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difficult-unknown · 2 days ago
Znalazłam osobę, z którą już nigdy nie chce przestać tworzyć wspomnień.
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silenth · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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justapeony · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Rain, fog, darkness…
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thismadeitshit · 2 months ago
Maradj ott ahol a szíved mosolyog.
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eaelss · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
Echo et Narcissus’s detail - 1903 - John William Waterhouse
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nurschlechtetage · 3 months ago
Es fühlt sich wieder an als würde ich einfach wieder zusammenbrechen…
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statueofanxiety-h · 7 months ago
Sometimes you just need to step outside, get some fresh air, clear your head, and remind yourself of who you are and where you want to be..
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lies-of-eternity · 4 months ago
Everything is full of grief until you romanticize it.
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moonkayl · a year ago
Tumblr media
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06bjkcirkinkral · 6 months ago
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White wolf family🐺❤️
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thecozybooknook · a month ago
I will now be judging people based off of weather or not they liked Heartstopper <3
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difficult-unknown · a month ago
Nie gniewaj się kiedy dzwonię, wrzeszcze, martwię się... Obawiaj się ciszy, bo tak właśnie umiera miłość.
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silenth · a month ago
Tienes que encontrarte a ti misma para existir como antes.
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justapeony · 7 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Howl’s Moving Castle (2004)
Hayao Miyazaki
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thismadeitshit · a month ago
Nem tudom mik vagyunk, de hiányzik hogy mik voltunk.
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nyahlee626 · 10 days ago
X: nyahlee ca: $ny21x
As Juneteenth is knocking on our doors. I want to take the day to honor my ancestors and take a trip to the botanica and do a ritual tonight. Celebrate make some food and watch Black movies.
As we all know many of us are still in shock that Juneteenth is being recognized as a holiday. Some of us feel uncomfortable having the day off and many of us feel it’s inappropriate for bigger cooperations to give the day off to NBPOC. But that’s what happens when things become a federal holiday. Many can’t afford that holiday off, I being this folks, however it feel unethical for me to clean homes on the 19th and the 20th.
For the next 2 days I’m relaxing and getting away from what’s happening.
If you would like to help me feel comfortable with my mental state and help me honor my ancestors
Please pay it forward to my digital wallet. Much is appreciated 😌
Tumblr media
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nurschlechtetage · 3 months ago
Ich brauch nur eine Auszeit von allem…
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Live your life
Tumblr media
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lies-of-eternity · 7 days ago
Just because someone's traumatic experience is not up to the standard level of trauma or others had it worse (according to you) doesn't mean you can invalidate their traumas like it never made them suffer. You've never walked in their shoes so you don't get to decide who had the most traumatic experience cuz at the end of the day traumas are still traumas and not everyone is born with a thick skin and strong mind/heart ... Please be kind to everyone :)))
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nayaxwrites · 2 months ago
Something New
Jonathan Majors as Elijah
request for @unfriendlyblkhotti3 🤍
Tumblr media
“ Finally we get a chance to talk to each other. “ You say while sitting your phone up while on FaceTime with Elijah.
“ I know. We both been so busy. “ He says while sitting down and taking off his glasses to rub his eyes.
“ You okay? “ You ask while laying down in your hotel bed.
“ Yeah it’s just this Parkinson’s trial. We’re trying everything to find a development in getting a cure for it. It’s stressful and time consuming. “
“ I know but you’ll be changing the history of medicine. You could cure a lot of people. I’m very proud of you babe. “ You say while smiling.
“ Thank you baby. How did todays fitting go? “ He says moving the books and files off his desks and propping his elbow on it.
“ Great. We also had a last minute rehearsal for the show. I’m exhausted. I can’t wait to see you this weekend. It’s been a long month. “
“ I can’t wait to see you too. This weekend i’m turning my phone off and spending all my time with you. This has been the longest we’ve ever been without seeing each other. “
You’re a famous entrepreneur and Elijah is a famous general surgeon. You own a lingerie line, a makeup line, and soon enough your new clothing line will be starting up. You haven’t seen each other in almost a month due to you being in France and him being in DC for work. You both live in LA and made sure that when your projects are over with, you both will take vacation time to spend time together.
You met each other 4 years ago in Italy where you both were vacationing with your friends. You were at an outside party one night and seen him looking at you from time to time but was too shy to come up to you. You walked up to him and pulled him up to the dance floor and danced and talked with him all night. The next day you spent the whole day with him and the night ended with you tangled up in the sheets with him. You normally don’t sleep with someone that quickly but you didn’t regret it. Ever since then you both have been happily in love.
“ We can never do this again. It’s weird not sleeping next to you. “ You say while snuggling up with your pillow.
“ It’s just a few more days baby and i’m all yours. Are you nervous about the show? “
“ Absolutely. You know i always am. Even though i’ve done a runway show before, i’m still worried about mess ups. It’s stressful. “
“ You’re always worried about something going wrong and it never does. You always kill it. You have nothing to worry about.“ He smiled.
“ Thanks baby. You always know what to say.
You smiled. He was about to say something else until his pager went off.
“ Duty calls ? “
“ Yes. I wish i could stay on longer but i gotta go babe. “ He says putting on his white coat.
“ I’ll talk to you later. Go change the world! “ You say making him chuckle.
“ I love you baby. “
“ I love you more. “
Before you knew it, the weekend has arrived. Elijah arrived in France at 2 PM and was currently headed to your hotel room while you were preparing for the fashion show tonight. He texted you letting you know that he’s in town and locked his phone. You both didn’t talk much today because you’ve been on the go since 6 AM.
He arrives at the hotel suite and decided to nap until it was time for him to head out.
It’s currently 6:30PM and Eli just woke up from his nap and went to get dressed in a black crewneck topped with a gold cuban link 3mm chain, blue jeans, and white air forces. He quickly sprayed himself with your favorite cologne. He went into his private car and asked the driver to stop by a flower shop on the way there.
When he arrived to your show, celebrities were walking in, taking photos on the red carpet, and doing interviews with the press. The whole place was packed. The driver drove around to another part of the building so Eli wouldn’t be hounded with the press. Eli went inside and sat down in his reserved seat and waited for the show to start.
As the show started, various models, singers, and actors walked down the runway in your lingerie pieces and Eli sat there smiling because he was so proud of how far you’ve become. An hour later the show was coming to an end and it was time to come out.
“ And now, the one and only woman that made this all possible tonight, Y/N !! “
The announcer says making everyone clap. As you walked down the runway wearing This. Eli laid his eyes on you and couldn’t take them off. It was like everyone in the entire building had disappeared and you were the only one standing. You looked so beautiful, so sexy to him that if he could, he would take you right there onstage. Once the people sitting on each side of him stood up and cheered, he snapped back into reality and did the same thing.
After the show ended, Eli went backstage and found you talking to your stylist.
“ Y/N there’s Eli! “ Your stylist says making you turn around and squeal.
“ Baby!! Omg i missed you so much! “ You say hugging him with your arms around his neck and kissing him.
“ I missed you more baby. I’m so proud of you. You killed it tonight. These are for you. “ He kissed back and handed you your flowers with one arm around your waist.
“ Awww thank you babe. They smell so nice. Before you came over my stylist told me some of my pieces have already sold out! “ You say holding the flowers smiling.
“ Really? That was quick. I’m really proud of you baby. You deserve it all. “ He says making you blush.
“ AFTER PARTY TIME!!! “ Your best friend yells while popping champagne making everyone cheer.
Everyone went the other part of the building to start the after party. Before you went to celebrate, you changed into This and met everyone out there. While partying, Eli danced with you but most of the time he was chilling and drinking at the bar. He was super happy about your accomplishments but right now he didn’t care about the party, he was ready to take you back the suite and bury himself deep inside you until the sun came up.
When 2 AM hit, you and Eli headed to the private car. He opened the door for you and you got inside. On the ride back to the hotel you noticed he was really quiet and looking out the window while holding your hand.
“ You okay babe? “ You say looking at him concerned.
“ Yeah everything is fine babe. “
He says giving you smile before kissing your hand and looking back at the window. You sat back confused and started to think back at the party to see if you did something wrong. Nothing was wrong. Eli was just thinking about all the positions he was gonna have you in as soon as the doors closed to the suite.
You arrive at hotel suite and entered the room and kicked off your heels.
Tumblr media
“ Okay I know something’s wrong can you t- “
You say while turning around to face him. Before you could finish your sentence, Eli comes up and gives you a breathtaking kiss that catches you off guard. You kissed back and he pulls away briefly to take off his glasses and throw them on the couch before kissing you again. He grabbed the straps off your dress and pushed them off your shoulders and stripped you out of your dress leaving you in just a thong. Still kissing, he backed you up towards the table and turned you around and bent you over it and smacking your ass making you gasp and moan.
“ You don’t understand how hard it was for me to fight the urge to not take you right on that stage. You gonna be a good girl for me and let daddy have you the way he wants? “
He says while taking off his sweater, undoing his pants and kicking his shoes off. You were lost for words because you never saw this side of him before. He’s usually not talkative and you would be the one dirty talking right now. He chuckled and smacked your ass harder making you moan.
“ Answer me. “
“ Y-yes. “ You say getting wet from his aggressiveness.
“ Yes what? “ He says pulling your thong down to your ankles and you stepped out of them.
“ Yes daddy. “
He hikes one of your legs on the table and gets on his knees behind you and starts to devour your pussy with his tongue. As you moaned and he continued to suck on your pussy, he reaches down into his boxers to jerk himself off. The taste of your sweet pussy and the sound of your moans made him hard instantly. He licks from your pussy to your ass hole and starts to lick and tongue fuck your tight hole making you squeal from the new feeling.
“ Fuck..baby.. “
You moaned sensually. He spits on your pussy and slurps on it some more before standing up and taking off his boxers. Before you tried to lean up to look back, he placed his hand on the back of your neck, pinning you back down on the table making you gasp. He fills up your pussy with his big member making you moan as you felt him slide in between your walls. Without warning, he starts pounding you from behind making the table shake and you moan loudly.
“ This wet fucking pussy.. So damn good and tight.. “
He groaned while watching your ass recoil every time he penetrated you. You didn’t know what had got into him tonight but you didn’t want it to stop. Seeing this side of him turned you on so much.
“ Oh my god daddy you’re fucking me so good! “
“ Daddy making that pussy beating that pussy real good ? “
“ Fuck y-yes! “
You moaned out before biting your lip. He grabs you by the front of your neck and leans you up off the table and starts pounding deeper making your moans cut off in a instant. He was so deep you couldn’t speak.
“ Nah don’t get quiet on me now, i want to hear those beautiful moans. “
He says making you moan out. He was jabbing your spot so good you could cry. You started to feel a certain buildup arising in your pussy and your legs begin to tremble.
“ Ohhh daddy!! “
“ Uh huh. Give it to me. “
Eli pulls out and you moaned and whined as you started to squirt all over the table and floor. Your legs trembled and grew weak making you hold onto the table. You laid against the table breathing heavily.
“ Good girl baby.. But i’m nowhere near down with you. “
Tumblr media
He says turning you around and picking you up. He carries you to the bedroom and lays you on your back. He gets between your legs and slides back into your pussy. He sits back on his legs and starts rocking his hips back and forth making himself go fast and deep in your pussy making you moan and reach back for the headboard.
“ You’re so deep in my pussy daddy.. “ You moaned with your eyes closed.
“ You love it when daddy is deep in that pussy don’t you. “ He says while sliding his hand up your tummy and massaging your breast.
“ Yesss oh my god i’m gonna cum again! “
You moaned while throwing your head back. He leans over you and props himself on his elbows on each side of your head and gets close to your face.
“ You gonna come baby? You gonna cum all over this dick? “
He says while staring into your eyes. You nodded quickly with tears forming in your eyes while moaning. The feeling was too much but felt so good. Your mouth started to drop as your orgasm broke through your body. You held contact with him the entire time while tears ran down your cheeks.
“ I know baby.. you’re doing so good. “
He says while kissing your tears away and kissing from your cheek to your neck as you laid there trying to quickly recover from your intense orgasm. He leans up and places your legs on one of his shoulders and starts thrusting fast again while holding onto your thighs. You arched your back while moaning profanities loudly.
Sex has always been good with Eli but the way he was tonight was totally new to you and you didn’t want it to end. He leans down bringing your knees closer to you and he grabs your neck as he started to pound balls deep making you scream out in pleasure. He started to groan and moan uncontrollably as he felt himself about to nut. After a few more thrusts, he gives you one last hard thrust, burying himself deep inside you and erupts himself into your pussy making your legs shake. He stayed in that position until he was finished and he spreads your legs to lean back down towards you to give you sloppy tongue kisses. He gives you one last kiss before pulling away.
“ You stay right here and ima start a bath for us. “
“ Okay. “
You smiled. He gets up and heads to the bathroom while still naked. You sat up bringing the covers to your chest with a shocking but aroused look on your face and all you could think about was the mind blowing sex you just experienced.
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