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#black widow smut
fml-shar · 2 years ago
tom hardy: hey dare me to jump into that lobster tank?
the director, his fellow costars, the entire production crew: no
tom hardy: i cant believe you’re making me do this ((:
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agentofbarnes · 14 days ago
Dirty thot of the day: Petal asking if she can kiss/suck/bite Nat's tits. C-can I touch?
can i touch? ~ natasha
warnings || implied smut, lil bit of thigh riding, titty sucking, innocence kink, sweet!reader, reader is gay but very new to being with girls bc she didn’t realize she was gay until she was a adult, idk if that’s a trope but here we are, nat being her gay awakening, i’ll be honest this borderlines little!reader but with no age regression, mommy kink, major dumbification, scissoring
this is part of widow’s bite au
Tumblr media
Natasha had been very delicate with you, admiring her perfect pillow princess and just focusing on you becoming comfortable with your sexuality. She kept you hidden from the world, keeping you to herself for just a little longer until you felt ready to come out.
Tonight was one of the rare events that Natasha had to dress to the nines for, a social gala that you had declined to go to. You had been working anyway, and it was one thing to accept you were a lesbian, but to announce it to the world that you were in a relationship with an Avenger….it just seemed so intimidating.
When she came home, you were practically drooling at her stunning appearance. Her hair were in an updo, the red lock being pulled by down by her manicured nails in one fail swoop as she let loose. Your jaw dropped, watching as it happened almost as if it were in slow motion as she shook out her hair.
Natasha smirked at your short circuitedbrain, how your glance fell to the swells of her plump breasts that were pushed up by her bra in the tight black gown.”Naughty girl, my eyes are up here,”Natasha playfully scolded, grabbing your chin and making you look her in the eyes. Your cheeks burn hot at her touch and you want to shy away. You wish for the floor to swallow you whole under the dark gaze in the widow’s eyes.
“What, can’t get your words out, huh? Have I made you dumb already?” She pouted her plump lipstick stained lips out at you mockingly,”Is that what you are? Are you my dumb baby girl?”
You are a puddle of arousal under her heat gaze, taking your bottom lip between your teeth as avert your shy and shameful gaze away from the seductive lips you wish were marking your skin.”Yes,”You whispered out bashfully.
Natasha smirked in response, practically feeling the heat coming off of your cheeks from her mocking words,”Why don’t you tell me what that dumb baby brain of yours wants? You gotta ask, petal, or I’ll give you nothing.”
You whined involuntarily, the noise slipping out between your lips as her manicured nail traced down your jugular then over your collarbone.
“I want…it’s embarrassing,”You sighed out, poking your tongue out to wet your lips before your eyes darted down to steam a quick hungry glance at the voluptuous breasts she practically pressed against you. It only pushed them into view further, making salvia pool in your mouth.
“Oh, I see,”Natasha chuckled teasingly, the tip of her red painted lips tilted up as she turned around,”Unzip me, petal.”
Your breath caught in your throat, fingers nearly shaking as you took the metal zipper between your fingers. You didn’t know if you would ever stop being so….flustered when Natasha’s clothes fell to the floor.
The redhead was just so stunning with her smooth skin, seductive smile, and skillful tongue. The lace set she had on made your knees wet, but you weren’t standing for very long at all. No, you were being pulled to the bed where Natasha leaned back in her black lace push-up bra and thin thong.
You crawled over her body, hands carefully grazing over the soft skin of all the places you wanted to touch but were far to shy to touch for too long. After shedding your sleep clothes, Natasha slotted her thigh between your legs.
“You gonna say it, baby?”
Her thigh pressed against your core, the pressure just barely grazing you in a way that makes you wanna whimper.
“Can I…please touch you?”
“What do you wanna touch, petal?”
“Your tits?”
“Please, I wanna suck on your tits, please, mommy, can I touch you?”You nearly begged, gasping out when her hands dig into the flesh of your hips before she nodded.
“Yes, petal, they’re all yours, but you’re gonna cum on my thigh, got it? Wanna get this cute pussy all nice and wet before strap up and fuck you all night long, that what you want?”
“Wanna make you feel good,”You whispered, hands fumbling with her bra and throwing it across the room. Her breasts bounce free, two swells round and the perfect side for two good handfuls.
You just act on instinct, kissing over her collarbone at first before licking uo the valley of her breasts. She massaged at one of the breasts before nipping at the other nipple.
You licked around the nub, tongue swirling around the sensitive bud until hardened. It was then that you started to suck, eyes fluttering shut when Natasha’s hands brushed hand over your hair.
“That’s it, fuck, my poor dumb baby, just need mommy’s tits, didn’t you?”
You whimpered when she pushed her thigh up against you, reminding you rock your hips against her. You obeyed her unspoken command immediately, getting lost in the bliss of getting everything you want. ‘cause face it, you were spoiled.
You pulled off of her with a pop, leaving her nipple glistening with salvia. You left a trail of spit between your lips and the sensitive bud, and Natasha cursed in Russian at the image of her innocent girlfriend so intoxicated by lust. You nip and suck at flesh of her breast, remembering all the times Nat had left hickies on you.
You wanted to mark her.
Natasha gasped out, head leaning back as you rutted your sopping panty clad pussy against her thigh so slowly while you claimed her. You can’t help the girlish giggle that left your lips when you see your work, gazing at Natasha as if you were waiting for her praise at the bruising mark appearance of her perfect skin.
You slowly glide your hips over her thighs, but Natasha can’t take it anymore. She flipped you over, slipping your cotton panties down your legs before discarding her lace ones.
Your cunt was dripping, slick glistening the pretty wet folds. Natasha dipped her fingers between the lips, two digits dragging through the wetness until they were covered in sweet nectar. Nat lapped up before leaning over to mold her mouth over yours, her tongue colliding with yours in sensual ecstasy. She had a way of controlling you completely, her mouth invading yours and licking you all over.
Her legs slotted over yours, smirking into your mouth with a playful bite to the lip. She licked at your tongue, sucking and nipping all she could just as your wet cores met. She had your thighs spread wide, pussy fully exposed for hers to rub against.
“Oh, god,”You mewled when Natasha rolled her hips, straddling you against the bed. Her juices mixed with yours with each rock of her hips.
Natasha hovered a over you, her hands grasping your wrists to pin them above your head. Her tits bounced with each rut of her hips, just barely hitting your face as if you were in heaven.
“That’s it, my dumb little girl, wanna hear all those pretty sounds for mommy,”Natasha demanded, rocking her hips faster chasing her own orgasm as your clits collided against one another.
“Ah, yes, m’am, oh!”You moaned out, panting and whining with every passing second. You were always vocal, so sensitive to her touch before she just knew you so well now. You kissed and licked at her tits when you could, just admiring the view this position gave you as she worked your body with skill as your juices mixed together. The bed underneath was wet, dripping from the mess of slick you both were creating.
You felt shockwaves over take you as Natasha’s arms fall on purpose, smithing you happily in between her breasts. You moaned loudly, her hips still moving as she fucks you slowly through the high as you both pant.
“Thank you,”You whispered politely, making her chuckle.
“Oh, petal, that was just the warm up, baby girl, I haven’t even started to fuck you.”
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nermalina · 2 months ago
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a/n: here’s another thing i never announced and came up with very last minute. i finished it late last night so if the smut isn’t that great, oh well it’s alright bc nat’s tiddies make an appearance. i may have cut this short at the end but no one can prove anything.
summary: it’s wanda’s birthday, so natasha makes sure to get her best friend the perfect gift- one that money can’t buy.
warnings (18+ only!!! minors dni): noncon/dubcon, mdlg, praise kink, innocence kink, mommy kink, lactation kink (lowk surprised it’s my first time writing ab mommy milkers), vaginal fingering, oral sex (r receiving), spitting, strap-on use (sorta), manipulation
proceed with caution because this is a dark fic. if this contains material that you are not comfortable with, please skip over it.
words: 2.4k | marvel masterlist. | navigation post.
you do not have permission to translate/repost my works anywhere! likes, comments, and reblogs are always welcome & appreciated <3
“Happy birthday.” Wanda’s head shot up as a wrapped box was thrown down on the table in front of her. Her body eased up when she realized that it was just Natasha. “Open it.”
“Hi, Wanda. Oh hi, Nat. How are you? I’m fine.” Natasha rolled her eyes and slipped into the wooden chair across from her best friend. “Thank you though.”
“You haven’t even seen what I got you yet,” Natasha said, tilting her head. “I have a feeling you’ll like it, but you still have to open it.”
“Why do you want me to open it in front of you then?” Wanda asked, looking over the crimson red wrapping that was barely a shade off from the shirt she was currently wearing.
“I just want to see your reaction to the best present you'll ever get. So get to it, I don’t have all day.” Wanda shook her head but carefully began to peel the wrapping paper off of the box. “Hurry up!
“Alright!” Wanda exclaimed. “Calm down.” After she had neatly folded it up and placed it on the side. She plucked the top of the box off and placed it on the side. “It’s pretty, but it’s not my size.” The Sokovian said, fiddling with the tag. “Or even my style.”
“I know it’s not, but I thought you’d like a preview of the surprise I have planned for you tonight,” Natasha smirked, taking the box back from Wanda.
“What is that supposed to mean?” Wanda asked, leaning against the back of her seat. “Is your way of hitting on me, Nat? You do realize that you have a girlfriend, correct?”
“I do have a girlfriend.” Natasha grinned. “One that you can’t seem to get your eyes off of.” Wanda’s eyes widened in fear and she opened her mouth to speak, but Natasha beat her to it. “It’s fine, Wanda. I understand the appeal, especially when it’s someone you can’t have. But what if you could have her?”
“What?” Natasha looked down at her watch and sighed. “Where are you going? I’m confused, what are you trying to say?”
“Nothing.” Natasha shrugged. “You’ll just have to wait until tonight to see what I mean. Hope you have a great day, Wan.” The Russian stood up and lingered by the door. “I’ll see you at the party.”
Wanda couldn’t focus on anything people were saying around her because her thoughts were flooded by you and Natasha. It didn’t help that you were sitting a few feet away with your legs draped over your girlfriend’s lap as she fed you some cake. And it really didn’t help that you were wearing the dress that Natasha had shown her only a few hours earlier.
She rubbed her thighs together in hopes of soothing the ache that had begun to form, but it only made things worse. “Why the fuck must you torture me like this?” The Sokovia mumbled, burying her face in her hands. 
“What’s wrong with you?” Pietro asked, appearing by her side. It was probably the worst time for her brother to be bugging her, but Wanda couldn’t blame him for not knowing. However, even if he did know of her attraction to you and her friend, he’d likely push her buttons more than usual.
“Nothing.” Wanda huffed. Her brother knew better than that, turned to where she was looking.
“Oh, I see.” Pietro sighed. “It’s okay, Wanda. I’m sure you’ll find someone to keep you company one day. Actually, I know this person-”
“No.” she snapped. “I’ll be fine on my own, okay? Thank you though.” Pushing herself off the wall she watched as you got up and went into one of the spare rooms.
Natasha nodded her head towards the door you had just shut behind you. Wanda silently followed behind her friend as she walked down the empty hall. The redhead mouthed for her to wait before she entered. 
Wanda moved closer and put her ear to the door. She could barely make out that Natasha was talking to you. The brunette stumbled into the room when Natasha opened the door. 
“Someone’s impatient,” she mumbled, locking the door once Wanda had straightened herself out. “Just couldn’t wait to join in on the fun, hm?” Natasha’s eyes drifted back to where you were tied to the bed. “We had a little problem, my sweet girl’s a bit greedy and doesn’t want to give up the present I got for you. But it’s okay, you can always take it from her.” 
The bed dipped as Natasha sat down on the edge of the bed. Your dress fell as she ran her hand up the inside of your thigh. 
“Am I not pretty enough for you, sweetheart?” Wanda’s asked, sitting on the other side of your body. “Not as good as Nat?”
“That’s not i-it.” you stammered, feeling Natasha’s nails rake down your leg. She grabbed the bottom of your dress and hiked it up your hips.
Wanda smiled, noticing the damp spot that had formed in your pink cotton panties. Her hand cupped your clothed heat, gently rubbing down. “Your Mommy got you worked up before I came in here, huh?”
“No, that’s all because of you, Wan.” Natasha squeezed your thigh, slapping it when you attempted to close your legs. “She’s too embarrassed to admit that she wants you to play with her.”
“You don’t have to be shy around me, baby. All I want to do is help your Mommy make you feel good- not that she needs any.”
“And who knows? If things go well tonight and you’re a good girl, maybe Wanda will want to be your other Mommy.” Natasha suggested, dragging her fingers up your covered cunt after Wanda withdrew her hand.
“But I only want you, Mommy.” you whimpered as one of Natasha’s hands squeezed your jaw. 
“Where are your manners, darling? I taught you better than this. It’s Wanda’s birthday, and you’re her gift.” Natasha scolded, tightening her grip on your face. “Play nice unless you want me to leave you alone with her.”
“It’s alright, Nat. She’ll be good.” Wanda turned her gaze to you. “Won’t you, princess? You’ll be a good girl for your Mommies, right?”
“Yes, Wan-” you squealed as her nails dug into your leg. “Yes Mommy, I’ll be good for both of you.” You exhaled as she released you.
“You have to be gentle with a shy little thing like her.” Natasha smiled, leaning down to press a soft kiss to your temple. Her hand slid underneath your panties and found your clit. 
“She looks so cute like this,” Wanda said, caressing the side of your face. “Especially in this dress, I’m very glad you bought it for her.”
“Only the best for you, Wan.” Natasha pulled one of the straps off of your shoulders and nipped at your collarbone. Natasha pulled her hand out of your panties and pushed them aside. “You can mark her too, I don’t mind.”
“Thank you, Tasha.” Wanda tucked her head in the crook of your neck and bit down, soothing over your skin with her tongue. 
Natasha’s fingers trailed down to your entrance, briefly dipping inside. Her thumb rubbed small circles in your clit as she continued teasing your folds. “What’s that, honey? You want Mommy’s fingers?”
“Aw, don’t tease our little girl.” Wanda pouted. She grabbed Natasha’s wrist, keeping her hand near your cunt. “Give her what she wants, Nat. It’s the least we can do.”
Natasha tried to move her hand away, but Wanda wouldn’t ease up. “I don’t know if I want you around if you’re going to spoil her.”
“It is my birthday, right?” Natasha sighed, but nodded. “Alright so since I said I don’t want you to tease her, you can’t.”
“Fine, I won't.” Your girlfriend abruptly shoved two fingers inside you, pumping them steadily. “Look at how nice Wanda is to you, baby. You still don’t want her?” She grinned when you clenched around her digits. “See, you like this.” 
Wanda watched as Natasha’s fingers disappeared inside of your cunt every time she thrust them back in. Her hands enveloped your wrists when she noticed you tugging on your restraints. “It’s okay, sweetie. We’ve got you. You don’t wanna get hurt.”
“You’re so tight around Mommy's fingers, baby. Taking them so well, just want them filling your sweet pussy all the time.” Your head fell back against the pillows as her digits curled inside of you. 
“Need more, Mommy.” you pushed your hips back against her hand. She withdrew her fingers from your and slapped your pussy.
“Don’t get too greedy, dove. I can stop right now and we can leave you tied up here all by yourself.”
“Oh, don’t be mean.” Wanda scoffed, lazily stroking your clit. “If our sweet girl wants more, we should give her more.” Natasha slipped her fingers back inside your cunt, roughly scissoring them inside of you. “I thought you said to be gentle with her.”
“Only at first, after a while, she’ll let you fuck her however you want. Isn’t that right, baby?” Natasha purred, rubbing her fingers against your sweet spot. “You’ll let Mommy use your pussy in whatever way she wants, right?”
Wanda’s fingers pressed down on your clit harder. “Yes, Mommy.” you nodded, bucking against their hands. “You know what’s best for me.”
“That’s right, sweetheart. I do, which is why I want you to let Wanda put her mouth on your pussy. Don’t you think we should give her a nice treat for her birthday?” Natasha glared at you, seeing the hesitation in your eyes. “Tell you what, I’m gonna let you cum and give you milkies. And in return, you’re going to sit there like a good girl while Wanda eats you out.”
“Not sure Mommy.” you whimpered, rocking your hips to meet her fingers. Natasha’s fingers pumped into you quickly as she brought you closer to the edge. Wanda’s digits circled your clit while she pulled your dress off over your head, throwing it to the side of the room.
“But don’t you wanna cum, sweetheart? If my precious angel cums, she’ll have to let Wanda taste her. That’s a part of the deal.” Natasha hummed, tweaking your nipples with her free hand. “I know you’re ready to cum for us. Are you really going to deprive yourself, baby? Especially when I’m ready to give this pussy exactly what it wants so easily?”
Before you could stop yourself, you released onto Natasha's digits. She withdrew them from you soon after you came, there was no reason for her to stretch out your orgasm when you were giving her and Wanda a hard time. The Russian untied you and shifted to rest her back against the headboard. She removed her shirt off and unclasped her bra before pulling you into her lap. 
Wanda spread your legs apart and settled between them, taking your panties off to reveal your glistening cunt to her. “Wanda will take almost as good care of your pussy as Mommy does.”
“Yeah, honey. I’ll treat you really well.” Wanda’s hot breath ghosted over your core. “There’s nothing more I’d like to do than make you fall apart in my arms.”
Her tongue darted out of her mouth and licked a stripe up your cunt. Your hips jerked up automatically when her mouth came into contact with your core. You whined, trying to wiggle away from her but Natasha held you in place.
“It’s okay, sweet girl,” she said, pressing a soft kiss on your clit. “I understand that you’re a little sensitive, but it’s okay. You’ll be fine.”
Soft whimpers spilled out of your mouth as she lapped at your clit. “Come here, baby. I know what’ll calm your nerves.” Natasha cradled the back of your head, guiding you towards one of her full breasts. “Go ahead, you know you want to.”
A small smile tugged at her lips as you wrapped your lips around one of her nipples. Your tongue flicked across the hardened peak before you gave it a few tugs. Natasha patted your back as milk began to flow into your mouth.
“That’s it, dove.” she cooed, pecking your forehead. “You’re being so good for your Mommies. Wanda is going to help me take such good care of you. Aren’t you, Wan?”
“Of course, Nat.” Wanda sighed, trailing her tongue down to your entrance. A strangled moan made its way past your lips as her tongue entered your core. The brunette hooked her arms around your thighs and slowly worked it in and out of your cunt.
“God, you’re so needy, honey. Still fucked out from when my fingers were inside you, hm?” Natasha tugged at the roots of your hair while you hummed around her nipple. The sound of your suckling filled her ears while Wanda continued to tease you. 
Her friend curled her tongue inside of you and squeezed your hips. Natasha’s hand dipped between your thighs, rubbing at your clit to give you the extra push you needed to cum for them.
“Don’t you wanna be a good girl and cum for Wanda?” She gently pinched the sensitive bundle of nerves when you refused to answer. Some milk dribbled down your chin when she tore you away from her breast to spit onto your tongue. “Swallow.”
You obediently did as she asked before she encouraged you to take her nipple back into your mouth. Wanda pulled away from your cunt briefly, replacing her tongue with her fingers. They quickly pumped into you while Natasha rubbed tight circles around your clit. 
“Cum for us, honey.” You attempted to grind back against Wanda as you came undone around her fingers. They helped you ride out your high before releasing you from their grip. You licked up the beads of milk that remained on Natasha’s breast after she pulled you off.
The Russian laid you down on top of the pillows and moved out from beneath you. Her hands traveled to the front of her jeans, undoing the zipper before pulling them down her legs. She stroked the strap-on secured around her hips and turned to Wanda. “I want to fuck her pussy at the same time as you.”
“That could be arranged.” Wanda kissed the corner of your lips and stood up. She walked towards the door leading into the room and paused. “I won't be long, make sure she doesn’t run off.”
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sillyqt · a year ago
Little One 3/3
Pairing: Mommy!Natasha Romanoff x Little!Reader
Summary: The picnic fun isn’t over yet.
Warnings: mommy x little, strap on sex, nipple play, butt plugs, riding da strap, little space, natasha romanoff yes i did mark her as a warning, cursing, sex in public, smut 18+
a/n: i’m so so so happy that many of you liked this short adventure with mommy natasha and little reader. i was so nervous to post the first part but with all the feedback i’ve been receiving makes me want to write more! so thank you!! y’all will be seeing a lot more mommy natasha in the future ;)
My Masterlist
Read Part ONE
Read Part TWO
Tumblr media
not my photo**
“We aren’t done yet, little one.”
You look up at her with wide eyes, her hand wrapped around the strap that’s still wet with your spit. Staring at the thick toy, the girth made you gulp in fear but clench your legs together in arousal. You’ve never taken a toy that thick or long. The thought of riding her in the middle of the park in broad daylight made you even wetter than before.
The warm feeling in your tummy grew as you stood on your knees to straddle her. Your dress covered both of you. Her chin is still wet from your juices, her wine red hair was a little messy and caused you to giggle softly. The moment was soft, you on top of her getting ready to ride her but get distracted by the vulnerable state she’s in. A cheery smile on her lips, green-colored eyes staring at you, her eyes trailing down your face as her thumbs rubs tiny circles on your hips.
“What are you giggling about?”
“Your hair, Mommy.” Your bottom lip is stuck between your teeth with a big smile on your face, gingers threading through her red locks, fixing the tangled hair. Playing with her hair made you feel little and carefree. The sweetness of being alone with her, knowing she’d take care of you no matter what.
“Little one,” she calls softly, her eyes still filled with lust as she slides her hands over your hips and carefully reaches for your face, putting her left hand up to caress your cheek, her other hand pressing onto your lower back encouraging you to rock your hips against the toy.
“Mommy,” you whine softly, moving your hips until you feel the thick, wet toy touch your sensitive pussy. Your hands that were once lost in her hair were now latching onto your dress, unintentionally raising the skirt and giving Natasha the perfect view of you rolling your hips against her.
“That’s it, little one. Keep going.” her voice is strained and that’s when you remember that she gained pleasure from your movements.
Your eyes squeeze shut as you glide against the toy and feel the toy bump against your clit, making you shiver. Trembling when you feel Mommy’s gentle hands reaching for your breasts, circling your nipples lightly. You wanted to kiss the smirk off her face when your nipples visibly hardened with her touch. Your breasts were easy to access since you weren’t wearing a bra. Mommy always said, ‘Only big girls wear big girl clothes.’
Wetting the toy with your slick, you decide you’re ready and lift your hips and grab the thick base of the toy. Sinking down onto the silicone cock, your hands were now steadying yourself on the floor, just above Natasha’s shoulder. Crying out when you feel yourself get passed the tip, the toy was gradually thicker, making your breath become erratic.
“Keep going.”
You’re almost halfway there.
“Mo-Mommy, I don’t think I ca-” you pant out. Your pussy was throbbing uncontrollably around her. The stretch was a bit painful and a little uncomfortable at first but slowly eased into pleasure. Stilling your hips, you try adjusting to the size, but you don’t get too much time before Mommy takes over.
You hiss in pleasure when you feel Mommy force her hips upward and push your hips down to meet hers. The toy is buried in your pussy, the hot sting making you throb. Your eyes water with hot tears, both from pain and pleasure, devil’s favorite combination.
“Oh, little one, you look so pretty like this.” Her thumb wipes your tears before licking her thumb. The salty taste of your tears meets her tongue and she moans softly. The redness in your eyes and your wet cheeks somehow make you more beautiful to her and Mommy always makes sure that you know it. Praising you and telling you, ‘Look how pretty you are, So pretty when you cry’ and telling you you’re the most beautiful girl in the world.
Her praise goes straight to your pussy, rolling your hips and whimpering when you finally move. Your slick soaks the toy, which makes it easier to ride her. You sniffle quietly before moaning softly before throwing your head back, the sun shines in your face, the bright light blinding you for just a second. Tears shine in the sunlight, making Natasha smile, her eyes drinking up the sight on top of her. The light falls above your breast, the sun peeking through the yellow material.
“Such a good girl, riding my cock so good.” Her words are filthy and suddenly you became shy. The control of it all, the roll of your hips, the hands that keep you steady on the grass, and the soft moans that fall past your lips all leave you breathless. You’d never had this much control. Sure you’ve had sex in this position, but she never let you control the pace.
“Mommy, it feels so good,” you moan, really bouncing on the silicone cock, already adjusted to the size. You were filled to the brim, but it still wasn’t enough. Horny and frustrated, furrowed eyebrows and a small frown on your face was ‘cute’. Mommy was enjoying the sight in front of her meanwhile you were chasing your orgasm.
“Tell me what you want, little one.” She read your movements like one of her favorite books. She knew you needed more, she knew enough about you that if she let you fuck yourself with the biggest toy she owned, it still wouldn’t be enough.
You wanted her touch. The feeling of her hands roaming your body, tugging your nipples until you cried, rubbing your clit until you couldn’t handle it anymore, shoving her fingers inside your mouth, her tongue licking your tears, kissing your fingertips.
“Mommy, touch me,” you whine, the whiney little side of you was coming out to play.
“Where are your manners?” she asks teasingly. She smirked at the way you tried held back the small pout that was threatening to make its way to your pretty face.
“I’m sorry, Mommy. Pl-please,” your voice is unsteady, moans falling past your lips, the small sounds going straight to Natasha’s aching clit.
She smirks before giving you what you want, her left hand holding your hip while the other slides underneath your dress. The heat between your legs becomes a scorching flame as her fingertips brush against your flexing thighs. Whimpering when you feel her index finger circle your clit. The touch is calm as you continue to bounce on her cock for dear life. You wanted more.
The frustration was starting to get to you.
“Mommy, pretty please. I’ve been so good.” Tears blind your vision, everything feeling so surreal but still not enough. You could feel yourself slowly drop. Your head was fuzzy, your words were slurred and your moans were whinier.
“Little one.”
“Mommy,” you beg. Your eyes widen when you feel her rub your clit, firm circles matching your pace, as her other hand wipes the new tears streaming down yiur face. Her wet thumb makes its way inside your mouth, a last-minute paci. Sucking her thumb into your mouth, both of your hands wrap around her wrist, keeping her thumb from leaving your mouth and keeping you steady on top of her.
The stretch in your ass, the thick toy brushing against all your sweet spots inside you, her thumb in your mouth, her fingers rubbing your sensitive clit, along with her loving stare was beginning to become too much. The throb between your legs was unmistakable, thighs wet with your slick, no doubt ruining Mommy’s jeans.
“Come for me,” the soft demand is all you needed to push yourself over the edge.
The fuzzy feeling in your mind only grows as you feel yourself let go. Your orgasm stretches out due to Mommy’s finger rubbing your clit, her thumb slipping out of your mouth, groaning in dismay but sighing out in pleasure when you feel her roll your nipples between her fingers, the sensitive buds sending waves of pleasure to your core.
Short gasps of breath begin to fill the space around you, your juices soaking the toy that’s still inside you and wetting the front part of Mommy’s jeans. Your thighs were soaking and your heart rate was going 60 miles per hour. You suddenly cry out when you feel Mommy move her hips slightly causing the toy to kove inside you. You were too sensitive.
“I’m sorry, little one, I didn’t realize you were that sensitive. Do you want to pack up and get ready to go home?” Her soft hands are in your hair, pushing loose strands behind your ear, her voice as soft as an angel. You could have listened to her talk for hours, have her read a book or stare at her lips as Russian words escape her as she skims through the pages-
“Little one.” She interrupts your pleasant thoughts.
“Yes, Mommy.”
“Do you want to go home?”
“Can we stay for a lil’ longer?” You ask with hopeful eyes.
“That’s more than fine, little one,” she assures before continuing to move you off her hips but you squeezed your thighs closed, not letting her move an inch.
“Come on, little one let me get-”
“No!” You cry out, your tone louder than you wanted it to be. Mommy raises her eyebrows at you so you whisper a small apology.
“I’m sorry Mommy. I just...I want to stay like this… With you inside me.”
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nermalina · a month ago
welcome to the team.
a/n: there’s little to no plot, but a heck of a lot of porn.
summary: wanda walks in on natasha and her girlfriend sharing an intimate moment. fortunately for her, the couple doesn’t mind the interruption.
warnings (18+ only): mdlg themes, smut, mommy kink, praise kink, finger sucking, boot grinding, thigh riding, lactation kink, vaginal fingering, choking, masturbation, wanda’s rings, light verbal humiliation, multiple orgasms, strap-on use, face sitting
words: 2.6k | marvel masterlist. | navigation post.
you do not have permission to translate/repost my works anywhere! likes, comments, and reblogs are always welcome & appreciated <3
“Relax, princess.” Natasha’s hot breath ghosted over your neck as she led you farther into the room. She turned you around to face her and pushed you down onto your knees. “You don’t have to be shy around me, we’ve done this many times before.”
“The door’s still open, Mommy,” you whispered, sticking your head out to the side to look behind her. A cold hand wrapped around your jaw, forcing you to look up at your girlfriend.
“Keep your eyes on me, honey.” Natasha scolded. “It’s just you and Mommy, sweetheart. No one is going to catch us. Everyone else knows to stay off of our floor unless we ask for them, so don't go on worrying your pretty little head about it.” The Russian smiled when you mumbled out an apology. She released your face, swiping her fingers across your mouth. “Open.”
You parted your lips, allowing her to shove two of her digits into your mouth. Your tongue ran across the length of her fingers as she pumped them into your mouth.
“Good girl.” she cooed, pushing her fingers in farther. You gagged as they hit the back of your throat. “It’s okay, you’re doing just fine, baby. Let me know if it becomes too much, alright?”
You hummed around her digits, curling your lips around them. Natasha wedged her boot between your knees and nodded. It was then that you were reminded that unlike you, your girlfriend was fully clothed. She had stripped you the minute you got to your room. You silently lowered yourself onto her shoe. Her digits in your mouth muffled your moans as you slowly rocked your hips.
“You deserve this, honey. You’ve been an angel this past week and Mommy really appreciates it.” The redhead kept her heel planted on the ground but pressed the tip of her boot against your cunt.
Natasha slipped another finger inside of your mouth. Tears pooled in the corners of your eyes while she continued to thrust her digits into your mouth. Her free hand brushed against the side of your face, wiping away a tear that had escaped your eyes. 
“I know, precious. It’s a little more than what you’re used to, but I know you can handle it. I’m only trying to get you ready for that new toy we ordered the other day.” Unfortunately, the item she was referring to hadn’t arrived yet, but you were still looking forward to the new strap Natasha had picked out. “After all, Mommy knows what’s best for you. Isn’t that right, sweetheart?”
“Yes, Mommy.” you managed to say. Your teeth grazed her digits as she slowly pulled them out of your mouth. Natasha wiped her fingers on your cheek and squeezed your jaw, causing your mouth to fall open. 
The older woman crouched down and spit into your mouth. Her saliva coated your tongue, slowly dripping down while you waited for her to indicate that you could swallow. “You look so cute like this, baby. I’m tempted to leave you like this.” You huffed and tried shifting closer to her. “Don’t look at me like that.” Natasha scowled, gently pushing your face to the side. “Swallow.”
Obliging with her request, you swallowed and ground down harder on her boot. Natasha cupped your face and slid her thumb inside of your mouth. 
You whined when she flattened her foot and pulled you up. “Oh, honey, you made such a big mess. Should I make you clean it?”
“Mommy.” you whimpered as her thumb left your mouth.
“Don’t complain, bunny.” Natasha sighed, helping you to your feet. “Mommy will give you what you want eventually, you just have to wait.”
Swiftly undressing herself, Natasha led you over to the bed and sat down. Intertwining her fingers with yours, she guided you into her lap. “Come on, fuck yourself on Mommy’s thigh.” You squeezed her hands and hid your face in the crook of her neck. “Don’t be embarrassed, sweetheart.” Natasha pulled you away from her neck so she could look you in the eye. “All Mommy wants to do is make her precious bunny feel good.”
“Alright, Mommy,” you whispered, moving one of your legs so you were straddling her thigh. Natasha grinned when your cunt met her bare skin.
“Rub that pretty pussy on me, honey.” Natasha encouraged, caressing your face. “You’re soaked, baby. Why is that?” You murmured something under your breath that the Russian was unable to understand. “Try again, use your big girl words and speak loud enough for Mommy to hear.”
“Because of you, Mommy,” you repeated, louder than before. Seemingly satisfied with your answer, Natasha permitted you to continue grinding on her thigh. 
Natasha’s hand slid behind your neck and guided you towards her heavy breasts. Instinctively, you opened your mouth, licking her nipples before curling your lips around one of them. She rubbed your back reassuringly as you tugged on the pebbled peak. “There you go, princess.”
A steady stream of sweet milk began pouring into your mouth. Your hips slowed as you became distracted by the substance filling you. They almost stilled, but your girlfriend caught them between her hands in time and began helping you along her thigh.
“No stopping until you’ve drenched Mommy’s thigh, okay?” Your mouth unlatched from Natasha’s breast so you could let out a small ‘yes’. Immediately after the word had been uttered, your lips were back on her. Your tongue flicked over her areola, licking up the small beads of milk that had dripped out. “Does Mommy’s pretty baby wanna cum?” Natasha questioned, bringing her thumb down to your clit, stroking over it tenderly. 
Wanda got out of the elevator and noticed that the space was empty, meaning that you and Natasha must have been in your room. The others had sent her to fetch you two for dinner, but the only problem was that she seemed to have forgotten that they had also told her to wait a while before she went.
She heard an odd noise but brushed it off. All of you were Avengers, one of you must’ve been in the gym training. Continuing down the hall, she stopped at your bedroom door.
The Sokovian stood in the doorway, completely still. She knew she’d get in trouble for watching, but she couldn’t tear her eyes away from you and Nat. 
“God, you’re so needy.” Natasha purred as you eagerly sucked her nipple. She pushed your cunt down on her thigh harder. “Maybe I should’ve invited Wanda up to our room tonight. You would happily let her touch you, huh?”
Your eyes widened and you were about to pull away, but Natasha kept your head in place.  “I know about your little crush, bunny. You shouldn’t be so shocked, did you think you could get around without Mommy noticing?” Wanda worried that she would now be the object of Natasha’s anger since her girlfriend had a crush on her. “There’s nothing to be ashamed of, sweetie, I can see why you’d like her. She’s cute, but not as cute as my sweet girl.”
“I’m gonna count down from three. When I get to one, you’re gonna cum for Mommy, alright?” Natasha pecked your forehead, using her hand to keep you close to her chest. “Three.”
Wanda watched in awe as your hips sped up and you ground against Natasha with a force she couldn’t have imagined. “Two.”
Your suckling became less intense as less milk flowed into your mouth. You gently grazed your teeth over Natasha’s nipple when her thumb applied more pressure on your clit. “One.” 
You came on her thigh with a faint sob, slowing your hips to help you ride out your high. Your mouth released her nipple and kissed up her breasts. Natasha cupped your face in her hands and planted her lips on yours. She whispered soft reassurances in your ear when you pulled away, allowing you to rest your head on her shoulder.
You whined when her hand traveled back to the apex of your thighs. “Hush, honey. You can take more, Mommy will know when to stop.” Wanda swallowed, stepping back to leave. “If you’re going to watch me fuck my precious bunny, you might as well help me do it.”
The brunette froze like a deer in headlights when the Russian acknowledged her presence. “What? You do realize that I was practically a spy, right?”
“I-I’m so-”
“It’s fine Wanda, we don’t mind the interruption at all.” Natasha breathed, circling your clit with her thumb. “So are you going to help me out or not?”
“Yeah- only if you two don’t mind.”
“If I did mind, why would I ask?” Natasha remarked, turning her attention back to you. “Don’t you want Wanda playing with your pussy, baby? I’ll teach her how to make you feel good, how does that sound?”
“You can come closer, Wanda.” The brunette stepped into the room, slowly making her way towards the bed. “Take your clothes off.” Wanda made quick work of her clothes and reached for her necklace. “Leave that and the rings on.”
“Just do as you’re told, sweetie.” Natasha purred, laying you on your back and rolling to lay beside you. “You want her to put her hands on you, hm? Don’t lie and say that you don’t, baby. Everyone knows you’re always staring at them.” You looked up at the headboard, but Natasha was quick to tilt your chin down. “Ask her nicely for what you want like a good girl.”
“Touch me p-please, Wanda!” 
The sokovian hovered over your body and spread your legs apart. “You’re very cute, baby.” Wanda complimented, inching her hands up your inner thighs.
“Did you hear that, bunny? She thinks you’re cute, what do you say?” Natasha’s cold hand trailed up and down your torso.
“Thank you, Wanda.”
“You’re very welcome, sweetheart.” Wanda beamed. She looked at the redhead for approval while teasing your entrance with her fingers. 
“Come on, Wanda, give her what she needs from you.” Two of Wanda’s digits plunged inside of you, steadily pumping into your core. 
“Fuck.” Wanda whispered, feeling your cunt clench around her. Her free hand moved up to your neck and wrapped around it. “Do you like being fucked while your Mommy watches?”
Your eyes snapped towards Natasha who silently told you to answer for yourself. The redhead tucked her head in the crook of your neck and slipped her hand between her legs. “Yes.”
“Your Mommy should share you more often then,” Wanda smirked, gently squeezing your throat. She leaned down and pumped her fingers at a faster rate. Her hands were warm, a stark contrast to the cold rings she was wearing. You could feel them rubbing against your sweet spot every time Wanda’s fingers entered you.
“I’m not one to share my things, Wanda. This is just a little welcoming gift for you, don’t expect to see more of us.” Natasha ground against her hand, pressing soft kisses along your collarbone.
Wanda noticed that your attention was elsewhere, following your gaze towards her chest. You were enamored by the necklace hanging from her neck. “You wanna bite them, honey?”
After you had given her a sign of approval, she leaned down further, encouraging you to latch on to the piece of jewelry. You bit down on the necklace, holding it in your mouth.
“That’s it, good girl.” Wanda used her thumb to toy with your clit. “Your Mommy looks close, darling. Wanna cum with her?”
“Cum for Wanda,” Natasha commanded. Her fingers slammed into her pussy as she rode out her high. You released onto Wanda’s digits soon, coating them in your arousal. “We’re not done with you, bunny. You’re going to cum for us one last time.”
Natasha got off the bed and headed into the closet before returning with an item that was too familiar to you. “Since you’re our guest, you can use her favorite toy on her pussy.”
All of Wanda’s confidence left her when she saw the strap-on in Natasha’s hand. While she had been on the receiving end a few times, she’d never gotten the chance to use it on someone. 
“You’ve never done this before, have you, honey?” Natasha asked. “Well, don’t worry. I’ll teach you everything you need to know about making my little girl squirm. Shouldn't be too hard since she’s a desperate slut.”
The redhead passed the toy off to Wanda and whispered something in your ear. When she looked back at the younger girl, she was standing there cluelessly.
“Must I do everything myself?” Natasha rolled her eyes in annoyance, helping Wanda into the harness. “You get the general idea, right?” Wanda nodded. “Then you can take it from here.”
“Yeah,” Wanda replied shakily, raking her eyes over your figure. She kneeled on the edge of the bed, settling between your legs.
“What are you waiting for, Maximoff? Give my bunny something to remember you by.” Natasha ordered, losing her patience.
“I was getting there.” Wanda aligned the fake cock with your awaiting cunt. Your breath hitched when the brunette started to ease the dildo inside of you. Although the strap-on secured around Wanda’s hips was your favorite toy Nat owned, it had been a while since she had last used it on you. 
“It’s okay, she’s almost there, bunny. Only a few more inches.” Natasha said, tracing patterns on your thigh. “Keep going, Wanda. She can handle it, don’t worry.”
Wanda snapped her hips forward, filling you completely with the toy. Natasha moved behind Wanda and waited until you had relaxed before grabbing the Sokovian’s hips. “What are you-”
“I’m making things easier for you,” Natasha mumbled, guiding Wanda to gently rock her hips. Once she had realized what Natasha was doing, Wanda pulled the strap out of you before slamming it back in. “You’re a quick learner, you’ve already gotten the hang of this.” 
Natasha let go of Wanda and moved up the bed. She threw one of her legs over your head, straddling your face. “Do you want Mommy’s pussy, sweetheart?”
“Yes, please give me your pussy, Mommy.” you pleaded. Natasha lowered herself onto your face, rubbing her cunt against your mouth. “That’s a good girl, taking Wanda’s cock so well.”
You eagerly licked at Natasha’s cunt, hooking your arms around her thighs. Wanda thrust the cock in and out of your cunt. “Look at this messy pussy, Nat.”
“My stupid little bunny.” Natasha cooed, reaching to rub at your clit. “She’s so horny that she can’t think properly. Just wants to have her pussy stuffed like a good cockslut.” 
Her other hand went underneath your head, holding your face close to her heat. She ground down against your tongue harder. “You’re gonna make Mommy cum all over your pretty face, honey.” 
You stuck your tongue out, sliding it inside of Natasha’s entrance. Your girlfriend came on your mouth, grinding against your tongue. Natasha got off of you and licked her cum off of your face. She pressed down on your clit harder as Wanda’s thrusts got rougher.
“Is my darling girl ready to cum for us?”
“Yes, Mommy,” you answered. “Wanna cum for you and Wanda.”
Natasha rubbed her tight circles around your overstimulated clit. “Then be a good girl cum for us, bunny.” You cried out one last time before coming undone around the toy. 
Wanda withdrew the dildo from you and removed the strap-on. Natasha was quick to come to your side, using a damp cloth to clean you up. “Such a good girl.”
“Are you sure you don’t wanna share more often?” Wanda smirked. Natasha tucked you under the covers and pushed Wanda down on the bed. 
“I’ll think about it,” Natasha replied, laying on her stomach between Wanda’s legs. “But first let me take care of you.”
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sillyqt · a year ago
Little One 1/3
Pairing: Mommy!Natasha Romanoff x Little!Reader
Summary: Mommy takes you on a picnic date but decides she wants to play. Based off this post.
Warnings: dirty talk, Mommy x Little, cursing, mentions of sleep talking, making out, clit rubbing, mature themes, there no actual smut yet, but to be safe smut 18+
My Masterlist
Tumblr media
not my photo**
The sun felt warm against your skin, warming the blanket beneath you. The small juice box in your hand carries cool sweet liquid and you smile softly as Natasha feeds you a piece of fruit. The both of you had already finished the sandwiches that she had packed in the picnic basket. You listened as she read you a story. Her voice was soft and sweet and you giggled every time she licked the tip of her middle finger to turn the page and that caused her to smile.
Laying on your stomach, swinging your legs as you pet the small yellow flower in your hand. Your black shoes are placed nicely on the grass, your ruffled white socks still on your feet reaching over your ankles. The skirt of the dress hitched up when you sat up on your knees, your butt resting on top of your heels. Smiling down at the flowers, a bunch in your hands before offering it to Natasha.
“Take off your panties.”
You gaped at her before giggling because you figured she’s kidding, right? When you see she’s completely serious you freeze. Her green eyes stare holes into yours.
“But Mommy... We’re in public,” You reply with fear and embarrassment in your voice, your eyes looking for anyone around or any signs of cameras, anything that you could see. All you find is an empty park, green grass with tall trees, a few benches, tiny birds chirping, but nothing more.
“There’s no one here, little one,” she replies softly and then gives you the look. She hates repeating herself.
So you do as you’re told.
Tugging your cotton panties off, frowning when they got caught on the ruffle of your white sock. Quickly fixing them before folding them, and then placing them on top on the cream blanket you had set up for your picnic.
“Sit on my face”
“Wh- what?” you want to make sure you heard her right.You hands subconsciously move to the hem of your dress, playing with the soft yellow material.
“You heard me loud and clear, little one.” She says as she pulls you on top of her lap, your thighs close around hers, your bare pussy sitting right over her bulge. Sucking in a sharp breath when you feel her. The girth of the toy was alarmingly thick, along with its length. You knew she was packing but fuck. No, stop. Mommy doesn’t like it when we use words like that.
“But I’ve never done that before.”
“I won’t bite.” she winks with a sly smirk before continuing.“Unless you want me to.” She replies playfully before nibbling on your finger before sucking the tip.
You hid your face by looking across to another tree, suddenly interested in the green leaves. Trying your best to hide your embarrassment from her, but you knew she knew what you were doing. She never liked it when you hid your face.
“Come on, little one. You know I don’t like it when you hide yourself from me,” she said, confirming what you already knew.
“I’m sorry, Mommy. I’m trying.”
It’s true you were trying because each time you felt the need to hide away from embarrassment, you fought it. You try and fight it this time and try to look up at her. But there was no way you could look her in the eyes because you knew that she knew about the dreams that had invaded your dreams for months.
But how?
“I know you’re trying. Let me reward you,” she says softly, her hands holding yours. To torture you, she thrusts her hips up, causing the toy to brush against your wet pussy and the sudden friction causes you to moan.
“I’m sorry, Mommy,”
She ignores your apology, chuckling at the clear effect she had on you. Her hands let yours go and land on your waist, rubbing tiny circles on your waist. The small patterns tickle you through the thin material of your dress.
“You know a little birdy told me that you’ve been dreaming about this for quite awhile.”
Little tattletale.
Wanda had read your mind on a girl’s night and probably snitched on you to her Mommy and she had told your Mommy. Wanda teased you every chance she got it, fake moaning and threatening to tell Natasha.
“It wasn’t Wanda,, if that’s what you’re thinking. I know you probably told her.”
You stare at her, confusion written all over your face. You hadn’t told anyone but Wanda. There’s no possible way for her to know.
“You want to know who told me?” she coos softly, bringing her hand to your cheek. You lean into her touch, her thumb caressing your cheek then sliding over your lips and nod.
Her thumb taps your lower lip, you open your mouth and let her thumb get past them. Lightly licking her thumb, wetting it. Her thumb softly brushes against your tongue.
“You did.” You reach to remove her thumb from your mouth to speak, but she’s quick to stop you. “Don’t you dare.”
You sit in shock and a little bit of fear, she has never used those words on you, let alone with the harsh tone. Your eyes water but she’s even quick to stop your cry.
“Come on, Little one. I didn’t want that to come out so harshly. I’m sorry.”
You nod softly and blink your tears away. You quickly distract yourself and become curious as to how she found out you eagerly suck on her thumb making her laugh.
“You told me,” she explains. Gasping when she pushes your hips against her bulge, forcing you to grind on her and making you cry out in pleasure. Her thumb slipped out of your mouth and found its way under your dress.
“Ah! Mommy.” Her wet thumb rubs small but firm circles on your clit. You clench around nothing as she encourages you to grind against her. Her thumb moves faster, her soft lips kiss your cheek, jaw, neck and slightly nibble on your bare shoulder.
“Did you know you talk in your sleep?” Your eyes widened as you stared back at her, the grinding stopped but her hands didn't, adding her other fingers to the mix. Her forefinger slides in between your wet folds, your juices immediately soaking her finger.
“Guessing by that reaction you didn’t, huh?” She asks while bringing her finger to her mouth sucking your juices into her mouth, taking in your sweet taste, watching as her eyes close in bliss.
You whine, not knowing if it’s because her attention was no longer on you, even for a split second, or the fact that she had yet to explain what she meant. Moaning when she pulls you into a deep kiss.
“You woke me up one night. At first I thought you were awake because you kept begging me. I didn’t know why, but then you said, ‘Please, Mommy. Let me ride your face.’ I remember you moaning in your sleep, whining my name. Grinding on your favorite teddy. Is that what you do in your sleep when I’m gone?”
Suddenly you remember. Everything had felt so real. You begged Natasha to let you sit on her face. You cried and begged on your knees until she said ‘yes.’ It all felt so real, the nickname she used for you, the grab she kissed you, the way she touched you.
The dream repeated almost every week. Your panties would be soaked through in the morning and you always tried to sneak in the bathroom to change into a new pair. Sometimes Natasha caught you. She knew exactly what happened, considering she watched you get off in your sleep. Sometimes she let you come up with some excuse other times she pretended she didn’t know what you were doing.
“Oh, little one. You remember don’t you?”
You nod.
“If you think it felt that good in your dreams, just imagine how it’s going to feel like right now.”
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agentofbarnes · 5 days ago
𝖜𝖎𝖉𝖔𝖜’𝖘 𝖇𝖎𝖙𝖊
𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐘 ; natasha romanoff showed you a whole new world when you thought for sure that you were going to be stuck at dead end forever.
𝐏𝐀𝐈𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆 ; natasha romanoff x sweet!female!reader
𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒 ; lil bit of smut, little bit of homophobia implied, gay awakening, reader doesn’t realize she’s gay until her twenties cause she’s sheltered, pet names [ petal ], fingering, making out, first meeting, skinny dipping, oral
𝐍𝐎𝐓𝐄𝐒 ; so i cut this down and decided i will make it into parts because they deserve a story and i love them
Tumblr media
Natasha Romanoff had come into your life at the most important time. It was as if fate had sent a dark angel to rescue you from the life you had been forced to live.
You had been engaged for over a year to a man you weren’t even sure you loved. Sure, he was nice enough, but he didn’t...excite you. He was a safety net that your parents had pushed you into. You remember when you had met him. It had been the summer you turned sixteen, the date had been set up by your parents. It felt stupid, but he had been nice and sweet. His name was Nate and he had opened your car door. He had done everything right. So, you had no reason not to date him.
You had kissed on the second date, and you were so nervous. You had dreamed about that first kiss. You were supposed to feel bliss, fireworks, or the world was supposed to fade away. All you felt was a pair of chapped lips pressed against yours and his tongue fumbling in your mouth. 
Still, you stayed because he was trying and surely you were the one that was doing it wrong. Everything else was good. You had fun talking to him and he had become someone you could take to family events. Nate was also a different perspective than the all-girls private school you went to. Things were good and he had gotten used to the fact you were very affectionate.
But then, he had become handsy. When he had taken your virginity, you didn’t cum and just weren’t as into as he was. You wanted to be because you cared about him, just...not in that way. You tried to tell him once that you hadn’t cum and he decided to he’d go down on you, but Nate was just as inexperienced and also more focused on himself that you just pretended because you didn’t know what to do. 
You aren’t sure why you never broke up with him. In some way, you do love him, and you know deep down no man will love you like Nate will. No one will understand you like him, so if you’re gonna get married, it might as well be to him, right?
The wedding was happening, and instead of the blissful feeling that was supposed to overtake the bride, you felt the need to run.
“You look a little lost,”Her sweet sultry voice filled your ears, making you spinning around in a panic in the empty corridor. No one was supposed to up on to top floor of the prestigious winery about an hour drive from the beach that your fiance had rented out for weekend long event of your wedding. It was your floor and you had kicked everyone out for a breather. 
Except for some reason this redheaded woman with tight clinging velvet dress that you desperately wanted to feel was standing in front of you. Wow, her dress was incredibly tight, accentuating very delicious curve of her body. Her plump breasts were pushed up and for some reason, you just couldn’t tear your eyes away from the alluring swells. You tell yourself it’s because of jealously, you wish your body was like hers, but that does little explain to wet slick forming in the lace panties your future husband is supposed to ruin tonight.
“I--”You were at a loss for words.”Who are you?”
“Just a guest.”
“I don’t know you.”
“Plus one, I’m with Clint, Laura couldn’t come, he wanted company.”
“Oh you’re the best friend,” You whispered, tilting your head. You remember that conversation with your future husband, Nathan, about his cousin Clint. He was raving about having not one, but two Avengers at the wedding. You were still coming to terms with the fact you were getting married.”You aren’t...supposed to be here.”
“You gonna kick me out, cutie?”She raised a brow, a little challenging smirk on her lips as she looked you over. Natasha recognized the look in her eyes, the trapped girl that hide inside. You were looking for a way out. You didn’t know what you were doing up here yet, but you were looking for somewhere to run.
“I could. What the bride says goes, I’m the boss here.”
“Oh honey, you are not the boss of me,”Natasha chuckled, taking a step towards you. Something about her words made your knees weak. You squeezed your thighs together, biting down on your lip nervously.”What are you doing up here? Shouldn’t you be... getting married?”
“Yeah, I should....” You felt shame flood through you, head falling into your hands as you let out a huge sigh.
“Nate’s a nice guy--”
“He’s the best,”You told her quickly, tears welling up in your doe eyes because the full realization has hit you with full force. You don’t want this.”And he loves me. He thinks I’m beautiful and he’s patient and kind. He’s a med-student, he’s successful, we’re gonna have a family and live a perfect little life just like our parents want us to.”
“So what’s stopping you?”Natasha asked, taking another step towards you and her perfume overwhelms your senses. Her hand grabbed yours to comfort you, her manicured hand lifted your chin up to look her in the eyes. 
Wow, she’s really pretty.
You blink away that thought, focusing on what you need to.”Something wrong with me.”
Natasha furrowed her brow, tilting her head to the side,”Nothing’s wrong with you if you have doubts, it’s normal.”
“No, I--”You sniffled, chewing on the inside of your cheek as you built of the courage to share your secret,”Everyone always talks about butterflies and firework when you kiss, and Nate, he feels that, but I don’t, I never had that, and I thought maybe it was him at first, but I kissed this other guy when we first started dating....and it’s me, something’s wrong with me and I’m never gonna get that, am I?”
Natasha nodded knowingly, but didn’t share her own thoughts.”I’m gonna ask you a question, and I need you to answer it without thinking, yes or no, okay? It’s important because it’s gonna decide how I’m gonna help you.”
“Do you want to marry Nate?”
“No,” You asked before gasping as if it was shocking. Natasha smiled at you, holding out a hand to you.”What are you doing?”
“I’m getting you out of here?”
“You are?”
“Yeah, I’m the knight in shining armor, I always save the princess from the tower,”Natasha told you, sneaking you to the back staircase where she looked out the side window.”You ever stolen a car?”
“Uh, no!”
“Well, do you have a car here?”
“Just my dad’s, Nate and I are suppose to take it to the airport...”
“Let me guess, it’s the one right there?” Nat pointed to the car with Just Married written on the back. 
“Yeah, oh my god, are we really leaving?”
“You still don’t want to get married?”
Natasha pulled you down the stairs and you don’t know how, but she managed to get you out of the venue and into the car. She hotwired the car and had you on the road going...somewhere in a matter of 15 minutes. It wasn’t until you were a couple miles away that you realized you were headed towards the beach nearby.
“I love the beach,”You whispered, looking out the window, finally filling the silence.”It’s why I picked the venue...god, my parents are gonna be pissed. Am I crazy?”
“No,”Natasha shook her head,”You just need to think, have some fun.”
“Why are you helping me?” You asked, turning to look at her curiously. She looked even prettier with the sun shining down on her, the golden rays glimmering off her skin. She was breathtaking, the kind of woman people dream about. She made your stomach flutter when she smiled at you.”You don’t even know me...”
“You looked stuck, I know what that’s like,”She admitted.”I used to be in a bad situation, a lot worse than this, I know the look of someone who’s trapped. Besides, you looked far too pretty to be married to Nate.”
You felt your cheek heat up at her compliment,”Oh. Well, I’m not...anything special...”
“I’m sure that’s not true.”
“I’m really not,”You told her,”I mean, Nate’s in med school, and what am I? A florist with no degree and I can’ to people unless it’s about’s stupid.”
“You’re talking to me, aren’t you, petal?”
The nickname makes you weak and if you were standing, your knees would have buckled. You don’t know why she has such an impact on you. Not even Nate ever made you feel so...flustered. God, if your parents knew the ways you were thinking about this woman, they would disown you. 
They probably would disown you anyway after leaving Nate at the altar anyway. 
“I guess that’s true...”
Natasha parked the car at the private beach, hoping she wouldn’t get ticketed. Even if she did, she could get Stark to take care of it. She slipped out of the car and went around to help you out since you were still in the long wedding dress.
“Let’s go take a dip...”Natasha suggest, a mischievous smile gracing her lips as she pulled towards the water.
“I can’t swim in this,”You told her with a laugh, shaking your head.
“Of course not, you have to take it off.”
You gasped when Natasha’s dress fell into the sand, her body fully exposed to you in just a strapless bra and panties. You could feel yourself drooling over her and you prayed she didn’t notice as she unhooked her bra. Her breasts bounced slightly, her nipples hardened in the cool breeze and you wanted to put you face between them. 
You blinked and turned away, licking your lips. You took a big breath, squeeze your thighs together when you felt slick pool in your panties. Her hands were at your zipper, helping you out of the dress.  You shimmy out of the white dress, the lace number that was meant for Nate’s eyes only was now for the woman in front of you.
Natasha ran her fingers over your shoulders delicately for a moment before stepping away,”Join me in the water, petal...” She whispered in your ear before running into the soft waves. You watched her as if she moved in slow motion, her round ass making you swallow thickly while you removed the lace lingerie from your body before you joined her.
The water was cold, causing goose flesh to appear on your skin. Your nipples perked and harden at the temperature. You felt shy under Natasha’s gaze, but you didn’t have time to really think about it when the redhead splashed water at you.
Natasha loved the way you laughed, retaliating with your own splash. She swam around you, dodging your blasts and chasing you in the water.
“This is probably the riskiest thing I’ve ever done...”
“Oh, really?”Nat asked with grin,”You’re a good girl then?”
You don’t know why the way she says good girl makes you tingle, but it does. You shrugged in the water, paddling back towards the shore so you plant your feet in the sand. Still deep enough that the water came to your collarbones.
“I am, yeah, but this...makes me wish I wasn’t...I like being bad with you.”
You looked up at the sky, the colors mixing into orange and pink with setting sun. They probably know you’re gone by now. They would be calling you, searching for you. They would never expect you would have run off with a stranger, a sexy redhead woman that excited you. It was so unlike you, the precious good girl destined for such a boring life.
Not anymore, you smiled up at the sun. Not with her in your life. 
Natasha smirked at you, admiring how happy you finally looked with the sun setting over the water illuminating your features. You looked so free. God, you felt more free than you ever had in your entire life. All because of this woman. You glanced back at her, cheeks hot as your eyes wandered down to her breasts. She noticed, there’s not way she didn’t. 
You felt your breath hitch when Nat swam closer, her hand gliding against the smooth skin of your waist,”Hey,”She whispered,”You okay?”
“Yeah, more than okay,”You assured shyly, swallowing thickly. You looked at her through long lashes and all of Nat’s willpower went out the window as she surged forward to slot her lips against yours. She stole your breath, but you didn’t care because you finally understood what the buzz had been about. Warmth overtook your body. She lit something inside you, the world around brighten and pulsed as her hands explored you.
You kissed her back so eagerly, so intensely and happily as she awakened something deep inside of your soul. Natasha nipped playfully at your bottom lip, drinking up the moan that escaped your lips as her hand slid down your tummy to dip between your thighs. 
“Natasha...”You whimpered when her two fingers teased at the entrance, her lips on your jaw as she pushed on the shore. Still partially in the water, laying on top of you with a devilish smirk,”Please...”
“Are you sure?”Nat whispered.
You nodded without a second thought, head falling back the moment she pushed two fingers inside you and her lips crashed back inside of you as the water sloshed around you when it crashed on the shore. You moaned her name, back arching off the ground as she explored you. 
“Nat--Natty...oh..”You whined, her mouth moving from your lips to your breasts. You turn into a mess, letting the experienced woman above you take care of your body. Just when you think her fingers inside your can’t feel any better, her lips move down your tummy and you can feel her breath against the heat of your cunt. 
With a small lick, Natasha flicked the little sensitive pearl that made you tremble before she sank her two fingers back into your twitching hole. You squeeze your thighs around her head, her spare hand coming up to massage at your breasts. Her tongue delves into your hole beside her fingers. She licked at  your folds,”My, my, you are as sweet as you taste, petal,”Natasha praised, diving back between your thighs. Her tongue feverishly lapping at the nectar pooling from your pussy to licking and flicking your little pearl. 
With her tongue working you so expertly, the coil building in your tummy snapped in no time. Warmth spread over you, washing over you body just as the waves did the shore. Natasha smirked proudly, leaving little marks on your thigh before crawling back over you to mold her lips over yours.
“Feel good, petal?”Natasha asked between kisses, making you smile against with a nod.
“I get it now,”You whispered, hand coming up to caress her face as you looked at her with wonder.
“Get what?”
“The fireworks when you kiss someone, the world-stopping-and-nothing-else-matters type kiss that everyone talks about, I get it now,”You admitted shyly, averting your gaze from her.
Natasha smiled with pride at that, pulling by your chin to look at her,”See? I told you nothing was wrong with you. You just weren’t with the right person.”
“I am now.”
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nermalina · 4 months ago
girl code. pt.i
pairing: natasha romanoff x fem!reader
a/n: i changed the story a bit, because it’s not their first meeting. i hope it still turned out okay. on a totally unrelated note, i want strawberry ice cream.
anon requested: idk if reqs are closed so sorry but how about r’s best friend inviting them to a dinner and there they meet the mother of their bsf, natasha eheee, a single momm it’s up to you if u want to turn it into a smut #milfism
warnings (18+ only): smut, some angst (oops), legal age gap (r’s is in their early 20s and nat’s in her mid-late 40s), strong sexual nature, semi public sex, innocence kink (?), mommy kink, praise kink, crying, oral sex (r receiving), vaginal fingering, oral sex on strap-on (r giving), strap-on use
words: 3k | marvel masterlist. | navigation post.
you do not have permission to translate/repost my works anywhere! likes, comments, and reblogs are always welcome & appreciated <3
one. » two.
Adjusting your bag on your shoulder, you rang the doorbell. You hoped your friend would be the one to answer the door. She’d invited you over for a sleepover the minute you’d notified her you’d be coming home for break. There was no telling how you’d react if it was her mother that opened the door. 
The last time you’d seen her was a few months ago at a gathering they were having. You had gotten a splinter stuck in your finger and Natasha was in the bathroom with you trying to get it out.
“I need you to stay still for me, honey.” Her voice alone was enough to have your eyes rolling to the back of your head.
“Sorry, Mrs. Romanoff,” you mumbled, looking everywhere but her. She was standing so close to you, and her lips were right there. You probably only had to move your head forward a bit for them to meet.
“Why are you crying, sweetheart? Did it really hurt that much?” No, you could barely feel anything but her. It was the shame you carried for being attracted to your best friend’s mother that made you feel bad.
“I’m fine.” 
“Let me kiss it better.” she purred, planting her lips on your pinky. You found yourselves leaning in and then the door bust open.
“Fucking hell, Aria.” Natasha groaned, stepping away from you. She walked over to where your friend was hunched over the toilet. “I told you to take it easy on the alcohol tonight.”
You had to get out of there, so you told your parents you were tired and returned home. Unfortunately, you didn’t realize that Natasha would care enough to ask where you went after you left.
“Hey!” A familiar redhead opened the door. “It’s been a while.” You looked at the woman as if you’d just seen a ghost. “Come in, sweetheart. Aria’s in the shower right now, but she’ll be down soon.”
Natasha stepped aside to allow you into her home. “It’s nice to see you, Mrs. Romanoff.”
“We’ve been over this multiple times, Natasha is just fine. Let me take that,” she said, gesturing towards the bag slung over your shoulder.
“It’s fine, I can handle it.”
“Sure you can. But let me take care of you while you’re here.” Natasha rolled her eyes. “You are my guest after all,” she added quickly.
“Thank you,” you replied, standing awkwardly in the middle of the entryway. 
“You can take a seat.” Natasha chuckled, guiding you to the living room. Her hand rested on the small of your back and you couldn’t help but want it to drift lower. “Dinner’s on the stove so I’ll be working on that. Hopefully, Aria doesn’t take much longer. If you need anything at all, just come find me.”
“Alright, Mrs. Ro- Natasha.”
“Good girl.” Your mouth went dry as Natasha turned to leave. God, you were so fucked.
“Hey!” Your back hit the sofa as a body collided with yours. “Sorry I took so long! My mom didn’t break you did she?” You froze as Aria shifted off your lap. “Take it easy! I’m just kidding, I know you’re not that kind of person.”
“Yeah.” You tried to laugh along with your best friend, but that was difficult considering how wrong she was. “So how have you been?”
“Fine. Life can get boring around here. Mom’s also stopped bringing home random women since the last time you were over, so I never get the pleasure of seeing the walk of shame anymore.” 
“Yeah. I guess mom was right, you are a good influence. Not only did you rub off on me, but you rubbed off on her too.”
“Why does y/n look like she’s nervous?” Natasha asked her daughter. “Are you talking about my sex life again?”
“Not exactly,” she replied. “I was telling her how she was a good influence on you too.”
“Is that so?” Natasha smirked. “I’d like to think I was a good influence on her. I was the one keeping her out of trouble when you kept getting her into it.”
“Yeah, yeah whatever. Can you feed us now?”
“Sure. Y/n would you like to help yourself or should I feed you?” 
“I’ll be fine.” you practically squeaked, following behind your friend with your head bowed. It felt like your body was on fire and Natasha was just throwing gasoline into the flame.
“I’m just kidding, sweetie. Ease up.” The older woman squeezed your shoulders playfully. You were surprised you hadn’t passed out yet.
“Please don’t sit next to me. Please don’t sit next to me. Please don’t-” Natasha sat in the chair beside you, while Aria sat in front of you. Just your luck. 
Your friend’s mouth was open but you couldn’t hear whatever was coming out of it, so you just put on a smile and nodded along because she looked excited. You dropped your fork on your plate when Natasha’s free hand dropped to your knee. Muttering out an apology, you continued eating.
“You’ll let me know if I cross a line, right?” Natasha asked quietly, leaning towards you.
“Eh, sure?” you replied, oblivious to her suggestive tone. Her hand trailed up your leg and squeezed your inner thigh.
“Are you okay, y/n/n?” Aria questioned. “You seem jumpy.”
“I’m peachy. The broccoli is really good.”
“That’s asparagus,” Aria said, furrowing her eyebrows and pointing to the vegetable on the end of your fork.
“Both are green.” you shrugged. Like Natasha’s beautiful eyes. Shaking your head, you tried to focus on your friend.
Natasha's hand slipped underneath your dress and ghosted over your panties. You shivered as her pinky brushed over your core. “Do you want me to stop?”
“No,” you whispered causing Natasha to smirk. Aria excused herself to go to the bathroom, leaving you alone with her mother.
“Be a good girl and sit still. Don’t get loud either.” You're hips bucked slightly as her palm pressed down gently. “What did I say, baby? You’re not listening that well.”
“Sorry. I didn’t mean to. It’s hard.” Natasha pulled your panties aside and swiped her fingers through your folds. 
“It’s okay, I understand that you haven’t been touched this good before.” You held onto the edge of the table when Natasha’s digits found your clit. “Does that feel, sweetie?” You hummed in response and Natasha pulled her fingers away. “Use your big girl words.”
“Yes, Mommy.” You hadn’t noticed what you’d said until you saw Natasha’s face. Your eyes widened and you went to apologize, but were cut off by a low moan when Natasha’s fingers slid inside your cunt.
“You like it when Mommy plays with your cute little pussy, baby?” You clenched around her digits. “I’m going to have so much fun stretching you out with my strap.”
You were biting down on your lower lip hard enough to draw blood. A part of you wondered what was taking Aria so long, but you hoped that she wouldn’t be back for a while. “I’m so close.” you whimpered, pressing your legs together to keep Natasha’s hand in place. “Please-”
“I’ve barely done anything and you want to cum?” Natasha teased. “Well, I’m not ready to let you.” You whimpered as her hand disappeared, leaving you unsatisfied. 
Aria came back into the room, distracted by her phone. “There’s still a long time before either of us are ready to go to bed, so we should watch a movie.”
“You two go ahead and pick out something to watch. I’ll clean up.”
“Are you sure you don’t want any help?” you offered.
“I’m sure.” Natasha smiled, stacking the dishes on top of each other. “Don’t worry, I won’t be long.”
“You heard the woman.” Aria practically dragged you out of the dining room. “I’m starting to think you like my mom more than me.”
“Of course not. I was just trying to be polite,” you explained. “And you’re my best friend. There’s no one in this world I adore more than you. Except for maybe-”
“Don’t even think of finishing that sentence.” Aria teased, slapping your stomach. “I was just joking.” A poor sense of humor that made you want to crawl into a hole seemed to run in her family.
You ended up sandwiched on the sofa between your friend and her mother. Aria’s full attention was on the movie, while yours was on Natasha. It was hard to keep your eyes off of the redhead and you hoped she couldn’t notice.
“Do I have something on my face, honey? Or are you just admiring the view?”
“I-uh. I-”
“Do you know more words than that, sweetie? I’m starting to think you’re not retaining whatever they’re teaching you at college. Are you spending more time having sex with your peers than studying?”
“Aria’s pretty loud when she talks to you on the phone. She also leaves it on speaker so I hear everything. Is it true that you haven’t had a proper orgasm in months?”
Looking over towards Aria, you noticed she still had her eyes on the screen. You appreciated that she couldn’t hear you, but you didn’t understand how she could be less than an arm's length away and be unaware of what was going on between you and her mother.
“I haven’t got all day, baby.” She cooed, slipping her hand underneath the blanket to trace patterns on your thigh. “Pull your dress up.”
“She’s going to notice,” you whispered. Natasha rolled her eyes and dug her nails into your thigh.
“Are you sure you’re okay?” Aria asked, grabbing your chin to scan over your features. “You look pale and you don’t sound like you’re doing okay.”
“Yeah, just cramps.” you breathed as Natasha’s grip on your leg loosened.
“How about you get her some Advil, honey? I think it’ll help.” 
“It’s fine.”
“No, mom’s right.” You cringed when she didn’t refer to Natasha as her mom. Well, you called her “Mommy” too but for a very different reason. “I’ll be right back.” 
“What are you doing?” you asked as Natasha kneeled between your legs. “Aria will be back any minute now!”
“Do you want me to stop?” you shook your head and she took your panties off. “Then spread your legs like a good girl. Let’s make this quick.”
Her head ducked underneath the blanket and you waited in anticipation for her to do something. Anything. You could feel her hot breath against your center, but nothing more. 
“You were raised to have good manners, sweet girl. If you want something from me you know you're going to have to ask nicely.” 
“Please-um. Please put your mouth on my pussy, Mommy.” You tried to pull the blanket up higher so you didn’t have to look Natasha in the eye after that, but she pulled it back down and let it fall to the floor. 
“None of that, princess. I want you to see me.” She nipped at your thighs, leaving behind faint marks. 
Finally, she gave you what you wanted, lapping at your clit with her tongue. She circled the sensitive bundle of nerves with a pointed tongue. 
“You taste almost as sweet as you look, honey.”
“Thank you, Mommy.” Natasha buried her face between your thighs, licking at your entrance. She hummed and dipped her tongue inside of your core.
One of her hands made its way inside of her jeans while the other stroked your clit. “Fuck.” she mumbled, thrusting two fingers inside her wet cunt. Looking at how your face contorted in pleasure from the way she was touching you was enough to rile her up.
Your hands clawed at the couch as her tongue curled inside of you. “Please let me cum this time, Mommy. I need it.”
“Go ahead, love. Cum whenever you’d like.” She attached her mouth to your pussy again, flicking her tongue inside of you. Your thighs tightened around her head as you rode out your high against her face. Natasha pulled away and cleaned your arousal off of her face.
“My panties.” 
“I think you’ll be just fine without them, honey. You’re already so hot.” You pouted, causing her to roll her eyes. “Fine.” You silently thanked her and slipped them back on.
“I’m getting tired.” Aria yawned, reappearing with some medication and water for you. “I think it’s time we retreat up to my room.”
“Yeah, I think that’s a good idea.”
Unlike your friend who was sound asleep in the bed you were sharing with her, you were wide awake. It was hard to fall asleep when a certain green-eyed woman was plaguing thoughts. You ended up going downstairs to get a glass of water. As if that would help in any way. But you needed to get out of her room.
“Can’t sleep?” You almost tripped and fell in surprise, but Natasha caught you in time. “Careful, baby. Mommy’s not always going to be looking out for you.”
“You what? Can't think straight around me?” Of course, you couldn’t, she looked like that and you were a gay mess. “Why did you leave that night?”
“The night of the party, why did you leave?”
“I was tired.”
“Bullshit.” Natasha hissed, boxing you in against the counter. “You got scared, so you left. But what exactly were you afraid of? That we’d get caught?”
“I didn’t want to lose my friend.” 
“So you put your own feelings aside to protect her?” Before you could reply, Natasha was already speaking. “Knees.” You dropped to the ground embarrassingly fast. Natasha pulled her pants down, allowing you to see the strap she had on underneath. “Get it ready for your pussy, precious.”
She held the base of the dildo and guided it into your mouth. Natasha let you take it from there, not wanting
to push you too much yet. You slowly bobbed your head up and down the toy.
“You look so cute with your mouth wrapped around my cock.” Natasha cooed, rubbing circles on your cheeks with her thumbs. “I’m going to make you feel so good, honey.”
Her hands grabbed the back of your head and held you in place. You gagged around the toy as it hit the back of your throat.
Natasha pulled your mouth off of her strap and grabbed your hands, helping you back to your feet. “You did such a good job for me, baby.” Her hand lingered on the side of your face, caressing your cheek.
She snapped out of her trance and grabbed your shorts, pulling them down your legs along with your panties. You sat up on the counter, letting the older woman stand between your legs.
“This comes off too,” Natasha smirked, fiddling with the hem of your shirt. You took the bottom and pulled it off over your head. Your nipples hardened as they came into contact with the cold air. The redhead gave you a good look over before slipping her hand between your bodies. “Tell me if you want me to stop at any point, okay?”
“I will, Mommy.” Natasha lined the fake cock up at your entrance and pushed it inside. Your hand dug into the material of her sleeves as you adjusted. “It’s fine, keep going.”
“You’re taking it so well, y/n. It’s almost in.” Your eyes squeezed shut as the toy bottomed out inside of you. “There you go. You’re okay.” Natasha drew her hips back, leaving only the tip of the strap inside of you. “Such a good girl.”
“Your good girl, Mommy.” you moaned, pushing your hips towards hers in search of the dildo. Natasha chuckled and snapped her hips forward, filling you once again.
Her thrusts were fast and rough because she was set on making you cum quickly, so Aria didn’t notice you were out of bed. Your eyes fell to Natasha’s lips. They were so close, reminding you of the last time you’d almost kissed.
Natasha noticed tears pooling in the corners of your eyes. “Focus on me, baby. I’m right here.” Her fingers rubbed at your swollen clit. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from yours and she found herself leaning in. 
Your hands grasped at the roots of Natasha's hair causing her to moan into your mouth. She swiped her tongue along your bottom lip but when you didn’t open up, she pinched your nipples making you gasp in surprise. Her tongue slipped inside your mouth and taught yours, but you found yourself giving into her easily.
Natasha grabbed your jaw and pushed your head against the cabinet behind you. “You’re gonna cum for me sweet girl?”
“Cum for me, precious.” With a few more thrusts, your cunt clenched around the toy and you fell apart in the green-eyes beauty’s arms.
Natasha pulled the toy out of you and helped you dress. She pulled you into her embrace and rubbed your back. 
“We’ll figure something out, baby.” Natasha pecked the top of your head. “Everything will be okay, all you have to do is trust me. You trust me, right?” You nodded, rubbing your eyes. “Good, you must be tired now so go to sleep.”
You sat in the same chair you were seated in last night, waiting for Natasha to be done with breakfast. “How’d you sleep last night?”
“Fine.” You had, right after you’d had your brains fucked out by her mother. Your eyes left Aria’s and focused on your lap. She frowned, but let it go.
“Here you go,” Natasha said, setting down a plate in front of you.
“Thank you, Mommy.” Your eyes grew wide. “I mean-”
“Chill!” Aria chuckled. “It happens.” If only she knew about what happened last night. She wouldn’t be laughing around then and would be too busy attempting to strangle you.
“I almost forgot.” The redhead turned to you. “Your parents called me earlier, they said they had to go out on a last-minute work trip. They were wondering if you wanted to stay over here.”
“I can’t possibly do that. I’m an adult, I can handle myself. I’ll just stay there on my own until they get back.” 
“Well, I already took the liberty of letting them know that you’d stay here while they were gone. I don’t want to leave you on your own for a week in that house even if I know you can handle yourself.”
“That’s great! We’re going to have so much fun.” By the look on Nat’s face, you knew that would be true.
yes, i made the choice to leave you guys with a somewhat open ending (;
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sillyqt · a year ago
Little One 2/3
Pairing: Mommy!Natasha Romanoff x Little!Reader
Summary: Playtime with Mommy at the park.
Warnings: Facing riding, fingering, 69, light mentions of rimming, sex in public, Mommy x Little, butt plugs, smut 18+
My Masterlist
Tumblr media
not my photo**
“Come on, little one.”
“Yes, Mommy.” Watching as she lays down on the beige blanket, her red hair is spread out on the blanket, you wanted nothing more then to kiss her nose, her cheeks, forehead, chin, lips, chest, nipples-
“Little one.” Her voice pulls you out of your thoughts, you stand on your knees, fingers pull the yellow dress up, exposing your thighs. Crawling until your front faces her feet and the rest of the empty park. You need to make sure no one can see you, especially in such a vulnerable state. You carry yourself as you’re just above her chest, nervous. “Little one, you have nothing to worry about. I’ll make you feel so good.”
Nodding as you slowly position yourself above her face, gasping when you feel her hands wrap around your thighs, keeping you in place. Her face disappears under your thighs, her warm breath tickles your wet core. Your hands cling to your dress to make sure she can breathe alright, but in reality it just gives you a better view of her cleavage and her chin. Your breathing shakes as you feel her lips brush against your inner thighs, her kisses are sweet and heartfelt.
“Are you ready, little one?” She asks, her hot breath sends waves of pleasure that hits your tummy.
“Please, Mommy. The tingles are getting worse.”
Whimpering when you feel her tongue lick a thick stripe from your entrance to your throbbing clit. Your hands unintentionally let go of your dress and grip her thighs, your body falls forward, your head almost resting on Natasha’s lap. The new angle gives Natasha more access, her tongue teases your dripping hole, you whine and moan into Natasha’s lap, wanting nothing more than to grind on her face until you come undone.
Your fingers grips the rough material of her jeans, pinching the denim. Your head spins when her tongue gently circles your swollen clit, her slow movements make everything so much better. Your hips twitch when you feel her kitten lick your clit.
“Mommy,” you cry out, tears threaten to fall, the insane pleasure of her tongue fucking you as her fingers dig into your thighs, her fingertips drag down your thighs, her fingernails far too short to leave any mark so she doesn’t even try.
Her tongue works harder, her neck strains, you still haven’t trusted to relax so she makes it her mission for you to do so. Her hands pull you close to her face, you gasp when you feel her tongue trace around the jewel butt plug that was snugged inside your tight ass. It was a last minute surprise Mommy had for you. The both of you were basically out the door when she told you to wear it, you stare at her with innocent eyes.
“I want you to put this on before we go,” she explained, silver plug with a pretty yellow jewel that matched perfectly with our dress.
You slowly nodded, impling that you understood.
“Do you want me to help you or do you have it under control?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.
“Yes, Mommy I can do it. ”
“Go. You have five mintues.”
You grabbed the plug from her hands and made your way to your shared bedroom. You quickly found the small bottle of lube and squeezed a good amount on your fingers. You tugged your cotton panties down, smearing the cool lube on your tight hole, slipping one finger inside, whining at the slight stretch. Working your one finger until you were able to fit two.
“Two minutes.”
Your fingers work faster, you winced when you pushed your third finger in. You gripped onto your favorite teddy, Mr. Bear. Deciding you were ready you grab the plug and slowly push it until it fit perfectly. You took a deep breath as you walked into the restroom to wash off the extra lube that coated your fingers.
You made your way to Natasha with shaky legs and a big smile on your face, you did what she asked with only a couple seconds remaining. Mr. Bear is pressed against your chest, as you nervously wait for her response.
“Let me see.” she demanded softly.
Turned around and for the second time that day you tug your panties down. Bent down in front of Natasha, you held Mr. Bear in one hand as the other reaches to pull your dress up.
Your pussy clenched when you felt Mommy’s fingers push the plug in deeper before playfully tugging the toy. You suck in a shaky breath when she does it again, but you don’t move or beg.
“Good girl. Let’s go.”
Your hips twitch away from her mouth when her tongue pushes on the plug. Too much pleasure, but at the same time you wanted more, you were greedy for more. Carefully, you grind yourself on her face. Using her fingers she tugs the plug, tugging until the widest part of the toy stretches your ass. Slowly pushing the plug in and out, moaning softly when she slides her tongue inside you. The feeling of her playing with the plug and her tongue inside almost made you come.
“That’s it, little one. Ride my face.”
“Mommy. Please.”
“What do you want?” she asks, her voice is muffled as she plants kisses on your thighs, still playing with the plug.
“I want more, Mommy.”
“Unzip me, put that mouth to good use.”
You practically melt when she says those six words, put that mouth to good use. Sucking her strap had been your favorite thing to do, if you were ever good she’d just let you suck her off, whenever and wherever.
Shaky hands find her zipper and pull her out of her jeans. Moaning when you see the toy, she’s never fucked you with this toy, ever. The toy was so thick you couldn’t even wrap your hand around it, let alone your mouth.
Determine to at least try, you wrap your hand around the toy, lightly stroking it. Pussy clenching when you see Natasha’s hips jerk, this toy was double ended, any type of movement hit her g-spot. This encouraged you into working harder. You tilt your head to the side and lick the side of the strap, wetting the toy as much as possible so your hands could glide easily.
Grabbing the base of the silicone cock, flattening your tongue against the tip, wrapping your lips around the tip. Your jaw strained, you couldn’t get past the tip. You jerk the toy in your right hand, making sure to move the toy enough to give Natasha pleasure.
“Just like that, little one. Good job.”
You wanted to reply with a small ‘Thank you, Mommy’ but you’re cut off with a high pitched moan. You grind your hips on her Natasha, no doubt wetting her chin with your juices. Your thighs shake when you feel her suck your throbbing clit in her mouth.
“Mommy, pl-please,” your hands move faster, you arch your back as you grind harder on her face. Your release gets closer with each lick.
Drooling on to her thigh, you’re deep in an exotic haze. You continue to stroke the toy as Natasha’s hips thrust into your hand. The cock between her thighs stands tall, your spit glistens on the toy.
“Mommy. I’m gonna come.”
Natasha shakes her head as if she’s saying ‘no’ but the new movement makes you wail. Almost pulling away from her mouth when she continues, but her hands hold you in place. Groaning into your sex adds to your pleasure. The light vibrations go straight to your clit.
You let out a silent moan when she does it again. You can’t help but think of the image the both of you are, Natasha’s red hair peeks from under your dress. Her head is buried between your shaking thighs. Completely fucked out, you try your very best to hold off your orgasm as you continue to jerk the toy with both of your hands. The both of you fully dressed but naked to any inviting eyes.
Whining loudly when you feel her squeeze your thighs harshly three times. She was giving you permission to come. You continue to ride her face, practically rutting against her face wanting, needing to come. Panting against her thighs when she uses her skilled tongue to push you off the edge.
Squeezing your eyes shut when you let yourself go. Your whole body goes tense as she sucks your sensitive clit into her mouth. Trimmed fingernails dig into her jeans, letting go of the toy. Biting your bottom lip to try and silent your moans, key word try.
Your body feels like it’s on cloud nine, the heartbeat between your legs is erratic. Flinching away from her mouth as she playfully bites the inside of your thighs. Giggling softly when she places a small kiss on the ache. Moving off her face and collapsing next to her.
“Was it better than your dreams, Little one?”
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mydaydreams · 2 years ago
Jeopardizing the Mission- Natasha Romanoff
Tumblr media
Requested: @widowbitessting and anonymous
Warnings: Smut, Lesbian Sex, Fem/Fem, and a lil fluff. Choking kink, rough sex
Sum: Risking your life for Natasha didn’t just get you in trouble with the Captain. It got you in trouble with your girlfriend too. 
"Y/n what you did was reckless and stupid..." Steve said in his Captain voice. We were all buckled in on the quinjet, we had just gotten back from a mission. We were all exhausted and sore, covered in blood dirt and alien guts.
We were saving a planet from a invasion, their planets forcefeild damaged in combat and we were sent to fix it.
It was just another alien invasion. All i had done was jump in front of the bullet.
Natasha was fixing a piece of broken tech on the ground that needed to be injected back into the planets main forcefield projector. This was our mission.
Someone had snuck through the ranks and ran towards Natasha. I..i couldn't help myself. I broke position just as they pulled at their weapon.
My body shot forward so fast i didn't even know i was moving. I could hear my team on coms screaming in my ear not to comprise my mission but i could smell it...the danger she was in. I could feel it in my bones.
And i was right. The man threw his spear at her first. I jumped forward knocking it out if the way before it could hit her. Then the mans hand came up and he went to punch me while grabbing at his gun with the other.
2 shots fired one grazing my left arm and the other passing me. He was aiming through me. Aimed at his target, the forcefield, Natasha.
He shot at me again but my leg came up and slammed into his wrist. I twisted my body so my foot would continue to extend outward to slam into his face. I grabbed his own gun and shot him in the head with it.
" i was doing my job." I defended he shook his head.
"No, you made things personal. Your job was to stay in position."he said locking his jaw. He was clearly very angry with me.
"You put yourself right in that line of fire. That spear was headed straight towards you." He said his voice getting louder.
I sighed wishing he had waited till we had gotten back to the compound to talk instead of having it out with me on the jet in front of the whole team.
"That spear was headed towards the forcefield generator ." I corrected. He sucked in a hot breath not wanting to say what everyone already knew. I wasn't protecting the forcefield or planet or even its people...i was protecting Natasha.
"You know What your mistake was..." Cap said trying to wrap it up. These convos are always the ones that piss me off the most.
" leaving my post." I answered for him. He sighed and moved his hand up to run his fingers through his grime covered hair.
"No, making things personal..." He said i rolled my eyes. By trying to save my girlfriends life!!!
" if i hadn't had dodged that spear it would have gone right through Nat's spine AND would have cut clean through the generator itself. Natasha dosent have a shield on her back or a body of fucking armor." I snapped as the plane had finally landed.
"Neither do you!" He snapped back. I avoided eye contact.
" the point is...." He started but I cut him off.
"The point is that I moved out of position. I apologize Captain it won't happen again." I said. Finally looking over to where Nat was seated next to Bucky on the other side if me. I sighed, she was just as mad as he was...great.
"We will talk more about this later." He said in his Captain voice. I rolled my eyes.
Once in our room, Natasha and I threw our weapons down and ripped our uniforms off. She hadn't spoken yet.
We'd done this before so it was like routine now. Getting home from a mission stripping, showering, food, drinks, bed.
My eyes snaked up her body. I looked at the lines that were created on her from where her top stopped and her skin begin then the spots of dirt blood and guts.  How could she possibly make being covered in blood look hot.
"Think you may be turning me on a blood kink." I admitted trying to break the ice. She rolled her eyes at me.
"You have no self preservation do you?" She finally said her voice thick with rage.
Jesus she's really really mad. I sighed heavily.
"Can't we just shower, have sex and eat and be done with this?" I begged trying to walk to the bathroom she grabbed my arm.
"Y/n listen to me, you can't just...y/n you a just a recruit. A newbie you shouldn't be..." She started her voice thin. I cut her off.
"I have been on this team for 8 months now. I am an avenger!" I said my foot slamming on the ground. I was so sick of this argument. There was no issue of be putting myself in danger before we started dating. She was even "impressed" by me. I guess not any more even tho I had just saved her fucking life.
"I was fine where i was." She said referring back to me saving her.
"Fine?" I asked yelling my voice high pitched.
"There was a spear flying Right Towards you."
She just rolled her eyes and shook her head taking a step back.
"I was fine i was just about to turn around. I would have seen it coming." She defended. My mouth just dropped open. What even was she thinking?
"You would have been Dead. The only reason you saw it coming was because i broke position to save you and you finally looked back." I yelled at her my hands balling up at my sides.
I have no self preservation?
"What the fuck even is the problem Nat. You mad i saved your fucking life? What do you want to die?" I shot at her. Her eyes closed and she breathed out slowly.
I held my breath. I shouldn't have yelled. Shouldn't have screamed at her.
"I just. Over coms all i could hear was Sam screaming 'y/n No.' And I turn around and your only a few feet from me running to meat the same speed as the spear behind you....behind you y/n. I looked up and it was you who was in danger." She said her voice normal at the beginning but falling into a saw whisper. She looked down at her now bare feet.
I had never seen her like this before. She wasn't acting like...weak it was more like. Vulnerabilit? Vulnerable for
She turned away from me and ran her hands through her dirty hair. Flakes of...of something falling on the ground at her feet.
"This life...being a hero. When you find something like what we have. You dont let go. But you were just all to happy to leave this earth just to save me. Me?" She held her head in her hands for a second.
"I have never been more mad at you."
I sighed and moved towards her wrapping my arms around her middle.
"I'm sorry. I had everything under control. I-I just couldn't stand the thought of living without you." Her grip on me tightened as i spoke.
"Me either." She said softly pulling me into the bathroom with her.
We took out time in the shower together. Washing each others hair watching as the water ran red with blood. I rubbed the loofah along her back side and up her shoulders rubbing out the brown muddy lines created by her uniform.
"Baby..." She said breathlessly. I hummed in response.
"I am still very much angry with you." She said turning me around and soaping up my back and sides. I closed my eyes as her hands rubbed and massaged downward.
"It dosent feel like it." I whispered as her hands moved around my front,her breasts pressing into my back. He lips kissed up my shoulder blade and the back of my neck up to my ear. I let my head all back on her.
"Well i am." She said through her teeth her grip on me tightening.
"Nat?" I asked she just growled at me making my lips snap shut.
She pushed my body forward pressing my front harshly up against the wet shower wall.
I gasped my face turning to look at her, my cheek against the wall.
She kicked my feet apart and held both of my wrists at my sides with one of her hands while the other ran up my thigh, over my ass then resting on my hip.
"Y/n, my sweet girl. Risking your life to save me. You must love me huh?" She asked turning my body around swiftly so i was suddenly facing her. She wanted to read my face as I answered. She still didnt want to believe me.
I smiled shyly at her and nodded.
"Yes, i do love you Natasha." I said she sighed as i spoke, her hand moving up my back to my neck and into my hair.
"I don't believe you." She admitted but it sounded more like a tease.
"Make me believe." She whispered. I blinked up at her as she took a tight grip of my hair. She pulled my head back causing my knees to bend. She was pushing me to my knees in front of her.
"Mmm gladly." I hummed closing my eyes and let my face fall between her legs. I take a good hold of both of her thighs as I let my tongue glide up her folds. Her smooth skin moved against my lips while her juices sank into my taste buds.
"Hhhmmmm." I hummed sending vibrations through her, making her twitch into me.
She tasted like.. strawberries and lemons. God so good. I want to touch her but when my hands moved up her lets she swatted them away.
"Just your mouth..." She said gasping, her head falling back against the tile. I smirked into her skin making her squeak again.  My arms wrapped around both of her thighs tightly as they started to tremble.
I sucked her clit into my mouth and her hands held a death grip of my scalp forcing my face to move with her hands while she humped into me. I couldn't help but moan as i drank her in.
Her mouth fell open and a broken, high pitched scream left her lips as he com dripped onto my tongue and slid down my throat.
She took a few breaths and yanked my head back letting my hair go causing me to fall back on the shower floor under the water fall.
I looked up at her shocked. She had never man handled me in suck a way. And in the wet shower It was almost dangerous.
"Na..." I started she shushed me.
"Stop, im still mad as you. No talking." She sunk down onto the floor with me crawling over my body.
She moved under the water and over my stomach. Droplets falling into her hair and sinking down her forehead. A perfect sheet of water covering her face moving over her lips.
God if she isnt the sexiest women alive.
Her hands moved up my waist then down my arms. She moved my hands slowly, lifting them over my head.
"I'm very mad at you." She whispered her lips only an inch from the bare skin in the middle of my breast. She looked up at me through her eye lashes while her tongue licked over her bottom lip, only to suck it into her mouth in between her teeth. I couldn't help but repeat that same action.
One of her hands held mine up while the other trailed down my body. The water falling on our bodies was only making this so much hotter.
She pressed her lips to mine once before slowly moving them down my neck. She took my flesh into her mouth and sucked hard on me as her fingers moved down to my middle.
I whispered as the tip of her pointer finger probed me. She smiled at me and leaned down, i could feel her breath on my skin.
"Shh sh sh." She coo'd at me while moving her finger in a small Circle around my clit, collecting my silk and rubbing it in.
I bit my lip to stop a moan. Everything wad just so hot in here. Like literally steaming in the air. The hot water-falling onto us while the knot in my stomach burned.
"Open your eyes!" She commanded sharply. My eyes snapped open to look back at her. I didn't even know i had closed them.
" You keep your eyes of me." She said finally slipping 2 of her fingers into me.
I moaned loudly as my walls clenching around them. She them quickly pulled them from me, her eyes going wild. that same hand that was covered in my slick was suddenly around my throat.
My eyes widened sharply, my hands trying to break free from where she held them above me. She only forced her weight down harder on me preventing me from moving.
She smiled down at me slowly moving her face into my neck and next to my ear. I shivered under while she whispered to me.
"Dont make me gag you."
I bit my tongue stopping a moan as her hand tightened around my throat.
"I'm going to let your hands go." She said. Leaning back up and looking down at me.
"Do Not Move Them!" She told me. I nodded quickly. She let me go and ran that hand down to my breasts. She held the my left breast in her wet hand. Squeezing around it. Moving down to pitch my nipple. I flinched and bucked my hips but latched my hands together over my head.
"Do you know how helpless I felt watching that glorified stick almost impale you?" She asked leaving my breast and moving back down to my clit.
My mouth hung open as she again began massaging my middle flesh.
I just watched her eyes as my legs shook.
I knew she didn't want me saying anything. She wanted to see if i would talk. She was baiting me. She wants me to disobey. She wants to punish me.
"I'm gonna tie you up later." She said her fingers sinking into me again. I shivered again and bit my lip trying not to whimper while her fingers curled inside of me. I humped harshly against her hand as she moved them faster.
I threw my head back only to smack it against the tile. I gasped slightly making her hand tighten around my throat again.
Her palm rubbed against my clit as her fingers curled and knocked into my g-spot over and over. The knot in my stomach burned as my hips bucked up into her hand.
I wanted to tell her was about to cum but I wasn't aloud to talk. As if i could even speak with her fingers pushing down into my air way.
My eyes rolled back and I let my hand moved down to press against her hand around my throat tightening her hold around me cutting off my air completely as my cum squirted out over her, covering her abdomen, stomach and breasts only for a second before being washed back down on top of my and down the brain under us both.
My walls tightened around her fingers as she continued to finger fuck me. My legs shook as she withdrawaled her hand from my throat breaking my hold as well only to sink down my body quickly.
I gasped again as her mouth closed around my clit. She let both of her hands spread my legs open as wide as they could while she slurped my juice into her mouth.
I couldn't help the mouth that slipped from me as I came again just watching her.
"Natasha." I whimpered as she looked up at me through her eye lashes. I moaned again as I felt her lips smile against my skin. My body went slack against the wet floor while i caught my breath.
She crawled back up my body kissing me on her way.
She pecked my lips and stared down at me and smiled.
"Now darling... What did i say i would do if you spoke."
My hand went up to cover my old mouth. Have out of shock half cursing my self for saying her name.
She yanked me to my shaking feet and pulled my body against hers as she all but carried me into the bedroom and flopped me down on the bed. The water that riddled our bodies now sinking into the sheets. I giggled at her.
"Smooth." I said and regretted it immediately. Her hands slapped loudly against my thighs as she spread them open once again.
"For don't get to cum." She said. I wanted to curse but I decided against it.
She got up and left me on the bed and went back to the bathroom. After a second I heard the water cut off. And a few seconds after that the closet door opening and closing.
" dammit she really is getting that damned ball gag." I said laying back into the pillow.
"WHAT WAS THAT??" Nat yelled through the walls. I shot back up into a sitting position and slapped my self.
"NOTHING I WASN'T TALKING." i yelled back stupidly. Hitting myself in the forehead a second time. She sauntered back into the room empty handed. A blush on her cheeks.
" am i supposed to be this hot dominant when your out here just being...." Her voice dropped into a sigh.
"Just adorable..." She said the mood in the room completely shifting. I bit my lip, a matching blush appearing on my cheeks.
"I know I'm sorry I'm still very new to this." I said bring my legs up to my chest. She smiled sweetly at me and slid higher onto the bed to sit next to me.
"I completely ruined the mood by laughing. I didn't mean to embarrass you." I said extending my neck to lean over and kiss her. Her eyes widened suddenly and she jerked away from me.
I frowned " was I that bad?" I asked she shook her head.
"No your perfect always. It's just your neck I shouldn't have..." I rolled my eyes and smiled at her.
"I told you i like air play you didn't hurt me. didn't hurt me more than i wanted you too. Stop worrying!" I said moving her hair out of her eyes.
" you like your marks on me and wanna dominate me but when you do you feel guilty?" She smiled back and shook her head laying us down and laying her arm on top of my chest.
"I know. It's just you are the...i don't know you are different. I know you are capable and you can take care of yourself I just can't help wanting to do that my self. Take care of you. Make sure you are safe. Your precious cargo something... fragile, precious, breakable. It's like you could disappear in my hands. I don't know.. And today with the..." She stopped and looked away from me. I moved my hand up to hold her cheek, making her look back at me.
" Natasha. I was saving your life. You are precious to me. I wouldn't just stand there and hope that you would turn and see it. I didn't know if you would know it was coming. I had to break point. I had to beat it to you Natasha. Even if it meant impaling me." I said. Her eyes closed and her head dropped down on my chest.
"I know thats what bothers me." She said into my skin. I stiffened. I was sick of having this same conversation over and over.
"You know what Natasha..." I started a little to aggressively.
" how about we Both just agree we love each other so much we'd stake out lives on it and just always watch each others 6 alright?" I finished annoyingly. Her body froze against mine.
"You love me?" She asked I sucked in a breath and closed my eyes.
"Just as much as you love me...right?" I asked in a small voice.
"I'll stake my life on it and always cover your 6." She said breathlessly her eyes watering.
I had never once in my life seen her cry...and she still didn't here. But i could tell she meant what she said.
She loves me just as much as i her. I smiled leaning down to kiss her swollen plump lips. She hummed into my lips and nibbled at my bottom lip.
Her damp hair fell onto my face as she slid up my body to straddle my waist. She continued Her assault on my lips, opening my mouth and sucking on my tongue.
I took the chance and tucked one of her legs in between mine. She laughed into my mouth as I pulled her body into mine connecting out middles.
She's wet, so wet I'm completely soaked the second our clits touched.
" Nat you're soo wet." I moaned sliding my hips into hers scissoring Her. She whispered into my ear over me while she humped into me.
"God y/ make me so hot."
She leaned down against my body her breast pressing into my skin. I moaned and let my hand me move to grab them. I leaned down into them sucking a nipple into my mouth and pinching the other with my fingers.
There was a noise we both ignored while we grinded against each other.
"Mmm. Nat harder." I moan flipping my hair back only to have it slap me back in the face as she bucked against me harder ripping another moan from my throat.
"Whoaa!  Sorry sorry!!" We heard a voice say coming from the door way. I let out a small scream as we saw the back of Steve's head move back out of the room.
"What the fuck Steve?" Natasha asked harshly. I tried to move my body away from hers in a better or more.  At least modest position but she held my hands down like he did in the bathroom earlier.
"Ya what the fuck Steve?" We heard a chuckling tony stark say from the door way. Tony poked his head in and looked at us.
"Wow damn cap. How do you walk away from this?" He asked as Natasha threw a pillow at him. Steve yanked the back of Tony's shirt collar and pulled him from the room.
"Get the fuck out! We're busy!" Nat said i smirked up at her and bucked into her.
She moaned sharply as her throbbing clit thumped into mine. I leaned back into her pulling her tits back into my face.her nipples were getting harder in between my teeth while my body moved against hers again.
I bucked into her sharply rubbing against her wetness and mixing it with mine. Every time i made her twitch she would bite at my flesh. She marked me up hickying my collar bones, around my breasts and in between them.
"God i...your body is like...." She started but couldn't finish. I had moved both of my hands around to grab her ass and grind into her more. Her eyes closed as i moaned loudly.
" fingers! Fingers!" She begged and I obeyed, quickly moving a hand down and impaling her with two fingers. She gasped as her legs started to shake. I moaned and humped into her harder while fingering her from her other side.
Her head flew back as she came. Her liquid splashing down against me as i came shortly after her. Flipping us over to ride out my own high fucking against her body.
She hummed under me as I flopped down on top of her. She moved her hands up to hold my face up and kissed me. I smirked as a thought popped into my head.
"You are all talk. 'Im not gonna let you cum' 'dont make me gag you'." I teased she gave me a look.
"You think i won't?" She asked baiting me. I smiled at Her.
"Oh i know you would. Just not tonight." I said almost in a question. She smiled.
"I could hardly tie you up and torture fuck you after you've told me you love me." She said making me laugh.
"Fair point."
"I adore you." She said kissing me again. I let out a strange squeal. A certain type of happy sound as i rolled off her. She moved back up and scooted closer to me. I pulled her into my arms and kissed her lips once again.
"I adore you!"
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nermalina · 14 days ago
pairing(s): milf!wandanat x collegestudent!reader
a/n: writing this reminded me of how it’s been so long since i’ve consumed porn that isn’t written. so like if the comment system doesn’t properly reflect OF’s, pls pretend like they do ;_;
summary (based off this ask): your girlfriends finally find out what you do for a living.
warnings (18+ only): smut, unspecified yet legal age gap, sex work, filming sex, ski masks, mommy kink, daddy kink, praise kink, verbal humiliation, masturbation, vaginal fingering, ball gag, vibrators, forced orgasm, overstimulation (?), cum filled strap-ons, spitroasting, double penetration, cringey usernames (yes, i’m apologizing in advance)
words: 2.2k | marvel masterlist. | navigation post.
you do not have permission to translate/repost my works anywhere! likes, comments, and reblogs are always welcome & appreciated <3
The front door swung open, loudly slamming against the wall. “Sorry,” you mumbled, bowing your head in embarrassment before entering the house. You felt the roaming eyes of your girlfriends burning into your body. They were probably looking at you in that way because they had made it clear that they weren’t fond of you slamming doors.
“How was class?” Wanda asked. Beside her, Natasha was observing your every move while you navigated throughout the room, returning your belongings to their original locations. 
“It was fine.” you sighed. “Good as it could be for an exam day. How was work? Did anything interesting happen today?”
“We actually got off early today, which is why we’re back before you are,” Natasha said, opening her laptop. “We would’ve loved to wait for you to get home, but we couldn’t help ourselves.”
“Ah.” you nodded. “You know I don’t mind you guys have sex without me. We do that all the time when one of you is out. Although it would’ve been nice to watch.” you giggled, sliding into Wanda's lap.
“You may have not been here to watch us, but we were definitely able to watch you.” Wanda purred, pressing kisses along your jaw. Natasha watched in amusement as you furrowed your eyebrows in confusion.
“What do you mean?” Your eyes widened as familiar moans filled your ears. Natasha turned her laptop, so you could see her screen. They had managed to find your Only Fans account. You had planned to tell them on your own terms eventually, but they had beat you to it. “I- I could explain-”
“There’s nothing you have to explain, princess.” Natasha grabbed your jaw, turning you to face her. “It’s okay, alright? But I think we need to show everyone that you’re taken.”
Right as you opened your mouth, Wanda began to speak. “Go into the bedroom and log into your account, you’re doing a live show right now and we’re going to help you.”
You had your camera and laptop set up by the bed, leaving you to wait for your girlfriends to join you so you could go live. They entered shortly after with ski masks covering their faces. “Where did you even get those from?” 
“Does it really matter?”
“No offense, but isn’t this kinda ridiculous? I could just angle the camera so our faces aren’t in the frame.” you reasoned, watching Natasha gather a few of her favorite toys to use on you.
“But we want to show you off, sweetheart,” Wanda explained. “Don’t question us, especially when you think it’s kinda hot.”
“I never said that.”
“Your pussy says otherwise, honey.” Natasha purred, slapping your legs apart. “We wanna watch you first. I think we should see what your little fans love about you in person.”
Reaching for your laptop, you started the live and waited for a few hundred people to hop on. “You’ve got a full house today, hm?” Wanda whispered. She stood behind the camera with Natasha, both watching intently as you inched your hand down your body. 
pu$syluver: omgomgomg did anyone else hear that?!
hoezonmystrap: ooh she’s not alone this time
“Touch yourself for us, bunny,” Natasha instructed, pulling Wanda closer to her. “What are you waiting for, precious? There’s an audience waiting for you to put on a show.”
“I want you to do it, Mommy.”
“We‘ll get to that, darling. Don’t you want to make Mommy happy by doing what she asks?” Natasha pouted.
“I do-”
“Then go ahead and make her proud, sweets.” Wanda purred, placing kisses along Natasha’s neck. You whined, plunging two fingers inside of your entrance. “What’s wrong, dove? Can’t handle not being allowed to touch Mommy and Daddy?”
“No.” you whimpered, slowly pumping your digits into your cunt. They were seriously going to leave you to fend for yourself while they put their hands all over each other.
“That’s too bad.” Natasha teased. “It's only fair for us to give you a show if you’re giving us one- even if it's in front of so many other people.”
BenDover69: I wanna see what the other two are doing too ;)
“Sorry, only our cute little bunny gets that right.” Wanda chuckled, curling her lips around one of Natasha’s nipples. The redhead met your eyes as Wanda’s fingers entered her. 
You ground back against your hand while you watched the Sokovian work her fingers in and out of your girlfriend’s core.  “Does our sweet girl want to cum?”
“Yes, Daddy.” you moaned, stroking your clit with your other hand. “I wanna cum for you and Mommy. Please let me cum.”
“Go ahead and cum for us.” Natasha pushed her hips towards Wanda's hand as she came undone around her digits. You let out a sound of disapproval, grinding against your fingers. It wasn’t enough, you needed their assistance.
“What’s that? You can’t make yourself cum when we’re around?” Natasha cooed. “You’re too greedy for us, always needing us to step in and take care of
your slutty pussy.”
“Do you need a little help from us, baby?” Wanda withdrew her fingers from Natasha’s cunt and moved to where you laid on the bed. She kneeled beside you, shoving her digits into your mouth. 
The Russian wrapped her hand around your wrist, pulling it away from your heat. She replaced your fingers with her own, roughly pumping them. Her free hand pinned your hips to the mattress underneath you.
You sucked Natasha’s arousal off of Wanda’s fingers, swiping your tongue between her digits. “You like it when we fuck you in front of so many people, don’t you?” 
Your tongue licked at the pads of her fingers as she pulled them out of your mouth for you to answer. “Yes, Daddy. I want everyone to know that I’m your and Mommy’s slut.”
“Yeah, you’re our cute little slut.” Natasha pressed a soft kiss to your clit before curling her lips around the swollen nub. She sucked it into her mouth harshly, adding a third finger inside your cunt. 
“Cum all over Mommy’s face, honey.” Wanda encouraged, kneading your breasts. She leaned down and latched onto one of your nipples. You arched towards her mouth as she flicked her tongue over the hardened peak.
Your cunt clenched around the Russian’s digits before you released onto her hand. Natasha removed her fingers from your core and reached for the vibrating wand she had brought out while Wanda helped you sit up. She leaned your back against her torso for support. Natasha switched the wand on and placed it on your thigh. 
“What’s the matter, bunny?” Natasha asked, running it up and down the inside of your leg. “Did you want Mommy to stop?”
“It’s not that.” you huffed impatiently, reaching for the toy. Natasha’s hand smacked yours away. 
“Do you really want to be a brat right now?” Natasha snapped. “Did you want us to show your viewers how easily we put you back in your place?”
“No, Mommy.” you sighed defeatedly.
“Then you tell Mommy and Daddy what you want from them like a good girl.”
“No, you ask us politely.” Wanda corrected.
supersoaker3000: oh god pls just ask them already
“They’re waiting on you, honey.” Natasha teased, moving the vibrator closer to your heat. “You don’t want to disappoint them, do you?”
You set your pride aside and decided that you could give them a difficult time at a later date- well, once the cameras were off. “Please move it higher, Mommy.”
“Why didn’t you just ask earlier, baby?” Natasha mocked, trailing the toy up your leg and onto your lower stomach. “Is that high enough for you, doll?”
“A little lower,” you whispered. Your hands dug into the sheets in anticipation. You hoped that the Russian would cave and give you what you wanted.
“Here?” Natasha husked, pressing the vibe against your mound. “Is this better?” Your head fell back against Wanda’s shoulder as the toy buzzed against your cunt.
“I think it is, Nat.” Wanda chuckled, reaching around you to pinch your nipples. “Look at our slut, she’s practically humping your hand.”
You clamped your thighs shut when Natasha turned the vibrator up by one setting. “Wanda, keep her legs open.” The brunette obliged, keeping them from pressing together. 
“Aw, what’s wrong? You can’t handle it, dove?” Wanda pouted mockingly, tugging on your pebbled peaks. “Does that hurt, darling? Is this too much for you?”
“She’s being too loud. Your fans can hear you loud and clear already, honey. There’s no reason to make so much noise.”
“What else did you expect from our slutty little bunny?” Wanda held a ball gag in front of your face. “Open up, princess.” 
You parted your lips, allowing your girlfriend to slide the gag into your mouth. Wanda adjusted the strap and secured it around your head. 
“There we go, that should do it.” Wanda grinned.
HornyBottom420: God, I wished I had someone to fuck me like that. 
“You see that, baby?” Natasha asked. “You should be more grateful for what you have because so many other people want the same thing. Surely they would be more grateful, happily taking whatever we have to offer.”
The buzzing on your clit grew stronger as Natasha turned the toy up to its highest setting. “So do you want us to stop, or should we let you cum?”
You tried to speak, but all that came out of your mouth was incoherent babbling. The ball gag certainly didn’t help you either. “I guess she doesn’t wanna cum then, Wan. Otherwise the whore would’ve told us what she wanted.”
“Maybe they can decide for her,” Wanda suggested, referring to the people watching your stream. “That’s fair, right?”
“I suppose.” Natasha shrugged, pressing the vibrator further into you. Most users said they wanted to see you cum, so the pair figured that they’d give them what they wanted. Fortunately, that also happened to be what you wanted from your girlfriends. “I guess it’s your lucky day then, bunny.”
“But you have to cum right now or we won’t let you cum at all.” You mewled weakly as your arousal finally coated the vibe. 
“Such a messy pussy.” Natasha said, turning the toy off and placing it aside. “All nice and ready for our cocks, don’t you think, Wan?”
“Almost.” Wanda and Natasha briefly stepped off the bed to secure the harnesses around their hips. Flipping you onto your hands and knees, Natasha kneeled behind you, teasing your entrance with the tip of the strap-on. 
Wanda sat in front of you, tapping the dildo on your lips. “We’ve got your favorite ones, princess. We’re gonna fill your cunt up with our cum.”
You took Wanda’s strap into your mouth as Natasha eased hers into your core. Wanda placed her hands on either side of your head, holding you in place so she could drive the toy into your mouth on her own.
Natasha’s fingers pressed into your skin as she began to thrust the toy in and out of your cunt. “Look at you, honey. You’re taking my cock so well. I bet you can’t wait to have Wanda’s inside you too.”
“I’m sure she’s happy to have it in her mouth too. The whore loves sucking us off.” Wanda mocked, holding your head down on the cock. You gagged slightly, trying to mow your head up the dildo.
Wanda’s grip loosened, allowing you to pull your mouth off of the toy. She released some of the fake cum on your face, slipping her thumb into your mouth while she stroked the strap-on. “I think you’re ready to take both of us now.”
Natasha stilled her hips and pulled your body up so Wanda could settle underneath you. The brunette slowly slid her strap into your heat. 
h4rrystyl3svib3: i should be the one pounding that pussy :(
“Funny that someone else thinks that they could fuck our whore.” Wanda mocked. “Who takes good care of your pussy, doll?”
“Only Daddy and Mommy do!” you squealed as both of the women started to thrust into you. 
“That’s right, sweetheart, only we do.” Natasha reached around you, sliding her hand between your body and Wanda’s. The Russian stroked her digits over your sensitive bundle of nerves.
Your hips bucked forward when she gently pinched your clit. “You love when we stuff you with our straps, huh? Our pussy is always eager for us to fuck it.”
“It’s only ours to touch, bunny. That means that no one else can touch it, including you.” Natasha ground her hips into yours. You whimpered as one of the toys nudged against your sweet spot.
“Want us to fill you up now, sweetheart? Are you ready for our cum?” 
“Please cum inside my pussy.” you whined, leaning down to kiss Wanda. The Sokovian’s lips moved slowly against yours as they filled you with the faux substance. You came undone around their straps, grinding against them as you tried to ride out your high.
Wanda wrapped her arms around you, allowing your body to rest against hers. Natasha slowly withdrew the dildo from your cunt, using her thumb to push the cum back inside of you. 
s!mpform!lfs: bring them back another time!!!
“Oh, as if we’d ever let our little slut do this alone ever again.” Natasha scoffed, ending the live stream. “Your viewers are gonna be seeing us a lot more now, sweetheart. This pussy is ours to fuck and everyone’s gonna know who it belongs to.”
am i just now realizing the masks are pointless if they say each other’s names? yes, but we’re going with it (:
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