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#black tar

♥About To Do This Monster Of A Goofball! Poured The Last Of My Drugs Into This Baby.

♥Approx: .25 of Black Tar & .3 of Crystal.😍

♥FINALLY Scored Some Crys For My Goofballs! It’s Been EXTREMELY Hard To Find In My Area Lately Due To Quarantine.

×× May 25th, 2020 ~ 9:58 A.M. ××

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Anyone Awake & Wanna Chat?

Just Did a Goofball♥

I’ve Been At My Best Friend’s For A Week Now But He Fell Asleep Hours Ago… Sooo Bored.

Message Me If You’re Up To Chatting!

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I am missing my friends a lot. I have gotten sober this year and it was very hard and no one stuck by my side. I did learn a lot about myself though, & have worked towards getting a car and an apartment. I am hoping to get a car Friday or maybe ever today. I could always use someone to be like a penpal and talk. 

I am always here for those in need. I would love to be there for someone, because I would never want someone to feel the way I have ever felt in my life. 

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It’s almost been a year since Ive been a heroin iv user. I’ve really changed myself and my outlooks. I’m lucky to be alive and to be where I’m at. It’s been such hard work but I know it’s possible. I still have such a hard time with depression and anxiety but I ask for help now. I should be dead right now with all my ODs and close calls. Be safe everyone. And if someone needs to ever talk I’m here. Without judgement and glorification. ❤️❤️💋

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Johannes Norlander Arkitektur. House Morran, Gothenburg, Sweden, 2010. Photo by Rasmus Norlander.

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Hey, I know this is a long shot, and I don’t really expect anything to come of this, but what the hell, I’ll give it a try..

Is there possibly anyone in the Twin Cities area in Minnesota that can plug me up with some H please? I have money and a car, if I/we need to go somewhere. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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