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I Match You With T'challa!

I hope you stay safe as well, Darling. Gif above is not mine, all credits go to the original owner.💙

  • He would first find your clumsiness rather amusing yet adorable.
  • He would help you if you had fallen or assist in regaining your balance with concerns for your safety.
  • He would think the glasses that rested upon your face were adorable as he fixed them.
  • He would fall in love with your caring personality and your kind heart.
  • He would tell you that in itself was far more valuable and precious than anything.
  • He would be protective of you but would never lose his temper, he would take a calm approach to everything.
  • He would do all he could to keep you from falling or hurting yourself in any way.
  • He would catch you if you fell in front of him.
  • But that didn’t stop him from playfully pouting if you ignored him.
  • He would enjoy your baking and help as much as he could, he would always have a kind word for the end result.
  • His favorite place to kiss you would either be the tip of your nose or the back of your hand.
  • He would always be very gentle and loving to you just as you were to him.
  • He would call you, “Little one,” or “Precious one.”
  • His favorite way to sleep would be your head upon his chest and tucked beneath his chin, your hand in his.
  • Most would find your relationship sweet, loving and irreplaceable.
  • He would love you more than anything.
  • He would also fall for your curves and tell you how much he adored them and how beautiful they were.
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I Match You With T'Challa!

Gif above is not mine, all credits go to the original owner. 💙

  • He would first be attracted to the beautiful soul you possesed and displayed so effortlessly.
  • He at first would also be a little shy when he first spoke to you but you both would gradually become much more comfortable.
  • His warmth would easily make you feel at ease around him, he would never want to see you uncomfortable.
  • He would know of your inexperience with another and would take great care to treat you well as if you would break.
  • He would be very loyal to you, you would be the only one to hold his heart and he would be sure to inform you of it as often as possible.
  • He would notice your lack of confidence and attempt to open your eyes to reveal just how beautiful you truly were.
  • He would praise all the parts of your body that you deemed unworthy or flawed, and help you discover just how admirable you were.
  • Your height would provide him with the perfect opportunity to kiss the top of your head, something you both would enjoy.
  • He would adore your shyness, and would often kiss your nose and lips just to receive your flustered laugh.
  • His preferred sleeping position would your head tucked beneath his chin and his arms wrapped around you.
  • He would be very protective of you.
  • Your awkwardness would never anger him or frustrate him, he would be very understanding and do all in his power to be there for you when he was needed.
  • Many would be quite fond of your relationship, claiming it was rather adorable.
  • He would find your eyes very beautiful and claim it was his favorite feature of yours.
  • He would tell you loved them so much because he could see the gentle, worthy person that you never believed in.
  • He would call you, “My love.”
  • He wouldn’t fancy public displays of a affection, he would much rather show you his love away from prying eyes.
  • Shuri would love you, despite her constant teasing she would tell you that you were exactly what her brother needs.
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Warnings: Slow burn 

Word Count: 10,079

Pairing: M’Baku x Original Character

M'Baku’s hands painfully clutched the sides of the window, half of its shattered glass scattered around his feet. His eyes were transfixed on the path of smoke slowly dissipating into nothing like he was hypnotized, as if his intense stares alone could bring the woman who flew out the window moments prior back to him. Every second that passed and every mile she traveled farther away from home and him, his frustration and rage at the people left behind grew. It only took moments, barely enough time for the group to catch their breath and truly process everything that transpired, for his rage to boil over. 

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(M'excuser parce que français n'est pas ma première langue. Désolée!!!)

Est-ce que j'ai des lecteurs de fanfiction francophone? (Et si vous l'avez appris en classe au lycée ça compte aussi!)

C'est seulement un pensée aléatoire.

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Originally posted by blxckpnther

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/credit to the original owners.)

-Him totally feeling like he has to keep you safe at all times and would practically hover and follow you around until you have to push him out and assure him you’re fine

-Him insisting on training you himself and being very serious about men’s weak points, gladly teaching you all the ways to fight

-Him constantly checking out and glaring at anyone who seems too suspicious or flirt with you too much, inching closer and closer to act as your protective shield

-Him having an irrational fear of you being poisoned somehow and just having to taste your food first to make sure, only ever coming to a stop as you’d have a fight with him about

-Him always being worried to see you out in the cold without enough on you, rushing to give some fur capes and practically hugging you tight to get you back warmer

-Him always telling you to wink at him or practically inventing signs with you for you to signal him when you’re in danger during a meeting, making you laugh at how serious he is about

-Him gifting you special knives you can hide practically anywhere, insisting you keep it on yourself at all times and thank him for it when you’re in danger

-Him pushing away anyone he feels is too suspicious from you, having no problem intimidating them and putting on his mean gaze while he does so

-Him pulling you for a tight hug after he had been so worried over you, promising to not ever let something like that happen again and just apologizing for not being your protector in that instant

-Him acting all pouty and sarcastically apologizing to you about it when you’d tell him to back off as he gets too much with his protectiveness, only for you to forgive him to see him like that

Tags : @bat-with-a-crown , @nikkinikki97 , @madamrogers , @uss-lesbian , @tearsofebony . @shersuperwho-blog, @meloz-draws, @angel-with-broken-wings, @pan-and-proud-writes , @lynn8dabeast92-blog ,  @zombie-zayde , @jaspocalypse , @umaveznosonho, @littlemisstrancy , @emmet-dean-the-demon-king , @Erikaaferns, @ecurrier109 , @purplemuse89, @fandomwritingismylife, @ichimaruai, @nekodalolita ,@samwinchesterhasbeensaved, @happyshaddow94 ,@master-of-schadenfreude, @my-youth-is-my-own , @iammostdefinitelyonfire26 , @girlmeetsbullshit, @withered8dandelion , @alohawikolia , @phxeniz , @hellosupernaturaldoctor , @gowenna, @downwardcomet31 , @exquisitex113 , @solobagginses, @currentlycryingoverfictionalppl, @bennypostsstuff, @megara1986 , @nevergoodenough30-blog , @fuckshedidit

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LAST UPDATED: 03/29/2020


Originally posted by sincerelysaraahh

    hey! i should’ve been this long time ago because my series and other stuff isn’t all that easy to find. 

if you want to be a part of my taglist, don’t be afraid to message meee.💕


Originally posted by 0samjha


-Your Ways Series (Ongoing)

Summary: You and Erik meet at a cookout, and things don’t go as planned.

💕Part One

💕Part Two

-Apotelesma Series (Ongoing)

Summary: You can’t run from destiny. Erik learns that the hard way.

☀️Part One

☀️Part Two

☀️Part Three

-Or Nah Series (Ongoing)

Summary: Based off the song Or Nah by The Weeknd. Making some coins and getting good dick.

😈Part One


😈Roll Some More






Originally posted by christopherpratt


🥰When I See You

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Imagine M'Baku accompanying you on a business trip.


Originally posted by love-music-fashion-flawless

“Thank you for coming with me.”, I grinned as I tossed my luggage on the bed of our hotel room before kissing his plump lips.

“Will I be rewarded?”, He questioned with a sly smirk as his hands traveled down my body to my ass. A giggle left my lips when he gave a slight squeeze and I wrapped my arms around his neck.

“if you behave today, I’ll give you more than that.”, I replied before sealing the deal with a passionate kiss.


A/N: I’m having fun with these. Tell me do y'all prefer just the dialogue like the Erik one or do y'all prefer it like this? Let me know.

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💫apotelesma~part two💫

Summary: You can’t run from destiny. Erik learns that the hard way.

Erik Killmonger x Black! Female Reader


Originally posted by love-music-fashion-flawless

     “Work? Like today?”, Erik squinted as you turned on the closet light to get your clothes for the day. “I know right?” you groaned and studied a pair of pants, deciding if you wanted to wear them or not. “Just call in today.”, Erik begged, “Just this one day.”, he continued to plead. You turned to glare at Erik and rolled your eyes,”You know they not going for that.”, you held up your hand and pointed at it,”Can’t do nothing slick with this skin color, those white folks already think lesser of me.”, you explained. Erik sighed, “What am I supposed to do while you’re gone?” You decided on a bright, bold yellow pantsuit, “Baby, I don’t know.” 

  Erik sat on the edge the bed and stared at you,”Imma miss you.” You laughed,” Erik, you’re a big boy. You can do this.” Erik grabbed your hand and pulled you towards him,” (Y/n), stay a for few minutes.”, he whispered. “Here you go trying to seduce me again.”, you went to the bathroom. Erik sucked his teeth, “Ain’t nobody tryna seduce you.”, he rolled his eyes. You peeked from the doorway and rose an eyebrow, “Boy, you don’t know how to lie.” You started getting ready to shower, closing the door, you left Erik sitting on the bed sitting alone. His shoulders slumped, he thought about being away from you. How would he function? The thought of letting you come with him had crossed is mind so many times, it ran him wild. But he couldn’t risk the chances, so he scratched that off his list. He wanted to tell you his plans, but that could cause more trouble. 

Minutes had passed, and he was still deep in thought when you got out the shower. Wrapped in your towel, you began gathering your clothes up so you could get dressed, “You wanna grab dinner after I get off?”, you asked, looking at Erik. He nodded, immersed in the floating thoughts in his head.

“You okay?”, you asked slipping on your pants. He looked up and shrugged, “I’m just thinking.”  You put on you blazer, “About?” He looked away, “I’m just worried about leaving you here alone.” A small, weak smile on your face, you knew it was something else,” I’ll be fine.”

“How do I know that?”

You sighed and sat next to him, “You know when I was worrying my damn head off about leaving? And you used my own words against me?”, you grabbed his hand, “Well now I’m taking ‘em back. Anything that happens is written in the stars and where we end is our destiny. Trust me, I’ll be fine. No matter what happens.”, you reassured him.

“You’re gonna be late for work.”, he stood up. He fidgeted with his ear.

Seeing you were defeated and Erik didn’t want to further discuss anything else, you stood and grabbed you purse. He walked you to the door. Standing on the other side of the door, you smiled, “I love you Erik.” He smiled back, something he hardly did, “ I love you too baby girl. You look beautiful.”

You put your hand over heart, flattered, “You gon make me blush boy.”, you kissed his cheek. 

Watching you leave, he closed the door. He decided to put his plans into action.

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I fell into a creative slump, bu by the Grace of God, I was inspired by a Buzzfeed video. So, I present the sneak peek to my new, ten part (give or take) story. Won’t He do it?

TRIGGER WARNINGS AND THEMES- wedding planner, surprise, worried about business.

‘’I can assure you, Ms. Moore- you’re wedding is of the utmost importance to me. So, please believe that I am doing everything in my power to make sure that tomorrow goes off without a hitch. What’s that? Yes, yes, I’ll be stopping by to make sure that the groom and his groomsmen are up on time in the morning, very early, don’t you worry. Now relax! Go enjoy you’re last night before you’re Mrs. Rodrigues. I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow morning!’’

    With that, you hang up on your latest client, willingness this wedding to be over and done with so that you never have to deal with her again.

    Ever since you started your wedding planning business five years ago, you’ve had your fair share of brides with all different races, personalities, budgets, demands. The soon to be Mrs. Rodriguez is just the latest in the mix- a bride who hasn’t been overly demanding, but whse anxiousness about tomorrow has started to rub off on you just a bit, if you say so yourself.

    That being said, Brides and Boutonnieres, your company, has really taken off in the last few years. What started off as a hobby with you planning your friend Wanda’s wedding in college, quickly became your passion, and soon your means of income. You’re widely known in New York City are after having done Tony Stark and Pepper Potts wedding last year, and Peggy Carter and Steve Rogers the year before.

    So, needless to say, business is good.

    ‘’Peter, it’s time for you to go home,’’ you sigh, stretching as you look at the clock, ‘’It’s nearly nine. I don’t need May coming to find me.’’

    ‘’I’m not done stacking the name cards to be delivered tomorrow,’’ he informs you, yawning through it.

    ‘’Kid, go home. Better yet, I’ll give you a ride home. I’ll pick you up tomorrow and you can help me make sure everything is set up at the venue. Deal?’’

    ‘’Deal,’’ Peter says, grabbing his coat.

    You grab your keys, and Peter follows you out of your apartment and down to your van.

    Peter Parker has been working for you on the weekends and during school breaks ever since Tony and Pepper’s wedding last year. He’s trying to save up money for college, though he’ll no doubt get a scholarship.

    ‘’So, any big plans coming up?’’

    ‘’The spring dance is coming up, next Saturday,’’ Peter shrugs.

    ‘’Oh, nice! You planning on going,’’ you ask, looking both ways before turning the corner.

    ‘’I mean, yeah. Me, Miles, MJ, Ned… Liz.’’

    At the stoplight, you look over to Peter, who is flushing under your gaze.

    ‘’Is this the infamous Liz Allen that I’ve been hearing so much about?’’

    ‘’The one and the same. I, uh… I’m gonna ask her. Ned asked Betty, and she said yes. So, I figured there’s no time like the present to ask Liz.’’

    ‘’That’s perfect, Peter… because she happens to be Maria Moore’s niece. She’ll be at the wedding tomorrow.’’

    ‘’She’s gonna what??!’’

    ‘’She’s in the wedding. I met her at the fitting. Bride was freaking out. Listen… here’s your shot, kid. Ask her out. Just be yourself.’’   

    ‘’I kind of don’t know how to.’’

    ‘’Just go up to her and be like, ‘Liz, would you like to go to the dance with me?’. Who knows, I could be planning your wedding this time in three years.’’

    ‘’And on that note, I’m going to leave’’ Peter says as you pull up to his apartment, ‘’See you tomorrow!’’

    ‘’See you tomorrow. Seven in the morning. Dress nicely, Peter. Suit, tie, no sneakers. And text me when you get upstairs!’’

    After getting Peter’s confirmation text, you decide to head over to Wanda and her husband’s apartment. 

    Wanda has been your best friend since high school. You planning her wedding in college was just so that she could save money, but it ended up helping you find your calling. Now, Wanda sort of helps you, too. She helps you find parties and such to plan when you need more money, and you always hire her and her small catering company. 

    ‘’Where’s your husband?’’

    ‘’Working late,’’ she sinks down onto the couch, hand on her pregnant stomach, ‘’Where else?’’

    ‘’You now he’s just trying to get more hours in before the baby comes,’’ you remind her, ‘’Your little bundle of joy.’’

    ‘’Who’s using my bladder as a beanbag chair,’’ she rolls; her eyes fondly, ‘’Three more months, though. Anyway, don’t worry. I’ve got my team on it, and I will personally be delivering the cake myself. You’ve got nothing to worry about. Everything that could be refrigerated is done, I’ve prepared for what needs to be made tomorrow, relax and drink your water.’’

    Wanda has always been very good at calming you down. Years of watching you worry over tests and big assignments have made her somewhat of an expert at it.

    ‘’Speaking of weddings, any cute groomsmen,’’ she wiggles her eyebrows at you.

    ‘’Yes, all taken. So stop fantasizing about me finding someone,’’ you gently chide her.   

    ‘’I just want you to find someone that makes you happy the way my husband makes me happy. Maybe get you married and give this little one a friend to play with,’’ she smirks.

‘’Ha ha. Nice. You know that I am focused on planning weddings, and branching out into other events. I need this business to grow,’’ you begin, ‘’Now, let’s’ turn on this movie. I’d like to get at least some of it watched before James comes home.’’

The next morning, as you’re getting ready, you suddenly get a call from your vet familiar friend, Erik Stevens.

N’Jadaka ‘’Erik’’ Stevens-Udaku has been one of your best friends since high school as well. He’s been more of a brother figure to you than anything, even on the occasions where people thought that you two would make a cute couple. He’s always had your back, even when it was up against a wall. You haven’t spoken to him in forever, ever since he started dating his new girlfriend, so you quickly pick up.


‘’What’s up?’’

‘’N’Jadaka, I don’t know what time it is where you are, but it’s six in the morning. I’m on my third cup of coffee, and I’ve got to go pick up my employee,’’ you speak, setting the phone down and turning it into speaker.

‘’Oh, sorry. Well, I came to tell you that your dreams are about to come true- you’re about to plan the biggest wedding that you’ve ever planned, girl.’’

‘’N’Jadaka, you’re getting married?’’

‘’Nah, Nisa and I broke up. But I do have a wedding for you to plan. See, this guy I know in Wakanda is getting married. He’s always busy, though, so he doesn’t have enough time to plan it. Lucky for you, though, I told him I know the greatest wedding planner ever.’’

‘’N’Jadaka, are you kidding me? Because you’d better not be joking with me. If I get endorsements from this guy, combine with the hype that came with Tony Stark’s wedding and Steve Roger’s wedding, I’ll be turning clients down, there will be so many!’’

        ‘’The thing is, it’s a destination thing,’’ N’Jadaka continues, ‘’You’ll have to come here. And they want to get married in two months, but they will pay for your travel expenses and everything, They’ d like to meet with you, first, to see if this is what you’d like to plan their wedding. So, what do you say?’’

        This is all happening so fast, Frankly, it’s unbelievable. But you really could use the business, and you don’t have to commit to anything yet. So, you take a chance, asking N’Jadaka who exactly this wedding is for.’’

        ‘’Oh, right. It’s the wedding for my cousin, T’Challa Udaku. Prince of Wakanda.’’

DISCLAIMER- I own no Marvel characters or their fictional worlds, countries, planets, galaxies, towns, cities, etc., or the rights to then,

@ashanti-notthesinger @destinio1 @afraiddreamingandloving @starsshines-blog @airis-paris14 @syreanne @chaneajoyyy @90sinspiredgirl @shemiahsmelanin @zillmonger @skysynclair19 @marvelpotterlove @constantlycravingtheunknown @imaginewhoever @wakanda-inspired @pocmarvelworks @theunsweetenedtruth @dreampovx @adrioola21 @supremethunda @thisiskayesworld @mcusocialimagines @priya212  @kumkaniudaku  @airis-paris14 @alexundefined @fonville-designs   @mellowjellow6 @omg-itsnadi @maddiestudentwritergaines @dadinhas-heat @jozigrrl @kaykay0829 @nerd-lovely @babygotl01292003 @oceanscorazon

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Originally posted by schreiberpablo

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo Ulysses 😭Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him trying his best to surprise you romantically, taking you out for dinner and acting proper to not startle you, surprising you with how much efforts he puts in and so much he ends up making you laugh and smile

-Him giving you his real hand or arm to hold on whenever you’d walk together wanting you to feel safe and protected with him by your side, while of course wanting to show you off as his to everyone as well

-Him giving you casual praise and just patting your head, hoping you’d take it as a genuine compliment from him as he intends it to be, only to sometimes lose himself in touching more of your hair as he realizes how soft it is

-Him asking you carefully if you’re feeling cold, giving you his jacket to wear or even making one of his bodyguards give theirs to you, wanting to take care of you and actually letting himself show it for you

-Him trying to control himself when you’d thank him excitedly and would almost literally jump up and down in his arms, kissing your cheeks softly and doing his best to express himself

-Him trying his best to pull you carefully to let you rest against his shoulder or on his lap as you’d fall asleep in his car, only to be surprisingly apologetic but loud as he’d accidentally wake you up

-Him picking you up right in his arms and carrying you to safety whenever he’d notice you injured from his enemies, wanting surprisingly nothing more than to care for you and promising you such

-Him doing his best to not be too in a hurry as you’d both get intimidate while you or he’s hurt, making you enjoy the moment with him even more and him just more then often admitting to you he loves you

-Him just taking his time to eat you out and licking you softly and praising you, loving to edge you and make you whine and whimper as you’d grip his hair

-Him laughing and denying it to anyone when they make fun or point out how gentle he is with you, only to calm down the instant you’re in sight and so close, ending up proving their point even more

Tags : @bat-with-a-crown , @nikkinikki97 , @madamrogers , @uss-lesbian , @tearsofebony , @angel-with-broken-wings , @pan-and-proud-writes , @lynn8dabeast92-blog , @littlemisstrancy , @emmet-dean-the-demon-king , @ecurrier109 , @fandomwritingismylife , @nekodalolita , @happyshaddow94 , @my-youth-is-my-own , @iammostdefinitelyonfire26 , @withered8dandelion , @alohawikolia , @hellosupernaturaldoctor , @ulyssesklauexo , @downwardcomet31 , @exquisitex113 , @megara1986 , @kingphillipblake , @cherrynekow , @fuckshedidit , @spacethots , @calliecrossroads  , @thebandgirlnextdoor , @oneirnaut , @jozlynjinx , @lucifers-trash-stash , @wizardwaffles , @bungeewabbit

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I deleted a  lot of things form my story, so there will be only one more chapter to go here. Thank you to everyone who support, read, commented, etc. And thanks for putting up with all of the plot twists! I got one more for you, but it’s setting up to something bigger.

TRIGGER WARNINGS AND THEMES- Cheating, insecurity, age gap relationship, manipulation, mentions of death, scandal, worrying T'Challa chose someone because they are younger, player!T'Challa mentioned, one night stands, emotional distress, mentions of counseling

It’s been three weeks since you’ve talked to T’Challa. Ever since he introduced you to Jayde, you’ve been avoiding hm. You’ve busied yourself with getting accustomed to a new work environment, shopping and setting up for your apartment, and spending time with your parents and Shuri.

    So far, your tactic of ignoring T’Challa’s messages and calls have worked. He hasn’t even sent a member of the Dora Milaje to check up on you, so you know he’s not pressed about seeing you anytime soon.

    That is, until he is.   

T’Challa shows up at your work, somehow convincing your boss to let him slip into your corner office while you are working.

    ‘’Lilly,’’ you sigh, thinking it’s your college age assistant, ‘’I thought I told you I’d be working and that I need privacy.’’

    T’Challa clears his throat, ‘’I am not Lilly, but I am sorry to disturb you.’’

    You look up to T’Challa, the man who is part of the reason that you are four and a half months pregnant,the man that broke your heart again.

    After you finally reconnected.

    ‘’Your highness,’’ you being curtly, ‘’What are you doing here?’’

    ‘’I came to see you.’’

    ‘’I am very busy, your majesty. Wakanda’s Social Section is not going to write itself,’’ you stand up,ready to move past him and go see how the heck he even got past, but he blocks you, ‘’Please let me go, King T’Challa.’’

    ‘’Stop it with that nonsense. You know me. The rest of your office is out to lunch. So, please, talk to me. Why have you been avoiding me.’’

    ‘’T’Challa’’ you drop the charade of respect, ‘’I mean… you tell me you want to be with me. That you hope when I come to Wakanda, we can make this work. Oh, I’m sorry, what we had. You said that we could make it work. Now you’re prancing around with that young thing. Tell me, T’Challa, how old is she?’’

    He sighs, knowing that this conversation will continue until he gives you answers, ‘’She’s 25.’’

    ‘’Wow, about a whole seven years younger than me. Is that why you like her better? Because you can run your game on her and not on me,’’you laugh humorlessly, ‘’Because you can treat her as badly as you did every other woman? Use her and ditch her?’’

    ‘’You have no idea what you’re talking about,’’ T’Challa pinches the bridge of his nose, ‘’I am not using her. In fact-’’

    ‘’Is she pregnant?,’’ you continue, ‘’Is our baby going to have a little brother or sister? Someone from the Udaku family who will accept them other than Shuri?’’

    ‘’Listen to me!,’’ T’Challa begs, pleading with you to let him tells his side of the story as he grabs your shoulders, ‘’I am not seriously dating her. This whole thing was set up by my mother and Adisa, who is in charge of PR.’’

    You’re reeling from this news, trying to understand what this means,’’So… wait, Jayde is your fake girlfriend?’’

    ‘’As fake as those rumors about the Black Panther being a real cat,’’ he rolls his eyes, ‘’I did all of this to protect you. I promise you that I did. I would rather not be with you, thank you be with me and hurt you.’’

    ‘’So, to avoid hurting me, you pretended you were involved with someone else… which hurt me,’’ you clarify, to which he shrugs.

    ‘’It was a flawed plan, but I will admit that I was under a lot of pressure when I decided it. I would do anything to make you and this baby happy, and to keep you safe. I mean it when I say that I still love you.’’

    For so many years, you considered T’Challa the one that got away. And while you believed that you’d find someone eventually, one day. You knew that the one could never compete with the one that got away.

    So now you’re standing here, after this soap-opera-esque chain of events with a man who’s claiming he loves you.

    But does he?

    ‘’If you love me,’’ you begin, ‘’Like I love you… then understand that we can make this work. We love each other, T’Challa. We waited ten years to be back together again. Why mess that up now?’’

    ‘’But if you get hurt-’’

    ‘’If I get hurt, or if the baby gets hurt, or if you get hurt… we have each other, baby,’’ you raise a hand, caressing his cheek, ‘’I love you, T’Challa. But I can’t live love this way. Hiding our love. If that’s what this is. I can’t do that anymore, T’Challa.’’

    ‘’You won’t have to. I’d rather shout my love for you from the rooftops,’’ he admits, ‘’And we will deal with whatever comes our way. So, if you don’t already have plans, tell your baby and mother that we will have dinner at the palace tonight. And we will let them know about this… the start of a relationship? Amd that the baby is mine. In a few months, when you’re showing more. We’ll reveal to the public.’’

    It all seems rushed. And, to an outsider, it would. But you and T’Challa both know that this moment has been building up for over twenty years now. And despite the rough patch you two hit, you wouldn’t want to be going through this with anyone else.

    ‘’I don’t know if this is love, but I feel it is,’’ you tell him when he moves so your head can rest on his chest.

    ‘’I feel the same. Because even if it is not romantic love, I know that I love you as a friend.’’

    ‘’But, T’Challa?’’

    ‘’Yes, entle?’’

    ‘’Can you go? I’ve got to get my work done before my shift is over, and I think that the office would be shocked to see me snuggled up to the king.’’

    He chuckles then, placing a kiss on your head before promising to see you later and exiting.

    And with that,you sit at your desk and get back to work, excited for tonight.

        That night,you dress to impress. You wear a floral dress that shows off your ever growing baby bump, and the wedges that Shuri bought you as a gift when she was in London last week.

    ‘’I am so happy that you are here!,’’ she loops her arm through yours, ‘’I need someone to look at these memes with until Peter gets here next week,’’

    ‘’Your brother never has understood young people’s humor,’’ you muse.

    ‘’Ay, are you calling me old,’’ he questions, entering with Dora and Ayo flanking him.

    ‘’I call it like I see it, dear,’’ you smirk,letting him hug you.

    Pleasantries are exchanged between him and your parents as Rmaonda  and Adisa join you,and pretty soon all of you are sitting down to a nice meal.

    ‘’May I have everyone’s attention,’’ T’Challa taps his glass with his fork before clearing his throat, ‘’I have an announcement.’’

    ‘’Oh,’’ Ramonda raises an eyebrow.

    ‘’Yes. Jadye and I broke up.’’

    Adisa’s eyes widen, and she begins choking on her water, sputtering as Shuri gently patted her back.

    ‘’My king! Why did you not tell me,’’ she questions through clenched teeth.

    ‘’Because I did not think it mattered,’’ he says pointedly, ‘’I can live my own life. I make my own decisions, and I need to take responsibility for them.’’   

‘’T’Challa, Don’t.’’

    You don’t miss the way that Ramonda glares daggers at you as Adisa warns T’Challa.

    ‘’I am going to be a dad, in about five months.’’

    ‘’King T’Challa, do not!’’

    ‘’And the mother of my child is none other than this smart, amazing, patient, beautiful woman right here, ‘’T’Challa beams at you, ‘’Right here.’’

    You grin at him as he takes your hand, helping you stand before pressing a kiss to the back of your hand.

    ‘’Wait, wait, wait… you’re pregnant by the king,’’ your dad’s eyes widen hilariously, ‘’Are you sure.’’

    ‘’I’m sure, dad. There’s no way that this could be anyone else’s baby.’’

    ‘’I do not need to hear details,’’ your mother sings, clasping her hands together, ‘’Why did you keep it a secret so long?’’   

‘’Because he is king. Him having a child with someone that h is not married to will ring a scandal. He just became king. Give him time to adjust before bringing this shame,’’ Adisa begins, using words that Ramonda would have used.

    ‘’How very dare you,’’ your mother hisses, ‘’My daughter brings shame to no one, The king should be honored that she is having this baby with him.’’

    ‘’And I am. Adisa, quite frankly, I do not care for your attitude in this moment. I will have to ask you to leave, your job be terminated immediately.’’

    Adisa’s eyes go wide in fear, as she looks to Ramonda for help.

    And, suddenly. You’re putting all the little pieces together.

    ‘’T’Challa, no. This is not Adisa’s doing, it’s your mother’s.’’

    ‘’Entle,’’ he looks on in confusion, ‘’What do you mean?’’

    ‘’You don’t want him to be with me, do you,’’ you stand, moving so you’re now around the table to be face-to-face with Ramonda, ‘’You’re the one that’s ashamed of me and of this baby.’’

    ‘’Do not speak to her that way,’’ T’Challa says gently, pausing when Queen Mother raises a hand.

    ‘’I am nashed of you. If my son had to get anyone pregnant, I am glad that it was you. YOu have a nice head on your shoulders. And though I do think you two rushed, I see that he loves you, and that this was not a night orn out of his lust, insecurity, or impulsiveness. Pleasedo not think that I am ashamed of the child that you are growing in your stomach,either. I love my grandchild already. But yes, I’m to blame for this.’’

    ‘’Mother,’’ Shuri whispers, hand covering her mouth.

    ‘’Mother… how could you do this? Why?,’’ T’Challa moves, but she looks to him with tears in her eyes, ‘’Mother?’’

    ‘’If we are going to do this, we are going to sit down and discuss it as a family. All seven of us. And we will deal with whatever comes up  tonight.’’

    That’s how the seven of you find yourself in what would be the living room0 the family’s area where they got to sit and be together.

    ‘’What is going on, mother? Talk to me?’’

    ‘’Years ago, a woman came and claimed that she was pregnant with a child. This was right after your abab and I had started seeing each other. As you know, we’d only dated for a year before getting married. This woman claimed that she was pregnant with T’Chaka’s child. This caused widespread scandal. People were saying negative things about him, old fashioned elders wanted him to step down and for N’Jobu to step up, and it generally just made life unpleasant. I saw what your baba went through, T’Challa. I saw him struggle to maintain composure in an environment where people felt like he was not fit to lead. I did not want that to happen to you.’’

    ‘’Mother… that would not have happened to me. We have an understanding. This is my baby. I love her,and she loves me, if only as friends. You can not protect me from everything mother,’’ T’Challa sighs as you, your parents, Shuri and Adisa watch on.

    ‘’I realize that now. And I hope that, in time, you will forgive me.’’

    ‘’I do, mother,’’ T’Challa records immediately, ‘’I forgive you. But I can not say the same for the mother of my child. That is a decision that must be left up to her.’’

    T’Challa has placed the ball in your court, and it’s heavy on you to either shoot the basket and forgive her or leave it there.

    While the whole thing was genuinely messed up, you can see why T’Challa’s mother wet thought so much trouble to protect her son. Especially after everything that happens with T’Chaka this year.

    So you decide to forgive her, only on one condition.

    ‘’We all need to go to therapy. Grudges can't’ be held and we have to work together for the good of this baby,’’ you place a hand on your stomach as you speak, ‘’I’m willing to try if you are. Are you all ready”?’’

    You sit and wait for their responses, smiling to yourself when  they all nod.

    And, just like that, you, your parents, Adisa, and the Udaku family are all on your way to healing your bond.

And you’ve learned one more valuable quality that makes up a family- patience.

Because something tells you, you’re gonna need a lot of it.

DISCLAIMER- I own no Marvel Characters or their fictional worlds, countries, planets, galaxies, countries, cities, towns, etc.

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TRIGGER WARNINGS AND THEMES- Pregnancy, lying,manipulation, expectations, emotional pain, friends to lovers to ?, parents manipulating children, mentions of cyberbullying and scandals

    The sun beams down and the wind whips your freshly braided hair, giving it a healthy glow as you ride through the streets on your way to your parents house.

    ‘’Welcome back,’’ your dad chuckles as you stick your hand out of the window, as if you could capture the rays of the Wakandan Sun and bottle it for your worst days.

    ‘’It is good to be home, baba,’’ you sigh, pulling your hand back into the car and resting it on your lap.

    It’s been a month since T’Challa proposed you moving back to Wakanda. In that time, he found you a job, an apartment, and has arranged a welcome dinner for you and your parents so that you can reveal the news to your parents about who the baby’s dad is.

    ‘’Your mother has prepared a big lunch for you. As if we won’t be eating at the palace,’’ he rolls his eyes, causing you to chuckle as you turn to stare out of the window, ‘’It’s a mixture of your favorite Wakandan dishes as well as some of your favorite dishes from back before we moved.’’

    ‘’She made red beans and rice?,’’ you squeal, looking to your baba as he chuckles at your enthusiasm.

    ‘’She sure did. And baked macaroni and cheese. Just the way you like it.’’

    As if on cue, your stomach rumbles. Lucky for you, you reach the house just then. Your mother is sitting on the porch fanning herself, until she sees you. Then, she’s rushing down the steps to pull you into her arms before you can even get out of the car.

    ‘’My baby!,’’ she pulls you into a bone crushing hug.

    ‘’Momma, you’re gonna squeeze the baby,’’ you laugh a bit before she steps back, taking your hands into hers.

    ‘’It’s been so long, dear!’’

    ‘’Momma, it’s only been about three months.’’

    ‘’Three and a half. It is so good that you are here. Go in, sit at the table, eat.’’

    ‘’I need to help abba with my bags first,’’ you remind her but she shakes her head.

    ‘’I said ‘Eat’. You are carrying my grandchild. I can’t have you losing energy. Go eat.’’

    ‘’Alright, alright,’’ you sigh, entering your parents’ abode.

    The smell of the food hits you instantly, and your mouth is watering. You fill your plate with macaroni, rice, beans, and all types of delicious foods before your parents join you.

    ‘’I told you she would be starving,’’ your baba laughs as he gets the cups and your mother makes their plates before they join you.

    ‘’T’Challa wants us at the palace at seven,’’ your mother looks to the clock, ‘’That’s five hours from now. Should give you time to eat, take a nap, and get ready.’’

    ‘’Is there any reason that he wants to meet with us,’’ your baba asks, sipping his water.

    ‘’He has some sort of announcement,’’ you explain, omitting the part where he wants to say how the baby is his and yours.

    ‘’You need to rest now,’’ your mother states as you yawn after having consumed your second plate of food.

    ‘’But I want to catch up with you two.’’

    ‘’There will be plenty of time for that later. Now,  don’t argue with me. To bed.’’’

    You know there’s no use in trying to fight this, so you kiss them both on the cheeks and head to your childhood room.

    Walking up the stairs alone gives you so many memories.

    Like the time that you and T’Challa thought it’d be fun to slide down the stairs on our butts.

    You were fifteen.

    Or coming down the stairs to meet T’Challa, dressed in your gown for the school dance.

    Your bedroom holds even more memories.

    T’Challa and you sitting on the bed watching television.

    That time he gave you that little peck before quickly excusing himself.

    The time that he held you when you got rejected by the boy you liked.

    The time you held him when that girl broke his heart.

    As you lay down, you rub your stomach, grinning to yourself.

    ‘’I can’t wait to meet you,’’ you whisper to your ever growing baby, noticing the way that your stomach is beginning to protrude ever so slightly.

    ‘’I can’t wait to make memories with you.’’

    And from the way that T’Challa kissed you before he left a few weeks ago, and the way that he talked, you feel that you’ll be making more memories with him soon.

So you slowly drift off to sleep with that thought in mind, surprisingly not feeling nervous at all for tonight.

    T’Challa, though, is another story.

    ‘’I do not understand,’’ he tells his mother, looking between her and Adisa.

    ‘’We are worried about what will be said once this news breaks, my king,’’ Adisa speaks.

    ‘’I have told you that I do not care,’’ he shakes his head before looking over the budgets again, ‘’That is my child. I will take responsibility for it.

    ‘’My son, I am not suggesting that you do not take responsibility for this child. That is just as much your baby as it is hers. So  you need to do the honorable ting and take responsibility.’’

    ‘’Then, forgive my bluntness, why is she her,’’ T’Challa points at Adisa with his pen.

    ‘’We are worried that you telling the world will have a negative impact on your…friend.’’

    ‘’What kind of negative impact,’’ T’Challa questions, closing his binder to give them his undivided attention, ‘’How so?’’

‘’As you know, your highness, people are very…well, petty. There are sure to be dozens and dozens of articles are sure to be written about her. Saying that she is using you, that the baby is not hers. Now that the border is open, some paparazzi may get close to her. This could put undue stress on her and the baby.’’

T’Challa has always had a soft spot for you. So hearing how this could hurt you, or your baby, in any way has him ready to step into action.

‘’I do not want to see that happen to her. What can I do,’’ T’Challa stands, coming from around his desk.

Truth be told, Ramonda is already regretting this.

But she is meant to protect T’Challa,and her grandson, and you, in  a  way. And though she tossed and turned last night, she still feels like this is the best choice. T’Challa would never forgive himself if you were hurt in all of this.

    So, she reasons with herself, she is doing the right thing.

    At least, she hopes she is.

At six thirty, you and your parents enter the palace. Ayo herself is escorting you to the dining hall.

    ‘’You’re here!,’’ Shuri squeals, running up to you to pull you into a hug, ‘’You have been taking good care of my niece or nephew, I hope!’’

    ‘’Keep it down!,’’ you hiss as your parents slowly make their way towards the two of you, ‘’They do not know yet.’’

    ‘’Do not know what,’’your baba questions as Shuri quickly thinks up something.

    ‘’That she wants to name the baby Shuri,’’ she states, ‘’Come, come. My brother will be joining us shortly.

    The wait is short, about ten minutes. You make conversation with Shuri, your mother,and your baba. Ramonda enters, and you all stand in respect. Followed by her is Adisa, so T’Challa will be joining you any minute.

    ‘’It is so good to see you again,’’ Ramonda speaks, hugging you.

    But something,and you’re not sure what, makes toy feel uneasy.

    ‘’It is good to see you, too, QUeen Mother.’’

    ‘’Please. Call me Ramonda. After all,’’’ she whispers in your ear, ‘’That is my grandbaby.’’

    Something about the way that she says this gives you chills, but you do your best to press it down and ignorant. Because here comes T’Challa, and he looks so good, and…


    Who’s that on his arm?

    ‘’Good evening to you all,’’ he speaks, making eye contact with everyone but you,’’I have an announcement to make.’’

    ‘’Son, do you think now-’’

    ‘’It is the best time, mother. I must do it now. TO avoid things getting awkward. Everyone,’’ he takes in a deep breath before letting out a heavy sigh.

And it is with his next words that you learn a valuable lesson: Loving can hurt sometimes, especially when you’re not on the same page.

‘’I’d like you to meet Jayde. My girlfriend.’’

Yes, I know I do a lot of plot twists. But I PROMISE there is a reason for ALL of this. 

DISCLAIMER- I do not own any Marvel characters or their fictional worlds, countries, places, planets, galaxies, cities, etc.

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A/N: Another Winter Solstice Prequel. Enjoy 

Word Count:1,684


Originally posted by gajo1987

Books lay scattered across a worn wooden table where a group of children sat discussing the day’s happenings at school. Across the room, a set of younger children stared at the adult in the center of their reading circle in awe as she read from the pages of Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry.

Every day, the first floor of the Smith-Barnes Library became the hub for an inner city after school program. On the surface, the program was meant to assist below level youths in their educational pursuits. High school students received standardized test prep and tutoring while elementary through middle school pupils were given a space to complete homework and work on necessary skills. In reality, it was a safe space for the community’s children to avoid the perils of their neighborhoods. Many of the children had long made progress but continued to come for the protection and the program’s director, Ms. Kira.

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Who I write for

Feel free to rq more because there’s probably more that I forgot


Avatar the last airbender

Black Butler

Black Panther 


DC Comics

Devil’s A Part Timer


Game of Thrones



Into the Spiderverse






Mortal Kombat

Ouran Highschool Host Club

On My Block


Nanatsu No Taizai (Seven Deadly Sins)

Sinbad No Bouken

Stray Kids


The Disastrous Life of Saiki K


Young Justice

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Sexually teasing Ulysses Klaue would include :


Originally posted by schreiberpablo

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo Ulysses 😏Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Leaving countless of dirty voicemail, videos or sending pictures of yourself as you’re thinking about him while he’s away or just about to get back home, getting him riled up as he shows up or as he’d get the time to call you and get back at you

-Straddling his lap or just touching him while he’s on a business call, revealing yourself more and more to him, making him lose his focus and just practically pay attention to you, only for him to have to call them back later

-Comforting him after a bad deal by massaging his shoulders and stroking his chest, making him relax and admit to you how turned on he’s getting and is going to need to fuck your brains out to feel better about his day

-Showing up to his office in practically nothing underneath your coat or just waiting for him there playfully, making him just want to push everything off his desk to fuck you right then and there

-Keeping your hand on his thigh as he’d sit next to you during a family and friends dinner, slowly rubbing him up and down, making him just think about the safest place to take you before it becomes too obvious how turned he really is

-Kissing his neck and leaving a hickey right on his branded scar, making him actually let out a slight whine as he holds you to him and shows you he wants more, before just picks you up and makes you wrap your legs around his waist

-Surprising him with a strip tease and just telling him he can’t touch until you decide to, making him get hard and just groan in frustration as he expresses how unfair it is of you to not let him touch when he needs you so much

-Tricking him into letting himself blindfolded or tied up, and just spending your time edging or overstimulating him, making him grow quite weak and just beg you to make him cum, especially as you’d suck him off so slowly

-Just playing innocent and coy with his advances or as he’d try to tease you back, making him want you more and try to touch you at any point he can, ending up with him letting out his pent up frustration

-Touching yourself for him to see and look at as you’d moan his name and tell him how you imagine him fucking you instead, making him ask you for more and tell him exactly what he should be doing, wanting nothing more than to jump on you

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Home in the Plains.


okay so I’ve been working on this lil piece for a while now, whole hiatus and all. It FINALLY ended in a place I’m proud of, without it sounding too weird. I hope you enjoy. There’s no people tags!!!


T'challa woke up in the desert, Purple sunset clothing the sky. He sighed with relief as he looked up at the low tree of his ancestors. All of their glowing eyes were on him, tails swishing with questions of his presence. One panther started to move, but T'challa put his hand up.

“I’m not here to talk to you, Baba. I’m not here to talk to any of you today. I am not dead,” he said as he turned his back to them. They chirped, satisfied with that answer as they settled back to their lounging place on the tree. “It has been a year today,” he murmured as he walked through the plains. This was true. It had been a year since he fought against his lost cousin, losing him in the process.

Something had called him in his sleep to the plane, and he had a feeling why. T'challa looked out into the distance of the place he’d call home soon enough, and looked for ripples in the plane.

He walked where his feet would take him, coming up to a ripple in the plane. As he stuck his hand through it, was exactly what he was looking for. T'challa smiled as he stepped through it, seemingly dissapearing to thr elders.

“Wassup, cuz!” T'challa opened his eyes to see N'jadaka peering over him, in a blue hoodie with stripes in simple pants. Here, his face was not etched with hatred of T'challa or the past events with T'Chaka. T'challa looked at the couch he was sitting on, hyper aware of his surroundings.

“Where did my other clothes go?” T’Challa questioned as he mirrored Erik’s style, with a Trayvon martin hoodie and black sweatpants. “You know you in a ripple of the plane, right? We don’t dress with togas and shit in a ripple.” N’jadaka said, extending his arms around him. “This? This all I ever known, being cast out. Makes sense it would mirror my way of life right? Hella ‘American.’” T'challa took a look around the apartment where N'jadaka had grown up. It certainly wasn’t palace living, but that was to be expected.

“I’m sorry my father ripped that future away from you,” T'challa said. “You did not deserve to live here, to grow up with odds against you.” N'jadaka faced the window, turning around to look at T'challa resting his head on his hands. “Funny thing about fate, T'challa. No one ain’t deservin of anything, shit wasn’t promised at all. My Baba didn’t deserve to fuckin die here, for something he fought for. But that’s how it is,” N'jadaka mourned, as he tilted his head. “People die every day. That’s just part of life around here.” T'challa lifted his head out of his hands to look at N'jadaka, hearing the change in his voice. N'jadaka was younger, showing the age he was when his father died.

“I grew up here with odds against me. Wasn’t just after my Baba died. Death like clockwork, lost my friends in a drug war. Lost my momma in prison, I lost my own self chasing after power.” N'jadaka chuckled, growing through his ages before coming back to his last age. “Ain’t no choice. Not at all.” He looked down at his hands, seeing the stages complete. “Enough bout all that though. No tears around here either cuz,” he joked as he left the window seat to stand next to T'challa, offering his hand as as get wiped his tears.“Yeah, I guess you’re right cousin.” he gripped N'jadaka’s hand as he pulled him up.

“Come on, we gotta go,” Erik said as he led the way outside the apartment, on the basketball court. “Someone I want you to meet.”

“Good thing you came outside E, you know you can still get yo ass whooped in the plane anytime!” N'jobu laughed as he displayed some fancy footwork. “Dad, we got a visitor.” N'jobu faltered as he dropped the basketball, turning around to face N'jadaka and T'challa. T'challa smiled. “Hello Un-” his greeting was cut off by a firm hug from N'jobu. N'jobu held T'challa’s face in his hands as he smiled, panting from basketball he was doing on the court.

“Nephew. You’ve grown so much since I’ve seen you last,” he said, briefly hugging him again before letting go. “Though that was only in pictures. Come, come, we have so much to talk about.”

They walked along the path behind the apartments, to a little spring. “Tell me, nephew. How is it in the living world?” T'challa told him all about Wakanda’s new technology, crafted by his niece, the outreach center, not missing the way Erik perked up after hearing where it was and what it intended to do. “That’s dope,” Erik said as he gave a half smile. IT was the sincerest T'challa had ever seen him, face unetched by a hard life.

As they went into the house, time seemed to be nonexistent as they played games together and genuinely enjoyed themselves. As the sun settled on the planes, N'jobu was the first to get up from the dining table.

“As much as we have enjoyed your company King, we must take you back to the land of the living.” T'challa’s heart sunk, just like the sun he had been avoiding looking at for the past few hours.

“Alright. I do have a job still to do in Wakanda,” T'challa said.“I wish I could bring you all back with me. You did not de-”

“Aye, what I tell you about that shit cuz?” Erik groaned as he opened the door. “Life don’t give one fuck about what anyone deserves. There’s no hard feelings over here. Don’t take em home either playboy!”

T'challa laughed as he walked out the door with Erik and N'jobu, and back to the Ripple he had found. He looked back once more to the little apartment that he would not see until next year.

“Do not cry for us, nephew. We have made our beds, and it is our choice to lay in it. Just because we have been exiled here does not mean we are lost,” N'jobu said. “Yeah, cause I found my pops, and he found me. We good out here.”

T'challa smiled as they looked at each other, genuinely happy that they’re here together. “I love you both, so very much. I hope the ripple will allow me to see you very soon,” T'challa said as he stepped through. The sun was gone, and the sky resembled the Compton flow of life. Somewhere in the plane, you could hear the music and noise of nighttime.

“Bye! Tell ya lil sister she better do that shit with the technology!!” Erik yelled as the ripple wavered. “And tell your mother hello,” N'jobu added.

Everything was dark as T'challa woke up in his bed, time seemingly not passing at all. He got up to stretch as he walks out to the balcony, looking at sun rising over the Wakandan plane.

And if you listened very closely,you could hear the sound of an 808 in the background, the very heartbeat of the Compton flow…

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