as tight as Eriks . Which sent him into alert right away . Her dad was light skinned , with a bald head and beady eyes. Much taller than Erik but not a threat at all. He eyed this guy who was with his daughter . Up and down . His fashionable outfit and those stupid expensive shoes that his step son recently begged him for . He thought his hair style was comedy , the kind that dumb young punks get . Back in his day , they would never fly .

“You some kind of artist or something?” Christopher guessed .


“So you got you a man with some money, huh?”he joked . Before Erik could respond , Marley had built enough confidence to speak to him . Especially before he offended Erik too much. Christopher nudged Marley in her shoulder like they were old friends .

“H-hi dad” she spoke softly . She didn’t even think he heard her, until he gave her an uneasy side hug .

“Hun, the phone!” Karen came from another room holding his cell phone, Christopher excused himself and took the call.

“Marley, how about a tour?” Karen suggested , as if that would make her feel more at “home” . “I guess” slipped from her lips as she drifted away from Erik . She felt cold now , but he grabbed her arm before she walked away . Pulling her against him, he kissed her quickly . Then she was off to trail along side Karen. Who already seemed to be chatting enough for his liking .

“Aye dude , you play FIFA?”

Marley’s step brother asked from the living room . He was sitting on the plush couch , facing the Tv that was so big , it could be a projector . Nobody else was there but the two of them. “I do”

Erik ended up playing a game with the boy, getting his ass kicked by the teenager who had nothing better to do. Every game system was at hand , he had everything . “Erik right ?” He asked , right before blocking the op team from scoring .

“Yeah , didn’t catch your name though”

“It’s Simon”

“Aight Simon, you too good at this shit… you got 2K?”

Simon nearly rejoiced at Erik’s question . Within seconds he ended the game and switched it to 2K. “Glad I can play this with someone because my dad is trash” he admitted . Erik was taken back

“Yo’ dad ?” He screwed up his face.

“Only dad I ever knew”


Heather took Marley on a tour of the house . The outside did no justice . It was even bigger behind the doors . She toured the guest rooms, the chefs kitchen , their family rec room, their home gym and now Karen’s daughters room .

It almost brought tears to Marley’s eyes . It was everything she would have wanted as a young girl . The walls were covered in pink sparkly wall paper . She had a small white vanity filled with jewelry and makeup . In the center of the room was a huge gold canopy bed with white tulle draped over the top . A room fit for a princess . “Oh my god” Marley mouthed to herself .

“ If it’s worth anything” Karen started to speak , her skinny hand touching Marley back made her feel awkward. “I didn’t want to to go stay with your aunt”

Marley let go of a loud breath , almost like a cough. She didn’t expect this to be a topic . “That lady… is your friend” Her words cut through Karen

“I-.” She stuttered “I really didn’t want to send you . But it was out of my hands” Karen blamed her father.

“You have no idea , at all about what happened to me there” Marley turned to her quickly , her eyes were watering. Before she knew it , a tear fell down her cheek . She was pissed that she even gave Karen the satisfaction of seeing her upset . In her eyes, she was just as guilty as her father . Marley walked away , not exactly knowing where to go . She just wanted to be away from all of them .


“So how was it around here, when Marley lived with y’all?” Erik decided to dig, since Simon took to him quickly. He knew he could get the kid to talk .

“We didn’t live her , we moved here after she left”

“You were young , you probably don’t remember much , huh?” Erik kept going .

“Not as young as my sister . I remember her being really quiet . We stayed out of her way, dad told us too . Then one day she was gone . I thought she was dead until my dad needed a kidney”

Erik stopped himself from tossing the game controller . He didn’t want Simon to sense anger , in fear that he would stop spilling the beans. So he pretended not to be bothered . “Oh yeah?”

“Yeah ,they have the same blood type or something , that’s why they asked her here . To ask her”

Erik spotted Marley outside in the backyard . He excused himself from the game . He walked to the French doors and opened them . As he was about to tell her the real reason her father invited her, Erik noticed her face . She had been crying . He knew she shouldn’t have come . Before he could get a word in, Marley began to speak . Telling him about thought fake apology from Karen. And how she tried to blame everything on her father , like she didn’t play a key role in her outcome.

“Erik they have a pool , look at how these kids grew up . They aren’t even his kids” her voice cracked , Erik grew angrier by the minute .

“I slept in a basement , a fucking basement . Like, why didn’t everybody hate me? I was just a kid”

Erik saw her dad inside now . He told her to hold tight and get some air , he would be back for her .

Erik went inside and made sure to shut the door. He caught Christopher in the living room, mid sentence when talking to his son. “So you abandon your daughter , steal from her and then bring her here to save you, my nigga ?”

“Excuse me ?” Christopher glared at Erik, then back at Simon.

“You tryna’ Get her kidney right , that’s why she here?” Erik was jumpy , he slammed his closed fist into his open hand . He lunged toward Chris .

Simon paused his game and rushed to his room . Christopher would deal with him later .

“This ain’t got shit to do with you”

“Nah, Marley is my business”. He pointed to her sitting beside the pool , she didn’t have a clue about what was goin on between the two of them

“You may not care , but that’s what you missed out on . She’s special , she’s smart , she’s funny, and she matters to me . And everyday I see this fucking sadness in her and I couldn’t figure out why . But now I know it’s because of you . You fucked her up , but I’m here now, and I’m changing that”

Christopher stood up , he was taller than Erik but he had knocked down bigger and younger . Erik would kill him, without thinking or feeling remorse . He looked him dead in the eye, Christopher looked to the French doors and softened . Marley had come in.

“Don’t call her no’ more” he said in this tone, that only the two of them could understand .

“What’s going on?” She came towards the duo .

“Marley lets go” Erik didn’t shout but he didn’t have to. He couldn’t hit him, or beat his ass like he wanted to . He would have to tell Marley the reason and he wanted to spare her.

She didn’t argue, Erik was her man and meant more to her than anyone in that house . She grabbed her purse off the table and took his hand . They left , leaning the door open behind them. Erik drove off as soon as they fastened their seatbelts . Marley cried , she just sat in her seat and cried on the journey home . About twenty minutes in, Erik reached over and grabbed her chin. He leaned her over and kissed her a few times to calm her down . “Chill out, try to stop crying aight ?”

Marley took a deep breath and nodded her head . Erik decided that he would never tell her about the Kidney. That was something he’d take to the grave .

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Sister of Nakia! Reader X unrequited love T’challa

Summary: Reader is Nakia’s little sister and needs to stay away from Wakanda because she loves T’Challa too much.

A/N: And here’s part 2, which ends on a possibility, because why not. Enjoy the read!

Warnings: none.

Word count: approx. 2300




It took you three more years to decide on going back home. After Nakia had left that day, you had contacted your father. Truth was, he was not responsible for anything. You had disappeared on him like a ghost, it was not your proudest decision. He had nagged at you for a while, but he didn’t try to make you comeback, he didn’t ask you to justify your decisions.

You stayed in New York, you even dated Jonah. Poor Jonah. You had liked the man very much, but you didn’t lovehim. You tried. You tried really hard to fall in love with him, to let yourself be loved by him. But it didn’t work out and it felt unfair to him to keep being together. Time wasn’t going to make you fall in love with him. It was just impossible. Because Jonah was a good man, you broke up with him and decided to go back to Wakanda. You weren’t even sure what you would be doing there, you didn’t have a plan.

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Sister of Nakia! Reader X unrequited love T’challa

Summary: Reader is Nakia’s little sister and needs to stay away from Wakanda because she loves T’Challa too much.

A/N: This one was written literally out of nowhere, I still hope it’s… alright?

Warnings: I guess I could say angsty-ish? 

Word count: approx. 1500




You loved your sister. Nakia was the person you looked up to. She was beautiful and soft and strong. She was fearless. Being the first born of the River Tribe was such a burden, but your sister handled it with grace.

You didn’t envy that at all though. You didn’t want anything that was Nakia’s. Anything besides the feelings T’Challa harbored for her. And you knew it wasn’t right.

As far as you could remember, he had always been in love with Nakia. And it made sense, who wouldn’tfall head over heels for her? The only problem was that you loved him. Although his relationship with your sister was something you considered logical and unbreakable, you still couldn’t help the twinge of pain in your heart when you saw them together.

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Volume 2 Summary: 

Califia Stevens and N'Jobu Udaku have been separated by an ocean and three years. Living their lives apart, they discovered new things about themselves and the people who surround them. Becoming a War Dog, N'Jobu forfeits the pampered life planned for him in Birnin Zana and the palace while seeking to create a life of his own with the woman he fell in love with. The birth of his son Erik N'Jadaka Stevens complicates his allegiance to Wakanda as he tries to live with his new family hidden in plain sight within Oakland, California. Caring for a secret family and spying for his nation proves difficult.

A.N.: This Volume is incomplete. I have two more chapters finish before it is complete, but I will update as soon as the grand finale commences. 

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

Chapter 16

Chapter 17

Chapter 18

Chapter 19

Chapter 20

Chapter 21

Chapter 22

Chapter 23

Chapter 24

Chapter 25

Chapter 26

Chapter 27

Chapters 28-30 Soon Come!

You can find “Black Boys Bloom Thorns First: Volume 1″ Here.

Preview of “Black Boys Bloom Thorns First: Volume 3″ Here.

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Originally posted by lilpieceofmyworld

[Erik Killmonger x Black OC]

Word Count 5.3k

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

The speed in which Kimara peeled out of the parking lot of the Korean BBQ place gave any witness whiplash as she channeled her anger through the accelerator.  Kimara cursed out the air and any driver in her way as she rode around the streets of midtown.  It’s a damn miracle no cops were around to pull her over or they would’ve caught some serious heat from her their damn self.  Not long after running her fifth yellow light turning red, Kimara began to feel her tears well over profusely.  Her whole body shook as the sobs came more powerfully and she couldn’t control the car properly anymore.  

Pulling over, Kimara puts her car in park as she lays onto the wheel causing it to honk one time before she unloads her emotions completely.  This isn’t what she expected, which is an outcome that is actually more common throughout this fertility process than she’d care to look back on.  She’s exhausted with all the waiting and trying and disappointment, Kimara just wants an answer or some quick fix that’ll give her what she needs.

*knock knock*

Kimara jumps at the sharp sound on her passenger side window, breathing out with relief once she recognizes the kind face.

“T’Challa!  What are you doing here?”  She sniffles as he opens the door to sit inside looking at her with pity.

“It’s not so taboo to be here shopping around as it is to sit in a car and cry.” He quips.

Kimara chuckles gruffly before getting caught with a hiccup from her weeping.  “I don’t do this all the time, I swear.”

T’Challa studies your face appearing suspicious.  “Are you…”

She stares at him trying to catch on until she rolls her eyes.  “Not every emotional moment with a woman is attributable to hormones man, damn!  I’m not pregnant, not on my period.  I’m just dealing with fuckboy bullshit.”

T’Challa melts in his seat with embarrassment.  Just two minutes with her and he’s already regretting making his presence known.  “How are things with Erik?”

“Terrible.”  Kimara mutters.

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(T’Challa x Reader)

Word Count: 5.9K 


Originally posted by cameraxscreenxmarvel

*Part 1* *Part 2* *Part 3*  *Part 4* *Part 5*  *Part 6* *Part 7* *Part 8* *Part 9*  *Part 10* *Part 11*

You look at a bowl of stew that in every way should be delectable and nutritious.  Just the right balance of vegetable and meat so that it isn’t heavy on your stomach.  Protein for energy, ruffage for vitamins and regularity, with a salty, rich broth to wash it on down.  A thick slice of bread sits on a plate to the side.

T’Challa takes a spoon and dips it into the bowls contents, collecting a bit of everything for a handsome bite.  “This I swear is my best batch yet.”

He clinks the back of the spoon against the ceramic.  “Ok, yesterday we got one bite.  Today we will at least get two.”  He says brightly looking at you as he aims the utensil towards your mouth.

You turn to look at the floor as your stomach lurches.  “I don’t want it.”

T’Challa’s mouth flies open, taking the spoon back with a flinch.  “Bast!  Is that that lovely voice I have missed for over 24 hours now?”

His happiness over you speaking does not catch on with you.  You sigh with exhaustion.  “Please, don’t talk to me like that.  Like I’m a four year old.”

T’Challa sets the spoon back in the bowl, look satisfied with himself.  “I know, I’m just glad that you said something, even at my annoyance.”

T’Challa wouldn’t be able to handle half the feelings you have concerning him everyday since waking up.  You feel agitated, weak, tired and most of those symptoms would be cleared up with a meal.  But the food was not going to get past the rock in your throat you constantly held whenever your mind thought about Bean.  And you never stopped.

“I don’t want to eat anything.”  You say in a low voice.

He sighs deeply.  “Fine.  That’s you choice for now.  But you need something, so I’ll get you a nutrient patch.”

Getting up from his stool, T’Challa walks around the kitchen island to open a heavy ornate cabinet door to pull out a small box.  Clicking open the lid, a small card-like piece pops up like a jack in the box, which he retrieves.  He comes over to you.

“I’m going to need to pull you shirt up, ok?”  T’Challa says quietly.  You say nothing do nothing as he lifts the bottom of your blouse.  The sound of adhesive peeling fills the silence as you feel his fingers creating stability on your back to place it.

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(Erik Killmonger x Reader)

Word Count: 8.8k

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

Part 8 Part 9 Part 10


A/N:  Thanks for your patience in waiting for the newest update to this story!  Hopefully it hasn’t lost it’s edge and it still makes sense.

“Had you heard from him yet?”  You ask, balancing a bracelet around your wrist to wrestle with the closure with frustration.  If you could wear the amount of clothes that equals the amount of fucks you give, y’all would be Adam and Eve in that piece.

“Nah.  He gonna be there though, no doubt.”  Erik ties his dress shoes on the couch.

Finally you get the click of the closure.  “Well could you text him again to make sure he’s actually coming?”  You ask in a tight tone, going back to your bedroom.

Erik calls after you.  “I ain’t textin a grown man 3, 4, 5 times asking for his whereabouts.  Got me bent with that shit.”

“I don’t understand why you’re making this so damn difficult, just do it!  He’s our heads up if we walk in and see her there!  Nobody thinkin about your manhood right now.”  You yell towards your bedroom door, taking a lint roller to your black dress you had to buy from a discount store at the strip mall down the street.  The neck is high so cleavage wasn’t an issue and it has a fit and flare construction; people shouldn’t be eyeing you like you’re tryna hoe for a deacon.  

Erik leans in your doorway in his all black button down and pants.  “I got him.  He’s on his way, aight?”

“For real?”   Erik nods.  “Lemme see the message.”

Erik pauses.  “I called him.”

“I didn’t hear you talking to anyone just now.”

“H-He did all the talking cuz he knew what I was calling for and hung up on me.”

You kiss your teeth.  “You’re as bad a liar as you are a basketball player.”

“Woooow, oh now that’s some serious words.”  Erik chastises you, passing the threshold.  He come up behind you, tucking your tag in back of your dress.

“Thanks.  And also, you took the hot water again.  Imma need you to chill on your shower time man.  Coordinate schedules or something.”  You say, separating your curls from your twist out a little too roughly, hearing the pops of your strained strands under your fingertips.

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A Thousand and One Kisses (Shuri X F!Reader)

Author: Crystalline / @butcanijustnot

Fandom: Marvel - Black Panther

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Summary: You and Shuri are useless lesbians. That’s it. That’s the whole plot. It stated off as a platonic piece but I’m far too gay for that so it turned into romantic fluff.

Word Count: 2.2k

Warnings:  The GAYEST of fluff-pieces here.

Also I don’t speak Xhosa so I used translating software for my fic. If it’s off please let me know so I can change/fix it. Thanks!


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It was supposed to be a routine mission. So routine, in fact, that Okoye felt completely safe bringing you, a simple Dora Milaje trainee, along for the ride. This was a big move for you, as up until this point you had just been doing combat training and guarding the princess of Wakanda. Not that that was a problem, it had allowed you to get close to and eventually become friends with Shuri herself. Of course, your friendship with the princess started the same way all good ‘friendships’ should.

With a kiss.

You were training. God, weren’t you always? You were learning the Dora art of stone, or in layman’s terms, you were learning how to stand really still and not show any emotions no matter what happens around you. This role was important to you and to Wakanda, and you so badly wanted to succeed. So far you had worked through every trial so far, through Okoye’s mocking and Nakia pulling faces at you (the king-consort acting like a hyperactive five-year-old was perhaps one of the weirder experiences in your life but none-the-less you worked through it.) That’s when Shuri walked in, focused on something in her beads, and Okoye asked her a fateful question.

“Shuri, we are training a new recruit. Can you think of anything to break her?”

Shuri looked up at us and strolled over, you watching out of the corner of your eyes. She looked you up and down for a second, then smirked, walked right up to you and pecked you on the cheek. Whether shock or embarrassment, you broke completely, bursting out laughing and doubling over.

“Y/N!” Okoye said, startled.

“I’m sorry!” You chuckled, shaking your head and taking a deep breath to steady yourself. “I can do this.” You reassured her, getting back into position, but it didn’t last. Shuri kissed your cheek again and you fell apart, again.

“I can do this all day, ncinane Dora.” Shuri smirked, both a tease and a promise.

Over time it became somewhat of an unspoken tradition. You would be stationed in Shuri’s lab, because you were a trainee and Okoye was short of other things to do with you that were, well, safe, and when Shuri came in she would stride over to you, press a kiss to your cheek and continue what she was doing. This happened to matter what. She never forgot and company or lack there-of never stopped it. The first time she did it in front of her brother, you swear he almost astral projected out of his body right then and there.

“Shuri, that’s really not what the Dora are there for…” He tried to reason, but Shuri wasn’t having any of it. She placed her hands on her hips and playfully glared him down.

“She’s okay with it. Right, Y/N?” She said, gesturing at me. T’Challa looked at you with an expression of Oh Bast please help me, but what could you say, you didn’t really mind.

You nodded. “I’m fine with it. Really.”

Shuri pointed to you, then at her brother, who looked as if he was waiting for the gods above to swoop down and take him, then around the room whilst laughing like a hyena. “Ha! I told you! If you’re allowed to marry a wardog, then I’m allowed to kiss a Dora. It’s the rules.”

“Oh, this again! Come on!” The king whined, sounding uncharacteristically like a 17-year-old trying to get his parents permission to go out tonight.

Later that night you were guarding the lab alone. Everyone else had gone home but Shuri was still working, trying to improve yet another gadget once again. As a trainee Dora, you had to stay with the princess, protecting her at all times. The role was honorary, really, Shuri was more than capable of protecting herself, but it was still good insurance. Unfortunately, it meant you couldn’t retire until she did, and this woman was married to her work. Suddenly, she disappeared from the room for about ten minutes and came back with two bowls full of a rice curry. She moved some things and placed them down on the desk, then turned and beckoned you over. For a moment, you stayed glued to your spot.

“Come on, Okoye isn’t here, and I won’t tell, promise.” She said, taking a bite. You had to admit, it smelt amazing and you were hungry. You took a cautious step forward, expecting Okoye to jump out from behind a doorframe and yell ‘Ah ha! It was a test!’ but nothing happened.

You sat down across from the princess and took a bite. Somehow it tasted even better than it smelt. You groaned appreciatively, eat more and more like a pig. You didn’t remember your place or who you were in the presence of until a second later, and you rushed to stop before she giggled.

“Mood.” She said, smiling softly. You were confused but ultimately decided against questioning it.

There was a pause filled with silence. “So, tell me about yourself.” She finally said.

And you did. You told her everything, even things you’d never told anyone at all. You told her about being an orphan, about wanting to look after people, and about joining the royal guard to do just that. Shuri was easy to talk too, made things seem brighter, so you didn’t even notice how time flew by. She told you about life as a princess, about America and the rest of the world and everything she knew about. You enjoyed it a lot, but eventually her brother came to drag her kicking and screaming to bed. You were almost sad to be done with it.

Until Shuri did the same thing the next night. And the next. And the next.

You and Shuri got closer and closer over those late nights and everyday kisses. You found yourself feeling more and more for the princess. You wanted to spend all of your time with her, and though you were oblivious to it, she was falling for you too.

She had always been excited for you. Every award, every opportunity that came your way, all of it, until you told her about this mission. Sure, physically, she had smiled and told you she was happy for you, but you could tell she was hiding something under the surface. Sadness? At the time you were too happy to question it, but now…

Now you were hurt, and dreading telling her.

It was a simple mission, and you still managed to get shot. The words ran around in your head like a bad song. Sure, it was an arm wound and sure, you would almost certainly live and sure, nobody else had even noticed, too wrapped up in their own problems to pay any mind to you so really, how bad could it be but still, it hurt.

You didn’t even want anyone to know, bast knows what the consequences would be. This was the first time Okoye trusted you out in the field, what if she never lets you out of the palace again? What if she cuts you from the guard? This people were the only family you had, leaving them made you feel sick to your stomach and brought tears to your eyes. You were an idiot to get hurt, you knew that, and all you wanted right now was to leave and go to the lab. You wanted Shuri.

“We are about to arrive back at the palace. All injured Dora are to report to medical; the rest are requested by Okoye at the royal courtyard.” The pilot explained, monotoned. The plane jolted as we landed and almost immediately you were up. You covered the injury with a pile of clothing and bandages to hide it and followed the group off the plane.

You held your arm in close to your side, trying to convince yourself that you weren’t hurt that badly. You ushered the other warriors into the infirmary, but instead of following them down yourself, you turned when everyone else was gone and slipped away, making a beeline for the lab. Every fibre of your body screamed for you not too, this is crazy, but your pain-drunk mind was louder. Shuri, it screamed, you need to see Shuri.

The walk down to the lab was excruciating. Your arm stung and ached, no matter how much pressure you placed on it, but you smiled and tried to hide it as you walked past the two Dora stationed outside of the doors, silently hoping that they wouldn’t notice the blood dripping through your fingers and onto the floor.

You were glad to see that the lab was almost completely empty. It was quiet, with the exception of the bottom floor where, true to form, Shuri was bustling around, moving her projects between tables and tapping on holographic images on her beads. She was mumbling things to herself, and you wanted to call out to her and you wanted to call out to her and get her attention, but your voice was stuck in your throat, held captive by pain.

You descended the staircase, your head feeling lighter and lighter with every step. Shuri noticed you the moment you reached the bottom of the stairs and a huge smile broke onto her face.

“Y/N!” She squealed, dropping what she was doing and moving to hug you. She stopped about a metre away, and the smile fell off her face when she saw the blood pooling on your sleeve and your pained expression. “what happened?”

“I-” You try to respond, but at that moment your legs gave way underneath you and you fell. She ran forward, catching you but only just. You fell against her chest, and instinctively wrapped your arms around her, craving her warm embrace.

She moved to your side, helping you over to the sand table in the centre of the room. She lay you down slowly and carefully, her eyes scanning the wound with pursed lips.

“You’ve lost a lot of blood.” She huffed, stitching up the wound in a little under a minute and wrapping it up in half the time. Sher was upset, you could tell, but when you tried to talk to her, all that came out was a soft groan. She grimaced.

“People tell me ‘Don’t worry, Y/N’s an adult, she can look after herself’ but I still worry and of course I’m right! You stay cooped up with me too long, and then when you do go outside, you come back like this! How could you be so irresponsible!?!?” She rambled, yelling less at you and more at the empty space around us.

“I didn’t mean to get hurt…” You whispered, finally pushing out a coherent sentence whilst staring up at the ceiling. Your words were scratchy and thin, and you felt tears beginning to swell in your eyes once again.

She shook her head, and when she looked at you again her eyes had softened. “I know you didn’t. Of course, you didn’t. I didn’t mean to yell at you, I just…” She paused, swallowed and continued. “I really care about you, Y/N, I don’t ever want to see you get hurt.” She murmured, her eyes flicking between you, your arm and the floor. “I love you.” She whispered, as soft and quiet as a night-time breeze.

You’re not proud of it, but you completely froze. Shuri loves me. Shuri is in love with me. The princess of Wakanda is in love with me. I love her. I love Shuri. We love eachother. That’s amazing. Shit, what do I do? You noticed her staring at you and that was able to snap you out of it. Shit, shit! Words, I need to say words!

“I love you too.” You blurted out, trying to sit up to face her. She moved to grasp your shoulders and gently push you back down with a half-glare, half surprised expression.

“No, no, no. You’re hurt. Stay down, Entle.” She said, semi-forcefully. You stopped fighting, transfixed by her and her beautiful face and that damn smile that lit up the room. You couldn’t resist pressing a kiss to her lips.

Her lips felt and tasted better than you ever could have hoped. Sweet and soft and slightly chapped from where she had been chewing it in thought. You could have stayed there forever, drinking in her taste, but you pulled back after a second to look at her.

“Was that okay?” You asked, swallowing.

Her hand moved up from your shoulders to hold the sides of your face. “Get back here.” She whispered, pulling you in for another, longer kiss.

“Hey Shuri, have you seen- Oh.” Okoye nearly dropped her spear when she saw you two. slowly, her lips bent into a soft smile. “About damn time.”

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