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#black widow
sokoviarising-wanted · 52 minutes ago
Tumblr media
SOKOVIA RISING is a brand-new, literate, app-based Marvel/DC crossover RPG written by and created for longtime writers and passionate fans of Marvel and DC comics, movies, and media. Acceptances every Monday and Thursday!
                               When we sacrifice justice for safety, what do we lose?
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captains-simp · 55 minutes ago
Wanda Maximoff & Natasha Romanoff ~ You Love Us
Tumblr media
dark!Wanda X dark!Natasha X Reader Smut
Warnings: Manipulation, degrading, praise, light pet play, strap on oral, strap on, masturbation, oral, double penatration, mommy kink, squirting, dubcon
2.4k words
This is a dark fic and may contain material you are not comfortable with
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
You hummed quietly to the tune of a song you vaguely knew on the small radio on the kitchen counter. You were nearly done preping dinner for your girlfriends, knowing when they got home they would be hungry and craving the Sokovian dish you had promised them both.
Just as you set the timer on the oven you heard the front door open and two pairs of footsteps come through the door. You grinned as you turned around to greet the women you had been missing all day but was met with Natasha's strict voice.
"Knees." Was all she said and you fell down instantly like a puppet as your hands took up their position behind your back, resting on your feet.
Natasha was already making her way towards you, eyeing you like prey while you bowed your head and stared at the floor like you had been trained to do. Her slim fingers stroked under your chin and her thumb rested below your lips as she lifted your face, silently giving you permission to look at her.
She studied you stoicly as you sat patiently on the hard floor, knowing better than to tell her about the ache on your knees. A trace of a smile appeared on her lips when she took in every feature of your face, especially the awaiting glint in your eye that told her you were eager to do whatever she or Wanda asked in an effort to please them.
"You stuck to your schedule." Wanda stated as she glanced over at the oven. On the long and annoyingly common days that they both had to be away from home they gave you a schedule to stick to to keep you focused; what on or what from you were never sure.
"Yes mommy." You said as you watched her stroll over to you and pull something out of her back pocket.
Natasha's hand left your face but you kept your head up to look at them. Wanda hummed in acknowledgment as Nat pulled your hair up into a temporary ponytail, giving the stray strands a tug and elicting a small whimper from you.
"Good, we've had a very long day and expect you to be our good, obedient girl." Natasha instructed as Wanda knelt down infront of you with her gentle smile and placed a leather collar around your neck and buckled it at the front.
You had had a collar before but you weren't sure what happened to it. It had disappeared during one of your 'out moments' as Wanda called them. They could last anywhere from a few seconds to a few days and you never remembered a second of them. Natasha and Wanda didn't like you asking about your 'out moments'.
"Of course she will, our precious girl's always so eager to please." Wanda cooed as she stood up and raised her wrist in a casual manner that made your oversized shirt rip apart at the front and leaft you in just your panties.
Wanda smiled at her handy work before turning on her heels and strolling out the kitchen towards your bedroom.
"Crawl." Natasha ordered as she walked ahead of you at a pace you struggled to keep up with on your sore knees.
When you finally got to the bedroom both your girlfriends were already stripping themselves of their clothes between kisses.
You stopped in your dedicated spot facing the bed and tried to ignore the growing need in your panties as Wanda leisurely sat on the edge of the bed facing you and leant back on her hands as she watched you struggle to maintain your composure.
That slipped away even more when she trailed her hand down her naked body and between her spread legs. You whimpered when you saw how wet she was and how much slick she was able to gather on her fingers.
Your hips twitched slightly as you bit your lip but Natasha pulled you towards her with her strap infront of your face. You could faintly see Wanda in your peripheral and more so you could hear her light gasps as she teased herself.
"Get my cock nice and ready for your pussy." Natasha instructed as her hands combed seemingly innocently through your hair. You leaned forward and wrapped your lips around the toy as you looked up at Natasha through hooded eyes. She smirked down at you as you took another couple of inches until you started to struggle with any more.
"Do you need Mommy's help, kitten?" She mocked and you nodded desperately with the strap still in your mouth. Her grip on your hair tightened again and you moaned around the strap as Natasha's hips pushed forward to make you take the rest of the toy.
Your gag reflect kicked in quickly making you choke around the strap while Natasha held you head firmly in place. She didn't let up until you were drooling on the strap.
"I love hearing you gag around my cock, kitten. Your slutty mouth takes whatever I give it." You moaned around the strap until Natasha pushed you off. "Bend over the bed."
You looked over hopefully to where Wanda was sat and saw her her raise a glistening finger in a come here motion. You stumbled over to her on your knees and situated yourself between her legs as you rested your top half on the bed and raised your ass in the air in hopes of pleasing your stricter girlfriend.
You stared longingly at Wanda's pussy and breathed in the intoxicating smell of her arousal. The urge to lean in and taste her was high but you knew to wait for permission, especially when they needed you to be their good girl.
Natasha pulled down your ruined panties and chuckled at the sight. "Your pussy's already dripping and we haven't even touched it yet." Natasha chuckled as she pressed the silicone to your eager hole.
"She's been so good, give her what she wants Nat." Wanda said as she ran her fingers through your hair and scratched the side of your head that always made you lean into her touch.
"You need to learn some self control too." Nat huffed but thrust the strap inside you anyway. You lurched forward and moaned loudly as Natasha set off a rough pace. You clenched the bed sheets in enclosed fists and panted along with your girlfriend's deep thrusts.
"Mommy, feels so good." You moaned in bliss as her pace was unrelenting. She dug her nails into your hips as she propelled herself forward into you continuously.
"Your cunt's so desperate for my cock." Nat smirked as she watched you take her.
"She just wants her slutty pussy ruined by her Mommies." Wanda moaned as she rubbed her clit in small circles.
"Your our little cockslut aren't you?" Nat taunted as she slapped your ass.
"Yes Mommy!" You wailed, ready to agree with anything they said to prolong your pleasure.
Wanda tangled both her hands in your hair and finally pulled you towards her. "Make Mommy cum." She said breathlessly. You eagerly obliged and dipped your tongue inside her. You loved the taste that invading your senses and moaned inside her causing Wanda to clench her thighs together as much as she could to entrap your head.
"Is she doing a good job, Wan?" Nat asked as she pinned your neck down to the bed, effectively keeping your head in place.
"She is, such a good mouth." Wanda moaned as her hips started to buck up against you making it hard to breathe. You noted the signs and wrapped your lips around her pulsing clit and sucked harshly until she came undone with a strangled moan and gripped your hair like a landline.
You covered Nat's strap in your arousal as you came undone barely a second after from a few final, powerful, thrusts from her that had you trembling from head to toe.
You whined lowly as Natasha eased the strap out of you and left you clinging to the bed. Wanda used her magic to attach her harness to her hips as she pulled you off of the floor and onto the bed.
The Sokovian leant back against the bedrest and guided your body forward.
Your eyes snapped open when you felt the strap bump against your core again.
"Come on, sweetheart, you can ride Mommy's cock. We know how much you can handle."
"So we know what to surpass." Nat smirked from somewhere behind you.
You nodded weakly, not wanting to disapoint your partners and slowly sank yourself onto the strap.
You whimpered and fell forward slightly to hold Wanda's hips and steady yourself but she grabbed your wrists with a knowing smirk and put them behind your back. Another set of hands took ahold of them and and bound them in rough rope, stopping you from reaching out and touching either of your girlfriends.
Natasha then snaked her hands back up to you hips before taking ahold of them roughly and slamming you down Wanda's strap. You moaned into the air and winced at the dull pain you barely had a second to adjust to.
"You heard her, whore. Ride." Natasha ordered. You instantly started moving you hips and gasped again as you were pushed further forward.
"You'll take us both, won't you, kitten?" It was rhetorical. They didn't expect an answer because they didn't need one, but you gave them one anyway.
"Yes, Mommy! Wanna be filled up by you both." You moaned as your pace increased.
"Is that right?" Wanda mused.
"Yes, please!" You begged shamelessly and felt Nat already easing a finger covered in cold lube into your tightest hole.
"Nothing we haven't done before." Nat smirked as she pumped a second finger inside you. You didn't even have a chance to think about the fact you definelty didn't remember that happening because Natasha withdrew her fingers and pushed the tip of the strap into you.
You whined at the stretch but was muffled when two fingers slipped into your mouth. You moaned around Wanda's fingers as you looked back at her lustfilled eyes.
You continued to ride Wanda's cock and gave a strangled cry around her fingers when she starting thrusting her hips up in a pace that matched Natasha's.
Wanda's fingers left your mouth and dropped your pussy where they started to rub frantically at your aching bundle of nerves.
It didn't take them long to build you up to the orgasm you craved and they knew it. Their pace never faltered, if anything it seemed to increase, as thought they were desperate to see you cum.
"You gonna cum for us, malysh?" Wanda teased as she rubbed your clit faster.
"God, yes!" You moaned breathlessly, struggling to form any words at all.
"Beg." Natasha demanded.
"Please!" You cried. "Wanna cum so bad, please let me cum, please!"
"Cum for us, kitten." You screamed and slumped forward as you complelty let go of all control and gushed uncontrollably.
"Good fucking girl." Natash praised as she eased the strap out of you, eyes fixed on the excess cum she wasn't prepared to clean up yet, and swiftly untied the rope.
Wanda carefully used her magic to take the harness off and out of your sensitive pussy. The women abandoned their toys as they lay down next to you and held you close.
It was in the moments like that you were most liable to fall from mindset you had been so carefully placed under. It was when you were pushed to the very edge at such an extreme point that you were able to grasp onto the person who had become a stranger to you.
"She's slipping." Nat warned as she watched your eyes furrow in confusion before widening in fear. You went to sit bolt upright but Natasha kept you tight against her chest.
"Where...where am I?!" You demanded startled, you went to leap out of bed again but the woman holding you had an iron grip on your waist.
Those were also the moments your mind was most open and vulnerable to an attack.
Wanda placed her fingers on either side of your head silently. You tried desperately to get away but your movement was extremly limited because of Natasha's strength and your head felt suddenly locked in place as you saw wisps of red in your peripheral.
"Shh, it's okay, honey. You're just having a little 'out moment', I'll make you better." Wanda cooed. You whimpered in distress before your entire body froze up.
It felt like you were high. Like you were being transported to another place while your body stayed fixed to the bed. For a moment there was nothing. No sound, no movement, no life. Then you felt as though you were sent spiralling through the air with no one to stop your fall. Until someone was there holding you tight. Too tight. You couldn't breathe.
You love us. You struggled and fought against the unknown force but your efforts were futile.
You love us.
No! You couldn't keep your grip on what was real for much longer. You couldn't compete with the power. You were terrified and needed someone to save you.
You love us. Just like that, everything fitted into place and you found yourself back in the arms of the women who meant the most to you.
"I love you." You whispered weakly. Your eyes were shut and your limbs felt like jelly, not that you wanted to move. You didn't want to be anywhere else.
"We love you too, malysh." Wanda said through her usual contagious smile as she wrapped her arms around your waist below Natasha's hold.
"She resisted more that time." Wanda muttered, not worrying about you hearing or understanding what she meant. You were still very much out of it.
The Russian pushed your weak body over and into Wanda so you were laying against her on your back as her hands left your waist and travelled down to cup your still sensitive pussy.
"Then we better reiterate the point." She said as she slipped two fingers inside you.
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thorslovex · an hour ago
Something Red Room was definitely not prepared for, was the amount of food it would require to feed baby Tory. From the get go, they started to unintentionally starve her, for they were giving her the amount required for a newborn and not a baby Asgardian, so she was not getting the amount of calories she needs and would have been getting, from Sif. So as a result she started to starve to death, and almost did die when she was around one month old and it wasn’t until another Handler suggested feeding her more and they quickly figured out she needed at least one tin of baby formula a day. 
Another thing to take in to account would be a possible famine going on with the rest of the world, due to Sif being the goddess of the harvest, which means she controls the world food supply and I imagine a lot of it is affected by her emotions. So there would barely be enough food to feed everyone but that’s it. Which means for Torunn in Red Room, she would be slightly under the calroies she would need as she gets older to sustain herself. 
Now throw in May @webheadjrr when she arrives into the program at 10 years old, there would now be a food problem and shortage, which would spark both girls to be more angry and somewhat aggressive, as they’re most likely constantly starving. 
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dreamitanddoit · an hour ago
MCU characters favorite musicals
Wanda- Dear Evan Hansen
Damaged babies
Making up stories so that you can live a life with a happy partner and family?? Wanda could never relate
Natasha- Chicago
Violent but sexy
Would be the baddest bitch in that cell block and she knows it
“Sorry boys… ya had it coming”
Tony- School of Rock
Taking in children and turning them into badasses? Peter and Harley can you say relatable please
except he’s a lot cooler than Dewey because he’s successful duh
May have only seen the movie but knows it’s a Broadway show now so he’s sticking to it
Bruce- Wicked
Sees himself in Elphaba but can’t figure out why
Will sing Defying Gravity for you
“Wait I thought she was supposed to be the bad guy”
Peter- Hamilton
Heard MJ talking about it once so of course, he had to listen to it
Tries to rap Guns and Ships… fails
Likes Peggy
Steve- 1776
Patriotism but make it old school
Appreciates the new medium for people to learn about history
Thinks it’s better than Hamilton
Thor- Mamma Mia
Hair twinz
Attempts to seduce Jane with Sophie’s part of Lay All Your Love on Me the real reason they broke up
Clint- The Lion King
Literally only because of his kids
Tries to sing the beginning of The Circle of Life... it’s embarrassing and kind of offensive
Sam- Motown
Appreciates the Black representation
Marvin. Gaye.
ALL the music slaps who are we kidding
Bucky- Bandstand
Did someone say PTSD?
Wishes he had a girl like Julia to come home to
thanks to @themarvelbunch + @cevanslatte for their input
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n0obmaster69 · an hour ago
Loki to Natasha: your world is on fire and you're bargaining for one man's life?
me watching that scene,knowing that I would willingly destroy my own world for Loki to rule and be happy:
Tumblr media
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mcximffs · an hour ago
i dont know why but i have a really strong feeling that nat and pietro would get along very well
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livingdeadgal128 · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Angelica’s plan worked. She smiled to herself as she saw Kyle Cooper coming towards her. Was he jealous of the two gym rats she was talking to?
Angelica opened her mouth to say hello when suddenly, he raised his hand to slap her! 
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scaarletwiitch · 4 hours ago
Ok, ok iron man might have got 3 movies but how many pre-release posters did he get?
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keithsk0gane · 4 hours ago
remember when people hated brie larson because she wasn’t soft and spoke her mind and had a stern resting face and somehow that was equated with being “arrogant” even though she literally wasn’t arrogant at all ever 
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shade-of-the-night · 4 hours ago
You can’t save everyone,
But if you don’t try it improve and learn from your failures you shouldn’t even try,
Understand your limitations,
And try to overcome them,
If you can’t that’s okay,
It’s not shameful to ask for help,
Sometimes your emotions and mental health make you suffer,
But don’t use that as an excuse to justify making others feel the same,
Be responsible,
And be accountable for your actions,
Hold your ground on what you believe in,
But be aware that sometimes you will be wrong,
It’s fine to believe that someone is a hero,
But don’t blindly follow them,
For they are human as well,
They are not perfect and will fall at times,
They may even be wrong sometimes,
And that’s ok,
But don’t pretend that they are still in the right,
The world isn’t black and white,
Every side is a different prospective that is worth listening to,
Both will be right and wrong at the same time,
So don’t just write the opposing side off without hearing them out first,
Compromises can be made,
There are two different types of selfish,
The one where you only think about yourself at the expense of others,
And the type that you think of your health and happiness so you can be selfless,
It’s not wrong to step back and focus on your self for awhile,
We all have our limits,
We just have to remember to try.
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livingdeadgal128 · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Angelica wore her best perfume to the gym. While she also planned on getting a workout in, she knew the gym was also a great place to meet people, and she needed to be on her A-game. 
She also knew that the more attention she got from townies, the more desirable she’d look to the rich Sims she was after. 
She faked a smile and batted her eyelashes for a couple of meatheads that were clearly admiring her body. Piece of cake. She’d be the talk of the town soon enough. 
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mcufox123 · 4 hours ago
Soul Mates
Summary: What happens when there are actual soul mates in the world? Is Wanda yours?
A/N: ok this story gave me such chills and I’m really proud of it. Please enjoy!
Warnings: Injuries, implications of smut
Soul mates, they exist. You are born with a mark on your skin. If you date someone, the mark will go away when you both fall in love with each other, and they touch your skin. Like you could be in a relationship and touch each other but the mark will go away only when you both love each other. It drove most of your relationships. So many times, you wanted to find your soul mate, but it never worked out. Your mark always confused you. It was two hands together on your stomach. What would you and your soul mate be doing? Where would your mark be on them?
After a while you gave up on ever trying to find them. You didn’t care anymore. You focused on work. You had been an undercover agent for Tony Stark, investigating different targets before the avengers would go and save the day. You lived with Earth’s mightiest heroes, who at home they were far more different than anyone would expect.
Bruce was a geek, Natasha was like the mother hen, Steve was a wood worker, Tony a family man, Bucky and Sam would play video games, and Wanda loved sitcoms. Don’t get me wrong, they of course trained and ate healthy and did mission recon, but other than that they were normal people.
When you first started living there it was weird for you to see everyone in sweatpants, but you quickly got used to it. You spent time with almost everyone, mostly Wanda though. You two quickly entered a relationship a few short months after you started living there. You even moved into her room. A couple months into your relationship you knew you loved her, but you would never dare say it. You always remembered the conversation you had with her about soul mates.
“Do you believe in the whole soul mates mark?” you asked the closed off girl in your arms.
“I believe they do. I never want to know who mine is though. I lost too many people Y/N. I don’t think I could know that and be ok if I ever lost them.” She answered while playing with your hands.
“That’s fair, I guess. What would you do if you found them though?” you asked her. You were nervous because you wanted Wanda to be your soul mate and you kept waiting for her to touch your mark, but she never did.
“I’m not sure. Maybe put them in a bubble only I could reach and never let them go.” She said in an amusing voice and you knew the conversation was coming to a close.
“I’m sure that would not go over well.” You chuckled. There were a few moments of silence, she was just drawing random shapes on your shoulder, head against your chest.
“Don’t wait for me Y/N. If you want to find your soul mate, go find them.” She said with hurt in her voice. You could tell she didn’t want you to go.
“I’m right here Wanda, don’t worry.” You reassured her before you both were silent again. Eventually you both fell asleep.
That happened only a couple weeks before the mission you were about to go on. Tony had found an undercover S.H.I.E.L.D. facility that was now operating with Hydra. You had “applied” for a job there and quickly made your way up the ranks. It was now time for you to report to their office to help them continue following Hydra’s plan. You walked out to the car you would be driving in for the mission. Wanda followed you out.
“Please be careful out there, Y/N. Take care of you. No one else matters. Just you. Come back to me quickly.” Wanda said walking next to you.
“I always do babe. I promise, I’ll be back, as fast as I can.” You wanted to add that you loved her but knew now wasn’t the time. Your soul mate’s conversation still lingering in your head. You leaned in a gave her one last kiss before getting in the car to drive to your mission.
The drive to the mission wasn’t too bad, only like 4 hours which is short compared to other cross-country ones that you have done. Just like you planned you fit right in with the agents. You put on this very charismatic façade gaining their trust in a week’s time.
“I think it’s time you met the boss kid.” Agent Gerald said to you as he led you down a series of hallways. You tried to mentally track your path so you would be able to show your friends but there were more hallways than you could’ve imagined. A tactic they must have used to catch fake agents like yourself.
Once arriving to a big room, you met Frank the head honcho. He was a small man, nothing you would’ve expected from someone leading such a complicated organization. He looked up and smiled.
“So, this is agent Reilly? I’ve heard great things about you.” He said referring to your undercover name. He reached out to shake your hand.
“You must be Frank. I’ve heard some scary things about you.” You said testing the waters of the old man, hoping he would see it as a friendly interaction. Which thank goodness he did. He pulled you into his side while pointing at you and looking at Gerald. “I like this one, she’ll be just the person I need for the job.”
Frank had a plan. This made you nervous, what would he have you be doing? You had to get the team here right away. After the pleasantries of meeting Frank, you were excused until tomorrow when he would let you know what you would be doing.
You however couldn’t wait that long and as soon as you got to your hotel room you called the team.
“Tony, I need you guys here ASAP. I know who the head guy is. Its Frank Randone, Fury’s old partner. I met him today I know where he’s hiding, he has a mission for me which he’s going to give me tomorrow.” You rambled on quickly.
“Ok, we’ll be there in an hour and we’ll devise a plan when we get there. Just be careful and stay put.” He told you in a fatherly way. You rolled your eyes even though you knew he couldn’t see it.
Not even an hour later you heard a knock on the door. You opened it to see your modge podge family. They all looked kind of out of it as they piled in your room. You knew it was because they got called here so quickly on such short notice.
The plan was that you would go into the facility tomorrow and go see Frank for your mission. You would have the tracker com in your ear so the team could both track your movement and hear you and what you heard at the same time. After you received the mission, you would leave the facility to meet your friends and help them defeat Frank.
After the mission was planned everybody left besides Wanda. You were exhausted from the day you just had and anxious about the following day. Wanda changed into some sweatpants and grabbed your sweatshirt before crawling into bed. She rubbed your back as you sat on the edge of the bed a million thoughts running through your head. She sat up and hugged you from behind.
“Come cuddle with me please, this week has been too long without you.” She whispered in your ear. You turned back to look at her in the eyes. You saw her looking at you with so much emotion. You leaned in to kiss her which quickly got heated.
If it had been a chaste kiss, it was almost as if she was going to say those three little words, she didn’t though, instead you had a heated night. You both fell asleep in the comfort of each other’s arms.
The next morning you peeled yourself from Wanda’s arms to get ready for the day. You were too nervous to eat or do much, but you had to get the com ready and online and dressed. Wanda was still sleeping when you were about to leave so you walked over to kiss her forehead. Before you could pull away you felt a hand come up to your neck and hold you there. You looked down to see emerald eyes staring back at you.
“Be careful, please. I need you to come back to me.” She said. Your only answer was a chaste kiss before pulling away.
“I promise.” And with that you walked out of the room and drove to the facility.
Once you got there you were immediately taken to Frank. You were grateful that you didn’t have to remember the hallways with the tracking com. Once you arrived at the room you instantly felt a sense of panic though.
“Agent Reilly just in time! I brought your mission in for you to complete it right now, so I know you are worthy of the position I am about to offer and that you are loyal to this organization.” He said with a creepy grin before he continued. “The world is lost, the only people who seem to have it all together are the avengers. That can’t be, we need them to be in array as well. I have captured the founder and his right-hand man, or women I should say. They will be here any minute.” He walked towards you holding a gun. You suddenly were very nervous; you had an idea of who it would be.
“This man and I go way back, we used to be partners if you could believe that. It was easy getting him surprisingly enough and lucky for me she was there too. What I need you to do is kill them. First Maria, then Fury. Then we will talk about this new position I have for you.” You needed to get out of this. Suddenly the door opened, and Fury and Maria were dragged in. The looked awful, defeated even, one thing that you never saw on either of their faces. Then they looked up and saw you and you saw hope on their faces. You, however, were shaking. You had to think quickly of what you had to do.
There were four men there and Frank. Each had a gun, and a knife attached to their belts. You had a gun you also had the team who would hopefully be on their way by now, but you had no way of knowing for sure. You eyed up the four guys, you could take them. You could do this. You just had to get Fury and Maria out of here alive.
Fury eyed you knowing that you had just calculated your plan in the span of 20 seconds, and he visibly relaxed as did Maria. They trusted you. You could do this.
You walked over and grabbed the gun from Frank, “You got it boss.” You said before turning your back on him to walk towards Maria. You held the gun at her head, then eyed Frank who gave you a subtle nod.
Before you could shoot Maria, you pulled your gun up and expertly shot three of the men before the 4th one lunged at you. You dodged him and grabbed him by the arm causing him to turn around. You shot him in the back before turning to look at Frank. He eyed you nervously.
“Who are you?” he asked in a shaky voice. You smirked. “I’m your worst enemy.” You said before turning to shoot him. He fell back, you don’t even check to see if he’s out before you turn around to help Fury and Maria out of the restraints. Right as your finishing helping Maria, you hear an alarm blare. You turn to see Frank with his phone in his hand smiling. Before you have time to process you feel a sharp pain in your stomach. You whip your head around to see a guard standing there. You shoot him then turn back and shoot Frank in the head.
“Y/N,” Fury said as he rushed towards you. You then collapsed on the ground, looking down to see a knife protruding from your stomach. This wasn’t supposed to happen.
You heard lots of commotion coming from the hallway. You knew the team was there. Fury knew not to touch the blade inside you and instead picked you up carefully. He started carrying you out of the building and to the quinjet outside. He put you on the ground and tried to stop the bleeding. He took the com out of your ear to talk to the team.
“This is Fury, Y/N is down. Stab wound in her abdomen. We’re on the quinjet but we have to get her out of here, and fast.” You didn’t get to hear the response but not even two minutes later a red head appeared in your vision cupping your cheek.
“Stay with me you hear me. You’re not allowed to leave remember. You have to be with me.” Wanda said. You reached up to grab her cheek. “I'm not going any-any-anywhere. Re-re-remember.” You choked out with difficulty. You saw tears running down her face.
Fury reached around Wanda to look at the wound. “We need to take that knife out; an infection has already started spreading. If we want her to make it, it has to come out. I will remove it. Wanda, you need to apply pressure as I extract it.” He said looking up at Wanda who just nodded. Wanda put her hands on the spot she would never dare touch before.  The knife was directly in the center of your soul mate mark. You realized in that moment that she was your soul mate. You started to cry, now scared about what the outcome of this day would be. You had to make it, you had to be ok for her.
It must have registered in her brain as you simply put your hands over hers. Covering her mark on the back of her hands. You heard her cry harder as both of your marks started to fade away.
“I love you Y/N. You can’t leave me now. I said it. I’ve said what I’ve tried to run away from. We both know now, and now, you can’t leave me.” Wanda said crying harder holding her hands on your stomach. It was so hard for you to process her feelings. The pain slowly started to leave your body as you began to feel numb.
“I love you too Wanda,” breath, “always have,” breath,” always will.” You tried to get out. Suddenly you couldn’t hear anything. You saw Wanda start to sob and scream at you. You saw the rest of the team ran onto the quin jet. Steve immediately took over for Wanda, while Nat and Clint tried to pull her away from you. You saw her fighting her way back to you then everything went black.
Steve held his hands there. Tony used his Iron man suit to freeze the wound until they were able to get you home. You were fighting for your life the whole way back to the compound. Wanda fought everyone so hard to stay by your side. She held your hand rubbing endless circles on the back of your hand. She talked to you the whole way.
“Well, we know now, we’re soulmates. When you wake up from this don’t expect me to ever let you out of my sight again. The first thing that’s going to happen is I'm going to talk to Tony. You need a suit. I know I'm not stopping you from going on missions but you need a suit so you can be ok when I'm not there. The next thing is we are moving out of the compound. It’s a target. I need you safe and I need you all to myself. Maybe we could build a house right next door or down the block because I know you won’t want to be too far from the team. Also, we are getting married. There is absolutely no point in prolonging that. I want you to be mine for forever, officially. For all this to happen you need to stay with me. You need to be ok. Because I love you.” Wanda rambled on. She continued to talk about your life together.
When you arrive at the compound they immediately moved you to the medical bay. Wanda is frozen on the jet. Everyone slowly makes their way off the jet exhausted from the day. Wanda slowly walks off and instead of going with Nat to the medical bay, she goes to your room and puts on one of your sweatshirts. She crawls under the covers and puts on your favorite sitcom. She doesn’t watch though, she’s too numb, a million thoughts running through her head. She doesn’t want you gone; she needs you. After about a half hour she lets out a blood curdling scream as it finally hits her that you might be gone. Clint goes in and just holds her, being her fatherly figure that he is.
They operate on your stomach and everything goes smoothly, but you lost a lot of blood. Now it is up to you to wake up. In the in between life and death you are at peace. You are in your dream house with your childhood dog, and you feel a sense of calm. No responsibilities are on your shoulders, no timeline of missions, no scars from past missions litter your body. In the in between you are just you and you can do anything you want.
Every day you do whatever you want. Some days its running by a lake, some days you are on the beach. The only sad part is nobody is here to share it with you. One day you are cooking up some breakfast when there is a knock on your door. You are startled by the intrusion of your peace. You wipe your hands and go to the door to see a young man with white hair.
“Hi,” you say unsure of your own voice.
“Y/N, I’m Pietro, Wanda’s Brother.” You stand there in shock. You’re not sure what to do so you reach out and give him a hug, happy that you finally are able to meet him.
“Oh my gosh, HI! It’s so nice to meet you! Wanda has told me so much about you!” You say enthusiastically. You then step aside and welcome him into your home.
You take him to the kitchen where you both share a meal, and you get to know him better. He tells you all about young Wanda and their life growing up. You tell him all about your relationship with Wanda and that you both learnt that you were soulmates.
“She really loves you ya know? She tried to push it away for so long. Do you know how long you have been here for?” He asks you suddenly. You’re thrown by the question because you have now lost track of time.
“No, I’m not really sure. The last thing I remember is telling Wanda that I loved her. Then I was just here.” You tell him honestly.
“It’s been 3 months. You’re not dead, your body is trying to figure out what it wants to do. For that to happen you need to know what you want to do. Can I show you something?” He asks as you try processing this conversation.
“S-s-s-sure.” You say nervously, still trying to wrap you head around the fact that it’s been 3 months. He stands up and escorts you to a mirror. He pulls a nob out and places it on the mirror. Your eyebrows furrow and he notices.
“You only get one of these when you’re completely committed to this world.” He says as a sad smile crosses his face. You know he wasn’t supposed to die, but he sacrificed himself to save Clint, a heroic action. He starts turning the nob and you see yourself on a hospital bed. Next to you is Wanda, she looks so broken, a shell of a person who she was. You gasp and put your hand on the mirror to try to touch her. You can’t though and the tears start to roll down your face.
“She hasn’t eaten much Y/N. She hasn’t showered unless Clint makes her. She has spent every day for the past three months in this hospital room next to you, waiting for you to wake up. She needs you Y/N, way more than she ever needed me. You make her happy even if she was too stupid to admit it. She loves you so much. I understand if you choose to stay here and wait for her, to be at peace and get the relaxation you need, but please just do something. Don’t stay in this in between because it will kill her.” The tears are coming faster now as you take everything in. He gives he a side hug and you turn into his body so he could hold you while you cry.
Pietro stays the rest of the day and does whatever you want to do. You both go for a walk, you take a boat out on the lake, you go to the beach and just stare at the ocean. You wish that everything could be easy, but it can’t. You have to make a decision.
After dinner Pietro says that it’s time for him to leave and you escort him to the door.
“It was really nice being able to mee you Y/N. If you do go back, tell my sister hi. Tell her I miss her, but I am so proud of the person she has become. Tell her I am ok and that she’ll see me again someday. And you, if you return take care of her, love her, and give her everything you possibly can.” You nod at him and reach for a hug which he gladly returns. “I’m happy its you, Y/N.” he said before he turns around to leave.
After he leaves, you stay up and write. You write all of your feelings on a page. You write all the reasons you want to stay and all the reasons you want to go back. Eventually you fall asleep on the couch a pen in your hand.
When you wake up the light is bright. It takes you a few minutes for you to realize where you are. You’re in the hospital bed, a warm presence is on your arm. You look down to see Wanda slouched over asleep next to you. You smile, you’re back. You remember your time away so vividly; you look up and silently thank Pietro. You lean over and place a soft kiss on the top of the red head. It takes her a minute to stir. She looks up at you and just stares in disbelief. Her hand reaches up to cup your cheek making sure your really there. You just reach up and touch her hand.
That’s enough for her to attack you in a hug and sob. You hold her whispering reassuring words into her hair. “I’m here. Don’t worry I’m here. I’m not going anywhere. Remember I’ll always come back.” She just cried harder.
After she finally calms down, she smashes her lips on yours, putting in all the emotions she has, and you are fast to reciprocate it. When you pull back your foreheads are touching.
“So, when are we getting married?” you ask a smile spreading on your lips.
“As soon as you get out of this hospital bed,” she says while smiling back at you.
“And the house?” you ask repeating all of the promises she made to you.
“Steve already started construction on the edge of the compound property.” She says while planting kisses all over your face.
“And the suit?” you ask, she freezes.
“Not happening anytime soon. We are taking a long vacation you and me, there are a lot of things we need to catch up on and I'm not going to share you just yet.” This causes you to chuckle and agree.
“He’s proud of you, ya know?” you tell her, she freezes and gives you a questioning look. “Pietro, I met him, he’s proud of you, he loves you, and he’s ok. He said you will see him one day don’t worry.” You say as you bring your hand up to her cheek in a comforting way. You see tears roll down her cheeks and you’re quick to wipe them away.
She snuggles closer to you “thank you y/n for telling me. And for coming back to me. I love you.” She says as she lays her head on your chest. You wrap your arms around her and in a few minutes, you hear that she is sleeping. You see such relief on her features, and she looks so calm. “I love you too, always have and always will.” You say as you lay a gentle kiss on the top of her head.
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ok, i'm super excited for the Black Widow movie, but I'm also really excited to see the post credit scene
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cole22ann · 4 hours ago
Radioactive Spider Bite
Tumblr media
Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings: language, vilonce, muture content? Maybe later on?, jealousy, death, idk its marvel... slow updates.
A/N: please don't be rude. Feed back is welcome but be kind. If there is any little details you would like to change to fit your style and personality please do so. This will also be on my WATTPAD along with all my other stories. This begins with Civil War when Peter comes home to find Tony Stark there. It will go to Homecoming, Infinity War, End Game, Far From Home, and then when No Way Home is out and I watch it the story will continue as long as there is a new movie with Spider-Man.
Word Count: 1122 words
Captian America: Civil War
Chapter Two
Mr. Stark walked over to Peter's desk. "Whoa, what have we here? Retro tech, huh?" He said. "Peter's a nerd," I said. "Hey! I am not," he said pushing me a little. "Thrifty store? Salvation army?" Stark asked Peter. "Uh, the garbage, actually," Peter said. "You're a dumpster diver?" Mr. Stark asked bluntly. "Yeah, I was... anyway, look, um, I did not apply for your grant and either did y/n..." Peter said but was cut off. "Ah-ah! Me first," Mr. Stark said loudly. "Okay," Peter said.
"Quick question of the rhetorical variety," Stark said holding his phone up. A screen projected from it showing Peter or "Spider-Man swinging by a guy on his webs. "That's you, right?" He asked. "Um. No. What do you... what do you mean?" Petet stammered. "Yeah," Stark said flipping his phone as another video came up. "Look at you go," he said. "Wow! Nice catch. 3,000 pounds, 40 miles an hour. That's no easy. You got mad skills," Mr. Stark said and brought up another video. "And this... this is both of you," he said. The video showing Peter and I swinging together the day he was showing me how the web-shooters worked just in case I changed my mind.
Peter had his stupid suit he made on and I have black leggings and a tight long sleeve black shirt with my hair up in a ponytail and a simple black mask that went over my eyes. I had my arms around his neck and my legs wrapped around his waist while his one arm was securely around my waist. He had been talking to me and explaining everything step by step. I squinted at the stilled frame and shook my head. "Nope. That... that is not me," I said and looked at Mr. Stark. "Really? And I guess this isn't either?" He asked showing another video of me swinging by myself. I shook my head "nope. Nope, definitely not me," I said.
"That's... that's all you YouTube, though, right? That's where you found that? Because you know that's all fake. It's all done on the computer," Peter jumped in. "Mmm-hmm," Stark hummed. "It's like that video. What it is?" Peter said looking at the projected screen in front of us as Stark looked around. "Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, you mean like those UFOs over Phoenix?" Stark said as he took a broom handle and pushed open the crawl space door on the ceiling. Peter's suit falling out on a rope. "Oh, what has me here?" He said. Peter jumped in front of him and grabbed him. Turning his back he shoved it into his closet.
"Uh..." Peter let out leaning on the wall nodding his head. I sat on his bed and flopped back laying down. "Awkward," I said and Peter glared at me. Mr. Stark walked over to him. "So. You're the Spider-ling. Crime-fighting spider. You're Spider-Boy? And you're what? Spider-Girl?" He asked. "No. I'm y/n," I said and rolled my eyes. "Spider-Man," Peter said crossing his arms. "Not in that onesie, you're not," Stark said. "Ha!" I snorted out laughing at that. "It's not a onesie," Peter said and walked over to pick the broom handle up. "I don't believe this. I was actually having a really good day today, Mr. Stark. We didn't miss put train, this perfectly good DVD player was just sitting there... and Algebra test, nailed it," Peter said now standing by his desk. "I'm pretty sure I failed it," I said sitting up.
"Who else knows? Anybody?" Mr. Stark asked. I and Peter shook our heads. "Nobody," we both said. "Not even your unusually attractive aunt?" Stark asked. "No. No. No! If she knew, she would freak out. And when she freaks out, I freak out," Peter said. "That's true he does," I said looking at Mr. Stark who was sitting on the end of the bed in a chair. "You know what I think is really cool? This webbing," Mr. Stark said and threw the little thing he had the webbing at Peter who caught it without looking. "That tensile strength is off the charts. Who manufactured that?" Stark asked.
"Peter did," I said. Mr. Stark raised his eyebrows as he looked over the suit. "Climbing walls, how you doing that? Adhesive gloves?" He asked. "It's a long story. I was..." Peter started but stopped cut off by Stark. "Lordy! Can you even see in these?" He asked holding the goggles up to his face that were attached to the suit. I bit my lip so I wouldn't laugh as Peter glared at me. "Yes. Yes. I can," Peter said taking it away from him and putting this in the small closest. "I can see in those. Okay? It's just that when whatever happened, happened... It's like our senses dialed to 11. There's way too much input, so they kinda help me focus," Peter said.
"You're in dire need of an upgrade. You too," Stark said looking at me. "What? No!" I said but he ignored me. "Systemic, top to bottom, hundred-point restoration. That's why I'm here," he said and leaned against the wall. Peter sat beside me on the bed. "Why are doing this? I gotta know, what's your MO? What gets you outta that twin bed in the morning?" Stark asked. "Me. I get him outta bed," I said. "And you, why don't you do what he's doing? Why are you Spider-Girl?" He asked.
Peter looked at me and looked back at Mr. Stark. "Because..." he stammered a little. "Because I've been me my whole life, and we have had these powers for 6 months. I read books, I build computers. Yeah, I would love to play football, but I couldn't then, so I shouldn't now," Peter said. I forward my eyebrows he never told me exactly why he was doing what he was. "Sure, because you're different," Stark said. "Exactly. But I can't tell anybody that, so I'm not," Peter said. Stark looked at me then and raised his eyebrows. I sighed knowing I wasn't getting around this at all and I was going to have to explain why I wasn't out there with Peter in so ridiculous suit fighting crime.
"I'm not a genius like Peter is. I can barely pass my classes. I wouldn't be passing them if it wasn't for him. I'm more street smart and I'm artsier than him. I take pictures and draw and I don't draw pretty things, I draw dark messed up things. Peter follows the rules and I don't. So what business do I have out there saving people's lives?" I said looking down at my hands.
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cole22ann · 5 hours ago
Radioactive Spider Bite
Tumblr media
Peter Parker x fem!Reader
Warnings: language, vilonce, muture content? Maybe later on?, jealousy, death, idk its marvel... slow updates.
A/N: please don't be rude. Feed back is welcome but be kind. If there is any little details you would like to change to fit your style and personality please do so. This will also be on my WATTPAD along with all my other stories. This begins with Civil War when Peter comes home to find Tony Stark there. It will go to Homecoming, Infinity War, End Game, Far From Home, and then when No Way Home is out and I watch it the story will continue as long as there is a new movie with Spider-Man.
Word Count: 1106
Captian America: Civil War
Chapter One
Peter Park was my best friend since we were six when he moved in upstairs with his Uncle Ben and Aunt May. May always watched me when my mom was out of town on a business trip which was often. With Peter living a floor above me, we always used the fire escape to get to each other's bedrooms. Often sitting outside for hours talking.
Peter and I were very different people. Where he was extremely book smart, I was street smart. I wouldn't be passing any of my classes if it wasn't for Peter. He was always helping me with homework and to study for tests. That's why I didn't get it when he dragged me to the science exhibit. That's where it all went weird. I was taking pictures when I felt a pinch on my hand "ouch!" I said and looked down to see a red and blue spider. I was about to smack it when a hand grabbed my wrist. "Stop," Peter said and picked it up off my hand only to be bitten too and dropping it. "You were saying?" I said. "You can't kill it. It was only trying to defend itself," he said rubbing his hand.
That was six months ago. Now, we both have some abilities that spiders have and other abilities as well like... Superhuman strength, agility, endurance, ability to stick to and climb walls and other surfaces. Peter made self-designed web-shooters that allowing us to fire and swing from sticky webs, he uses it more than me. We also have some kind of special "Spider-Sense" that warns us of incoming danger. Once the shock wore off Peter was all into being some kind of superhero. He went around the city saving people from "evil" and other things, he made a suit (that looks ridiculous) and everything. I wasn't all that into it, I never used the web-shooters or went out doing good like he did.
That was until one day Peter and I came home from school walking intp the apartment and Tony Stark was there at the apartment talking to May in the living room on thw couch.
Peter and I stood in the elevator going up to the seventh floor. He had t.v. box or something in his hands to work on one of his projects and I was on my phone and we both had earbuds in with on hanging out so we could hear each other. The elevator dinged and the door opened. We walked out and to his apartment as he pulled his keys out and unlocked the door. We walked in not even looking at May. "Hey, May," we both said. Peter grunted as his backpack fell off his shoulder and ended up tripping me since I was paying attention making me fall into him. "Ow," I whispered. "Hmm. Hey," May said as we set our stuff down.
"Dude, watch where you drop your shit," I said pushing him as we walked into the kitchen. "Watch where you're going," he laughed and pushed me back. "How was school today?" May asked. "Sucked!" I said. "It was okay," Peter said. "What's up with the car outside?" I asked. "Yeah, there this crazy car parked outside," Peter said and we both came to a stop looking into the living room to see May sitting on the couch with Tony Stark. "Holy shit," I said and hit Peter in the chest with the back of my hand. He grabbed it as he grunted. I sometimes forget about the super strength we have.
"Oh, Mr. Parker and Miss. Jones," Tony said. "Um..." peter and I both said. Peter was a huge fan of Tony Stark aka Iron-Man. "What are you doing... Hey! Uh, I'm... I'm... I'm Peter," Peter stuttered out. I rolled my eyes "pretty sure he knows that Pete," I said sarcastically. "Shut up, y/n," Peter said. "Tony," Mr. Stark said. "What are you... what're you doing here?" Peter asked crossing his arms. I stood beside him and crossed my arms as well. "It's about time we met. We've both been getting my emails, right?" Mr. Stark asked. "Yeah. Yeah," Peter said. "Right?" He asked me. "Oh. Umm. I have no idea. I don't look at my email," I said shrugging, and Peter looked at me. "What?" I asked and shook his head looking back at Mr. Stark.
"Yeah. Regarding the..." Peter started but May cut him off. "You didn't tell me about the grant," she said. "About the grant," Peter said. "Grant?" I asked. "The September Foundation," Mr. Stark said. "I'm confused," I said. "Check your email," Peter said. "Remember when you two applied," Mr. Stark said. "I did..." I started but Peter cut me off. "Yeah," he said smiling. "I approved, so now we're in business," Mr. Stark said. I just stood there still confused. "But you didn't tell me anything. What's up with that? You're keeping secrets from me now? What's up with that?" May asked.
"We... we just know how much you love surprises so we thought we would let you know..." Peter stuttered out. "Anyway. What did we apply for?" I asked Mr. Stark. "That's what I'm here to hash out," he said. I nodded my head. "Okay. Hash it out, okay," Peter said. "It's so hard for me to believe that she's someone's aunt," Mr. Stark said about May. My eyebrows shot up as May laughed and blushed. "Yeah, well, we come in all shapes and sizes, you know," she said. I grabbed Peter's arm and we looked at each other before looking back at the two adults. "This walnut date loaf is exceptional," Mr. Stark said.
Peter held his left hand out "Let me just stop you there," he said. "Yeah," Mr. Stark said. "Is this grant got money involved or whatever? No?" Peter asked putting his hands behind his back. "Yeah, it's pretty well funded," Mr. Stark told us. "Yeah? Wow," Peter and I said. "Look who you're talking to. Can I have five minutes with them?" Mr. Stark asked May. "Sure," she said. He stood up and Peter grabbed my wrist pulling me along "my rooms this way," he said and we lead Mr. Stark to Peter's room. We looked at Mr. Stark who closed and locked the door before walking over to the small trash bin in the corner and spit something in it. "As walnut date loaves go, that wasn't bad," he said.
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hi! can someone please explain why people hate on brucexnatasha ship? like their connection is really sweet and cute, and I haven't seen anyone who reasons why they hate that ship except when they say because they ship her with other characters.
and if so you do ship her with other else, do you really need to hate or disrespect the ship?
edit: I'm so sorry but how do you guys turn on replies? :') it says replied turned off
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