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#black widow
seaquell · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The ghosts of all the women you used to be are all so proud of who you have become, storm child made of wild and flame.
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jjeangrey · a day ago
when clint said the ronin was killed by black widow, he meant that he stopped being ronin the moment she came back for him.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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thatonebrazilian · 2 days ago
Y/N: Synonyms are weird because if you invite someone to your “cottage in the forest” that just sounds nice and cozy, but if I invite you to “my cabin in the woods” you’re going to die.
Bucky: My favorite is explaining the difference between a “butt dial” and a “booty call”.
Natasha: It is called connotations.
Loki: Then how doyou explain “Forgive me father, I have sinned” and “Sorry, Daddy, I’ve been naughty”?
Y/N *turns to Natasha excited*: How about-
Natasha: You are not going to switch to "Forgive me mother, I have sinned" when we're at it.
Y/N *pouting*: But it sounds so cool.
Natasha: ... Ok, maybe just once.
Loki: I did not need to know that.
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critter-of-habit · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I know she would actually fight back too much and get pruned immediately but I'm so intrigued with the idea of TVA clerk Natalie Rushman
insp. source
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romanovsmqrvels · 2 days ago
y/n : nat can you do me a favour ?
natasha : i would literally cover up a murder you committed, plant my dna at the crime scene and take the blame for you.
y/n : cool i guess ? can you do the dishes please ?
natasha : no.
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natsfirecat · 21 hours ago
Slippery Skates
summary: avengers go ice skating, and nat finds herself miserable
pairing: Natasha Romanoff x reader
word count: 789
warnings: swearing, one dirty joke, lmk if i need to add any more!
Most of the team was excited to spend the day ice skating. Your girlfriend was not included in that.
So while you tied your skates, Natasha crossed her arms tight as she sat next to you.
"Come on Natty, just give it a try," you said, bringing your hand to her cheek as you tied the last knot.
She stuck her bottom lip out, feeling her cheeks grow red as you ran your thumb along her jawline.
"When we get home, we can cuddle by the fireplace just the two of us," you said, hoping the bribe would work.
She thought for a moment, looking at the pleading look on your face.
"Fine," she eventually agreed. "But you're tying these things then. I'm not taking my gloves off,"
You got down from the bench, sitting on your knees in front of her as she held her skate out.
Just as you grabbed the laces, you began snickering uncontrollably.
"What?" She asked, clearly confused.
"Who knew I'd have to be on my knees between your legs to convince you to go ice skating with us,"
Before she could say anything, you burst into laughter.
She glared, crossing her arms again.
"Real mature,"
"I know, right?"
Sighing in defeat, your girlfriend decided not to say anything else as you finished tying her skates.
You stood up, smiling triumphantly as you held your hand out for her. She took it, struggling to balance while walking to the ice.
She mumbled under her breath, but you couldn't make out what she said.
"Natty?" You asked.
"You're lucky I love you," she said just a little bit louder.
You blushed at her words as she pressed her eyebrows together again.
You smiled, then gave her wrist a gentle tug as you got onto the ice.
While you were balancing easily, she grabbed hold of the wall and refused to let go of it.
You raised an eyebrow at her, prompting her to glare in response.
You giggled, seeing how she was holding onto the wall for dear life. She was still glaring at you, but refused to let go of it.
"Detka, you can go skate y'know, you don't need to stay by me on the wall,"
Her cheeks were bright red as she struggled to stand, even while using the wall.
So you nodded, skating off ahead of her. Luckily, you were rather good at ice skating so it was fairly easy for you.
You made it a lap around, weaving your way in and out of other people. Smiling brightly, you even spun around a little bit.
Once you made your way back to Natasha, she had barely made her way forward as she still clung to the wall.
"Are you sure you don't wanna go around on your own?" You said, skating by her at a slow pace. "It'll be fun!"
"I'm really not in the mood to fall on my ass,"
You sighed, offering your arm out for her. She hesitated for a few moments. So you stared at her, giving a small smile as you leaned further towards her.
Eventually, she gave in and took your arm.
"Don't you dare drop me," she muttered under her breath.
You giggled, leaning over to kiss your girlfriend's cheek.
"Wouldn't dream of it, my love,"
She let out a few shaky breaths, squeezing your arm so tight you were sure it had to be cutting circulation at this point. However, you kept holding her steady as you slowly moved forward.
"See, it's not so bad," you told her softly.
She grumbled, still holding onto your arm for dear life.
Eventually, you began to pick up the pace, skating just a little bit faster than before. You could hear her breathing faster, so you reached your other hand towards her. You ran your thumb up and down her hand, still skating forward.
After another few moments, she began to loosen the death grip on your arm, causing you to sigh in relief.
Unfortunately, your moment with her ended all too soon as Tony skated on by.
"Aw, Romanoff can't skate on her own?" He asked, turning so he was skating backward so he could face the two of you.
"Fuck off," she muttered, glaring.
He laughed, spinning in a circle.
"What? You gonna fall?"
That was it. Natasha let go of your hand, then pushed herself forward to go after him.
You tried to hold in your laughter as your girlfriend fell on her face within just a few seconds. Tony however, had no problem letting out an obnoxious laugh as he skated away with ease.
So went over to her, bending down to help her up.
"I'll take those fireplace cuddles now."
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funnyincorrectmcu · 2 days ago
I sincerely believe that Peter watched Bo Burnham: Inside with Ned and MJ and has not stopped singing the songs since.
Tony: Hey Peter can you just adjust the parameters on that? Peter: You’re right. I was totally wrong when I set it. Tony: ...weird way to put it, but okay I gues-- Peter: *sings* Father, please forgive me, for I did not realize what I did. Tony: ...did you just call me--? Peter: *still singing* Or that I’d live to regret it. Tony: Regret what? Peter: Times are changing and I’m getting ooooold. Tony: What the--you’re 16! Peter: My bed is empty and I’m getting coooold, isn’t anybody gonna hold me accountable? Tony: Accountable for what?! Peter: Ugh. I’m problematic. Peter: *starts dancing* Tony: … Tony: What just happened?? Peter: *looks upset* Tony: Hey you okay kid? What’s up? Peter: Well, you know, sometimes I just get this-- Peter: *bursts into song* FEELING IN MY BODY, WAY DOWN DEEP INSIDE ME, I TRY NOT TO FIGHT IT. Tony: The fu-- Peter: A FEW THINGS START TO HAPPEN, MY VISION STARTS TO FLATTEN, MY HEART IT GETS TO TAPPIN’, AND I THINK I’M GONNA DIE! Tony: … Tony: I have never been so concerned for you in my life. Tony: *reading in the kitchen* Peter, Ned, and MJ: *sitting in the living room* Peter: *sings* I’m not really feeling like I wanna get lit. Ned: *sings* Tell us how you’re feeling. Tony: ...I don’t think I like where that’s goi-- Peter: *sings* I’m feeling like shit. Peter: *sings louder* Ladies! MJ: *half-singing* Yeah? Peter: Do you feel like shit? Tell me, do you feel like shit. MJ: Uh-huh. Peter: Fellas! Ned: *fully into it* Huh? Peter: Are you feeling like shit? Tell me, are you feeling like shit? Ned: Oh yeah! Tony: *groans and puts his head in his hands* Peter: *walks in on an Avengers meeting* Peter: *sings* Who needs a coffee ‘cause I’m doing a run? Clint: What the-- Tony: Ignore him. Peter: I’m writing down the orders now for everyone. Steve: *furrowing his eyebrows* What is he talking about? Tony: I said ignore him. Peter: The coffee is free, just like me, I’m an unpaid intern. Nat: I thought he wouldn’t let you pay him? Tony: He won’t. Peter: Makin’ weapons, swinging around. Sitting in the meeting room not making a sound-- Tony: Peter how about you actually sit in the meeting room and don’t make a sound?! Peter: … Peter: *opens his mouth* Tony: Don’t you dare. Peter: *whisper sings* Barely people, somehow legal… Tony: What did I just-- Peter: *practically shouting* UNPAID INTERN! Tony: *stands up* That’s it! Peter: *runs* Nat: Ugh. You can find out way too much about people online. Why isn’t everyone as secretive as I am? Clint: Yeah, well, welcome to the internet. Tony: NO! Peter: *bursts in* Apathy’s a tragedy and boredom is a criiime. Anything and everything and ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING AND ALL OF THE TIME! Clint: *smirks* Tony: did that on purpose. Clint: *laughs* Nat: *smiles* Peter: *grins cheekily* Tony: *groans* Bruce: *walking into the lab* Hey Tony, did you order something from Amazo-- Tony: Don’t! Peter: *belting* CEO ENTREPRENEUR! BORN IN 1964!! JEEEEEFFREY! JEFFREY BEEEEZOS. Bruce: …?? Tony: *running a hand down his face* I think I need to delete his Netflix account.
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seaquell · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Don't give me hope. I'm sorry I couldn't give it to you sooner. Ronin is dead and the person who killed him is dead.
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novamirmirsblog · 2 days ago
The Chronicles of Pig the Giraffe pt 3
Part 1 Part 2
Synopsis: As kids, y/n wins a stuffed animal for natasha at the fair, hoping to impress them. Years later, natasha reveals that they still have the giraffe.
Genre: angst/fluff possible smut in the future
Pairing: Natasha x reader
Word count: 2069
warnings: swearing, black widow spoilers, probs a lil bit of smexy time in later chapters, the very real possibility for me to leave this unfinished <3
This is unedited as always :3
A/n: Did I use the overused trope 'one of them got injured after an argument'? Yes. But it was worth it and there was no other way for me to bring r and Natasha together other than them, like, having a grown up conversation like two grown ups and that is clearly a ridiculous idea. Pig doesn't make an appearance in this chapter buttttt maybe next chapter will contain Yelena and Pig? You guys can have this early cause I'm procrastinating doing my actual uni work. Anyways, enjoy!
Tumblr media
The argument with Natasha had caused a clear rift within the group. The tone had changed and you weren't sure if it was ever going to get better. You had been at the compound for just over a month and while you and Natasha continued to avoid each other, you had gotten closer to the other Avengers. Carol had left a week after the party, as promised, and you were sad to see her go. She allowed you to use her as a distraction and her stories about space were the best. While Steve's training still absolutely destroyed you, it was becoming more and more bearable the longer you did it. Steve had made you practice with every member of the group bar Bruce and Natasha. While you could believe his story of Bruce being a last resort, you knew his excuse that 'you weren't ready for Natasha' was complete bullshit. She just didn't want to be near you. Clint, who was begrudgingly overseeing your shooting, even began to warm up to you a little. It could be because of your top notch jokes, or perhaps because shooting was your specialty but you were just happy he no longer looked like he wanted to murder you. You still didn't trust him and refused to forget the awkward position he put you in when he asked about your scars but you were getting there.
You knew you should be the bigger person and start the conversation with Natasha but a large part of you was petty and you tended to revert back to that more often than not. You were sitting, eating your lunch when Wanda came over, plopping down on the bar stool next to you.
"We think you and Natasha should talk to each other."
"Did you draw the short straw?" You asked her, not faltering once.
"No. technically I drew the second shortest straw. It's why I'm talking to you rather than Natasha."
"Oof. Who got Natasha?"
"You better go check he's still alive."
"Orrrrrrr you could do and see if he's still alive when you go to clear things up with Natasha?"
"Are you suggesting I apologise? I'll have you know I've done absolutely nothing wrong. I'm not apologising."
"Of course not. But maybe you could go and talk to her? She's my training partner and if I'm being honest, I think if you two clear things up, she'll stop pushing me so hard."
You rolled your eyes "Fine witchy but you owe me big time."
You practically dragged your feet making your way to the floor that you and Natasha shared. You stood outside, hovering until you heard a crash and the door swung open, revealing a super soldier with a terrified expression on his face. He saw you, grabbed you by the shoulders, switched your position for his and slammed the door on your face, essentially trapping you in with Natasha.
You turned around to look at her. "Apparently we're causing tension on the team."
"Don't. I've already heard the speech." Natasha grabbed a bag and started putting clothes in it.
"Going somewhere?"
You signed. This was getting you nowhere. It was a dumb idea and you never should have let Wanda guilt trip you into doing this.
"Why did Steve look like he'd seen a ghost?"
You couldn't see Natasha's face but you could hear the smirk practically dripping from her voice "I might have reminded him what I'm capable of."
"Oh." You were once again reminded of just how much of a stranger Natasha was now. You didn't know her. Not this version anyway. "When do you leave for your mission?"
"Look, I understand that we're not the same people we used to be but could we at least pretend to get along? Or at least pretend to be work colleagues."
"Sure." Natasha grabbed the bag she was packing, making her way over to where you stood by the door. She gestured you out and followed behind, locking the door and making her way to the lift.
"Guess that's the end of that conversation then." You muttered, going back to your room.
It had been a training mission. Steve had sent you on a damn training mission. It was minimum risk. It should have been an in and out. You, Wanda and Steve had all gone together. Wanda was going to get more practice being out in the field and Steve was going to make sure neither of you blew anything up. Turns out, Steve wasn't very good at his job. To be fair, missions always go wrong when people say they'll be easy in the briefing. As soon as the words 'easy', 'low risk' or 'simple' were spoken, it was guaranteed to be a shit-show. At your old place, you actually had a rule against saying a whole list of words because they were bad luck. You weren't superstitious, but there really was something unlucky about certain words being used in a briefing.
In all fairness, it wasn't really anyone's fault you were currently bleeding out. A bomb had been set off, whether it was because of Steve's heavy footsteps or Wanda's still volatile magic or the lack of concentration you had, no one will ever know. When the bomb detonated, Wanda shielded herself with her magic, Steve leapt from the building like the damn supersoldier he is and you, poor little human you, got thrown into a wall like a rag doll. Your head pounded and it hurt to breathe. You knew you had most likely broken ribs and had a possible concussion. All you saw before you passed out was the concerned faces of Wanda and Steve.
Natasha had returned a few hours before you guys were due to be back. Her mission had allowed her time away from certain influences and therefore time to think. She had come to the decision that she missed you. She had successfully cut you out of her life when she went back to Russia but now you were back, she wanted to spend more time with you. She was content with the realisations she had made during her time away and was prepared to maybe apologise for how she acted. She couldn't wait to have the conversation with you and finally get back to how the two of you used to be so when she saw Steve carrying your body, she felt like she was going to be sick. She couldn't loose you when she only just got you back. Natasha followed Steve all the way into the med bay until she was stopped by the doctors.
The surgery was mostly exploratory. They had no idea how extensive the damage to your ribs was and you gave them a few scares on the table. They decided to keep you in a coma for a few weeks to let your body heal and Natasha spent every possible moment with you. She really didn't want the last conversation she had with you to be a passive aggressive argument. As she watched you lie there, all she could think about was how she should have stayed longer to talk to you, how she should have given you more than one word answers, how the memories you guys had made together were some of the only things that got her through the red room training.
You were due to wake up soon. That's what the doctors had said when Tony had demanded to know why you were still out cold. Wanda had taken peaks into your mind every so often as she also refused to leave your side. She was convinced it was her fault you were there. If only she had grabbed you, or contained the blast instead.
You woke up groggy. It was dark out and you didn't know where you were. Your throat hurt but other than that everything felt light and happy. Your head felt as if it wasn't connected to your body and you really wanted cheese. You didn't even like cheese that much.
"Jesus!" Natasha and Wanda woke with a start. They had both nodded off and weren't expecting you to be awake yet.
"No. Cheese." You didn't want Jesus. You wanted cheese. Your brain was slowly catching up with the situation.
"Oh my god I broke her." Wanda looked as if she was about to cry. You weren't sure why. You moved to comfort her only to realise Natasha had your hand in her grasp and didn't seem to be letting go.
You closed your eyes, sighed and collected your thoughts. When you were confident you could form full sentences, you opened your eyes again.
"You didn't break me Wands."
"Oh thank god." Wanda rushed out in one breath.
"Why would you think you broke me?"
Wanda just looked at you.
"Why do you think you're here?" Natasha finally spoke.
"I hit my head right? On that mission?"
"Because a bomb exploded." Wanda looked at you, guilt written all over her face.
You laughed, quickly stopping when your throat began to burn. "That's not your fault though." Wanda opened her mouth to argue but you cut in. "Nope. Shhhh." You put your finger on her lips. "It wasn't your fault. If I remember correctly, I signed up for this kind of danger. Now I'm awake, can I get discharged?"
After many long fights with the doctors, you were finally allowed to be let out under the condition that you stayed in your bed. Natasha swore to keep you in bed no matter what and annoyingly, she was a woman of her word. Luckily for you, this meant you could finally get some of your questions answered. Apparently, if you want a redheaded assassin to talk, all you need to do is get blown up. She told you all about the red room, where she spent her childhood, how she defected to SHIELD and Clint was the one to give her that chance. You had told her all about how you got your scars. How it was because your partner on one of your missions had gotten cocky and frustrated when he realised the spy life was nothing like a James Bond movie. How you switched places with him in order to give him a chance to escape and how you were repaid with three weeks of non-stop torture.
The days were spent with trading stories until a fact became glaringly clear. Natasha didn't know the red room was still operational.
"Yeah?" She was sitting on your bed doing a crossword while you were watching some reality tv program.
"You know the Red Room is still active right?" You weren't sure if you should tell her or not. On the one hand, the two of you were finally in a good place. You were friends again and you could tell that as soon as you were allowed out of this god-forsaken bed, you would be joined at the hip but on the other hand, she needed to know.
"Hmm?" Natasha had stilled, no longer focusing on the crossword.
"MI6 were after them for ages but every time they caught a widow, she killed herself so they never managed to get the true location."
Natasha let out the tiniest sigh. She put down the crossword and shuffled closer to you.
"I was so sure we got rid of them..."
You stood up on your bed, much to Natasha's dismay and lifted up one of the ceiling panels. You grabbed the single folder hiding up there and handed it to Natasha, wobbling slightly as you put the ceiling panel back up and sat back down.
"What is it?"
"The information my team collected on the red room. It's not much but..." You trailed off, not knowing what else to tell her. There was basic information in there but you thought some of it could be of use.
"Thank you." Natasha said quietly. It was so soft you almost missed it.
"No problem. It's what friends do." You smiled at her and tried to ignore the funny feeling in your chest when you said 'friends'.
You fell asleep that night with your ex-best friend's comforting weight next to you as she read through what little information you had collected. When the morning rolled around, you weren't surprised to see Natasha was gone.
🏷 @xxxtwilightaxelxxx @username23345 @didujustcallmedumb @fayhar @slvtfornat @ashadash0904 @mrs-davidson @androgynouscloudenemy @morticelli @ellal04
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xrqkayo · a day ago
Could i request a Natasha X Fem!Reader fic where Nat loves to make R blush and R tries to hide it but Nat wont let her?? (loads of pet names please) Thanks
Can't Hide From Me
Pairing: Natasha x f!Reader
Tumblr media
Natasha smiled as you finally woke up
Your eyes fluttered open and you smiled when you saw her watching you.
"You like watching people sleep, huh?" You smiled, leaning into her touch when she brought her hand up to your cheek.
"Only pretty girls," Natasha mumbled, smirking when she saw your face go red.
You groaned and tried to hide your face in your pillow, embarrassed you blushed so quickly.
Natasha laughed and immediately tried to pull your face out of the pillows, and after a couple attempts, she did.
You shielded your still blushed face and rolled your eyes when you saw Natasha grinning at you.
"You're just so cute when you blush, detka," Natasha said, causing you to blush again.
You rolled your eyes and turned your back to Natasha, smiling as you felt Natasha move closer to you.
Natasha spooned you and brought her mouth up to your ear, "Do you know how hot you looked in that sundress I brought you the other day?"
You felt heat run up your face and you went to hide your face behind your hands but Natasha grabbed one and held it at your side, thankfully you still had one hand so you managed to half cover it.
"Oh, no, no, little one. You don't get to hide from me," Natasha pushed you on your back and straddled your hips.
You let out a surprised yelp as she grabbed your hands away from your face, entwining them and pinning them onto the bed.
Natasha smirked when she saw your face, proud that she could make you blush with a couple words.
Natasha leaned down and started kissing your red cheeks, "You're just so perfect." She mumbled with a smile, watching you blush again.
You rolled your eyes and tried to keep an annoyed look on your face but couldn't stop the smile that spread across your lips. You were a sucker for Natasha's compliments.
Natasha giggled and kissed you with a smile.
When she pulled away, you giggled when you saw her blushed face.
"Do you get nervous when you kiss me, baby?" You teased, tilting your head.
Natasha groaned when she realised she was blushing and buried her head in your neck, "Shut up."
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romanovsmqrvels · a day ago
y/n : oh no, i wonder why there’s mistletoe hanging above us ! i guess we have to kiss now
sam : *holding the mistletoe on a stick above you and natasha*
natasha : if you just want a kiss you can say-
y/n : *sweating* i don’t know what you’re talking about JUST KISS ME
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wolferine · 16 hours ago
Family Feud
Natasha Romanoff x Reader 
Summary: Wolverine-powered!Reader joins the Avengers and immediately catches the attention of the team’s resident redhead.
Warnings: Violence, blood, language, torture
Word count: 3936
Request from @confusinggemini612: I love your work & Wolverine is one of my favorite superheroes so could you please do a Natasha x Reader where the reader has the same powers as him? Reader is recruited by Fury & eventually gets closer with Natasha leading to them dating. Thanks
AN: I’m so embarrassed this concept never occurred to me. 😂 Sorry it took so long, it took me a while to plan out so I could do it justice. This will be the first of three parts. Enjoy!
“Fury’s wasting his time,” Natasha says, crossing her legs and leaning so far back in her chair that Clint is surprised she doesn’t completely tip over. 
“You think so?” he asks. “I mean, we could always use more help on the team—”
“Yeah, but you’d think we would have some say in the recruiting process, since we’ll be the ones stuck working with them,” Natasha says.
“You say that like Fury has ever made a bad decision.”
Natasha rolls her eyes but shuts up and Clint smiles, because she knows he’s right.
A few minutes later, Fury enters the conference room with you behind him. You’re wearing a dark brown leather jacket with three yellow rings above the elbows, an unbuttoned blue flannel shirt underneath, and a pair of worn jeans. Your hairstyle is unusual, tufted on the sides in a way that reminds Natasha of wolf ears.
Your stoic expression is impossible to read, even with Natasha’s extensive body language training, but there is something about your energy that she is drawn to. You seem confident but alert, but you don’t exude the typical nervousness most newcomers do. While it puts Natasha on edge, she wants to get to know you and for the first time ever, is excited to work with a new recruit.
“This is Y/N,” Fury introduces. “Romanoff, this will be your partner in the upcoming stakeout.”
“Wait, what?” She jumps out of her seat. “You said Clint and I would be together—”
“Change of plans, Barton’s needed elsewhere,” Fury says, glaring at her with his good eye.  
“But—” Her act is all for show, of course, but Natasha has some reservations about you. Fury had restricted most of her access to your file, so she had only learned the standard information about you, like your name and birthday (and your listed birthday couldn’t have been correct). No mention of your special abilities or training. Even if Fury trusts you, you still need to earn hers, even if she is willing to go easy on you.
“Are you really gonna argue with me about this right in front of Y/N?” Fury says.
“She won’t hurt my feelings,” you say, and Natasha looks at you. Her eyes are a light, frosty green, almost blue from your distance. Your enhanced nose picks out her scent from Clint’s and Fury’s. She smells like strawberries and vanilla, and you’re happy she isn’t one of those women who likes to drown themselves in perfume.
You’d done your homework on the famous Black Widow, a.k.a. Natasha Romanoff, and were very impressed by her résumé. Meeting her in person finally, you have no doubts about her skills and capabilities. You can tell she is an extremely confident woman who knows how to use her assets (which, from your observations, she has many of). 
When Fury had first asked you to work for SHIELD, you expected nothing out of it besides a paycheck and a way to pass the time. But maybe Natasha would change that.
“Well, you’ve hurt my feelings, Romanoff,” Fury says. “And we’re not here to argue. You’re working with Y/N, and that’s an order.”
“Yes, sir,” Natasha grumbles, although when she sees the way you’re staring at her, she doesn’t think it’ll be such a bad idea after all.
You and Natasha are assigned to drive through Alberta, Canada, to the safehouse SHIELD couldn’t fly you in because they didn’t want to give away the position. It was a four-hour car ride, and you were a little nervous to fill the silence because you were not normally one to take initiative to speak. But Natasha steps into the role immediately, eager (but not wanting to seem desperately so) to learn more about you.
“So, how old are you?” she asks.
“It’s in my file, which I know you read,” you say.
“I think there’s a typo.”
“Do you think Fury would mess up putting in such important information like that?” you ask.
“No.” Natasha glances at your side profile. If she had to guess, she would’ve put you somewhere in your mid-twenties.
“I’m 25,” you finally say.
“Really? And how long have you been 25?”
“What do you mean?” you ask, playing dumb.
“Your file says your birthday is October 12…1832.”
“Well, that is my birthday.” You slow the truck down as the snow grows heavier on the road.
“That’s not possible.”
“Why not?”
“Because it means that you’re 189 years old.”
“How old is Steve Rogers?” you ask.
Natasha glares at you. She isn’t entirely bothered by your dismissive personality; in fact, she thinks it makes you more mysterious and attractive. But it is a little frustrating. “Okay, but even Steve isn’t that old and you look younger than me. So, what’s your secret? If it’s your skincare routine, I won’t tell anyone—”
“It’s not,” you say.
“So, you can’t die, or you don’t age?” Natasha guesses.
“Pick one.”
Natasha doesn’t like how you’re dodging her questions, but she won’t give up. “Is it true that you fought in World War I? And World War II? So that means you’ll probably be around for World War III—”
“Unfortunately.” You were closing in on celebrating your second century of existence. It was not as fun as any mortal thought it would be. It was extremely lonely and terrifying to know that you might be the only person around when the world finally ends. 
“I don’t know what I would do with myself if I could live forever,” Natasha says.
“You adapt,” you say with a shrug.
“So, what do you do to pass the time?”
“Mind my own business.”
Natasha laughs. “You’re funny,” she says, flashing you a smile that makes your stomach do a flip.
A light powdering of snow covers the windshield, but it’s not heavy enough to warrant getting out and anchoring chains to your tires. You haven’t passed another vehicle for miles, either. It’s the middle of the day, and while you’re keeping to the back roads, something feels off.
“You know, you should really wear a seatbelt,” Natasha says out of nowhere.
“Don’t worry about me—” you start.
Suddenly, an entire tree falls into the middle of the road. It’s so close to the truck that even with your enhanced reflexes, there’s no possible way to swerve around it or even stop before you make impact. The hood crumples against the tree trunk.
Natasha jerks forward, but is held back due to her seatbelt. You, on the other hand, are thrown out of your seat, cutting right through the deployed airbag, and smash through the windshield. You fly over the tree trunk, hitting the road headfirst and sliding into a snowbank.
Natasha lifts her head, her neck aching from whiplash, and sees the large hole in the windshield. She can just barely make your form out, lying on your stomach in the middle of the road.
“Y/N?” she calls, pushing aside the deflating airbags.
You come to very quickly, pushing to your feet and wobbling slightly from the head trauma. You turn towards the truck, stumbling and tripping like you’re drunk. Snow covers your entire front and you brush some off.
“Goddamn it,” you mutter, spitting blood and snow out of your mouth.
You walk close enough for Natasha to see the missing patch of skin over your right eye, where it had rubbed off when you skidded across the road. You crack your neck as the wound heals itself. 
“Are you okay?” you call, seeing her sitting like a deer in headlights in the passenger seat. “Romanoff, are you okay?”
“Yeah, I’m fine!”
“Well, hurry up and get out—” Your eyes scan over the splintered stump of the tree. It looks like someone—and not with the clean chop of an axe—had literally pushed it over. You pause, sniffing in the whirling wind for a scent. Your hands clench into fists, allowing three metal claws to slide out from your forearms between your knuckles.
“That wasn’t in the file,” Natasha mutters to herself. But as disgusted as she is, she’s also very intrigued.
Your body tenses as you scan the thick cluster of trees next to the trunk. You know someone’s nearby—you hear the crunching of snow beneath their feet—but your head is still swimming and you can’t pinpoint their location until it’s too late.
A behemoth of a man comes hurtling out of the trees and tackles you. Razor-sharp nails dig into your shoulders as he grabs you and throws you across the road. Natasha watches helplessly as you fly like a ragdoll.
The man is enormous—at least a head taller than Thor, with thick hair as wildly styled as yours. Natasha swears his nails are longer than what she’s seen some women sport, although his are filed to deadly points. He walks over to you, picking you up by the scruff of your neck, but you twist around and punch your claws straight through his arm. He roars in pain, but doesn’t let you go.
“Hello, Victor,” you snarl.
“What’s up, bub?” Victor smiles, showing off his abnormally long canine teeth and tossing you in the direction of your truck.
When your body smashes into the already-damaged hood, you punch straight through the engine to the ground. Victor sprints over, perching on the tree trunk to reach over and grab you, when—
Natasha shoots him from behind the windshield.
Victor retreats as you pop up, baring your teeth and claws at him. He’s bleeding from his chest, but you know a few bullets won’t stop your brother. They wouldn’t stop you either, but you also had an indestructible metal skeleton to protect you.
“What are you doing here?” you ask.
“Just passing through,” he says. “I see you’ve already got yourself a new toy.” He looks at Natasha.
“Leave us alone.”
Wisely, Victor retreats and disappears into the trees. You don’t chase after him, retracting your claws and the openings heal over in seconds.
“Are you okay?” you ask Natasha, walking over to her side and opening her door.
“Are you?” She has about a million questions for you, but this is probably not the best time to start.
“I’m fine.” You offer her your hand and help her out of the truck. You gauge the damage to the engine. “That’s probably not gonna start any time soon, is it?”
“I’ll let Fury know,” Natasha says, taking out her phone. “I’m sure he has a Plan B.”
Fury’s Plan B turns out to be nothing spectacular and involved a three-mile trek to a motel. Due to the confidential location and nature of the mission, they couldn’t send someone immediately to pick up you and Natasha. While a backup pair of SHIELD agents head to the safe house to take your place, you two would hole up in the motel until tomorrow morning. It wasn’t ideal, but you were in no place to complain, as it had been your brother who had thrown the mission in jeopardy.
After destroying all trackable pieces of the truck and taking your one backpack of essentials each, you and Natasha turn off towards the motel.
“So, who was that guy?” Natasha asks as she trudges behind you.
“Victor,” you say.
“Victor who?” Natasha prods.
“My brother.”
“Like, biological brother?”
“So, he’s like, as old as you are?” Natasha asks.
“Jesus, what did you all eat as children?” she mutters. “Does he also have the…” She’s not really sure what to call the blades that came out of your arms, “…knife things, too?”
“Claws?” you correct. “No.”
Your use of the term “claws” implies they’re biological, but Natasha has never heard of someone being born with such things. And the fact that they’re covered in metal—which, last she checked, was not a biologically occurring element—means you were probably experimented on (not that she wants to jump to such harsh conclusions).
“What did he want?” Natasha asks. “If he was after something, you scared him off pretty quick.”
“It’s a personal thing,” you mumble. “He likes to pop in and out of my life at the most inconvenient times just to piss me off. Like today, for example. You don’t have to worry about him, though. He’s after me, not you.”
“Wow, that makes me feel a lot better about everything, thanks.”
You look at her over your shoulder.
“Did Fury know?” Natasha asks.
“That Victor was gonna show up? No. But I didn’t, either.” You face forward and continue marching. “Like I said, he’s not a big deal, Romanoff.” 
“He just compromised our whole mission.”
“And Fury said he’d cover for us, right?”
“He wasn’t very happy about it,” Natasha says.
You stop and turn towards her again. “You think I’m happy about this, either? Victor’s been messing with me for more than a century, Romanoff. It’s literally his thing to show up right when I least need him to. But I know how to handle him.” 
“Like you did today?” Natasha crosses her arms over her chest.
You don’t like the way she challenges you. Most people won’t even look at you after they’ve seen the weapons you have in your arms. But you should know by now that Natasha is not like most people. “Did he hurt you?” you ask.
“Okay. He didn’t hurt me either, so what’s your problem?”
Natasha glares at you before walking past you. “I thought you’d be a little more responsible, being 200 years old and all.”
“I’m not 200,” you snap, jogging to catch up with her. “Yet.”
“What if he tries to break into the Tower? What if he ambushes us on another mission?” Natasha argues, not realizing she’s already considering going on more missions with you.
“Then he’ll be my problem, not yours,” you repeat.
“Oh, like he was today? Because you definitely didn’t need my help fighting him off, right?”
It suddenly clicks to you what she wants. “Thanks for your help, is that what you wanted me to say?”
“It didn’t hurt to hear,” she responds.
“Well, I didn’t need your help,” you add unwisely, but you’re not trying to be indebted to her. Victor is a pain in your ass, but you knew you could beat him in a fight by yourself. You might lose a limb or two, but they would grow back.
“All right, next time I’ll just watch you get torn to shreds. Sorry for interrupting this time.” You can tell she’s trying to hide her annoyance with you, but you can see it in the way she stomps harder through the snow and swings her arms aggressively by her sides.
“Hey.” You grab onto her shoulder and spin her around. She glares at you with such intensity you almost shrink away, but you remain strong and say, “Thanks.”
Natasha’s lips twitch like she wants to smile, but holds back. “You’re welcome,” she says.
When you two finally make it to the motel, there’s only one room left and it only has one bed. Just your luck.
“I’ll sleep on the floor,” you offer immediately as you enter the room. You had literally slept on rocks before, so it’s not a big deal.
“That’s ridiculous,” Natasha says. “The bed is big enough to share.”
“I don’t mind.”
“Well, I do.”
She won’t let you argue with her and steps into the shower. You buy “dinner” from the vending machine, which consists of candy, cookies, and soda. It’s not the healthiest option, but it’s better than nothing. When Natasha is done, you shower and then sit on the bed with her to eat. 
“So, do you actually take the time to style your hair like that or does it just grow that way?” Natasha asks, fishing out a gummy bear from the bag.
“Does it look like I take the time to do anything with my appearance?” you respond, offering her your hand and she pours some gummies onto your palm.
She shrugs. “I mean, I think if you put some effort into it, you’d clean up nicely.”
Your chewing slows. “You think I’m ugly?”
“I did not say that,” Natasha corrects, her cheeks reddening.
“So, you think I’m hot?” you ask.
“I did not say that either,” she defends, although her face becomes even redder.
“Well,” you say, taking the opportunity to be bold, “You’re not too bad-looking yourself. You just need to work on the attitude a little bit.”
Natasha gasps dramatically. “Attitude? Look who’s talking!”
You glance around the empty room. “I think you are.”
She shoves your shoulder playfully, but you don’t budge. Natasha swears your shoulder feels like a ball of metal wrapped in muscle and skin. “What the—” She grabs onto your bicep and starts shaking your arm back and forth.
“Having fun?” you ask, watching in amusement.
“Your claws are metal aren’t they, right?” Natasha says. Her hand squeezes down your forearm, then back up to your shoulder. “Is that why it feels like your whole arm has a metal rod in it?”
“All my bones are covered in metal,” you answer automatically. 
Natasha lowers the gummy bear from her mouth. “How...How is that possible?”
Suddenly, you feel uncomfortable under her gaze. Very few people know what really happened, and your own memory of the events are fuzzy. As part of your deal of working with Fury, he promised to look into the government division responsible for the surgery that turned you into an indestructible killing machine. 
“Wait, I’m sorry, you don’t have to talk about it,” Natasha hurries to say when she sees your fallen expression.
“I—It’s fine,” you lie, shaking off Natasha’s hand and tossing a few gummy bears into your mouth. But your stomach twists into knots, and you know you won’t have a fun time going to sleep that night.
After you finish all the snacks, you slide under the scratchy sheets, practically lying on the edge, wanting to give Natasha as much space as possible.
“That doesn’t look comfortable,” she comments, trying to hold back a laugh when she sees you about to fall off the bed.
“It’s not.”
“So, move over,” Natasha says. “You can’t possibly be scared of me.”
But you’re more worried that you’ll accidentally hurt her than anything. You have no control over yourself when you sleep. If you were lucky, you’d have no dreams, but most of the time, your head was filled with nightmarish flashbacks of the hundred-plus years you’ve lived. Plus, Victor showing up did not put you in a good mood.
“You’re not scared of me?” you ask, rolling over to face her. 
“Should I be?” she asks.
“I mean, these claws aren’t really used for making friends.”
“I think they’re badass,” she says. “Good night, Y/N.”
“Good night, Romanoff.” You turn to face the wall and close your eyes.
You’re strapped to a platform underwater. Bubbles from your regulator obscure your vision, but not enough as you can still see the people in clean, pressed military suits sipping champagne and standing around your tank to view you like a science experiment.
But that’s all you were to them. Literally.
Someone in a surgical hood and face mask hovers over you, holding an enormous needle in their gloved hands. The barrel of the syringe is filled with a silver liquid, and the masked figure shoves the needle into your left shoulder and pushes the plunger.
It feels like your entire arm is on fire as molten metal is pushed directly onto your body. The metal drains down to the bones in your forearm and adheres to your claws, turning them into virtually indestructible knives.
But the pain is unbearable. You try thrashing and screaming, knocking the regulator out of your mouth and accidentally drowning yourself. Water rushes into your lungs, but all you can focus on is the agony in your arm. You release your claws and the metal tips rip apart your knuckles as they come shooting out, clouding the water red with blood.
“The subject is not responding well to the injection.”
“Since when have we cared about the subject’s comfort?”
Someone reaches in and shoves the regulator back in your mouth. You’ve swallowed too much water and your heart skyrockets in panic. 
“Continue with the other arm.”
You feel the needle enter your right shoulder, but no amount of screaming stops them.
Natasha wakes up when she hears your mumbling and tossing in bed. At first, she thinks you’re doing it on purpose to be annoying, but when she turns to tell you off, she sees sweat on your forehead and the veins popping on your neck.
“Um, Y/N?” She pokes your arm gingerly.
You twist in the blankets violently until you’ve literally cocooned yourself.
“Stop,” you gasp. “Please.”
Natasha recognizes you’re having a PTSD nightmare. “Y/N,” she says in a calm voice. She doesn’t want to suddenly wake you, especially with your claws. “Y/N, it’s okay, but you need to wake up—”
“RAAAAHHHHHH!” You shoot up, all claws extending from your hands and shredding the blankets to ribbons. Natasha rolls out of bed to avoid getting hurt. As you pant heavily, you look around the room and remember where you are. You don’t see Natasha anywhere.
“…Romanoff?” you say to the darkness.
“Over here.”
You scramble to the other side of the bed and see her lying on the floor.
“Oh, my God, I’m so sorry.” You untangle yourself from the remains of the blankets and offer her your hand. Natasha takes it and you pull her up.
“No, it’s okay,” she says. “I should’ve known better—”
“Did I hurt you?” you ask worriedly, examining her for any cuts. 
“No, I’m fine.”
But you can’t risk getting so close to harming her again. “I’ll sleep on the floor,” you offer.
“No, you won’t. Stay in bed,” she says, but it’s more of a command than anything.
You grudgingly move over so she can get back in bed with you. It’s a terrible idea, and you’re determined to stay awake the rest of the night if you have to.
“I get nightmares, too,” Natasha says, pulling the remains of the blankets over herself. “Sometimes it helps to talk about them. You don’t have to tell me anything, but if you want to, I’m here to listen.”
Against your better judgment, you say, “The procedure. That made me this.” You hold up one of your hands for emphasis. 
Natasha scoots closer to you where she can feel your body heat radiating against her skin.
“I only remember it in bits and pieces,’s probably better that way,” you admit. “Because what I do remember is just…” You trail off, not ready to talk about your darkest fears with Natasha.
“It’s okay,” she says, gently laying her head on your shoulder. Despite your metal bones under the layer of muscle, she thinks you make a pretty comfortable pillow. “You’re safe from them now. And if anyone tries to hurt you, I’ll protect you.”
“Really? You’ll protect me?”
“What? You don’t think I can do it?” 
You twist your head to glance at her. You’ve barely known Natasha for 24 hours, and you’re already sharing a bed with her and putting more trust in her than you’ve given people you’ve known for decades. What is it about this woman that is so different from almost every other person you meet?
“I guess we’ll have to wait and see.”
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The next parts will have a new taglist, so comment if you would like to be added.
AN: Ah, it feels nice to finally use the one-bed trope. With my own twist, as usual. Next part is coming soon!
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adorationandelation · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
HAWKEYE EP3: This episode was soooo fun and wow the ending 🤯 the Echo series is going to be so good and now we are definitely getting Daredevil soon in MCU 🤠🤯
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spideyyboii · a day ago
Christmas Can Be Fun
Tumblr media
pairing: natasha romanoff x reader
summary: unknown to you, your girlfriend hated Christmas and everything that goes with it. So when December rolls around and your apartment is filled with decorations there's not much to do but panic. 
warnings: natasha being a grinch
word count: 1.2k 
||natasha romanoff masterlist||main masterlist||christmas masterlist||
Tumblr media
When yours and Natasha’s relationship began she had made you aware of the way she grew up. How the Red Room had conditioned her into a killing machine with no mercy, she also shared that she’d never experienced a real Christmas. Only once in her childhood had she been shown a tree with presents sitting under it and that was to keep the facade of a happy family.
Your first Christmas with Natasha was hard, even though she had been freed from the Red Room for nine years she had still avoided the topic of Christmas. Once December first rolls around the redhead is quick to start pushing her teammates and friends away, especially Clint. So when your first Christmas together came up you were beyond confused as to why your girlfriend happened to be avoiding you every chance she got.
“Hey Clint, sorry to bother you but you’ve known Nat along time has she by any chance mentioned her reasoning for avoiding me?” You questioned the man hoping the two friends had sat and spoken about what was bothering your partner. “Oh honey, don’t stress it’s got nothing to do with you Nat just isn’t a fan of Christmas it reminds her of what she never had. Every year Laura and I invite her to join us and every year she turns it down. I think it just reminds her of the fact that she never got a real family.” Clint explained hoping it would calm your nerves. “Thanks Clint, I really appreciate you talking to me about this, might make it easier for when I next see her.”
After your conversation with Clint you were more understanding of your partner's reasoning for ignoring you, however it did sting that she felt as though she couldn’t express her feelings to you. You were aware that there was nothing you could do to show Natasha that Christmas could be fun as she’s already spent her entire life hating everything that went with it.
Once you eventually saw your girlfriend you tried to avoid the topic of Christmas as you didn’t want to spoil her mood but it seemed extremely challenging. “So I was thinking we could do dinner at your place tonight as Tony plans on making the Compound a Winter Wonderland.” The redhead said in disgust, “No!” You exclaimed, shocking the woman in front of you, “How about we go out to eat, my place is probably a bit boring for you. You know staring at the same four walls.” You rambled hoping she’d drop the topic of your apartment that was currently covered in Christmas decorations. “Why on earth would I want to go out and be surrounded by people I don’t know when I could be snuggling with my girlfriend in the privacy of her home?” She questioned finding it suspicious that you didn't want her in your apartment. “What are you hiding from me darling? There's something in your apartment that you don’t want me to see.” She continued. “Baby, it’s just that my place is very festive and I don’t want to upset you. I decorated before I knew you-” Before you could finish explaining the redhead had cut you off with a gentle kiss, “Darling I may not be particularly fond of this time of year but I won't stop you from celebrating. I know how much you enjoy Christmas and buying everyone presents so they feel special so when Christmas Day rolls around I’ll try to enjoy myself. Now let's get to that apartment of yours and you can introduce me to some of your favourite films.”
You spent the rest of the evening under the blankets with Natasha, showing her the most popular christmas films, her favourite turned out to be the Grinch. You both agreed that the Grinch did nothing wrong and that Whoville deserved to have their Christmas stolen after the way they treated the Grinch. “So have you enjoyed today?” You asked, hoping she’d be honest with you, “I’m surprised at how much fun the lead up to Christmas can be, I’ve enjoyed sitting here and doing nothing except from watching movies and drinking hot chocolate. I wanna do it properly this year. Would you be annoyed if I asked Clint for us to join him?” Your girlfriend rambled on making your heart flutter as you never expected her to be this open to the idea of celebrating a day that’s always made her sad.
Once she got off the phone with Clint and he agreed to have you both celebrate with the Barton family, you were ecstatic. “Nat, we need to get Clint and the family a present, you know him best, what would he want?” You rambled beyond excited about celebrating with the one you love.
Before you knew it Christmas Day was here, you woke Nat up at the crack of dawn barely able to contain your excitement. “It’s Christmas!” You shouted, causing the redhead to groan, “five more minutes.” She mumbled not matching your excitement. “I have coffee and presents.” You bribed. Once Nat had downed her coffee she finally joined you in having the Christmas spirit, “This is for you, it’s not very big but I hope you like it.” You said whilst handing your girlfriend a neatly wrapped present, anxious to see her reaction. “Baby, this is beautiful, thank you. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.” The redhead pulled you in for a kiss, tears welling in her eyes at your thoughtful present. “How did you even get half of these?” She asked with a laugh. “I may have forced Tony to go through the CCTV of everywhere we’ve been. He wasn’t very willing but I think he knew just how important it was to me, I really wanted you to have an amazing first Christmas.” You explained happy that your memory book of your relationship with Natasha was appreciated. “Well, I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I love you, now open my gift.” Nat said whilst handing you a small gift with a nervous smile on her face. As you opened the gift it was as though you fell more in love with the woman in front of you, she had gifted you a necklace that had her black widow symbol hanging from it. “I remember you saying you hate when I go away on missions so I thought you could have a piece of me with you at all times.” She said hoping you didn’t find it stupid. “Natasha Romanoff. I love you, thank you for making me the luckiest girl on the planet.”
Eventually yourself and Nat were done with your festivities and decided to make your way to the Barton household. “If it becomes too overwhelming for you, don’t hesitate to tell me and we can leave.” You told Natasha knowing that this could upset her. The door was thrown open by a young girl, “Auntie Nat, you came!” She exclaimed pulling the redhead into the house, “I see you’ve met Lila, she’s wanted Nat to come to Christmas for years so it’s safe to say she’s a bit excited.” Clint explained giving you a hug, “There’s no need to worry, she’s going to be just fine. We’re her family and she’ll understand that Christmas is wonderful when you spend it with the ones you love.” He continued smiling at the sight of his best friend unwrapping presents with his children.
Before you knew it Christmas was over, you were full of Turkey and unhealthy treats made by the kids. Nat and you decided it would be best to crash at Clint’s for the evening, “Thank you for today, you showed me that Christmas is worth celebrating.”
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my pretty baby
Tumblr media
summary: in which natasha cant stand anyone talking bad about her girl and has to let off steam somehow.
content warning: natasha romanoff x reader, poorly written smut, fluff, the avengers belittling the reader, natasha romanoff x fem!reader, slight age gap.
note: i know this is very bad smut but i wanted to write something for my steffikins @starsvck for tolerating my annoying ass <3 I swear my writing will get better i just need to practise more </3 the last time I’ve written smut was years ago so this sucks
REQUESTS ARE CLOSED. (mentally not capable of writing anything other than for the characters i think are hot tbh)
“Nat, please.”
You didn’t understand how you got in such a compromising situation. Sat on the same marble counters that you’ve had breakfast at on numerous occasions while the older woman continued to gently press her lips against your inner thighs, peppering kisses all over them, hard enough so you feel her lips move closer to where you wanted them to be but gentle enough that you’d be begging for her to touch you where you wanted to be touched.
You were significantly younger than the redhead and albeit quite clueless when it came to Natasha’s advances towards you, especially during dinner where the entire team made jokes on your behalf with you seated right next to them not acknowledging what was being said. You were too busy digging into your meal, not even acknowledging the digs they made towards you, especially when Steve said that everything went over your head, yet another insult about your intelligence.
Natasha was fuming, torn between staying silent as the team continued to degrade your intelligence or shout at the entire team. How dare they talk about you like that right in front of you? The avenger chose the latter, snapping at the team for belittling your intelligence when you so easily could give the billionaire a run for his money. She wanted nothing more but to kiss the frown etched on your face once you realised what was going on and what the people you’ve considered your family said about you.
You could just about hear Natasha angrily mumbling words as she continued to kiss up your thighs, vibrations of her words going straight to your head, making you feel dizzy with want and desire.
“How dare they…. My pretty baby.” You could just about understand some of her words, struggling to keep your eyes on the redhead in between your legs as you felt her lips press against your cunt, giving a gentle kiss before leaning forward, mouth opened, determined to make you (or herself) forget about what happened at dinner.
A moan was caught in your mouth as the older woman’s hands gripped your thighs, pulling your legs apart and devouring you like you were her last meal. You barely acknowledged your hips moving of it’s own accord, pushing yourself closer to her while she laid her tongue flat against your slick. She was obsessed with you. the way you tasted, the way you smelt, the way your breathless moans would stutter when her tongue circled your clit.
You felt every emotion pour out of Natasha as she made a mess of you on the shared kitchen counter, the anger, frustration and desperation dissipating as she continued to let it out on you. Tongue flicking at your bundle of nerves before pausing, pulling herself away from you almost unwillingly.
“What did I tell you to do?” She scowled at the younger avenger who whimpered at the emptiness in between her legs wanting the redhead to go back to what she was doing.
“Eyes on you only.” You repeated like a mantra, Nat nodded her head in response, licking her lips in a desperate way to taste you on her tongue before disappearing in between your legs, allowing her mouth dig deeper into your cunt reaching places your fingers struggled to reach when you were alone.
You watched the way she lost herself tasting you, devouring you. She loved to listen to the breathless sounds that would escape your plump lips that were swollen from kissing as you clutched her auburn curls in your fingers, pulling her impossibly close to you as she continued to make a mess of you. Your whimpers were becoming dangerously loud, loud enough that one of the Avengers could walk in to see what’s going on, the thought of someone walking in to see Natasha in between your legs made the coil in your stomach tighten with excitement.
“My pretty baby, you’re making a mess all over the counters, can’t even stay quiet for me hm?” Natasha teased, fingers replacing her mouth as she watched you fall apart.
You pulled Natasha closer to you, wanting nothing but to feel her against you as she made you her own, you watched as her fingers disappeared inside of you, creating a motion Natasha knew to do when she wanted you to crumble right in front of her. The room was quiet except for the obscene noises coming from the two of you. You gave up trying to stay quiet, not being able to think straight while Natasha had two digits inside of you, mouth wrapped around your bundle of nerves as she coaxed you through your orgasm.
Shivers went straight to your spine as the older woman slowly pulled her slender fingers out of you, slick in arousal, it was glistening under the soft lighting of the kitchen as a smile formed on her plump pink lips, it was clear that the gears were churning in her head as she brought her fingers close to your mouth, you instinctively parted your lips as she slipped the sodden fingers inside.
“You did so good for me моя любовь.” She said, glancing over at the doorway before looking back at you.
“Let's see how many times I can get you to cum before someone walks in.” You heard her say before disappearing once again in between your thighs.
all works: @yelenabelovasgf @amourtentiaa @husherstan @peggycarter-steverogers @drpepperobsessed @whosedevil @missusstark @hehehehannahthings
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