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#black panther fanfiction

A Shark in the Water

Characters: T’Challa x Reader

Content: Fluff; Romance in/by a lake; sunrise; foreshadowing of sex 

Word Count: 550


Originally posted by superzeroic

“Good morning, beautiful…”

You felt warm breath on your cheek and a presence over your body. You wouldn’t call yourself a light sleeper but you were typically alert when sleeping in strange or new spaces. Your eyes popped open at the feel of a body and they squeezed back shut when the light from outside met your eyes. T’Challa kissed your cheek, but you groaned and dug your face into your pillow.

“The sunrise is beautiful. Look,” he said.

You opened one eye, then lifted your head to see with the other. The sun peeked over the lake, and the sky was painted with reds, oranges, and blue. Warmth filled your heart and you smiled.

“It is beautiful,” you said.

You felt the mattress dip behind you. T’Challa rose from the bed and took his body heat with him. He walked to the window and revealed his naked self to the nature outside. Butterflies rushed your stomach at the sight of his lean silhouette. He looked back at you, catching you staring.

“I think we should take a swim,” he said. He slithered over to the bed and sat beside you.

“A swim? This early?”

“It will do the body good. The mind, as well.” He kissed your forehead.

After a little bit more convincing, you finally put on your swimwear and flip flops, and joined T’Challa outside. The morning air was cool and refreshing. Nature’s own caffeine, you could say. T’Challa walked right into the cool waters but you stayed back for a moment–just to breathe in the clean air. You closed your eyes and listened to the chirping birds and the splish-splash of water, as T’Challa navigated through.

“Are you coming in?” he asked.

You opened your eyes and walked to the lake. Then, you kicked off your flip flops, took a deep breath, and stuck a toe in the water. T’Challa burst into laughter. You rolled your eyes.

“What are you laughing at?” you asked as you dipped your entire foot in.

“What is that, that you’re doing? It’s not an ocean–there are no sharks!”

“It’s just…a little dirty, T…” you whined.

“Do you not go to the beach?” he asked.


“Do you get in the water? What about the pool?” he probed.

You sighed and rolled your eyes.

“They clean pools, though,” you grumbled to yourself.

T’Challa waded in your direction and held out his hand. You took it and let him pull you in, then he pulled you close to him.

“Is it bad, still?” he asked.

You rolled your eyes. “No, it’s not bad.”

You wrapped your arms around his neck and pressed your lips against his—exchanging a sweet, innocent, morning kiss. Suddenly, the temperature began to warm up between you two. You slipped your tongue into T’Challa’s mouth, and he placed his hands on your hips—his long fingers dangled over the top of your cheeks. Then, he gripped them. Suddenly, you felt something stiffen between the two of you.

“I thought you said there weren’t any sharks in the water,” you mumbled with a smirk.

He chuckled and gave you a slow peck on the lips.

“Let’s go back inside.”

You let out a hearty laugh. Then, the two of you sloshed through the waters to get back into the house for your morning exercise.


Originally posted by yasamdan

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Hey love!! Everyone’s doin okay! My older sis is in the process of moving into her new home with her fiancé. But still doin well. How about you and your loved ones? I think i know what story you’re talking about it’s called Three’s Company (i think) by @thickoreo but she left and i posted an ask with it but somehow i can’t find it in my search😩. If anyone has it please hit me up! I’m so sorry i couldn’t be of better help😒. Please come back if that’s not the one. I haven’t gotten a chance to catch up with all Chiron and Erik content.

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Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12

Summary: Erik has been hired to find an embezzler for an old friend. What happens now that LaNyah is back?

Pairing: Erik x Black!OC

Genre: Suspense

It’s Friday morning and business as usual at GBI. No one on the accounting floor knows why or cares that they have to answer to Stacey. Matt’s office was occupied two days ago when he ran from Mr. Green and Mr. Stevens, but now, it is empty. It was cleaned up overnight, door placard removed, and no news from the man himself. Mr. Green dropped by the floor on Thursday to hold a meeting. He let them know that he will be reorganizing the current teams, and Stacey will oversee the entire department until further notice.

Stacey is upstairs at the coffee machine, making her first cup for the morning. She turns as she hears the elevator ding. Ashley and Alex walk in together, waving at her on the way to his office. Finished doctoring the coffee to her liking, she walks back to her desk and sits down as the elevator goes off on the floor again. Stacey looks up to see Erik walk out of the car. He nods in greeting to her before heading into Alex’s office.  

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I Match You With T'challa!

I hope you stay safe as well, Darling. Gif above is not mine, all credits go to the original owner.💙

  • He would first find your clumsiness rather amusing yet adorable.
  • He would help you if you had fallen or assist in regaining your balance with concerns for your safety.
  • He would think the glasses that rested upon your face were adorable as he fixed them.
  • He would fall in love with your caring personality and your kind heart.
  • He would tell you that in itself was far more valuable and precious than anything.
  • He would be protective of you but would never lose his temper, he would take a calm approach to everything.
  • He would do all he could to keep you from falling or hurting yourself in any way.
  • He would catch you if you fell in front of him.
  • But that didn’t stop him from playfully pouting if you ignored him.
  • He would enjoy your baking and help as much as he could, he would always have a kind word for the end result.
  • His favorite place to kiss you would either be the tip of your nose or the back of your hand.
  • He would always be very gentle and loving to you just as you were to him.
  • He would call you, “Little one,” or “Precious one.”
  • His favorite way to sleep would be your head upon his chest and tucked beneath his chin, your hand in his.
  • Most would find your relationship sweet, loving and irreplaceable.
  • He would love you more than anything.
  • He would also fall for your curves and tell you how much he adored them and how beautiful they were.
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Some updated plans…

I will post up one more chapter of “Blood Child” before I jump over to finish my Black Panther updates. Chapter 4 is a good breakpoint for me to return to my other fics before coming back to it. I’m going to be using a 4 Act structure for this Blade fic. Toying with some other structures too since I know the ending already, but will be pantsing with a loose outline.

Some 4 Acts and others to consider from screenwriting if any other writers are interested (since 3 Act is often taught and banged into the writer’s head to have a Beginning. Middle, And End. It’s still the same thing, just a little extra):


I’ve become more of an intuitive writer, so I like having visual cue graphs to remind me of where I’m headed. Things do change often when I am writing so I am always open to characters surprising me. I tend to visualize my fics like screenplay movies so I rely on that lingo a lot.

Chapter 5 and 6 of “Blood Child” will allow me to slow down and do an extended flashback/backstory as to how Brooklyn got hooked up with her vampire/and other supernaturals crew and how that broke down her relationship with Karen.

Thank you all who have been reading and commenting and reblogging this fic. It showed me how much we all want to see Black supernatural shit and it makes me happy that so many of you are enjoying this new journey with me. Shout out to @chaneajoyyy​ and @shaekingshitup​ , because again, without their Quarantine Writing Challenge, this fic would still be renting space in my head and not out here in the public. My indie book would just pop up eventually with all this stuff (sans Blade & Karen of course), but now I get to tinker with my original ideas in real time with real honest feedback from all of you who are reading.

I received a nice comment over on Ao3 about “Blood Child” which made me sad too. The person was happy to see a new Blade story, but they thanked me for making a Blade fic that was actually about Blade.


The other day I posted another Tumblr user’s old post about Blade that I read some time ago basically lamenting the idea that Blade is often overlooked for the white characters. I spent last week looking at Blade Movie fics to see who else wrote about Blade and Karen, or wrote about him having a child. There were a few but most of it was tagging Blade, but the main story was about Whistler, Scud, or Abigail along with Drake and them from that dreadful Blade Trinity debacle. (In this house, we don’t recognize that shit at all) It reminds me of the Black Panther fics where they are tagged Black Panther or Wakanda, but the story is about Agent Ross/Klaue/Bucky. I know people can write what they want to write, but how are so many non-Black people just usurping a whole ass Black story for some random? I can understand a few stories with an interesting twist on a minor character, but when you erase the main Black character from their on story all the time….bitch what? That is so telling. So it really did give me the sads that a happy reader wanted to thank me for writing about a Blade centered in his own world. That just made me really want to write this Blood Child book even more. I want to get as many chapters up as possible while I continue to write my other fics.

I also binged all the episodes of the Sabrina series on Netflix, and when I say binged, I mean, after episode two of S1, I fast-forwarded to all of Prudence and Ambrose’s scenes when it dragged, which were the only good parts of the entire show for me. Every time they came onscreen the show came alive and I am sad they don’t have their own series together. So even more reason to linger in this Blade world to see Black folks & other non-white characters in supernatural/horror/science fiction stuff. 


Thanks for reading “Blood Child” and commenting, reblogging and all of that good shit.

 As soon as Chapter 4 gets put up, I will go back to Erik Killmonger and Family. I just feel the need to get as much “Blood Child” stuff up because it energizes me for Erik. I miss my murder muffin.

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N’Jobu revealing his plans to Califia and Erik solidifies the family’s future and Klaue delivers word that he is on his way to Wakanda. Sao Paulo activists prepare a march in Negra Lia’s honor in memory of the one year anniversary of her assassination.

Tag List:

@fd-writes​​ @soufcakmistress​  @cherrystainedlipsbaby @tclaybon  @thadelightfulone

@allhailqueennel​ @bartierbakarimobisson @cpwtwot​ @shookmcgookqueen  @yoyolovesbucky

@raysunshine78​ @the-illllest @terrablaze514​  @l-auteuse@amirra88@jimizwidow​ @janelledarling 

@chaneajoyyy​ @sweetestdream92 @purple-apricots@blackpinup22@hennessystevens-udaku

@scrumptiouslytenaciouscrusade@bugngiz@stariamrry​  @honeytoffee@meilintheempressofdreams

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erik killmonger x black!gender neutral!reader

rating: e

warnings: none.



Originally posted by madblackpunkbitch

He tugs you through the cloying smoke of the hallway, through a string of entangled bodies, all in varying states of undress, until he finally comes to a stop at the fire exit door. He takes one look at you and the look on your face is enough to have him pushing the door open and tripping the alarm.

He doesn’t give a fuck.

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Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11

Summary: Erik has been hired to find an embezzler for an old friend. The whole gang is back at GBI, ready to fight an old enemy and save their friend. 

Pairing: Erik x Black!OC

Genre: Suspense

Bridges checks the time; it is about 4 in the afternoon. The sun is still out, so they have to make sure they set up where they will not be easily found. Green pulls the SUV into a parking lot across the street from where Gina’s warehouse is located. They are guarded by another abandoned warehouse. Kill’s phone is out, checking for any heat sources coming from the inside of the building. He nods to Green, who parks and gets out to stretch out after the drive.

Kill, Bridges, and Green walk around the SUV together. Inside the back is a trunk full of lethal goodies for their use. Kill pops the lock, showing them the inventory. Matt stays inside, looking on as they make their decisions on what to take with them. All the items are equipped for hand-to-hand combat. They already know that this fight will be up close and personal. Gina made it that way both in her intentions and her chosen location for this meeting.

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Part 2 - The Howling

[Part 1]

Summary: After the death of his mother, M’Baku finds himself in need of someone to talk to who doesn’t know who he is. Slated to ascend the Jabari throne, that sort of person would be hard for him to come by. He soon hears of a place where people can go to be seen but still unknown. The base of the mountain. The Garden.

CW: death mention

Suggested Listening: Winter Storm Ambience

A/N: Reader is Black. If you enjoy my writing, please comment and reblog.


M’Baku stared down the length of the wooden conference table. Elders sat in each chair, discussing his upcoming coronation and the burial of his mother for the last four hours. He felt numb, and the edges of his vision blurred as he focused in on a knot in the wood. Everything melted away except that dark spot, and soon, even it began to distort. He hadn’t heard his name being called until a light touch brought him back to the present.


He looked down to see a worn hand with paper thin, wrinkled skin resting lightly atop his own. His grandmother smiled kindly at him, the lines around her earthy brown eyes deepening when she did so. 

“I think we have had enough for today, don’t you?” she said softly just to him. Her voice sounded like tinkling bells. Upon hearing it, M’Baku instinctively released tension in his shoulders he hadn’t known he’d been holding. 

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Warnings: Slow burn 

Word Count: 10,079

Pairing: M’Baku x Original Character

M'Baku’s hands painfully clutched the sides of the window, half of its shattered glass scattered around his feet. His eyes were transfixed on the path of smoke slowly dissipating into nothing like he was hypnotized, as if his intense stares alone could bring the woman who flew out the window moments prior back to him. Every second that passed and every mile she traveled farther away from home and him, his frustration and rage at the people left behind grew. It only took moments, barely enough time for the group to catch their breath and truly process everything that transpired, for his rage to boil over. 

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