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New Series!

The Avengers had no knowledge of the Immortal Army, an organisation just like their own, harbouring enhanced individuals for the greater good of the world. Well until The Avengers deemed the Immortal Army a threat to Earth, without knowledge on who they were, and they powers the had.


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pairing: loki x reader

warning: reader faints? idk if that’s a warning but im putting it as one incase

word count: 1.8k

a/n: this has been sitting in my revised for a while and since we’re quarantined, i said fuck it and finished it. anyway, hope you like it and tell me if y’all want a part 2!


The elevator chimed and opened the elevator doors revealing Thor and Loki. Steve gets up from the couch to greet them.

“JARVIS, tell Y/N that Thor is here,” Steve tells JARVIS then walks to the kitchen to get some breakfast with Natasha.


You were changing since you had gotten out of the shower when JARVIS told you that Thor had arrived. “Thank you JARVIS!” You exclaimed. You finished getting dressed then rushed downstairs to see your close friend, Thor.

Once you finally reached the living room area and made eye contact with Thor. You sprinted to him and gave him a giant hug causing him to engulf you.

“I’ve missed you!” You exclaimed into his shoulder.

“I have missed you too little one.” Thor chuckles while hugging you harder, restricting your breathing.

“Thor… need to… breathe..” You say between breaths finally getting him to put you down.

“Sorry about that.” Thor winced while gesturing your attention towards Loki.

When Loki’s eyes met yours, he gently took your hand in his and kissed the back of your hand, your face growing hot from his actions. “Loki. It’s my pleasure to meet you, love.”

The moment he greets you, you start to get dizzy and your body goes limp. When he started to stand upright, you started to lose balance provoking Loki to intercept you before your body clashed with the floor.

“Brother, what did you do to Lady Y/n?” Thor’s voice boomed, causing Nat and Steve to shoot up from the table.

“What happened?” Natasha queried while dashing out of the kitchen with Steve right behind her.

“JARVIS. Get Tony up here. Now.” Steve ordered going into captain mode.

“Yes, Captain.”

“Loki. What happened?” Steve questions while trying to keep a level head, throwing daggers with his eyes at the god.

“What did you need Capsicle?” Tony asks while coming up the stairs nonchalantly until he sees you in Loki’s arms.

Loki shook his head slightly looking up to Thor and the others with worry in his eyes, “I didn’t do anything, I was merely introducing myself.”

“This is no time for one of your tricks, Reindeer Games. Thor get Y/N from Loki, let’s get her/him to the med bay. JARVIS, call Dr. Banner and tell him that it’s urgent.” Tony demanded.

“Calling Dr. Banner,” JARVIS replied while Thor picked you up bridal style bringing you to the med bay with Tony.

Tony and Thor got to the med bay laying you on one of the medical beds while waiting for Banner to get there.

“I got your call. I came as fast as I could,” Dr. Banner stated lightly panting. “What happened with Y/N?” He questioned, furrowing his eyebrows while walking over towards you, starting to examine you.

“Loki told Y/N that it was nice to meet her/him and then she/he… collapsed,” Tony explained to Bruce, observing his facial expression while he studied you, trying to find out what was wrong.

“That’s unusual. Has Y/N been getting lightheaded lately? Has she/he been drinking enough water?” Bruce questioned Tony and Thor while walking them to the door.

“Uhh, I don’t recall Y/N getting lightheaded anytime recently,” Tony responded with uncertainty, hoping it was nothing too serious.

“I’m going to run a few more tests to make sure it’s nothing serious,” Bruce informed them then went back inside the room, shutting the door and the blinds behind him. Bruce went to work, trying every test that linked with symptoms of fainting.

While waiting for Bruce to be done with the testing, Tony and Thor waited outside the room.


Nat and Steve came down to the med bay around noon to see if you had woken up yet. When they got to the medical bay, they see Tony and Thor both hunched over sitting on the benches outside where Y/n was. Nat turns her head to glance at Steve then back at the boys, giving them a sympathetic smile. She walks over to where Tony is sitting and sits next to him. She lays her hand on his shoulder, rubbing his shoulder and back a bit.

“Where is my brother?” Thor asked, looking up at Steve and Nat.

“We thought it would be best to keep him in a cell until we sort this out,” Steve informs him on their decision.

All four of them turned to the door when they heard the door creak open. "I ran every test I could and everything came back negative, I honestly have no idea what’s wrong.” Bruce started to explain but a coughing sound brought everyone’s attention inside the room.

“Wait here,” Bruce told them, walking back inside leaving the door open this time.

“What happened? Why am I in the medical bay?” You questioned scanning the room and sitting up in bed.

“You fainted and we brought you here,” Tony states ignoring what Bruce had told him and walked into the room, going to the left side of your bed opposite Bruce.

“Do you know why you collapsed like that?” Bruce inquired while the others decided to follow Tony into the room.

You begin to rake through your brain to find out any reason that had caused you to collapse. “Shit!“ You realize what happened, making your eyes grow wider then swinging your legs over the side of the bed to leave.

“Woah, Woah, Woah. Where do you think you’re going?” Tony questions standing in front of you, blocking your way off the bed.

“To see Loki. I have to be certain about what this is.” You say trying to get off the bed but once your feet touch the ground, your knees gave in and you clutch onto the nearest thing to you, that being Tony.

“Y/N, you should sit down and rest. You just woke up from passing out.” Bruce informs you while Tony helps you back on the bed, giving you a stern look to not try to get up again.

“Wait. Did you just say you know what happened and why you collapsed?” Natasha announces seeming to be the only one to catch unto that part.

You shake your head slightly from side to side, giving a so-so expression on your face. “I have a theory but you won’t like it.” You say knowingly getting a look from them to continue. “Like a siren, we can lure men and women with our singing but if we hear our soulmates voice, we essentially pass out upon hearing it for the first time.” You explain while glancing at all them, watching their facial expressions change.

“So you’re telling us that Loki, is your ‘soulmate’?” Steve vocalized looking at you in confusion and disbelief, as if not hearing you correctly.

“Basically, yeah.” You say sheepishly. “Also, where is he?” You ask getting up off the bed and making sure you can walk without falling this time then starts toward the door.

“I can take you to him,” Natasha commented, giving you a helping hand and helped you out of the med bay with Thor trailing a little behind.

“I shall accompany you as well,” Thor claims, catching up to you and Nat in a few long strides.


Natasha led you and Thor to where Loki was being kept. Before arriving you ask Nat if Loki could leave the cell and live in one of the rooms Stark has available.

“I’ll have to ask Stark on that one,” Nat informed you, approaching the opening to where Loki was staying for the time being. “I’m going to go talk to Stark about getting him and Thor a room. Thor watches over them, please.” She insisted, leaving you with the two gods.

Once you made your way into Loki’s line of sight, you could already see that he was standing toward the middle of the cell. You could feel his intense gaze on you the entire time you walked into the room with Thor.

“May I have the pleasure of knowing what I’m here for exactly?” Loki inquired, finally speaking up after a bit, tilting his head slightly to the right watching you like a hawk.

You glanced up towards him to meet his intense stare but before you could think of something to say, Thor had beat you to it.

“Brother, do you know what a Siren is?” Thor questions Loki.

"Yes. Their mythical creatures said to be beautiful and have the power to put anyone in a trance by singing.” He said as if he was reading off a script.

“You’re a siren.” He disclosed scanning your face, taking a few steps back to sit on one of the chairs in the little cell. “I’m your soulmate.” He observes you once he sat down. You nod your head slightly, giving him your answer.

You were about to say something when you heard Tony talking to Thor, telling him he could go if he wanted. You looked behind you to see Thor leaving and Tony and Clint coming further into the room, coming up on either side of you.

“This isn’t a good idea. Thor, I’m fine with but Loki? Really?” Clint whispers bitterly, keeping his eyes on Loki.

“We don’t have much choice. I hope you know that.” You tell them turning your head toward Hawkeye then back to Loki.

“What do you mean, ‘We don’t have much of a choice?’, we have plenty of choices and the best one is to send his ass back to Asgard.” Clint practically starts to seethe with anger.

“I’m right here.” Loki remarks throwing daggers at Clint. “Besides, you need me.” He states knowingly slinking back into the chair and continuing to examine your every move allowing him to take in your beauty once more.

Tony rolls his eyes at Loki’s response while Clint scoffed at him, “We don’t need anything from you.” Barton remarked.

“We do. Well, I do.” You correct yourself sheepishly removing your eyes from the god.

“Awe, come on Love. Don’t say that like it’s a bad thing.” Loki sneered, getting up from the chair and striding over to the glass edge.

“Y/N, what do you mean?” Tony asks, turning his head toward you and Clint, locking eyes with you, completely ignoring Loki all together.

“She needs me. If we were to get split up, she would die.” Loki explains for you, making you lose eye contact from Stark.

“Tell me that’s not true,” Clint pleads for reassurance having you turn your head to give him a weak smile.

“I wish I could but he speaks the truth this time.” You inform Stark and Clint, drooping your head lightly looking at the ground.

“Well now that’s out of the way, could I get out of this cage?” Loki questions gesturing around himself.

Tony walks over the power grid grumpily and unlocks Loki’s door. He grabs the god’s left forearm arm once he walks out of the cage. “If you ever dare hurt her in any way possible; emotionally, physically, or mentally, I will kill you.” He fumed, his eyes never wavering from Loki’s, making sure the god understood.

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Variant Cover by STEPHANIE HANS
Mary Jane Variant Cover by BEN OLIVER
Natasha Romanoff and Bucky Barnes have a history as long as war, companions since the Widow’s earliest days in the Red Room when both were trapped in service to the wrong side. It’s one of the greatest — and most tragic — love stories of the Marvel Universe. Now the world will try to get between them once again. And with the Widow missing memories, she may find herself losing the only person who would have forgiven her for what she has to do next.
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

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[ID: Excerpt from Conway’s Daredevil run. It’s evening, and Matt Murdock is helping Natasha Romanov out of a purple convertible. Matt is in civvies (a beige suit) and Natasha is in a trench coat, open to reveal her Black Widow costume.]

Matt: “Just barely on time, Natasha. You almost killed our reservation.”

Natasha: “Sorry, Matt. I’m not used to the traffic here– Be glad I made it at–”

Matt: “What is it, Tasha? What do you see?

[ID: Natasha points at a glowing building on a nearby hill.]

Natasha: “I’m– not sure, Matt. I’m a stranger to this place– but somehow I’m certain Telegraph Hill isn’t supposed to be acting– like that!

Matt: “Describe it, Widow.”

Natasha: “The Coit Tower– it’s glowing– pulsating wildly.”

Matt: “Uh-huh! C’mon, little lady– suppose you just go on ahead wi–”

Natasha: Without you? Sorry, Mr. Murdock– but in case you’ve forgotten– we signed up for this tour together! The alley’s this way.”

[They are now hidden together around a corner. Matt puts his arm around her shoulders.]

Matt: “Tasha, I’m not going to argue with you–!”

Natasha: “Then stop trying to placate me, Matthew. Where you go– I go. Now stop kissing me, Matt– please?”

Daredevil vol. 1 #87 by Gerry Conway and Gene Colan

    In which Natasha isn’t used to having a blind partner, and Matt is really not good at working with others. This is still early in their relationship, right after they moved to San Francisco together, but it already reflects a trend that will become much more of a problem later on: Matt’s tendency to take the lead and downplay Natasha’s contributions to the partnership. This is a consistent Matt Murdock personality flaw, and while I do believe there’s an element of sexism involved in this case, he also does the same thing to Foggy. This also ties into the fact that Matt mostly dates civilians, which allows him to feel powerful and in charge. He isn’t used to having a girlfriend who does more than just cheer him on from the sidelines. I love Matt and Natasha’s dynamic largely because it is so tangled up in their mutual larger-than-life personalities and flaws, and I like this scene because it plays up that fact. 

    The little “Stop kissing me, Matt, we’re working” moment is also hilarious, because the issue starts with Natasha trying to convince her father figure Ivan that she and Matt are still “just friends” despite having moved in together. I could write a longer post on this, because it’s an interesting aspect of Matt’s character development as, I imagine, reflected by shifting attitudes toward romance in mainstream comics, but it’s notable that he is so openly and aggressively affectionate toward Natasha, given how long it took for him to even acknowledge his feelings for Karen. And in fact, this also turns into a consistent character trait, wherein Matt still tends to leap head-first into new relationships after suffering a break-up. 

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Characters: Loki X Stark!Reader, Tony Stark X Sister!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Pregnancy

Request: Tony and sister reader: he and the team discover you are in a secret relationship with Loki and you both are happily married and you are a few months pregnant with loki’s baby and he is not happy about it.


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Tony had a sister. Some people knew about you, including the Avengers, but it seemed that most people didn’t know a lot about you. The only pictures the press and people could find about you was back when you were a child, the oldest picture being when you were around 13, and since then you seemed to drop off the face of the planet. It became rumoured that you had gone missing or died, but Tony quickly assured you were fine, but just liked to be secretive about your life. Still, people wondered.

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So! My amazing friend @magenta-llama-art and I did a thing! I hope you’ll enjoy it !

Fandom: The Avengers (Marvel) - All media types

Pairing: Clint Barton / James Bucky Barnes

Rating: Teen and up

Tags: Slow burn, Clint Barton is a disaster, Jealous Bucky, Protective Natasha, Nat is a good bro, mentioning of clinical anxiety, Clint should see a therapist, Mother hen Coulson, Some call it stalking I say walking just extremely close behind, Canon typical violence - mild, Swearing, /Strong language Mentioning of creepy following a child


The asset shifted a little to the right to get an optimal line of sight, keeping all of his concentration built over the years of sniper’s training on his mission (definitely not on the man’s six-pack where clever fingers were spreading soap).
The soldier shifted his right foot just half an inch to improve his angle of observation and… only met thin air. The next thing he registered was the mortifying sensation of falling.
“Not again,” the odd thought flashed through his mind before he crashed into the dumpster.

Chapter: 1/?


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Dazed and Confused, pt. 19-The Quarantine Series


A/N: i feel like I’ve been in quarantine my whole life. Also this entire chapter is mostly smut, so if you do not like smut, you don’t need to really read this because you won’t miss any plot points! Also yes, i chose this gif on purpose. 

Promoting: oh dear god.

The Quarantine Series Masterlist


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After the walk back to the tower, you and Nat headed to the bar, where Tony was currently sitting.

“And that is my cue to leave,” he muttered good-naturedly.

“You don’t have to, Tony.”

“I know, but I’ve got stuff to do and you two are clearly on some sort of date,” he chuckled. “Enjoy yourselves, ladies.”

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As we countdown to just days away from the premiere of the BIGGEST GAMING BLOCKBUSTER EVENT of the YEAR, we look back on why FINAL FANTASY VII is one of the greatest and most important games in history and what impact it made for the industry and pop culture.

We also talk about more delays and postponed movies announced including the entire line up of MARVEL STUDIOS movies and more.

All here this week as A.C.M.G. presents TALK TIME LIVE! 

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