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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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Basic reading for today, The six of swords (past) indicates I’m resisting transition which is true I’m holding on to something that I should let go. Or better yet PEOPLE I should let go. Once true colors were shown and it’s quite clear that there is no genuine kindness I should really let go and move on. The Judgement (Present) indicates that with all going on in my life I should really take a look and reflect. This is clearly a time for rebirth for the life I plan to create in the now. The eight of swords (Future) indicates that I’m being trapped by limiting beliefs that I I oddly created for myself. If I wish to be free and to live/create the life I desire I must free myself from the restrictions that were created in my mind.

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This commentator on racism, privilege etc is amazing. He knows his stuff. Racism hurts everyone, including (weirdly) white people. White Supremacists are actually making their own lives worse.

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Trying to be sexy with chronic pain:

Hottie: says something seductive

Me: you better stop before I go put on some icy hot, take some Tylenol, stretch, get 20 hours of sleep and then give you the best 30 seconds of your life until my ritis kicks in.

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Black Ownership is and will always be the wave 🌊 and @theciniapp is making major moves with the innovation. I hope to see y’all there! Download @theciniapp  from your App Store, search “ericaleshai” and leave me a video comment. Let’s support and encourage Black ownership on all levels.

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