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Black Widow: “I don’t care if this place is comfortable or not, I don’t care how fast this blimp is going, and I do not need hugs or support. The only way you can help is either break off the anklets or kindly f█ck off. Either way, that’s not going to happen and we’re all going to die. No one here is excited about these “so-called fun adventures.””

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SHIP FOR @temporary-panic

For Marvel I ship you with…



Originally posted by dawnsedits

First off, Nat would be really protective of you. The “getting-to-know-each-other” phase took you both a while but once both of you let down the walls it was like destiny. Nat is really caring about you. Especially about your more vulnerable side. Whenever you need help or just someone to talk to - it´s always her. She wouldn´t judge you for anything. After all, she also has history with regret. You also being caring and (they way I understood it) communicative is what endulged her the most. Communication plays a huge role in your relationship and Nat wouldn´t have it any other way.

Little note: This user sent me the description (check rules) through private messages. That is also completely fine. However - an ask if easier for me. I hope you like this and thank you for requesting!

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Black Spirit- Chapter 2.


Originally posted by july-rck

Based on the request by @stellastyless

Plot: Tony’s younger sister, Stella, has undoubted feelings for the Clint Barton. Will she ever confess her feelings? How will she cope with the aftermath of all of the Endgame events?

Requests: Open

Word Count: 1135

Warnings: none

You found Clint in the kitchen when you needed to tell him about your brother making the two of you work together in a mission.

“Hey, Barton,” you grab his attention from the food that he was making, which he quite clearly did not appreciate.

“What do you want, Stark?” he sighs, clearly not happy about your presence. Just wait until he finds out what you’re about to tell him.

“Tony says we need to work together on a mission… I’m not happy about it either,” you tell him the dreaded news, and you know from his facial expressions alone that he feels the same way as you about the situation.

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86 days until New Mutants

156 days until Black Widow

254 days until The Eternals

338 days until Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

520 days until Spider-Man 3

618 days until Thor: Love and Thunder

660 days until Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

702 days until Black Panther 2

765 days until Captain Marvel 2

856 days until Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2

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I like to think that Clint would totally be into crochet and knitting. He spent so much time developing nimble and calloused fingers from wielding a bow and arrow, that it would be nothing for him to work with one or two needles. It would be something to do while he sits on the balcony or in one of the avengers towers indoor gardens. I think he would cozy up on one of Tony’s unconventional sofas and  work when no one else is around. He does it do destress from having to be so observant during his job now he can mindlessly do something simple for him.

After a few months a new throw blanket is added to the sofa. There’s a new mat in front of the sink. A few new color coded scarfs by the door. No one knows where they’re coming from and are too absorbed in their own activities to actively confirm who is making them. Most of them just assume it’s Pepper (she assumes it’s Banner but won’t say anything out of politeness).

However, Natasha has the sneaking suspicion it’s Clint. She’s know him for so long and sees the way his hands twitch when they aren’t doing something. One day she confronts him, id say sneaks up on him, but in all honestly they’ve been working together  for so long, they cannot really scare the other.

So one night when he hears her silently making her way down the hall, he doesn’t stop his activity or even pause his movie. He just asks her to grab a snack on her way in. (Later she would ask him to teach her and she would struggle at first, but eventually a few more socks would turn up in everyone’s drawers).

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Written Desires


Once in a while the team had to busy themselves with duties outside of saving the world. Today happened to be one of those days. In fact today was one of those days that seemed to bleed into a whole 2 weeks. That’s how long Fury scheduled the Avenger’s road trip for. Currently the star coach tooting down a lonely stretch of road in the pitch black out in the middle of nowhere was filled with the sound of snoring superheroes. Everyone was asleep except for you. You and Natasha. Sat side by side. And the sounds of little gasps and moans.

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