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#black panther fic

A/N: This is a side note but I’m losing my shit over this COVID stuff and while work hasn’t exploded with patients yet, I keep going to work thinking today will be the day. Anyway, writing this chapter calmed me down a little bit. Please wash your hands and stay home. Enjoy!

You and Erik were now riding back down the elevator, having left Lwazi’s body behind. A sensation of unease from knowing that you had been uprooted, yet again, settled in the pit of your stomach. Nevertheless, you remained assured. This time, you intuited that you would remain with Erik for the long run. Even better, you knew this time that you were stronger with Bast’s protection within you.

“Stay right behind me, I gotta make a few stops.” Erik ordered as you left the apartment complex behind. He was holding onto your wrist just a little too tight as he brought you along, but this time his grip was more protective than domineering; as if he was afraid that if he let you go, you’d disappear. 

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A/N: This chapter will give you whiplash in all honesty. And stay safe from coronavirus y’all. Wash your hands. 


A whip of blinding pain and a shrill ringing in the ears jolted you back into consciousness and you opened your heavy, heavy eyelids. A familiar face glowered over you, his head tilted at an unnatural angle… No, you were horizontal, lying on the cold ground, collapsed against the wall in the hallway leading up to your client’s suite. 

The elevator…

“Don’t even think about it.” Lwazi growled.

Your eyes refocused to look at him. The side of your head that made contact with the ground throbbed and you could feel something lukewarm and sticky seeping through your curls. Your eyes continued to go in and out of focus as you lay still, too fatigued to move. It was like you had lost control over your limbs. He had drugged you. 

Lwazi was going to kill you, and likely had planned to all along. Somehow, you were not at all surprised. It had seemed all too easy for you to just leave and live comfortably in France after supposedly trying to overthrow your very own king. You just wondered why King T’Challa would even bother having you slain outside of Wakanda. He was within his jurisdiction to do whatever he wanted on his territory. It’s not as if the rumor mill was not full of stories of these off-site executions.

Maybe it was more pleasurable to do it this way, now that you had dared to grow comfortable and ease yourself into a different life. Now you had been worn down by this new day to day life, no longer had the stubborn resolve of a rebel and had presumably found new things to live for. Only now would dying be painful, now that you harbored hopes for the future.

Maybe King T’Challa was aiming to look more merciful for the public. Executing a priestess would not look good no matter how much detail they revealed about your treachery. He was the benevolent king after all, universally loved and wise. He would never harm someone he grew up with. He would never hurt you.

Lwazi squatted before you as you lay helplessly. He nudged your forehead roughly with his pointer finger and smirked.

“You really are smart, aren’t you? It’s almost as if you already know what’s going on.” He snarled in Xhosa. This was probably the longest string of words he’d spoken to you since you first met, you realized.

You didn’t respond. While your heart was pounding in your chest, the last thing you wanted was a report of how fearful you had looked as you died. 

It was almost comical. The guy who looked and acted like a serial killer actually turned out to be your murderer. Sometimes people are just as suspicious as they seem. Maybe you and your father would laugh about it in the afterlife.

Your father. Would he be ashamed of you? Would he understand? Would he think you deserved to die?

At this thought, a tear escaped your eye and Lwazi’s catlike ones twinkled with glee. 

“Ah, there’s that emotion I was looking for.” 

As though reassured, he pulled out a small pocket knife. An ordinary weapon to end an ordinary life. 

“No hard feelings. I’m just following orders.” His bemused tone said otherwise as he whispered into your ear, hot breath tickling  your ear. Your skin began to crawl. 

You closed your eyes, waiting for the knife to carve your skin, hoping that he’d be quick. But instead, you heard a stomach-turning crack, followed by the heavy thud of a body hitting the floor.

“Can’t stay out of trouble for five seconds, can ya, babygirl?”

That voice made you frantic, and you couldn’t believe your ears. But you could believe your eyes as you opened them. 


Erik?” He repeated his own name, in a mocking impression of your own voice. “The fuck are you doing here, Nkiru?”

You were at a loss for words, yet again. Where Lwazi had squatted before you, jeering at your body laid on the ground, Erik now stood. Behind him, you could see Lwazi was motionless. Dead. In mere seconds. Now it was not an issue of distorted perspective; your would-be killer’s neck bent at an odd angle, obviously broken, his eyes still open in shock. The sight of it brought a salty and sour taste in your mouth, and you fought the urge to dry heave. You looked away, unable to turn your head, now that you were paralyzed. 

“Get off the floor.” He ordered. 

“I… can’t.”

He rolled his eyes and reached down to lift you, but was thrown back by the opposing wall by a glowing purple light. Your protective barrier you had once generated before, late but ever present, enveloped you in a brilliant sphere.

Erik grimaced in pain as he slumped down onto his backside, ready to shout expletives at you, but his mouth hung open as he watched you suddenly burst into hot tears.

“Stay the fuck away, you… you monster!”

Helpless, laying on the ground, having to accept a pity rescue from the very man who ruined your life… it was all too much. Your childhood crush, or role model, or something in between, now trying to kill you all because of this man. Living in exile because of this man. Your father dying because of this man. Having to answer to a goddess that will not give you clear directions because of this man. 

Erik actually looked… upset? You didn’t care.

“Was I supposed to say thank you for the daring rescue?” You spat. A fire was rising in your body and you felt it surge through your arms and legs. You rose to your feet.

Hot and breathless and full of rage, you stepped towards him, your sphere shrinking until the glow wrapped around you like a wrap, now red and searing.

“Do you think this makes us even, N’Jadaka?” You stressed his name like it was a curse word.

He looked at you in terrifying awe. For the first time since you had ever met him, Erik looked… afraid.

You were now glowering over him, your faces just inches apart. Hands balled into fists, jaw clenched, hair almost up in flames like the rest of your body. You were ready to kill. 

Erik’s eyes met your furious gaze. You wished he would say something smart. You wanted to rip him apart, you were now sure you could. You wanted him to give you just one more reason. Just one more.

Do it. Tear him apart. I would lend you all my strength, the warlike queen sang into your ears.

The trickster gold glint in Erik’s eyes seemed to fade as he stared into yours. You only saw red and you wanted to see more red. You wanted to see his body as broken as Lwazi’s neck was right now, as broken as your heart was.

He’d broken you, but the last straw was today. It wasn’t all he had done while in Wakanda. It was the simple fact that he stood before you today, without warning, and out of nowhere. It was the fact that you had sought to understand him, and he abandoned you, only to reappear before you to save what meager remains of a life you had left, just so he could scatter those scraps too.

You sat on your haunches before him. You liked the way his back pressed further into the distressed wall behind him, bracing himself for whatever you planned to do next. You liked that for once, he was afraid of what you would do.

“I. will. not. let. you. destroy. me.” You seethed.

Erik had run out of smart things to say. He continued to match your gaze. His eyes lowered to your lips, then up to your eyes again, softer this time. 

“I’m going to kill you before you kill me, Erik N’Jadaka Stevens.”

Erik moved suddenly, so suddenly that you swatted at his face in defense, but he caught your wrist before you could make contact. You could see him wince in pain from the contact of the skin of his palm and your red-hot skin.

Then he pressed his lips to yours.

Your heart, previously pounding like a talking drum, almost slowed to a stop, and you could feel your offenses and defenses failing you embarrassingly fast. Your body cooled rapidly like you’d been doused in ice water, then seemed to warm up again, like you were being reset. The throb in your head vanished, and now your head felt light as though you couldn’t breathe.

Erik pulled you in with his other arm so that you straddled him, your knees touching the wall behind him. Off guard, you pulled away for a second, looking at him in shock, waiting for an explanation.

“I missed you.” He said plainly, and pressed his lips to yours a second time. This time, your lips parted for him and you let his arms wrap around your waist to kiss you more deeply. This time, you allowed yourself to feel his embrace and inhale of his scent.

“How did you know where I was this whole time?” You said, breathlessly once you pulled apart.

“I didn’t.” He responded. You didn’t understand, but again your lips met and suddenly you no longer needed to understand.

All in due time. 

The villain of the story, the one who had ruined your life among countless others, now embraced you hungrily, like a beggar at a feast. After you had threatened to kill him. After he had actually killed someone, and said someone laid in a broken mess just a couple feet away from your make out session.

He was not off the hook yet. He’d have to answer for his crimes. 

All in due time.

(had to repost because i lost all of my text somehow)

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about — Willow Greene had everything she could ever dream of a great paying job, an amazing condo, and two beautiful dogs. The only thing she didn’t have was a relationship, and in comes T’Challa Udaku, a man she’s known since high school, they even went to Howard with each other back in the day. Hell, the two even messed around for over a year. And after running into each other at their friend’s wedding, things picked up somewhat where they left off.

notes — this will also be a social media au mix with actual writings. and this is set in a totally different universe, which i will get into at a later date.

pairings — t’challa udaku x willow greene [ oc ]


Willow looked around the ballroom in annoyance at having to attend her third charity ball this month. She usually didn’t mind them when they happened within at least three months of each other.

The charity ball was beautiful but she’d rather be at home watching Love & Hip Hop cuddles up with her toe pitbulls. But here she was making her way to the bar to get a drink to try and make it through this evening.

As soon as she got to the bar, she ordered a glass of champagne. Her and the bartender made small talk until she heard her name in a familiar accent.

Turning around Willow was met with T’Challa, she smiled shyly giving him a one over. Before finally meeting his eyes again, noticing that he had been looking at her the same she had been looking at him.

“It’s been a while Willow, how have you been?” He questioned pulling her into a hug.

Chuckling she responded telling him how her life was going while hugging him a bit tighter. “So, I notice that you’re here by yourself tonight?”

Taking a quick sip of her drink, she nodded. “Yes, I’ve been coming to these for about two years now.”

“Oh, so it’s like that now huh?”

“According to you it’s been like that T’Challa. But if you don’t mind I have to go make some rounds talking to people or my boss will have my head. It was nice seeing you, again.” She downed the rest of her drink, patting his shoulder trying to make her way to her company’s CFO.

But before she could really make her way to him T’Challa softly grabbed her arm. “I just have one quick question before you go and avoid me for the rest of the night. Will I be seeing you at Erik’s wedding?”

“No, you know I’m Harmony’s maid of honor. Of course I’ll be there.”

“Great, so I’ll see you then. Have a nice night Ms. Greene.”

He swiftly left a kiss on her cheek before walking away to talk to another business man. While Willow stood there with a feeling of nervousness that she once knew a little too well when ever he was around. And now she felt just how she felt back in college, and she wasn’t exactly sure how to feel about it.

coming soon….

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Originally posted by ovtrojeon

Days off with Erik goes two ways for him.

It’s either a lazy day:

All he wants to do is cuddle while having lazy sex with you. Which results in a lot of giggling into each other’s mouths because sometimes he doesn’t slide in smoothly and it just kinda flops out and you two are goofy. Sometimes he just likes to hold your hand when you’re going down on him or vice versa. No rush just the two of you in your own little world.

Bubbles baths on days off are so appreciated because it gives you both a chance to talk about the week and how you’re feeling. Mental health check-ins in relationships are a must. You helped him realize that talking about his feelings isn’t “soft”. Now he says “I’ll be soft for you”. Just in a hushed tone between the two of you. These days are definitely self-care days where you two will recharge by doing face masks, meditating , or even praying if that’s what you both need

Or sometimes you wake up to Al Green playing from the kitchen and him just grooving to the music, still in his boxers. He wanted to surprise you with breakfast. It’s usually nothing fancy because Erik can burn water. But you’d never have the heart to tell him.

“If you gon stand there and watch me like that. I don’t want these waffles for breakfast. Come here. Come dance with me”

The rest of his lazy day off is spent with him either helping you grade your student homework papers or whatever else needs to be done. Note to self though. Next time put money aside for a real hairdresser and not ask Erik to help you bleach the tips of your hair. “The bob is cute on you though bae!" 

You were also not above absolutely waxing his ass in any video game y'all played together. Even though E is definitely a sore loser. "You cheated! You got your tiddies out and shit. How am I supposed to concentrate?? I should’ve threw that banana in your way when I had the chance. Talking bout some "no baby no!” “

You two would wrap up the day by either having friends over for dinner or just ordering food and having a night in. It never gets old or boring with him because he’s your best friend. So being in PJs with him and laughing til your stomach hurts about the time where Erik busted his ass going down the stairs during an assembly is peaceful.

A busy day off is the second way his day goes :

Being off by not really off because there’s always things to fix around the house or artifacts to bid on. So you’ll usually fix coffee for the both of you while you work in comfortable silence in the morning. Occasionally stealing kisses and hugs from each other when needed/wanted.

Dates! You never know what you’re going to get from your man. It’s either a simple dinner and maybe a movie (which Erik is always laser focused on. He doesn’t like to miss any details or anything. Definitely a total movie buff and could have been a filmmaker/actor if he wanted. He usually offers a lot of interesting and fresh ways on how the film could’ve been better. ) Or he’s surprising you with concert tickets ‘cause your favorite artist in town. But mans is a wild card. You told him you wanted Indian food and he bought tickets that evening… to India. He keeps you on your toes. 

 Sometimes he still has to travel on his day off to pick up artifacts and you’ll ride with him.

Every once in awhile you’ll pack a picnic for the both of you with tiny little travel sized bottles of liquor or wine and just talk for hours. People wouldn’t ever believe that Erik is one to love this kind of thing. The sun of his bronze skin as he’s laying back against the grass and thinking of you. He could never get enough of you. It’s like he’s trying to think of the things that worry him and then there you are smiling at him like he’s the greatest person in the world. "Love youuuu Njadaka” you’d call softly to him as he reaches out to grip your thigh softly. 

“Alright, alright. But now it’s time for you to drive the boat. C'mon drive the boat” you say to him laughing as he tips his head back for you to pour the wine in his mouth before replacing the bottle with your lips.

Although, the majority of the time it’s y'all two together wrapped up in your own little bubbles. You both do have your own friend groups and he goes out with the guys to do his own thing while you go out with your girls.

But sometimes the groups merge and y'all do the most random stuff like paintballing. Which, with all of Erik’s military training. You and your girls still end up lighting his team tf up. (He’ll never tell you it’s cause he let’s you and be purposely letting his team get hit cause he likes the way your eyes light up when you win.)

 A contrast to the lazy day off is that the busy day off ends in sex usually. Sometimes rushed and feverish and he’s kissing on your back and slipping it in from behind while grabbing a pillow to put under. Yes , it’s sexy as hell cause your man is about to give the supreme stroke, but also you can both see the tv this way. On My Block took like a year for a new season to drop and y'all still wanted to see it.

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Synopsis: Izzie’s finishing her senior year of college. The end is on the horizon. Her life is great with an amazing boyfriend and the world’s greatest friend. Izzie feels like she can accomplish anything.

What happens though when someone from her past comes back into her life.

Warnings: mild smut

Word Count: 2,444




Do you remember how old you were when love hurt you for the first time?

Not just a slight tumble on the schoolhouse playground, love will never leave just a scratch or a bruise.

No love is painful. Like a gunshot wound to the chest, like failing at everything you touch. Like seeing true happiness only to know that it’ll be ripped away from you, never to be experienced again. 

Love is different for everybody. But the one thing that everyone has in common with love, is how far it can pull you down. Love can suck you up and suck you dry. 

And you’ll let it. We all go so deep for love. The only way to feel that level of emotion is to either experience it with your whole body or not at all. 

But to be in love you must be sure. True love is not a half-assed attempt. When you can’t decide, when you can’t figure out what love is best for you, people get hurt. You hurt the people you love the most. And there’s nothing you can do about it. 

Love isn’t easy. But…

It’s always worth it.

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Erik Killmonger x Reader

Erik runs into his old high school girlfriend and realizes how much love he still has for her.

Please Note: In this series, there was never a fight for the thrown between Erik and T’Challa. It’s all good between them. Erik became a Seal and used his pull to go to Wakanda in the hopes of just finding his family. Together, he and T’Challa founded the Wakandan Outreach Center in Oakland.

Thanks for the feedback and love. :) excuse any mistakes. enjoy.


It had been weeks since you ran into Erik… or since he literally ran into you. Good thing you only went running on the weekends. That made it easier to avoid him if you spotted him again. But luckily, you didn’t. You purposely waited until about 9am to go running and you were sure that was why. If he was an early bird, he wouldn’t catch you.

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Hii sooo I just got out of a relationship that was really shitty and stomped my creativity because he wouldn’t let me write fanfics 😞 I had no privacy and the little bit I did write started a fight because he said it was too dirty and made me delete it. BUT I’m going to slowly work my way into writing and posting again 😩 I’m sorry if my work isn’t that good for a while but I promise I’ll get better.


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Erik Stevens x Black OC (Phoenix)

A/N: Next chapter is finally done. Excuse any typos. Appreciate the reads and love from you guys. 

Word Count: 5k +


Being an Uncle and father figure to a four month old baby was like hitting the baby lotto. You could love the baby, buy the baby whatever they needed but the baby always went home. Well, that’s how TJ described it. He could be the father he knew he could be but without the 24/7 commitment. He loved it… way more than he thought he would. Since Luna was born, everyone’s home had turned into a baby playhouse. But TJ may have went overboard with toys, a swing and a ton of blankets to make sure his times with Luna were amazing.

Speaking of… Luna was on her way to his house. Coby and Phoenix had rehearsals for their tour and he agreed to watch her for the day. He had the day planned out. Car rides usually put Luna to sleep so he figured she’d still be asleep when she got there. She would nap for about an hour, she’ll enjoy a nice hearty bottle and they’ll turn up to some Baby Shark. The remix of course. At some point, Steph and Ken would show up and they’d all watch a Disney movie, trying to explain to Luna what was going on. Needless to say, this would be a good day with his favorite little human.

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Girls Trip {Erik fic}

Warnings: 18+, smut.

{reader goes on a cruise with her girls during winter break post-breakup & meets Erik when she needs him most. The intro to a series. I hope that y'all enjoy this long ass intro x}

“Told you you’d like it! We know what you need.” your friend Lynelle says as you and your other 2 best friends step into the lobby of the ship.

Your original plan was to stay home and catch up on much needed sleep and netflix binge watching during Winter Break but Khadijah, Tasha , and Lynelle (Lennie)  had other plans.

They could never get on the same page to go on a proper vacation but the one time you wanted to be left alone they’ve decided to get it together. 

2 plane rides and now you’re here on a cruise on the way to ‘paradise’.

The last few weeks went by in a blur while you were buying bikinis, trying to contain your emotions, and leaving behind your frozen over city for Bali.

You’d be lying if you said that you weren’t a little excited to be leaving behind a terrible end to a 4 year relationship.

“Girl I just paid 12 dollars for Netflix this month. I planned on staying home and re-watching The Get Down. I need to at them and ask them when they’re gonna add Crooklyn.“ You say as your phone begins to go off. 

"Uh-uh, just cause your man had community dick don’t mean you gotta feel like you did something wrong. You are the sweetest and most caring person I know and gave everything you had for that man. You are a strong beautiful talented black woman. You run your own business and don’t need his ass for nothing. And if I were into girls I would’ve been shot my shot back in the 7th grade. Now, we gon’ get tipsy, dance the night away in 23$ dollar heels, and find a fine ass beard to rid-”

You quickly cut off your best friend by answering your mother’s call. You held onto Khadi’s hand to let her know that her support means everything to you.

“Hey Mama. Yes I made it safe and sound.” You say into the phone as you shake your head and laugh at your girls. 

“HEY MA ” Khadi says waving as she smiles at the woman on the other side of the phone she’s known for over half her life. 

“Hello Khadijah, are you behaving yourself ?” She asks as Khadi shakes her head with her tongue sticking out.

“MY GIRL.” Your mother says as they both laugh and point at each other through the screen. 

“I’ll talk to you later, enjoy yourself baby. Sometimes a little fun and laughter is the cure for heartache. Love you, be safe.” She says before ending the video call.

“Alright , we all meeting up for the foam pool party after the tour right? Cause I need to shower and stuff first.” You say as everybody agrees

An hour or two later you were standing in front of the hotel mirror giving yourself a pep talk in your new bikini. You eyed your reflection as you tell yourself that somebody son is gonna love on your fupa, and the 3 years wasted with Derrick isn’t going to matter anymore. 


“Knees. Knees. Come on knees.” Khadijah yells as Lennie and Tasha  drop it low and make it clap as a chorus of 'ayyeeee’ erupts in the elevator. 

You make your way down to the lobby with the girls after throwing back a few shots in Lennie’s room. You past by a group of other girls in the elevator and they were blasting Cash Shit from their phone. 

“Link up with us later.” Paris says from the other group before moving over to the party already happening. 


Originally posted by amehmay-blog

The drinks are flowing through your system and Tasha is filming you for the gram as you sing along to the music. You accidentally trip backwards onto a man behind you before immediately apologizing and giggling.

“You good mama.” He says as he catches you with one hand and the other still holding his drink. Without missing a beat he twirls you to the beat so that you can play it off. 

“What’s the nigga name?” He asks as he takes another sip of his drink and tries to act like he ain’t see you watching the suds slide down his scarred and chiseled chest to his happy trail.  

“Excuse me?” You ask confused as he flashes his gold fanged grill and cock his head towards the phone in Tasha’s hand as she gives you a quiet  'oooh shit okay’. 

“The one you tryna prove a point to. Only name that matters now though is Erik.” He says as he grinds against you and move your braids to your other shoulder. 

“Alright Erik, lemme see if you can keep up then.” You tease him as you begin to whine on him and ride the beat as he keeps up behind you. You realize you have an audience now with his boys glancing over at you and your girls watching him. 

His hand holds you in place before he asks if it’s alright if he kissed you. You nod before you know it his soft ass lips are on yours. He pulls at your bottom lip slightly while you continue to whine on him. 

“Thank you for the dance.” You say before you place one final kiss to his lips as the song ends.

You walk over to Tasha before grabbing her hand and leaving to find Lennie and Khadijah 

You knew he was still standing there watching you walk away you turned to give him a look over your shoulder with a raised brow.


Originally posted by pantherclawz

“Stop watching my booty” you mouth at him jokingly 

“YOU CAN’T EVEN BLAME ME. ITS FAT AS FUCK.” He yells back to you over the music.

After an hour of dancing and having a good time with friends you only checked your phone once to find 3 messages from Derrick begging you to call him then two talking about how disappointed he was with you.

You stepped out onto the upper deck to tell him to stop calling you and ruining your good time. 

“I can do what I want. I’m fucking grown. All you ever did was sit at home on your ass and criticize me for every damn thing I did. I made sure you were happy when I wasn’t even okay… And fucking my cousin was your way of showing me you loved me huh? Don’t call me no more and stop calling my mama asking her about me too. ” You yell into the phone before hanging up.

You stand there staring out at the ocean for a moment. Trying to breathe deeply and ground yourself so that you don’t cry.

“You good?” You hear a voice call from behind you.

“What, you following me now?” You ask Erik as he pulls up one of the lounge chairs to sit next to you and light his blunt. 

“Nah, not at all. I came out here to smoke and chill. All that going on in there really ain’t my scene. My boys got me to come here. They got white boys in there doing backflips off the balcony and shit. I probably would’ve still been at work right now.” He say as he exhales and leans back against the lounge chair. 

You laugh softly before shaking your head. 

“That’s how I ended up here. I was planning on spending Christmas and The New Year at home with my family. But my friends had this surprise for me to ring in the new year in Bali. And now here I am. I’d still rather be watching Godfather of Harlem. I gotta catch up.” You say sitting next to him in the lounge chair. He instinctively wraps his arm around you letting you lay your head on his shoulder.

Granted, it probably seemed weird as hell to be cuddling with somebody you just met and barely knew but to both of you it just felt right in the moment.

“Godfather of Harlem ? That show is my shit. It’s slept on forreal… If you ever in Oakland you should stop by sometime. I run a museum based on preserving black art and culture.” He scrolls on his phone until he finds some of the pieces and shows it to you. But the main thing that stood out was Stevens Black Art & History: for the culture. 

“Erik Stevens?” You gasp and sit up to get a good look at him

“Yeah , why you looking like that? What’s up?” He questions

“Oh my fucking God. We was best friends back in the day. It’s me, look, minus the bifocals, braces, and that James Brown bob my mama gave me damn near every day.” You say and he stares at you in awe for a second. 

“Damn it’s really you.” You says quietly as he runs his thumb over your cheek imagining you the way you looked in 5th grade.

You loved Erik growing up and spent almost all of your time together but after his father died you didn’t get to say goodbye. He was taken into the system and after that you heard that he was in the military doing who knows what. You tried to find him but after a while it was no use. You couldn’t believe how different he looked now. He looked tired down by the woes of life but still as beautiful as the day you met him.

“ 'Member this?” You ask as you fish your out of the pocket of your cover-up and start playing Best Friend by 50 Cent. 

You watched as he looked up at you standing up to dance. You pull him up too as he puts out the blunt while laughing and stepping with you. 

“If I was your best friend, I want you 'round all the time. Can I be your best friend, if you promise you’ll be mine?” You sing to him as he twirls you around 

“First we get the talkin, then we get the touchin. If we get pass the phone games we’ll be fuckin. I kiss like the french therefore my tongue in your ear. Do it like the dogs do it girl and pull on your hair. For me a different scenery just mean a different position. In the tub or on the sink I improvise now listen. In the chopper or on the jet join the mile high club. I’m no fool I know money can’t buy me love. But I’m a different type of nigga that make sure that you know. Instead of a rose, there’s a hundred dozen of those. See I see somethin special when I look in your eyes. With your legs way back I see this pussy is mine. If you ain’t sure when I’m talkin I don’t tell you no lies. But there’s things that you say that have me wonderin why. When I don’t say what I’m thinkin it don’t mean that I’m shy. Got on that shit you picked out for me that’s why I’m so fly.” He raps effortlessly while kissing softly on your neck and all those memories start flashing back to you as you sway with him.

“Damn you still remember all the lyrics to our song.” You say to him as you look over to see your girls and some of his friends.

“You out here ?  Bitch! I thought I was gonna have to do an interview on First 48 for yo ass. I was gon’ drop a raft over to come find you. You know I can’t swim and I don’t got my floaties with me.” Khadi says as she walks in with Tasha and Lennie . 

“I’m sorry I came out here for fresh air and then ended up literally finding my fuckin childhood best friend. Before the baddest bitches on the planet came to be. There was THEE duo. Everybody meet Erik.”

After everyone got to know each other. Y'all brought the party to the secluded little upper deck with the perfect view of the ocean. You had drinks , music, and good company almost enough to forget about the whole situation back home. 

“Girl you know I love you but my feet hurt and Sebastian said he gon’ rub em” referring to the man she currently had her arms around. 

“Alright , we’ll meet up in the morning for breakfast” you tell them before giving them kisses goodbye and heading out with everybody. 

Tasha and Lynelle were currently singing to each other and sharing cute kisses off to the side. You couldn’t help but to smile and think of how true love must feel. To love and be fully loved back like that.

You were standing in front of your opened room door when you realized that his room is across from yours but he had no plans of sleeping in it.

“Uh-uh. Who said you were invited in?” You ask Erik with your index finger on his chest. 


Originally posted by she-had-a-vibe

“I thought you said you wanted to watch Netflix? We can order room service and everything. Whatever you want” he says to you licking his lips and closing the gap between the two of you. 

“I want to forget. I want to have fun. I want to feel loved and appreciated for once. That would be nice.” You say quietly as he takes his hand in yours. Pressing small kisses to each of your knuckles.

He hesitates for a moment before leaning in to kiss you slowly. He held your face in his hands as he continued to back you into the room kicking it closed with his foot. 

 "I’m glad that we found each other. After all of this time. “ You say to him in between kisses

"Believe it or not I kept that picture of us. The one your mama took of us at the zoo next to the monkeys. I took it with me on tour everywhere. Right next to my mama’s picture in my wallet. I never lost a battle. I made it home in one piece. Shits wild.” He said zoning out for a moment like he was going somewhere else. 

“Heyyy.” You call softly. You move his hands from your waist 

“ I’ve got you.” You whisper to him before leading him to your bed and laying him back. 

You wrap your arms around him almost cuddling him as you lay your head on his chest while listening to his heartbeat and sitting on his lap. 

You place a soft kiss to his lips before moving away from the bed to change, settling on a large shirt and nothing else. 

Erik followed suit and just stripped to his boxer briefs before you come back to the bed carrying soda , your laptop, and snacks. 

“And before you ask. Yes, I packed my laptop because work never stops, and yes I packed snacks because I can’t find Takis out here.” You say chuckling softly while he shakes his head laughing softly. 

You both settle into a comfortable position before loading up the movie. You settled on Nappily Ever After but it wasn’t long before he was softly kissing on your neck with his hand under your shirt.

“Gonna eat it from the back. That’s cool with you” he mumble into your ear.

If that’s cool with me? BIH, I’m trying to let you give me twins. Triplets even. Play it cool. Play it cool . You thought to yourself before saying a silent apology to your girl Sanaa Lathan as you quickly moved the laptop to the bedside table.

“Damn she pretty.” He says before kissing each cheek and gripping the back of your thighs. You knew what was coming next as your hands found the headboard and arched your back.

You can feel his tongue begin to explore the back of your thighs to your folds as he bends you forward. 

You hiss softly as his hand began to roam. You looked back at him as his fingers enter you. He begins to slowly and deeply work you open for him. You knew that you were dripping at this point and couldn’t contain how loud you’re being.

You can hear him let out a groan as he gets his first taste. Before you know it he’s devouring you like you’re his favourite meal and is completely in his element. His hands are massaging over your cheeks while he suckles your clit and then slides his tongue in. You begin to work your hips down onto it as he’s on his knees behind you. His fingers massaging skillfully over your clit. 

“That’s how you want it? It’s all for you.” You egg him on shakily as you reach back to grab at his dreads knowing that you’re nearing your orgasm. You thought you were seeing stars but the audacity of this man bringing his hand down hard across your left then right cheek and then the pom-pom itself, did it.

Your toes curled and your head was tilted back as you continued to ride his face and the orgasmic wave crashed over you so hard it took your breath with it. 

You called out his name speaking in all types of broken Xhosa as he begin to lap you up and savour your taste. 

When you stopped shaking he sat back on the bed, proud of himself as he licked his lips. 

You turned to face him and he wasted no time continuing to massage you.

But what you hadn’t realized during changing you accidentally dialed Derrick. Who’s now on the other end, yelling into the phone 

{to be continued! I hope that it was alright!}

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Erik Killmonger x Reader

Word Count: 3k

Lightly Proofread. Please excuse any errors.

A/N: I’m sorry for how long this took to get out you guys. This is my first time writing Dadmonger and I’m a little nervous. I hope y’all enjoy it. As always please like, comment, and reblog.

9:48 a.m.

‘I should be up by now.’ Erik thought to himself. He sighed lowly and continued staring at the ceiling like he had been doing for the past hour. He should be sitting in his office prepping for the meeting he had at 10, but he isn’t. He’s at home, in bed, lying comfortably next to his favorite person in the world. Now, in his defense, he really did try to go to work this morning. He had woken up late, a little after 8, which never happens. He’s usually up well before 6, but this morning the sensors in his brain seemed to malfunction this morning. When he finally woke up he managed to, begrudgingly, pull himself out of bed to complete his morning routine. He emptied his bladder, brushed his teeth, and showered all in less than 20 minutes. He got dressed and made his way to his car, where he sat for about 15 minutes before going back into the house, trading his clothes for a pair of basketball shorts and crawling back into bed. So, yeah. He really did try but for some reason he just couldn’t do it. 

Well, maybe not just some reason

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Erik x Black Reader (as always)

[the Christmas tradition ensues in y'all household]

“E, you sleep?” You call out to your fiance as you listen to his snores and the sound of the ambient sounds machine you bought him to soothe the nightmares.

Every year you and Erik would hide gifts around your home to find on Christmas day and every year he would find yours or either guess what it is. 

You are to this day trying to figure out how he bought a whole ass pink Camaro with hottie detailed on the license plate like you dreamed of without you knowing. 

You were determined to outsmart him by putting it away in the dishwasher. He always washed them by hand and would never find the watch and diamond accented chain set in there. You crept down the stairs past your pitbull Rocky,  rubbing his back as he perked up to check on you. 

“Good boy. Mama’s going to hide all of Daddy’s stuff. He think he’s slick. Did you see where he put mine?” You ask giggling softly as he seems to sit and listen before laying his head back down. Back to the task at hand.

You move around the kitchen stealthily before putting everything in its spot and trying to ease back up the stairs without too much of a sound. 

You let out a sigh of relief as the sleeping man turns on his side, eyes still closed. You lay next to him and he moves over to lay his head on your stomach and his arm around your midsection. 

He was up the moment he felt you leave the bed but wanted to give you a moment to accomplish your mission. 

“The kitchen ma? You thought you was slick huh?” He asks while chuckling sleepily. 

You pout for a second before shaking your head.

“Can’t hide shit from your nosey self. Watch you ain’t gon’ get nothing for Christmas , Mr. Know It All.” You say jokingly as you massage his scalp softly and down to his temples. 

You hum softly as you feel him relax against you and his thick fingers massaging over your sides and stomach.

You met Erik when he was in a tough spot in his life and was estranged from his family. Your family became his as they welcomed him with open arms. 

“You know I'mma act surprised when the family come over like I do every year anyway. Damn it’s really our 5th Christmas together. Time be going by fast. I can’t front and act like these haven’t been the best years of my life though. Last year when me and your pops got drunk off of fuckin’ Crown Royal and starting singing My Girl to you and moms.” He says laughing lowly and plucking his fingers as he remembers the moment.

“Bruh, my daddy almost tore his knees up trying to do that dip to the floor.” You say shaking your head

“Everybody got a past. Just know that if you hurt my little girls feelings i’m going to have to blow your kneecaps out, son.” Your mother threatened upon meeting him. 

“You know I love your ass to hell and back. I’m excited to see everybody too. You know that they’re gonna want to see the engagement ring and we’ve got to get a nut-free cake for Nakia and Auntie Yolanda always talking bout she don’t like sweet potato pie. But last year I seen her ass carrying 3 plates out to her car with it on there. And I can’t stand the smell of ham right now so we’re going to have to find something else in its place.” You say not realizing that you’ve just spilled the final present. 

“You pregnant?” He asks cocking his head to the side to look at you a small smile playing on his lips as he turns his head to kiss all over your stomach. 

“I can’t keep shit to myself. 6 weeks baby. Can you believe that shit? ‘Member when I kept throwing up in Bali and I thought that I caught some type of bug?” You ask as he sits up to hold you in his arms

“Damn, I’m really gonna be a daddy daddy now. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” He says letting out a thank you to you for choosing him, the gods for choosing you, and the little baby that’s still forming and growing for choosing both of you. 

“Merry Christmas E.” You say to Erik as you swipe the tear from the corner of his eye and place lazy tired kisses to his chest. 

“I love you” he says as he pulls you closer to him to cuddle you protectively and rock you back to sleep. 

“Hollup, you still ain’t slick Stevens. Where did you hide my gifts?" 

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[T’Challa x Reader]

Word Count: 6.2K

*Part 1* *Part 2* *Part 3*  *Part 4* *Part 5*  *Part 6* *Part 7* *Part 8* *Part 9*  *Part 10* *Part 11* *Part 12*


Originally posted by crystaltendencies

Okoye thanks them and leads you down a hallway and staircase that leads to a room of cells that look familiar to you.  You aren’t in the same part of the building but these cells are very similar to the ones Tavia was in prior to Erik breaking her out and all the chaos ensuing before.

“Wait here.  She will be in room 3.”

You obey, standing in front of a room with lasered barriers.  Your heart gallops in your chest as you take a deep breath to calm remain as calm as possible.  You weren’t scared of getting hurt really, but you just weren’t ready to hear what Tavia had to say.  You just knew it was something you had to let happen, or you would regret it.

You hear the depressurizing doors as Tavia walks from behind a corner, stopping short of seeing you standing on the other side of the lasers.  

“Hey…”  She says quietly.  No matter what they have been through, Tavia always had something to say first.

You look away.  “I’m not staying to talk long, I just wanted to come by and see you…”

Tavia steps quickly towards the lasers, stopping short of touching them.  

“(Y/N),” she says your name with tears forming in her eyes.  The soot from earth containing vibranium stains her rugged uniform as she wipes her face.  “…I never wanted this.”

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