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danverswitch · 2 days ago
Natasha : Who hurt you?
Y/n : *snorting* What, do you want a list?
Natasha: ...Yes, actually.
Tumblr media
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diaryoflife · 2 days ago
[during a mission]
HYDRA Agent: I will make you sorry you were ever born!
Y/N: Well, for your information, I’m already sorry I was ever born.
Natasha, taking down the Agent: *hits Y/N on the back of the head*
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
9K CELEBRATION ☆ TOP 10 FAVOURITE MOVIES (as voted by my followers) ↳ 2. BLACK WIDOW (2021) (56.1%)
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Natasha: Look, I hate to say it, but you’re acting like me.
Yelena: Posting Stark’s credit card number on Reddit because he said you looked tired?
Natasha: Oh, right, I forgot I did that.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
widow and hawk!
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Withholding the Wings
requested by @smallestavenger
Hi! I have a request, but you can take however long you need and you don’t even have to write it 🥰
So I LOVE LOVE LOVE Maleficent, and I was wondering if you could do like a Fae!Fem!Reader, who’s Maleficent’s child/descendant, and They join the avengers because of their nature powers. Naturally, she gravitates towards Wanda to help her train her powers.
However, for some reason (maybe a mission?), Reader’s forced to reveal themselves and gets a really bad reaction from Wanda (possibly had scary stories of horned, winged people hunting her down, maybe even a repeated dream?) and isolated herself from Reader.
You can take it from there, but in my head, I imagined it as 3/4 angst and 1/4 fluff 😁😁 Again, don’t feel pressured to write it, and you can completely ignore it if you’re feeling burnt out or if you just don’t want to write it!
P.S. Can also be Natasha, I just think the whole powers thing works with Wanda. If you wanted to go with Nat, maybe she got the nightmares from red room hallucinations and has her guard up around powerful people like Reader 😁
pairing: Natasha Romanoff x fem Fae!reader
word count: 3.5k
warnings: injury, crashes, lmk if i need to add any more
A/N: i went with natasha cuz i dont write wanda x reader, but i had some platonic!wanda angst/fluff! i hope thats ok with you! also i loved this request cuz it made me think of my book lol (which you can buy here in this shameless self promo) but anyways i hope you enjoy!! :D
"Hey, takeoff's in 10!" Came the voice of your best friend.
"Coming, Wanda!" You replied.
You finished zipping up your suit, then made your way out the door and through the halls.
Once you reached the jet, you still had a bit of a skip in your step; it was your first big mission after all. You were met with smiles from everyone, filling your heart with the love you had for your teammates.
You stood in between Natasha and Wanda, making sure to smile at both of them as you got ready.
Tony made eye contact with everyone, then the Quinjet was in the air. Your heart was practically beating out of your chest at this point due to your excitement.
Natasha smiled in amusement, but didn't say anything. Meanwhile Wanda had to keep herself from giggling with you.
There wasn't much conversation on the ride there, which you had mixed feelings about. On one hand, some conversation probably would've eased your nerves a bit. On the other hand, you didn't want to embarrass yourself in front of the others.
So, you stayed silent along with everyone else. Occasionally, you'd fiddle with your fingers in front of you or shift your gaze across the others. But the flight itself remained pretty silent.
That is until, you heard Tony swearing from the pilot seat.
"What is it? What happened?" You asked, feeling your heart race once again.
"Get back!" He yelled, turning to the others.
You looked back at Natasha, who had her eyes widened at Tony. She mouthed something to him, but you couldn't tell what she said.
Before you could say anything else, a bright flash came into the corner of your vision. You screamed, running to the side of the quinjet.
"What's happening?" You asked Wanda.
"I don't know!"
Before you knew it, you felt yourself being thrown to the other side as the quinjet started to spin. You made eye contact with Natasha, and for the first time since you'd known her, she looked scared.
You were scared too, and your heart was pounding.
You were about to die.
So, you took a deep breath in. You could save everyone, but it would mean exposing yourself to everyone. That was a price you were willing to pay.
You closed your eyes, balling your fists together. To the others, it might've looked like you were taking a few breaths to calm yourself or even saying a prayer.
Both would've seemed normal in this situation, but that wasn't what you were doing at all.
When you opened your eyes, all the work you had done in the past few years was gone. Everything you had done to protect yourself and those around you was gone. You were you.
Now that the protection spell was lifted, your wings were spread out broadly. You felt the magic coursing through your veins as your horns became visible.
You didn't have time to think about the way the others were staring at you right now. The only thing on your mind was saving them.
So, you waved your hand, creating a hole on the wall of the quinjet. You reached your wings out, pulling everyone towards you so you could grab them. They were too stunned to object, which worked out for you.
Then you kept a tight grip before jumping out the crashing quinjet. You held your wings out to catch air, flying farther away from the quinjet.
You heard their screams echoing through your mind, but you kept holding on tight until you reached the ground.
Once everyone had been set down safely, you took a step back.
"WHAT THE FUCK, Y/N?" Natasha yelled.
"That's an interesting way to say 'thank you for saving my life' but okay,"
She let out a sarcastic laugh, crossing her arms.
"And that's an interesting way of saying 'I've been lying to you all about who I am the entire time I've been with you guys, I'm actually a powerful monster' but okay,"
Your heart dropped at her words. She thought you were a monster.
"I was gonna tell you eventually!"
"Really?" Wanda snapped. "Or were you gonna continue living with us, knowing what your people have done to mine?"
"No, let's let Emo Tinker Bell explain herself before we say anything else," Tony piped in.
It wasn't always your intention to hide. Growing up in a community full of Fae meant that you were taught to love and embrace your wings. It wasn't until your mother was killed for who she was that you went into hiding.
You used your magic to hide your wings and horn, posing as a typical human. You underwent SHIELD training before becoming an Avenger, never once using magic or talking about your past.
Until today, it had been 12 years, three months, two weeks, and five days since you used magic for anything other than hiding yourself.
"I did grow up as a Faerie," you began. "It's not Tinker Bell or anything like that. Think more like Maleficent,"
"Oh I know all about Maleficent," Wanda growled. "I was told the tales of the winged monster growing up. I was also told that she'd be back one day, I just never imagined it'd be in the form of my best friend,"
"Wanda..." there was another moment of silence before you said anything else. "My mother was killed because she was part of the Fae. I left, and lived as a human ever since. I don't know what tales you've been told, but I would never hurt you,"
"Then why would you lie?" Natasha asked.
"I had to..."
"Clearly you didn't trust us," Tony said. "So why should we trust you?"
You couldn't answer him. You couldn't look any of them in the eye as they sent their harsh glares.
So you took a few steps back, wrapping your wings around yourself. It had been so many years since you felt those feathers brush against your skin.
The three of them stood in a close circle, making it clear you were no longer welcome.
So when they started discussing among themselves how to get back, and how to fix Tony's suit, you took it upon yourself to leave.
They could get back on their own, and you'd be long gone by then. You'd find a new home and start over, once again.
So, you spread your wings, taking a leap into the air, and flew away from your family.
Of course, you would need to stop by the compound first to get all your stuff. But that didn't matter, you'd be gone before they even got back, so they wouldn't catch you back at the compound.
You didn't even bother saying anything to the others. You were sure they would learn what happened soon enough.
So you ended up getting back into your room through your window. Of course, you stumbled a bit trying to fit through now that you were using your wings again. It would definitely take awhile to get used to.
"Shit," you muttered under your breath as your wings knocked over the lamp on your desk.
You ran to pick it up, folding your wings in so you wouldn't knock anything else over. In the process of doing that, you failed to notice your bedroom door open.
"Y/N? Oh..."
You tried to hide your wings, but it was no use; he had already seen them. For a few moments, you stared into each other's eyes as the growing silence got louder.
You had an intense look of fear, while he had a look of curiosity.
"You have wings?" He asked.
"I do..." you said, taking a step back.
"That's so awesome though! But why am I only just now seeing them?"
"The others will tell you what happened when they get back. I need to leave,"
You tried to make your way past him, but he took a step back.
"I'm not welcome anymore..."
"Because of your wings? Why though?"
"It's complicated,"
He walked to the edge of the room, then put his hands and feet on the wall before climbing up until he was sitting upside down on the ceiling.
"I can handle complicated!"
You sighed, sitting on your bed to where you could make eye contact.
"I lied about being a Faerie, so no one trusts me anymore. My own best friend hates me, and so does Natasha, just when I thought I was getting somewhere with her,"
He put his hand on his face as he pondered your words for a few moments.
"I lied to everyone around me about my powers at first. If you didn't want to tell us about being a Faerie, I think that's okay. And you shouldn't leave because of that either, you're just as much apart of this team as any one of us,"
Now, it was your turn to ponder his words for a few moments. He gave an encouraging smile, still hanging upside down.
"And... you're not judging me for my wings?"
"Of course not! In fact, I think they're really cool!"
You returned his smile, leaning forward to wrap your arms around him in an upside down hug.
He was right, you were here to stay.
As suspected, it didn't take long for Natasha, Wanda, and Tony to find their way back. Also as suspected, they didn't have anything good to say about you.
Despite their words, you stayed. And you didn't bother hiding your wings anymore. If you were being honest, it felt a little nice to finally get to be your true self after all these years.
When you went down to the kitchen for breakfast, you allowed your wings to drag behind you on the floor. You'd stretch them as you stretched your arms. They were apart of you, and you didn't have to hide that anymore.
Natasha and Wanda avoided you like the plague, sending glares whenever they saw you. You'd be lying if you said it didn't hurt, but Peter always made you feel better, and you were grateful for your friendship with him.
Bucky, Steve, and Sam didn't avoid you, but they definitely treated you different from before. But at least it was better than how Natasha and Wanda were acting.
At first you could handle it, the looks they gave you. You'd wrap yourself up in your wings, pretending they weren't there.
But when it dawned on you that they hated you, it wasn't something you could handle anymore.
So, you decided to confront Natasha in the middle of the night.
You found her training alone, so you approached her then. You still weren't hiding your wings, so you cleared your throat to get her attention from behind.
"What are you doing here?" She said with a scoff at the sight of you.
"I wanted to talk,"
"The way you've been treating me lately, I don't appreciate it,"
"You couldn't bother to tell us that you're not even human, why should I care how you feel?"
"Because I'm still the same Y/N you knew! Yes I have wings, but I'm still me! I still care for you, Natasha. And I know you once cared for me too,"
"Yeah well, it's long gone now," she said nonchalantly.
Your heart dropped just as fast as she dropped the barbell. She walked straight past you, grabbing her bag, then left without another word.
When you heard the door close, you dropped to your knees. You wrapped your wings around yourself, hiding your face from anyone who might come by. You squeaked out a sob as tears began making their way down your face.
She really did hate you.
Even after everything, Natasha Romanoff hated you.
To say the next few weeks were rough would be an understatement. Even Peter could barely get you to leave your room, let alone smile.
You didn't want to leave your room. If you left, you'd see her. You'd see the same green eyes that stared at you with hatred.
So, Peter had to promise that she wasn't nearby to get you to come out.
Of course, you were still avoiding Wanda too. But she wasn't hurting you nearly as bad as the other redhead...
"Let's go get some ice cream!" Peter said, breaking you out of your thoughts.
"Huh... oh, sure I guess!"
It had been more than awhile since you felt the sun. It wasn't like you could see her, so you didn't see a reason to object.
Peter seemed satisfied with your answer, then immediately began making his way toward the self-driving cars Tony kept in the garage.
You sat in the back, allowing plenty of room for your wings to spread; while Peter was in the passenger seat.
You slumped against the seat, staring out the window. It was certainly a nice day out; the sun was shining, birds were singing, flowers were blooming. On days like these, people like you...
...were suddenly tossed to the side of the car at the feeling of impact.
You let out a loud scream, holding onto whatever you could. Peter shot webs all over the car, doing whatever he could to stabilize it.
You kept screaming as your heart dropped to your stomach. Was this it?
You felt yourself spinning and spinning, so you closed your eyes so you could pretend it was all just a bad dream. Everything would be okay, right? Right.
Closing your eyes made things so much easier. Not just the visual, but it made the pain in your side feel better too. With every second that passed, the feeling of glass pressing into your skin was less and less noticeable.
Peter's voice got quieter too with your closed eyes. His yells soon sounded like mere echoes in the distance, maybe even a call from the bottom of the ocean.
Point is, closing your eyes helped. You wanted to keep them closed for a very long time...
Meanwhile, Natasha was horrified at the sight in front of her. She was on her way back to the compound, when she recognized one of Tony's cars getting hit.
She was horrified when she recognized the dark wings being slammed against the window.
She hopped off her motorcycle and ran over as fast as she could; Peter hardly had a scratch, but was staring at you wide-eyed.
"What happened?" Natasha asked, opening the door.
"We were gonna go get ice cream, then this car came and she..."
Natasha nodded, then opened the back door to get a better look at you.
It wasn't good.
There were glass shards in your stomach with blood trickling down your sides. Your mouth hung slightly open but your eyes were squeezed shut.
"She needs to stay awake," she told Peter. "We need to keep her conscious until she can get help,"
"Okay," he said, nodding. "Y/N, Natasha's here. Just open your eyes, it's gonna be okay. You're gonna be okay. Please be okay,"
While he was talking, Natasha managed to call and get help. Her hands were shaky as she pressed the call button, but she knew she had to save you.
When you didn't even stir at his words, she sat down on the ground next to you.
"Y/N, please stay awake," she said softly. "I need you to stay awake,"
She brought her hand up to yours, gently rubbing her thumb across the back of your palm.
"I'm sorry for what I've said, I'm sorry for everything, Y/N. I wasn't mad at you for who you are. I was mad that you didn't tell me this piece of you,"
She squeezed your hand a little, hoping you would move; you didn't.
"I was mad at you because I love you..." she said as tears formed in her eyes. "I love you, and I thought that maybe there was a chance you loved me too. But since you lied about who you are, I thought you would've told me if you felt the same way about me. I was mad at myself for believing you could love me, that I failed to see how I was hurting you. Y/N, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. So please, wake up,"
Closing your eyes did help indeed. You almost started feeling like you were floating. It was so much easier than facing the pain.
You were just about to float higher, when the echoes started to sound familiar; that was Natasha's voice without a doubt.
She loved you?
If you wanted to get back to her, you'd have to open your eyes again. You'd have to stop floating and face the pain.
You thought for a moment as Natasha's sobs echoed through your ears. She loved you.
Of course you loved her too, that's part of why it hurt so much. The woman you had been crushing on for so long made you feel as if you were worthless.
But that wasn't the case at all; she loved you.
So, you fought to open your eyes again. Your sides were burning now, but you felt your hand in hers.
Something wet was dripping down your sides slowly, starting from the opening in your skin and ending where it dripped into the seat. You hoped Tony wouldn't be upset with you for getting blood on his car.
You fought harder, wanting to get back to the woman you loved. She was right there, holding your hand, waiting for her. You didn't want her to wait long.
She loved you. Natasha loved you. Your crush loved you. The person who made your life hell loved you. The person you spent so long daydreaming about loved you. The person who was responsible for so many nights of you crying yourself to sleep loved you.
And you loved her.
You fought just a little harder, then finally felt yourself being pulled back. You felt your entire body now, instantly letting out a groan of pain.
Then, you opened your eyes. You faced her as tears streamed down her face.
"I love you too,"
Natasha let out a shaky cry, falling forward into the side of the seat. She kept her hand on yours as the sobs escaped her body.
You wanted so desperately to comfort her, but you could hardly move. Everything hurt too much, and you wanted to go back to the floating feeling.
But if you went there, you wouldn't be able to be with her.
So you stayed awake.
After hearing news of the accident, help was immediately sent your way. Keeping you conscious was the right move until they could get you into surgery. Peter had to pull Natasha off from keeping her hand attached to yours as they dragged you away. But she managed to let go.
She spent the next few days next to your hospital bed, refusing to leave even at night. Peter was in and out too, and he would always check on her too when he came in.
When you finally opened your eyes again though, you were surrounded by Peter, Natasha, and Wanda.
"You're awake!" Peter said, sitting down on the edge of your bed.
You groaned, definitely still feeling the pain.
"Careful," Wanda warned.
Natasha said nothing, but quickly brought her hand to yours.
Peter cleared his throat, looking at Wanda, who gave you an apologetic glance.
"I know what it's like to be feared for who you are, and I never should've said what I did. I shouldn't have pushed away my best friend because of an old legend. I'm sorry,"
You smiled, nodding at her. You didn't quite have the energy to say anything yet. You hoped she knew you forgave her.
"I'm sorry," Peter said, though you weren't sure why he was apologizing. "I should've paid better attention, and maybe you wouldn't have gotten hurt, and-" you stopped him by putting your hand up.
You simply gave him a smile, which he gladly returned.
Then, you squeezed Natasha's hand. You looked at her, then back at Peter and Wanda. Luckily, they seemed to get the message as they both stood up to leave you alone with her.
Once the door was closed, you squeezed her hand again.
"I meant everything I said by the car," was the first thing she said.
You blushed at her words, grabbing her other hand.
"And for the record, your wings are beautiful,"
She let out a deep breath, scooting closer to you.
"I hope you can forgive me. I'd take it all back if I could. I just need you to know that I love you, so much,"
You couldn't reply verbally, but you still had magic. So, you held your hand up and flicked your wrist to make a pen and piece of paper float. Then, you wrote your message for her.
Kiss me
And that she did.
taglist: @lyak12 @thewidowsghost @murderisthesolution @zombies1ayea @plasticl0ve @romanoffscottage @atlas-nex @plasticnacho @ria900 @nats-dreamland @smileyromanoff @chiyongberry @xxromanoffxx @milfloverslut @gimaximoff @adi06lena @blackwidow-3 @sayah13 @queerrowantree @bentleywolf29 @animealways 
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natashaismylove · a day ago
Gip nat x fem r
So nat came early to see r naked in bed cuz r is comfy naked. So nat got hard and drooling over r, she makes way to r and starts licking her up until r awakes and brings nat into a hug and kiss. Heated kiss and started fcking hard to each other.
Is it ok?
Asleep |N. Romanoff
Tumblr media
Summary: Natasha comes home to find her girlfriend quite irresistible. 
Pairing: g!p dom!natasha x fem!reader
Warnings: smut, fluff, g!p Natasha(she has a penis), unprotected sex, somnophilia, cunnilingus, fingering, masturbation, daddy kink, spanking, slight choking, breeding kink, slight overstimulation, pet names (baby)
Word count: 1356
Natasha’s POV:
I tapped on the steering wheel as I made my way home. It was late at night so there wasn’t much traffic, only a few cars that passed by me. I was pretty exhausted and couldn’t wait to get home to my girlfriend. I parked the car outside and walked up the steps to our house before heading inside. I let my bag fall onto the floor before making my way up the stairs and into our bedroom.
I stopped in my tracks once I saw my girlfriend in our bed, lying on her side, sheets barely covering her and leaving everything for me to see. I bit my bottom lip and groaned as I reached out to palm myself through my pants. I stepped closer before opening my zipper and sliding my hand into my underwear.
I grabbed my cock and pulled it out before slowly jerking myself off. I got rid of my shirt and pants before sliding off my underwear completely and climbing into bed. I moved her onto her back and threw the sheets onto the floor, smirking as I looked at her naked body. I laid down on my stomach and spread her legs, placing kisses on the insides of her thighs.
She stirred a little but didn't wake up so I leaned forward and licked a stripe up her pussy. I let out a small moan at her taste, finally being able to be buried between her legs again. I swirled my tongue around her clit and smirked at the low moan she let out.
She started to move her hips a little so I wrapped my arms around them to keep them down. I gave small kitten licks to her clit before wrapping my lips around it and sucking gently. Her back arched a little as she kept letting out moans but still not waking up. 
I decided to go a little further and brought two fingers up to her hole before pushing them in. My cock got even harder at the noises she let out and I started to grind my hips into the bed in a desperate need for friction. I curled my fingers inside of her while sucking a little harder, letting up a few times to lightly lick her. She might be asleep but she’s still getting a little teasing.
Her thighs started to shake a little and I knew she was about to cum. I nibbled a little on her clit before sucking hard, swirling my tongue around it simultaneously. I curled my fingers in her again, pressing onto her g-spot and watched her arch her back as she came under me.
“Fuck~” she moaned out and I chuckled before kissing both of her thighs.
I sat up and she stared at me while trying to slow down her breathing. I crawled up to her and laid down on top of her as she wrapped her arms around my shoulder. I slid my arms under her back and held onto her tightly before kissing her neck.
“That’s a nice way to wake up.” she giggled.
“I couldn’t help myself.” I gave her a grin back.
She shrugged her shoulders with a smile. “Not complaining at all.”
I lifted my head a little before leaning in to kiss her. Her lips moved against mine in a slow kiss, her still coming back from her high. Her fingers laced themselves into my hair and she tugged a little, making me let out a groan against her lips. She tilted her head a little to deepen the kiss and dragged her tongue against mine.
The kiss quickly grew desperate and messy as she kept tugging on my hair before her hand slid down my side and down to my cock, her fingers gently wrapping around it. I sighed into the kiss and ran my hands up her sides and to her boobs, squeezing them before kissing down her neck.
“Fuck, I want you so badly…” I muttered against her skin.
“Then take me.” she breathed out as she slowly jerked me off.
I moved up on my forearms and looked down at her face, her hair messy and with reddened lips from my kisses. She moved my cock against her hole and I thrusted into her. I stayed still for a few seconds while looking at her face to make sure she was alright.
“Don’t go easy on me, fuck me hard, Tasha~”
I nearly came just from her words but shut my eyes and concentrated on not letting that happen. I started to move my hips into her and moaned at how tight she was.
“Such a good pussy…” I hid my face in her neck as I quickened my thrusts.
“Oh daddy~” she moaned into my ear.
Hearing her call me that awakened something in me and I sat up a little. I held myself up on my forearm and wrapped my other hand around her neck. I slammed my cock into her and watched her eyes roll back into her head.
“Baby wants it rough, huh?” I whispered against her cheek.
She nodded quickly. “Please, do whatever you want with me.”
I chuckled darkly before biting her bottom lip, dragging it out before letting it go. I sat up and leaned back on my heels before pulling out of her, harshly moving her onto her stomach and pushing her ass up. I entered her once more and closed my eyes at the loud moans she let out.
I gripped her waist and fucked her back onto my cock, hitting the right spots inside of her.
“Fuck yes, use me daddy~”
“Such a good girl, your pussy is taking me so fucking well.” I said in a low tone.
“Oh my god~” she buried her head into the pillows as I thrusted into her.
Her ass looked so good as I fucked her that I couldn’t help but reach out and grab it, slapping it and smirking at the redness that appeared. I repeated the motion as she moaned in response, clearly enjoying it.
I leaned over her, pushing my chest into her back and lacing my fingers through hers in front of her head. I placed my mouth next to her ear and kissed behind it, knowing her spots. “Think you can cum for me?”
I kissed her neck, sucking marks into it because I was feeling possessive. “Come one then, show me how well you can cum for me.”
Her breath kept hitching and she let out tiny gasps as she neared her orgasm. I was panting against her neck as I slammed my hips into her ass, reaching deep inside of her. “You’re so close, baby.”
“Shit- you’re gonna make me-” she said in a high pitched moan.
“I can’t hold on much longer, please cum for me.” I begged against her hair.
“Yes, yes…fuck- holy shit!~” she clenched hard onto me as she came, pulsing around me and making me lose all self control.
“God, baby, I’m gonna cum in you! Fill you up so fucking good, I swear~” I moaned and desperately thrusted into her to chase my own orgasm.
“Cum in me, daddy, fill me up till I’m leaking~” I came crashing down as she said those words, cumming harder than I ever had. I fucked my cum into her until she was whining from being too sensitive, her thighs shaking a little. I let out a deep breath and stopped, pulling out slowly and watching my cum drip out of her and onto the bed.
She slumped down onto the bed and I chuckled a little before moving her onto her back and kissing her nose. She smiled tiredly up at me and I put my arms around her waist to pull her up and she wrapped her legs around me as I carried her to the bathroom. I started to fill up the bathtub and sat her down into it before running my fingers through her hair.
“That was really good.” she smiled while biting her bottom lip.
“It absolutely was.” I smiled back.
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Just One Reason (Chapter 1)
Just One Reason 
Natasha Romanoff x Wanda Maximoff x GN!Reader  
 Summary: Y/N has been working hard as a criminal investigator and always comes home to their lover Nat. When they come home tonight, however, something is different. 
 Warnings: Cheating, implied sexual interactions, swearing, lots of implications to abuse, murder, blood/gore, PTSD, anxiety attacks, alcohol (stay safe loves <3) 
 A/N: This is a three parter so bare with me. First time writing a fic in a while and first time ever on tumblr so please be nice (: 
PS: Italics mean flashbacks, bolded italics are thoughts
Word Count: 5.4k words 
 You and Natasha had met in your early years of college, she was studying “foreign policies” and you were enthralled with the criminal justice department. It didn’t take long for the two of you to develop feelings for each other after that fateful night.  
You were drunk. No, damn it, you were really drunk. You felt the hands of your friend Kate Bishop keeping you steady. In a poor attempt to shove her way, you grumbled at her in a rough way, dipping your shoulder out of her grasp. You could faintly hear her sigh. She was your designated driver for the night, as everyone knew you were the heavy drinker of the bunch. When a second pair of hands found their way on both your shoulders, practically pulling you to your feet, you looked up, expecting to see Kate’s friend Yelena to be there, but instead were utterly shocked to find a goddess in front of you. Or, at least, you thought it was a goddess. She had long, red hair with fading blonde tips, all pulled into a tight braid. And those damned green eyes that bore holes through your face and you found yourself shrinking back.  
“Don’t throw up on me,” was all she grunted to you as she dragged you through the crowded living room of the frat house. Bringing you into the kitchen, she forced some water down your throat and waited for a reaction out of you. You were too dazed from both the alcohol and the beautiful woman in front of you to respond.  
You spoke the only words that could come to your head, "Hi.” Hi? Nice going, Y/N, way to really sweep her off her feet, you cursed in your head. Despite the awkwardness, the redhead found herself smiling. She laughed slightly, tilting her head. “Hi,” she responded. “And who might you be, drunkard?” 
Oh shit, she was talking to you. You tilted your head in mimicry to her, grinning stupidly. “I’m Y/N, but apparently pretty women call me drunkard.”  
Kate, who had followed both of you, visibly cringed. Wow, Y/N. Real smooth, she thought with a smirk. The short Russian let out a loud laugh at your comment, before saying, “Well, drunkard, my name is Natasha, but I think you can call me Nat.”  
You could only continue grinning like an idiot. Her laugh sounded nice. “Nat it is then.”  
Looking back, you had no idea how she managed to find that attractive. She had basically found you blackout drunk and she still fell in love with you. You were both out of college now and were pursuing your passions, but you lived in an apartment together in downtown Brooklyn. You were currently driving back to said apartment at the moment, just lost in your old thoughts. It wasn’t until you heard the third ring on your phone that you answered, leaning your head to one side while you pinched your phone between your shoulder and cheek.  
“Hello? Y/N /L/N speaking.” 
“No need to be formal, dumbass,” you heard Kate respond, “We’ve got another code 10-44 by the Brooklyn Zoo. Can you go check it out?”  
Kate could hear you groan loudly, an obnoxious groan that Kate knew meant you were pissed now. You had asked to leave early so you could go out with Nat tonight, and you could only hope Nat could forgive your absence. “Fine. But it better be fast,” you grumbled.  
Within a matter of seconds, you had hung up with Kate and were calling Nat. She picked up on the fifth ring, which bothered you slightly, but you swallowed it down when she picked up.  
“Hello?” Nat asked into the phone, a hint of confusion in her voice. There was a slight rasp in her voice, something uncommon in Nat.  
“Hey baby. I just got called back on duty, so date night might be canceled and I’m so sorry, I’ll make it up to yo-” 
“It’s okay, Y/N. Take all the time you need.” 
Well, that was new.  And surprising. And, did you mention, took you aback?  
“I- what?” 
“I said, take your time. I’m not going anywhere.” 
Why did she sound so... angry? You shuttered as you pulled into a parking spot, stepping out. You paused outside, deciding whether to push it.  
“You sure, Hun? You seem a bit under the weather.” You pouted slightly, beginning to anxiously pick at your hands. You weren’t used to her like this. 
“Yes. I’m sure,” she insisted. The sternest of her voice was scary, it had caught you very off guard and she could hear your hesitation, causing her to soften. “I’m sorry, I’ve had a really rough day at work. Just... stay safe, okay? I love you.” 
That caused you to relax, letting out a sigh of relief. She heard this and immediately felt bad for coming off so aggressively. You muttered a simple “I love you too” in response before hanging up. Something felt off and it had your skin crawling. You gulped down any worry and went to check on this supposed code 10-44. It didn’t take long for you to find it, when a little girl came crashing into you, full on sobbing and babbling incoherently. It startled you to the point where you were completely out of it for a moment. Coming back to your senses, you knelt to the girl.  
“Woah, woah, woah kiddo. What’s wrong? Shh, it’s okay now, talk to me. I’m here to help,” you consoled the child the best you could, speaking into your radio to ask for assistance. “Hey, Officer Y/L/N, I need child protective services ASAP.”   
The girl mumbled something, drawing your attention back to her. “What was that, sweetie?” You asked gently, not wanting to make the girl nervous.  
“He hit her really hard... He hit her so hard.” 
Your eyes widened as you put the pieces together.  
“Where? Where did he hit her?” You pressed. 
“On her head!” The small girl broke down into sobs again, causing you to pull her into a hug.  
“Shh, shh, it’s going to be alright now. I’ll take care of you.” It was a promise, you decided, that you would do whatever it took to help the girl. You looked down at her, feeling your heart break. You tried to push out the overwhelming memory that hit your brain and were ringing around, but they overtook your thoughts.  
“No!” You had shouted too loud this time and you watched as your mother turned to you. Your father collapsed on the ground, glass imbedded in his head, and your young eyes watched in horror as the dark red liquid began to pool under his head. His eyes were glossed over, and his chest movements were shallow. You knew what was happening, even at the young age you were, and you knew you couldn’t stop it. He was dead in a matter of minutes, and you were hiding under the table in the dining room, holding a landline phone in one hand.  
“911, what’s your emergency?” The phone spoke to you, and you could only respond in a hushed voice, 
“My daddy’s dead. Mommy killed him.” 
You were snapped back into the reality around you when the girl’s sobbing had slowed into sniffles, and she looked up at you. She pulled away from you, still holding your hand. She couldn’t have been older than eight years old and immediately, you felt an underlying guilt. She reminded you of yourself, in such a similar situation. She began to pull at your hand, pointing towards the street. You pieced together what she wanted and followed her quietly. She guided you about three blocks down before stopping before an apartment complex. She continued to pull you through before stopping in front of a door on the fourth floor. You exchanged a glance at her, silently asking if this was where her mother was. She nodded briskly, and you pulled out your gun from its holster. You knocked on the door, announcing your presence. 
“NYPD, I’m coming in!” 
You opened the door to find almost immediately, right by the front door, the body of a middle-aged woman. The scene was straight out of a crime show, blood splattered across the walls, the smearing of a bloodied handprint on the grip of a counter, and the crumpled, manipulated body of the poor victim. Reaching for your radio, you whispered,  
“We need a whole unit. This just turned into a murder investigation.”  
                            Exhausted after questioning and dealing with the struggles of filling all working officers in on details from the scene, you just wanted to get in bed and sleep. Jostling with your keys, you heard movement inside your shared apartment. You frowned slightly, it was 2 in the morning, why would Natasha still be awake? You opened the door to find Nat in a sports bra and shorts, sitting on the couch and supposedly engrossed in a book. At first, everything seemed to look fine, if you had ignored the scent in the air and the blotches on Nat’s chest.  
Nat looked up from her book, putting on a half-assed sleepy smile and saying, “So much for a date night, yeah?” 
You scowled, moving past her and immediately going into your bedroom, her trailing you rather quickly. “Yeah, so much for that,” you grunted in response.  
She tilted her head innocently, though you could tell her head was running through every excuse she could come up with. You only frowned further when she went to open her mouth. 
“Save it.” 
That took her by surprise. She definitely wasn’t expecting that, as she rubbed the back of her neck anxiously.  
“No.” You cut her off again, venom dripping from your single word.  
“Baby, you have the wron-” 
“Get out of the bathroom, Ms. Maximoff,” You stated, emotionlessly. You had noticed from the minute you got home the shadow of two feet in the bathroom, because you knew that both you and Nat always turn the lights off in the bathroom when you’re done. Nat’s eyes widened in shock at the fact that you had noticed. Moments later, the door to your master bathroom creaked open and the tall brunette stepped out. She looked ashamed, and hell, she should be.  
“Hello, Wanda. Long time no talk. No, don’t try to explain how you purposely had sex with my girlfriend, how it was just once and how sorry you are. I don’t want it.” You looked deadpanned at the witch, not an emotion twitching on your face.  
You turned your attention to Natasha, in which you fished your apartment keys out of your work pants and grabbed her hand. For a moment, she thought you’d forgive, maybe ask for an explanation, but no. You slammed the keys into her hand.  
“Keep them, give them to Wanda. Keep the whole damn apartment while you’re at it, asshole.” 
Not even a shake in your voice. Did you even care? Neither Wanda or Natasha could tell. Honestly, you couldn’t either. 
“Pack my shit for me, it’s the least you can do. I’m leaving, I’ll be back tomorrow for my stuff. Oh, and Wanda, you can just help too if you want! Man, you’re on a roll with this whole relationship-ending cheating, aren’t you? I thought you were with Vision now, what happened with that?” You found yourself talking and didn’t even care enough to stop it. You made your way to the door, opening it, looking back at the dumbfounded Nat, who had tears in her eyes and was trying desperately to hold them back, and the relationship-ender herself, Wanda Maximoff, who was shaking and looked like she might cry too if she wasn’t already too embarrassed. 
“Send my love to your new lover, Nat. Treat her better than you treated me, сука.” You watched as Nat visibly flinched as you bitterly called her a bitch in her own language. Hell, she had already lied to you about being a “foreign politics” major, when she was THE Black Widow of the Avengers, but now she cheats on you with her own teammate. You left right then and there, leaving behind the girl you loved with all your heart and Wanda, the girl you used to love. You slammed the door behind you, listening as Natasha broke down into hysterical sobs. You wished you didn’t care, you wished you didn’t want to turn around and comfort her, tell her you were sorry. But why would you be sorry? You were loyal. You stormed off, putting Kate’s number in your phone and immediately calling her. She picked up on the first ring. 
“Y/N? Why are you calling now? It’s two in the morning...” She stopped questioning things as she heard the tightening of your throat causing little gasps in a futile attempt to breathe properly. You had made it to your car before the panic hit, and you were curled up in the passenger’s seat. Tears slid down your cheeks while empty sobs were all you could manage. “Hey, hey, do you need me or Yelena to pick you up? You need to stay at my place?” You choked out a mumbled yes and within thirty minutes, Yelena was knocking on your window. You opened the door and practically fell into her arms. She said nothing, just rubbed your back soothingly. After a few moments, she had gotten you into a more reasonable state, you were no longer struggling for air, and you could respond to questions.   
“You wanna talk about it?” Yelena had asked, you think. It was still hard to hear with all your own thoughts screaming in your head. You had simply shaken your head and sat silently in the seat of her car as the two of you made your way to Kate’s apartment. When you arrived, it didn’t take long for you to find yourself in Kate’s warm embrace. She asked no questions, thank God, and guided you into the guest room, where she had already set out clothes for you. You told her you would quickly shower and then sleep, and then promised you’d be out of her hair as soon as possible. She insisted that her home was yours too and you could stay as long as you wanted. You appreciated the gesture and gave her a long hug at the doorway of your new room.  
The shower, however, was a horrible idea. You purposely turned the water to the hottest it could get and let the scalding water burn against your skin. You needed to get some sort of feeling, some sort of grasp on reality. You welcomed the pain, but it also left you to your own thoughts. Why? You asked yourself that question a million times over, but no answers popped up. Had you done something wrong? Was it you? Did you react wrong? You sat like that for a long moment, soaking in both your warping thoughts and the burning water. By four, you were out of the shower and clothed. You knew there’d be no sleep for you tonight, so you found yourself in the kitchen.  
Some alcohol, that’s what you needed. Any type would do at this point. Looking through cabinets and opening the fridge at least four times, you were thankful to find a stash of beers in a mini fridge under the sink. You must have had at least 9 bottles of beer in the 12-pack, because when you awoke the next morning, you were hit with one hell of a hangover. Kate and Yelena still asked no questions, which you were so very thankful for. Once the hangover subdued, you asked Kate to drive you back to your old apartment complex to get your stuff and your car, which Kate agreed with as long as they both went because neither one of them really wanted you driving with your hangover.  
Making your way back to the apartment complex was the most painful experience yet, however, as when you arrived at your door, no boxes were sitting out. You sighed deeply in frustration, knowing this was Nat’s tactic to get you inside and try to talk. Instead, however, you glanced at your two friends and they knocked on the door. Nat opened the door almost immediately, but shied back when she saw Kate and Yelena. Yelena, for one, was pissed at her, and she didn’t even know what her sister had done to you, but she knew it was definitely something horrible. All three of you entered, giving Nat the silent treatment, with Yelena shooting Nat a glare so intense you thought Nat might have a hole through her head, and luckily, Nat kept her mouth shut. You could see in the corner of your eye the brunette hair of Wanda, but swallowed down any anger you had. You were too hungover to start a fight and you knew yelling would make this hellish headache go from mediocre to a damned migraine. You grabbed a few of the boxes, with help from Yelena and Kate, and reached the door before you heard the quiet mumble that spilled from Nat’s mouth. 
You turned back, unable to hear what she had said, and despite your better judgment, you stopped to listen. You could see her anxious antics, the way she rubbed her neck, averted her eyes, running her free hand through hair, she was definitely nervous about something.
“What?” You asked in a hostile tone, knowing better than to let your guard down completely. “What the fuck is so important that you think it can fix what you did?”
This caused her to flinch, and you could tell the witch from the bedroom was trying to enter your mind to send some sort of calming emotions. You scowled deeper, rubbing your temples in frustration. 
“Wanda, get the fuck out of my head. It’s already pounding and you’ll only make it worse. Not to mention, I don’t want you in there to begin with. I’m sure I could find some law that I could charge you with, invasion of privacy or something.”
You could feel the brunette pull back her magic and heard the movement of her sulking and drawing her knees to her chest. Nat’s voice brought your attention back to your newest ex-girlfriend. 
“Let me explain. Please, Y/N. Detka, plea-”
“I’m not your ‘detka’, don’t call me that.”
She flinched at that again, and you instantly felt bad. Fuck, why do you feel bad still? You let your eyes linger on her a little longer, before diverting them to look towards Yelena and Kate. 
“Wanda cheated on you with me.”
Your entire body spun now to face Natasha. Your brain malfunctioned and you could only stare with your mouth agape.
“Wanda and I have been dating for 4 years. This wasn’t a new thing,” Nat started, but you cut her off before she could go further.
“Was I just your little side fling then? Something to distract you while Wanda was off on her missions? What the fuck, Natasha.” You could feel the tears developing in your eyes, but you wiped at them viciously with your sleeve. 
“No! You weren’t, Y/N. You were the- you are the love of my life. Please, just let me talk, I want to explain, I-.. I love you both.”
“Yeah, well, you don’t get to love both. You chose already, and you chose Wanda, asshole,” Yelena jumped in, practically snarling her words. Kate put a hand on her shoulder, but she was already fuming. “You’re a player, aren’t you? What, are you planning on dumping Wanda for someone else sooner or later and use the same dumb excuse? ‘I love both of you’!” Yelena mocked, throwing her open hand up in outright anger. “If you loved both, you would have been honest with Y/N from the get-go. You’re a lying bitch, Natasha. A lying cheater.” 
You watched as Yelena got dangerously close to Nat, and for a moment, you feared the two would get into a physical argument. Luckily, Kate pulled Yelena back before anything could happen. Kate mumbled to the two of you to just go, which you gratefully agreed with. Yelena sent one last look back at her sister that Nat knew was a warning, and the door closed with a slam. 
 Six Days Later NYPD Bronx Office, 3:42 am
Kate had called your phone a few times now and you still hadn’t picked up. So, in frustration, she made her way to the office herself, only to find you deeply engrossed in a case file. It wasn’t a recent one, which she found odd. She knew you were drowning yourself in the murder case of that woman, so she was surprised to see a case that wasn’t that one. She set down a beer by your desk, which brought your attention back from whatever world you were in. You took it without thinking, then did a double take when you realized it hadn’t been there before. 
You groggily asked in a quiet voice, “Kate..? What are you doing here?” 
“I could ask you the same thing. It’s almost four in the morning, Y/N, you need to sleep,” She insisted, shaking her head in disappointment. You only rolled your eyes and went back to reading. She peered over your shoulder, attempting to look at the case file you were looking at. She frowned when she spotted your last name on the paper. “What’s this all about?”
You glanced up at her, her standing figure towering over your sitting one. “A case file,” you answered plainly, causing her to groan teasingly. 
“You know what I meant,” she said in an annoyed tone, but you knew she was just messing with you. “Whose is it?”
“Mine.” It was another plain response, and at first she thought you were still joking around, but when she looked at you, she realized you weren’t. 
“Oh.” was all she could say. Reading over it again, she noticed it was a murder file. Victim was Duke Y/L/N, your adoptive father, and supposedly the assailant was Leslie Y/L/N, who had slammed your father’s head into a glass table in a fit of rage and then left the house after their child, that being you, had fled into hiding. 
“It’s too similar, Kate. It’s like I’m living in a loop, and all the bad things that happened before are back again. This girl… she’s going through the same thing, only the parents have switched. And I still can’t even tell if it was actually the father!” You shouted in frustration and ended up slamming your knee on the underside of your desk. It didn’t matter how loud you were, you and Kate were the only ones in the building to begin with. 
“What do you mean, ‘if it was actually the father’?”
“There’s no surveillance in the area and she only keeps saying ‘he’ did it. He who? There wasn’t evidence of forced entry, and yet there’s no DNA or fingerprints at the crime scene, as if whoever did it knew what they were doing.” You gripped the sides of your head in anger, trying to calm yourself down. It shouldn’t be irritating you like this, but you can’t help but feel like you’re missing some important piece of evidence that’s right under your nose. Kate could sense your utter frustration and looked at you with worry. 
“You can’t drown away all your problems with work and beer, you know? You need to get out,” she paused, checking her watch, “and get some sleep. Come on, I’ll drive you home, you big idiot.”
You protested but she wasn’t having any of it, dragging you out of the station kicking and screaming. You grabbed your beer and downed it angrily in the car ride home, opening the door to find Yelena up and waiting for you. She gave you a hug, grabbed your hat off of your head, put it on, and grinning stupidly as she offered you another beer. “I say, we drink the night away, ey?”
You appreciated that night, Yelena respected your unasked request of no questions. She knew what you were going through, and she had determined that instead of asking question after question, she’d do what she did best, drink. By 5 am, you were blacked out on the couch and could only half-hear the conversation between your two younger friends. 
“They’re losing it, Kate. I haven’t seen them like this since senior year. When Wanda… you know,” Yelena tried to speak in a hushed voice, but your coming migraine turned the whisper into a whole damn yell and you squinted in agonizing pain. 
Kate rubbed her temples in exhaustion. “I know, Lena, but as long as Wanda and Nat don’t come to our doorstep asking to see Y/N, what are we supposed to do?”
“I could beat them up,” Yelena suggested with a smirk, to which Kate punched her shoulder. “Ow! Okay, okay, geez, I was just kidding. Partially.” 
You groaned slightly, interrupting their conversation and you immediately wished you hadn’t. Both of them turned their attention to you, and you hated having all eyes on you. Kate sighed, pulling you to your feet and stating, “You need to sleep. Honestly, you need to sleep for three days, but we can’t just get that. I’ll call in to the station to let them know that you are sick. You need to sort this all out, Y/N. It’s fucking you up.”
You made no response, laying down on the bed. You laid in the darkness for long enough that you didn’t even know what time it was, but you knew everyone was asleep except for you. You stood, trying to be quiet as you walked over to the unpacked boxes filled with your items. You began sorting them, frowning slightly as you counted that you were two hoodies short. They weren’t your favorites to begin with, but it was an oddity to you. Assuming you were just still too drunk to actually count, you pushed the many thoughts that came into your head to the side, opting to look at your phone for the first time in days. 47 unread messages, 19 missed calls, and… holy fuck that was a lot of news notifications. Your eyebrows furrowed and you pouted as you scrolled through them. 
 Black Widow and Scarlet Witch on Official Hiatus due to Unknown Circumstances
Where is Black Widow? 
What Happened to the Scarlet Witch?
 The news articles flooded in like a hurricane just hit, and you were just confused. Those two cheated on you for, fuck, probably years by now, and they needed the space? While you were pressed with a murder case, they were off doing God knows what. Probably off of vacation, celebrating their relationship, you decided in your head. Yeah, that’s what they’re doing. Still, you couldn’t shake the awful feeling crawling down your spine. It made you sick, you wanted to puke. 
No, you didn’t want to puke, you absolutely needed to. It was time for another hangover and you rushed into the bathroom as quickly as possible, lifting up the lid on the toilet just in time for the heaves of stomach remnants to splash in the water. You threw up a lot that moment, honestly, it had more to do with your oncoming sobs than the alcohol at this point. You were so exhausted and, as much as you hated admitting it, you missed Natasha’s warmth in these moments. The way she made sure you never got vomit on you, the way she would take away beers before you became a blackout drunk. You missed her caring, you missed her concern, you missed her. Tears stung your cheeks, the choked sobs made it harder to breathe again, but you didn’t care. You needed to get out all the emotions that you had been feeling this entire week. Kate was right, you couldn’t keep drowning yourself in work and alcohol anymore, you needed to face it. 
“It’s over now, Y/N/N,” you convinced yourself, whispering to the nobody in the mirror. Yeah, that nobody was you, and you knew it. You hated it, looking at yourself in that mirror. You hated yourself at that moment, to be frank. It was like looking at a trainwreck, because god damn it, you were one. Sighing deeply, you turned around and made your way to your bed. You curled up into a ball, sobs still silently at your throat, and you closed your eyes. It would take a while, but sleep finally took hold of you.
You awoke the next day to find nobody in the apartment. There was a note from Yelena, stating that she was gone to get more food and would be back by dinner. You sighed, this left you to your own thoughts and you didn’t like that. Changing into one of your hoodies, some old college hoodie that you couldn’t remember where you had gotten it from, and a pair of raggedy, ripped jeans, you pulled on your converse and went out for a walk. You didn’t even know where you were going, but you found yourself on the doorstep of that original crime scene. Gulping down a horrible feeling, you opened the door. Surely, you had missed something, right? Glancing around, you couldn’t see anything at first. You walked around the living room, looking at every detail until you felt your foot hit something on the floor. You frowned, looking at your feet with a confused look. It was then that you noticed a slight rip in the carpet. Leaning down, you pulled up the carpet piece. Under it laid a pair of bloodied boots and a revolver. Your eyes widened and you looked around to see if anyone else was around to see this. When nobody popped out, you pulled out your phone. Swiping away some random notification you received, you texted Kate to check back at the scene, telling her you thought something might have been there that they missed. You knew Kate already had a hunch you’d go back there, so you left quickly, leaving the carpet piece pulled up so the on-duty officers would see it. 
You strolled through the city, finding yourself at your favorite café. Smelling the sweetness of freshly baked bread and warm coffee, you made your way inside. Greeted by your friend Peter’s cute little girlfriend, MJ, you ordered your usual black coffee with a bit of sugar and a blueberry muffin. You sat comfortably outside, in a shaded area by a tree, sipping your coffee, you decided to check that notification on your phone that you had received at the crime scene. 
One Unread Message from: Unknown Messenger
You raised an eyebrow at this, clicking on the message. It read: 
“Mx. Y/N. It has come to our attention that your connections with both Wanda Maximoff and Natasha Romanoff were once romantic. By answering this message, you will gain access to their current locations. This was their last wish. Answer now or you may never get another chance.”
  Your breath hitched and you read the message at least three times over. Your hands were shaking and you could no longer hear your own heartbeat. Hesitantly, you responded.
 “I would like to know the locations of both of those women. Where are they?”
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alotofpockets · a day ago
Please stay | Natasha Romanoff
Tumblr media
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Promps: “Stay with me.”
Requested by: @woman-simp
Word count: 480
Warnings: mention of Nat's trauma from the red room (not in depth)
masterlist | requests: closed | taglist
Usually the news coverages, talk shows and other stuff that was being said about her as Black Widow didn’t get to Natasha much, but when she stormed out of the meeting room where Secretary Ross showed them a talk show segment where they talked bad about a few of the Avengers, including Natasha, you knew you had to follow her to make sure she was okay.
So, that’s what you did, you followed her back to your shared room where you found her sitting on the floor with her back against the bed, staring out of the window. You softly close the door behind you and make your way to her, sitting down but keeping a small distance between the two of you. Being together with Natasha for the past two years taught you that she wanted space to think before she shared her emotions.
You were sitting next to her in silence, letting her know that you’re there for her but also giving her the space to collect her thoughts. Your eyes were focused on the trees moving with the wind, a sight that had always calmed you down when this was just your room. When Nat had found you there after she had been away on a mission the first time since you started dating, she knew that if you ever decided to move into the same room together, it would be yours. She wanted you to have this view to settle your thoughts. Over the years she started using it as well.
Natasha smiles at the thought of those memories, that’s when you divert your gaze from the trees back to your face. “Please,” Natasha says breaking the silence as the first tears escape her eyes, “Stay with me.” That’s when you take her into your arms. “Of course, darling, I don’t ever plan on leaving.”
“But all those things they said on the new, they weren’t wrong. That’s exactly who I used to be.” You push her off you slightly so you’re able to look into her eyes when you tell her, “That’s who Dreykov made and forced you to be. And exactly what you said, ‘used to be’. Baby, once you got out you have spent every day of your life bettering yourself. You became an Avenger, a hero. Think of all the lives you have saved and bettered over all these years. They don’t get to criticize you for the trauma Dreykov, and his people put you through, you are not that person anymore.”
Natasha falls back into your arms, “Thank you, you always know what to say.” You kiss her forehead and get comfortable against the bedside again, letting her cuddle into you. You spend the next hour looking out of the window together, while you talk about how far the two of you have come and reminiscing old memories you’ve created together.
Main taglist: @yellowvxbes // @xxromanoffxx // @xxxtwilightaxelxxx // @wandanatvoid // @wandaswifeyforlifey // @marvelwomen-simp // @snooy245 // @peggycarter-steverogers // @wandas-slut-heart // @nats-dreamland // @hoe4flosblog // @laaurrel // @catasha // @t00manyfand0ms // @multifandomlesbianic // @bandit2029 // @avengerswriter4eva // @gigistylestomlinson // @snowdrop1026 // @sylvies4ever // @youreatotalposer // @mellowladyangel // @milfloverslut // @natasha-danvers // @lyak12 // @smallestavenger // @when-wolves-howl // @svftpetker // @la-reine-des-enfers // @official-chaotic-wandamaximoff // @b0r3d-s1mp1ng-b1tch // @bubblensqueak002 // @imabee-oralizard // @rafecameronswhore // @be-missed // @romaaa28 // @youresuchamom // @youralphawolf72 // @maia-lightwoood // @rootbeerfaygo // @elliesayshello869 // @vllowe // @princessprudy // @nightingalexx
Natasha taglist: @strangegardentaco
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Not letting you go
Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: To defeat the Mad Titan, Natasha Romanoff gave up her own life. But now, with the war won and the opportunity to go back in time, you had to try to bring her back.
Word count: 1.086 || Pronouns: not used 
Warnings: fluff, comfort
So, I had this idea in the shower and I had to write it down. Hope you all like it!
You do NOT have permission to repost or translate my work on any platforms (even with credit)
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───── ⋅ ✮ ⋅ ─────
"Are you ready, Y/n?" 
"We'll see when I get there."
You and Banner exchange amused glances from behind your helmet, and you lower your gaze only to check your boots on the metal platform that makes up the time machine the scientist has designed, the briefcase with the Infinity Stones safe in your hand. 
"Sure you don't want me to go with you?" Steve asks, stepping forward and keeping his arms crossed worriedly in front of his body. "We both know I work better alone, Cap." You respond humorously, receiving a brief smile and nod from the blond. 
Exchanging looks of confirmation with the green man, you watch him push a few buttons on the huge panel in front of him. In the next second, your whole body is vibrating. 
Your eyes take time to get used to the change of environment, from a sunny forest to miles of dark desert area. You take a deep breath as you see the big mountain a few kilometers from where you are, a tall building on top.
Without hesitation, you start walking.
⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ 
The hike to the top is long, but you weren't really counting the minutes. All you wanted was to do what you went there to do.
"Red Skull! I've come to bargain!" That's how you announce your arrival, and the creature turns to you solemnly, no emotion at all on his reddened face. "Y/n Y/l/n, earthling-"
"Yeah, yeah. You know me, I know you, let's get down to business." You cut in impatiently, and the creature seems annoyed by your interruption. "There's no business, traveler, just one rule. A soul for a soul."
"Exactly. I brought a soul," you announce, making him frown in confusion. Opening your briefcase, you pull out the Soul Stone, "I want another in exchange."
A wicked laugh echoes around you, "That's not how it works-"
"I'm just playing by your rules. Or rather, rule." You interrupt once again, shrugging, and Red Skull glares at you angrily as he says, "It can't be done."
"But it better be, or I swear by the gods I'll be the last person you ever see." You threaten through clenched teeth. You won't get out of there without her.
The creature seems to revel in your anger, a smile at the corner of his lipless mouth. "You can't kill me, traveler, I'm the guardian of the Stone."
"Yeah? And I'm guardian of all six." You hit back and hold all the Stones in your hand at once. 
The pain is excruciating, but your enhanced durability and healing factor work like never before to keep you alive. Red Skull's expression drops. "What-"
The creature's question is interrupted by his own agonizing grunt of pain as you use the power of the Stones to turn him back into a human, the reddened bone structure giving way to Johann Schmidt's terrified face.
Before he can even realize what is happening, you use the power of the Infinity Stones to slowly petrify him, and his scream of pain lasts only until the entire figure is transformed into a stone statue. 
Moving your wrist counterclockwise, a green light surrounds your hand as the entire process on Johann Schmidt goes in reverse, transforming him back into the Red Skull. 
"So," you begin sadistically, smiling at the obvious dread on his countenance, "do we have a deal?"
The creature sighs, surrendering, "A soul for a soul."
When Red Skull extends her hand to you, you laugh through your nose triumphantly, handing him the Soul Stone. As soon as you return the remaining Stones to the suitcase, you feel your vision begin to blur.
"What... what did you do?" you struggle to ask, your body slowing down by the second. 
"I have given you what you desire, traveler. I hope I don't see you again." Replies Red Skull as he turns to you. The next moment, the world turns dark. 
⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅
You don't know how much time has passed since you blacked out. 
All you know is that you wake up inside a puddle of what appears to be water, back at the base of the mountain. And you're not alone. 
"Nat?" you ask, still groggy from the blackout, recognizing the red hair falling beside you. "Y/n-"
"Nat!" You exclaim when the certainty that it is indeed your loved one hits you, taking her face between your hands and kissing her passionately. 
"I'm so pissed at you for jumping off that cliff." You say as the kiss ends, a happy laugh and tears in your eyes. Natasha smiles back, stroking your cheek with her thumb. "I had to, it was the only way to defeat Thanos."
You just nod in understanding, your entire being overcome with emotion. The redhead has tears in her eyes as well, so you lean forward to rest your forehead against hers, enjoying the closeness of each other.  
"How did you bring me back?" Natasha asks after a while, pulling away to look at you with questioning eyes. "I played my tricks, baby." You respond humorously, chuckling when she rolls her eyes in amusement. 
"No one is going to take you away from me, ever." You say, more serious this time as everything in your posture conveys the intensity of your words. The redhead just smiles lovingly in response, leaning forward and kissing you once more. 
When the kiss is over, you both stand up. 
"Do you still have your suit?" You ask, checking the Stones in the suitcase. "I do, but I don't know if it still works." She counters and you nod, activating a device on your belt and causing another suit to appear in your hand. 
"Well, it's a good thing Scott doesn't pay much attention to his stuff." You comment with a playful smirk and Natasha smiles, shaking her head in false disapproval as she takes the suit you offer her. 
"We going home?" She asks in a mix of curiosity and hope, and you smile, more than happy to have her back. "We are. But first, I'm gonna need your help with something." 
⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅ ─ ⋅
As if only a second had passed, Steve and Bruce see you reappearing in the time machine. This time, however, Natasha was with you, your arm holding her tight around her waist, and you had no plans of letting go.
───── ⋅ ✮ ⋅ ─────
And that's it for today! I hope you enjoyed it, thoughts and comments are always welcome ツ
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steinfeldshailees · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
natasha, you talk of the pain like its all alright
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gitasor · a day ago
Decided to do some illustrations for the first time in my life😭
This is my first victim bcuz she’s my fav
Tumblr media
And my second victim is obviously bcuz why not
Tumblr media
Then decided to do an illustration of only women in marvel. I had to draw them separately first
These are my next victims
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
And right now I’m drawing Gamora😭 literally the easiest
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nats-bishop · a day ago
*Y/N forcing Nat to watch Glee with her*
And that’s what you missed on Glee!
Y/N: babe, you remind me so much of Santana.
Nat: so.. you’re Brittany?
Y/N: ..Are you calling me dumb Natasha?
Nat: No! No.. I was just saying because Santana and Brittany end up getting married and well.. I want to marry you one day.
*Y/N tearing up*
Nat: I get it if you don’t picture us getting married-
Y/N: baby shut up please. Of course I want to marry you. You are the love of my life, my soulmate, my everything. I love you Natasha Romanoff, so much.
Nat: …you mean that?
*Y/N grabs Nat by the neck of her shirt and brings their lips together*
Y/N: Now do you believe me?
Nat: Mmm almost I think I need a few more kisses first detka.
Y/N: *slaps Nat’s arm* you brat
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kram6496 · a day ago
Y/N walks into the bedroom to see Natasha crying...
Y/N: baby what’s wrong?!
Natasha: nothing. I-I just bit into a pepper.
Y/N sees the TV is on.
Y/N: are you watching Oprah?
Natasha: its good television! I’m allowed to have a sensitive side!
Y/N: I was just going to ask if I could watch it with you.
Tumblr media
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incorrectquotesmcu · 7 hours ago
Yelena, pointing to a high shelf: Can you reach that for me?
Kate, tearing up: You need me in your life after all.
Yelena: I could replace you with a step ladder.
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romanoffsbish · 2 days ago
Natasha (G!P) Romanoff x Fem!Reader
This one is smut free, focused on domesticated bliss only 🤪😂
Last one in this little series, unless someone had a really good pitch for a song. 👀
Symphonic Journey (Short Series)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Natasha smiled up at you from over her book while she lied in your shared bed. You were sat at the vanity, using your skincare items as if they were your lifeline.
"You know, this line here I name after you." You muttered, as you caught on to her staring through the mirror.
"Oh yeah, why's that?" She amusedly questions you with a knowing smirk, as she flips to the next page in her book.
"It's my worry line, grown rather prominent since I'd met you." You deadpan, as you begin to use your rose quartz roller to "ensure maximum absorption" as you would say.
"Ah, so it shows a life lived then." She quips, as she suddenly appears behind you, and lifts your face by your chin to place a kiss to your lips.
You sigh, melting completely into the kiss, and then she pulls back with the special smile reserved just for you upon her face.
"Yeah, a beautiful one at that." You conclude, as you turn back to finish up your routine, while your gorgeous wife makes her way to the bathroom to get herself ready for bed.
I took my love, and I took it down.
I climbed a mountain and I turned around,and I saw my reflection in the snow-covered hills.
‘Til the landslide brought me down.
"Y/N/N, I don't see why we can't just homeschool them, or maybe just wait another year..." Your wife pouts, as you two lay facing one another in bed.
"Darling, Niko and Eli haven't stopped talking about wanting to make friends for the better part of six months. They need the socialization, and if I'm being honest I need the brief period of silence."
"Dahlia will still be here, so why not just keep all three at home." She whines like a petulant child who didn't get there way.
"You know, I'm considering enrolling Dahlia into a preschool, maybe you too..." You chuckle out, and she groans against your chest as she pulls you close.
"Natty, Dahlia is going to enjoy the one on one, plus, she's pretty independent and as of late she naps a lot. Get some sleep now, we have a busy morning ahead of us." You tiredly murmur, placing gentle kisses to the top of her head, and lightly scratching your fingers down her arms.
Oh, mirror in the sky. What is love?
Can the child within my heart rise above?
Can I sail through the changin' ocean tides?
Can I handle the seasons of my life?
"Tasha, my love, did you make the twins lunches?" You call down to her from upstairs, and she stares down at the mess currently occupying the counters.
At the silence, you knew something was up, so you straightened Nikolai's shirt out, and placed the perfectly packed backpacks upon their tiny bodies.
"Cute." You mumbled out, as your tiny creations were stood before you in their first day outfits, nearly being swallowed by their 'big kid' bags.
"I'm not cute mommy, I'm beautiful!" Niko says, you smiled at him, and nod in agreement.
"Yes, mommy's beautiful babies..." You coo
"Now, let's go find mama, I'm kind of worried about her." You mumble out, and they giggle as they follow you down the stairs.
As the lot of you stumbled into the kitchen you were met with a rather amusing sight. Natasha had somehow slathered jelly every possible place besides atop the bread.
"Detka, this jelly won't spread over the peanut butter.”
You held back a laugh at your wife's expense, then made your way over to save the day. Their lunchboxes were rather hilarious to look at, it's as if everything you'd said had left the assassins mind.
"Well, my darling..." You begin, as you move in for a forehead kiss, prodding your tongue out lightly to lick at the strawberry jelly residing there.
"I had purchased the squeezable jelly for you, but it seems you found my bonus jar... So, there's like a whole science to this, first get rid of the knife and grab a spoon. Stir the jelly up until it's less coarse, and then slide it onto the empty slice of bread, versus over the peanut butter."
Natasha watches you with clear intentions, trying to 'perfect' the recipe, as she began mirroring your movements for the necessary second sandwich. You swiftly cut your sandwich diagonally, placed a kiss to her cheek, then readjusted the snacks in their bags when she wasn't looking.
Your younger daughter had yet to wake up, so you swiftly ran up the stairs. Seeing her peaceful face led to you just scooping her up, and holding her sleeping form against your chest so that she could continue to rest. You were pretty certain she was going through a growth spurt as she'd been snacking nonstop, and actually taking her naps, so waking her up wasn't exactly a necessity. Plus, cuddles had become harder to come by as of late, so you'll take it wherever you can get it.
"Okay everyone to the car, it's time to go." You shout, unintentionally disturbing Dahlia, who lightly shifts in your embrace, but thankfully remains asleep.
Natasha felt the tears she'd been fighting flood out of her eyes as your twins giddily made their way into the classroom with their teacher; not even sparing their mothers a simple glance back. Their innocent excitement had truly filled her heart with joy, but it also saddened her immensely to see this new chapter beginning.
Your hand landed on her shoulder, spinning her around, pulling her in for a reassuring hug, and allowing her tears to soak into your shirt.
"Oh, my darling, it's okay..."
"They're growing up so fast Y/N/N, I just wish it would all slow down." She sobs against you, before pulling back and taking your hand into hers.
"No you don't, because this is going to be an exciting time for all of us. I promise you after their long day, they'll come running out to see you." You relay as the both of you return to the car, the somehow still sleeping three year old hanging off your hip.
An indignant sigh falls from her lips, and your heart honestly cracks at her sheer reluctance in letting go. You wholeheartedly understand that she's not used to this sort of white picket fence lifestyle, and that entrusting her children to absolute strangers is rather daunting for her, but you just want her to see it from your side.
"I'm going to get them, this was a bad idea." She quietly mumbles, but you catch her hand and spin her against the car before she can.
An unintentional moan tumbles passed her lips at the impact, and your eyes widen in amused shock before you simply brush passed it for the time being.
"Natty, you're being ridiculous, they're fine. Tony already vetted this place before sending Morgan here, and we have access to the surveillance. Our kids have been trained by the best spies on the planet in defense, they're highly capable of finding an escape route, and they have a direct link to Wanda who we both know would be here in a snap." You relay with an air of humor present in your tone, as you run your fingers through her hair, slightly massaging her scalp as you feel her slowly relax against the car.
"This right here is the normalcy that they crave, the part where they trade their PB&J with some kid for their Twinkie. Where they get to surround themselves with other kids their ages, and learn how to be their own people. Learn to regulate their emotions when faced with the obstacles that kindergarten brings."
"Yeah, like who gets to be the dad during house, or who gets to be the dog in Monopoly Jr, and trust me, the list goes on." You laugh out, as your wife's face looks utterly confused, and you lean forward to peck at her lips until the frown flips.
"Wouldn't the boy just play —."
"Ah-ah Natty, due to society placing dad's at the top, everyone wants to play as the dad. Also, most of the boys seem to avoid playing house in favor of other activities, our little man tends to be the exception, but he usually plays the role of Eli's dog soo...."
"I'm sorry detka, it's just so hard to let go... Also really hard to keep up as well."
"I know, it's never easy... But look on the bright side, we'll have more alone time" You playfully quip as you point to your daughter that remains fast asleep in her carseat.
She sighs rather dramatically once you pull away from her body to climb into the drivers seat, as she continues to lean against the car for a brief moment. Glancing longingly at the door in the hopes that the twins would come bounding out in search of her, but it never happens. Once she enters the car, you watch as she curls into her seat and solemnly watches the city fly by. Without a word, or glancing over you'd simply interlocked your hand with hers to offer the silent comfort she needed.
Domesticity had always been a foreign concept to the spy who'd only ever lived a life full of constant change. Turns out, raising three kids with the woman you love comes with nothing but change, and it was the first time that something like this absolutely terrified her...
Well, I've been afraid of changin'
'Cause I've built my life around you, but time makes you bolder ;
Even children get older, and I'm getting older too...
Oh! I'm getting older too...
When you were nearing your exit you'd realized that both of your girls were now sleeping. The blissful silence inspired you to continue driving around to get some errands taken care of. By the time Natasha had actually allowed you to leave the school it had already been 9AM, and since Kindergarten is only four hours, going home wouldn't be worth it now.
In the hustle and bustle this morning you hadn't exactly eaten breakfast, so you found yourself in the McDonald's drive thru after running through the post office. As soon as the machine had crackled your daughters head flew up and she tiredly murmured: 'Chiten nug peas' before swiftly slipping back to sleep.
You chuckled at her abundant hunger that apparently transcends consciousness, and then ordered lunch for the three of you before driving off to enjoy it at the park.
Once you'd arrived, 'Lil 'Dahl had finally gained a semblance of consciousness.
"Mommy! Park!" She squealed, wiggling around like crazy against her seats restraints.
Natasha jumped awake at the sound of her shrieking, taking in the scenery, then lazily reaching into a bag to take a fry from both containers.
"It's called the 'sad mama' tax." She lowly whimpers, with a pout to rival your toddlers.
"Then I get one of your nuggets, because I didn't sign up for four children." You quip, then immediately got out of the car with bags in hand and approached a set of tables.
Natasha jumped out with a genuine smile upon her face as she grabbed the giddy toddler from the backseat, and met you under the sun to enjoy the afternoon with two of her favorite girls.
"Sometimes I wish I could just freeze moments like this." You murmured as you watched your toddler happily playing with a stray cat.
"You mean like a memory?" Your wife laughs from behind you as you sat up against a tree.
"No need to be a smartass Natalia." You grumbled, attempting to move away from her but arms secured you in place.
"To answer your question, yes, I do wish I could freeze these moments and keep you all trapped in bottles on my shelf."
"Natty, that's just.. Not what I meant at all." You nervously chuckle out.
"I'm sure Wands could help me do it, stop you all from changing..."
"Growing is a part of life, and it's a rather beautiful part."
"Change was never something that represented good for me, it almost always came with loss, and I don't want to lose out on anything else."
"Darling, if you run from change you'll actually miss out on a lot more than you think. We can hold our babies as close as we want, but eventually they will become their own people, and it's our job to ensure they have the most enriching route possible. Our fear can't be an excuse we use to hold them back, we just have to acknowledge that it's all one big learning game, and face the mishaps as we go. Holding them back would only lead to resentment."
"Also, let us not forget, had your favorite coffee shop never closed, you and I wouldn't be sat here right now having this discussion in the first place. Change can be a wonderful thing Natty, you just have to open your mind to all the possibilities."
Your wife tightens her hold around your waist as you two watch your daughter playing and she lets your words sink in. Gentle fingers grip at your chin, turning you to face her, then she places a lingering kiss to your lips.
"You're right, everything you said, thank you for being my stable base." She confesses against your lips, and you smile at her words.
"Now, if only you could say that after a fight then you'd avoid so many sleepless nights on the couch." You quip, laughing boisterously at the sound of her groans as you stand up.
"Moment ruined." She grumbled, then you aggressively pulled her to her feet, causing her to stumble into you, and suddenly your lips were pressed to hers.
"Guess what..."You whispered into the kiss, she hummed against your lips in response, clearly no longer interested in much else.
"It's time to pick up the twins." Her lips were ripped away from yours so fast you hardly registered the loss.
"Dahlia!!! Time to go!!!" Your wife shrieks as she scoops her up, and flies her laughing form back to the car.
Natasha made certain you were at the front of the crowd waiting for the class to be let out. Her body was buzzing, unable to remain still as she watched the door with clear intent. You watched in amusement, having not had the heart to inform her that they were released by means of a roll call to ensure safety.
The doors swung open, and Natasha's eyes widened, but narrowed rather quickly once she saw the clipboard. Shockingly, no complaints were muttered, and you were hopeful that the action had actually helped to quell any of her remaining anxieties.
"Parents of Jack Quenton."
"Who's last name starts with a Q?" She quietly grumbles from beside you, causing you to stifle a laugh in favor of nudging her side, and she simply shrugs her shoulders unapologetically.
"Parents of Athena Quill."
Her eyes widen at the second option, and this time you have to fake cough to cover yourself.
"Parents of Nikolai and Eli—."
"Here!!" She shouts, then the teacher looks up to her with eyes prepared to scold, but decided against it once she registered who your wife was.
The twins ran out in a rush, practically jumping into your wife's arms, and you chuckled as you approached the teacher.
"Those two were rather great today, here's the 'homework' for the weekend, it's really just a fun way to get me acquainted with them." She gently relays to you, and you thank her before wandering off to find your missing family.
Approaching the car you noticed everyone buckled up and ready to go, and the smile on your wife's face truly melted your heart.
"Mommy!!!" All of your kids shriek as you get behind the steering wheel of the car, and you turn to face them with a wide smile.
"My babies!!!" You shriek back enthusiastically, then settle in for whatever stories are about to come flying out of their mouths.
"I made a new friend! His name was Kaleb, and he tolded me that he liked my mohawk, then we played with some blocks. Thank you so much for helping me make it."
"Of course baby..." You coo, then turn to Eli to open the floor for her.
"Oh my goodness mommy, guess what! Our classmates thought I was lying when I told them that the Black Widow was our mama. I was sad, but since she was still outside for so long earlier I gotted to prove it to them. They were so shocked, treating us like we were cellebwitties! One boy even gave me his snack for free. Then my best-friend Lindsey asked if she would come to her next birthday party, I said maybe. I had such a great day!” She speedily rambles on, honestly scaring you as she nearly forgets to breathe, and you listened intently before passing back a juice pouch to all three of them, before driving off.
Your wife's eyes were brimming with tears as she listened to your daughter speaking about her as if she had hung the stars and the moon. Deep down she still struggled with the title of hero, but seeing your daughter animatedly describe her as such clearly warmed her heart.
The drive home was lively for all of ten minutes before the entirety of the backseat fell asleep. Natasha reached out to take your free hand, lifting it to her lips to place a lingering kiss to your knuckles, before linking your hands and settling it atop her lap.
“I told you they would be all over you my darling…”
“Yeah… Thank you detka, for helping me through today…”
“No need to thank me baby, it’s what I’m here for, I think we balance each other out well.”
As Natasha went to crawl into bed she found a few tiny bodies had made their way into her spot while she had been in the shower, and she pulled her phone out to snap a quick photo. Dahlia had taken up residence on top of you, with her tiny arms wrapped around you and her face was buried in your neck. Niko was in his signature position, with his body splayed out wildly, and his feet managed to land on her pillow. Then she found that Eli was laying on her side, head on her mama's pillow, and hand delicately placed in yours.
The sight caused her to audibly awe, as she set her new lock screen then leaned down to kiss your forehead. You instantly hummed at the contact, not even opening your eyes, but instead pouting your lips. A light chuckle fell from her lips before she happily obliged, firmly placing her lips to yours, and an endearing smile erupted on your face as she pulled away.
“Looks like we have a few visitors.” She whispered from above you, and you gently nodded in acknowledgment before tapping her pillow, narrowly missing your daughters head.
Natasha got the hint, as she gently crawled into bed, gently moving the twins over just enough so that her arm can protectively fall over all of you. You gently raised your arm, laying it over Dahlia’s back as you interlocked your fingers with hers.
“Forever…” “…Always.”
Natasha’s heart was full as she realized that no matter what life might throw her way, or however much might change, in the end she’s reassured that the abundance of love she’s blanketed in will remain the same.
3,274 Words.
@toouncreativeforausername @lostremind @my-skeleton-hats @battleg03 @fxckmiup @meurgen @hp-and-mcu @kjyarukivo @d14n4ol @inlovewithfaberry @yeux-sur-la-lune @youralphawolf72 @beenicejoy @lissaaaa145
That’s a supposed wrap on this little family besties 🤪
❤️ Kaitlyn 🥺
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giallo4ver · a day ago
This was my Spy x family:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
It didn't end well unfortunately.
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mamaspidershit · 2 days ago
Peter: *talking about Natasha’s funeral* You do know we’re burying a great person today!
Clint, shocked: Did someone else die?
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kurosakiichigoat · 2 days ago
Kate: It kinda smells like wrong dog in here.
Yelena: What is wrong dog?
Kate *crying*: Everything!
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funnyincorrectmcu · 4 hours ago
(After Captain America: The Winter Soldier) Nat, about Bucky: So what’s with the guy who tried to kill you? Steve: He didn’t try to kill me. He saved me.  Nat: He threw a shield at your head. Steve: He threw a shield near my head.  Nat: He works for Hydra.  Steve: Nobody’s perfect.
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