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#black widow
marvelheroes · 15 hours ago
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“Pain and suffering is every day and we are both still a trained killer. Except I'm not the one that's on the cover of a magazine.“
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dianasprince · 37 minutes ago
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Tumblr media
I've never had control over my own life before, and now I do. I want to do things.
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wandaromanova · 7 hours ago
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader
Warnings: cussing, sexual suggestion, that’s all!
A/N: hello! hope you guys like this! happy reading <3
anon requested: Hi Kass! Could I request a super fluffy clingy Nat that’s trying to take her girlfriend shopping for video games and completely geeks out about like collectibles, games and other stuff? If you’re okay with it of course.
Summary: Y/N supports Natasha’s gaming addiction, despite not being a gamer herself.
Word Count: 1.5K
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please do not repost or try and take ownership of my work. reblogs, likes, and comments are always welcome. <3
Tumblr media
“Come on, babe!”
You rolled your eyes as your girlfriend, Natasha, pulled you by your hand and towards a store, GameStop, to be exact. 
The redhead has always had a love for video games, which surprised you, in all honesty. It wasn’t exactly the fact that she was a gamer that shocked you, it was more like her favorite game was an unexpected one; Minecraft. 
Yeah. Natasha Romanoff, the world’s deadliest assassin, absolutely loved to play Minecraft.
She had a thing for creating various buildings in survival mode. There was something soothing about going out and finding supplies to use that got your girlfriend all excited. 
Natasha played the game on the computer you had in the living room of your shared apartment, not having a game station of her own. So, you took the liberty of buying a brand new PS5 for her just because. Now, the redhead was on the hunt for a PlayStation Store gift card to purchase the BedRock version of Minecraft. 
Truthfully, you didn’t know the difference, regardless of how many times Natasha had tried to explain it to you. Although you tried to understand it, considering how much your girlfriend adored the game. 
“So… what’s the difference between the one on your computer and the one you’re trying to buy from the online store?” 
You questioned your girlfriend as she dragged you towards the gift card section, her eyes scanning the plethora of cards for the one she needed. 
“The Java Edition is the original version of the game that was created for PC users, which is the one I’ve been using. You can do multiplayer with other PC users.
You nodded your head as she spun around the gift card stand, her other hand still firmly holding your own. 
“The BedRock Edition is for gaming consoles. This version allows cross-platform multiplayer mode, which means I can play Minecraft with anyone, regardless of their console.”
Her eyes lit up when she caught sight of what she had been looking for. 
“Considering there hasn’t been a release of Minecraft for the PS5, I have to purchase it online, with this gift card.” 
Natasha smiled triumphantly when her eyes landed on what she was looking for. She selected the card and proudly presented it to you, a wide smile spread across her face.
“Ta-daaa, my ticket into the realms.” Natasha scrunched her nose up while lowering her voice into an ominous tone. You couldn’t help but let out a small giggle at her antics. 
“Is there anything else you want, nerd?” You looked around the busy store. God, there were so many weird people here, nerds.
“Okay, first of all… I’m a geek, not a nerd. If you’re gonna do something, do it right.” Natasha sassed and you raised your eyebrow at her as she began to pull you towards the collectibles section, not before shoving the gift card into your free hand. 
“Potato, patato.” Natasha flipped you off, lifting her middle finger up behind her back as she guided you through the busy store. 
You let out a chuckle, then suddenly, Natasha let go of your hand and practically ran towards your destination. 
“Babe! Look!! It’s a baby panda plushie!!” Natasha snatched the stuffed animal off of one of the shelves and quickly whipped around as you caught up with her. 
“Wow… very cool…” Your voice lacked enthusiasm and the redhead sent you a glare, landing a soft punch on your shoulder. 
“Uh, don’t even try and act like this isn’t cool. The panda is my favorite animal mod! They do cute little tricks when you feed them bamboo.”
Natasha hugged the plushie close to her chest. She gave you the best puppy dog eyes she could muster, paired with pouty lips. 
“Can I please get the baby panda? I’ll give you head later if you get it for me.” You let out a genuine laugh at your girlfriend’s words. 
She was really bribing you with sex in order to get a stuffed panda; adorable. 
“I mean I was going to get it for you anyway, but I’m definitely not declining that offer.” 
Natasha let out a small squeal before pulling you into a bone-crushing hug. You winced, not being able to breathe. 
“Babe, I- I kinda need to be alive to buy it for you…” You croaked out and the redhead loosened her hold on you, pulling back to peck your lips repeatedly. 
Natasha let go of you and turned around to face the section once more. Her eyes lit up when she caught sight of another piece of Minecraft merch. 
“Baby, look. It’s a torch-shaped water bottle! It looks exactly like the ones in the game.” Natasha tucked the panda under her arm, reaching out to grab the item that was on a higher shelf. 
The Russian let out a huff when she failed to reach the water bottle. Shaking your head, you made your way over to her, placing a hand on her waist as you grabbed the bottle with ease. 
Natasha rolled her eyes at you as you handed the object to her, a cocky smirk on your face.
“Show off…” Natasha muttered as she turned around to face you, staring at the water bottle in awe. She was freaking out over how detailed the design was and you’d be lying if you said it wasn’t the cutest shit you’ve ever seen. 
“I’ll get it for you if I can get head, twice.” Natasha looked up at you with a smirk on her face, her eyes focusing on your face. 
•❅──────────────── ‎⧗ ────────────────❅•
A few hours later 
“Natty, dinner is ready.” You called out from the kitchen, your eyes lifting up to eye your girlfriend. 
She was sat on the couch in the living room, playing the version of Minecraft she had just downloaded. 
Natasha completely ignored you, too entranced by the video game.
With a sigh, you made your way out of the kitchen and sat beside the redhead, finally gaining her attention. 
“Baby, the graphics are so much better on this version than the other one.” You focused on the screen and watched as she opened the door of a home she built while you cooked dinner. 
“Look at all my dogs! I killed a ton of skeletons and got their bones so I could tame a shit ton of dogs.” Natasha smiled while your eyes widened. 
In a room of the house, there was nothing but dogs. The barks could be heard through the surround sound. 
“Jesus, Nat. How many do you have?” You couldn’t believe that she managed to find that many dogs. You’d watched her play a few times and you knew that it took a ton of time to come across dogs in the wild. 
“I have thirty. Aren’t they the cutest?” You turned your head to face Natasha’s side profile, a smirk making its way to your face. 
“Can I try?” You asked sweetly and Natasha immediately handed you the controller, showing you which buttons did what, before letting you play. 
You let out a small laugh as you began to hit the dogs with your hands, spamming the strike button as much as you could. 
Natasha let out a scream as the dogs yelped, your hits injuring them. You’d known this was possible because the redhead cried when she accidentally killed her dog on the PC a few months ago.
Seriously, she was devastated. This woman could kill men without flinching, but she cried for weeks after killing her virtual dog.
“Y/N! What the fuck are you doing? Stop!” Natasha exclaimed, yanking the controller out of your hand while you laughed uncontrollably. 
“I’m sorry, I had to. They’re not real and there are way too many! You can’t possibly take care of them all. It’s a small price to pay for salvation.” 
Natasha sent you a harsh glare, creases forming on her forehead. You let out a small sigh, wrapping your arms around her waist.
“You’re heartless. I’m dating a puppy murderer.”
The redhead grumbled out as she tried to get out of your grip, but you wouldn’t let her. 
“I’m sorry. I love you.” You shoved your face into her neck, your words coming out muffled against her skin. 
“No. Go fuck yourself. You killed two of my puppies.” The seriousness of Natasha’s tone sent you into another laughing fit. 
You pulled your face away from her neck, and sneaked a few kisses on her lips before placing one on her nose. 
Natasha tried her best to keep a straight face, but that didn’t last long. Her lips curled upward and she shook her head, cupping your cheek with one hand, and kissing you deeply. 
You disconnected your lips and stared into her emerald eyes. Her forehead was pressed up against yours as her eyes scanned your face.
“God, you’re such a nerd.” You breathed out when Natasha pulled her face back from yours slightly, a faux look of annoyance and offense across her features.ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ
“For the last time, I’m a geek, not a nerd!” Natasha huffed out and your eyes softened, a playful smirk on your face. You absolutely adored her and loved to piss her off whenever you could.
“They’re interchangeable terms for loser.” 
“Fuck you.” 
“I mean… I was promised head.” 
“I revoke that promise.”
“Hey! That’s not how promises work!”
───────── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ──────────
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smilesthroughfandoms · 17 hours ago
Sam Wilson, at some point in the future, probably: So, yeah, this really sketchy lady is hiring all these bootleg Avengers—
Clint Barton: And Natasha’s kickass little sister.
Sam: And Natasha’s... wait she had a what?
Bucky Barnes, to tired and old for this: Yeah this sketchy lady is assembling her own Avengers team. We don’t know if she wants to make us look bad or fight us or something but we kinda need all the help we can get.
Sam: Especially since we can’t get ahold Danvers of Thor and his space pirate friends—
Bucky: And the racoon who wanted to buy my arm.
Sam: Where was I when this was happening?
Clint: So, yeah, Strange, think you can help us out?
Dr. Stephen Strange, annoyed, turning to look at Wanda using dark magic to search for her kids, Spider-Man pointing at his many variants, Loki crouching down on the floor trying not to have a panic attack, and Ant-Man about to dunk a basketball onto a laughing Kang the Conqueror’s head, turns back to the trio: Yeah I’m a little busy at the moment.
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stumong · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Florence Pugh
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lindir · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova in Black Widow (2021)
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mrmoonblushed · 19 hours ago
Your lips, my lips, apocalypse
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x female! reader (she/her)
This post contains 18+ content. You have been warned.
part 2 (omegaverse series)
WARNINGS: g!p reader (the reader has a penis!), OMEGAVERSE (Alpha! Reader, and Omega! Natasha), rough sex, light lactation-kink, Omega in heat, heavy omegaverse themes (so dub-con elements, but the two are in a pre-established relationship), pillow humping, unprotected sex, vaginal penetration, breeding kink, possessiveness, swearing (f-word), huge dom/sub-themes, and dirty-talk (degrading). DEAD DOVE: DO NOT EAT.
(not here to baby feed you. Read the warnings. if you keep reading, that's your responsibility. don't come shouting in my inbox)
masterlist | requests are closed for now! (but feel free to talk to me)
Tumblr media
It was a wild Friday night. The train was busy, the streets were busy, and right now, all you wanted to do was get home, to your girlfriend, Natasha.
Yet, here you were, on a train, bumping into one too many Alpha's.
Sure, it was common courtesy to "let the omega sit down, the alpha is strong enough to stand on their own two feet," but holy shit, the number of growls you had gotten in the past twenty minutes was ridiculous.
It's as if you were voicing all of this out loud because the Alpha next to you, who was quite drunk, bumped rather harshly into you. Instead of apologizing for bumping into you, which was quite obviously his fault, he decided it'd be best to growl in your face, and the process, send spit flying against your face.
You turn to face him, sharply this time. You were squaring your shoulders. "Listen," you start, exhaling, "I don't want to cause something because you're... not in your right state of mind," you narrow your eyes as the other Alpha in question begins to bare his teeth, "but kindly, fuck off" you end, scowling.
The Alpha takes your rudeness as a threat and is about to raise his fists at you; just one question was raging through his mind, "how dare you threaten me like that?" and okay, maybe you shouldn't have enticed him, but it was too late.
You clench your fists in advance, preparing to lay a punch on the dickhead if needed, but thankfully you were, quite literally, saved by the bell.
The Alpha's Omega, a short, sweet-smelling, young woman, grabs the Man's arm and shoots you a sympathetic smile as she drags him off of the train.
Interesting proposal. You unclench your fists and let out a breath of fresh air. Thankful the air was less polluted by the same Alpha dominating hormones, as most got off on that stop.
Yet here you were, still on a train, with three more stops to go.
In your favour, the next few stops go rather quickly, so quickly that you had to check twice if this was your stop.
You make your way off of the train, apologising to the betas and Omega's you bump into on the way. The Alpha's can quite literally go fuck themselves. You had dealt with them enough today.
You make your way upstairs, still in-tact, surprisingly, and start walking to your apartment, which you shared with your girlfriend.
Your girlfriend was probably right this morning. She had clung onto your coat and whined, yes whined, for you not to leave.
"Baby, I have to go to work," you had told her, frowning as her eyes begin to glisten.
"But, I-I need you," she had said, moaning, quite loudly, as she knelt on the floor and attempted to unzip your pants and pull your, now growing, cock out.
You shake your head. Now was not the time to be getting hard in the middle of the streets. Not when you were practically outside your apartment.
You look up and smile as you realise you were outside the suitable building.
You pull your card out and swipe it, exhaling in relief when the door to the stairs open's quick.
Something else was doing something relatively quickly, too. That 'something' in question was your cock. Your member had begun to slowly grow as the thoughts of your Omega on her knees, begging for you, turned you on.
You practically run up the stairs until you're outside of your door. Once outside, you grab your keys from your pocket and stumble to put them in, muttering to yourself.
You enter the space, and as you close the door behind you, your nose picks up the most familiar spell; Omega in heat.
No, not just any omega in heat, your Omega.
The smell of cinnamon and vanilla filled the air, causing you to groan, and your pants got tighter as you followed the scent into the living room. You were growling to yourself when you spot the room empty.
Nat was clearly in here, you think, as you move around to the couch. You pick up a cushion and place your nose against it, smelling her scent all over it.
At this point, your pants were becoming unbearable. You growl as you pull your pants off, followed by your boxers, which lets your cock out from its confinements. Instantly, your member slaps against your clothed stomach. You then pull your shirt off, which leaves you completely nude. Yet no omega insight.
You grab your dick and slowly stroke it, groaning as the sensation ripples through your body. You needed to put it inside of your Omega, now.
You let go of your cock, and head upstairs, where the smell seemed to be getting stronger.
Once upstairs, you notice the bedroom door was shut. You growl and think about how bad your Omega was. How dare she deny you like this.
You practically rush into the room, and the sight that awaits you, well. If you weren't rock-hard already, you sure were now.
Natasha was completely nude on the bed the two of you shared. Her legs were straddling your blue pillow, and a hot flush filled her face. She was getting off on your pillow before you had barged in.
She whines at your entry, and her eyes look down to your hard-cock, causing her to moan out loud.
You bare your teeth, and your Omega stops her whining. She knew she was in trouble.
"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" you spit as you stalk towards the front of the bed, and when close enough, you take a moment to look at her pussy.
Her pussy had leaked all over your bed. She was practically begging for your cock.
"I-I, fuck, I couldn't-I," Nat stutters as her hips instinctively twitch against the pillow between her thighs. Needing that friction. A clear image of an omega in heat.
You see red as you grab the foreign object, throwing it against the wall. "Mine," you growl, pointing at Nat.
You watch as Nat looks at you with wide eyes and shakes her head. "T-That was my pillow!" She growls.
The act doesn't take you much by surprise. You knew you had a stubborn omega, but an even more stubborn one during their heat.
You crawl on the bed and stalk towards her until she was lying down under you and was peering up at you with eyes full of curiosity and anticipation.
Your eyes were blown, and you couldn't help but lightly thrust your hips, causing your cock to brush against Nat's folds. You hear her gasp, and you look down in time to see more slick come from Nat's pussy.
The only thoughts running through your head right now were: Claim. My Omega. Breed. Claim.
You hear Nat's breathing become more labored as you crawl back slightly until your head was near her pussy. You take a moment to lean down and lap against her folds, causing your Omega to moan as more slick releases.
You hum against her pussy, as you continue to lick there, lapping up her juices.
You feel Nat's feet hit against the bed as she struggles to contain herself. Taking pity on her, you lean back up and wipe your chin where some of Nat's juices had ended up.
"Mine," you growl, before flipping Nat over, and snaking your hand around her tummy, and maneuvering her into a doggy position.
She was on her hands and knees, and her boobs were beginning to leak milk in anticipation. This was a genuine ready-to-be-bred Omega.
You watch as more slick manages to push itself out of Nat's pussy hole, and you grab your cock in anticipation. Stroking it roughly and stroking over the head where pre-cum was beginning to form.
You growl as you spread your pre-cum over the tip for easier access into Nat's pussy. Though that wasn't necessary, as she was already slicked up, waiting for your large alpha-cock to penetrate and breed her.
You look up from your cock when you hear a whine come from your Omega.
"Need your thick cock breeding me! Please, Alpha!" Nat moans, wiggling her ass at you as encouragement.
You growl as you begin to pump your cock harder and faster. "You'll fucking get it when I'm ready."
After a few more strokes, you decide enough is enough and align your cock with Nat's more than wanting hole. You push it in with one thrust.
Your Omega was already so willing, so pliant, that your large cock was able to fit inside of her rather quickly and snugly.
You growl and grip Nat's hips as you pull out to the tip and then push back in roughly. You hear Nat moan loudly at the first snap of your hips.
You thrust inside of her again, more profound this time, and you watch as Nat tries to meet your thrusts, and you growl.
"No Omega, Alpha gives you what you want, and you, fucking. Take. It." you growl, punctuating each word with a rough thrust.
It's not long before Nat cums. She had already gotten herself all worked up. She lets out a loud moan as she cums over the sheets, spreading her cum over your bed and marking her territory.
A groan leaves your mouth, "Good omega, my good omega..." you pant as you continue thrusting inside of her, still trying to breed her.
Your Omega takes it like a good girl. Of course, she does. You continue snapping your hips forward. Making the only sound in the room heard is the sound of hips meeting each other and the heavy pants coming from the two of you.
You feel your knot begin to form, and you knew you were close, so you begin pounding into Nat faster.
"Going to, fuck, fuck, fuck, fill you up with my babies," you shout as you feel your cock twitch inside of Nat's hole. Cum shoots out of your cock, and coats Nat's walls.
You feel Nat gasp as you cum inside of her, and she clenches around your member, causing you to groan back at her.
Once you finish emptying yourself inside of her, you feel your knot begin to form, as it works to keep the cum inside of Nat and ensure her pregnancy, and you look down in time to see your knot enter Nat's hole.
Your omega whines at the sudden stretch and you silence her, whispering to her that's she's a beautiful, unique, Omega, and you hear her whines die down, just in time with your knot.
You nod and wipe the sweat off of you. You feel your Omega try and move away, and you growl at her. "No, inside, babies." You pant out, too dazed to form a coherent sentence.
Your beautiful, intelligent, unique, fuck, everything, Omega understands though, and whines back, and shifts closer to you.
You take pity on her and maneuver the two of you, so you were lying down, spooning her. You hear her hum in appreciation as you wrap your arms around her waist and pull her closer to your cock.
"Knot will die down soon," you mumble, nuzzling into her neck. "Then we go again." You finish, feeling yourself fall asleep.
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harrys · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I always loved making an entrance and I always loved having people turn around in the street and think: ‘Oh my God, what is she wearing?' and not necessarily always in a good way.
Florence Pugh for Outnet | My Curated Life
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rennered4real · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Clint Barton: Why am I back? How'd you get him out?
Natasha Romanoff: Cognitive re-calibration. I hit you really hard in the head.
Clint Barton: Thanks.
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bad-comic-art · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
submitted by @shy-pufferfish​
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kram6496 · 19 hours ago
Real to Me
Yelena Belova x Reader
Tumblr media
You were part of her cover. Your best friend, Yelena Belova, needed a house, a place to stay while working a case. It worked out pretty great, you got to see her more often. She stayed for dinners, lunches, and even the breakfasts that you cooked for her every morning. Before, you were lucky to be even able to grab a coffee with her, and that was on rare occasions.
In truth, Yelena loved being able to spend time with you. She would come up with excuses to go on “dates“ with you during this time. One night that stick in your mind was when she put American Pie on the record player and pulled you away from your laptop. “C’mon“ she practically whined, “it’s for my cover.“
“No one’s watching us, Lena.“ she half-argued with her.
“That you know of,“ she retorts back with a wink. You roll your eyes but join her for a slow dance in the middle of your living room.
But like all great things, her mission came to an end. She packs her bags and gets ready to head out. Yelena can only look to you sadly, she gives you a kiss to the cheek.
“Glad I could be your cover. You played the loving girlfriend really well“ You try to joke with her.
She draws close to your ear and whispers, “I wasn’t pretending.“ And with that she leaves.
It’s been a few weeks since then. Yelena’s gone dark, No texts. No emails. No calls. And you miss her like crazy. But a ring at your doorbell startles you from your memories.
You open it to find her standing there. “I really wasn’t pretending“ She says with as much conviction as she can muster.
“Neither was I“ your hand on the back of your neck as you admit it to her. She smiles at you with your admission and takes a step towards you.
“So,“ Yelena looks you in the eyes, “do you wanna give it a shot? For reals this time“
You pull her into your arms and whisper in her ear, “For reals this time“ Yelena begins to laugh and cries tears of joy as she pulls you into a kiss.
You’re not sure how this’ll work exactly but you and Yelena will find out together and that’s really all you want anyway.
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the-anxious-stargazer · 8 hours ago
Tulips? || Yelena Belova
Tumblr media
Pairing: Yelena Belova x FormerAvenger!Fem!Reader
Summary: After the events in Endgame reader visits Natasha's grave to pay her respects and encounters an interesting blonde woman when she arrived.
Words: 1.8k
Warnings: BLACK WIDOW POST-CREDIT SPOILER!! also just fluff!!
A/N: loved yelena in black widow!! i just end up flustered or laughing whenever she was on screen!! can't wait for her in hawkeye honestly :D
・ ‥…━━━━━━━━━━ ☆☆☆ ━━━━━━━━━━…‥ ・
The cool wind blew around her fairly and autumn was right around the edge. Y/N didn't mind the cold since it wasn't too extreme for her to handle but she still wore a coat to keep herself warm. Ohio offered its fair share of beauty and one of them being the nature around the area she was in. So as she parked her motorcycle near the pathway she neatly removed her helmet and fixed her hair a bit. She was grateful that the bouquet that she brought wasn't harmed on the way since it sat on the back seat. The last thing she wanted was to have most of them fly away during the ride. Y/N smiled at how beautiful the tulips were while she walked her way to the spot. Natasha wasn't the only one who was settled here. There were others, but most of them were nameless or graves are just carved with quotes. It didn't bother her. She only came for her friend after all. There was a tree in the middle and there she immediately spotted it and she came to a halt, sighing at the sight of the stone.
Natasha Romanoff. Daughter, Sister And Avenger.
Y/N read and smiled sadly at her infamous Black Widow logo that was plastered on the middle. Her grave was filled with flowers, pictures, and letters from what it seems to be from fans. Natasha saved the universe after all, but sadly it came with the price of her sacrificing herself for everyone else. That included Y/N. She stood there quietly with a small smile on her face while remembering the moments she had with the Russian. All the shared laughs, missions, and meals will always be something to cherish. It saddens her that she was unable to see her again after coming back with the rest of the people who were dusted. Y/N was in Wakanda with the others and the last person she saw was Wanda silently crying while holding onto the corpse of Vision. For her, it was a frightening experience. One moment she was shoved by a mad Titan and the next was that she felt the worst twist in her stomach before disappearing.
But here she was now, alive, and have no absolute idea on what the hell she's supposed to do with her life. Tony and Natasha were dead and Steve is actually old, but the rest of her friends continue to do their jobs. Clint and Scott lived happily with their families, Bucky was pardoned for his crimes, Sam and Rhodey were working, Carol, Thor, and the Guardians were back in space, and she had no idea where the hell Bruce, Maria, Fury, and Wanda were. Y/N could go back on saving people though she felt conflicted. While the former Avenger was stuck in her thoughts, she barely felt the presence beside her. The person froze at first when they saw her earlier, but when they were able to understand that Y/N was too deep in her world and figured that she seemed harmless. Though even if she wasn't sending bad signals, the stranger still kept a cautious approach. It was only when words were spoken that she snapped out of it.
"What did you get her?" The voice was feminine and had a recognizable accent. 
"Oh uh-" Y/N blinked a couple of times before she looked at the flowers she held in her arms and blushed all bashful.
"She never really told me what her favorite flowers were so I just bought white tulips." She continued before looking back at the person and was rather caught off guard with the sight of a beautiful young woman. The way her blonde hair blew a little from the wind made it feel a little magical, to begin with. Like she was some fairytale princess. She had multiple piercings on her ears and her green eyes radiated curiosity, but also a hint of heedfulness. Y/N noticed them but was too occupied with admiring her appearance. She did admit, the woman before her was undeniably stunning.
"Tulips?" The woman questioned with what seemed an amused tone before shoving her hands in her jacket while Y/N placed her flowers down to her friend's grave.
"I mean I only knew a quarter of her life since she chose to keep it and I don't see a problem with that. All that mattered was that she was a good sister figure and a temporary partner to me." Y/N shared as she smiled at the moments Natasha had her back.
"She had my back and I had hers."
A hum was heard from her company. It seemed she was interested or maybe she was just trying to be genuine, she didn't think about it deeper and just appreciated that she wasn't alone. Y/N could have predicted that she would have probably cried and talked to the stone about how she was feeling at the moment. Even if she didn't look at her Y/N could tell that the blonde studied her closely. She didn't mind her at all and at the same time, she couldn't blame her for being suspicious of her presence. Right now all she could care about was how much she had shared her life with the redhead.
"I met her when she joined Shield. Everyone kept their distance as if she was the plague and so did I at first. But slowly I felt bad for how she was treated and tried offering her company now and then." Y/N reminisced about her early days with the organization. The woman tilts her head at the story of how they were introduced and listened carefully.
"She was hard to approach, but I put up a tremendous amount of patience and trust in her even with what everyone whispered."
Natasha was indeed a challenge. Y/N was aware that the redhead disliked her being around on the first week. One notable thing that she kept in her mind was to be careful of physical touch because when she tried to slap her back in a friendly matter the redhead's defensive instinct immediately pinned Y/N on the floor. Needless to say, she was quick to learn her lesson after that incident. Even Maria laughed when she heard what happened and Fury was shaking his head in a disapproving manner. But even if the progress felt slow in the early stages of their partnership, the results were rewarding to experience. Getting to encounter Natasha initiate conversation first and talk about herself without asking her meant she was starting to trust her.
Though those memories seem to only keep her grief grow. Y/N took a deep breath and puffed. Curiosity then struck her about her company.
"What about you, what's your story with Nat?" Y/N asked as she turns her head to the blonde and there she earned a skeptical look. It made her laugh and raise her hands in surrender.
"Not to be suspicious, but you appear to be someone close to her." She watches as her face relax a little.
"Sister." The woman softly answered.
Y/N then had her eyes widen from the response with her lips forming an 'o'. She could have sworn she was probably an old Shield agent or a friend from her home, but sister? That was definitely out of the options she thought. Y/N felt a little sheepish now that she realized she thought Natasha’s sister was attractive. She could feel Nat’s burning gaze from the afterlife. It was the blonde's turn to chuckle this time at her reaction and shake her head. Y/N took a mental note to try making her laugh more for how adorable her eyes crinkle a little.
"Technically we were pretending to be sisters, but it felt like she was my real sister to me." She added with a sigh.
"And if I remember correctly, you're the one with the water abilities. She mentioned you when we met again." Y/N awkwardly laughed and rubbed the back of her neck before facing her to reach out her hand.
Y/N was an enhanced individual with hydrokinesis. She uncovered it when she was younger and it was one of the things that got her a good position in Shield and later on came in handy when she joined the Avengers. There was never any explanation for her to have such abilities, but she was not one to be unappreciative of them.
"I-I'm Y/N, but I figured you probably already knew that." She stuttered as she introduced herself, blushing a little from facing the blonde.
"Yelena, I mean it definitely wouldn't be weird of me to casually call your name."
Yelena had a small smirk when she took her hand and shook it softly. It seemed to Y/N that the world slowed down from the handshake and could cause her entire face to go tomato red. Just the touch of her hand caused a spark in her veins. Y/N thought it was such an unbelievable to encounter. Though as she wanted to keep that moment longer for her, sadly the world went back to normal speed, and that something barked near them. The sound quickly snapped her out of her thoughts and looked for the source. A dog came into her vision and she watches as the furry fellow ran to Yelena.
“Oh and this is Fanny.” She introduced her dog who barked at the mention of her name. Y/N giggled at the sight of her.
“Hello, there little cutie!” She greeted before looking at Yelena. “May I?” Y/N asked for permission and saw Yelena nod. She then excitedly bent down to match Fanny’s height and petted her. The dog seems to like the attention as she scoots closer to her.
Yelena couldn’t help but smile at what she was seeing. A cute girl smiling while petting her cute dog. It was a rare sight to see. A thought then came into her mind and could not help but ask Y/N.
“Hey, do you want to grab a drink?” Yelena shoots her shot and the girl looked up with bright eyes.
“O-Oh uh- I don’t mind at all.” Y/N stammered while internally cursing at herself for being so flustered around the blonde. Though she could have sworn that Yelena was slightly blushing when she heard her agree.
Y/N wouldn’t have ever thought she’d get to meet anyone from Natasha’s family, let alone a sister and her adorable dog. Now that she thought about it she was glad to come all this way just to visit her. Yelena comes across to be a good company to have around and was also someone intriguing to get to know. Little did Y/N know that the blonde assassin felt the same as well about her.
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vancityfire13 · 17 hours ago
Scarlett Johansson x Reader
Word Count: 1.3K
A/N This is based on a lovely request. This is fluff :) Also, f*ck Disney.
Tumblr media
There was a quiet determination to your girlfriend on the days where she was most productive. The energy changed when a new project took up her focus fully. You’d watched her pore over scripts in the past.
The last movie had been something different. She hadn’t called it a passion project, but you knew it was. Scarlett was attached to the character. You’d heard snippets of the long phone calls debating scripts. You’d caught her eye in passing as she paced her office, catching her raised eyebrow aimed at you. You’d always smirked back, knowing that was more enthusiasm than exasperation.
You’d missed her in your bed at night, you’d missed her in your bed in the morning. It made you love her more. There was something steady in her work ethic that grounded you too.
You’d watched her on the set in London. Days would run longer and longer and you’d find yourself passing the evenings waiting for hers to finish. You never complained. It was a particular kind of awe you felt watching her navigate the project with an nearly all male crew. You saw the way she strengthened the set. You saw her take the weight of it on her shoulders and stay standing.
You felt like an outsider, but you liked it. She was in your bed every night. You kissed away the stress of the long days. Her head rested on your shoulder for a brief moment every morning before she left for work.
You tried to hold her steady. She was carrying a mountain.
Scarlett never got the peaceful day of completion. The pandemic hit and, somehow, the work only increased. Dinners were interrupted by phone calls from Marvel execs. She’d hold your hand as she answered them, glancing at you apologetically. You’d kiss her forehead and take the leftovers through to the kitchen, knowing now that it would never be  a quick call.
Scarlett’s life seemed to now be filled with Zoom meetings. New dates, new release strategies, new streaming opportunities. 
You convinced her to take a bath with you one evening. You’d seen the exhaustion in her, from the same daily routine and the same stressful conversations. Life had gotten repetitive, but the stress of it had only increased.
You’d found your moment of peace together in the hot water. You’d sat behind her, using the bubbles to draw patterns along her arm that rested on the edge of the bathtub. She’d leaned back against you. Like always, you’d tried to be the steadiness for her that she was for everyone else. 
Scarlett adjusted herself as she reached for her phone. 
‘Sorry.’ She’d mumbled as she’d begun to tap out a long note for herself. You didn’t say anything because there was nothing to apologise for. Her mind was full, she was trying her best. You’d kissed her shoulders as they’d bent forwards with her focus.
She sank back into your hold ten minutes later. Your arms wrapped around her. You took the small moments of peace, wishing she had the luxury to switch off too.
There was a tension to Scarlett throughout the press junket for the movie. You wondered if it was the fatigue of the Zoom calls or the additional pressures of a senior film role. Her interviews took up her day. She spent her breaks discussing technical jargon on the phone that you didn’t understand.
You worked around it, trying to ease the edges of the hard day. You were grateful that she didn’t have to leave. You took your stolen moments with her happily. 
The small team of staff that worked to keep her schedule on track soon began to rotate through your kitchen rhythmically. You settled into the new hum of the house, shooting them polite smiles and spending your time window shopping the holidays that an eased lockdown would make possible.
Scarlett’s time was precious but you knew she wanted to share it with you. You knew it wouldn’t always be stolen moments. You held your faith in her, but you couldn’t help your longing for the movie to finally be released.
The day after the opening weekend was a day that you had been looking forward to more than you’d realised. 
The calls hadn’t lessened yet, but the tone had changed. It was positive. There was a relief to Scarlett that seemed unnecessarily heightened. You asked her about it as you’d opened the courtesy champagne that Disney had sent to your house.
She’d eyed the bottle carefully, a lightness in her eyes from the success of the day.
‘Everything’s easier if the box office sales are good.’ She’d told you simply. You saw the release of tension from her shoulders and trusted her good news.
It did not last. 
The sales slumped. Scarlett’s calls were longer now again. They came at different hours. She sought you out in the living room, a full week after the champagne.
There was an emotional edge to her exhaustion that you recognised immediately. You opened your arms as she walked towards you. The movement felt perfectly coordinated. Her arms wrapped around you tightly. You let the stillness of the moment hold you two together.
‘I love you.’ Scarlett told you quietly and you heard the unspoken thank you. You tilted her chin towards you and kissed her certainly. 
‘What’s wrong?’ You asked carefully as the kiss broke. There was renewed tension in the tightness of Scarlett’s jaw as she told you. There was a breach of her contract, no negotiation had been considered by Disney. She was going to sue.
She told you the words with a challenging finality that she didn’t need to have. You caught her sometimes, waiting for the moment you resisted an important part of her career. 
You smiled gently instead, giving her the reassurance that she didn’t know she was asking for. You felt her relax slightly in your hold. 
‘I’ve got your back.’ You told Scarlett as she pressed closer to you again. ‘But, I’m glad you’ve got it too.’
In the next few days it became clear where the real anxiety was coming from. There had always been a pragmatism to Scarlett. You’d seen it on the day when she’d decided aloud, lying in bed with you, that she might as well call herself your girlfriend now. You loved that she took action, that she took the logical approach whenever she could.
You weren’t used to seeing her fear of public reception. 
You’d woken one night at the sound of her tossing and turning in the early hours of the morning. Your hand had reached out automatically, sliding across her bare stomach. Her t-shirt had ridden up from the constant movement. Scarlett had stilled at your touch.
‘What’s wrong?’ You’d hummed out, voice scratchy from sleep.
The words had fallen from her mouth in such a hurry that you’d struggled to follow. You caught the important parts. Reputation in the industry, reaction of those she knew and, the inevitable, response of the public.
She played absentmindedly with your fingers, still resting on her stomach, as she spoke. You watched as her head sank incrementally back against the pillow with each anxiety shared. 
You felt the tension ease from her like an ocean tide withdrawing.
You scooted over with the slight sluggishness of the sleepiness that you still hadn’t shaken.
Your lips touched the back of her hand first, then her stomach. You slid along the front of Scarlett in order to find her lips.
Your fingers tangled in her hair, guiding her closer in the darkness of the night. Scarlett moved into your touch. You felt more than coordinated, you felt like you were one whole.
Her lips were warm, full and familiar. She tasted like home.
There was a rhythm to the way you moved together.
You made each other steady. Together, you felt unshakeable.
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super-marvel-dc · 13 hours ago
Natasha, to Y/N: Hey- Why is your tongue purple? I thought you had a red icee?
Y/N: I did but-
Bucky, walking in smirking: They did, but I had blue.
Y/N, and Bucky: SAM!
Steve: Damn. Guess I owe Sam 50 bucks.
Natasha: You bet money-
Y/N: Thank you!
Natasha: And didn't include me?
Y/N: Oh come on!
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