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Originally posted by tanrininprezervatifi

“Good Morning, my king”

“No need for the formalities (Y/N). We’ve know each other since we were children”

“It would still be rude to not address you as my king, T’Challa”

Everyday since you guys were kids, you would always address him as my prince or, recently, my king. He didn’t want you to see him as someone bellow him, because of your status, but of equal standing. For that is how you see a person if you love them



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I Match You With T'challa!

I hope you stay safe as well, Darling. Gif above is not mine, all credits go to the original owner.💙

  • He would first find your clumsiness rather amusing yet adorable.
  • He would help you if you had fallen or assist in regaining your balance with concerns for your safety.
  • He would think the glasses that rested upon your face were adorable as he fixed them.
  • He would fall in love with your caring personality and your kind heart.
  • He would tell you that in itself was far more valuable and precious than anything.
  • He would be protective of you but would never lose his temper, he would take a calm approach to everything.
  • He would do all he could to keep you from falling or hurting yourself in any way.
  • He would catch you if you fell in front of him.
  • But that didn’t stop him from playfully pouting if you ignored him.
  • He would enjoy your baking and help as much as he could, he would always have a kind word for the end result.
  • His favorite place to kiss you would either be the tip of your nose or the back of your hand.
  • He would always be very gentle and loving to you just as you were to him.
  • He would call you, “Little one,” or “Precious one.”
  • His favorite way to sleep would be your head upon his chest and tucked beneath his chin, your hand in his.
  • Most would find your relationship sweet, loving and irreplaceable.
  • He would love you more than anything.
  • He would also fall for your curves and tell you how much he adored them and how beautiful they were.
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Originally posted by fallenvictory

“You’re my queen (Y/N), you know that”

“Yeah, I know. An you are my king”

“Well, what if you actually became a queen”

“Are we talking hypothetically?

“Uhhh sure” “ 

“Well I don’t know, I think my life is perfect as it is, cause all I need is you”

“You are too sweet princess. I promise you that one day I will make you my queen”  


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I Match You With T'Challa!

Gif above is not mine, all credits go to the original owner. 💙

  • He would first be attracted to the beautiful soul you possesed and displayed so effortlessly.
  • He at first would also be a little shy when he first spoke to you but you both would gradually become much more comfortable.
  • His warmth would easily make you feel at ease around him, he would never want to see you uncomfortable.
  • He would know of your inexperience with another and would take great care to treat you well as if you would break.
  • He would be very loyal to you, you would be the only one to hold his heart and he would be sure to inform you of it as often as possible.
  • He would notice your lack of confidence and attempt to open your eyes to reveal just how beautiful you truly were.
  • He would praise all the parts of your body that you deemed unworthy or flawed, and help you discover just how admirable you were.
  • Your height would provide him with the perfect opportunity to kiss the top of your head, something you both would enjoy.
  • He would adore your shyness, and would often kiss your nose and lips just to receive your flustered laugh.
  • His preferred sleeping position would your head tucked beneath his chin and his arms wrapped around you.
  • He would be very protective of you.
  • Your awkwardness would never anger him or frustrate him, he would be very understanding and do all in his power to be there for you when he was needed.
  • Many would be quite fond of your relationship, claiming it was rather adorable.
  • He would find your eyes very beautiful and claim it was his favorite feature of yours.
  • He would tell you loved them so much because he could see the gentle, worthy person that you never believed in.
  • He would call you, “My love.”
  • He wouldn’t fancy public displays of a affection, he would much rather show you his love away from prying eyes.
  • Shuri would love you, despite her constant teasing she would tell you that you were exactly what her brother needs.
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The things he said about you, the disgusting things he said, you were sure M'baku was going to kill him right then and there, in front of you and your guards, in front of his. But he didn’t. Instead he grabbed your hand, giving you a look that said he was trying his best to compose himself. You squeezed his hand as a thank you, grateful he loved you so much he’d do anything to defend you, that he loved you so much he was keeping his anger subdued. For now. As soon as T'challa came to him, asking for help with Erik, he was in. W'Kabi turned on his king, but he was rude to you first and foremost. He’d take this opportunity to show him that that was not acceptable, none of this, on any term. You knew he wouldn’t control himself once he stepped on the battlefield.

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You watched your family enjoy themselves on the dance floor from the safety of your partners arms, the two of you swaying back and forth. It was the sweetest ending to a perfect day. Months leading up to this, all the stressful nights of planning, of questioning your decisions, your mother and sister had been through it all. Your mother was there by your side through it all, offering advice, knowing what to do when you didn’t. Shuri was there, too, a little less helpful, but distracting you with her jokes and quips. The day was finally here, though, and all of you could finally relax. They laughed and smiled, dancing along to the music. Without them, you weren’t sure this day would have even happened. You made sure once the craziness was all over, when you came back from your honeymoon, you’d find a way to repay them, as a thank you.

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“I forbid you.”

“You what?” You stifled a laugh, not believing what you were hearing. Your wife looked at you, her eyes wide, scared, not backing down. Okoye had always been protective of you, even before you were married. She trained you for your safety, for defense, never intending for you to use any of it for fighting. You felt safe with her, but over the past few years, that sense of security had been taken, ripped away from you, from the world, from everyone. You were lucky you still had her, the love of your life, by your side. Many weren’t so fortunate.“My love, I am not a child. You can’t just forbid me from doing things.”

“You heard me. I can’t lose you y/n, not at the hands of that monster.”

“You’ll lose me if I can’t fight.” You knew that was her worst fear, you dying, unable to do anything about it. You wanted to take the words back, but it was too late, and you meant them, even if they were a little cruel. One person could mean the difference between finally defeating him or letting him win again, losing the lives you lost permanently, losing all hope that was left. That person could be you. You had to try. You couldn’t live the rest of your life, however long that may be, however that might look like, knowing you sat by and watched instead of fighting for what you believed in, for those who couldn’t.

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His hand squeezed your shoulder, pulling you back away from your cousin. T'challa knew too well you would have gone even further than you already did if he wasn’t there to stop you. He loves you, of course, but he didn’t always love that temper of yours. When Erik burst through the doors, demanding his throne, demanding your home, he knew you would have rone anything to stop him, even things that would have put you in serious danger. It wasn’t worth it, and he’d tell you. It’s not worth the fight. You never did know when not to pick your battles. He’d figure something out. You, and him, and the rest of your family. Come up with a plan that made sure everyone’s safety was ensured, that kicked Erik out of your home once and for all. Until then, there was nothing you could do other than to bow your heads to your new king and back away. Things like this took time, but you had never had that kind of patience…

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Stumbling on his vows, tripping over his own feet, stepping on your toes during your first dance. There were little hiccups during your wedding, but you called them perfect imperfections. It’s the clumsiness and akwardness that made it real, that made it yours. You laughed at his vows, holding back happy tears, and was there to catch your husband when he tripped, and you stepped on him even more. You loved it, and apparently so did Shuri. She caught them all on film, zooming in, making sure she got the perfect shot of her brother messing up. As she was showing it him now, all he could do was try not to cringe. Your wedding day was his favorite day in his life, the most important day in his life, but he didn’t want it to be remembered like this. Shuri refused to edit any of it, laughing at him until there were cramps in her sides. He’d find a way, though. This wasn’t how his wedding day would look to anyone watching, it couldn’t be.

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18: “I’m not jealous. I’m the most non-jealous person on the planet”


Originally posted by remylebeaus

  • pairing: shuri x reader
  • warnings: [n/a]
  • fandom: marvel
  • author’s note: don’t feel like i’ve written for shuri in ages, so this was a lot of fun. hope you enjoy anon xoxo

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Originally posted by danaisokoye

Warning(s):Masturbation, Vaginal Sex, Dirty Talk

Summary:  “So desperate for it, aren’t you? Well, if you want it so bad you’d better start taking it.” for M’Baku

Note(s):I’m so sorry this is trash and so short. I just feel awful writing about someone I barely know. Anon please forgive me.

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A/N: Here’s the highly requested part 2 that I’ve taken forever to write and release! Click here for part 1!


Originally posted by theandrophile


“Is my daddy late again?” Ashanti questioned aloud as she sat at her tiny desk with her eyes still focused on her drawing.

It was half past 3 and school let out at….3. So yes he was late again.

You sighed deeply coming up to her desk and crouching down. “Yes he is. But while we wait for him, We can do something fun.”

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The Way You Make Me Feel

M'Baku x Black Plus Sized Reader


{This is low-key just filthy M'Baku smut. I’m sorry lmao. 18+ as always and umm. Also this is for my fellow 200+ pounds club girls too. ✌🏾}

Hearing your fiance announce that he was home and immediately go to his office after pecking your lips was a clear indication of a bad day.

You usually don’t get more than a casual conversation in until the first six inches of him is snuggled into you.

“I made veggie burgers and some waffle fries love, if you’re hungry. You wanna talk about it?” You ask from the doorway of M’Baku’s office. 

You know that in his country he was a warrior. A man that defended his people with great honor, strength, and braveness.

He had agreed to move to America when your engagement happened because you couldn’t bare to be away from your family and especially your mother for so long. His adjustment to the new people, new customs, and other differences was quite difficult for him.

“No thank you. ” He says but he never looks up from the paperwork on his desk. He was less than thrilled with his new job. You knew that he’s far more qualified for almost any job/career, and sticking him with the label ‘intern’ and having him put stamps on envelopes/file papers only agitated him. 

“This is is only temporary, boo. Only until we can find something better. Just for now. And then we raise our babies in Wakanda. Deal?” You say quietly as you watch his shoulders tense and he puts the pen down before leaning back in the chair.

“Come.” He says and you waste no time padding across the room to him. His large form engulfing you as you sit on his lap and lay your head on his shoulder. 

“Love you” you mumble to him as he massages your back. You let out a sigh of relief as you feel him relax against you. 

“You know that even in my time of frustration. My heart is always with you , right?” He says lowly as his strong hands move down to run his fingertips against your bare thighs. You shiver feeling the goosebumps rise against your skin. It didn’t take much due to the fact that you were only wearing one of his old t-shirts. 

It was late at night and both of you slept nude anyways so you didn’t bother putting on anything but his old shirt. When you heard your fiance walk through the door your only thought was that you wanted to be with him.

“I know. I never doubt that. I know that you aren’t going to be cheery everyday babe. You know that I’ve got you and we can spend your off day tomorrow looking for something else but for tonight. Let me make you feel better, yes?” You whisper against his ear before leaning up to massage his shoulders over his unbuttoned dress shirt. He sits up to kiss your forehead and slide his hands under your shirt.

You take a moment to strip off his white dress shirt and then unbutton his pants.

You grab his large hands in yours before leaning into kiss him sloppily for a moment. Slowly letting your tongues work together before tugging on his bottom lip.

You slowly make your way kissing down his neck and chest before kissing over to his nipple. You chuckle softly as you feel him shiver when you swirl your tongue around his nipple and suckle it softly before switching to the right one.

You ghost your fingers light down his soft stomach over and over watching him squirm slightly. You feather your fingertips over his erection that’s already starting to become constricted against the black boxer briefs. You nip at his stomach and suckle a few hickies into his deep rich hickory skin. 

Placing a kiss to his left hip and then his right before finally making your way onto your knees and sliding his boxers off.

You slide your hands ups and downs his thighs dragging your nails down his thighs and lean in to place a kiss to his balls before licking from the base of him to the tip of his dick. Your hands never leaving his thighs and never breaking eye contact.

His breathing has now become jagged and you can tell the anticipation is becoming too much for him.

“Is this for me?” You ask as you grab his dick stroking him slowly working your hand up and down.

“Always” he says in a low hushed tone waiting for you to finally take him into your mouth.

All 9 inches of him was now standing proudly and started to throb as you take in the tip, your hand still working over the base of him and massaging his balls. 

You never stop massaging his balls as you take the first five inches letting your soft pillowy lips run up and down his shaft. As you hollow your cheeks and work him into your mouth and towards your throat to deepthroat him. 

He scratches softly at your scalp as he grips our hair gently urging you to take all of him. 

“Good girl. You’re such a good girl for me aren’t you? Look at me.” He commands as you look up at him. 

Your eyes are already starting to tear up as you approach inch 8.

You gag softly and relax your throat more breathing through your nose as you reach inch 9. You watch as he starts to thrust slowly letting you adjust and you moan softly loving the feeling of being engulfed by him. 

You use the spit slowly dripping down and massage over his balls as he thrusts a bit faster.

You hear him groaning your name over and over giving you all the praise in the world.

“My pretty fucking queen. My slutty fucking baby. Phefumla (breathe).”  He moans as he massages your jaw before gripping your face in his hand. He smacks your face softly and you smile against him.

This sometimes quiet and reserved man who is always too afraid that he’ll hurt you is finally giving you what you asked for. 

“You like that?” He asks as he smacks your left cheek. But of course never hard enough to hurt you.

He pulls you up slowly off of him with a quiet pop and you breathe slowly already missing the feeling of him. 

“On the desk.” Is all that he says before standing up and pumping himself slowly while watching you follow commands.

“Yes sir.” You reply quickly tossing the shirt to the side and laying back on his desk. 

“Uh- uh vula (open). (Dlala ngayo nditsho ndimanzi (Play with it. Get it wet for me).” He demands while watching you run your fingers over your clit and down further teasing yourself as you close your eyes. Your lips already turned in a pout.

“Yes sir. Please sir, it feels so much better when you do it.” You moan as he wraps his large hands around your thighs and slides you closer to him. 

He spanks your pussy repeatedly and held your legs open for him and chuckles softly as you grip his wrist and he brings his hand to his mouth,  licking his fingers.

M'Baku runs his dick up and down your pussy before leaning down to suckle your nipple. Tugging at the brown bud until your whimpering and then moving on to the other as he slowly enters you letting you adjust to him.

He kisses as your neck before fully standing up and snuggling into you as he wraps your thick thighs around his waist.

“You’re so fucking pretty baby.” M'Baku looks over you in awe as he stretches you out slowly at first and you smile up at him. 

“Shiiittt , you feel so good baby daddy.” You whine as he picks up his pace. His hips rolling into you at an angle that hits your spot just right as your eyes roll back. 

“Baku fuck, I can literally feel you throbbing. Bae how are this fucking hard for me” you whine as he grips your hips and begin to pound into it. He loved watching your breasts bounce and you try to brace yourself by holding onto the desk but found it no help. 

Before you knew it he was wrapping his hand around your throat and giving you everything he had. 

“Oooh bae, fuck- stop playing you’re gonna break the desk.” You half whimper and half laugh as he chuckled lowly with you. 

You were grateful that sex with your best friend could be like this. Even while he’s fucking your walls up y'all are still laughing at breaking his desk. 

“The desk? That’s what you’re thinking of?” He asks as he stops thrusting.

“No sir, please don’t stop. Please?” You say to him with a pout as he pulls out slowly and drops to his knees. 

He latches onto your clit slowly working his tongue over it and sucking it before eating you out like it’s his last meal. You grip the back of his head letting out a long drawn out moan of his name.

“Permission to cum? I cant-” you were cut off by him simply saying “no”. 

The tears fill your eyes again as he stops again. 

You couldn’t take him edging you again as he sat up your wetness given a glisten and sheen to this thick beard and mouth. 

“Baaab” is all that you could get out before he’s already lifting you onto him and against the wall next to the desk.

You shriek softly thinking that being apart of the 200+ pound club wouldn’t make it easy for him. This man lifted you like a feather placing you against the wall securely before lowering you down onto him and attaching his lips to yours. Letting his mouth drown out all your moans. 

“I know. I know, give it to me. You have permission to let it go baby. Are you going to make a mess for me?” He asks sweetly as he kisses the side of your face and neck while fucking into you at a pace that makes you feel like you can’t even catch your breath.

You start to feel overheated and dizzy as your orgasm starts to hit you hard.

Your toes curl and you close your eyes trying to brace yourself as he pulls out and you waterfall. 

M'Baku gives you a section to catch your breath before he lays you back on the desk and chases his own. 

 You take him into your mouth again massaging his balls as he stands on the side of the desk. 

His groans are louder as he gripped your chin and let’s go in your mouth.

“Fuck.” He says quietly as you swallow and you wipe your mouth before he leans down to kiss you sloppily. 

“Sir, you nasty.” you say laughing softly

“Mmmhmm” he replies before helping you up and grabbing towels for y'all to clean up.

“Love you.” You call after him 

“I love you. Thank you.” He says returning and massaging your thighs and kissing your forehead before offering a bubble bath.

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  • Characters: Reader x Erik Killmonger
  • Warnings: mentions of death & violence
  • Gif credit: brolinjosh
  • Spotify Prompt: 12. Not What I Meant (feat. Lewis Watson) by dodie: “Will I have grown a little empire, or made a fucking mess?”
  • Word Count: 460
  • A/N: i really love this lyric but i don’t think i did it justice. anyway…….. i miss him (spotify prompts are not open)

He was always hungry. It was all he ever could be, devouring everything in his path despite it never being enough. He’d grind his jaw together, gnaw on every morsel of power he could get his hands on, but it’d disappear into the black hole inside of him, wasted on a body that would just keep eating and eating and get hungrier and hungrier. He grew so used to the emptiness that made a home in his organs, he didn’t even realise it had completely taken over him.

You knew you would never ben enough for him. You were a pit stop on his much longer journey, a journey which would end with him on a throne he believed belonged to him. He didn’t care how many bodies he needed to get through to make it to the top. It’d be just another mark on his skin, another notch amongst many others he had already forgotten. He was so used to trekking over bones as a shortcut, it didn’t matter if his throne was bloody by the time he got to it, didn’t care if his crown was stained. What mattered was that it was on his head, and no one else’s. 

You matched his ambition in the beginning, the both of you hungry for power — and you were starving. The two of you were unstoppable, merciless, took no prisoners and showed no sympathy. He had a goal, and you were his loyal partner in crime. You loved him to the point where it consumed you, where life without him seemed impossible.

Until it all became to be too much. Erik overtook you in every way, pushed you in ways you had never imagined yourself going down. You followed his orders at first, even had fun with it, but it became messy. He wasn’t focused anymore, ruthless violence as he got closer and closer to achieving what he wanted to achieve. The more he tasted the power he craved, the more ravenous he got, and you couldn’t follow him down a path you never meant to step foot on.

When it came time to it, it was easy for Erik to toss you aside, to advance onto the next step of his plan without you. It stung, as if he’d press his fingers directly into your wounds that he inflicted. Perhaps you should’ve seen it coming, but you let your love blind you, delude yourself into thinking that it would always be the two of you, even though Erik’s throne only has space for one.

You always told Erik he deserved an empire. And he’d believe the same. But he’d burn the whole world down to get it if he needed to, and he’d burn you with everyone else. 

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Originally posted by ovtrojeon

Days off with Erik goes two ways for him.

It’s either a lazy day:

All he wants to do is cuddle while having lazy sex with you. Which results in a lot of giggling into each other’s mouths because sometimes he doesn’t slide in smoothly and it just kinda flops out and you two are goofy. Sometimes he just likes to hold your hand when you’re going down on him or vice versa. No rush just the two of you in your own little world.

Bubbles baths on days off are so appreciated because it gives you both a chance to talk about the week and how you’re feeling. Mental health check-ins in relationships are a must. You helped him realize that talking about his feelings isn’t “soft”. Now he says “I’ll be soft for you”. Just in a hushed tone between the two of you. These days are definitely self-care days where you two will recharge by doing face masks, meditating , or even praying if that’s what you both need

Or sometimes you wake up to Al Green playing from the kitchen and him just grooving to the music, still in his boxers. He wanted to surprise you with breakfast. It’s usually nothing fancy because Erik can burn water. But you’d never have the heart to tell him.

“If you gon stand there and watch me like that. I don’t want these waffles for breakfast. Come here. Come dance with me”

The rest of his lazy day off is spent with him either helping you grade your student homework papers or whatever else needs to be done. Note to self though. Next time put money aside for a real hairdresser and not ask Erik to help you bleach the tips of your hair. “The bob is cute on you though bae!" 

You were also not above absolutely waxing his ass in any video game y'all played together. Even though E is definitely a sore loser. "You cheated! You got your tiddies out and shit. How am I supposed to concentrate?? I should’ve threw that banana in your way when I had the chance. Talking bout some "no baby no!” “

You two would wrap up the day by either having friends over for dinner or just ordering food and having a night in. It never gets old or boring with him because he’s your best friend. So being in PJs with him and laughing til your stomach hurts about the time where Erik busted his ass going down the stairs during an assembly is peaceful.

A busy day off is the second way his day goes :

Being off by not really off because there’s always things to fix around the house or artifacts to bid on. So you’ll usually fix coffee for the both of you while you work in comfortable silence in the morning. Occasionally stealing kisses and hugs from each other when needed/wanted.

Dates! You never know what you’re going to get from your man. It’s either a simple dinner and maybe a movie (which Erik is always laser focused on. He doesn’t like to miss any details or anything. Definitely a total movie buff and could have been a filmmaker/actor if he wanted. He usually offers a lot of interesting and fresh ways on how the film could’ve been better. ) Or he’s surprising you with concert tickets ‘cause your favorite artist in town. But mans is a wild card. You told him you wanted Indian food and he bought tickets that evening… to India. He keeps you on your toes. 

 Sometimes he still has to travel on his day off to pick up artifacts and you’ll ride with him.

Every once in awhile you’ll pack a picnic for the both of you with tiny little travel sized bottles of liquor or wine and just talk for hours. People wouldn’t ever believe that Erik is one to love this kind of thing. The sun of his bronze skin as he’s laying back against the grass and thinking of you. He could never get enough of you. It’s like he’s trying to think of the things that worry him and then there you are smiling at him like he’s the greatest person in the world. "Love youuuu Njadaka” you’d call softly to him as he reaches out to grip your thigh softly. 

“Alright, alright. But now it’s time for you to drive the boat. C'mon drive the boat” you say to him laughing as he tips his head back for you to pour the wine in his mouth before replacing the bottle with your lips.

Although, the majority of the time it’s y'all two together wrapped up in your own little bubbles. You both do have your own friend groups and he goes out with the guys to do his own thing while you go out with your girls.

But sometimes the groups merge and y'all do the most random stuff like paintballing. Which, with all of Erik’s military training. You and your girls still end up lighting his team tf up. (He’ll never tell you it’s cause he let’s you and be purposely letting his team get hit cause he likes the way your eyes light up when you win.)

 A contrast to the lazy day off is that the busy day off ends in sex usually. Sometimes rushed and feverish and he’s kissing on your back and slipping it in from behind while grabbing a pillow to put under. Yes , it’s sexy as hell cause your man is about to give the supreme stroke, but also you can both see the tv this way. On My Block took like a year for a new season to drop and y'all still wanted to see it.

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