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eemryss · 19 hours ago
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when dad tells you to do something so you’re expecting ur other cooler dad to side up with you but it never happens :’)
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idontwikeit · 8 hours ago
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Why?? After 6 years???
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thegreatblondebalrogslayer · 18 hours ago
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st-just · 16 hours ago
Okay watched the remaining 5 episodes of S1 of Black Sails with friends
-Oh my god literally everyone in this show is so incredibly horrible, I adore it.
-He actually killed Gates! He literally snapped his neck! I audibly gasped.
-Rackam is best (most entertaining on screen) character
-Not to misuse 'sociopath' but John Silver is really charmingly unencumbered by any sort of principles or relationships and it's kind of endearing how he seems genuinely puzzled by a) people who are and b) people who don't like him when he hasn't even done anything directly to them/made them a better offer
-Anne Bonnie is a super interesting character and her actress does a great job getting across both what she's feeling and how totally un-selfaware she is about her emotions given how little she talks. Also, incredible hat.
-Absolutely tragic that this came out before the whole '#girlboss building her empire' meme, since that's just actually literally Eleanore. (Also, her and Mr. Scott getting a hold full of slaves freed makes them the best people in the show kind of by default I think in terms of ends achieved versus power held. Which, incredibly low bar, but.)
-Charles Vane valiantly trying to restore some gender balance to the amount of shirtless scenes/nudity in this. Also, he's like Rackam in that he kind of seems to live in a slightly different genre than the rest of the cast (though a different different genre). He should probably seem more threatening to me than he does given his position at the end of the season but, like, everything about him just screams 'con and manipulate me'.
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johnsilvers · 9 hours ago
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somfte · 23 hours ago
I want to watch black sails again but even the thought of it hurts
Like looking directly into the sun
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patroclusdefencesquad · 2 hours ago
jack rackham speech to woodes rogers in the carriage. single greatest scene in tv ever
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sharkselfies · 12 hours ago
black sails shark date but they have these instead
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blacksailsgf · 3 hours ago
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you know of me all i can bear to be known—
Black Sails XXXVIII • Emily Dickinson, A not admitting of the wound • Caravaggio, The Incredulity of Saint Thomas • Jenny Holzer • BS XXV • Adonis, The Wound (trans. by Khaled Mattawa) • BS XXII
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fireflyonfire · 8 hours ago
☠️Favorite pirates☠️
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pyaarisms · 3 months ago
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i call this the 'I'm normal about media' moodboard
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silvers-coin · 4 months ago
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definitely had A Moment at the used book store
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professionalfireflycatcher · 4 months ago
all a y'all telling the our flag means death ppl to watch black sails bc it also has queer pirates are so funny that's like telling a brooklyn 99 person to watch Hannibal bc there are also queer cops
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beemovieerotica · 3 months ago
our flag means death yassified blackbeard and izzy hands but they knew they couldn't improve upon this
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fagflint · 2 hours ago
i hate silver so much because the people who love him the most think they know him but he always has a mask on. and then the one person who Does see through it cares about him only insofar as she doesnt want to kill him herself because she would have to live with it.
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acepunks · 2 months ago
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i'm going to throw a brick at this man
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pyaarisms · 4 months ago
as an empath i sense you are haunted by themes and narratives
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