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#black panther fic
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This is for the Quarantine Writing Challenge prompted by @chaneajoyyy​ & @shaekingshitup . I’ve been trying to get  this out of my drafts forever! Now I can check it off my list.

Thanks for the inspiration!


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Last Updated May 4th, 2020


Originally posted by yenneferofsvengerberg


Originally posted by avengerscompound


Steve returns home to find that Okoye has received a *special* package.

warnings: smut, oral sex, vaginal fingering, strong language

The Captain and The General have a secret

warnings: none

The Captain and The General are looking for a night off to relax

warnings: smut

Steve returns home after the battle with Ultron

warnings: none

Steve and Okoye after the snap

warnings: angst, Avengers: Infinity War spoilers, canon divergence

Okoye and Steve on his 100th birthday

warnings: smut, oral sex (female receiving)


#19: One person stopping a kiss to ask “Do you want to do this?”, only to have the other person answer with a deeper, more passionate kiss.

#32: A kiss so passionate, so perfect - that after they part, neither person can open their eyes for a few moments afterwards.

#33: An unexpected kiss that shocks the one receiving it.

#40: A gentle kiss that quickly descends into passion, with little regard for what’s going on around them.

#42: Distracting kisses from someone that are meant to stop the other person from finishing their work, and give them kisses instead.

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I was inspired to write this fic a few months ago when discovering Jhene Aiko’s sister Mila J. She has a beautiful voice and had been criminally underrated in the music industry. I created this fic out of the narrative I found in her rmusic. 

I hope you enjoy, my taglist is open let me know if you’d like to be added.

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A/N: Here’s the highly requested part 2 that I’ve taken forever to write and release! Click here for part 1!


Originally posted by theandrophile


“Is my daddy late again?” Ashanti questioned aloud as she sat at her tiny desk with her eyes still focused on her drawing.

It was half past 3 and school let out at….3. So yes he was late again.

You sighed deeply coming up to her desk and crouching down. “Yes he is. But while we wait for him, We can do something fun.”

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A/N: I’m posting this from my phone sorry for the formatting error and shit.

You sat on the porch of Eriks cabin tears flowing down your cheek, you were wrapped in his sweatshirt and a pair of nike shorts. Fuck was it cold and you regretted storming out on him without grabbing a sweatpants. And why did you have to be wearing HIS sweatshirt, his scent enveloped your senses which only made you cry more. This isn’t right you told yourself, this isn’t healthy this isn’t how relationships hare supposed to make you feel. The creak of the screen door snapped you out of your trance and you didn’t even have to turn around to know it was Erik. He walked out and sat down next to you, noticing your shivering body he pulled you closer to him wrapping his arm around your shoulder. You leaned your head against his chest and he let out a sigh.

“This isn’t good for us Erik.” You said between sniffles.

“I love you”

“We can’t keep doing this.”

“I love you”

“I don’t feel like it!”

“What do you mean you don’t feel like it?” Erik pulled you off his chest and forced you to look at him.

“I hate the way you make me feel Erik! This isn’t healthy I-I shouldn’t keep coming back to you after what you do to me. It hurts Erik! It hurts!”

“Y/N you’re just drunk you don’t know what you’re talking about” Erik rolled his eyes at your words not paying you any attention.

You stood up and looked at him.

“We need to break up erik. We need to end this now.. we need a break.”

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Synopsis: Izzie’s finishing her senior year of college. The end is on the horizon. Her life is great with an amazing boyfriend and the world’s greatest friend. Izzie feels like she can accomplish anything.

What happens though when someone from her past comes back into her life.

Warnings: mild smut

Word Count: 2,444




Do you remember how old you were when love hurt you for the first time?

Not just a slight tumble on the schoolhouse playground, love will never leave just a scratch or a bruise.

No love is painful. Like a gunshot wound to the chest, like failing at everything you touch. Like seeing true happiness only to know that it’ll be ripped away from you, never to be experienced again. 

Love is different for everybody. But the one thing that everyone has in common with love, is how far it can pull you down. Love can suck you up and suck you dry. 

And you’ll let it. We all go so deep for love. The only way to feel that level of emotion is to either experience it with your whole body or not at all. 

But to be in love you must be sure. True love is not a half-assed attempt. When you can’t decide, when you can’t figure out what love is best for you, people get hurt. You hurt the people you love the most. And there’s nothing you can do about it. 

Love isn’t easy. But…

It’s always worth it.

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Erik Killmonger x Reader

Erik runs into his old high school girlfriend and realizes how much love he still has for her.

Please Note: In this series, there was never a fight for the thrown between Erik and T’Challa. It’s all good between them. Erik became a Seal and used his pull to go to Wakanda in the hopes of just finding his family. Together, he and T’Challa founded the Wakandan Outreach Center in Oakland.

Thanks for the feedback and love. :) excuse any mistakes. enjoy.


It had been weeks since you ran into Erik… or since he literally ran into you. Good thing you only went running on the weekends. That made it easier to avoid him if you spotted him again. But luckily, you didn’t. You purposely waited until about 9am to go running and you were sure that was why. If he was an early bird, he wouldn’t catch you.

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