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Tumblr media
right place, wrong time [two] // natasha romanoff
Tumblr media
summary: just as you predicted, Natasha rises up in the ranks which means you won't be working together anymore, but that doesn't stop you from thinking about her.
warning/s: mentions of death and injury (nothing graphic).
author's note: it’s so nice to see you all enjoying this so far. Always makes my day to read your lovely comments. Hope you enjoy the second part 🥰
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Tumblr media
The silent treatment lasted for about a week, with Natasha and I avoiding each other around the Compound out of pure stubbornness.
Honestly, I didn't think I owed her an apology or anything because I didn't think I'd done anything wrong. I was just doing my job, doing everything like I'd been taught to do, and she'd completely flipped for no reason. I liked Natasha, I did, but I wasn't going to accept someone questioning my work ethic.
...That mentality expired after a week, when I began to realise how inconvenient it was to be in this mess. We worked together and we couldn't avoid each other forever. Yes, part of me knew I hadn't done anything wrong, maybe aside from assume she was used to working alone and touching on a past I knew nothing about, but one of us had to make the first move. So, looked like it was me.
After searching for her around the place, I was told she was in the kitchen with Barton and headed over there, only to pause right before walking in because I heard raised voices.
"...no! I'm not doing it, Clint!" It was Natasha, sounding peeved as usual. "I don't apologise! Ever. Not to anyone, and especially not to her."
"Nat, you're acting like a child, c'mon," Barton was saying. "Y/N was doing her job. And you succeeded with your mission, so what's the problem?"
I could imagine the scowl on her face as she said, "I'm. Not. Apologising."
Rolling my eyes, I turned around and left. If she didn't want to get off her high horse and simply say sorry, then I certainly wasn't going to be the one making the first move.
A few days later, I was in the training room, engrossed in exercising and, particularly, punching the punching bag before me.
Earphones in my ears, I was vibing to some Fall Out Boy as I kept punching the bag with all my strength, focusing on keeping my speed and agility up since I'd noticed that was a problem for me lately. I was so caught up in working out that when a bullet flew past me and hit the punching bag, I jumped and stopped what I was doing, yanking my earphones from my ears and spinning around quickly.
Standing behind me was Natasha, of course, lowering one of the non-lethal guns we had that you could practice with.
"What the hell?!" I shouted, raising my eyebrows with disbelief. "Are you trying to kill me?!"
She rolled her eyes. "Oh, come on, it's not even a real bullet."
I opened my mouth, looking around at the empty room before meeting her gaze. "What the fuck?!"
She breathed out deeply, a disapproving frown on her lips. "Well, you weren't listening to me and I was trying to apologise! Can you blame me?"
Eyes still wide with disbelief, I waved my wired earphones in the air. "I had bloody earphones in! I couldn't hear you!"
Swallowing awkwardly, her frown disappeared and she looked away for a moment. "Oh."
I narrowed my eyes at her, remembering her words from the other day. "I thought the great Natasha Romanoff didn't apologise to anyone."
Her eyebrows scrunched together with realisation before she stared at me. "It was you listening the other day! I knew it!"
Feeling judged, I straightened up and shook my head, avoiding her eyes. "Well. actually, I was going to apologise to you first, and just happened to overhear you unintentionally. Wasn't my fault."
Losing her frustration, her expression softened. "Wait, what? Why were you coming to apologise?"
Not appreciating the sudden attention, I wiped my sweaty forehead with my sleeve and nodded towards her. "Never mind, go on. You were apologising, right? Continue."
Sighing quietly, she ran a hand through her hair and began, "Look. I'm sorry for how I reacted on our mission. And for what I said and for giving you the silent treatment. You were just doing your job and you were right. I am used to working alone. Not in a team."
I crossed my arms as I listened, studying her expression. She usually stayed reserved, stoic, unmoving, but for once, she looked genuinely apologetic and was showing that with her guilty eyes and slight frown.
"Okay," I acknowledged her apology, making her squint her eyes at me.
"Okay? Is that it?"
I raised an eyebrow. "Is that it?"
She cleared her throat and shook her head slowly. "Well, no... I was hoping you'd forgive me."
Both my eyebrows raised now, and I couldn't help but smile a little as she squirmed under my stare, which was certainly a first. "You've never apologised to someone before, have you?"
Her silence answered that question.
"Damn," I continued, joking now. "In your twenty-four years of living, you're telling me you've never–"
"Please, be quiet–"
"–apologised to someone? You've never–"
"–been in the wrong? Never–"
"For God's sake, no!" she snapped, before taking a deep breath and meeting my gaze with apologetic eyes. "No, I haven't. But I know I was wrong. And I shouldn't have spoken to you how I did. These past few months have been a learning curve for me... that's all."
I uncrossed my arms and mindlessly played with the tips of my earphones. "I appreciate the apology. And you're forgiven. Just, please don't question my work ethic when I'm only trying to do my job."
She nodded, shoulders relaxing. "Deal."
We both went quiet, neither of us knowing what to do next, until she spoke up again.
"So, you said you were going to apologise for something?"
I rolled my eyes at her slight smirk, knowing she was enjoying this, and answered, "You were right about what you said, to an extent. I don't know anything about what you did before this and I shouldn't have assumed anything."
"You were right though," she said, being serious.
"Still." I didn't look away. "I'm sorry."
She nodded appreciatively. "It's okay."
I smiled softly, glad we'd sorted this out, before going to grab my water bottle and take a sip.
"You mind if I join you?" she asked, and I shrugged, swallowing my water before answering.
"If you want. But no shooting at me again. I don't care if you are the better fighter, I will kill you."
She laughed quietly, knowingly, and moved to put the gun back. "Ha, okay. If you say so."
I rolled my eyes at her reply, but a smile ghosted my lips.
Stakeout missions weren't my favourite type of mission in the world, but sometimes they were necessary. And honestly, I didn't entirely mind doing it when Natasha was my partner.
She'd been at S.H.I.E.L.D. for about a year now and had become accustomed to our ways of working. In that time, she'd been working alongside Barton directly, but still in our little team for missions, such as this one.
We'd become close – friends, dare I say it – and I now knew how to read her better compared to when I first met her. She still didn't reveal much of how she was feeling both verbally and physically, but I'd gotten around that and could now tell when a jaw clench was because she was annoyed or because she was holding in a laugh.
My crush on her... hadn't disappeared like I wanted it to, unfortunately, but I never let it get in the way. I was doing my job and remaining professional, but it was definitely still present. The more I worked with her and the more I knew her... the more I fell for her. I couldn't help it – I just happened to be one of the many suckers that fell slightly in love with Natasha Romanoff whenever they came across her. And it hurt, but it was also the most exhilarating feeling I'd felt in a long time.
So, we were in our van, watching the cameras on the monitors and doing our job. Well, she was mainly doing the camera-watching whilst I tried to learn how to throw M&Ms in the air and catch it in my mouth. When I thought I had it, I smacked her arm frantically.
"Nat, look!" I exclaimed excitedly, earning her attention, before spinning my chair to face her. "I think I got it."
"Y/N, you've been trying this for two days now," she reminded me with a quirked brow. "No offence, but I think it's safe to say you don't got it."
I ignored her and pulled an M&M out from the packet in my hands. "Just watch."
I breathed out slowly before doing what I had practiced, throwing it high in the air and moving underneath to catch it. Of course, I'd miscalculated and it hit me in the eye, bouncing off and hitting the floor.
Natasha laughed at my dismay, whilst I frowned and looked down at the sweet.
"What did I tell you?" she asked, tilting her head teasingly.
Picking up the M&M and tossing it in the bin, I said, "I had it. It's just because you looked."
"Uh-huh, if you say so."
Pushing the M&Ms to the side, I lost interest and stretched my legs on the counter, leaning back into my seat. Feeling her eyes on me, I glanced over and saw she was watching me with an amused smile.
"You comfy?" she asked rhetorically, but I answered with a grin anyway.
"Very. Thanks for asking."
Rolling her eyes, she looked back to the cameras, as did I, and a silence formed between us. I didn't think much of it, and I didn't think much of the constant drumming of her fingers on the counter, nor the shaking of her knee near mine, not until she spoke up randomly.
"This is gonna be our last mission together."
I raised an eyebrow, looking over at her and seeing the way she avoided my eyes. "Pardon?"
"I'm being transferred to a different branch once this mission has ended," she continued, and I took my feet off the counter and sat properly in my seat, realising she was serious. "Fury wants Clint and I in New York."
I blinked, unsure what to say at first. It's not like I expected her to be working with me forever, not with the talent she had, but I guess I hadn't thought she'd be leaving so soon. But I didn't want her to think I was clingy or anything, so as with anything, I used humour to lighten the mood.
"So, you'll be in the big leagues now," I said with a small smile. "I'm not surprised in the slightest, Nat."
Finally, she turned around and met my gaze with dark green eyes. "You're not." It wasn't a question.
"You're gonna be great," I told her, giving her a knowing look. "You always have been. I knew you'd be one to look out for. So, no, I'm not surprised."
A small smile tugged at her lips gratefully. "I've really enjoyed learning the ropes here with you. I hope you know that."
Stupidly, my heart fluttered in my chest at her words, even though I knew she didn't mean it like that. It didn't help that her eyes were staring into my soul and making me slightly nervous, a power she had even after a year of knowing me.
"I learnt a thing or two from you, too, don't forget," I joked, hoping she couldn't see how disheartened I was right now. "Like how not to get thrown on my arse every time we train together."
She laughed, making my smile widen because I knew I'd miss making her laugh like that. I hoped wherever she went, she'd still find reasons to laugh just like that.
"I knew this wouldn't last forever, but I'm gonna miss working with you," I said, pressing my lips together.
Her smile softened and her eyes sparkled and I wasn't sure I could breathe as she watched me so gently. "I'm gonna miss you, too."
Miss me. She was going to miss me. Not working with me, but actually me. I wondered if she meant just that, or if it was just a slip of the words. But Natasha never slipped up, not once. And right now, as she didn't dare look away, I wondered if maybe she meant it how I wanted her to mean it.
But I couldn't be sure, and I didn't want to ruin whatever friendship we had right before she was going to leave, so I forced myself to look away and focus on the mission.
The rest of stakeout was bittersweet now that I knew it was going to be the last one we ever did, but I tried not to let that show for her sake. After it ended, she wasn't kidding about having to leave for New York so soon, and I found myself seeing her and Clint off the next day with Jacob.
We were hugging goodbye at the car, and I tried not to show how sad I was that she was leaving because that's not how I was supposed to react.
"You're gonna smash it, love," I told her when I pulled away, smiling at her proudly. "I know I'll be hearing all about Natasha Romanoff and her amazing achievements in no time."
She rolled her eyes, but I swear I saw a pink blush forming on her cheeks. It was cute because she rarely got embarrassed.
"Just remember, if you need anything over in New York, you've got my number," I reminded her playfully, "but I doubt you will."
She shrugged slightly, small smile on her lips. "I might."
I returned her smile, but my heart was aching because I knew she wouldn't. I'd accepted that she would go to New York, make more friends and focus on being the best agent she could be whilst unintentionally forgetting me in the process. And that was okay because she was just a colleague and nothing more.
"Not that I need to say it, but be safe, yeah?" I said quietly.
"Only if you are, too," she retorted, and I raised my pinky in the air. She interlocked hers with mine, pinky promising, before letting go and looking to the car.
Jacob and I stepped back as we watched her and Clint get in, and we all waved goodbye to each other as they were driven away. I couldn't help but think how it already felt empty without her.
If I'd known Natasha Romanoff, the new recruit, would have this much of an effect on me, I might have just declined Clint's offer to help her out. Might have.
I didn't see Natasha properly until two years later.
We did try to stay in contact, texting to see how each other were and occasionally having phone calls to check in. But it got harder and harder when we had missions keeping us busy, and our own assignments that we weren't allowed to share with each other, and before we knew it, the contact stopped. It wasn't anyones fault, it just was.
My assumptions were correct since Natasha Romanoff grew to become one of the best agents S.H.I.E.L.D. had, rising up the ranks and becoming one of Fury's favourites. There wasn't one person in our organisation who didn't know who she was – who the Black Widow was. Stories of her adventures spread like wildfire, both her and Clint's teamwork.
She was everything I'd expected her to be and I couldn't have been more proud, but there was always that part of me deep down that missed having her to myself. It was probably selfish, I know, but I missed our early S.H.I.E.L.D. days, all of us. Jacob, Clint, her and I. Just me being the sentimentalist, I guess.
After the Battle of New York happened and the Avengers formed, which included the Black Widow herself, everything changed for everyone. S.H.I.E.L.D. were scrambling to adjust to potential new threats from alien worlds and the world was accepting their new saviours, the Avengers, with open arms.
Though I'd known of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s involvement in the Battle of New York, I hadn't personally been involved since I was on a different mission out of the country. But seeing it all unfold on TV was enough to show me how terrifying it was. I returned to Washington, D.C. a few days afterwards, having completed my mission and wanting to go home.
That's when Natasha decided to visit, the first time in two years. I was in the infirmary at HQ with a broken arm and getting the bandage on my bullet wound changed (the mission could have gone smoother, that was for sure...) when she entered the room and made me do a double take.
"Natasha," I breathed out with surprise, eyes looking her up and down.
The nurse before me paused, following my gaze and seeing Natasha approaching us.
"I've been calling and texting you," Natasha said casually, like it wasn't the first time we'd seen each other in person in so long. "Someone told me you were here."
I blinked, smiling at her pissed off expression. She looked different, her hair cut shorter than I'd last seen it and her features having matured from the twenty-four year old I'd befriended, but she still had that same pouty expression when she didn't get what she wanted, and she still looked as beautiful as ever. I'd seen her on TV on the many news reports on the Avengers, but it was very different to seeing her in person. God, I'd missed her more than I realised.
"Here, I can do this," she was saying to the nurse, who didn't bother questioning her and let her take over with cleaning my wound. Her green eyes met mine, unimpressed, and she said, "Seriously? You're in the infirmary?"
Snapping back to reality, I joked, "What can I say? It's the life of a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent."
She rolled her eyes at my joke, but a smile ghosted her lips and my heart was spinning in my chest because she was really here. And she still liked my terrible jokes.
"I didn't expect you to visit," I said, trying not to wince when she wiped my wound with antiseptic.
"It's been a while," she said with a sigh. "I know."
"Yeah, it has," I agreed, before grinning. "You must have been too busy superheroing, Miss Avenger."
She lifted an eyebrow, glancing at me questioningly, before reapplying my bandage.
"Congrats on that by the way," I continued when she wouldn't speak. "I think that's something to congratulate you on? But yeah. I should probably thank you for saving New York as well. Probably the world. You know, that small thing."
I could tell she wanted to slap me, but she just took a seat on the stool opposite me when she was done.
"Weren't you there?" she asked with confusion. "In New York? I thought they had all hands on deck."
"These hands were on a different mission," I explained with an amused smile before motioning to the many cuts and bruises on my face, and my injuries. "That's where these lovely souvenirs came from."
Natasha frowned slightly, eyes darting around my body. "You should be more careful."
"It's my job," I reminded her. "And I lived to tell the tale, didn't I?"
She hummed in disagreement, but said nothing more on it.
"So, since you're here, you wanna get a takeaway and come back to mine?" I asked hopefully. "I don't know about you, but I'm starving."
"I'm down for a Chinese."
She smiled and stood up. "C'mon. I'll drive."
We headed out together, grabbing some food from a Chinese takeaway near my house, but unfortunately, before we could go to mine, I got a phone call from one of my superiors. Apparently, my most recent mission report that I filled out a few days ago was missing some pages because of a system error, so I needed to redo them before midnight tonight otherwise it wouldn't get submitted and checked on time. So, sadly, this meant I had to go back to work.
"It's been two years since we've last seen each other and I think we might have to wait a little longer," I said lightheartedly to Natasha once my phone call ended.
She pulled out her car keys as she asked, "What do you mean? Who was that?"
I sighed, smiling apologetically. "Work. I have to redo my mission report before midnight tonight. I'm sorry, Nat, but we might have to reschedule."
She shook her head. "No, no, it's fine, don't worry. I don't mind coming with you if you want? I don't leave for New York until the morning, so we can still eat our food and catch up, whilst you also get your report done."
"Seriously?" I was surprised she actually wanted to see me that much. "It's not a big deal. We can just reschedule. I don't wanna keep you."
She smiled softly. "You're not keeping me. C'mon. Before the food gets cold."
Without giving me chance to decline, she led the way back to her car, so I smiled to myself and followed, not so bothered about staying back to do work now.
Staying back to get my work done whilst catching up with Natasha was probably the wrong thing to do since I was more concerned with learning everything I'd missed with her than I was with filling out a report, but it didn't feel so wrong at the time.
"You've done so much, Nat," I said with amazement, after she finished sharing yet another of her missions with me. "I'm so proud of how far you've come. You're not the new girl anymore, that's for sure."
She chuckled, focusing on her food. I smiled, admiring her side profile at that moment without realising.
"So, what's it like working with the other Avengers?" I asked curiously. "They're quite the bunch."
"You don't know the half of if...," she mumbled with an amused smile. "It's great, it is. Sometimes feels like a boys club, but it's important work. And a different ballgame to S.H.I.E.L.D., definitely."
"I can imagine."
She groaned, glancing at me with bright eyes. "Enough about me. What about you? What's next on the cards for Agent Y/L/N?"
I shrugged, picking at my food with my chopsticks. "I'm not entirely sure... Seeing as I've only been back a few days, I can't say. My superiors want to have a word with me about a new project they've got in the works. Not too sure what that's about, but it could be interesting."
She hummed, intrigued, probably waiting for more details, but I didn't have anymore.
"Right now, all I wanna do is sleep for a million years if I'm being honest," I admitted, making her smile at my words.
We continued to talk about the good old days, back when she used to work with Jacob and I, and that's when I remembered how I finally nailed down my trick.
"Okay, you ready?" I asked her, holding my fortune cookie in my hand.
She nodded, so I threw it up in the air and successfully caught it in my mouth. Her laughter filled the empty room and she began to applaud as I finished chewing the cookie.
"Congratulations," she said teasingly. "It only took you two years."
I rolled my eyes playfully at her comment, remembering the last time I'd tried to do that for her. Two years. Right before she left. And now we were here, two years later, and she was back. I lost my smile as I recalled the memory of her telling me she was leaving in the first place.
"Why did you come back after this long?" I asked, unable to stop myself. We'd been catching up and talking and eating and enjoying ourselves like old times, but she still hadn't told me why she was here. "Was it really just to visit me?"
Her smile faded and she pursed her lips, taking her time to answer. "Truthfully?"
My eyes met hers hesitantly. "Yeah."
She paused, as if considering being honest with me. I hoped she would be.
"I wanted to come back sooner, even for a day," she admitted, not looking away, "but work got in the way."
"That's nobody's fault," I assured her, but I was still curious. "But why now, Natasha? What's different now?"
Her jaw tensed, but as usual, her expression gave nothing away. "I wanted to make sure you were still alive. A lot of agents lost their lives in New York, and I didn't want you to be one of them. I had to see for myself that you weren't one of them."
I wasn't sure what to say or feel. She'd come back to make sure I was still here and I hadn't even realised she actually cared about me that much. Not enough to come back like this. And certainly not enough to admit the truth. 
"Why did you never visit me?" she asked softly, and I'd never heard her sound so vulnerable before, but it made me feel insanely guilty.
I shook my head slightly. "I didn't think you needed me, Nat... you were going places and I wasn't going to come and ruin that. Hold you back."
"You never held me back," she said with certainty, eyes flickering between mine.
Unable to handle the tender look she was giving me, I cracked a smile and looked down to my cast. "Well, I know that now."
I heard her sigh before she turned the other way, focusing back on her food. I swallowed hard, glad she was no longer looking at me, and lost my smile.
Thankfully, we managed to change the subject to something a little more lighthearted and were able to keep joking around like that whole conversation hadn't happened. It was nearing midnight when I finally got my report done and submitted, and I knew it was time to call it a night.
"I think I'm just gonna stay at the Compound tonight," I said to her as we both stood up to leave. "It's easier than heading back home now."
"I don't mind dropping you off," she offered, but I shook my head.
"Nah, it's okay. I'm tired anyway."
She nodded. "Okay, if you're sure."
She smiled before leaning forward to give me a hug. I met her halfway, relaxing as she wrapped her arms around me. I'd missed this, especially since she rarely gave out hugs, but when she did, it was enough to make me forget my name for a moment.
"I've gotta head back to New York in the morning," she said when we pulled apart, "but this was really fun, Y/N."
I sighed quietly, looking down at my shoes.
"What's up?" she asked, nudging me with her shoe.
Forcing a small smile, I looked up. "Nothing. You're right. This was fun."'
She gave me a knowing look, not believing me. "Seriously, Y/N. What?"
I pressed my lips together firmly, taking her presence in a final time. It wasn't fair of me to say what I wanted to say. That I was sad because I rarely saw her, that I didn't want her to go back, that I cared about her a lot more than I let on.
That I still loved her.
It wasn't fair because she was never mine to love, and I was being childish.
"I'm just gonna miss you," I settled. "That's all,"
"I'm gonna miss you, too," she said, looking between my eyes. "And you can visit anytime."
I gave her a small smile. "Yeah, I know that now."
She rolled her eyes once more, but my favourite smile of hers appeared – the one she always tried to hide, but no matter what, it would always appear and make me feel like the happiest person on Earth because I was the reason for it. My eyes lowered to her smile, admiring it once more before I, no doubt, didn't see it for a while.
But then I found myself staring at her lips in general, and how naturally pink they were, and how soft they looked, and how much I really wanted to feel them against my own.
She was leaning in, and when I glanced up, I saw her own eyes, half-lidded and distracted like I was. Was she thinking the same thing, too? My heart was thumping out of my chest as I leaned in slightly, so close that I could feel her breath tickling my lips.
And before anything could happen, the damn lights switched off.
We jumped apart, startled at the sudden darkness, and I could hear my heartbeat in my ears as I realised what almost happened. I mean, it had almost happened, right? I wasn't just imagining things?
"I've got it," I mumbled quickly, before going to turn the light switch on again. They were automatic, turning off if there wasn't any movement in the room for however long. I wondered what could have happened if they hadn't turned off.
Natasha cleared her throat when the lights came back on, avoiding my eyes. "I should go. Goodnight, Y/N."
I nodded, ignoring the heat creeping up my neck. "Goodnight. Drive safe."
She left, and I stood there for a minute longer, trying to understand what any of tonight meant.
I wasn't expecting a follow-up to what happened that night. Maybe awkwardness, maybe we'd stop talking to each other for a while, but Natasha texted me like normal, like nothing happened. And I almost began to believe that nothing happened. Almost.
But I would replay that moment over and over in my mind, unable to forget how close we were stood, how soft her lips looked, how much I wanted to lean in...
I eventually came to the conclusion that we were both tired that night, slightly out of it and unaware of what was happening. It wasn't anything more than that, it couldn't have been. Because if she was acting as normal as ever over our texts and phone calls, then it couldn't have been more.
At least, for her it wasn't.
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🥝27, 3, 20 with natasha? reader taking care of her after she got hurt on a mission?
congrats again on 1k! <3
magic kisses
I'm sorry this is so bad, but thank you so much! This marks the last of my 1k follower celebration so thank you all so much for helping me celebrate such a large milestone! :)
1k summer sleepover :closed
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'Nat?' You were shocked at the sight of her when she walked through the door to your shared apartment, 'Did you go to medical or come straight here?' You followed Natasha as she limped into the bathroom grabbing her first aid kit.
'Detka, don't worry I'm fine,' Natasha was a sight to see. As she slowly pulled her suit off you could see all the damage. The bruises, cuts, and dried blood everywhere. You were not convinced that she was fine.
'You don't look fine!' You exclaimed, your eyes scanning over her body again and again hoping that seeing her like this was just a bad dream, 'Natasha I swear if you don't stop what you're doing and sit down there then,' 'I'll find a way to make you, just listen to me,' Natasha stopped what she was doing and followed your instructions. She had never seen you act this way and she was in too much pain to think about fighting with you over it like she normally would.
'Here comes the airplane!' You laughed as you scooped more food for Natasha on a spoon. Natasha was not amused and raised her eyebrow at you as you flew the spoon in the air towards her mouth
'I can feed myself,' Natasha groaned but happily opened her mouth and ate each time you brought the spoon closer to her. It had been a few days since she came home that nigh hurt after a mission and you wouldn't let her leave the bed unless she had to. You were taking care of your Natasha whether she liked it or not.
'Too bad,' Shrugging you continued to feed Natasha. Noticing the way she smiled after each spoonful, 'The more you rest the quicker you'll heal and I can tell you're enjoying this,' You smirked as you watched Natasha open and close her mouth wanting to talk back to you but not wanting you to stop. You gently pushed Natasha to lay back down after she had finished eating. You laid next to her, wrapping your arms around her as she drifted back to sleep.
While Natasha was asleep you slipped out of bed to do all of Natasha's errands, chores and reports. You didn't want Natasha to stress or worry about these things, you were more than capable to do them for her so she could take the time to heal. Your alarm went off on your phone indicating that it was time for Natasha's next round of medication.
'Feeling better?' Natasha was awake when you went into your shared room. She looked terrible, only having woken up from her nap not long before you walked in.
'It feels like I’ve been slapped but on the inside,' Natasha's voice was monotone, her whole expression was deadpanned as she turned her head to look at you. Your heart broke at the sight of Natasha. You wished that you could instantly heal her so she wouldn't feel the pain. But you only had the next best thing, comedy and horrible jokes to lighten the mood.
'So...no?' If looks could kill Natasha would have you six feet under by now. Though it didn't take you long to have Natasha smiling and almost laughing at you, she warned you to not make her laugh since it hurt too much and you didn't want her to hurt.
You were now back in bed, Natasha's head laying against your chest. The sound of your heartbeat allowing her to focus on something other than the dull ache that was radiating around her body.
'You know what you never gave me since I've been injured?' Natasha turned her head to look up at you. You couldn't focus on the question since she looked so cute. You could tell Natasha was tired just by the doe eyes she was sending your way, '...magic kisses,' You tuned back into the conversation when you heard your favourite pair of words.
'How could I forget?' You over exaggerated your gasp as you slid out slightly from underneath her. Natasha's pout was wiped away more as you covered her injuries in little kisses. Natasha couldn't help but smile and giggle since the lightness of each kiss was enough to tickle Natasha. You smiled, hearing Natasha laugh was your favourite sound, 'there all done,' You smiled widely returning to your previous position.
'I think you missed the spot that's most injured,' Natasha puckered her lips hoping you would get the hint. Which you did but you decided to play dumb.
'Hm I'm pretty sure I got everywhere Natty. Maybe I should go over them all again to make sure-'
'Shut up and kiss me already,'
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nataliaromanova-widow · a day ago
She Got You
Natasha Romanoff x Fem!reader.
Warnings: Smut, a very sexy Natasha, fluff.
Word count: 1.6k
Summary: After promising Natasha a date, she realizes it doesn't take a lot for the both of you to have all of each other.
A/N: This is the continuation of “One Way or Another”. I recommend reading it in order, although it is not particularly needed. Happy reading! :)
Tumblr media
You owed Natasha a date now, and you had no idea how to make it romantic.
You were a dork, and she was... well... Natasha.
You had been planning it for weeks now, since the day she dragged you to her room.
You had been going to the Avengers compound more often now, and you'd find yourself in the same situation over and over again; kisses being displayed on both of your necks, nails scratching the back of your hair down to your back, your fingers coming to grasp her locks to push her closer to you. She'd always have the same reaction to your touch, moving hips and trembling legs.
It hadn't gone as far as make out sessions though, you wouldn't say you were busy, you were just out of creativity and it seemed like Natasha had failed to care. You thought she'd insist more, but after your second visit to her room, she had stopped.
She kept acting as if it didn't bother her, and perhaps it actually didn't. You were starting to think she was just fine with the simple touches and the blue balls. You remembered when you had taken her out for lunch after training and she had mentioned it was hard being the only female Avenger, you could only imagine what having to lure the enemy alone felt like most of the time.
You didn't doubt she'd be assembled for those kind of missions every once in a while.
You just let it be, you were planning things. Maybe a fancy restaurant, a walk to the frozen lake afterwards, laughing and telling stories with her cuddled by your side because of the cold. You had vast ideas but none of them felt worthy when it came to Natasha.
The next few days passed like a breeze, you were still training with Natasha and some other Agents. People started to snicker whenever you and Natasha exchanged looks, not missing the way you'd wait for her when training was over, so you could drive her home, on busy days, a kiss on the cheek and a longing hug was enough.
If you didn't know better, you'd say the spy was warming up to you way more that you could ever expect in a period of a few weeks.
You were more than fine with that. That's what you wanted from the very beginning, and maybe what she had in mind too.
After missing training for the first time, you had found yourself in your room, a coloured green pencil that you were able to find somewhere under your messy bed in hand, and papers scattered all over your space. You had been writing all possible ways to take Natasha out on a date, all the variety of places you could take her, and all the fun you could have with the beauty.
A call to Natasha's voicemail was the only thing you left to let her know you wouldn't be coming in for training and that “you had to resolve some family problems, but you would be seeing her by the end of the evening”. She hadn't called you or sent you a text since.
You smiled thinking about her. She was way more than you could ever expect, and she deserve way more than she could ever expect, you hoped to make that known through the day you were planning.
A few hours had gone by, you had finished your notes, finally being able to plan the perfect date that you were sure Natasha was going to love. You immediately headed to the shower in your room, so that you could drive to the compound to see the redhead in no time.
You wrapped yourself in a towel as soon as you finished your shower, humming your favorite song to yourself, you opened the door to find Natasha...
Reading your notes.
All of your ideas to the date you were supposed to surprise her with.
You let out a huff and you lunged forward to grab the papers in her hand quickly, her expression one you couldn't read as you threw them over somewhere in your room.
‘What are you doing?! Those were supposed to be a surprise! How much of it did you read?’
Natasha didn't bother to respond and she took you in, realizing you were almost bare, just a towel covering your body.
Repeating your movements, she lunged forward in your direction, but to kiss you deeply this time.
You took a single second to respond to the kiss, one hand holding to your towel tightly not to fall, and the other not wasting any time before squeezing Nat's waist.
You let out a groan when she placed her hands on your breasts, already going in for the towel, your lips left hers in a quick breath, her mouth going straight to your neck in a instant, still fighting against the only thing keeping you clothed. ‘Nat... if you take his off me, I won't be able to hold myself,’
‘Then, don't.’
She had let out that sultry voice you love so much, twisting you in her arms and backing you down to your bed, you sat up, her hips straddling you, towel long forgotten somewhere on the floor.
Both of your moans and the friction of her hips against your lap were the only sounds echoing around the room.
You grabbed the bottom of her shirt to lift it up above her head, being the only thing that kept her lips away from your body, but just as it was gone, it was on you again.
Her chest hammered, now red from being flustered, had your tongue tracing lines on it, your teeth sinking in, you got her whine as a reward.
She held the back of your head to you keep you in place, your hands expertly getting rid of her bra, mouth reaching her sensitive pink nipples.
She threw her head back at the contact.
‘You’re so sexy, you know that? I barely even touched you and you're already acting like this.’
Out of breath and eyes closed, it was such a beautiful and sexy sight to see Natasha in. You were loving the way she reacted to your touch.
You pulled your thigh up, getting her clothed heated core to be pressed by it. Her nails beginning to scratch your shoulders and to support herself in your lap. You held her hips in place as they begun to grind on you hoping to find relief.
‘As much as I'm loving this... What happened to taking you on a date first?’
‘We don't need that. You're a good and sweet girl, you already proved to me you can behave just fine. Now please, make me cum.’
You groaned once again at her words. You managed to lift her up so you could take her pants off. Not having the time nor the patient to take her underwear off, you just split it to the side rapidly.
She sat down on your lap again, but instead you placed her on your right thigh, feeling the wetness cursing through her pussy.
She once again moaned at the contact, moving at your pace.
You had her naked over you. Sweat pooling very subtly on her forehead, hair sticking to it easily, mouth agape and eyes rolling back as she rode your thigh. You could cum just from the sight.
She grabbed your hand, placing above her own to squeeze her breasts. You kept placing your mouth on the right spots of her chest, nipple moving against your fingertips.
She was so turned on, you could feel it.
You fell on your elbow, only one hand pressing tightly against her side forcing her to grind on you easily and quicker.
The other hand moving down to your own pussy to stimulate it. You kept watching her.
She noticed your hand moving between you and looked down to you touching yourself with a hungry look in your eyes.
‘You're so sexy. Don't stop touching yourself, I wanna see you coming too.’
You rubbed on your clit faster at her request, biting your lip to make a show for her.
‘Just like that, Natasha. Look at you, making a mess fucking yourself on my thigh, you know exactly what to do, baby.’
’Yes, yes! I love fucking my tight little pussy on you.’
You felt on cloud 9.
You were ready to cum from her face, her lips, her words, but you wanted to cum on her, so using both of your hands, you pulled her closer, core touching yours for the first time.
She put her hand on your chest to give her impulse, moving at a rapid pace, movements becoming sloppy.
You left her hips to grab her ass now, pushing her down more. You were both so aroused, her clit touching just the right places.
Natasha was ready to burst, the way your hands felt grabbing her ass in an almost possessive way, your hands starting to grab on her nipples once again, nipping them, bruising them.
Her moans became louder and louder, yours too.
‘I'm gonna cum, Natasha. Come with me. Be a good girl, c'mon.’
She then spasmed on top of you as her orgasm hit, facial expressions turning into one of massive pleasure. She whined all the way while her wetness dripped over yours, and hand instinctively coming to grasp onto your breast in a moment of lucidity.
Your orgasm hit you a moment later.
Calming your breathing down, you pulled her to you.
Natasha was still trying to recover from her orgasm as she placed her head on the crook of your head. One leg coming to wrap itself around your waist.
You both said nothing when your fingertips traced her back trying to calm her breathing.
You could feel her drifting away. She gave you a tired but longing kiss on your neck and went back to resting her head. Sleep coming to get her right after.
You smiled.
Taglist: @diaryoflife
She had you. One way or another. You knew it.
Let me know if you wish to be added on my permanent tag list, and I'll add you. :)
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justice4daisyjohnson · a day ago
Flo x singer!reader: the marvel cast goes to a concert of the reader (Flos girlfriend) and reader Sings the song she wrote for Florence
you had given florence and all of the friends she wanted to invite passed to your show. you have been on tour for the past five months and haven’t been able to see florence for those exact months. between your tour and florence’s filming schedule, you’re even lucky to talk to each other everyday. you’ve missed your girlfriend an immense amount and you are so excited to see her tonight.
in celebration of seeing her today, you agreed with your band to sing a new unreleased song that you wrote with florence’s face in mind. there was even word of making a music video to the song and having florence feature in it. but for now you’re sticking to performing it.
your manager told you before the concert started that florence was running a little late so you could only see her at the end when you finish performing. it bummed you out but you understood and agreed.
all while performing, you were searching for florence or any of her friends. florence had sent you a text prior to the concert day and you told the security guards to let all the people she listed in without questioning.
you have met some of the people she worked with. it was always brief and it mostly happened when you were picking up or dropping off florence and you happen to catch a small greeting by the person she was hanging out with.
“you ready?” a band member asks you. you had just finished your whole set and the crowd was louder now than ever before.
you nodded and set up your mic, “okay, now, we have a special treat. this is a unreleased song, i wrote it with someone in mind and me and the band thought today was the day it should be heard”
the beat starts and you start singing. the crowd was mediocrely quiet, you knew this was because some people are trying to record the song and upload it onto youtube for the other people who weren’t at this specific performance.
the song was reminding you a whole ton of florence. you obviously wrote it about her and to her but the memory’s you got while singing it was all you ever cared about. florence is something no one else has, she has so many things that make her so different and everyday you remind your self you are lucky enough to call her yours.
memory’s of date night, going to the movies, every cuddle, everytime she missed you and squeezed a little more tighter than usual. she was your whole world.
after the concert, you and the band had to do a meet and greet. this took long but you were meeting devoted fans that loved you and your work so you didn’t complain. you were patiently waiting for the line to end to go meet florence in your room.
some fans made you smile when they asked about florence. it wasn’t a ploy to get gossip out of you, they knew you two haven’t seen each other because of the lack of paparazzi pictures they have seen of you two in the past couple months.
you would smile and say thank you when the fans wished you luck. but this meet and greet, you were able to say that you could finally see your girl because she was back stage waiting for you. your manager would probably give you an ear full later for making it known that florence is here but you loved talking about her.
when the meet and greet was over, you quickly met with your manager and a bunch of body guards who kept you and your band safe while you went back to your rooms.
when you made it to your room, florence was standing while a couple of her friends were sitting down waiting for the band and you. once florence heard the door opening, she whipped her head around and saw you. she took of running and jumping, trusting you to catch her like every other time this has happened.
“i missed you so much” florence said into your neck.
“i know, i know, i missed you too, pretty girl” you say, running your free hand on her back while the other arm held her body up.
florence pulled back from your neck and kissed you, “flo, your friends are here”
“eh, they can just look away”
you spent the rest of the trip, going out to a resturant with florences’ friends and your band. you got to know her marvel friends a lot more and got into a friendship with them also. your band was ecstatic to meet the marvel group and everyone got along really well. you turned down the opportunity to go out to a club that same night and went back home with florence.
you were so relieved to be back home with florence and billie. after a shower joined by florence, you two settled in bed with billie laying at the foot of the bed and watched a movie cuddled in together.
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novamirmirsblog · a day ago
The Chronicles of Pig the Giraffe pt 4
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Synopsis: As kids, y/n wins a stuffed animal for natasha at the fair, hoping to impress them. Years later, natasha reveals that they still have the giraffe.
Genre: angst/fluff possible smut in the future
Pairing: Natasha x reader
Word count: 1272
warnings: swearing, black widow spoilers, probs a lil bit of smexy time in later chapters, the very real possibility for me to leave this unfinished <3
This is unedited as always :3
A/N please ignore the logic of how Clint found Natasha. He has super spy skillz and that's how. No I wont be elaborating any more <3
Tumblr media
The team were a little confused about Natasha's sudden departure but most just assumed she was on a mission. Clint didn't. Clint knew. Or he knew something at least judging by the way he stared daggers at you every time you were in a room together. You really thought you were making progress with the man considering how his frosty attitude had all but vanished during the limited training sessions the two of you had. You really were trying to be the bigger person by forgiving him for mentioning a traumatic event in your past but you were willing to throw it all away if he kept staring at you.
Your interactions would often go a little something like this:
"Have you got something to say Clint?"
"Take a picture, it will last longer"
A slight narrowing of the eyes.
"Watching me like a creep isn't going to give you answers"
More silence.
These conversations lasted for what felt like years until you decided to be the bigger person. It was coming up to 3 weeks of Natasha being gone and you were beginning to get a little worried. You had no doubt that Natasha could handle herself but it seemed that you had only just realised the gravity of the situation. Unfortunately, you knew that the only person you could tell was the one and only Clint Barton. You sucked your teeth and rolled your eyes the whole time as you walked over to Clint's room. It was 3:05 and everyone was safely tucked in their beds. You didn't even need to knock before the door swung open, revealing a grumpy looking man.
He opened the door slightly but still refused you entry.
"We need to get Natasha."
That got Clint to open his door. It swung open and he gestured for you to come inside. This was in no way an invitation into his life but he accepted that you had important information regarding his best friend.
"She's gone off to fight the Red Room."
The quiet swear Clint let out was the only indication that he realised how much trouble Natasha could be in. His movements were calm and efficient as he grabbed his bow and arrows from a cupboard and a bag of what you could only assume were clothes from under the bed.
"Pack. We leave now."
As you sat on the Quinjet with the destination unknown, the painful realisation that you had no idea who Natasha really was set in again. You had absolutely no idea where Natasha would have gone and yet all you had to say was one sentence for Clint to have at least some idea of where she could have gone. The two of you had stopped at Budapest before going to Russia. You weren't sure why you had stopped there because Clint made you sit in the plane like a well behaved dog but whatever he found meant he knew roughly where Natasha was.
"If she found her sister, she might try to kill you." Clint finally spoke.
"Yelena can be..." He paused, clearly trying to think up a word that was both truthful but also didn't offend Natasha's sister "protective."
"What's keeping you safe?"
"Raw talent and skill." You would have thought he was boasting if you hadn't looked at him and noticed the sly grin that flashed across his face.
"Whatever you say Robin Hood."
When you finally landed, it was on what looked to be a small pig farm. You raised your eyebrow at Clint but all he did was shrug as he exited the jet. You followed behind him, not wanting to be left behind but also not wanting to be the first thing they shoot at.
"что ты здесь делаешь" (What are you doing here) An angry looking Russian lady with a gun at least half her body size asked you.
"I'm Clint, this is Y/n, we're friends of Natasha's." Clint slowly raised his hands, letting her know he didn't have any weapons. You followed suit.
"Natasha!" She shouted back at the house. You took a step towards her, her voice sounding so familiar. You were thrown into summers playing in Natalia's pool and drinking lemonade her mother had made.
Natasha walked out with a blonde and giant man. Then it clicked. The angry Russian was Melina, the blonde was Yelena and the giant was Alexei.
The blonde squinted her eyes suspiciously at you, trying to figure out how you knew her name. Her face suddenly lit up as she bounced over to you.
"Holy shit it's Y/n!" Yelena hugged you so tightly you were sure she was going to break something.
"Hey Yels." You laughed as she let go of you, turning to look at Clint.
"Who the hell are you?"
"Yelena be nice. He's Clint. My friend." Natasha finally spoke, walking over and giving Clint a hug. She pulled him away to talk and your ex-neighbours were delighted to have a chance to grill you. Melina ushered you inside, sat you down at the table and instantly gave you food while they began to question you.
You answered each of their questions, your face heating up gently as Melina and Alexei gushed over how much you had grown and how beautiful you were. Your mind couldn't help but slip back to the jealous place it so often was at the moment. She used to be your best friend and you were annoyed that Clint now knew her better. You knew you shouldn't be. You had made many friends in the time Natasha had disappeared but the jealous monster wouldn't leave you alone. You knew it was irrational to be jealous but you couldn't help it. By the time Clint and Natasha had come back from their talking, the sun was setting and Alexei was insisting that you stay.
"The sun has gone! It is too dangerous to travel at night." Alexei slammed his hand on the table, emphasising his point.
"Darling, they are big boys and girls now. They can look after themselves." Melina gently rubbed his arm.
"Exactly." Yelena took another shot of vodka, filling your glass up too. "Besides, it isn't the Stone Age any more. We have things like planes to get us places."
"Will you come back too?" You looked at Yelena hopefully.
"Of course!" Yelena may not have been Alexei's biological daughter but she certainly had the same characteristics. "I want the American Dream!" She laughed at her own joke, too far gone on the constant flow of vodka.
You had kept yourself wrapped up in conversation so you didn't hear the hushed whispers that were darting between Clint and Natasha. You really didn't want to have to fly back on the Quinjet with just those two.
"Yes Yelena! Come live the American Dream!" Perhaps the alcohol had gone a little to your head too as suddenly you and Yelena were putting on American accents while singing 'Barbie Girl'.
"Come on. Natasha has been away for long enough."
Clint's voice cut through the vodka induced karaoke for a brief moment, long enough for you and Yelena to get up from your seats and head towards the plane. You both enthusiastically waved goodbye to Melina and Alexei and petted each pig on the head before stumbling onto the plane.
You lay on the cold metal floor. "Yelena get down here." You stage whispered "It's amaaaazinggg!"
Yelena lay next to you and the cool metal against your hot skin along with the gentle hum of the engines sent you into a deep sleep.
🏷 @xxxtwilightaxelxxx @username23345 @didujustcallmedumb @fayhar @slvtfornat @ashadash0904 @mrs-davidson @androgynouscloudenemy @morticelli @ellal04 @olicity-boo @helloalycia @wandas-slut-heart @maia-lightwoood @wheeverse
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rebeliz777 · 6 hours ago
What if..?
Tumblr media
To start off the new year I would like to introduce a collaboration project that will be written from different writers who have chosen to participate. 
This project will have multiple writers that add on with reblogs until the request is complete.
A lot of fellow writers have been struggling with motivation lately, so I’m hoping this project will spark that desire to write again so we can all continue to enjoy their awesome work. 
Tumblr media
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x F.Reader
Request: A Natasha variant (preferably the one in What If.. who was a survivor of the Ultron apocalypse and then moved to a different timeline where the Avengers Initiative failed) arrived in the ‘canon’ timeline and then meets the reader who happens to be the wife of the ‘canon’ dead Natasha and reader also happens to be dead on Natasha variant’s own different timelines.
Am I making sense? Lol. Anyway, basically, the multiverse is in complete chaos here and different variants arrive in different timelines and Natasha and the love of her life meet each other again in the midst of all chaos. It would also be cool if Natasha variant gets shocked that her wife reader is in fact close to her russian family. Would also really love Yelena to show up in this fic.
Things are fast changing and you can’t do anything to stop it, nor the desire to anymore. 
You watch Thor leaving, and you swallow down your tears as the Guardian’s ship takes off. You’re losing yet another member of the team with his departure--not that it matters. 
Clint leaves next and although he looks guilty to leave you behind, you don’t blame him for choosing his family. Laura insisted you spend some time on their farm, but you refused. 
You don’t blame him for what happened, but that unbreakable bond you two used to share is now shattered in pieces somewhere along the quantum realm. He knows it, and you do too. 
Pepper is gracious enough to let you all stay in her house for a few days, but you’re still quick to get back on your feet and look for a place for yourself. You find a one bedroom in Brooklyn and you leave before sunrise on the third day after defeating Thanos. 
Wanda texts you a few days later, telling you about a place where Vision bought some land for them, and you wish her good luck. Sam goes back to his parents house, where his sister now lives with his nephews and Bucky follows your lead, and gets himself a little place in the city too. 
The team that you valued with your whole heart is dismantled now. You’re all scattered away from each other--the ones that are still alive, at least. 
The days begin to pass you by in a blur. You’re thinking about getting a job, just to help you cope but the thought of working under anyone makes your skin crawl now. 
You don’t need a job anyway, so you continue to watch the hours go by--until they don’t.
You find her sitting on your couch when you come back from a walk around the neighborhood. 
She looks up, her green eyes boring into you and you’ve never met her before, but you recognize her instantly. 
“Yelena.” You speak her name, and emotion unravels in her expression. 
“She talked about me then?” She asks you with a thick Russian accent and you close the door behind you softly. 
With your hands raised up in front of you, you walk closer to her. She looks defensive, and you know she’ll jump at your throat at the most minimal sign of what she considers to be a threat. 
“Yelena.” Saying her name hurts you more than you could have possibly have ever seen coming. “I’m so sorry.”
“You were her wife?” She asks, as you swallow down your tears and sit next to her. 
“Yes. We got married a few months after she saw you last.” Your heart’s breaking as you see her up close. “We looked everywhere for you.”
“I was gone.” She says, wiping away her tears, if a bit bitterly. “Came back five years later.”
“She looked everywhere for you. And we knew that you might have been snapped, but she still looked and I helped her.”
Letting out a deep breath, you give in. The sobs that leave your body make you shake and gasp for air, and you’re not entirely surprised when you feel a pair of arms wrapping around you and pulling you close to a firm body. 
In Wakanda, after Thanos snapped his fingers, Natasha was frantically trying to contact her family. To contact Yelena. 
You saw her almost drive herself insane with worry and now--now her little sister is here and Natasha never knew that she’s okay.
It takes you a while to get your breathing back to normal. Yelena brings you a glass of water from your kitchen, and then she sits down next to you again. 
“She loved you so much.” You tell her, because you know she needs to hear it. “She thought of you everyday, even before Butapest.”
You believe that Yelena ultimately played the biggest part in Natasha’s decision, but you don’t tell her that. You know though, you know that Natasha did what she did thinking of her and you too. 
“After I found her--we were supposed to meet again.” She tells you, her voice a broken thing that tugs at your heartstrings and steals your breath away. They deserved so much better. 
“It wasn’t supposed to end this way,” she says. Her chin trembles, her tears roll down her face effortlessly. “She wasn’t supposed to leave me alone.”
You try touching her hand, but she doesn’t let you. 
“You’re not alone, Yelena.” You tell her while she takes deep breaths, willing herself to get a grip of her emotions. 
“You know what I mean.” She tells you and when her eyes meet yours, you’re slightly taken aback by the look in of them. 
No, they were not biological sisters but that look in her eyes right now, that look is pure Natasha. 
“You feel it too, don’t you?” She pushes you, and you look away. 
Desperately you try to find something to look at, something of hers, something that reminds you that she was real--but there’s nothing. Everything she owned was at the Compound, you two lived there and every single memory you have about your marriage was made inside those impenetrable walls. 
There’s one thing though, you recall with a sharp pain on your chest. 
There’s one thing she gave you before the Time Heist. A piece of clothing that meant everything to her. She gave it to you and you fought in it, you were heartbroken in it--you wanted to die in it. 
You stand up, and you don’t check to see if Yelena is following you or not. You walk straight towards your bedroom and when you open up the closet you feel like you’re choking on thin air. 
When you see it, you almost can’t find the strength to pick it up. 
The fabric is rough under your touch, it’s green color now a little faded and you put it against your nose, trying desperately to find her in it’s scent. 
But it doesn’t smell like her anymore. 
“Why do you have that?” Yelena asks you, her voice catching and pain so evidently washing over her face. 
“Before the Time Heist--we hadn’t worn our uniforms in so long.” You start telling her, still holding the vest close to your chest. “And she pulled this out of her drawer and put it on me.”
“It’s mine.” She tells you with only a little bit of bark, and you know. God! You know. But this is the only thing you have. The only thing left. 
The only thing you both have, you remind yourself. 
“It’s mine too.” You tell her vehemently. “There’s nothing else. Everything was destroyed in the Compound. Everything!”
She looks at you for a long while, and you can’t even begin to imagine the image she’s being subjected to. You, her sister’s widow, clutching a piece of clothing that she gave Natasha years ago, fearing that she might attempt to take it away. 
Eventually, she sits on the carpeted floor, letting her back rest on the side of the bed. You take your time releasing the vest from your trembling hands. 
“It’s okay.” She tells you, voice rough but calm. You notice the color return to your knuckles as you release your visegrip on the vest.
“Mom wants to meet you.” She tells you next, and your life changes. 
Tagging @wellsayhelloaagin to continue. Take it away Sammi! 
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kram6496 · 2 days ago
Trouble at Home
Yelena Belova x Venom!Reader
Request by @scurry5
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You knew Yelena was not going to be happy. Venom was getting restless and acting more erratic, well more than usual. So you decided to go out on a solo patrol as the Lethal Protector once again.
Sneaking back into your apartment was stressful enough but knowing that Yelena could wake up at the drop of a needle made of all the worse.
Venom creeps in only for the lights to slam on. In your favorite chair rests the blonde haired beauty and nightmare, your girl Yelena.
“Do you know what time it is?” She says with no emotion in her voice. “Huh Venom? (Y/N)?”
“It doesn’t matter.” Venom tries to say. You briefly take over, “yes it does bud”
“You told me. No more solo ops!” Yelena stands up and marches over to the big symbiote and you.
“I’m a predator Lena! I need to eat! I need to be free!” Venom nearly shouts.
“So am I cage now?” She looks at him with a raised eyebrow.
Venom shrinks back into you. That eyebrow! It terrifies and intrigues me.
“We’re sorry Lena,” you try to say. She slaps you once before pulling you into a hug. Her head rest against your chest.
“I was worried,” she sobs, “I need to know where you two are. We are team now. We are family now!” Her tears moisten your hoodie.
You hug her close, “I know. I won’t ever leave your side again. I promise.”
She looks you in the eyes, the fierce determination still there, “I know. You I trust. My other love, not so much.”
Venom materializes next to you, “I’m sorry my Queen. You’re not a cage, you’re our love”
She gestures back to your bedroom, “you’re not leaving that room until sunrise.”
She pulls at your hand leading you back into your safe haven. Yelena doesn’t leave that room until sunrise either.
She clings to you all night and you rub reassuring circles in her back as she does.
Love is strange. It can make us weak or strong. But for you and Venom, love calls you home, back into the arms of one Yelena Belova.
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incorrectlycorrectfun · a day ago
A Lie can cause many
Summery - You were aware of the game Nat was trying to play but you were too deep in love to leave what you were getting, Even if it was like playing with Poison.
Paring : Natasha Romanoff x Reader / Steve Rogers x Natasha Romanoff
Warning : Cheating, Angst, Small talk about Gaslighting.
A/N : I don't know what this is. Enjoy I guess. I just seem to have a kick for cheating fics
Tumblr media
You weren't dumb. You were a Secret agent for Heavens Sake. One of the best one S.H.I.E.L.D Ever had. You saw the Looks they they shared, the touches that they believed that you didn't see. You saw, You saw the way he would place his hand On her thigh, How he would Place his hand On her lower back, How She would leave your bed every night after she thought You were asleep just to go next door to his, How She would text him while You all were doing something. You would just notice that and realize that She already gave up even before she tried. That she fell out of love with you and Now you had nothing you could do to save it.
You weren't ready to let her go, You never will be. After 3 years in a relationship together no one would find it easy for them to leave their partner but the person who ruins the said relationship. Maybe Natasha never was in love with you as she Said, Maybe She had gone ever before you realized it. You had heard that There was something going on between them when You first came into the team. You hadn't let that get to you when You started dating her though.
She would go all out for you, Always would stay back in the morning until you woke up, Would take you on dates every once a week, Would give you different flowers, Gifts or notes almost everyday, Would always stay with you during everything, Would be crazy if you had a Small scratch on you. But now? She sometimes forgets that You both share the same room, She would never be in the room when You wake up or when you would go to sleep, She would cancel on dates Often and even if she had the decency of showing up she would make some horrible excuse or some thing to either end it quickly or to leave, You stopped getting kisses or gifts or Flowers even in the anniversary dates or Birthdays let alone some Normal days, She would never be by your sides during anything not even when You were on the field and needed cover. She was always by his side, Always with him.
You knew You had to leave her, that you had to get away from this mess before it would ruin you but You couldn't. You tried but could never have the Courage to leave her because when she did acknowledge you she would be her old self again and It would give you hope - Even of it was a Tiny little bit of it- that she still cared, That she still was the same old Natasha that She was 2 years ago when she first started dating. The kisses that she would give, The Words that she would speak would make you forget about the pang of hold in you heart as it was slowly breaking even if it was for a brief second. You enjoyed those rare times, Those one in 3-4 months moments was all you would wait for. But again the next day when she would get distant and cold with you you could swear it felt like someone was crushing your heart.
But while You were pinning over Natasha You didn't see that someone were always there for you, Doing more than Natasha would everyday, just to see you smile even for a millisecond. Your Brother and Your bestfriends were fed up with the way Natasha was treating you. They saw the way she only started treating you like a Toy that she could just say sorry to and would fix everything, He was pissed at his friend for being such a Disgrace and for Doing this to you when He knew Natasha was with you, For lying, For cheating and most important for Treating you like You weren't like his sister. He was appalled by the way You were being treated.
You were breaking every second They were together. Every second that Natasha went behind your back. Finally days came when You went bac to your old room and just never come out, Not when You were hungry, Not when You needed anything. You just didn't and What did Natasha do? Nothing she did nothing. She might have not noticed you were gone anyway. Finally Your brother had enough after getting alerted from J.A.R.V.I.S That Your heart rate was dropping at a Concerning rate. You were half a super soldier sure but the half normal human part was a dangerous game to play with.
It was a normal day for the team, Almost everyone all around the room doing different things and engaged in different stuff. Bruce and Tony were in a Deep talk about something related to science, Wanda and peter were too busy discussing with movie is the best, Sam and Bucky were talking what Color they should paint Bucky's boat as he just recently got one, Carol and Kate were in an Intense game match, Thor and Clint weren't present at the moments as they had their own things to figure out and Finally Steve and Natasha all cozy in one corner of the room that usually would belong to You but you hadn't come out for the last 2 and a half weeks. They tried, They tried everyway they could to get you out but your answer never changed.
"The buildings on fire" - "I can't burn easily"
"There is an Attack" - " We have been through this with even less people"
"Natasha's Here" - "As if she would"
"We got you a Present" - "Return it"
You weren't going to leave. It was very clear how much of this had impacted you. When Bucky, Carol and Kate were glaring at the Super soldier and the Russian J.A.R.V.I.S Gave a Scary announcement.
'Miss Barns Heart rate is dropping at an Alarming rate' That's all it too before Carol flew and tore the doors to your room open. You were n your bed, Eyes closed, Chest moving up and down as if you were sleeping but the speed that the Chest was moving was not a good sign. It was slow and uneven, Like you were having trouble breathing. they took in the mess of your room, The eyebags under your eyes and the tear stains on your face. They would have cried and Kate did. You were very important to them. Bucky was not going to let his sister leave him, Not when they had made it this far.
Bucky asked Kate to take you to the med bay which was easy as you were weak and lightweight when normally you were heavier then Her. Kate took to down while Carol tried to control her anger and not burst you room in flames. Bucky on the other hand didn't give shit for his Anger, He punched the wall creating a small dent and cracks and walked out rotating his arm as Carol followed.
"Bucky! Bucky Calm down, Buck!" Carol called out the Rage filled man. She caught his arm turning him around. "Clam Down? CLAM DOWN? My sister almost died today Danvers. There's no way in hell I'm going to calm down" He fumed at the Blond. She understood his anger, She had been controlling her own to make sure he doesn't do something that would put him back in raft. "Don't you think I know? She's like my sister to you know? And You know How much I want to blast the head off the ones who did this but right now That's not what we need. Right now Our sister needs us with her." Carol stated and placed her hand down when She felt Bucky stop Moving.
"You're right, You're right. We can deal with the backstabbing cheaters later. Right now Y/n needs us" With that they both turned back to the elevators to get down to the med bay hoping everything was well missing the red color coming from the door that they were standing in front of just a few mere seconds ago. Wanda's door. and Wanda heard everything. And Wanda's isn't happy.
Tag list : None, Let me know
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pussy-puncher · 26 days ago
Clint: Why are you smiling?
Natasha: What? Can't I just be happy?
Y/N: Yelena tripped and fell in the parking lot.
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moonlit-imagines · 15 days ago
Headcanons for being Yelena’s sibling and dating Kate Bishop
Kate Bishop x Belova!reader
warnings: minor hawkeye spoilers
a/n: so i mean i did some age math and it was just easier to make it so reader is more of yelena’s adoptive sibling than apart of the ohio household
prompt: anonymous: “Hey could I request headccannos for kate dating yelna and natasha sibling?”
Tumblr media
you met her on your revenge mission with yelena, doing anything for your sister
but you weren’t expecting to meet anyone, especially not her
“hi, kate bishop! you’re cute” -you
“business first, y/n” -yelena
“should i be flattered or afraid?” -kate
“see, y/n? you are confusing her” -yelena
kate was very intimidated by your staring
but you were just super happy to look at her
and when she started asking questions about why you and your sister were there, you had something to say
“barton killed a fellow widow. and that widow happens to be my sister’s sister, and technically that makes her my sister, too. we don’t take kindly to that” -you
“y/n is right, we are not happy with barton and now we are going to kill him” -yelena like :)
you slipped kate a burner phone and whispered
“call me” -you, doing this hand sign 🤙
yelena thought your crush on her was cute
and you had no shame in it at all
she thought kate was a “nice little girl” for you, but the mission cane first
“you ever hear the phrase ‘conflict of interest?’” -yelena
“dont worry, i’m a professional” -you
when yelena went after clint, you kept kate busy and shamelessly flirted
“after this, we should definitely go get coffee…or drinks” -you
“could you stop your sister…” *swing* “from…” *kick* “trying to kill…” *knife* “my mentor?” -kate
“darling, you can’t stop a widow” -you, winking
checking if she was okay when the TSM pulled up and hit her
teaming up to take them down
where she actually finally admitted she liked you back
“that doesn’t change the fact that you’re terrifying” -kate
“i have that affect on people” -you
being very open while you are ruthlessly beating up guys in tracksuits
“i’d really like to kiss you, honestly” -you
“are you into fighting or something?” -kate
“it’s quite possible” -you
settling your mark in NYC and deciding to extend your “sabbatical” to spend some time with your “new friend”
which yelena approved of, but said that if kate wants to get on her good side she should be her new york tour guide
(you got a tour too it was a bonding moment for you all)
“i will check in on you, believe me, but go on, go have your fun” -yelena
you and kate actually got to hang out without engaging in hand to hand combat!
“this is…this is great” -kate
“what is?” -you
“us being together without an impending sense of doom” -kate
you thought she was very funny
offering to help her fix up her apartment
“well, we’ll need a place to stay!” -you
“you sure move fast” -kate, a bit delighted (she needed the company)
“i am speed” -you
doing target practice with her
she taught you archery (standing behind you and holding your arms)
you lied and told her you did not know archery but it’s okay she loved it
“if you make the bullseye, i’ll give you a kiss” -kate
“incentives? oh, that’s cute!” -you, moments before landing an arrow in the center of the target “i guess i’m a natural”
going to thrift stores and trying out new furniture
“i like this one! do you like it?” -you, bouncing up and down on a couch
“i love it! i can see it now, watching a movie, eating ice cream…cuddling” -kate
“yes! let’s do that tonight” -you
gossiping about all the foes you’ve gone up against
and telling her about your time in the red room
kate knew that was bad but she still found you to be a super cool super spy
and you liked that she stopped being scared of you
she was grateful to have you and your company after her hard times, losing the last bit of her family and all
and you were grateful to find more family!
but u totally missed yelena and she missed you back a ton
“hi, yelenaaaa!” -you on the phone
“hi, y/nnnnn!” -yelena putting you on speaker while she looks through the scope of a sniper
“whatcha doing?” -you
“oh, not much. doing some sightseeing” -yelena
“oh, i wonder what she’s looking at!” -you
“a dead body?” -kate
“y/n, i have to go but i love youuuuu” -yelena
cant forget about clint tho
it took some time but he came around
you reminded him of natasha
“has y/n tried to kill you at all recently?” -clint
“only in—” *elbowed by kate* “i mean, no! i would never! i have never!” -you
clint invites u to family dinners
the kids were obsessed with you
“can you teach me some fighting moves?” -lila
“me too!” -nathaniel
“ask your parents for permission first and if they say ‘no’ i will definitely do it” -you
when you start working again, kate misses you tons, but you make an effort to surprise her
you send postcards, facetime when you can, bring home gifts, shower her with affection, tell stories, send goofy pictures, make lists of what you’ll do together when you come back
you make the effort
she always throws mini surprise parties when you come home
which are no longer surprising but you play the part well
“oh my gosh, i had no idea you were throwing a welcome home party for me! i am so surprised!” -you
“shush and give me a kiss, please” -kate
taglist: @alwaysananglophile // @rorybutnotgilmore // @locke-writes // @sweetheartlizzie07 // @queen-destenie // @natasha-danvers // @johnmurphyisqueer // @pappydaddy // @captainshazamerica // @freya-xo // @ravenmoore14 // @canarypoint // @zoeyserpentluck // @randomawesomeperson102 // @brutal-out-here // @wonderful-writer // @of-a-chaotic-mind // @resplendentlady // @procrastinatingsapphictrash // @lxncelot // @swanimagines // @randomfandomimagine // @petersgroupie // @dindjarinsspouse // @werewolf-himbo // @lost-fantasy // @moobrvoobl-moobmoob-oobmpoobroom // @summersimmerus // @cipheress-to-k-pop // @augustvandyne // @spoodermans // @the-did-i-ask // @glxwingrxse // @scarthefangirl // @cyanide-mustard // @druigmybelovedone // @beth-gallagher22 // @bad4amficideas // @magnificentzombiebasement // @sheridans-dynamos // @seraphinevalentine // @happypixy380 //
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helloalycia · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
right place, wrong time [three] // natasha romanoff
Tumblr media
summary: Natasha is kept busy with the Avengers as you're kept busy with Coulson and your new team, but circumstances keep bringing you both back together.
warning/s: none i don't think?
author's note: another day, another part to this imagine! only one more part left oof
one / two / four / masterlist / wattpad
Tumblr media
Over the next six months, I continued working as usual, but was also bought in on a private project ran by an anonymous agent. I didn't know much, but by the time the new year came, I was finally shared more details than I initially had.
Agent Phil Coulson, who was supposed to have died in the Battle of New York, hadn't actually died and instead was working privately within S.H.I.E.L.D., putting together a small, highly-trained team of agents dedicated to combatting extraterrestrial threats. I wasn't sure why he wanted me, since I'd never had experience fighting aliens, but apparently my years at S.H.I.E.L.D. and expertise in communications and hacking were enough for him to want me to act as a mentor to the newbies in his team, Agent Simmons and Agent Fitz.
Being a mentor wasn't my first port of call, especially since I knew it would make me feel ten times older than the twenty-eight year old I was, but I knew I was getting bored doing the same old thing at HQ, so trying something different wouldn't be so bad. It was mainly based in New York, which was different to what I was used to, be Coulson had his own private quinjet – the Bus, so it could've been fun.
Working alongside Agent Ward and Agent May also, our first mission resulted in recruiting Agent Skye, a hacktivist who hacked our own network. It was pretty amazing actually, what she'd been capable of with such little resources, and though she was a tricky one to keep in check, she was a great addition to the team.
I was reading a book on the Bus as were stationary in the sky. For once, there was no life-threatening mission to go on, no training to do, no agents to teach, so I was enjoying my leisure time by reading a book.
"You look lonely," Skye's voice came out of nowhere, and I looked up to see her racing to the couch I was sat on, only to jump on it suddenly and make me drop my book.
"Thanks for that, Skye, really," I said as she laughed at my dismay.
Picking up my book, she made herself comfortable on the other end of the couch and stretched her feet onto my lap, making me give her a sideways glance but allow it.
"I wasn't lonely, I was enjoying a bit of peace and quiet," I corrected her comment from before. "Kinda ruined it."
"Oh, be quiet, you love me," she said with a childish grin, making me crack a smile but look to my book. "I'll give you your peace and quiet. Continue."
Taking her word, I relaxed and balanced my book on her legs, letting myself get back into it. Though, it was kind of hard to focus when I could feel Skye's eyes on my profile.
"Okay, what is it? What do you want?" I gave in, lowering my book and looking to her.
Her grin didn't fade. "What? I'm being quiet."
"Skye." I raised an eyebrow. "You're staring."
She shrugged casually. "Can you blame me? You're cute when you're all tucked away into your book."
I closed my eyes, breathing out slowly. "Skye..."
"What? Can I not admire when someone's cute?"
I opened my eyes, looking to see her amused grin. "Do you happen to flirt with every authority figure you come across?"
"That depends... is it working?"
Unable to stop myself from smiling, I rolled my eyes though I was impressed with her resilience. She'd been flirting with me for a while now, and I think it was mostly because she knew she could rather than her actually having feelings for me. It was cute, she was cute, but she knew I wasn't interested in her like that. Not only was it inappropriate since I was her mentor, but I couldn't see myself dating her when I knew we worked together so closely.
"Unfortunately for you, no, but props for trying," I answered honestly, making her sigh.
She narrowed her eyes, studying me slightly, before realising, "There's someone else, isn't there?"
I tried not to laugh. "There's no one else."
"It makes sense, I guess. I mean, you're either with someone, which I'm pretty sure you're not, or you're caught up on someone."
Caught up on someone is correct, but I would never admit that. Because no matter how caught up on Natasha Romanoff that I was, it meant nothing.
"Look, Skye," I said to her truthfully, meeting her brown eyes. "I'm flattered that you like me. I am. But this wouldn't work between us. My job as your mentor is to keep you safe, help you to become a better agent. That's it. Plus, I kind of like our friendship and I don't want to ruin that."
She leaned back in her seat, eyes flickering between mine curiously. "Okay, I hear you... sorry."
I chuckled. "You don't need to apologise, love."
She rolled her eyes playfully before pulling her legs off me and standing up. "I'll leave you to your peace and quiet. We still on for pranking Jemma later?"
"Oh, definitely."
She laughed. "Awesome. Catch you later, Y/N."
I never mentioned how I used to work with Natasha after she left my team. It wasn't a secret, it just wasn't something I thought to mention since it was in the past and not really a big deal. But the rest of my current team didn't think so.
"You worked with the Avengers!" Fitz announced when he, Simmons and Skye all burst into my private cubicle on the Bus.
I blinked, looking at the three of them as they looked down at me with excitement. "What?"
"Hawkeye and Black Widow? Barton and Romanoff?" Skye elaborated. "Why didn't you say anything before?!"
Realising what they meant, I snickered. "Technically, they weren't Avengers back then... besides, how did you even find out?"
"May," they all chorused, and I sighed, nodding.
"May," I said in agreement, knowing she probably told them in a dismissive way, not even realising.
They all exchanged glances before jumping onto my bed, making me scramble backwards to make room for them. The cubicles were already small enough without them trying to squeeze into it with me.
"Tell us more!" Simmons encouraged, shaking my arm. "What are they like?"
Knowing I definitely wouldn't be able to get away from them about this, I gave in and began to share a few stories of Jacob, Clint, Natasha and I's old missions. It wasn't loads, just enough to keep them off my back, and they were loving it.
But as I spoke and laughed and shared my past with them, I began to think about the redhead in question and how she was lately. We still spoke, occasionally, but since I joined Coulson's team and she'd become an Avenger, we'd both been busier than ever. But she always crossed my mind, everything about her did. Especially when I'd see her on TV or in magazines or online... we always seemed to miss each other, and I figured it was yet another sign that I had to get over her for good.
The last thing I expected was to be present at a Tony Stark signature summer bash party, yet there I was with my team one evening, amongst a bunch of people and the Avengers in his penthouse.
I wasn't sure why Tony Stark had sent me an invitation, since we'd never met and I didn't even think he knew I existed. But when the invitation came to me and the others found it from my bin (I wasn't planning on going for... reasons), I had no choice but to go and bring them, too. Coulson, Ward and May weren't in the mood, but Skye, Simmons and Fitz were too eager, so of course I had to accompany them.
As soon as we got to the party, the others were way too excited to sit still and instantly left my side to mingle and try to meet the Avengers and their friends, as they'd told me before they came. I took a deep breath and glanced around, a little intimidated by the amount of people, all strangers to me. I hated parties, I was never good at talking to people despite how bubbly I seemed, and I never enjoyed the glitz and glam of the life Stark had.
Heading straight to the bar to get a drink, I took a seat and ordered a beer. Not exactly party drinks, but you couldn't beat a classic.
A few people approached me, surprisingly, and I realised that not everybody here was a stranger. A few people I used to work with were here, so tonight wasn't going as boring as I imagined. That, and keeping an eye on the others as they mingled, was enough to keep me occupied.
Whilst I was in the middle of a conversation with some agents who were recalling a funny story, I noticed a familiar face behind them and glanced over their shoulder to see the person I wasn't sure I'd be seeing tonight.
Natasha Romanoff was stood there in a stunning emerald green dress, getting looks from every person who happened to walk past her, and for good reason. She looked absolutely beautiful.
I wasn't sure if she'd be here tonight, though I knew it wasn't something to completely discount. Either way, I was never prepared to speak to her, and when she turned around and her green eyes met mine across the way, I grew nervous.
"Hey, I'm sorry to interrupt," she said once she approached me and the two agents.
"Miss Romanoff," they stuttered out, amazed by her presence.
"Do you mind if I steal Y/N here away for a moment?" she asked in a deep, sultry voice that ensured nobody would be able to resist.
"Of course, of course! Go for it!"
I tried hard to stifle my smile as they stepped to the side, allowing Natasha to hold out her hand towards me. Accepting her hand, I let her lead me away, through the party guests and to a quieter part of the floor, tucked in the corner where some couches were.
"I didn't expect you to be here tonight," she said once we both sat down next to each other, turning to face one another. "You never seemed like the one for parties."
"I'm not," I said, a little honoured that she noticed such a silly fact about me, "but I was invited and my team were adamant I took them."
"Stark invited you?" she asked with furrowed brows.
"I'm as surprised as you," I said with a laugh. "I've never met the man in my life."
"Huh..." She cocked her head to the side with thought before getting more comfortable. "Well, I'm glad you're here. I feel like there's so much I want to know. Starting with this team of yours."
I noticed how she didn't mention that the last time we saw each other was when we almost kissed, just under a year ago. There was no awkwardness or nervousness on her end – she was as cool as a cucumber, and I don't know, I guess it stung a little. Because if there was any proof I needed that she would never think of me like that, this was it.
We sat there for a while, with myself sharing about my job and my team, who were thankfully not embarrassing me as of yet and were behaving.
"They'd probably combust if I introduced you to them," I said jokingly.
"Hey, I'd love to meet them!" she said with a playful smirk. "And I'm really proud of you, you know? You're doing some amazing work."
"Thank you, Nat," I said, feeling warm at the sudden attention. "I'm really enjoying it."
We talked a little more about her time being an Avenger before we were interrupted by none other than the party host himself, Tony Stark.
"Agent Y/L/N! You made it!" he slurred loudly, spreading his arms out.
Not wanting to be rude, I stood up, about to introduce myself, but he immediately pulled me in for a hug, taking me by surprise.
"Oh, okay," I mumbled, returning the hug awkwardly before moving back, standing beside Natasha.
"How much have you had to drink, Tony?" Natasha asked him with a stifled smile.
"Nowhere near enough," he said, pointing a finger at her.
"Mr Stark–" I began.
"Call me Tony," he insisted with a charming smile.
I glanced at Natasha before saying, "Tony. I appreciate you inviting me tonight, but I'm just a little confused as to why since we've never met before."
"Well, you and Romanoff are friends, right? You worked together?" he asked, looking between us.
I nodded, furrowing my brows slightly. "I mean, yes, but–"
"She's always so bitter at these things," he explained, waving his hand dismissively. "I thought bringing some of her friends might lighten her up. Turns out she doesn't have many of those."
"Fuck off, Tony," Natasha said, rolling her eyes.
I chuckled. "Well, thanks for the invite. Your party is great, Tony."
"Hey, they always are!" he said with a grin, before patting me on the back. "Enjoy, ladies."
With that, he left to go mingle with some of his other guests, and Natasha and I took a seat again This time, she was the embarrassed one.
"It's cute that he cares about you enough to go out of his way to find me," I said with a slight smile, enjoying the pink dusting her cheeks.
"He's a self-obsessed billionaire asshole who likes to put his nose in my business," she said with a shake of her head. "But..." She sighed, eyes meeting mine and her expression softening. "He got this right which is a first."
And as she stared at me then, with that same tender look in her eyes that she gave me the night we almost kissed, I knew I couldn't ever get over her. Not in a million years. Because whatever my future held, whether she was in it or not, she'd always be at the back of my mind. My what if.
"This is my team," I introduced Natasha to the others later that evening. "Agents Skye, Simmons and Fitz." Looking to my starstruck friends, I said, "Guys, you know–"
"Natasha Romanoff, AKA the Black Widow," Fitz finished for me, blue eyes wide as he stared at Natasha.
I sighed to myself, mumbling, "And so it begins..."
Natasha's eyes sparkled with amusement as she glanced at me before looking to the others. "It's great to meet you all. Y/N has spoken of you all so highly. Sounds like you're doing some great work."
"Us? Doing great work?" Simmons asked rhetorically, looking to Skye and Fitz before staring back at Natasha. "You're a bloody Avenger!"
"Is it Miss Widow or Miss Romanoff?" Skye asked curiously, crossing her arms.
"Er, Natasha is fine," Natasha answered, very entertained by my idiot teammates.
"Perfect," Skye said casually, before leaning forward. "Natasha. You have to tell us everything about working with Y/N when you were all younger. Was she bossy back then as well?"
I scoffed. "Skye!"
Natasha laughed. "Wow, well, she was definitely something. Used to tell jokes all the time that only she laughed at."
"Nat!" I exclaimed, nudging her slightly.
"So, she wasn't funny back then either," Fitz said, putting his finger to his chin. "Interesting."
I waved my hand between their faces, earning their attention. "I'm standing right here, y'know!"
Natasha waved her hand dismissively. "Sorry, Y/N, I've got some conversing to do." She looked back to the others, adding, "Come on. Let's go sit down and get some drinks. I have much to share and you definitely have to tell me how she is now."
They ignored my unimpressed look as they walked away, with Natasha motioning for them to go forward. She glanced over her shoulder at me before they left my line of sight, flashing me a playful wink and admittedly making me go warmer than usual, before leaving.
It was definitely a bad idea to introduce them all, but I wouldn't have heard the end of it from the team if I hadn't, so I'd let them have their night of teasing for now, but never again.
Leaving them to it, I was on my way to get another drink from the bar when I spotted the familiar face of Clint Barton sat on a stool. I joined his side slowly, double checking to make sure it was him, before speaking.
"Clint?" I called, making him turn around and smile when he saw me.
"Y/N! Long time no see," he said with realisation, before standing up and pulling me in for a quick hug. "How have you been?"
I took a seat beside him and answered, "I'm good! Everything's good. How about you? How's life as an Avenger?"
He snorted as he took a sip of his drink. "It's good. Certainly has its days."
"Better team than our old one?" I asked jokingly, making him chuckle.
"Nothing beats that team," he said kindly. "How is Jacob anyway? You hear from him much nowadays?"
"We talk sometimes," I said with a nod. "He's moved to a different branch, but he's good."
"Would definitely take working those long hours over two minutes with Stark," Clint joked, making me smile with amusement.
"Yeah, I met the man of the hour earlier... he's certainly something."
Thor was off-planet momentarily, so he wasn't present tonight, and I had briefly been introduced to Steve Rogers and Bruce Banner, who didn't seem as eccentric as Tony Stark. I couldn't imagine all of those different personalities mixing very well though.
"You got that right," Clint played along, before nodding to me curiously. "I haven't seen much of you around these past few years. Don't you and Nat still talk?"
The bartender was finally free, so I ordered a drink before answering Clint. "Yeah, we have been. I guess life just got in the way for both of us though."
He hummed, narrowing his eyes as he read my expression, making me nervous even though I wasn't hiding anything. Then, he said, "I heard you were working with some new recruits here in New York."
"Yeah, that's right."
He cracked a half smile. "Didn't peg you for a babysitter, Y/L/N."
I fake laughed, giving him a knowing look. "Very funny. But it's not much different to what you did with Nat when you first recruited her, remember?"
He chuckled, shrugging. "True."
"It's good work and definitely better than doing the same thing everyday back in D.C.," I admitted. "I enjoy it."
"That's great to hear, Y/N. I'm happy for you."
Finally, my drink came and Clint raised his own, looking to me with a smile.
"Cheers to trying something new," he said, a little more optimistically than I'd ever seen him.
I couldn't help but smile and clink my glass against his. "Cheers."
We both took a sip and stayed chatting there for a while, before it was getting late and I excused myself. I practically had to force my team and Nat to separate so we could leave, and I had no idea what they'd all shared with one another, but it couldn't have been good based on their mischievous smiles.
Choosing to be the bigger person and ignore them, I said my goodbyes to Clint and moved onto Natasha, giving her a goodbye hug that was nicer than I could have imagined.
"I'm glad you came tonight," she said when we pulled away, and I felt my heart racing at the way her eyes twinkled under the fairy lights by the door. "It was good to see you again."
"It was," I agreed casually, hoping she couldn't feel how warm I was.
She pursed her lips, studying my expression, before asking, "You're happy, right? With your job and everything? Where you are?"
I glanced to my left where my team were chewing Clint's ear off about God knows what, and smiled to myself when I looked back to Natasha. "I am, yeah."
She mirrored my smile, nodding slowly. "Good. I'm glad."
I nodded to her. "And you? You're happy here?"
"I think so," she answered softly.
"You think?" I asked teasingly.
Her smile widened as she rolled her eyes. "I've almost got everything, so yeah, I think so."
I quirked a brow. "Almost?"
She glanced around, shrugging. "There's a few things that are probably better left untouched."
I wasn't entirely sure what she meant by that, but I didn't think it was the time nor place to press her for more details, and I didn't think she'd give me them even if I did. So, I took a leap of faith and grabbed her hand, instantly earning her attention, and squeezed it gently.
"I hope that almost changes for you soon," I said gently.
She squeezed my hand in return, thumb stroking the top gently. "Me, too."
I probably stared at her a lot longer than I should have, but she just looked so goddamn beautiful right now. Maybe it was because I was slightly tipsy, or maybe it was because I was completely and utterly in love with her, but I couldn't look away. Sparkling eyes met mine, making my heart thump so loud I was afraid she'd hear it. Her hand was light in mine, my skin burning where hers touched it, and I couldn't stop thinking about how much I wanted to kiss her.
"Okay, we're ready to go," Simmons called, making me drop Natasha's hand and look away, finally.
"I should–"
"Go, it's all good," Natasha said with understanding, offering me a small smile. "See you, Y/N."
My fingers were still burning as if she still had her hand in mine. "See you, Nat."
The others and I left, heading into the lift so we could get to the ground floor and get a cab. When the doors closed, I felt Skye lean her elbow on my shoulder and watch me curiously with Fitz and Simmons.
"What?" I asked, blinking with confusion.
They exchanged glances before looking to me again.
"Was there ever anything... more between you and Natasha?" Simmons asked.
I raised an eyebrow. "Seriously, guys?" When I realised they were serious, I shook my head. "No. We've only ever worked together. That's all."
Obviously they didn't believe me.
"It would make sense," Skye said knowingly. "You totally like her, don't you?"
Oh, they didn't know the half of it...
"No more talking about this, please," I said tiredly, before changing the subject. "And you're welcome by the way. I hope you had the night of your lives."
And as they respected my decision to talk about something else, I thanked God because the last thing I wanted to talk about was how I was in love with someone who didn't think of me in that way at all.
Working in New York meant it was easier to drop by the Avengers Tower and see Natasha. My job required my team and I to move around a lot, but for the next year, we saw each other a lot more, probably the most we had since working together.
But then that fizzled out when everything began to go wrong. I'd seen what happened in Sokovia on the news and that had no doubt kept Natasha preoccupied, but the fallout of S.H.I.E.L.D. kept me busy, too. Finding out that Agent Ward had been Hydra the whole time, and that Hydra had infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D., was a lot to deal with for all of us.
My team broke apart, in more ways than one. And all I could do was focus on trying to make things better, make things right. Natasha was pushed to the back of my mind, and I was probably at the back of hers, too. We had jobs to do, and mine included helping Coulson and the others to rebuild a better S.H.I.E.L.D.
Then everything happened with Skye finding out her parents weren't dead and she had powers. Her name was actually Daisy Johnson and she was an inhuman, and with that came a whole load of trouble. Nothing was as it seemed anymore and my job as a mentor felt kind of pointless as time went on. I loved my team, but they didn't need me anymore, and I guess I was getting tired of it all. Losing people I cared about to missions, never being able to truly settle down, fighting the big fight... I was on the brink of thirty-two and already exhausted with my life.
So, I decided to take a break from it all. From S.H.I.E.L.D., from being an agent, from all of it.
I wasn't sure what I would get up to exactly. Daisy, Coulson and the others knew they could call me up anytime and I'd be with them in a heartbeat, but they respected that I needed a break, so I finally bought myself a place in New York and tried to relearn who I was without S.H.I.E.L.D. It was hard, since my life had revolved around being an agent for a decade, but I was excited for the challenge.
...Until I realised that the most exciting thing about my new life was picking curtains that weren't too short or long for my living-room windows.
"For fuck's sake," I groaned when I realised the curtains I'd bought were way too short.
Thankfully, my phone began to ring and I was grateful for the distraction because I was very close to tearing the whole curtain rail down. When I grabbed it, I furrowed my brows upon seeing the unknown number.
"Hello?" I answered.
"Hey, Y/N, it's me."
I paused, wondering if I'd heard correctly. Of course I recognised her voice instantly, but that couldn't be right because we hadn't spoken in almost a year, and last time I checked, she was a fugitive to the government after what happened with the Sokovia Accords.
"Y/N, are you there?"
Taking a seat, I cleared my throat and answered, "Sorry, yes, I'm here. Hi, Nat..."
"You don't sound happy to hear from me," she said with a raspy chuckle, and I breathed out, getting used to her quickly.
"No, I am. Sorry," I apologised, leaning back into my seat. "I just– it's been a long time. And I thought– I don't know."
"Yeah, I've not exactly got a good rep lately," she said lightly, but we both knew it wasn't as simple as that.
I frowned, a little concerned. "How are you? I heard what happened with the Avengers... I'm sorry it had to be like that."
She sighed quietly. "I'm okay, just trying not to get arrested. You know, the usual."
"Sorry, you know what I mean." She paused, then asked, "How are you? I know that after what happened with S.H.I.E.L.D., everything got messy. I should've checked in then."
I shook my head as if she were standing before me. "It's fine, it was hard on everyone and you had your own stuff to worry about. And I'm okay."
"Your team? Are they all fine?"
I closed my eyes, wincing at the thought of my team. There was so much that couldn't be said right now, but I hadn't heard from her in ages and I couldn't explain it all.
"They're okay," I settled. "It's been a lot, but they're better. But yeah, I'm not with them anymore... I actually took a break."
She didn't answer straight away, and I thought she'd hung up or something. Before I could ask if she was still there, she said, "Wow. That's... that's big."
"It is," I agreed. "But I think it's what's best for now."
She hummed in agreement. "So, are you still in New York?"
I glanced around at my sad excuse of an apartment. "I am. Got my own place and it's very depressing."
She laughed and it was more than enough to bring a smile to my lips. I hadn't heard her laugh in so long and my heart swelled in my chest at the sound.
"Sounds lovely," she teased.
"Uh-huh, really isn't," I deadpanned. "Definitely don't know what I'm doing with my life, but it's a work in progress." I could imagine the eye roll she was giving me and smiled before asking, "How about you? Where are you right now?"
"Well, since I'm wanted, I've made an escape to Norway."
I raised my brows with surprise. "That's one way to go."
She chuckled. "I know someone who can help me disappear for a while. Just got here a few days ago."
"Norway," I repeated slowly, trying to wrap my head around it. And then I grew curious, hoping it wouldn't kill the conversation in an instant. "Nat, as much as I love our reunions every now and then, why did you call?"
Just as I predicted, she fell quiet. It didn't make sense why she would call me, not when it had been a while and not when there were so many other people in her life who could probably offer much more than I could right now. Resources, a place to stay, contacts, work... she had people for that. I wasn't sure what else she needed.
"I miss you," she finally spoke, her voice so quiet I almost missed it.
I didn't want to take this the wrong way – she meant a lot to me, but I didn't want to set my own hopes too high when they'd just come tumbling down.
"You've always known where to find me," I replied halfheartedly.
"I know," she said between a sigh. "Are you busy now?"
"Did you not hear the part where I said I don't know what I'm doing with my life?" I asked rhetorically, before adding, "No, I'm not busy. What's wrong?"
And, really, I wanted to know what I could help her with. What could I give her that nobody else could? It was silly to feel wanted, but when someone you'd been in love with for a long time needed you, you couldn't help but give in.
"You said it yourself, you have nothing to do right now," she repeated. "Why don't you come to Norway?"
I snickered, assuming she was joking. "Seriously, Nat, what do you want? Money? Weapons?"
"I'm being serious," she said sternly, and I should have known she was because she was never one for jokes. "It's kind of perfect if you think about it. You're taking a break. I'm on a break. Why not?"
I lost focus as I stared ahead, her words still digesting. "Why?"
"I could use the company," she said casually. "And it sounds like you could, too."
She had other friends, other colleagues, other contacts... why me?
When I didn't answer, I heard her sigh. "Never mind. Forget it. It was stupid."
"No, it's fine, honestly," she said quickly, sucking up a breath. "You wanted a break, not to hide away with some fugitive in a foreign country."
"You're not some fugitive," I told her, barely paying attention to what I was saying and instead letting my stupid heart make my decision. "And I heard Norway is nice this time of year."
She didn't reply, and I held my breath as I awaited her response.
"I'll send you the details," she finally said, and my heart was racing already at the thought of seeing her again. "Save this number. It's my new one."
A smile was fixed on my face as I looked down with delight. "Okay... I guess I'll be seeing you soon."
"I guess so."
It was quiet, and I wasn't sure if she was as excited as I was, but I couldn't stop smiling. "Nat?"
"I miss you, too."
Quiet again, and then: "Are you sure you want to come? If anyone finds out, you could go to prison."
I had no second thoughts whatsoever. "I'm sure."
She hummed quietly. "Okay... I'll let you go for now. Goodbye, Y/N."
"Bye, Natasha."
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nats-dreamland · 2 days ago
🥝 totally not from your lists so feel free to ignore it but how about nat has a hard day she feels down r doesn’t know how to comfort her but the night is warm and the moon is out.
“Just tell me what i can do to make you feel better.”
"You look beautiful in the moonlight."
also congrats on 1k 😎🤍🧡
under the moonlight
I don't mind that it wasn't from my list, it was still so cute and I loved writing it! Thank you for joining the sleepover and requesting! :)
1k summer sleepover
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The door to the meeting room slammed shut as Natasha walked out. Everyone was silent, not knowing how to break the tension that had been formed since she left. No one knew why or what was said for Natasha to just get up and leave how she did. But you knew something wasn't right. It wasn't normal to see Natasha that way. Without hesitation you jumped up quick to follow her. The team looked to each other with confusion when you left, as far as they knew you and Natasha had never really spoken to each other before.
That would be the truth and you normally wouldn't follow but today you just felt this pull towards her, it was indescribable. Though when you finally found Natasha you wish that you weren't the one who had gone after her. You stood in the doorway of her room, stunned at the sight in front of you. Natasha had slouched next to her bed, pulling her knees to her chest and you watched as sobs wrecked through her body.
You had never been great at comforting people or knowing what to do when someone was upset or hurt, you normally left that up to someone else. Your heart pulled you to your next actions.
'Hey Nat, are you okay?' You sat next to Natasha, your hands in your lap as you stared straight ahead, 'wait no. That's a stupid question. Let me start over,' You took a deep breath, you hadn't disappeared yet like you wanted to but there was something about Natasha that pulled you to stay, to go outside of your comfort zone and learn how to comfort someone on the spot, 'I hope you feel better soon, just tell me what I can do to make you feel better,' You placed your hand on her back. Natasha felt you freeze as soon as you made contact.
You were too busy second guessing your actions and whether Natasha appreciated you being here or if she wanted you gone, that you missed the way her sobs had died down and there was a small smile forming on her face.
'You being here with me is more than enough,' Your eyes softened when Natasha lifted her head to look at you. Your eyes met her bloodshot ones, tears stained her cheeks. You gave her a small smile before an idea popped into your head.
'Come with me?' You got up and held your hand out towards Natasha. She accepted the hand and you helped her to her feet, though you didn't miss the confused look she gave you. Instead you chose to ignore the look and dragged her towards the roof.
There was a special entrance to the roof that only you had found. It led to a separate part of the roof that could only be accessed this way. You had turned it into a small oasis where you can be alone and calm down when everything is overwhelming.
'This is beautiful Y/N/N,' Natasha walked around, admiring all the work you had put into this small area. All of the plants were beautiful and well kept. Natasha was in awe.
'I come here when I'm feeling down. It helps to be able to have a place to be alone, it can be so loud down there,' You set out the blankets and pillows you kept up there and laid down, Natasha following and laying beside you.
For hours you didn't even have to say anything to each other, the comfort of knowing you were there if she needed you was enough to help calm Natasha's thoughts, 'It's still warm out, even with the sun being gone,' Natasha was the first one to break the silence. The sun had set and the moon was shining bright above the two of you.
'A funny thing called summer, you've heard of it?' Natasha laughed at you which caused you to smile.
'Thank you for showing me your secret oasis,' Natasha moved her hand so it was laying on top of yours, 'I understand if you don't want me to come here, you did say you like to be alone sometimes,'
'I think I can make an exception for you. Alone with you doesn't sound bad,' You rolled onto your side causing your hand to slip out from Natasha's. You were quick to place your other hand on top of hers when she gave you her best pout. One you just couldn't resist, 'You look beautiful in  the moonlight,' You whispered out, loud enough for Natasha to still hear you.
'Thank you for today. I really appreciate what you did for me, I know it isn't easy for you,' Natasha laid on her side, now facing you. Lifting a hand up she cupped your cheek, gently rubbing her thumb across. Natasha leaned in and gave you a small kiss, it didn't last long but you both knew what it meant.
'I'll always step outside of my comfort zone for you Nat,'
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nataliaromanova-widow · 4 hours ago
Y/N: Top 10 reasons why Y/N is sorry... number 5 will surprise you!
Natasha: Top 30 anime deaths. Number one: YOUR FUCKING ASS RIGHT NOW!
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natsfirecat · a month ago
summary: nat isn’t the only one who wants r’s warmth
pairing: Natasha Romanoff x fem pyrokinesis!reader
word count: 871
warnings: swearing, lmk if i need to add any more!
"What were you thinking?"
"I already told you!"
"Are you stupid?"
When your girlfriend invited you to visit her family, you definitely weren't expecting to see her sister and father fighting in front of you.
"God they're immature," Natasha muttered to her mother.
"You act as if you aren't like that too," Melina replied, not looking up.
She scoffed, rolling her eyes.
Instead of saying anything else, she nuzzled her head into your neck to absorb the heat radiating off of you.
As it would turn out, Alexei broke their heater and Yelena wanted to make him pay. A few months ago he argued, 'the Red Guardian doesn't need a man-made heat source!' and now that there was a raging snowstorm outside, he had come to regret that decision. And Yelena was making sure of it.
Looking back at your girlfriend, you smiled, kissing the top of her head as you heated yourself up just a little bit more for her.
She sighed, trying to get as close as humanly possible to her personal blanket.
Still feeling a bit cold, she stood up.
"We should switch,"
You nodded, waiting for her to sit down again so you could sit on her lap.
From there, she wrapped her arms around you and pulled you into her. You smiled, placing your own hands over hers as she cherished every bit of the warmth you were providing.
Alexei broke away from his fight with Yelena for a moment as he watched you.
"Why do you switch spots like that?"
"So Natty's whole body can be warm," you explained, keeping your focus on her.
Yelena tilted her head to the side, realizing what was happening. Alexei seemed to be putting the pieces together too.
Of course, your girlfriend's family knew about your pyrokinesis and all. But they didn't register until now that you used your powers to warm up Natasha.
Before you knew it, they both came charging at you at the same time. You let out a squeal as they each grabbed an arm.
Natasha kept her hold around your torso as you were being pulled forward.
"What the fuck?" She yelled, glaring at them.
"I'm cold and she can literally make fire and warmth with her mind!" Yelena yelled, giving your arm a harsh tug.
Just as Natasha was about to say something else, Alexei gave an extra hard pull, picking you up into his arms.
"The heater is mine!" He said triumphantly.
"She's my girlfriend!" Natasha protested, reaching up to grab you.
"Yeah well, I'm cold!" Yelena yelled, doing the same.
You let out another squeal as Alexei tried to lift you out of their reach. You had no idea what to say or do as you felt your limbs being pulled in every single direction.
Your girlfriend jumped up, grabbing your wrist as she tried to pull you back.
Yelena took that opportunity to kick Alexei in the shin, causing him to cry out before he fell onto his knees.
Both women reached for you, tugging your arms in opposite directions as they fought for your warmth.
Alexei reached back up, grabbing Yelena's ankle to pull her down. Just as she fell, Natasha picked you up and brought you back to the couch.
"Stay behind me!" She said as Yelena and Alexei began to attack her again.
You brought your knees to your chest, eyes widening as the three of them fought for your warmth.
"She really is no better than them," Melina muttered, glancing up at them.
You chuckled in acknowledgment.
She motioned for you to sit closer to her, holding her arm out.
"While they're fighting, how about you keep your future mother-in-law warm?"
You smiled, putting both your arms around hers as you used your powers to warm yourself up again.
"Sometimes I worry about Natasha," she admitted. "But she's got a good heart and she's very strong. I believe you're good for her though."
You smiled, feeling your cheeks turn red as your skin grew even warmer than it already was.
Melina opened her mouth to continue, but was interrupted as the others came running back.
"Y/N is part of our family now!" Alexei yelled. "And we look after each other, so her heating powers are not limited to Natasha's use only!"
Your smile grew even wider. Despite the chaos, you did love your girlfriend's family.
"I mean, I have multiple limbs," you said with a shrug.
Realizing what you meant, Natasha sat on your lap and wrapped herself around you. She leaned her head against your chest as Yelena sat on your opposite side. Your future sister-in-law leaned her head against your shoulder, taking in as much warmth as she could.
Meanwhile, you soon felt a pair of large hands coming from above and reaching down and wrapping around your neck. Alexei's beard definitely wasn't the most comfortable thing against your head, but you didn't dare say anything as you made yourself even warmer for them.
"Natasha you're not allowed to break up with her," Yelena muttered.
"Trust me, I never plan on it," Natasha mumbled into your chest.
You leaned down, kissing the top of her head.
You never planned on it either.
taglist: @lyak12 @thewidowsghost @Murder-is-the-solution @zombies1ayea @plasticl0ve @romanoffscottage @atlas-nex @plasticnacho @ria900 @youreatotalposer
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blackxwidowsxwife · a month ago
Bitter Pill
Natasha Romanoff x Reader Oneshot
Word Count: 2.3k
Tumblr media
(not my gif)
Summary: Natasha’s been away on a mission for half a year. You learn to cope with her absence, how will you cope with her return?
Warnings: ANGST so much Angst... I’m apologizing in advance for this. Also implied cheating, cursing & examples of a toxic relationship. Let me know if I need to add any!
gn!reader I believe 
pls no reposting! <3
You were sitting on a barstool in the kitchen with your back to the door and a glass of wine in hand. You were well on your second by now but couldn't bring yourself to take another sip. Everything felt like it required too much energy of you these days. 
Instead you stared blankly at the chipped wood on the surface of the table. You used to love tracing the tips of your fingers against the worn grain, you used to think it breathed life into your home, and Natasha always said it gave it character. 
But this place hadn’t felt like a home for a long time now, and the worn wood only served to remind you of just how long it had been since it did. 
You topped off your glass, making it a third, when the unexpected click of the front door lock sliding out of place alerted you to a guest. 
You didn't have to turn around to know who was standing behind you at the edge of the hall. Only one other person in the world had a key to this building, and yours rest just in front of you on the kitchen table next to your wine glass.
You heard the shuffling of feet behind you and a soft thud on the ground that you could only assume was Natasha dropping her bag. It’s slow descent and the subsequent thump on the wooden floor boards sounded almost as guilty as her dragging feet. They squeaked pathetically against the woodwork as she walked further into the room, likely from trailing snow in from outside.
Both sounds were grating on your ears and you felt your heart quicken its pace in annoyance. You heard the pause in her stride, probably expecting you to turn around and greet her, but you made no move to. 
The woman at the edge of the hallway cleared her throat earnestly before her hoarse whisper cracked and traveled across the space of the apartment, it sounded like tv static in your ears.
“I’m home.” 
This time you took a generous sip of your wine. You’d need all the liquid courage you could get to be able to initiate the conversation you knew was coming with her unexpected arrival.
Before Natasha could mistake your silence for an invitation to continue her walk of shame into your shared apartment you nodded your head and spoke.
The single word felt bitter on your tongue.
“That’s all I get?”
Natasha’s lack of conviction when she spoke clued you into the fact that she knew exactly why she deserved your response, or lack thereof. That fact only served to deepen the hollow pit in your stomach. 
“You know, a few months ago you would have been excited to see-”
She cut herself off the instant you whipped your head around and made eye contact with her. 
“Don't you dare finish that sentence.” you all but snarled out.
Her wide eyes and gaping mouth let you know you were a sight to behold. Eyes sunken and resting atop dark heavy bags. At least she didn't look too much better. 
There was an uncomfortable silence as you studied each other for the first time in months. She was still in her tactical gear and littered with bruises, you hated the way your stomach still twisted at the sight. 
She shrugged off her unzipped wet coat and let it drop to the floor. Her skin was flushed pink from the winter air.
Her eyes were puffy and red rimmed, but so were yours.
“Where have you been Nat?” You bit out. 
You watched as her demeanor physically collapsed on itself as she jumped straight into a barrage of excuses that you simply didn’t care to hear anymore.
“Hold on ok? Let me explain. Alright, i just-” She ran a shaking hand through the tresses of her red hair. It was inches shorter than you’d seen it last and styled differently. 
It only made her look more like a stranger than you’d already felt she’d become.
Suddenly you felt like vomiting.
“I know-” she started.
“No I don't think you do Natasha.”
She had the nerve to look surprised at the venom in your tone, as if you were the one who’d just chosen to show your face for the first time in over six months. 
Her green eyes were wide and frantic and you suppressed the urge to bark out a laugh at the flustered expression on her face. 
“Because if you did know, you wouldn't have left! If you cared even a little bit about me or my well being you would have called at least once-”
“I was just doing my Job!” she shouted. 
“No. You do not get to use that excuse on me.” You made your way over to the sink, emptying what was left of your glass and watching as swirls of red wine and water circled the drain. 
“You know I know better than that.” you finished, as you set your glass down.
“I’m sorry I didn't call, I was too busy trying to not die!” Natasha’s desperation broke through the sarcasm in her tone. 
You scoffed, gripping the counter as you turned to face the woman you loved. 
“Is that what you want to hear? I was on a fucking mission y/n! I’m sorry my life being on the line isn't a good enough excuse for you!”
“Is that really how you want to play this?” You raised your brow and dared her to continue.
You watched as she took a steadying breath and satisfaction rose in your chest at the fact that she was feeling just as distraught and unsettled as you were. It leveled the playing field in a confrontation you already felt so out of control in. 
“You knew what you were getting into when you married me.” she muttered out accusingly.
You gaped at her, taking in the sheer audacity of her statement. She just shut her eyes and pinched the space above her nose to exhibit her frustration. 
“Oh ok so you do remember that we’re married? Glad we’re clear on that.” 
“Don’t be so dramatic! You’re so incredibly sensitive it's exhausting” she groaned. 
“I’m the Black Widow! I dont exactly have the luxury of calling out sick to work, or racing home because my wife decided to be fucking clingy!”
“That’s not an excuse for giving me complete radio silence for nearly seven months Natasha! Where the fuck have you been?” You cried out, feeling the pain and frustration you’d been sitting alone with for months bubbling up in your chest, threatening to boil over.
“I was on a mission.” she stressed her words, patronizing you. 
“Yes, I’m so glad we’ve established that-” 
“You’ve always known what my job requires of me, you've always known the risks-”
“And I’ve never once complained!”
“So what makes this time so different?” 
“Seven months. Natasha. Seven months.”
You crossed your arms, leaning against the granite countertop behind you for support.
“Why didn't you call me? Why didn't you tell me you were ok?”
“My fucking god, youre crying over a pathetic little phone call? I’m sorry my life doesn't revolve around you!”
“That's not an explanation!” Your voice cracked with emotion and she looked at you like that fact annoyed her even more.
“I don't have one! And I don't need one. If you can't handle the fact that I’m an Avenger, and what my job entails, then there's the goddamn door!”
You took a deep breath to steady yourself and brought your hands to face.
“I just want the truth.” 
You searched her familiar forest green eyes, desperate to recognize the woman you used to know and love as you took in the silence that washed over the kitchen before her answer. 
“I already told you. I was on a mission.” 
Your chest was tight as she doubled down on her excuse. You knew then that the woman you loved was gone. There was no coming back from what your next words would expose, but you’d been ready for months now. Natasha’s answer had only made it easier.
“I spoke to Fury.”
At first she didn't catch on. Her jaw was still taut with frustration. 
“What does that-” her voice caught in her throat and you watched as her face fell with understanding.
“Wait, ok-” you cut her off before she could prattle off more excuses that would only insult your intelligence further.
“Then I spoke to Steve, and Bucky, and Sam, and Tony, and Wanda, oh and Vision! Even fucking Vision!” 
You laughed to yourself, remembering the lengths you went just months ago to ensure her safety, only to be humiliated by their sympathetic voices.  
“I talked to Clint, who was much harder to crack by the way. You trained him really well, Nat truly.”
You breathed heavily, allowing a lapse of silence before your admittance.
“And then, I spoke to Bruce.”
Natasha looked as if she’d been physically struck by your words. 
Her veneer of false confidence fractured completely and her appearance began to take on a look more akin to desperation. 
“What? Your little boyfriend didn’t tell you I called?”
“See when Fury told me that your mission ended three months ago, I was really concerned as to why you hadn’t come home.”
“Talking to Bruce was very insightful.” 
You swiped a stray tear from your cheek as you recalled the conversation that had led to the lowest point of your life.
“I asked him why everyone was telling me to talk to him. I asked him Why my wife hadn't come home.”
“Come to find out, she’d made a new one with him! While I was here, alone, worrying about you every fucking night, and you didn’t even have the decency to tell me yourself.”
“Do you know how humiliating that was?”
You watched as her resolve finally cracked under the pressure, her skin was pale and you watched as she brought her shaking hands up to gesture around the room frantically.
“I came back! I'm here now!” she choked out wetly.
“Why? Why did you come back?”
You asked the question that had been on the tip of your tongue from the moment she’d unexpectedly walked through the front door.
“I just, I know how important today is to you… I know what I did Y/N, I know it looks bad. But I love you! I love you more than anything and I just thought if I came today. If I could show you tha-”
“Natasha…” Your heart was in your throat as you stopped her incessant and desperate rambling. 
“What exactly do you think today is?”
She stared at you and you watched as her confidence dwindled before speaking her next words.
“It's our anniversary…”
You laughed humorlessly and decided you’d heard enough. You entertained her excuses but you refused to stay and watch her destroy herself further. 
You stalked over to the table to pick up your coat and scarf, leaving the key in its place where you’d left it.
“The wine’s yours if you want it,” you waved your hand at the bottle that was still on the dining table.
“It was a birthday present from Tony.”
Just another day your wife had missed in her affair with the brunette scientist.
“Y/n, Just let me explain please?”
You pulled your hair through your scarf and fastened it around your neck, avoiding her outstretched hand as you made your way down the hall she’d entered just minutes before. She followed closely behind you.
“Where are you going?”
“My name is off the lease.”
You heard the choked gasp that left her lips at the revelation as you reached for the door handle.
“You're leaving me?” her voice was strained with desperation.
You almost laughed at the absurdity of her question until you heard her fervent sniffles behind you. 
You opened the door, stepping out of the house and into the crisp winter air. Watching as a plume of vapor left your lips with a heavy sigh, blossoming outwards and into the night. 
The cold bit at your cheeks, freezing your tear tracks. 
When you turned back to face her you saw the harsh tears that were rolling down her face. She was leaning on the open door like it was the only thing holding her upright.
Her expression begged you to stay, and you almost felt bad for her, but your sympathy had extended beyond its bounds a long time ago and you had none left to give. 
You shook your head and breathed deeply, shards of ice stung your throat with every inhale as you stood trying to find the next words to say.
You blinked tears out of your eyes and whispered, 
“Our anniversary was yesterday,” 
You took a moment to study the face of the woman you'd fallen so desperately in love with only a few years prior, wondering how you both had gotten to this point  then spoke your next words with gentle but faultless finality. 
“Goodbye Natasha.”
A/N: AHHHH Another fic under my belt! I have so many in the works and I can’t wait to finish and post them for you all. I got a huge spur of motivation today and knocked this one out in a few hours. Im really quite proud of it so let me know if you enjoyed it in the comments! I would be forever grateful.
thanks loves 
- E
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romanoffscottage · 11 days ago
i’ll love you always
Tumblr media
a/n: i have been in desperate need for some nat comfort so here is some nat hurt/comfort 
warnings: none (lmk if I need to add any)
pairing: natasha romanoff x reader
summary: after a bad mission nat takes care of the reader
words: 780 | natasha x reader masterlist | navigation post
likes, reblogs, and comments are always appreciated and welcomed <3
The crisp nighttime air blew against Natasha’s bare arms as she anxiously waited for your quinjet to land. Fury had called the redhead thirty minutes prior to inform her you, Steve, and Tony were on your way back. Normally, Nick never called to tell her you were coming home. Not unless something was wrong, so she ran outside without even grabbing her coat.
The moment the quinjet landed, Natasha started counting the people who got off the jet. She accounted for everyone except you. “Rogers!”
“Romanoff!” Steve said as he ran toward her, “Y/N’s still inside.”
“What? Why?”
“They haven’t moved since…it was bad Nat.”
Before Steve had even finished his sentence, Nat was running toward the quinjet. She scanned the space for you immediately but she didn’t see you anywhere. “Y/N? Detka, it's just me.”
“m’ sorry,” Nat softly heard. “Detka it’s okay, you’re safe, can you come out?” Slowly Nat made her way around the quinjet, looking for you in every place she could think of. “Y/N?” She said as she ducked under the control panel. You jumped back at the sound of her voice, “Didn’t mean to,” You choked out. “You didn’t mean to what?” You just violently shook your head in response.
Natasha had never seen you so scared before, it was as if you were still out in the field on that mission. “If you’re not ready to come out then I will sit here with you until you are okay?” You didn't respond.
It took an hour of you shaking and crying to exhaust yourself enough to allow Nat to carry you off the jet. Steve and Tony were anxiously waiting for two outside, but Nat waved them off when they attempted to come over and help.
Natasha quickly brought you into the compound and to your shared bedroom. “Detka, it’s just us now okay? You are in our room, it’s safe,” Nat whispered in your ear as she gently laid you down on the bed. “It’s all my fault,” Was all you managed to mutter out. It was as if you couldn’t even hear Natasha speaking to you. Gently Natasha went to cup your face so that you would look at her. “Y/N, your home now, whatever happened was not your fault, I promise.”
You shook your head as more tears fell, “No Natty, it was my fault, I wasn’t fast enough, I should have paid better attention, I should-”
“Y/N I know you, and I know you did everything you could have.”
“Natty, I realized there was a bomb in the building, but I didn’t get to diffuse it in time.” Natashas heart sank at your words. “Detka, you couldn’t have-“
“I should have figured it out faster, I should have ran-“
“Y/N look at me,” Natasha gently life’s your chin with her fingers, “You did everything you could have, what happened today isn’t your fault.”
“It feels like it's my fault,” You said as your voice cracked and you collapsed into Nat’s arms. “Moya lyubov', there was no way for you to know about the bomb any sooner. You tried your best and you did everything in your power to stop it. This isn’t on your detka, it’s not your fault. You did so good today”
“I failed today Natty.”
“Y/N you didn’t fail, you did so good,” Nat said as she held you tighter. “Do you still love me even though I messed up?” You asked through teary eyes. Natasha pulled you as close to her chest as she physically could, “Detka, there is nothing that could ever make me stop loving you, and you didn’t do anything wrong today.”
Nat hated seeing you so upset and she hated that there was nothing she could do to make your pain go away. “Let me get you some water okay?” You weakly nodded. Natasha rushed to the kitchen to grab you a glass.
“Here,” Natasha said as she returned to the room and helped you take a sip of the water. “Come on now you need to rest,” Natasha said as she started to undo the covers on the bed.
“I don’t think I’m going to be able to sleep tonight.”
“Then I’ll stay up holding you the whole time.” You crawled into the bed next to Nat as she pulled you into her embrace. You will never understand what you did to deserve her. She always knew exactly what to do to make you feel loved.
The redhead ran her fingers delicately through your hair and hummed a soft tune as you slowly fell into a deep sleep. “I’ll always love you detka.”
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allfiguredout · 2 months ago
I'm Not Smiling
Yelena Belove X Fem! Reader
Warning: mild language
Prompt: hi! can I have some yelena X fem!reader action? maybe something like yelena likes r and natasha accidentally makes yelena blurt it out in front of r without noticing? thanks
Type: Fic
WC: 1.5k
Tumblr media
A/N: I could literally write this trope for like a bunch of other characters and never get tired of it. I hope you enjoy this one anon :)
I don’t own these Marvel characters.
Yelena wasn’t really known for understanding her feelings. At such as young age, she was practically trained to push away any connection she would and could have with other people. Natasha would be the exception because she had grown up with her. That’s why when she had joined that Avengers as another teammate, she wasn’t expecting to feel a “connection” between any other members. Well, until you had come around. You were someone to be interacted with at first sight. From what Yelena could observe, she notices how very much liked you were by the whole team, and from what Natasha has told her, you were practically the glue that held the team together. You were the only person in the whole team who has never gotten on anyone’s bad side and that was for good reason.
You were friendly with Yelena, clearly showing that you trusted her with your whole heart. You made it clear to her that you had no guards up against her, being as open as possible to whatever Yelena’s wants and needs were. For Yelena, this affection and care had hit her deep within her heart. You were a genuinely caring person, something that she had lacked so much growing up. And seeing the way you would always check up on her after a mission of hers or yours made her heart flutter and beat rapidly. When you two started having movie nights together, the way you laughed was starting to become music to her own ears.
Though her favorite nights were when you two would just sit in the living room and talk. The two of you would talk for hours. In the beginning, there was some distance between the two of you, but in less than six months, she was already laying on your lap as you gently brush the knots out of her hair. It was the best feeling for her, honestly. To feel every single bone in her body relax as you hold her this close. If she could stay in this moment forever she would. Maybe she could get that doctor guy to do it for her, just keep rewinding this moment so Yelena could have more time to gaze at the way your eyes light up, the way your lips curve into a smile, the way your eyebrows would furrow together and you’d make that cute confused look on your face.
It was after a mission when Natasha had confronted Yelena. Before you had left for your mission earlier, Natasha had witnessed Yelena almost attack Wanda because apparently “playing as a couple” during a mission was considered “unprofessional” by Yelena’s standards. If it weren’t for Wanda profusely telling Yelena that it was just a mission and you gripping Yelena’s arm to get her to calm down, Yelena would’ve possibly blown up the facility.
After giving Yelena time to cool down, which had taken a good couple of hours, Natasha had gone to confront her sister over the situation.
“There is nothing wrong,” Yelena argues.
“Really?” Natasha asks.
“Yes, I am perfectly fine,” Yelena replies harshly. She begins walking towards her sleeping quarters.
Before Yelena could hide her feelings in her room, Natasha grabs the assassins’ shoulder. “Hey! Let me go!”
“You were jealous,” Natasha concludes.
Yelena pauses for a moment. Of course. How could she not be jealous? Wanda gets to do a mission with you and she gets to spend extra time with you without the disturbance of the other Avengers. Just thinking about the two of you in the quinjet is almost enough to make her skin crawl.
Her mind snaps back from her reverie, seeing Natasha was still holding her arm, she yanks it away. It causes Natasha to laugh. “Oh my god, Lena, you’re so in love.”
“Am not!”
“Okay,” she says. “Picture Y/N smiling."
Immediately your smile paints in Yelena’s head. The familiar curve of your lips invades her visions. Then, unconsciously, a small smile begins to form on her own lips.
“Yeah, you’re so in love,” Natasha repeats.
The smile leaves as quickly as it came as Yelena smacks Natasha’s shoulder. “You’re a piece of shit, you know that?” She hisses.
Natasha scoffs. She only took Yelena’s annoyance as a cue to keep pushing her sister’s buttons until she was ready to explode. “Then I guess you’d be fine thinking about Wanda and Y/N holding hands, eating dinner together after a long long day, sharing a bed because SHIELD is too poor to afford two twin beds-” Natasha could almost see Yelena’s ears turning red, the smoke ready to puff out, but she keeps talking, “and right there, Wanda would turn on her favorite show and the two of them would binge-watch the show-”
“The mission isn’t supposed to last more than four hours,” Yelena manages to huff, but her breath was uneven as she tries her best to maintain her composure.
“Ahh, I’m not finished. And Y/N would lay her head on Wanda’s shoulder. There would be no one there to interrupt them on this perfect night and-”
All fed up, Yelena throws her hands up, “fine! You know what! What if I am?” She says angrily. “I’m in love with Y/N! That’s what it is. I am so in love, you know that Natasha? For the first time in my life, I feel like I found someone who takes care of me, who genuinely wants to be around me without feeling like I’m a threat to them or feeling like they’re forced to be with me. Y/N is the reason why I feel so alive. Around her, I feel like I’m more than just my past and that I deserve everything good, so excuse me if someone tries to take that away from me. Does Wanda know what Y/N’s favorite food is? No. Does she know what Y/N’s favorite sleeping position is? No. Does she know that Y/N hates watching shows that last for more than 12 seasons? No! I do. I know that. Y/N is my gift, she is my world, not hers.”
Natasha’s eyes widen out of pure shock.
“What? Are you surprised that I finally admitted it? Or are you trying to think of something so you can make fun of me again-“
Natasha grabs Yelena’s shoulders before turning her around. Yelena could only feel her heart sink when she sees you standing there, after a long mission, eyes stunned. The two sisters don’t know what to say or do, so it was up to you to break the silence.
“Well, uh, I was just about to go to my room and-“
“How much did you hear?” Yelena asks, the feeling of numbness was growing more and more in her body.
“Right up to when you called Natasha 'a piece of shit’,” you tell her.
Natasha could only do so much as to pat her sister’s shoulders before excusing herself out, letting Yelena deal with the situation. If this ends badly, Yelena was going to swear on her life that she would murder Natasha for what she had just done.
“Well, uh-“ she starts.
You muster a cough, rubbing the back of your neck nervously. “I would ask you if you meant it, but I think I know you well enough to know that-“
Yelena begins fumbling with her doorknob, wanting desperately to escape this situation. “I’m sorry, let’s just pretend you didn’t hear that.” Her palms were starting to shake, her body failing to keep her composure as her friendship was surely about to fall apart.
You let off a small chuckle, whether or not that was a good thing Yelena wouldn’t be able to tell. You gently place a hand over her’s effectively causing Yelena to stop shaking. Yelena looks up and you watch those beautiful green orbs staring back at you and you could clearly see her on the verge of breaking down if you don’t start talking.
“Yelena, you know I love you, too, right?”
Even the way you say ‘I love you’ was almost like a dream, to the point she can’t even tell if she heard you correctly.
“Lena-“ you say, squeezing her hand softly.
“Are you telling me the truth?” She asks.
The familiar smile grazes your lips and without giving her a second to think, you press your lips to her’s. Her body reacts unconsciously, her emotions guiding her to react as she kisses you back. Her eyes close, hand flying to your neck and pulling you closer to her.
When the two of you finally pull away, you let out a small laugh, as your thumb gently brushes her cheek. “Now I know why you were jealous when Wanda and I were going on that mission together.”
She pouts, leaning her head against yours as her eyes fall to the ground, “I would’ve been better at playing the role.”
“I know,” you comment. “Come on, let’s go watch a movie.”
Hand in hand the two of you move inside Yelena’s room. From outside the hallway, Wanda finds Natasha standing by the corner. A smile spreads on her face when she realizes that the plan had worked.
“I can’t believe that worked,” Natasha comments.
Wanda rolls her eyes, “your sister almost killed me.”
Thanks for reading! I hope this request turned out fine. I hope you have a great day/night, and may you always be safe! I’ll be here if you need me. -Bolts
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xrqkayo · 2 months ago
Maybe a Nat x f!Reader where Reader comes back from a mission all tired out. So she lays her head on Natasha’s stomach while the russian plays with her hair?
(I could use something to help me fall asleep so this is the way to go! Please and thank you!)😴
Exhausting Missions
Pairing: Natasha x f!Reader
Tumblr media
You smiled tiredly as you stepped out of the shower and saw Natasha already waiting for you on the bed.
You had just had an exhausting mission and all you wanted to do was cuddle with Natasha for the rest of the day.
You picked up the black widow PJs that Natasha laid out on the bed for you and put them on, blushing slightly when you noticed Natasha watching you get dressed. These were her favourite PJs for obvious reasons.
Natasha pulled the covers back, silently telling you to get in the bed.
You smiled sleepily at Natasha and you flopped onto the bed, scooting your body up so you could lay your head on her stomach.
Natasha giggled at how tired you were, finding it very cute you just wanted to cuddle with her.
“You look cute in your PJs.” She complimented you, bringing her hand up to your head and playing with your hair.
You smiled and buried your face in her stomach, “Thank you.” You mumbled out.
Natasha hummed and silently kept playing with your hair, scratching your scalp occasionally.
You felt yourself falling asleep, “Night, Tash.” You softly said before letting sleep take over your body.
Natasha smiled and kissed you on the top of your head, “Night, baby.”
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moonvis · 9 days ago
Ship: Natasha Romanoff x f!reader
Featuring the Avengers
Summary: It takes you a break up to find out you’ve fallen in love with a certain red head. 
Warnings: breakup, small injury, some angst, mostly fluff, protective! Nat.  
Words: 2.7k
Tumblr media
"Where is she?!"
You heard the frantic voice of Natasha coming closer from the hallways. You had been out on a solo mission when things suddenly went south, sending your straight to the med bay.
"She's fine Nat." Steve hurried to assure her when she entered through the doors. The blonde was the one to bring you to the doctors, being the first to come find you after FRIDAY notified everyone about your condition.
Natasha pushed past Steve and quickly brought your face into her hands. You watched as her concerned eyes scanned over your face for any sign of pain. She knew if she asked, you'd say you were fine.
"Oh my gods, I was so scared when FRIDAY told us you were bleeding." Natasha's voice quivered as she spoke.
"I cut my foot and haltered out of the jet. Might have looked worse than it is." You explained, lifting your hand up to Natasha's to comfort her.
She let out a heavy breath, before speaking quietly, "I don't know what I wo-"
Before she could finish, Bruce entered the room, a phone in his hand, speaking to you, "Y/n, I called Tristan for you. He said he was glad you're okay."
Natasha retracted her hands from you, a sigh escaping her lips. Your immediately looked at Bruce for more information about your boyfriend, "Thank you. When will he be here?"
"About that... He said he was busy, and something about 'you got all the support you need there with you already." Bruce scratched the back of his neck, looking at you with a nervous expression.
"And what the hell is that supposed to mean?!" You didn't mean to spit out your question so angrily. Bruce and Steve slightly flinched, while Natasha instead grew an angry frown above her eyes.
The two men took that as their cue to leave, knowing about the tension that had been going on between you and your boyfriend for weeks now. Natasha stayed by your side, while doctors kept checking on you and fixing your foot.
The redhead sat down on a chair next to you, giving you an understanding look. You let out a sigh and stared at the ceiling, meanwhile letting your left hand slide down to find hers.
"I don't understand what his problem is. He's my boyfriend, I should expect him to come see me when I get hurt on a mission. Hell, I could probably be on my death bed, and he'd come up with some dumb excuse to not come see me."
Natasha didn't like your current boyfriend. She didn't even like the one you had before him. And not just because of how they treated you.
Your eyes started watering, trying to understand what you'd done to make your own boyfriend act the way he did. He'd been acting distant and bored around your for weeks now, but this, him not caring enough to come see his injured girlfriend, reached the peak.
"I feel like... I feel like he doesn’t care about me anymore. I don't know what's wrong with me." As you spoke, your voice broke peace by peace.
Natasha gritted her teeth, angry at Tristan and saddened for you. She hated seeing you like this. It wasn't exactly the first time you came to her about your problems with your boyfriend.
She tightened the hold of your hand and brought her other up to cup your cheek. She looked into your eyes, making sure she had your attention, "Don't you dare think like that okay? There is absolutely nothing wrong with you and Tristan is a dick for making you think that. You're so damn out of his league Y/n/n, and if he thinks he has the right to fuck with your feelings like this, he's wrong. I'll murder him on the spot if I ever see him do it in real time. You're worth so much Y/n and he's absolute trash. If you still can't see it, he's not fucking worth your time."
You were taken back when Natasha finished, too stunned to speak. She had never said one bad word about Tristan, but you had always sensed she didn't like him.
"Nat-" You spoke softly, but a deep male voice interrupted your little moment. You snapped your head towards the doctor that spoke to you, "Miss, I want to inform you that we're done with your foot, and you can leave the med bay when you feel ready."
You looked down at your foot, all bandaged up. You hadn't even noticed when they did that. Honestly, neither you nor Natasha remembered the doctors were still present in the room.
"Thank you Doc." You smiled at him, then put your focus back on Natasha. You couldn't quite read her expression, or what she was thinking, but you knew now wasn't the right time to continue your conversation.
"I'll help you to your room." Natasha offered and reached out her hands to support you. You gladly accepted her help, in silence.
- - -
"What the fuck do you mean by 'you got all the support you need there with you already?!" You yelled angrily through your phone.
You had called Tristan just a few hours after returning to your room from the med bay. You needed to know what was more important to him than his injured girlfriend.
"Y/n, would you calm it?" Tristan’s voice sounded through your room, on speaker.
You scoffed and crossed your arms, "I'm pretty sure Banner could've told you I was dying, and you still wouldn't show!"
"But you weren't." His voice sounded way to calm compared to your rising temper.
"You're missing the point! I was injured for gods’ sake! You're my boyfriend! You're the one I would expect to come see me first! Instead, Natasha had to play your role." Your voice calmed down a little when you spoke the red heads name.
Tristan let out a long sigh before commenting, "Exactly. You had Natasha there."
Hearing her name from his mouth, your voice turned low, dark, "What the fuck it that supposed to mean? Watch your words sweetie." If he so much as dared say something bad about Natasha, you would murder him through your phone.
"Babe. I think you're the one missing the point here. You had Natasha there. You didn't need me." Part of Tristan’s voice sounded saddened at the end, "Look Y/n, I really like you, I do, but this isn't working out. Not when you act like this."
You were taken back, your anger mixing with confusion. The man really had the audacity to blame you for what was going on in your relationship.
"And what the fuck did I do? Act like what? I'm only trying to find out what I did to make you care so little about this relationship!" You clutched onto your bedsheets, keeping yourself from the urge to crush your phone.
Tristan groaned with annoyance, sounding offended, "You still don't see it do you? You're the one who stopped caring Y/n. For the last few weeks, everything has been Natasha this and Natasha that. I never see you anymore!"
"She's my best friend, and therefore she's a big part of my life. When you act like such a dick, she’s the one I’m gonna go to. What's so wrong with that?!" You pinched your fingers at the bridge of your nose, your eyes closed shut. This man was giving you a headache.
"Best friend huh? I think you should rethink that title. I've for one had enough of this." Tristan's voice was tired, "We're over Y/n. I hope she makes you happy."
Before you even got the chance to talk back, you saw the call end. You started breathing heavily, finally clutching tightly around your phone. You let out somewhat a frustrated scream and threw it across your room. Tears of frustration started streaming down your face.
You didn’t cry because of sadness or hurt, no, you cried because you were confused. He broke up without a clear explanation.
That night you went to bed with a million thoughts flying around your head.
Frist off you were somewhat sad about your breakup, those always suck. Though at the same time you felt a weight off your shoulders. You didn't need him anyway, right? You have Natasha.
You have Natasha.
You have Natasha.
"Oh my god..." You said out in a whisper. You started understanding what Tristan had been talking about. You started understanding why your breakup didn’t feel as awful as it should.
- - -
You woke up the next morning with one person on your mind: Natasha. You felt butterflies in your stomach at the thought of her. You found your crutches and haltered over to a mirror. You checked your hair, face, and outfit. You wanted to look good today. For some reason, your breakup with Tristan was long forgotten in the back of your mind.
With a smile on your face, you made your way down for breakfast. The rest of the team were already seated around the table, except for the one person you wanted to see. You found the red head standing by the counter, putting bacon and eggs onto two plates.
She smiled as she saw you haltering over, "Good morning Y/n/n, how's your foot?"
“Not too bad, thanks.” You haltered closer to where she was standing and leaned your wight on the counter, “Making breakfast for two, huh?” Your voice carried a hint of hope.
Natasha blushed lightly at your question, “Yeah, I uh, I made breakfast for you and me. Since you’re injured, you know.” You gave her a warming smile, “Wow. Thank you.”
“Are you joining us ladies?” Tony asked from his seat at the table. You gave him a quick nod, before turning back to Natasha. She lifted both plates of breakfast and you followed her over to the table.
When you arrived, Steve, ever the gentleman, took out a chair for you. Meanwhile Natasha put down your plate, and Bucky started pouring milk into your glass. Your heart fluttered in your chest at their kindness, “Thank you guys. What did I do to deserve this, huh?”
“You’re our ray of sunshine. Does it have to be something special?” Sam asked from the end of the table. You looked at him with a raised eyebrow and smirk, convinced something was up.
Comfortable in your seat, you leaned forward and stared into Bruce’s eyes who was sitting opposite of you. Natasha shot him a death glare, but he spilled the beans before she could shoot daggers at him, “Some of us might have heard your conversation with your boyfriend last night… through your door.”
“Did you now?” You turned to Natasha, waiting for her to say something.
The red head let out a sigh, and carefully explained, “I was coming to check up on you, but then heard you yelling at Tristan through your phone. It sounded pretty bad, so I didn’t wanna disturb you.” She lowered her head, almost looking ashamed.  
You were surprised by her reaction and brought your hand up under her chin. You lifted her head and looked into her eyes, a gentle smile on your lips, “You could never bother me Tasha. Thank you for caring enough to come and check up on me.”
Natasha blushed again, a smile spreading onto her lips, “Of course.”
“Everything okay though?” You turned your head to answer Clint who was asking. You shrugged and let out a sigh, “Tristan broke up with me.”
A number of ‘what’s and ‘I’m sorry’s erupted around the breakfast table. All you did was chuckle in response.
“Would you like me to burn him?” Thor asked genuinely.
“I can squish him with my powers.” Wanda suggested after Thor.
Tony continued the offerings, “I could blast him to the skies. Just say the word.”
“That’s sweet of you, but no thanks.” You hurried to say before any other crazy idea of punishing Tristan came to the Avengers’ minds.
“Are you okay?” Steve spoke form beside you, making everyone else quiet down. You gave him a simple nod and smile in reassurance, “Yeah, I don’t really need him.”
You turned back to Natasha, looking into her eyes lovingly as you spoke, “He’s not worth my time.”  
- - -
That evening you found yourself stargazing from the balcony, one hand on the railing and the other holding a crutch. The skies were clear and moon shining bright. Only 24 hours ago, a guy broke up with you, but he didn’t break your heart. He didn’t make you feel bad at all. In fact, he made your heart realise something good.  
Natasha had spotted you on the balcony and walked out to join you. You didn’t look at her until she was standing next to you, gazing at the stars as well. There was a hint of admiration is your eyes. She was truly stunning under the moonlight.
“It’s beautiful.” She commented, still gazing up. You slowly nodded your head, not letting your eyes off her, “Yeah you are.” Commenting that out loud wasn’t an accident.
The red head turned to you surprised, deep colour appearing onto her cheeks, “W-What?”
Letting the crutch fall to the ground, standing on one foot, you took hold of both her hands. There was a new, warm feeling in the air. You both felt the tension. It wasn’t a suspended tension, but more like, a new intense feeling of two people sharing the same love for one another.
“You’re beautiful.” You said gently, feeling the butterflies from before coming back. Natasha smiled at your compliment, “You don’t look so bad yourself Y/n/n.”
No other words were exchanged before you brought your hand up to cup her cheek. She looked from your eyes to your lips, and back up at your face. In that moment, there was no question you both wanted the same thing.
You stroke your thumb over her cheek and leaned in, crashing your lips onto her soft ones. You felt her hand come up behind your neck, pressing you closer into a deeper kiss. The air felt warm around you, and you almost felt your knees give out due to the intense feeling of adrenalin rushing through your body.
When you finally retracted from the kiss, you were both panting. You still held each other close, resting your foreheads together.
You finally saw it, the look of love in her pretty eyes. And for you, it felt like you were seeing her for the first time, but this time, she was the woman of your dreams.
“Y/n…” Natasha spoke with an unsure voice, suddenly starting to back away from you. Not liking her action, you grabbed her waist and brought her into your arms. You leaned your weight on her and hugger her tightly, “Don’t back away from me, please.”
“Tristan broke up with you only yesterday I-”
“Don’t talk about him, please.” You pushed her a little back to look into her eyes again, still holding her tightly, “You wanna know why he broke it off with me? It’s because he realised how much love I have for you, even before I did. I can’t believe how blind I’ve been. You’ve been here when no one else have. It’s always been you Tasha.”
She tilted her head with a smile and stroke her thumbs over your hands, “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this moment. I’ve loved you from the beginning. In the med bay yesterday, I wanted to tell you… I don’t know what I would do without you.”
Suddenly, a flow of emotions rushed through you, making your eyes water. Even your smile grew painfully wide, “Can you die of happiness?”
Natasha chuckled and dried away the small tears that fell down your cheek. She kissed your temple and went in for another tight hug. You closed your eyes and rested your head on her shoulder, sniffling, “I’m so lucky to have you. You’re the only person worth my time.”
“YA chuvstvuyu to zhe samoye, lyubov' moya.” Natasha whispered back.
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