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#black panther x reader

Originally posted by love-music-fashion-flawless

“Wait what?” you spoke taken aback.

“Shhh,” Shuri hushed you from across the table. You guys decided to meet up for the first time at a coffee shop in New York. After the initial meeting and sit down, you guys start talking about family and origins. 

Of course this being an iffy subject for Shuri, she decided to finally tell you about her family, where she’s from and her status. She only told you because you guys have been talking for the last three years over letters and online.

“You can’t say anything to anyone”

“That’s all good, my lips are shuttttt. Also should I now call you your majesty now, cause I don’t wanna be disrespectful”

“It’s alright (Y/N), I get enough of that back home. To you, my friends, and family I’m just Shuri”


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pairings: the avengers x reader

summary: you’re close enough–whether romantically or platonically–to…

warnings; no sir

a/n; im very confused. also its like 6am and im too lazy to actually edit it. maybe i will tmrw idk 



tony stark: You’re close enough for him to allow you to touch his stuff. Tony absolutely hates it when someone touches his things, especially without his permission. And so, the both of you established a silent mutual understanding that in the lab you must always keep your hands to yourself–that does not apply to him, though–but as your relationship developed he started letting you get away with a few touches and strokes–unless it’s highly explosive, of course. However, due to the many nights Tony spends falling asleep in his lab, you started visiting more often to wrap a blanket around him and turn off any hazardous machines he may have left running, and soon enough you were regularly touching, examining, and even modifying a few of his inventions. Hell, you’re even allowed to take joyrides in his suit!

bucky barnes: You’re close enough for him to feel comfortable with you touching his metal arm. At first, Bucky was extremely self-conscious about his arm and constantly wore long-sleeved shirts, even during the hottest days of the year–he just wanted to feel normal, to feel like Bucky rather than constantly be reminded about his traumatic past whenever he looked down or in the mirror, and sometimes it helped. Sometimes, he’d forget about it, about the the cool-to-the-touch Vibranium hiding under the thin layer of cotton and the leather of a glove, about the hand that remembers the feeling of a weapon more than the feeling of his mother’s hand laced in it. Sometimes, he’d forget he’s a killer. However, you came into his life and showed him he wasn’t a killer. You reminded him of the solace and ease, that once accompanied a mother’s embrace, with constant reassurance and support. Gradually, he started wearing 3-quarter-sleeved shirts, then short-sleeved shirts, then sleeveless shirts, and even began touching you with his metal arm–Bucky went from hesitating everytime you intertwined your fingers together to instinctively cupping your face. To say you’re proud would be an understatement.

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pairing: the avengers x reader

summary: basically the avengers going to Ikea with you, (Y/N).

a/n: feel free to hit the follow button for more of these preferences.



bucky barnes: It’s practically his second home–or at least he acts like it is. You’d think Bucky, an international assassin who got away with the murder of JFK and created one of the biggest conspiracies of the century, would have more self-control. But no, he doesn’t when it comes to Ikea. Not even in the slightest. You’d go to Ikea with the strict intention of getting only a few items, but Bucky suddenly would decide to buy an entire room because ‘Doll, think about how good you’d look in this kitchen’ which may be interpreted as misogynstic, but really it’s not–It just translates to ‘Doll, think about how good you’ll look while I bang you on that kitchen counter’. Bucky, also, physically cannot stop himself from touching all the furniture, stroking every goddamn pillow and plushie, opening every godforsaken drawer and closet, and sleeping on every fucking couch and pillow. He seriously acts like it IS his second home–“Bucky, if you don’t get off that bed and put your shirt back on, I WILL leave you here.”

loki laufeyson: He terrorizes the Ikea shoppers–including you–and, being the master tactician he is, manages to NEVER get caught. Loki just loves to use his illusion manipulation, telekinesis, and presence concealment abilities to reanimate the furniture and scare unsuspecting shoppers–a poor old man almost got a heart attack when the couch he was testing out tried to swallow him; and let’s not forget about the annoying, but innocent, kid who was magically thrown off the hammock he was sleeping in. Ikea had to close down for a week because they thought they had a ghost situation on their hands. However, when Loki’s feeling extra mischievous, he uses his shapeshifting ability to transform himself into a small inanimate object and whenever someone picks him up, he changes back to his original self and goes, “Who dares disturb my sleep?’–a shopper once thought he had hit the jackpot and found himself a Genie. Loki almost stabbed said shopper because of the ironically racist comment, but luckily you were there to interfere.

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Originally posted by tanrininprezervatifi

“Good Morning, my king”

“No need for the formalities (Y/N). We’ve know each other since we were children”

“It would still be rude to not address you as my king, T’Challa”

Everyday since you guys were kids, you would always address him as my prince or, recently, my king. He didn’t want you to see him as someone bellow him, because of your status, but of equal standing. For that is how you see a person if you love them



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I Match You With T'challa!

I hope you stay safe as well, Darling. Gif above is not mine, all credits go to the original owner.💙

  • He would first find your clumsiness rather amusing yet adorable.
  • He would help you if you had fallen or assist in regaining your balance with concerns for your safety.
  • He would think the glasses that rested upon your face were adorable as he fixed them.
  • He would fall in love with your caring personality and your kind heart.
  • He would tell you that in itself was far more valuable and precious than anything.
  • He would be protective of you but would never lose his temper, he would take a calm approach to everything.
  • He would do all he could to keep you from falling or hurting yourself in any way.
  • He would catch you if you fell in front of him.
  • But that didn’t stop him from playfully pouting if you ignored him.
  • He would enjoy your baking and help as much as he could, he would always have a kind word for the end result.
  • His favorite place to kiss you would either be the tip of your nose or the back of your hand.
  • He would always be very gentle and loving to you just as you were to him.
  • He would call you, “Little one,” or “Precious one.”
  • His favorite way to sleep would be your head upon his chest and tucked beneath his chin, your hand in his.
  • Most would find your relationship sweet, loving and irreplaceable.
  • He would love you more than anything.
  • He would also fall for your curves and tell you how much he adored them and how beautiful they were.
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Originally posted by underoos-tom


Originally posted by july-rck

“Wait you like (Y/N) too?”

“Who couldn’t like them Peter? (Y/N) is cute, nice, and they’re really smart too”

“Yeah if only they knew that right? If we’re both gonna like (Y/N), we cannot fight over them. I still wanna be your friend” 


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Fanfiction; one-shots, drabble, headcanon, series, imagines.

smut [💦], slight smut [💧], fluff [☁], angst [❄], personal fav [🌻]

If you don’t want to be listed, send me a message and I’ll delete it. Thank you ❤


Peter Parker (Spiderman)

Bucky Barnes (The Winter Soldier)

Steve Rogers (Captain America)

Peter Quill (Star-Lord)

T'Challa Udaku (The Black Panther)

Tony Stark (Iron Man)

Wade Wilson (Deadpool)

Thor Odinson (God of Thunder)

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Pairing: Black Panther x reader

Note: I’m realllyyy sorry that this wasn’t a fic because this would be so much fun to write, but I am trying to get three classes worth of school work done before the end of the year, regular school work that I can’t get done like that because of posting schedules for teachers, final exams work, and then start extracurricular studies this summer. I hope that this meets your request and I hope to make this an actual fic when I’m not so slammed lol. I did try to make it a bit longer so that it might be better.


Originally posted by love-music-fashion-flawless

·      The entire time that Princess Shuri had caught onto the fact that you and her older brother T’challa liked each other, she was pushing you two together whether you liked it or not

·      Shoving you in closets

·      Making you two be in the lab “on accident” at the same time

·      The works

·      You had just gotten back from a mission assigned by the king otherwise known as your best friend, T’challa

·      You were really tired but so glad that it went well

·      On the way back, you were walking down the hallway to Shuri’s lab with her as she was talking about a new suit that she had made for you

·      You loved her inventions asking her to explain them all which she loved doing since you helped her make them sometimes

·      You had to admit it made you laugh when the two of you would talk about sciency things that T’challa didn’t understand

·      She walked in with you and you saw T’challa standing near her work space

·      *cue awkwardness*

·      You bowed, “Greetings my king, the mission was successful as promised.”

·      “Thank you, Y/N.”

·      “And a hug would be better than you bowing, I told you, you don’t have to be formal with me Y/N.”

·      “Just making sure you remembered.”

·      Shuri was rolling her eyes, “Just get together already you two, I swear it’s like watching two nerdy teenagers at some American dance.”

·      *cue intense blushing*

·      I swear she was laughing so hard internally and you could see it in her eyes

·      “Y/N would you like to see the new suit I have for you, or are you two just going to stand here gazing into each other’s eyes all day?”

·      You were now just a mess and walked over to her shushing her playfully

·      “I know you two like each other.”

·      “Do not Shuri.”

·      “Yes, you do. He talks about you all the time Y/N/N.”

·      “He DoES?”

·      “Mhmm.” *intense laughing*

·      You took the suit and after a day or two were training with the new suit, just getting used to it when T’challa walked into the room

·      He started to walk out saying something about doing it later

·      “You know that there is plenty of room for the both of us to train T’challa.”

·      “I didn’t want to invade your space.”

·      “Or are you just scared I’ll kick your ass?”

·      “Now come on, Y/N. You cannot be so bold as to challenge the king?”

·      “I can, and I did.”

·      That was it and he and you started sparing

·      That was when the power went out

·      You guys didn’t know that it was just in that room and that Shuri was controlling the entire thing

·      “Well I guess we’re stuck here now.” You said as some of the back- up lights came on

·      “So it seems.”

·      There was some banter and more sparring before he hit a spot that was slightly injured during the mission

·      “Y/N are you okay?” He came to your side and put a hand over the place he hit

·      “Yeah, it’s just an injury from the mission, I’ll live.”

·      “You worry me going out on missions like this.”

·      “You sent me on it.” “Plus, you’re on them all the time.”

·      “That is true, but I care about you regardless and don’t want you getting hurt.”

·      You raised a brow

·      “I care about you more than a friend Y/N, as I’m sure Shuri has told you.”

·      “And I’m sure that she’s told you about me?”

·      “Maybe.”

·      “Well in that case.”

·      He kissed you before you could to him

·      It was like that for a few seconds until you broke apart

·      “Y/N, would you do me the honor of being my significant other?”

·      “I will.”

·      There was a brief pause before you guys heard it

·      “YeS!” and then you saw Shuri cover her mouth and hide behind something making the two of you laugh

·      “Shuri, we know you’re there, turn the power back on.”

·      The power came back on and the two of you laughed at her antics

·      “I assume the entire redesign of suits and this was planned.” You laughed

·      “I wouldn’t put it past my sister.”

·      From there on it was great

·      He trusted you now more than ever and you guys were a force to be reckoned with

·      His mother and the elders want him to take your hand in marriage which he’s planning on but later

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Can you focus on me?

Baby, can you focus on me? Babe

Hands in the soap

Have the faucet’s running and I keep looking at you

Stuck on your phone and you’re stuck in your zone

You don’t have a clue

But I don’t wanna give up

The powerful vibration of her cell phone on the kitchen counter pulled Gina Perez out of her dazed state, dark eyes cutting to the screen, which was face up and shattered to shit, though she could tell what was there with very little difficulty. It was the face of her boyfriend, Erik Stevens. There was a picture of her and him at one of the many parties he managed to drag her to, his arm casually thrown across her shoulder with a gigantic smile on his face. He didn’t have his usual gold fangs in, the event being last minute and not giving him any time to prepare his outfit. She was dressed in her outfit of scrubs and a headwrap, as she herself had been at work. They looked so happy. She looked so happy.

Now, she was just numb.

The soft clink of the tiny metal chains attached to her dress filled her ears as she shifted from one cheek to the other, the hard surface of her kitchen floor sending a pins and needles sensation shooting up her right leg. Her brand new wig was tossed across the floor, sprawled over her red bottoms, bought by the owner of the very face that looked as if it hadn’t left the screen of her phone for the past hour. Back to back, he called, and not once did she answer.

How could she? What would she say? The past three hours had been so painful, so bizarre that she couldn’t help but feel that she’d slipped into some alternate nightmare specially designed to torture her. Her throat hurt from screaming, her hands stung from crawling across a glass covered street, and she smelled like smoke. Her house was a mess, more from the deliberate destructive rage she’d gone in and destroyed every single thing in sight that wasn’t firmly in place or bolted to the wall than usual wear and tear. The only thing that looked as if it was still standing was a single painting on the wall, a painting of her and her younger cousin, Kaya. 


A lump formed in her throat as her cousin’s harsh words filled her ears

“You just mad because for once, I got what you wanted before you did!” 

Drunk and staggering, the woman that had stood before her looked nothing like the girl that had grown up with her, the girl that Gina and her mother had taken off the streets, cleaned up, and watched walk down a path of self-destruction, always ready to pick her up and brush her off before sending her back on her way. 

Sadly, three hours before, she’d made her last stop, just as she had seemed ready to turn around and run back to them. Gina remembered her cousin’s pleading screams as she tried to break the car window with her fists, trapped in the blazing inferno that was Gina’s ex-boyfriend’s car.

She’d stepped so far out of her character that she found it hard to believe that it was her, when she saw the videos plastered over the news. Instead of saying it was a tragedy, a shame, the news painted them as ghetto hood rats fighting outside of a nightclub, pulling hair and throwing drinks. Sure, they actually had been doing that, but it took away from what had happened.

Her cousin was *dead*. Burnt to a crisp in that car that Gina had to be forcibly removed from on top of before anything worse happened. She’d watched her cousin being rolled away in a *body bag*, the sounds of her aunt’s screams in her ears causing them to ring before she promptly turned her back to the scene and vomited all over the pavement, all over the expensive leather shoes that Erik had bought her on their anniversary.

Honestly, she couldn’t even remember how she got home? Everything after that moment had been a blur, and no matter how many times she’d tried to unblock that part of her memory in the past twenty minutes, it just didn’t seem to be right. Instead, her mind wandered to the day Kaya became a more permanent fixture in her life.


When her daddy left her mother, Gina thought that would be the last time she’d ever see her mother cry. No matter what had ever happened, she never saw her La’Toyah shed a tear, not even when her grandmother died. She just seemed to sit there, motionless until everyone left her alone. Only then, in the dead of the night, when she thought no one heard her, did her mother let the tears fall. Gina never saw them, but there was only so much a pillow could muffle. But now, standing in front of her Auntie Patricia, her mother’s tears ran freely, eyes bloodshot and knuckles bruised.

Kaya and Auntie Patricia had come over for dinner because they hadn’t seen even an inkling of their presence in over a year and the two sisters ran into one another at the grocery store. When Gina saw Kaya, they hugged each other fiercely, and that was when she noticed it. 

The wince.

When she lifted her arms to hug her cousin, she’d flinched away from her, almost as if she thought that Gina was going to hurt her. When asked if she would be okay, Kaya simply laughed it off and made a joke about the pranks they used to play on one another. They both laughed, but Kaya’s didn’t seem to quite reach her eyes. Little incidents went on like that for a while until the two of them were at the local park, where they’d wandered off to goof off out of the eyes of their parents. 

Many things happened, and while they were on the swings, Kaya fell down and hurt her arms, and Gina had to literally fight with her to check and see if she was bleeding, and that’s when she saw it. 

Cigarette burns. 

Kaya had cigarette burns all up her arms, leading all the way up to her elbows! After a long silence, Gina simply stood up and bolted home, screaming for her mother the entire way there. Kaya was on her heels, shushing her, but Gina was too fast for her. Before she could find her mother, though, she ran right into her aunt. The words jumbled out of her mouth, her aunt’s cheerful expression taking on a much darker tone and before she knew it, her aunt looked downright furious. With no explanation, she immediately turned on Kaya, her cousin’s back smacking against the exterior of the house as Patricia screamed at her about “talking out of my house” and “making up stories”. Neither of them seemed to notice Gina running to get her mother, who was in the bathroom. 

When they returned, Kaya was holding her cheek and Patricia was getting ready to hit her again when Latoyah pounced on her. The two sisters fought in the yard until they were able to be yanked apart by to neighbors, Patricia going to grab Kaya but the younger girl shrinking away from her mother’s hang and both Gina and her mother using themselves as a physical barricade to stop her from advancing further. 

After that day, they didn’t see Patricia again for years, La’Toyah telling them both that she was sick and needed help. With time, Kaya reconnected with her mother, and many of the woman’s bad habits rubbed off on her daughter. She became increasingly worse until before they knew it, Kaya had become the same woman who they’d literally fought to get her away from.


For the first time in his life, Erik “Killmonger” Stevens could say that he was utterly, terribly, afraid. He’d raised more hell in the past four hours than he had the entire time he’d been in Wakanda, but it had been for a reason.

His reason. Honestly, if anything happened to Régine, he would never get over it, and never forgive himself. Currently, he was pacing the length of one of T’Challa’s overly expensive ass private jets, and the Dora Milaje soldiers that had been assigned to watch his every move looked more nervous the more agitated he became. He’d already screamed at Shuri to hurry the fuck up and fly the plane, to which she responded with language that he was both taken aback by and responsible for. 

She wasn’t answering her phone and that was what worried him the first time. Usually, when she went out, she made sure to call him as soon as she got in her parking lot. She’d sit in the car and they’d talk until she realized she needed to be in the house. But tonight, it didn’t happen. Tonight, of all nights, when he watched viral videos and he saw his girlfriend plastered on the news, scrapping with some bitch in her “freakum dress” and the heels he bought her for their anniversary. She wasn’t even wearing her wig when she took on three bitches at a time and shots rang out in the night before there was nothing more. There were no reported injuries, and while that should’ve calmed his mind, it didn’t at all. 

It wasn’t like Régine not to answer her phone, and even though he’d been told multiple times that he was overreacting, by the third time he called her and she didn’t answer, he was packing his shit and getting ready to get the fuck out of Wakanda. He didn’t care how many elders he disrespected or how many foreign dignitaries he disappointed by not showing up, he needed to get to Oakland.

“I’m sure she will be alright, Erik.” In the time that he’d been spending in Wakanda, he’d gotten really close with Okoye of all people. She didn’t just take his shit when he was having a bad day or allow him to vent when he was acting a damn fool. She called him out on it, told him he sounded dumb, and sent him on his way. Just like Régine. Sadly, even Okoye’s reassurances weren’t enough to stop him from picking up his phone and calling her again. 

Fifty seven times. He’d called Régine fifty-seven times before he got an answer, and the one that greeted him wasn’t one he’d wanted to see. The sun peeking over the horizon seemed to be mocking him as he sent a pointed look at the last person he wanted to see.



“Heeeeey Erik.” Crowding at her grandmother’s house seemed to be on everyone’s mind the morning after everything that had happened. Many of her family members, both distant and not, shot her nasty looks when they thought she wasn’t looking. She wasn’t even sure she blamed them. If she had done more, if it hadn’t ended up in a fight, maybe Kadejah would be with them all. She’d gotten so much hate on the internet following everything that had happened that her cousin. Ericka, forcibly took her phone away from her to take her mind off of what had happened. 

“Ericka where Régine at?” Her cousin rolled her eyes, placing a hand on her hip. 

“Well good morning to you too, Erik. I’m doing fine, thanks for asking.” She could practically hear him rolling his eyes, even though she could barely make out what was being said. Ericka seemed to be telling him everything that had happened, from the twerk contest to the fight in the parking lot, to Kadejah asking Régine for money to buy drugs and the fight that followed that. It was all a hot ass mess, then it got even worse. 

Mayno, Régine’s ex-boyfriend, decided that he would take an interest in Kadejah. Everyone from anywhere knew that he was no good, but he was 6’4, light skinned, with pretty teeth and a big dick, and that was all many women needed to hear, even Régine at a time. He was sloppy drunk, and likely hopped up on pills and he asked Kadejah if she wanted to come to his house and chill. Neither of them seemed to be in any shape to drive, so Régine grabbed her cousin and said that she would take her home, that she had no business in the car with a guy like Mayno anyway. Kadejah used that moment to laugh and brag in her cousin’s face, and they got into a screaming match that ended with Kadejah accusing Régine of wanting Mayno back. They left together and it took everything in Régine not to run behind the car and snatch her cousin out of the passenger’s seat. 

That was when the shots rang out. Somebody else had gotten into a fight whilst she and Kadejah were arguing and someone started shooting. Everything happened so fast after that. The gunfire died down, there was the screeching of tires, and the next thing she knew, Mayno’s car was T-Boned by a box Chevy on 26’s. By the time she’d run to the car, Mayno was already dead and Kadejah was clearly concussed. She could barely register Régine screaming for her to try and unlock the door, which was bent in anyway. 

Once she’d realized that Kadejah was in no state to think for herself, she attempted to break the glass by any means necessary. She tried using her shoe, her elbow, her clutch, anything that she could find. She wasn’t even able to put a crack in it. She didn’t even notice the crowd gathering around her until a pair of sturdy arms wrapped around her waist, attempting to hoist her away from the car. She was so hysterical, she began kicking and screaming, hitting them multiple times with her purse until she heard him call for backup and she was carried off of the scene by firefighters waiting for the police to come, which they didn’t for nearly twenty minutes later. By that time, it was too late and Kadejah was gone. 

“-m just saying. If it was my cousin, I wouldn’t be on the ground screaming, I would be trying to save her.”

There it was. It wasn’t that she hadn’t done anything. It was that she hadn’t done enough. Her family felt that she was being too emotional and not trying to help her cousin. They blamed her for this, she knew it.

“Come on, baby. Let’s go outside.” Her mother’s voice in her ear was everything it took not to leap at her cousin’s girlfriend and beat the hell out of her. It took a little bit of effort, but the woman was able to get her daughter out the back door and away from all the noise of the family.



When he finally got a glimpse of Régine, it felt like he was seeing the sun for the first time. Everything inside his body seemed to unfurl and all was right in the world. Except, it wasn’t.

In the years that he had been with Régine, he barely ever saw her cry, It was almost as if she had some personal vendetta against doing so. As if she felt that him seeing her cry would diminish her value somehow. He didn’t get it, but it didn’t matter. Now, he was at a loss. 

He could tell the tell tale signs of a breakdown coming. Pacing, hands shaking like she’s trying to air dry them, and the heavy breathing. Once the breathing started, it wouldn’t stop until she started crying. It was very hard to watch and before he knew it, he was stepping over a hedge and pulling her into his arms. 

The way she melted into him was almost seamless, and within seconds, she began to cry. It wasn’t like usual, a little tear here and there, trying to compose herself. Now she simply let loose, snotting and screaming into his shirt, her nails digging into his skin. All the while, he held on, squeezing her like a vice. Looking up, he saw her mother staring down at the two of them, a sad expression on her face. Leaning over and placing a light peck on his cheek, she gave him a couple pats on the shoulder, mouthing that he needed to take her home. 

Hoisting her up into his arms, he made his way over to where the Dora were all standing, looking over the scene with varying levels of sympathy and concern. With added research, they were able to find out what the issue was and they understood. Régine had always been close to her cousin, always talked about her to anyone that would listen, and now that she was gone, the next while would be very hard for her. He planned to be there every step of the way, though, just like she had been for him when his mother died. 

“It’s gone be okay, Ma.” She sniffed, offering nothing further as he placed a kiss on her cheek. 

It would be okay.

It had to be.

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Loving My King

Chapter 11

His eyebrows furrowed. “Baby, you were the one that convinced him to take this path instead. Why wouldn’t you be attending?” He does have a point..“Remember my love. You are now Queen. This is the type of thing you will need to be in attendance for. This could potentially involve the whole kingdom.” “You do have a point…again.” So I get up out of bed and start getting ready. With Isis by Joyner Lucas playing out of my speak, I start my morning routine. T'Challa joins me as I’m brushing my teeth. He puts his hands on my hips and plops his head on my shoulder, and stares at me through the mirror. I bend over to spit in the sink. He lets out a small moan and closes his eyes. I look at him with amusement in my eyes.

“It’s been far too long my Queen.” “It hasn’t. You’re just a freak.” He busts out laughing. I laugh with him and walk into our closet to get dressed. Suddenly a very pertinent question pops into my head very suddenly. “If this talk with Erik goes well, what will you do? Hopefully you won’t keep him confined to his room like a dog in the kennel?” I can tell my casual use of Erik’s American name threw him off for a second.

“Well I can’t very well let him roam around can I? Have you forgotten the whole reason we had to catch him in the first place?” I purse my lips. “No T'Challa. I haven’t forgotten. But please don’t let that cloud your judgement of what the man is saying, and trying to do.” “And what exactly is that? Since you two seem to be so close now.” It takes all of my willpower PLUS MORE, to not roll my eyes at this big ass man baby. ‘I need this talk to go well…I need this talk to go well…’ so I try again. “It is not me you need to be having this discussion with. Your audience is with Erik. Not with me.” I finish getting dressed, and go to leave our bedroom.

“Avalon wait!” I stop with my hand on the doorknob. “I’m sorry. I just don’t understand why you’re so quick to defend a man who was so ready to take your life.” “He wouldn’t have hurt me. And I know his real mission here T. If you would take a few minutes to listen to what he has to say then you would too.”

I make my way to the throne room to see that Erik is already there, and is looking around with genuine curiosity and admiration. “Good morning.” I say as I walk into the room. He turns around and smiles a bit. “Hey baby girl. Did you talk ole buddy around?” I sigh. “I did my best Erik. But this won’t go smoothly if you insist on these nicknames.” He rolls his eyes at the same time as me. T'Challa entera and I roll my eyes again. “Trouble in paradise?” Erik asks. I discreetly flip him off and move to take my seat.

“So-” he starts, “my wife decided to forgive telling me the meaning of this meeting. Tell me why I shouldn’t have you imprisoned on the spot for attempting to hurt my wife?” “Because shawty wouldn’t have-” “AHEM!” I interrupt him and give him the look. Y'all know what look I’m talking about- “My bad my bad. I mean Ava wouldn’t have let you. She knows my true intentions. And she knows I wouldn’t have really hurt her. Like I keep telling you selective memory ass mother fuckers, I wasn’t really going to hurt her. And she believe in what I believe in.” “Which is?” T'Challa asks. “To arm Black Americans with what they need to protect and help themselves, in a country where it seems that everyone wants them dead, or to see them fail.” Everyone’s jaw damn near drops.

“Here in Wakanda, we choose not to meddle in the affairs of-” “I know damn well what you choose not to do. But by doing nothing, you allow these colonizers to murder our own people. That’s just as bad as oppressing them the way the devils do.” “Excuse me? We have nothing to do with that foreign countries affairs.” N'Jadaka squints his eyes, and I know that what comes next is not going to be good. “Then you leave me no choice. Now back to square one. I’m challenging you for the throne.” T'Challa opens his mouth to reply.

“That won’t be necessary!!” I move to stand between Erik and T'Challa, who are glaring at each other like two kids fighting over a toy. “Erik I’m sure we can come up with something to help our people. Something that doesn’t involve arming civilians however.” The elders jump up in an uproar. “Who is this foreigner to give us orders? We let you marry the King, but it stops there.” My eyebrows shoot up, as does T'Challa and Erik’s. “You may have been born here, you may have been here longer than me, hell you MAY even be wiser than me. But you will not question my authority or my place in this Kingdom. So sit your ass down or I will have you removed.”

Okoye gave a small smirk, but it was gone as soon as I blinked. And Erik straight out laughed loud as hell, and caused everyone to glare at both of us. I then turn so that I’m talking directly to Erik. “Now as I was saying. We will find a way to assist our people from the burden that the white people have placed on them.” I turn to address everyone else. “And it will be Erik and I’d project that I- and only I- will be responsible for. I will personally oversee all decisions. And if it should backfire, I will take full responsibility. Happy? Great. Goodbye.” I take Erik by his elbow. “Let’s get THEE fuck out of here and get business started.”

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Summary: The Reader and T’Challa enjoy some after workout activities. (T’Challa x Reader)

Whatever that novice healer gave to you and T’Challa was definitely not a muscle relaxer. All she was supposed to craft was a potion to relieve the tension that built up in your muscles from training. Now an hour later, you lie splayed on your shared bed, chest heaving and thighs coated in a mixture of your wetness and your king’s cum. 

T’Challa’s calloused hands slide over your naked form, his fingers trace the curves of your body. Moaning out his name, your thighs clench around his wrist when he teases your clit. Your core aches from the intense pounding he gave moments ago. 

“My queen, I need to feel you around me again.”

“I’m not your queen yet.” You giggle, clasping your hand with his free one. 

“Ahh. Formalities. In a few weeks, it will be official. And I plan to take you over and over again.” 

“Why don’t we practice now, then? Better to be prepared, don’t you think?”

Returning your smile, T’Challa hovers over you only moving when you lean up to connect your lips. When you finally kiss, your body vibrates as if every muscle fiber is burning with a deep itch. You yearn for his touch on your skin. 

Yanking him down, his body weighs down against yours and his heat sinks into your pores. His hand lazily stokes at your thigh, wrapping it around his waist as his cock sinks back into you. The stretch of your walls forces you to cry out. Tears prick at the corners of your eyes as he pulls out and slams back into you. 

Your body is so overwhelmed but the craving for him is insatiable. And the night is far from over.

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Hey! Could I request a Marvel ship? I’m 5’8 and I have a pretty thin but athletic build. I love playing sports, especially ones with contact! I also love to read and listen to music. I can pretty much talk to anyone but I’ll still be kind of awkward. I have shoulder length brown hair, blue eyes, and some freckles. I’m also bisexual but I lean more towards women. Thank you!! ❤️❤️

After going on several missions with the Avengers, you had made some close friends with several of them. T’challa has always said that he wanted to take you to see Wakanda, and you were definitely down. As soon as the plane landed, Shuri ran up to hug her brother and greet you. You had worked with Shuri on a few occasions, but your paths haven’t really crossed all that much. Shuri had a major crush on you but was very good at hiding it. She might have not told you about it at all if Okoye didn’t poke her in the back and insisted that she tell you how she truly felt. After you started dating, you would alternate spending time at Wakanda and at the Avengers base.

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(Imagine is not mine!!! As you can all tell ^^^ it belongs to the wonderful @thefandomimagine​!!!! Here is the link to the original imagine - Link)

(As most of you have probably noticed, I have used a lot of @thefandomimagine​ ‘s imagines in the past and I can tell you right now, I am going to keep using them because her imagines are amazing and they give me so many ideas for imagines like this one and the ones that I’ve done in the past!!!! @thefandomimagine you are an amazing person and I love your imagines!!!! Keep ‘em coming!!!!)


(Picture is not mine!!!! You can find it on my Outfits Board in the Special Events section!!! And I don’t know if any of you get this kind of vibe from this outfit but when I saw it, the dress gave me a African/Wakandan kind of vibe! Let me know if you get the vibe too!!!!)

You’re ears are still ringing as the medical personnel clean your injuries from the blast of the explosives that had gone off just about an hour ago. You and T’Challa both are very lucky you survived. The image of T’Challa gripping onto his father after the blast flashes in your mind. You look toward where he’s currently sitting on a bench, looking down at his father’s ring in his hand. The burden of becoming King of Wakanda is now on his shoulders because his father is dead.

You know you need to go over to him and see how he is since he still hasn’t gone to get his injuries checked. From here you can see the blood running down his forehead. You get up telling the medical personnel that you’re fine since they protest and try to stop you from getting up. “There are many other people with worse injuries than I do.” you tell them and that makes them back off from you, letting you go to see your fiancé.

“My love?” you ask as you get to be about 5 feet away from him, making him look up at you. Instead of answering or greeting you, he just gives you his hand for you to take. You don’t hesitate to take it, letting him pull you closer to him and making you sit down next to him. The 2 of you are silent for a moment, just sitting there on the bench holding each other’s hand. “It should have been me…” you hear him say softly which makes you turn your head to him with wide eyes. “T…” you whisper reaching for his face and making him look at you. “Do not say that…” you continue. “It was not your fault…” You rub your thumb against his cheek to which he immediately leans into your touch, closing his eyes as he does. “In a way… it was…” he responds softly and you see the tears start to gather in his eyes. “Oh, T’Challa…” you whisper softly before you pull him in close to you as he begins to sob into your chest.

As he sobs into your chest, you put your head on top of his, frowning at the thought of not having T’Chaka in your life anymore… For most of your life he was like a father to you and you don’t really know if you can handle not having him in your life… But you also know this, as long as you and T’Challa stay together, everything will turn out fine… 

Little did you know though, of what was coming in the very near future…


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Trigger Warnings and themes- mentions of divorce and death of a parent and spouse. Lots of fluff, mother and daughter bonding, dad and son bonding. Mentions of stepparents

October 2, 2021

    It’s funny how new seasons bring new change. For instance- fall brings new colors, and the trees shed their leaves with the hope that,after a cold winter, they will burst bright with green leaves in the spring.

    Life is like that, as well. In away.

    You considered losing your husband your winter, and it felt like you’d never really see spring again, but you kept the hope.

    And hope came in the form of one Mr. T’Challa Udaku. Just when you were content with never falling in love again, here comes this man who wants to love you. Who treats you and your children with the same love and respect that you treat his. That he treats you, and you treat him.

    It was a rough start getting together. Between both of your oldest children trying to keep you apart for months, missed dates due to one of you having to take the responsibility of being a parent, lunch dates gone awry, PTA meetings, and all of the other aspects of your lives that don’t involve each other… you never imagined that this day would come.

And, yet… here you are.

Dressed in a white lace dress, Madison placing the veil on your head.

Your now thirteen year old looks at you in the mirror before throwing an arm around you, causing you to rest your own hand on her wrist, ‘’Mom, you look beautiful.’’

    ‘’Thank you, sweetheart, you do as well.’’

    Madison beams, looking down at her rust dress.

    While Wanda is your maid of honor, Madison is your junior bridesmaid. After all, she’s been great- babysitting the little kids while you and T’Challa spent time  working on the wedding.

    ‘’T’Challa’s jaw is going to drop when he sees you,’’ Wanda assures you, coming from the bathroom with Savannah and Nia.

    ‘’Mommy! You look so pretty,’’ your younger daughter states.

    ‘’Thank you, baby girl,’’ you coo, ‘’You both look so pretty too! Did you thank Auntie Wanda for doing your pretty braid crowns?’’

    ‘’Mhm, I did!,’’ your six year old soon-to-be-bonus-daughter, Nia, beams, petting her curls,careful not to cause one of the artificial flowers to slip out.

    ‘’They were little angels,’’ Wanda rubs her stomach, ‘’I’m going to go see how things are going. Girls, let’s go. Let’s give your mother a few moments to herself to finish getting ready.’’

    ‘’Okay, I’ll be out in a moment,’’ Madison promises, to which Wanda nods before leading Nia and Savannah out of the room.

    Them, you and Madison are alone again- your oldest child standing next to you,looking at herself in the mirror. And in this light, she looks like the perfect blend of you and your ex husband. She’s so much of him, so much of you-  perfect blend of the two of you.

    ‘’Are you ready for your veil, momma?’’

    ‘’I am,’’ you nod as she delicately takes the lace creatio- a gift from Ramonda-  out of its box and lets it unfold.

    ‘’It looks so pretty, mom! I can’t believe she did this for you!’’

    The veil was something that you had admired in the store window- but between Madison needing new glasses and you and T’Challa agreeing to move into a bigger house so that the older kids, Nia and Savannah, and David could have their own rooms, you’ve been pretty strapped for cash.

    ‘’It’s gorgeous, is it not? I couldn’t stop thanking her when she dropped by my job with it.’’

    ‘’Here, I will help you with it. I don’t want you to accidentally stick yourself with the pins.’’

    Oh so carefully, she helps you with the veil, perfectly framing your face and shoulders with it when she’s done.

    ‘’I’m going to make sure everything is ready. I’ll see you out there, mom.’’

    ‘’Okay. Oh, Madison!,’’ you gently scoot your chair back,standing and taking one of your daughter’s hands, ‘’I need you to know something. You are always going to be my child. Always. Nothing will ever change that. I will always be here for you. And T’Challa knows that he could never take the place of your dad, but he loves you, too.’’

    She grins at you, ‘’I know, mom. I know. And I can see how much he loves us, and I want you to be happy. After everything you did to keep our family running for the last few years, you deserve that.’’

    Right before your eyes, she’s growing into a beautiful, empathetic, intelligent woman.

    Little do you know that she credits you with that, and you have her abundant thanks for all you’ve done.

    ‘’I’ll see you out there, Mrs. Udaku,’’ she grins at you before exiting the door to your dressing room. Gently shutting it behind you.

    And this is it- you are about to become Mrs. Udaku. Two lives will merge into one, beautiful union under the watchful eye of none other than Steve Rogers himself, who had become ordained just for the occasion, and Zuri, someone T’Challa new when he lived in Wakanda. 

    In a few moments, everything will change. You will be in a new season of life- one you never saw coming.

    And the question now is this: are you really ready for it?

    Meanwhile, T’Challa is pacing the floor of his own dressing room, his son, David, and his groomsmen calmly watching him go back and forth.

    ‘’I rarely say this to other people, but you need to calm down,’’ Bucky huffs.

    ‘’He’s right, man,’’ Erik snorts.

    ‘’You’re going to wear a hole into the floor. We will not get our deposit back,’’ Abioye reminds his dad, and that immediately stops his dad in his tracks.

    ‘’What are you even talking about?’’

    ‘’I’m just throwing around words I heard when we were helping with the wedding,’’ his oldest child reviews, ‘’You’re making me nervous. And David, too.’’

    ‘’You need to poop,’’ the four year old popes up, causing the older men to burst into hearty laughter after a few moments of silence.

    ‘’Dude, what,’’ Abioye laughs as he fist bumps his soon-to-be-baby-brother.

    ‘’That’s what mommy says to be when I get grumpy,’’ the preschooler explains, ‘’You need fiber!’’

    ‘’I do not need any fiber, David. I am just nervous. Your mommy and I have waited a very long time for this day. Sometimes, adults get nervous, too.’’

    ‘’When I’m nervous, Abioye lets me play videogames with him.’’   

    ‘’I let him hold the controller,’’ Abioye speaks, ‘’Dad, I guess I don’t get why you’re nervous.’’

    ‘’Because he’s a dork,’’ Erik smirks, ‘’Butin all serious, man, you gotta chill. You’ll sweat through your suit before you even see her.’’

    ‘’I just… I need this to go perf\ect. She deserves that. A perfect life.’’

    ‘’None of us our perfect, dad,’’ Abioye shrugs,stuffing his hands in his pocket, ‘’But, hey. Ya’ll love each other. Us kids can mostly tolerate each other… okay, fine. We love each other. It’s gonna be nice to have two news sisters and a little brother. Well, mostly nice.’’

    He’s referring to the fights that were had over the nw house. It was settled that Abiyoe and Madison would have their own rooms, being the oldest. However, with Nia and Savannah sharing, they got the second biggest room. Typical sibling discourse followed, and names were called and tears were shed. But,a t the end of the day, you found the five of them cuddled up on the couch, watching a movie and, for once, not getting on each other’s nerves.

    And it was a glimpse into all of the good days you could have, and T’Challa was so glad that eh put that ring on your finger, he’s starting to feel the pressure of it all.

    Can he be what you need?

What if this falls apart like his marriage with Nakia?

    ‘’It could all go wrong, dad. But, hey, that’s life. We love the good, and live the bad.’’

    T’Challa realize that he’s voiced his opinions allowed only after his son speaks such wise words to him.

    ‘’Man, when did you get so smart,’’ he hugs his now fifteen year old.

    ‘’Mom says I get it from her,’’ Abioye deadpans, and T'Challa has no doubt that a certain, short -haired wedding guest has said that to him before.

    ‘’I’m sure she did, Anyway, we’d better get ready to get going. Are y'all ready?’’

    ‘’Man, I was born ready,’’ Erik looks at his suit in that mirror, ‘’Come on. I gotta get that wedding planner’s number before she sees how turnt I can get. My smooth moves on the dance floor would only intimidate her.’’

    T’Challa and Abioye both roll their eyes at their cousin, who takes David’s hand and leads him out of the room, Bucky following.

    This is it. It’s all down to these last few moments. Then, T’Challa is going to be married again, and his two babies are going to gain a bonus mom.

    ‘’You are you alright there, dad? I don’t want you to freeze when you see her.’’   

‘’Please, I would never freeze,’’ T’Challa scoffs, to which is son just shakes his head.

    ‘’I’ll go see if they are ready to start yet,’’ Abioye begins to move towards the door before T’Challa stops him.

    ‘’Son,’’ he places a hand on his oldest’s shoulder, ‘’I want you to know that no matter what happens, no matter what path she and I take, I am always here for you and your sister. David, Madison, and Savannah, too, but especially you. You’re my first born. We’ve been in this game together since day one.’’

    ‘’I know,d ad. And I appreciate all that you’ve done for me. For us. Which is why I want you to get some well deserved happiness, too,’’ Abioye hugs his dad tightly, ‘’I love you, Dad.’’

    ‘’I love you, too, son. And I am so proud of the man that you’re becoming.’’

    ‘’Thank you, dad. That means a lot coming from you.’’

    And it does. Abioye has rally tried to step up to the plate- from babysitting to helping the little kids with their homework to taking driver’s ed now so that he could get his license as soon as possible. 

    ‘’I’ll get going. See you out there, dad.’’

    ‘’See you, son.’’

    And, with that, T’Challa’s first born exits the door, leaving him alone in his last few minutes as a single man.

    And here he is-ready to take his next trip down the aisle. Something he’d thought about, but never really thought he would happen. But the day is here and he’s about to marry the most intelligent, funniest, loving, beautiful woman …

    So he is afraid. Yes. Of course he is. He’s venturing into the unknown.

    But he’s got you by his side, and the both of you have a pretty great family. You’ve got a good thing going- and it all started because you took a chance on him.

    He’s walking into a new season, and he’s going to learn how to love the good and accept the bad.

    Because this is a season of love, new beginnings, and changes- both good and bad- all around.

    So he’s ready. He’s ready to walk out of that room, and head down the aisle.

    And into a new season of change.

Would you all like an epilogue of the wedding and later events?

DISCLAIMER- I do not own any Marvel characters or their fictional worlds, countries, cities, etc.

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