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#black widow x reader
ahh-myles · 3 months ago
Y/N: Ah yes, the five love languages.
Y/N, pointing at Tony: 'My family never told me they were proud of me'
Y/N, pointing at Peter: 'I'm so fucking tired please god just let me rest for five minutes
Y/N, pointing at Natasha: 'I love girls'
Y/N, pointing at Bruce: 'Please pay attention to me'
Y/N, pointing at Bucky: 'Touch Starved’
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ramen-flavored · 12 days ago
a lot of male Marvel stans are extremely misogynistic. i literally saw someone’s review for Black Widow end with, “it’s a female led movie, sadly.” like god forbid there’s representation for women. the only “criticism” they have for Black Widow and Captain Marvel, hell even Wandavision is that there’s a female in the lead role. it’s so frustrating.
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agentpolarbear · 13 days ago
Dating Yelena Belova:
Tumblr media
she was so awkward and goofy
and well, she’s always like that
Yelena was not good at hiding her feelings for you once she got comfortable 
holding hands all the time 
constantly staring and smiling at you lovingly 
buys presents for you a lot
date nights together
adopting a dog together
she adores you so so much 
you’re the only one she really trusts 
you help her with her nightmares 
she’s always the little spoon when you cuddle 
sweet and passionate kisses
forehead kisses
cheek kisses
all the kisses 
always questioning you about your life and seeing how it was different from hers 
loves learning about you 
watching tons of movies and tv shows together snuggled up on the couch 
she melts around you 
you two are best friends and loves 
Yelena was slow to say “i love you” but now she says it all the time 
can be clingy sometimes
loves being physically close
calls you pets names like baby, babe, sweets, and darling 
helping her patch her wounds
traveling together
Yelena was sop excited to introduce you to Natasha 
you’re there for each other always 
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trikruismybitch · 5 months ago
Y/n: If a villian got you, I’d hunt them to the ends of the earth so they could face justice.
Natasha: If you asked, I’d kill everyone in this room without a second thought.
Steve (disturbed and a little scared): you guys know normal couples don’t say these things to each other, right?
Clint (looking fondly at Nat and Y/n): Aren’t they just so cute together.
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missmonsters2 · a year ago
Courting Your Plus One
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x fem!reader/OFC
Prompt: Can you pretend to be my partner for my friend’s wedding? I told them I’d have a plus one.
Note: Thank you for sending in bby 💘 We are here for a good time. @ludwigvonbaethoven​
Warnings: Y’all know you love this trope.
Genre: Fluff & humor 
Count: 5253
Sometimes you imagine life (your life, specifically) being one big giant clusterfuck of a disaster.
Because you're not sure how else to explain how you got invited to your friend and your ex's wedding. 
Because, yes, they're fucking marrying each other. 
It honestly felt like you were being punched in the gut.
You would say your friendship with your friend is very complicated. It's based more on competition and envy than anything.
And not to brag, but you've pretty much have outdone for your friend in every aspect of life effortlessly.
Except you lost the girl.
Or more accurately, she left you.
Because you made it very clear to both of them that the people you date are not a prize to be won, and you don't chase people.
That being said, maybe if you went to therapy while in your childhood, you would grow up to be a well-adjusted adult who didn't believe that in a breakup, there's always a winner and a loser.
And by God, you refuse to be the loser in this breakup. 
"Yes, I'm really bringing a plus one," you tell your friend. After skillfully avoiding any questions that would require you to disclose any details of this 'plus one,' you needed to actually find a plus one.
But this was more than just a plus one.
You needed to find someone who was hotter and better than your ex in every way. 
"I'm not sure whether I should be flattered or insulted."
"Neither, Nat. Please just do me this favor, so I'm not humiliated twice by the two of them," you beg.
"Hasn't it been 4 months now? I doubt they will antagonize you since they've seemed to move on and all," Natasha looks at you with a brow raised. Natasha isn't a stranger to these two, but she's not really sure she's up to go along with this insane idea.
And despite the biting words, you show Natasha a text you received just hours after opening the wedding invitation.
Hey, with the history and all, we totally understand if you don't want to come to celebrate our wedding.
"Wow," Natasha whistles.
"Yes," you agree, putting your phone away.
"They really said that," Natasha comments while nodding her head and pursing her lips.
"They did, so please pretend to my girlfriend and attend this wedding with me. I don't want to rub it in their face, but I refuse to be alone."
"I just want to point out you actually have nothing to rub in their face."
She sighs.
"Fine," she grumbles, "I'll go, mostly for the free meal and drinks I'm going to get out of this, but you owe me big time for this."
You sigh in relief, the stress partially leaving you. You're thankful to have a friend like Natasha. You were friends throughout university and even were roommates for a while. Granted, you didn't get to see each other often now with the fact she travels a lot for work, but it seems like she's finally settling in the city for a while.
"So, what day is it?" Natasha asks while sipping her coffee, swinging her legs.
"'s out of town, and it's two days and one night," you smile sheepishly.
"For fuck sakes."
The wedding comes faster than you're ready for, and you've got the jitters as you adjust your one-piece jumpsuit.
Natasha picks you up, looking glorious in her dress, and for a second, your nerves calm as you take a deep breath.
"You look beautiful," you compliment to Natasha who merely smirks. 
"Nervous?" Natasha asks as she pulls out of your driveway and heads to the airport with no rush.
"I don't know if I would call it nervous as more of I really hope there are no incidents," you huff, 
"Hopefully, this will all go smoothly, and we just eat and drink ourselves into oblivion."
"What about dancing?" Natasha asks.
"For the sake of your feet, we 
better not," you half-joke.
Natasha lets out a burst of laughter, and you lick your lips at the sound. 
"So? What's the plan?" Natasha looks over to you briefly before turning her eyes back on the road.
"Plan?" You hum.
Natasha looks back with a raise of her brow at you.
"What? You just want to wing it when people inevitably ask us how we met and started dating?"
"Honestly, this is already stressful enough, I would prefer to not lie more than we have to. I've seen enough movies to know that's how you get fucked later. Everyone knows we've been friends forever. Let's just say we developed feelings, and then I asked you out."
"What if I want to be the one who asked you out?" Natasha frowns.
"Then you can be the one who asked me out...?"
"No, it's okay. I would rather you ask me out."
"Natasha, I'll fucking strangle you," you huff.
"Not my kink," Natasha then looks at you and smirks, "...Well."
You're trying to not seem twitchy when your plane arrives in Hawaii, and you head straight to the venue. 
Other guests have started to pour in, but you don't see the couple of the hour.
Natasha slides her hand into yours easily, and you're having a fleeting thought about how your hands fit together well. Her hand is soft, a little cold, but you don't mind because your hands are too warm.
"Relax," she whispers, and you nod.
You're thankful that they decided to have the ceremony and the reception right after, both at the same venue. You can't imagine trying to stretch this entire day out.
You grab champagne glasses and pass one to Natasha, who hums in thanks.
A couple people come up to say hi to you and fawn over how beautiful Natasha is and how you met. It's going well so far. Thankfully, no one has actually asked about how you're feeling about this entire wedding, or how brave (or stupid) you are to come. 
At least to your face. 
You already know people are whispering behind your back.
You take your seat with Natasha, and the second you hear the songs playing, you have to resist the urge to roll your eyes so fucking far back into your head because it's literally the same playlist you shared with your ex when you were dating her. 
This has to be some new level of pettiness, right?
Natasha seems to recognize the songs right away. After all, she had been the one to listen to it first to give her opinion before you sent it to your ex. She looks over at you and places her hand on top.
The touch grabs you out of your thoughts as you turn to look at her for a moment. You're reminded to take a deep breath as you turn your hand over to lace your fingers together.
You wish you were a little drunker when the bride comes out, and they say their vows, but your motto is that it could always be worse. 
You hear Natasha clear her throat, and you look at her curiously.
She's grinning at you mischievously, and then your phone buzzes.
Nat: Let's play a game. Every time she looks at you, you owe me a dance. Every time he looks at you, I'll buy you coffee when we're back.
You: Why? Because you don't want to be able to walk anymore?
Nat rolls her eyes at you, unable to hide the small smile on her lips.
Nat: Surely you can't be worse than when we were in university.
You: Debatable, but I'll play along. It's your toes.
Putting your phone away, Natasha smirks at you as you turn your head up to face the front.
It's easier to drown out the officiant and the couple's vows when you're trying to focus and keep count of how many times the couple looks at you.
By the time they kiss, Natasha's got you beat by 7 looks.  
And in total, you owe her 62 dances.
"Alright, if we just continue to dance for about 3 hours straight, I'll have paid my debt," you say, causing Natasha to laugh.
It's probably improbable you'll be able to give Natasha 62 dances, even if it's over the course of two days, but you're just happy you got through the ceremony. 
You move into the resort, snacking on hors-d'œuvre and wine while you chat with Natasha.
"I have to give it to them, the food is good. And, it's an open bar, nothing can beat that," Natasha says as she's already on her third glass of wine. 
"Your standards for a wedding is incredibly low," you shake your head at her, even if you do agree the food is not bad.
"Are you offering to show me better? What? Do you need a fake wife now?" Natasha teases you.
"Oh, would you be a dear and marry me then?" You blink innocently at her before grabbing her hand, "C'mon, I think the officiant might still be here."
You tug her hand a little, but Natasha tugs back to keep you in place.
"Alright, funny face, that's enough. If you think you can marry me after three glasses of are absolutely right, let's go," Natasha tugs you this time, and you let out a burst of laughter before tugging her hand back.
And then you see from the corner of your eye the newlyweds coming up to you, and you wait with bated breath.
"Wow, it's so good to see you, you look good," the bride comes in to swoop you into a hug, and you're almost taken aback at the familiar smell of honey and peaches.
"Hey, Vanessa," you breathe out, forcing a smile, "Congratulations, you look beautiful."
Vanessa laughs, clinging onto you a little too long when the groom sweeps him.
"Derek," you greet, "congratulations."
You don't say anything more because the second you look at them together, you're reminded that he went after her while you were still dating and that she did leave you for him.
He smiles at you, a little smug, as he shakes your hand and pulls you in to slap you on your back for a greeting.
"Thanks!" He enthusiastically says, "So, you brought Natasha. Why didn't you just say so over the phone?"
Derek goes into hug Natasha, who gives him a light smile and a weak hug in return.
"Thought it'd be a nice surprise," you reply, wrapping your arm around Natasha's waist as she settles into your side.
"Natasha, huh," Vanessa eyes the redhead in your arm. "How long?"
Okay, so maybe Natasha was a sore spot when you were dating Vanessa. She always complained about how you spent too much time with Natasha, even when she wasn't living in the city.
You're too lost in that Natasha has to be the one to answer.
"Well, it's pretty new, actually. As you know, we spend a lot of time together, and I don't know. The timing seemed just right that she confessed to me, it was really romantic," Natasha says, turning to look at you with a soft smile you're not sure you've ever seen on her.
You also noticed the biting mark about how you spend a lot of time together because Vanessa smiles contritely at the comment.
"That's great," Vanessa says offhandedly while she grabs her husband's hand. "Well, we gotta keep making rounds, but we'll catch up with you later."
With a little wave, the couple flitters off, and you feel like you can let out a sigh of relief.
"I always forget how wonderful of an actress you are," you turn to Natasha, your hand still on her waist as you smile thankfully at her.
"Yeah, imagine all the practice I got scaring off your one night stands in university," Natasha retorts back at you, and you look to the side, pretending you didn't hear that as Natasha laughs and slaps you playfully.
"C'mon, let's find the other food and refill your glass," You smile as you pull her along. 
You leave your fake girlfriend for not even two minutes to find her the stupid hors-d'œuvre that had bacon wrapped around something.
You come back to find some dude hovering over your girlfriend like he's a fucking vulture.
It reminds you of back in university when you'd be studying in the library with Natasha, just enjoying the quiet time together with the occasional banter. 
And then some stupid jock, or someone from the student council, or whoever Natasha was dating at the time would come and interrupt. 
You stalk up to the two, catching the end sentence about how the guy has a yacht he would love to take Natasha on.
 "Hey," you interrupt, a fake smile on your face, "Sorry it took so long, I basically had to fight another woman for these, so you should probably eat them all now before she finds us."
Natasha laughs, giving you a smile as she beings to eat the appetizers.
"Who's this?" You ask, looking over at the guy.
Natasha looks over at the gentleman, blinking as she had definitely forgotten his name.
"Lentle?" She said, her tone rising at the end at the apparent guess.
"Leonard," he introduces himself with an unoffended smile.
"Well, Lentle, thanks for keeping my girlfriend company," you smile with a nod, and the guy gets the clear sign and books it out of there.
You turn to Natasha.
"I leave you for not even two minutes, and you've got yacht offers," you tease her.
"I know, so lame, right?" Natasha licks her lips. "Yacht offers were only cool in university."
"And what? You've traded in yacht offers for dances that will end in your toes being broken? I think you've got it backwards, sweetheart."
Natasha laughs as she finishes the last bacon appetizer. 
"Oh, you don't know how priceless your dancing is."
"Just for that, I'm taking three dances off my debt," you stick your tongue out at her while Natasha rolls her eyes playfully.
This was only asking for trouble.
Natasha knew that.
She's not entirely unused to it. Living in a dorm with you while in university gave her plenty of opportunities where she had to pretend to be your scandalized girlfriend to scare off your one night stands.
But you were never there when those girls came knocking at the door.
She never had to hold your hand, gaze lovingly at you, potentially have to kiss you.
Natasha had been very careful throughout the entire time she had known you. She never made sure to cross any lines that she couldn't come back from.
Especially when you've had too many drinks and had a bad habit of kissing whoever might be too close to you back in the day.
It was necessary for Natasha to survive. 
Because she was in love with you.
And she still is.
But you had never indicated to her that you were interested in her in any other way than a friend. And so, she settled into a good place where she could be just your friend.
But this was threatening all of that. Natasha knew she should've said no when you came to her with this odd request, but you had looked so desperate and beat up that Natasha couldn't say no. 
When you were dating Vanessa, that was probably the worst time in Natasha's life. You were so obviously enamored with Vanessa, even if you did not admit it. 
Natasha had to deal with all the same intricacies of you dating her. Like helping you with the first date, listen to the playlist you made her and had to listen to you talk about Vanessa.
Nevermind when Vanessa left you for Derek. 
That might've tested Natasha's limit to the edge.
Now, she was standing with you at the bar, grabbing drinks as you held her hand, swinging it back and forth with a smile.
The dinner reception would be soon as the catering team started setting the tables and bringing food out.
"Does swinging our hands back and forth count as a dance?" You ask, and Natasha rolls her eyes over to you.
"Don't think you can escape a single dance," Natasha tells you, and you sigh dramatically.
Natasha can see Vanessa occasionally looking your way, and Natasha has to tell herself that being in your personal bubble, and brushing your hair behind your ear is justified now.
She can do those things.
Even if it's fake.
The reception is more boring than Natasha would like. Just people sharing toasts about how wonderful Derek is, and how in love they are. Natasha puts a lot of effort into distracting you.
And when the dinner comes to an end, the dancing begins. 
The couple shares their first dance together, and also dance with their parents.
The sun is setting, and when the floor opens up, Natasha is immediately dragging you onto the dance floor.
Your hand easily settles on the dip of her back as you pull her close, your other hand delicately encasing hers as you gaze in Natasha's eyes.
"This is a pretty good start," Natasha quirks her lips, "I remember the first time I tried to teach you how to dance, you look down the entire time at our feet."
"Yes, you're welcome for not crippling your toes at that time," You smile back. 
The slow music starts, and you begin to lead Natasha into a simple slow foxtrot.
"Hey, no broken toes," Natasha teases you, and you roll your eyes.
"Don't jinx it now," You try not to look down out of habit. Sure, over the years, you've gotten better at dancing, but it still wasn't your favorite activity. You still turn it down if given a chance.
After an hour into dancing, taking the occasional break in between, you need a break.
"Nat," You huff, "I don't think I'll be able to complete 62 dances with you. Can we convert dances into something else? How about drinks? I can get you drinks."
Natasha starts chuckling, "We'll see. I feel like you still have some dance left in you. C'mon, this is such a classic dance song."
Guests around you are wasted as they sway around on the dance floor. Derek has his tie around his head as he's goofing around with his buddies.
The dance is different this time. Natasha pulls you close, flush against her, and you're not sure if it's all the drinks you've had, but it feels different.
Her hands settle around your neck, her leg slightly in between your own.
And then she grinds to the beat of the music.
The feeling makes your breath hitch initially, and you see Natasha smirk subtly. Your hands automatically fly to her hips as you match her rhythm. 
Natasha's face is close. Close enough that you can feel her breath on your lips. 
You swallow. 
Somewhere in your mind, you're trying to remind yourself that Natasha is a friend. 
She's always been.
But tonight, you feel like she might cross a line that you didn't know existed between you two.
As quick as a fleeting thought to Kiss Natasha comes, she spins in your arms, back pressed against your front as she continues to sway and grind. 
Your hand slide over her stomach, and you're not sure what's happening. 
The song slowly comes to an end, going into a slow dance song, and you have a fleeting thought the DJ sucks.
Natasha turns back around, looking at you, and she's leaning in, and your heart is thudding, and you think the air is leaving your lungs, and--
The voice interrupts the two of you, and it's like whatever magic was happening, the spell broke.
You look over to see Vanessa standing between you too with a hand on your shoulder.
"Mind if I steal you for a dance?"
"She's kind of busy dancing with me right now," Natasha smiles, but you've seen that type of cold smile before.
"Well," Vanessa's eyes turn to Natasha, "I'm the bride, and it's my day, I think you can survive a dance without her."
Natasha looks like she wants to say something else, but you put your hand on her arm and give her a smile to show her it's okay.
Natasha wants to roll her fucking eyes at how smug Vanessa looks, but walks off to the bar.
She really needs a drink.
You pull Vanessa into an appropriate amount of distance between the two of you as you lead her into a dance.
"You're quite open to dancing tonight," Vanessa comments, knowing in the past you seldom danced with her.
You shrug, "I've already had about 18 dances with Natasha. Plus, it is your wedding day."
"I'm surprised you actually came," Vanessa twirls in your arm, coming back just an inch closer than before.
"Why wouldn't I?" You challenge.
The dance is cut short with Vanessa stilling, sighing as she pulls you out of the venue and down to the beach, standing in the warm sand.
"Why do you always do that?" Vanessa says, crossing her arms.
"Do what?" You reply.
"You know exactly why I'm surprised you came. Did I really mean nothing to you? Why would you even come here? And especially with Natasha," Vanessa is frowning, and her brows furrow the exact way you remember them when she's upset.
You take a deep breath, trying to calm yourself.
"I'm not doing this with you, Vanessa," you tell her slowly, "it's your wedding day."
You turn to leave, but Vanessa pulls you back, colliding her lips against yours.
The feel of her lips is entirely too familiar.
Too raw. 
You put your hands on her shoulder, pushing her back.
"What the hell, Ness!" You yell at her as your brows burrow in anger.
"You didn't come back for me!" Vanessa yells back at you. You look around, glad that you're far from the venue, so no one can hear you.
You turn your head back to your ex.
"You left me, remember?" You hiss quietly.
"You weren't paying attention to me," Vanessa quiets herself as well, grabbing on your dress jacket.
"I thought that if I went to Derek, you were going to fight for me, but you didn't," She admits.
You sigh, "Vanessa, I told you right from the beginning that I don't chase people. If you felt that I wasn't giving you enough attention, you should've just told me. You leaving me for Derek is not going to make me fight for you. Of all the things I will compete with Derek for, women are not one of them."
"But you do chase people," Vanessa retorts bitterly, "you're always chasing Natasha."
Your brows scrunch together.
Vanessa rolls her eyes as if she thinks you're just playing dumb.
"Every time Natasha needed something, you dropped everything to go help her. Do you even remember my birthday? You left midway because Natasha called and said she was stuck on the highway."
"You said you were okay with it. If you weren't, you should've said so!" You argue with her.
"I shouldn't have to tell you that I obviously wouldn't be okay with that! For christ's sake, you hate dancing and you just danced 18 times with Natasha!"
You pinch the bridge of your nose, a minor headache from having this conversation.
"Regardless," you finally say, "whatever has happened, it's in the past now. You're married now. You said, 'I do,' to him. What do you want from me now?"
Vanessa takes a step forward, grabbing onto the edge of your sleeves again.
"I--I just want to know that I matter to you, that you still love me," Vanessa says softly, and she's leaning up on her tippy toes, getting closer to your face.
You're frozen.
Not sure why the hell this is happening to you.
But before you can push her away again, Vanessa is pushed back by someone else.
Natasha is standing there, furious as her eyes are set ablaze.
"I'll appreciate it if you keep your hands and lips off my girlfriend," Natasha grits out.
Vanessa rolls her eyes at Natasha, before looking at you, "I know you're not really dating her. If you wanted to make me jealous by bringing Natasha, then fine. I'm jealous, but you don't need to keep up the charade."
"Er--I'm not--We really are--why would you think that?" You start to stutter before asking.
"Natasha may have always been in love with you, but if you liked Natasha, you would've left me for her long ago. You're telling me throughout all the years of your friendship, you never thought about dating her earlier? I don't buy it," Vanessa squints.
"What does it matter to you? You're married," Natasha deadpans.
"And I can get a divorce if I want to," Vanessa fires back. 
Something seems to stem inside Natasha. A hot, burning, possessive feeling boils in her because she has a taste of having you hers, even if it's pretending.
And something just possesses Natasha as she pulls you close, wrapping her arm around your neck as she meets your lips with fervor. 
The taste of Natasha hits you different.
She tastes like vodka and pineapples, and you find yourself quickly returning her kiss. Your hands grab her waist, pulling flush against you, and your mind wanders to her grinding on you earlier. 
Has Natasha always felt this soft? Were her lips suppose to slide against yours so perfectly?
And then everything Vanessa said just hits you. You don’t chase people, but you’ll chase after Natasha. 
You always have. 
You hate dancing, but you’ve never turned down a dance with Natasha. 
You’re jealous, you’ve been jealous. It takes a lot to just barely temper the desire to possess.
Natasha was the first person you thought of for everything.
God, have you been an idiot? 
You distantly hear a huff in the background and footsteps stomping off.
You aren't sure how long you're kissing until Natasha pulls back.
She stares at you, and something just snaps.
"I can't do this," Natasha says, turning around and walking further onto the beach.
Natasha briskly walks along the shore, cursing herself. The kiss was amazing.
Everything and more than Natasha dreamed it would be.
But deep down, she knew that you didn't feel that way about her.
And now she had this blessing and curse to remember this kiss for the rest of her life.
"Hey!" A sudden arm grabs onto Natasha's wrist, and she turns around to see you panting as you chased after her.
"You know," you pant, "I'm beginning to think Vanessa was right."
Natasha immediately shirks at you as you stand up straight, sliding your hand down until you grasp her fingers.
"I don't chase people, but I chase always after you," you pull Natasha closer, and she looks alarmed.
"What are you say--"
"Is it true? Have you always been in love with me?" You cut her off.
Natasha is silent, face impassive as she always does when she feels vulnerable. 
But you always knew the answer when she did that.
"Why didn't you say anything?" You ask softly only for Natasha to scoff.
"Why would I? We're great friends, I'm aware of that. You've never indicated to me that you felt anything more for me," Natasha looks out onto the ocean.
You're not really what to say at first because it's true. Throughout your years of friendship, it never really crossed your mind that Natasha could be more to you. 
But not for the reason she thinks. 
"You know," you start, drawing her attention back to you, "When I first met you, you were like, the most gorgeous girl I've ever seen in my life, the statement still standing true to today."
Natasha feels her cheeks warm at the soft way you're saying it.
"Then I got to you know, and you were funny, charming, very sarcastic, ambitious, and god, all these amazing things," you sigh, unable to really convey how Natasha is.
"You dated all these guys--and girls--in university. You dated the student president, the student from abroad who literally sounded like James Bond, and even the girl who was in theatre major who is now like a famous broadway actress now or something," you recall all of Natasha's suitors in university.
You laugh, "And don't even get me started on the people after university. I still get Facebook messages from that CEO who tried to give you his company."
Natasha is listening to ramble, but honestly, she doesn't remember any of these people. 
Because in university, she was busy taking the scenic route to her class so she could bump into you more. Natasha was occupied with taking non-related classes for her general studies requirements with you. And she was really too busy watching go from fling to fling, wishing that for once, you would just look at her.
"What does that have anything to do with you?" Natasha asks.
"Nothing," you reply, shrugging your shoulders, "Which is exactly the point. While I was busy with one night stands, you were long term dating other people. How can you expect me to even think that you might've been interested in me? How could I let myself want to be more to you?"
And Natasha was extremely aware of it. There were so many moments, too many to even count, where Natasha would be internally screaming for you to look at her, see the truth that she was in love with you, all while refusing to make it known that she was even an option for you.
But Natasha doesn't know where to go from here. 
She's still in the same place she started with you.
Natasha feels you tugging on her hand, pulling her closer while you cup her jaw.
"So, I'm going to ask you again. Have you always been in love with me?" You hover over her face, breath on her lips.
"You know what? Nevermind, I'll find the answer myself," You say before you swoop in capture Natasha's lips.
The second kiss is entirely different from the first, and Natasha is completely helpless for the first time with you. Your lips are velvety soft, delicate like a feather. 
And it's hard to Natasha to process the fact that you're kissing her, she's convinced that your lips have changed her very existence and she'll never be the same. 
And when you pull back, you rest your forehead against Natasha's.
"Is it okay for me to say that I've been really blind and that we've got it all backward, but the timing is actually right, and I'd like to take my fake girlfriend on a date tomorrow morning so she can become my real girlfriend?"
And Natasha just chokes on a laugh because she's pretty sure she stepped on a rock, and it hurts, but it's the only thing that tells her she's not dreaming as you pull her into a hug.
“You’re such an idiot,” Natasha mumbles.
"Just one thing," you say, playing against the back of Natasha's neck. 
"What?" Natasha pauses.
"Can we convert dances to kisses?" 
And Natasha laughs, wrapping her arms around you as her head rests against your shoulder.
"I'm open to the idea," she smiles. "So, what about the wedding brunch tomorrow?"
"Oh, fuck the brunch."
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nermalina · 2 months ago
sharing is caring.
a/n: here’s another thing i never announced and came up with very last minute. i finished it late last night so if the smut isn’t that great, oh well it’s alright bc nat’s tiddies make an appearance. i may have cut this short at the end but no one can prove anything.
summary: it’s wanda’s birthday, so natasha makes sure to get her best friend the perfect gift- one that money can’t buy.
warnings (18+ only!!! minors dni): noncon/dubcon, mdlg, praise kink, innocence kink, mommy kink, lactation kink (lowk surprised it’s my first time writing ab mommy milkers), vaginal fingering, oral sex (r receiving), spitting, strap-on use (sorta), manipulation
proceed with caution because this is a dark fic. if this contains material that you are not comfortable with, please skip over it.
words: 2.4k | marvel masterlist. | navigation post.
you do not have permission to translate/repost my works anywhere! likes, comments, and reblogs are always welcome & appreciated <3
“Happy birthday.” Wanda’s head shot up as a wrapped box was thrown down on the table in front of her. Her body eased up when she realized that it was just Natasha. “Open it.”
“Hi, Wanda. Oh hi, Nat. How are you? I’m fine.” Natasha rolled her eyes and slipped into the wooden chair across from her best friend. “Thank you though.”
“You haven’t even seen what I got you yet,” Natasha said, tilting her head. “I have a feeling you’ll like it, but you still have to open it.”
“Why do you want me to open it in front of you then?” Wanda asked, looking over the crimson red wrapping that was barely a shade off from the shirt she was currently wearing.
“I just want to see your reaction to the best present you'll ever get. So get to it, I don’t have all day.” Wanda shook her head but carefully began to peel the wrapping paper off of the box. “Hurry up!
“Alright!” Wanda exclaimed. “Calm down.” After she had neatly folded it up and placed it on the side. She plucked the top of the box off and placed it on the side. “It’s pretty, but it’s not my size.” The Sokovian said, fiddling with the tag. “Or even my style.”
“I know it’s not, but I thought you’d like a preview of the surprise I have planned for you tonight,” Natasha smirked, taking the box back from Wanda.
“What is that supposed to mean?” Wanda asked, leaning against the back of her seat. “Is your way of hitting on me, Nat? You do realize that you have a girlfriend, correct?”
“I do have a girlfriend.” Natasha grinned. “One that you can’t seem to get your eyes off of.” Wanda’s eyes widened in fear and she opened her mouth to speak, but Natasha beat her to it. “It’s fine, Wanda. I understand the appeal, especially when it’s someone you can’t have. But what if you could have her?”
“What?” Natasha looked down at her watch and sighed. “Where are you going? I’m confused, what are you trying to say?”
“Nothing.” Natasha shrugged. “You’ll just have to wait until tonight to see what I mean. Hope you have a great day, Wan.” The Russian stood up and lingered by the door. “I’ll see you at the party.”
Wanda couldn’t focus on anything people were saying around her because her thoughts were flooded by you and Natasha. It didn’t help that you were sitting a few feet away with your legs draped over your girlfriend’s lap as she fed you some cake. And it really didn’t help that you were wearing the dress that Natasha had shown her only a few hours earlier.
She rubbed her thighs together in hopes of soothing the ache that had begun to form, but it only made things worse. “Why the fuck must you torture me like this?” The Sokovia mumbled, burying her face in her hands. 
“What’s wrong with you?” Pietro asked, appearing by her side. It was probably the worst time for her brother to be bugging her, but Wanda couldn’t blame him for not knowing. However, even if he did know of her attraction to you and her friend, he’d likely push her buttons more than usual.
“Nothing.” Wanda huffed. Her brother knew better than that, turned to where she was looking.
“Oh, I see.” Pietro sighed. “It’s okay, Wanda. I’m sure you’ll find someone to keep you company one day. Actually, I know this person-”
“No.” she snapped. “I’ll be fine on my own, okay? Thank you though.” Pushing herself off the wall she watched as you got up and went into one of the spare rooms.
Natasha nodded her head towards the door you had just shut behind you. Wanda silently followed behind her friend as she walked down the empty hall. The redhead mouthed for her to wait before she entered. 
Wanda moved closer and put her ear to the door. She could barely make out that Natasha was talking to you. The brunette stumbled into the room when Natasha opened the door. 
“Someone’s impatient,” she mumbled, locking the door once Wanda had straightened herself out. “Just couldn’t wait to join in on the fun, hm?” Natasha’s eyes drifted back to where you were tied to the bed. “We had a little problem, my sweet girl’s a bit greedy and doesn’t want to give up the present I got for you. But it’s okay, you can always take it from her.” 
The bed dipped as Natasha sat down on the edge of the bed. Your dress fell as she ran her hand up the inside of your thigh. 
“Am I not pretty enough for you, sweetheart?” Wanda’s asked, sitting on the other side of your body. “Not as good as Nat?”
“That’s not i-it.” you stammered, feeling Natasha’s nails rake down your leg. She grabbed the bottom of your dress and hiked it up your hips.
Wanda smiled, noticing the damp spot that had formed in your pink cotton panties. Her hand cupped your clothed heat, gently rubbing down. “Your Mommy got you worked up before I came in here, huh?”
“No, that’s all because of you, Wan.” Natasha squeezed your thigh, slapping it when you attempted to close your legs. “She’s too embarrassed to admit that she wants you to play with her.”
“You don’t have to be shy around me, baby. All I want to do is help your Mommy make you feel good- not that she needs any.”
“And who knows? If things go well tonight and you’re a good girl, maybe Wanda will want to be your other Mommy.” Natasha suggested, dragging her fingers up your covered cunt after Wanda withdrew her hand.
“But I only want you, Mommy.” you whimpered as one of Natasha’s hands squeezed your jaw. 
“Where are your manners, darling? I taught you better than this. It’s Wanda’s birthday, and you’re her gift.” Natasha scolded, tightening her grip on your face. “Play nice unless you want me to leave you alone with her.”
“It’s alright, Nat. She’ll be good.” Wanda turned her gaze to you. “Won’t you, princess? You’ll be a good girl for your Mommies, right?”
“Yes, Wan-” you squealed as her nails dug into your leg. “Yes Mommy, I’ll be good for both of you.” You exhaled as she released you.
“You have to be gentle with a shy little thing like her.” Natasha smiled, leaning down to press a soft kiss to your temple. Her hand slid underneath your panties and found your clit. 
“She looks so cute like this,” Wanda said, caressing the side of your face. “Especially in this dress, I’m very glad you bought it for her.”
“Only the best for you, Wan.” Natasha pulled one of the straps off of your shoulders and nipped at your collarbone. Natasha pulled her hand out of your panties and pushed them aside. “You can mark her too, I don’t mind.”
“Thank you, Tasha.” Wanda tucked her head in the crook of your neck and bit down, soothing over your skin with her tongue. 
Natasha’s fingers trailed down to your entrance, briefly dipping inside. Her thumb rubbed small circles in your clit as she continued teasing your folds. “What’s that, honey? You want Mommy’s fingers?”
“Aw, don’t tease our little girl.” Wanda pouted. She grabbed Natasha’s wrist, keeping her hand near your cunt. “Give her what she wants, Nat. It’s the least we can do.”
Natasha tried to move her hand away, but Wanda wouldn’t ease up. “I don’t know if I want you around if you’re going to spoil her.”
“It is my birthday, right?” Natasha sighed, but nodded. “Alright so since I said I don’t want you to tease her, you can’t.”
“Fine, I won't.” Your girlfriend abruptly shoved two fingers inside you, pumping them steadily. “Look at how nice Wanda is to you, baby. You still don’t want her?” She grinned when you clenched around her digits. “See, you like this.” 
Wanda watched as Natasha’s fingers disappeared inside of your cunt every time she thrust them back in. Her hands enveloped your wrists when she noticed you tugging on your restraints. “It’s okay, sweetie. We’ve got you. You don’t wanna get hurt.”
“You’re so tight around Mommy's fingers, baby. Taking them so well, just want them filling your sweet pussy all the time.” Your head fell back against the pillows as her digits curled inside of you. 
“Need more, Mommy.” you pushed your hips back against her hand. She withdrew her fingers from your and slapped your pussy.
“Don’t get too greedy, dove. I can stop right now and we can leave you tied up here all by yourself.”
“Oh, don’t be mean.” Wanda scoffed, lazily stroking your clit. “If our sweet girl wants more, we should give her more.” Natasha slipped her fingers back inside your cunt, roughly scissoring them inside of you. “I thought you said to be gentle with her.”
“Only at first, after a while, she’ll let you fuck her however you want. Isn’t that right, baby?” Natasha purred, rubbing her fingers against your sweet spot. “You’ll let Mommy use your pussy in whatever way she wants, right?”
Wanda’s fingers pressed down on your clit harder. “Yes, Mommy.” you nodded, bucking against their hands. “You know what’s best for me.”
“That’s right, sweetheart. I do, which is why I want you to let Wanda put her mouth on your pussy. Don’t you think we should give her a nice treat for her birthday?” Natasha glared at you, seeing the hesitation in your eyes. “Tell you what, I’m gonna let you cum and give you milkies. And in return, you’re going to sit there like a good girl while Wanda eats you out.”
“Not sure Mommy.” you whimpered, rocking your hips to meet her fingers. Natasha’s fingers pumped into you quickly as she brought you closer to the edge. Wanda’s digits circled your clit while she pulled your dress off over your head, throwing it to the side of the room.
“But don’t you wanna cum, sweetheart? If my precious angel cums, she’ll have to let Wanda taste her. That’s a part of the deal.” Natasha hummed, tweaking your nipples with her free hand. “I know you’re ready to cum for us. Are you really going to deprive yourself, baby? Especially when I’m ready to give this pussy exactly what it wants so easily?”
Before you could stop yourself, you released onto Natasha's digits. She withdrew them from you soon after you came, there was no reason for her to stretch out your orgasm when you were giving her and Wanda a hard time. The Russian untied you and shifted to rest her back against the headboard. She removed her shirt off and unclasped her bra before pulling you into her lap. 
Wanda spread your legs apart and settled between them, taking your panties off to reveal your glistening cunt to her. “Wanda will take almost as good care of your pussy as Mommy does.”
“Yeah, honey. I’ll treat you really well.” Wanda’s hot breath ghosted over your core. “There’s nothing more I’d like to do than make you fall apart in my arms.”
Her tongue darted out of her mouth and licked a stripe up your cunt. Your hips jerked up automatically when her mouth came into contact with your core. You whined, trying to wiggle away from her but Natasha held you in place.
“It’s okay, sweet girl,” she said, pressing a soft kiss on your clit. “I understand that you’re a little sensitive, but it’s okay. You’ll be fine.”
Soft whimpers spilled out of your mouth as she lapped at your clit. “Come here, baby. I know what’ll calm your nerves.” Natasha cradled the back of your head, guiding you towards one of her full breasts. “Go ahead, you know you want to.”
A small smile tugged at her lips as you wrapped your lips around one of her nipples. Your tongue flicked across the hardened peak before you gave it a few tugs. Natasha patted your back as milk began to flow into your mouth.
“That’s it, dove.” she cooed, pecking your forehead. “You’re being so good for your Mommies. Wanda is going to help me take such good care of you. Aren’t you, Wan?”
“Of course, Nat.” Wanda sighed, trailing her tongue down to your entrance. A strangled moan made its way past your lips as her tongue entered your core. The brunette hooked her arms around your thighs and slowly worked it in and out of your cunt.
“God, you’re so needy, honey. Still fucked out from when my fingers were inside you, hm?” Natasha tugged at the roots of your hair while you hummed around her nipple. The sound of your suckling filled her ears while Wanda continued to tease you. 
Her friend curled her tongue inside of you and squeezed your hips. Natasha’s hand dipped between your thighs, rubbing at your clit to give you the extra push you needed to cum for them.
“Don’t you wanna be a good girl and cum for Wanda?” She gently pinched the sensitive bundle of nerves when you refused to answer. Some milk dribbled down your chin when she tore you away from her breast to spit onto your tongue. “Swallow.”
You obediently did as she asked before she encouraged you to take her nipple back into your mouth. Wanda pulled away from your cunt briefly, replacing her tongue with her fingers. They quickly pumped into you while Natasha rubbed tight circles around your clit. 
“Cum for us, honey.” You attempted to grind back against Wanda as you came undone around her fingers. They helped you ride out your high before releasing you from their grip. You licked up the beads of milk that remained on Natasha’s breast after she pulled you off.
The Russian laid you down on top of the pillows and moved out from beneath you. Her hands traveled to the front of her jeans, undoing the zipper before pulling them down her legs. She stroked the strap-on secured around her hips and turned to Wanda. “I want to fuck her pussy at the same time as you.”
“That could be arranged.” Wanda kissed the corner of your lips and stood up. She walked towards the door leading into the room and paused. “I won't be long, make sure she doesn’t run off.”
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missmonsters2 · 9 days ago
To Have A Home
Tumblr media
(not my gif)
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Summary: Months and months of radio silence from Natasha. You think you've broken her heart. But sometimes, people just need time to make their way back. After all, Natasha should know she has a home with you.
Warnings: f u c k i n g s o f t. Could pertain BW movie spoilers. Also unbeta'd.
Note: Well I miss this woman so much I think I cry myself to sleep every night so there's that. Let the soft angst and hurt/comfort fics begin 😌
Prompt: "If you don't know where to go, you can always come here."
Count: ~2.6k
The Avengers have split up. Anyone who's a fugitive is laying low on their own terms.
You never thought the Accords could do this to a group of people who've risked their lives over and over to save earth from total decimation. On the one hand, you understood where Tony came from, but you had understood Steve as well.
It'd probably be hard to worry about property destruction and country lines if there was no earth at all.
Either way, you had managed to remain neutral in the split—purposely. And you did that so you could help others behind the scene, off-the-radar.
You had properties located throughout America and a few internationally. You had been fortunate to inherit a lot of places from your grandfather. Along with Ross, Tony and his team had tried to raid a couple of your places in America or stake them out to see if they could catch anyone.
But you have a good lawyer, and there wasn't any good enough reason to approve a warrant against your places. You hadn't been impressed with Tony, and the way he avoided your eyes told him that hadn't been what he wanted to do either but had no choice.
In the end, you were semi-retired as a hero, left to your own devices. You're pretty sure Wanda and Vision are living in one of your properties in Europe. You hear from them maybe every two weeks to a month when Wanda travels outside the city to mail you letters.
You hear from Steve often. He has your number memorized every time he gets a new burner phone. He's always on the move, going from hotel-to-hotel, or safehouse to safehouse. There's the odd time he'll get to stay in one of your properties. You no longer really worry when you get the notifications that someone has broken into one of your places. You just turn off the alarm when you do because it's always Steve, Bucky, and Sam.
The only person you haven't heard from is Natasha.
Radio silence from the person you want to hear from the most. If that doesn't make your heart feel like it's in a never-ending fall, you don't know what does.
You wonder if it's your fault because you had refused to run with her when the time came to split. Deep down, you're sure you both knew what you had chosen was better for the team as a whole.
But you often wonder if that choice had made Natasha feel alone. Had Natasha felt you abandoned her?
You swallow thickly as you lie in your bed. You wished Steve had more time to chat with you on the phone, but he only had a couple of minutes because they needed to get on the move again.
Closing your eyes, you took in a deep breath before exhaling. You resolved to get some sleep.
The edge of consciousness tickles your brain, moving to your eyelids. You let out a dry hum, wondering if you can stave off the need for water to fall back asleep.
But when your throat is so dry, you feel like you might choke when you breathe. You let out a soft sigh as you begin to open your eyes.
Your breath hitches immediately. Waves of red tresses come into view.
Natasha Romanoff was in your bed, asleep.
It has been months since you've seen her. Her hair has grown out, and she looks...tired.
A part of you feels like you might be dreaming. Maybe all that pent up yearning has you hallucinating.
You don't move; a part of you is scared that if you did, she'd disappear. You try to just stare at her peacefully, taking in her features slowly. The back of your eyes starts to burn along with your throat.
You're not sure why.
Suddenly, Natasha opens her eyes.
Those viridian eyes have always enraptured you. Natasha is a complex person, as are most people, but she's the master of manipulation. She has the art of deceit down to a perfect point.
Natasha is an open person, but only because she wants you to see what she feels. Steve had tried to explain it once when he was on the run on Natasha. He said that while he knew her and trusted her, he would never fully know her. He would take a bullet for her, but Clint may be the only person who knows Natasha.
But as she lies there staring at you, and you can see every speck of colours in her eyes, you think you might've just seen her soul.
Natasha was lying in your bed after months of radio silence, baring her soul to you.
And the only thing you would ever do is accept it.
You rush forward, pressing your lips against hers. Her lips are still a little cool, an indication she might've slipped in pretty recently.
Natasha lets out a choked whimper at your touch. Kisses...had never happened before. Natasha wasn't sure what had really held her back from wanting you. Maybe because you're too good for her.
Sometimes it scares Natasha to want things so badly. She can't quite explain it. She knows she's allowed to want things, allowed to have good things.
But when it comes to you, everything is always too much. Too much wanting and wanting everything.
Natasha pulls you closer until she can feel the heat of your body against hers—until she can feel the soft skin of your exposed hip.
"'m sorry," Natasha mumbles continuously between kisses because now that she's had them, she wants it all. See? It's always too much with you. "m sorry."
You feel lightheaded every time Natasha's lips press against yours. Each kiss gets more intimate, and you can start to taste the toothpaste on her tongue.
All you can think about is that she's real. Natasha is really here. She's here, and you're kissing her.
She's kissing back.
"Why are you sorry?" You mumble when you pull back to breathe.
It's still dark out, the moonlight illuminating your room. You stroke Natasha's cheek for just a second, watching the redhead's eyes flutter before you sit up and turn over to grab the glass of water on your nightstand.
Natasha sits up with you, suddenly feeling exposed as the blanket falls off her body.
"Why shouldn't I be sorry?" Natasha asks quietly as she watches you take a sip of water, momentarily jealous of your glass. "I...ghosted you. For months."
You put the glass back down, feeling better now that your throat isn't so dry. The water helps you wake up a little too. You turn back to Natasha and let your eyes relax.
Natasha looks so soft with a braid still in her hair.
"We all have our own ways to deal with the fallout," you tell her softly. "It must've been hard for you. Steve has Bucky and Sam, Wanda has Vision, and Clint has his family. You should've had me but I chose to stay here."
Natasha swallows hard because she did understand your choice. She really did. The choice had saved her ass a couple of times when she needed a hideout.
But there was a certain truth to your words. She was alone, and as much as Natasha has tried to say she's better off alone, she wants her family. Natasha wants you.
Which was why went shit hit the fan, the only place—the only place she could think of returning to was you.
"I'm sorry," Natasha is only a little horrified when she feels the familiar burn in the back of her eyes and the tears that welled up. "I haven't reached out to you at all and then I just showed up here."
Natasha could say that she didn't know where else to go, but that would be a lie. She's a resourceful person, so she always has somewhere to go. But she wanted to be where you were.
You lean closer, letting your fingers caress her collarbone before they move up to cup the back of her neck as you pull her in for a chaste kiss.
"Not that this is ever an issue for you, but if you don't know where to go, you can always come here," you mumble against her lips. "Even if you had a million other places to go, you can always come here."
Natasha does say anything, merely pressing forward for another sweet kiss. This was going to make her greedy. Being greedy made it hard to be a hero because the hero should always be ready to make sacrifices.
Natasha bargains that maybe she'll let herself live and die for one person.
"How'd you get in here, anyway?" You ask. "My home has security features that rival Stark’s."
Giving you an endearing smile, Natasha presses another kiss to your lips. "Oh, honey..."
The next morning, you stretch in bed, noting that you were alone again.
A part of you had felt a jolt that maybe Natasha was gone again. You had been prepared for that possibility.
But when you hear some clanking in your kitchen, you smile. You put on a shirt and some shorts before you walk out.
Natasha is fumbling around, cooking eggs and pancakes, it seems. She's diligently watching the food, and you think the entire thing is so...strange. And endearing.
There was a fugitive in your kitchen. A fugitive who was a highly trained assassin, and she was cooking breakfast for you.
"Wait until all the bubbles have popped and there are holes..." Natasha mumbles to herself, and you press your hand to your mouth, trying to not laugh.
"I see the time alone has made you a better cook," you comment, and Natasha turns without surprise.
She's pouting at you before she turns back to her task. "Don't distract me."
You lightly chuckle as you walk over to join her, grabbing an extra spatula. "Since you're doing such an amazing job on the pancakes, I'll watch the eggs. Where's the bacon?"
There was a moment of silence.
"Too hard."
You bite your lip to stop any laughter from coming out as you go to the fridge to get out the bacon.
The morning passes by peacefully, a rarity to have as you sit with Natasha on your couch, mindlessly playing something in the background.
"I have to leave again soon," Natasha tells you quietly.
You feel a sting hit the back of your throat.
Natasha reaches under your couch into the safe spot you have built under there. She pulls out a bundle of vials with some sort of red liquid or powder in them.
"I was attacked last night," Natasha confesses, and you feel your breath hitch with worry.
"Why didn't you say something sooner?" You frowned.
Natasha gives you a wry smile. "I preferred kissing and touching you."
You try to not let your body surrender to the heat of the memories. You clear your throat as you point to the vials.
"So, what is that?" You ask instead.
Natasha shrugs. "I don't know. It was sent to me."
"By who?"
Natasha doesn't answer at first. She pulls a folded paper out from the middle before unfolding it.
You get a glance at it and realize it's photos from a photobooth. Two little girls, one blonde, one with red hair and blue dye.
Your gaze wanders back to Natasha, who is staring at the photo somewhat listlessly.
Too many emotions to try to decipher.
"My little sister," Natasha finally says quietly as if she could still take the words back if she wanted to.
Of all the things you do know about Natasha, it's that she doesn't have any biological family, or at least doesn't know them.
You stare at the photo and know instantly the one with blue dye must be Natasha. The red underneath was her natural hair colour. The blonde must be the one Natasha is referring to.
"I don't know why she would send me this..." Natasha shook her head with a puff of breath. "Almost got my ass kicked keeping it safe and I don't even know what it is."
You carefully wrap your arm around Natasha, happy that she leans into your touch. "We'll figure it out, Nat."
"We?" Natasha tries to tease, but you could see the hope in her eyes. Hope along with an effort to smother it down.
You wonder how no one knows Natasha.
All you had to do was really look into her eyes. All you had to do was love her, and she would open her eyes to you. But you suppose no one is more obsessed with looking into her eyes more than you.
"You think you can just break into my home, kiss and debauch me before leaving? Take responsibility, Romanoff. You've never shirked away from accountability before," you quirk your eyebrows at her, and Natasha can't help the smile that blooms on her face as she laughs with a shake of her head.
"What about being neutral? About remaining here for the others?" She asks after.
You shrug. "Everyone who was Team Cap is welcomed to enter my properties as long as they're discreet. I can write to Wanda and let her know I'll be off for a while. I think Steve would be happier if I came with you. Being neutral as long as I have has already paid off and served its purpose."
You move your fingers around her to play with the ends of her hair.
"We both did what we had to do, Nat. But don't leave me behind now. I'm alone too."
The words make Natasha burn.
She lets the bundle of vials fall carefully on the couch between them as Natasha lets her lips fall upon yours. She's probably never going to get sick of your lips. She must've kissed it at least a thousand times since last night.
"I know I'm not supposed to but I think I've made a home in you," Natasha admits, and you smile as you nudge her nose with yours.
"That's perfect," you tell her. "No matter if you know or don't know where to go, I can always be with you."
Natasha sucks in her bottom lip, biting it slowly as she smiles.
They should really pack up and go. They might get attacked again here if they don't leave soon.
"Can you tell me her name? Before we meet her?" You ask.
Natasha peers down at the old photo, feeling something she can't explain in her chest as she gazes at it.
"Yelena," you mutter back as if testing the name. "Pretty name like you. Hopefully she's a better cook, though."
Natasha scoffs and gives you a mock glare.
"The pancakes were delicious," she tries to not pout again.
You nod, kissing Natasha's nose before you get up to grab your ready-to-run bag. "Yes, they were," you agreed. "I was impressed by your initiative to throw in the blueberries."
Natasha doesn't say anything, merely sticking her tongue out at you as you prepare everything for them. Natasha's only job is to find a way to get to Budapest without anyone knowing.
She sneaks a glance at you.
Natasha isn't excited to confront parts of her past, and she doesn't know what meeting up with Yelena will be like. But she has you, and as long as she has you, Natasha knows she has a home no matter what choices she makes and no matter what she's done.
It's more than enough, probably more than she deserves. But she'll hang onto you for as long as you'll let her—until she's forced to let go.
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sillyqt · a year ago
Little One 3/3
Pairing: Mommy!Natasha Romanoff x Little!Reader
Summary: The picnic fun isn’t over yet.
Warnings: mommy x little, strap on sex, nipple play, butt plugs, riding da strap, little space, natasha romanoff yes i did mark her as a warning, cursing, sex in public, smut 18+
a/n: i’m so so so happy that many of you liked this short adventure with mommy natasha and little reader. i was so nervous to post the first part but with all the feedback i’ve been receiving makes me want to write more! so thank you!! y’all will be seeing a lot more mommy natasha in the future ;)
My Masterlist
Read Part ONE
Read Part TWO
Tumblr media
not my photo**
“We aren’t done yet, little one.”
You look up at her with wide eyes, her hand wrapped around the strap that’s still wet with your spit. Staring at the thick toy, the girth made you gulp in fear but clench your legs together in arousal. You’ve never taken a toy that thick or long. The thought of riding her in the middle of the park in broad daylight made you even wetter than before.
The warm feeling in your tummy grew as you stood on your knees to straddle her. Your dress covered both of you. Her chin is still wet from your juices, her wine red hair was a little messy and caused you to giggle softly. The moment was soft, you on top of her getting ready to ride her but get distracted by the vulnerable state she’s in. A cheery smile on her lips, green-colored eyes staring at you, her eyes trailing down your face as her thumbs rubs tiny circles on your hips.
“What are you giggling about?”
“Your hair, Mommy.” Your bottom lip is stuck between your teeth with a big smile on your face, gingers threading through her red locks, fixing the tangled hair. Playing with her hair made you feel little and carefree. The sweetness of being alone with her, knowing she’d take care of you no matter what.
“Little one,” she calls softly, her eyes still filled with lust as she slides her hands over your hips and carefully reaches for your face, putting her left hand up to caress your cheek, her other hand pressing onto your lower back encouraging you to rock your hips against the toy.
“Mommy,” you whine softly, moving your hips until you feel the thick, wet toy touch your sensitive pussy. Your hands that were once lost in her hair were now latching onto your dress, unintentionally raising the skirt and giving Natasha the perfect view of you rolling your hips against her.
“That’s it, little one. Keep going.” her voice is strained and that’s when you remember that she gained pleasure from your movements.
Your eyes squeeze shut as you glide against the toy and feel the toy bump against your clit, making you shiver. Trembling when you feel Mommy’s gentle hands reaching for your breasts, circling your nipples lightly. You wanted to kiss the smirk off her face when your nipples visibly hardened with her touch. Your breasts were easy to access since you weren’t wearing a bra. Mommy always said, ‘Only big girls wear big girl clothes.’
Wetting the toy with your slick, you decide you’re ready and lift your hips and grab the thick base of the toy. Sinking down onto the silicone cock, your hands were now steadying yourself on the floor, just above Natasha’s shoulder. Crying out when you feel yourself get passed the tip, the toy was gradually thicker, making your breath become erratic.
“Keep going.”
You’re almost halfway there.
“Mo-Mommy, I don’t think I ca-” you pant out. Your pussy was throbbing uncontrollably around her. The stretch was a bit painful and a little uncomfortable at first but slowly eased into pleasure. Stilling your hips, you try adjusting to the size, but you don’t get too much time before Mommy takes over.
You hiss in pleasure when you feel Mommy force her hips upward and push your hips down to meet hers. The toy is buried in your pussy, the hot sting making you throb. Your eyes water with hot tears, both from pain and pleasure, devil’s favorite combination.
“Oh, little one, you look so pretty like this.” Her thumb wipes your tears before licking her thumb. The salty taste of your tears meets her tongue and she moans softly. The redness in your eyes and your wet cheeks somehow make you more beautiful to her and Mommy always makes sure that you know it. Praising you and telling you, ‘Look how pretty you are, So pretty when you cry’ and telling you you’re the most beautiful girl in the world.
Her praise goes straight to your pussy, rolling your hips and whimpering when you finally move. Your slick soaks the toy, which makes it easier to ride her. You sniffle quietly before moaning softly before throwing your head back, the sun shines in your face, the bright light blinding you for just a second. Tears shine in the sunlight, making Natasha smile, her eyes drinking up the sight on top of her. The light falls above your breast, the sun peeking through the yellow material.
“Such a good girl, riding my cock so good.” Her words are filthy and suddenly you became shy. The control of it all, the roll of your hips, the hands that keep you steady on the grass, and the soft moans that fall past your lips all leave you breathless. You’d never had this much control. Sure you’ve had sex in this position, but she never let you control the pace.
“Mommy, it feels so good,” you moan, really bouncing on the silicone cock, already adjusted to the size. You were filled to the brim, but it still wasn’t enough. Horny and frustrated, furrowed eyebrows and a small frown on your face was ‘cute’. Mommy was enjoying the sight in front of her meanwhile you were chasing your orgasm.
“Tell me what you want, little one.” She read your movements like one of her favorite books. She knew you needed more, she knew enough about you that if she let you fuck yourself with the biggest toy she owned, it still wouldn’t be enough.
You wanted her touch. The feeling of her hands roaming your body, tugging your nipples until you cried, rubbing your clit until you couldn’t handle it anymore, shoving her fingers inside your mouth, her tongue licking your tears, kissing your fingertips.
“Mommy, touch me,” you whine, the whiney little side of you was coming out to play.
“Where are your manners?” she asks teasingly. She smirked at the way you tried held back the small pout that was threatening to make its way to your pretty face.
“I’m sorry, Mommy. Pl-please,” your voice is unsteady, moans falling past your lips, the small sounds going straight to Natasha’s aching clit.
She smirks before giving you what you want, her left hand holding your hip while the other slides underneath your dress. The heat between your legs becomes a scorching flame as her fingertips brush against your flexing thighs. Whimpering when you feel her index finger circle your clit. The touch is calm as you continue to bounce on her cock for dear life. You wanted more.
The frustration was starting to get to you.
“Mommy, pretty please. I’ve been so good.” Tears blind your vision, everything feeling so surreal but still not enough. You could feel yourself slowly drop. Your head was fuzzy, your words were slurred and your moans were whinier.
“Little one.”
“Mommy,” you beg. Your eyes widen when you feel her rub your clit, firm circles matching your pace, as her other hand wipes the new tears streaming down yiur face. Her wet thumb makes its way inside your mouth, a last-minute paci. Sucking her thumb into your mouth, both of your hands wrap around her wrist, keeping her thumb from leaving your mouth and keeping you steady on top of her.
The stretch in your ass, the thick toy brushing against all your sweet spots inside you, her thumb in your mouth, her fingers rubbing your sensitive clit, along with her loving stare was beginning to become too much. The throb between your legs was unmistakable, thighs wet with your slick, no doubt ruining Mommy’s jeans.
“Come for me,” the soft demand is all you needed to push yourself over the edge.
The fuzzy feeling in your mind only grows as you feel yourself let go. Your orgasm stretches out due to Mommy’s finger rubbing your clit, her thumb slipping out of your mouth, groaning in dismay but sighing out in pleasure when you feel her roll your nipples between her fingers, the sensitive buds sending waves of pleasure to your core.
Short gasps of breath begin to fill the space around you, your juices soaking the toy that’s still inside you and wetting the front part of Mommy’s jeans. Your thighs were soaking and your heart rate was going 60 miles per hour. You suddenly cry out when you feel Mommy move her hips slightly causing the toy to kove inside you. You were too sensitive.
“I’m sorry, little one, I didn’t realize you were that sensitive. Do you want to pack up and get ready to go home?” Her soft hands are in your hair, pushing loose strands behind your ear, her voice as soft as an angel. You could have listened to her talk for hours, have her read a book or stare at her lips as Russian words escape her as she skims through the pages-
“Little one.” She interrupts your pleasant thoughts.
“Yes, Mommy.”
“Do you want to go home?”
“Can we stay for a lil’ longer?” You ask with hopeful eyes.
“That’s more than fine, little one,” she assures before continuing to move you off her hips but you squeezed your thighs closed, not letting her move an inch.
“Come on, little one let me get-”
“No!” You cry out, your tone louder than you wanted it to be. Mommy raises her eyebrows at you so you whisper a small apology.
“I’m sorry Mommy. I just...I want to stay like this… With you inside me.”
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nermalina · 4 months ago
girl code. pt.i
pairing: natasha romanoff x fem!reader
a/n: i changed the story a bit, because it’s not their first meeting. i hope it still turned out okay. on a totally unrelated note, i want strawberry ice cream.
anon requested: idk if reqs are closed so sorry but how about r’s best friend inviting them to a dinner and there they meet the mother of their bsf, natasha eheee, a single momm it’s up to you if u want to turn it into a smut #milfism
warnings (18+ only): smut, some angst (oops), legal age gap (r’s is in their early 20s and nat’s in her mid-late 40s), strong sexual nature, semi public sex, innocence kink (?), mommy kink, praise kink, crying, oral sex (r receiving), vaginal fingering, oral sex on strap-on (r giving), strap-on use
words: 3k | marvel masterlist. | navigation post.
you do not have permission to translate/repost my works anywhere! likes, comments, and reblogs are always welcome & appreciated <3
one. » two.
Adjusting your bag on your shoulder, you rang the doorbell. You hoped your friend would be the one to answer the door. She’d invited you over for a sleepover the minute you’d notified her you’d be coming home for break. There was no telling how you’d react if it was her mother that opened the door. 
The last time you’d seen her was a few months ago at a gathering they were having. You had gotten a splinter stuck in your finger and Natasha was in the bathroom with you trying to get it out.
“I need you to stay still for me, honey.” Her voice alone was enough to have your eyes rolling to the back of your head.
“Sorry, Mrs. Romanoff,” you mumbled, looking everywhere but her. She was standing so close to you, and her lips were right there. You probably only had to move your head forward a bit for them to meet.
“Why are you crying, sweetheart? Did it really hurt that much?” No, you could barely feel anything but her. It was the shame you carried for being attracted to your best friend’s mother that made you feel bad.
“I’m fine.” 
“Let me kiss it better.” she purred, planting her lips on your pinky. You found yourselves leaning in and then the door bust open.
“Fucking hell, Aria.” Natasha groaned, stepping away from you. She walked over to where your friend was hunched over the toilet. “I told you to take it easy on the alcohol tonight.”
You had to get out of there, so you told your parents you were tired and returned home. Unfortunately, you didn’t realize that Natasha would care enough to ask where you went after you left.
“Hey!” A familiar redhead opened the door. “It’s been a while.” You looked at the woman as if you’d just seen a ghost. “Come in, sweetheart. Aria’s in the shower right now, but she’ll be down soon.”
Natasha stepped aside to allow you into her home. “It’s nice to see you, Mrs. Romanoff.”
“We’ve been over this multiple times, Natasha is just fine. Let me take that,” she said, gesturing towards the bag slung over your shoulder.
“It’s fine, I can handle it.”
“Sure you can. But let me take care of you while you’re here.” Natasha rolled her eyes. “You are my guest after all,” she added quickly.
“Thank you,” you replied, standing awkwardly in the middle of the entryway. 
“You can take a seat.” Natasha chuckled, guiding you to the living room. Her hand rested on the small of your back and you couldn’t help but want it to drift lower. “Dinner’s on the stove so I’ll be working on that. Hopefully, Aria doesn’t take much longer. If you need anything at all, just come find me.”
“Alright, Mrs. Ro- Natasha.”
“Good girl.” Your mouth went dry as Natasha turned to leave. God, you were so fucked.
“Hey!” Your back hit the sofa as a body collided with yours. “Sorry I took so long! My mom didn’t break you did she?” You froze as Aria shifted off your lap. “Take it easy! I’m just kidding, I know you’re not that kind of person.”
“Yeah.” You tried to laugh along with your best friend, but that was difficult considering how wrong she was. “So how have you been?”
“Fine. Life can get boring around here. Mom’s also stopped bringing home random women since the last time you were over, so I never get the pleasure of seeing the walk of shame anymore.” 
“Yeah. I guess mom was right, you are a good influence. Not only did you rub off on me, but you rubbed off on her too.”
“Why does y/n look like she’s nervous?” Natasha asked her daughter. “Are you talking about my sex life again?”
“Not exactly,” she replied. “I was telling her how she was a good influence on you too.”
“Is that so?” Natasha smirked. “I’d like to think I was a good influence on her. I was the one keeping her out of trouble when you kept getting her into it.”
“Yeah, yeah whatever. Can you feed us now?”
“Sure. Y/n would you like to help yourself or should I feed you?” 
“I’ll be fine.” you practically squeaked, following behind your friend with your head bowed. It felt like your body was on fire and Natasha was just throwing gasoline into the flame.
“I’m just kidding, sweetie. Ease up.” The older woman squeezed your shoulders playfully. You were surprised you hadn’t passed out yet.
“Please don’t sit next to me. Please don’t sit next to me. Please don’t-” Natasha sat in the chair beside you, while Aria sat in front of you. Just your luck. 
Your friend’s mouth was open but you couldn’t hear whatever was coming out of it, so you just put on a smile and nodded along because she looked excited. You dropped your fork on your plate when Natasha’s free hand dropped to your knee. Muttering out an apology, you continued eating.
“You’ll let me know if I cross a line, right?” Natasha asked quietly, leaning towards you.
“Eh, sure?” you replied, oblivious to her suggestive tone. Her hand trailed up your leg and squeezed your inner thigh.
“Are you okay, y/n/n?” Aria questioned. “You seem jumpy.”
“I’m peachy. The broccoli is really good.”
“That’s asparagus,” Aria said, furrowing her eyebrows and pointing to the vegetable on the end of your fork.
“Both are green.” you shrugged. Like Natasha’s beautiful eyes. Shaking your head, you tried to focus on your friend.
Natasha's hand slipped underneath your dress and ghosted over your panties. You shivered as her pinky brushed over your core. “Do you want me to stop?”
“No,” you whispered causing Natasha to smirk. Aria excused herself to go to the bathroom, leaving you alone with her mother.
“Be a good girl and sit still. Don’t get loud either.” You're hips bucked slightly as her palm pressed down gently. “What did I say, baby? You’re not listening that well.”
“Sorry. I didn’t mean to. It’s hard.” Natasha pulled your panties aside and swiped her fingers through your folds. 
“It’s okay, I understand that you haven’t been touched this good before.” You held onto the edge of the table when Natasha’s digits found your clit. “Does that feel, sweetie?” You hummed in response and Natasha pulled her fingers away. “Use your big girl words.”
“Yes, Mommy.” You hadn’t noticed what you’d said until you saw Natasha’s face. Your eyes widened and you went to apologize, but were cut off by a low moan when Natasha’s fingers slid inside your cunt.
“You like it when Mommy plays with your cute little pussy, baby?” You clenched around her digits. “I’m going to have so much fun stretching you out with my strap.”
You were biting down on your lower lip hard enough to draw blood. A part of you wondered what was taking Aria so long, but you hoped that she wouldn’t be back for a while. “I’m so close.” you whimpered, pressing your legs together to keep Natasha’s hand in place. “Please-”
“I’ve barely done anything and you want to cum?” Natasha teased. “Well, I’m not ready to let you.” You whimpered as her hand disappeared, leaving you unsatisfied. 
Aria came back into the room, distracted by her phone. “There’s still a long time before either of us are ready to go to bed, so we should watch a movie.”
“You two go ahead and pick out something to watch. I’ll clean up.”
“Are you sure you don’t want any help?” you offered.
“I’m sure.” Natasha smiled, stacking the dishes on top of each other. “Don’t worry, I won’t be long.”
“You heard the woman.” Aria practically dragged you out of the dining room. “I’m starting to think you like my mom more than me.”
“Of course not. I was just trying to be polite,” you explained. “And you’re my best friend. There’s no one in this world I adore more than you. Except for maybe-”
“Don’t even think of finishing that sentence.” Aria teased, slapping your stomach. “I was just joking.” A poor sense of humor that made you want to crawl into a hole seemed to run in her family.
You ended up sandwiched on the sofa between your friend and her mother. Aria’s full attention was on the movie, while yours was on Natasha. It was hard to keep your eyes off of the redhead and you hoped she couldn’t notice.
“Do I have something on my face, honey? Or are you just admiring the view?”
“I-uh. I-”
“Do you know more words than that, sweetie? I’m starting to think you’re not retaining whatever they’re teaching you at college. Are you spending more time having sex with your peers than studying?”
“Aria’s pretty loud when she talks to you on the phone. She also leaves it on speaker so I hear everything. Is it true that you haven’t had a proper orgasm in months?”
Looking over towards Aria, you noticed she still had her eyes on the screen. You appreciated that she couldn’t hear you, but you didn’t understand how she could be less than an arm's length away and be unaware of what was going on between you and her mother.
“I haven’t got all day, baby.” She cooed, slipping her hand underneath the blanket to trace patterns on your thigh. “Pull your dress up.”
“She’s going to notice,” you whispered. Natasha rolled her eyes and dug her nails into your thigh.
“Are you sure you’re okay?” Aria asked, grabbing your chin to scan over your features. “You look pale and you don’t sound like you’re doing okay.”
“Yeah, just cramps.” you breathed as Natasha’s grip on your leg loosened.
“How about you get her some Advil, honey? I think it’ll help.” 
“It’s fine.”
“No, mom’s right.” You cringed when she didn’t refer to Natasha as her mom. Well, you called her “Mommy” too but for a very different reason. “I’ll be right back.” 
“What are you doing?” you asked as Natasha kneeled between your legs. “Aria will be back any minute now!”
“Do you want me to stop?” you shook your head and she took your panties off. “Then spread your legs like a good girl. Let’s make this quick.”
Her head ducked underneath the blanket and you waited in anticipation for her to do something. Anything. You could feel her hot breath against your center, but nothing more. 
“You were raised to have good manners, sweet girl. If you want something from me you know you're going to have to ask nicely.” 
“Please-um. Please put your mouth on my pussy, Mommy.” You tried to pull the blanket up higher so you didn’t have to look Natasha in the eye after that, but she pulled it back down and let it fall to the floor. 
“None of that, princess. I want you to see me.” She nipped at your thighs, leaving behind faint marks. 
Finally, she gave you what you wanted, lapping at your clit with her tongue. She circled the sensitive bundle of nerves with a pointed tongue. 
“You taste almost as sweet as you look, honey.”
“Thank you, Mommy.” Natasha buried her face between your thighs, licking at your entrance. She hummed and dipped her tongue inside of your core.
One of her hands made its way inside of her jeans while the other stroked your clit. “Fuck.” she mumbled, thrusting two fingers inside her wet cunt. Looking at how your face contorted in pleasure from the way she was touching you was enough to rile her up.
Your hands clawed at the couch as her tongue curled inside of you. “Please let me cum this time, Mommy. I need it.”
“Go ahead, love. Cum whenever you’d like.” She attached her mouth to your pussy again, flicking her tongue inside of you. Your thighs tightened around her head as you rode out your high against her face. Natasha pulled away and cleaned your arousal off of her face.
“My panties.” 
“I think you’ll be just fine without them, honey. You’re already so hot.” You pouted, causing her to roll her eyes. “Fine.” You silently thanked her and slipped them back on.
“I’m getting tired.” Aria yawned, reappearing with some medication and water for you. “I think it’s time we retreat up to my room.”
“Yeah, I think that’s a good idea.”
Unlike your friend who was sound asleep in the bed you were sharing with her, you were wide awake. It was hard to fall asleep when a certain green-eyed woman was plaguing thoughts. You ended up going downstairs to get a glass of water. As if that would help in any way. But you needed to get out of her room.
“Can’t sleep?” You almost tripped and fell in surprise, but Natasha caught you in time. “Careful, baby. Mommy’s not always going to be looking out for you.”
“You what? Can't think straight around me?” Of course, you couldn’t, she looked like that and you were a gay mess. “Why did you leave that night?”
“The night of the party, why did you leave?”
“I was tired.”
“Bullshit.” Natasha hissed, boxing you in against the counter. “You got scared, so you left. But what exactly were you afraid of? That we’d get caught?”
“I didn’t want to lose my friend.” 
“So you put your own feelings aside to protect her?” Before you could reply, Natasha was already speaking. “Knees.” You dropped to the ground embarrassingly fast. Natasha pulled her pants down, allowing you to see the strap she had on underneath. “Get it ready for your pussy, precious.”
She held the base of the dildo and guided it into your mouth. Natasha let you take it from there, not wanting
to push you too much yet. You slowly bobbed your head up and down the toy.
“You look so cute with your mouth wrapped around my cock.” Natasha cooed, rubbing circles on your cheeks with her thumbs. “I’m going to make you feel so good, honey.”
Her hands grabbed the back of your head and held you in place. You gagged around the toy as it hit the back of your throat.
Natasha pulled your mouth off of her strap and grabbed your hands, helping you back to your feet. “You did such a good job for me, baby.” Her hand lingered on the side of your face, caressing your cheek.
She snapped out of her trance and grabbed your shorts, pulling them down your legs along with your panties. You sat up on the counter, letting the older woman stand between your legs.
“This comes off too,” Natasha smirked, fiddling with the hem of your shirt. You took the bottom and pulled it off over your head. Your nipples hardened as they came into contact with the cold air. The redhead gave you a good look over before slipping her hand between your bodies. “Tell me if you want me to stop at any point, okay?”
“I will, Mommy.” Natasha lined the fake cock up at your entrance and pushed it inside. Your hand dug into the material of her sleeves as you adjusted. “It’s fine, keep going.”
“You’re taking it so well, y/n. It’s almost in.” Your eyes squeezed shut as the toy bottomed out inside of you. “There you go. You’re okay.” Natasha drew her hips back, leaving only the tip of the strap inside of you. “Such a good girl.”
“Your good girl, Mommy.” you moaned, pushing your hips towards hers in search of the dildo. Natasha chuckled and snapped her hips forward, filling you once again.
Her thrusts were fast and rough because she was set on making you cum quickly, so Aria didn’t notice you were out of bed. Your eyes fell to Natasha’s lips. They were so close, reminding you of the last time you’d almost kissed.
Natasha noticed tears pooling in the corners of your eyes. “Focus on me, baby. I’m right here.” Her fingers rubbed at your swollen clit. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from yours and she found herself leaning in. 
Your hands grasped at the roots of Natasha's hair causing her to moan into your mouth. She swiped her tongue along your bottom lip but when you didn’t open up, she pinched your nipples making you gasp in surprise. Her tongue slipped inside your mouth and taught yours, but you found yourself giving into her easily.
Natasha grabbed your jaw and pushed your head against the cabinet behind you. “You’re gonna cum for me sweet girl?”
“Cum for me, precious.” With a few more thrusts, your cunt clenched around the toy and you fell apart in the green-eyes beauty’s arms.
Natasha pulled the toy out of you and helped you dress. She pulled you into her embrace and rubbed your back. 
“We’ll figure something out, baby.” Natasha pecked the top of your head. “Everything will be okay, all you have to do is trust me. You trust me, right?” You nodded, rubbing your eyes. “Good, you must be tired now so go to sleep.”
You sat in the same chair you were seated in last night, waiting for Natasha to be done with breakfast. “How’d you sleep last night?”
“Fine.” You had, right after you’d had your brains fucked out by her mother. Your eyes left Aria’s and focused on your lap. She frowned, but let it go.
“Here you go,” Natasha said, setting down a plate in front of you.
“Thank you, Mommy.” Your eyes grew wide. “I mean-”
“Chill!” Aria chuckled. “It happens.” If only she knew about what happened last night. She wouldn’t be laughing around then and would be too busy attempting to strangle you.
“I almost forgot.” The redhead turned to you. “Your parents called me earlier, they said they had to go out on a last-minute work trip. They were wondering if you wanted to stay over here.”
“I can’t possibly do that. I’m an adult, I can handle myself. I’ll just stay there on my own until they get back.” 
“Well, I already took the liberty of letting them know that you’d stay here while they were gone. I don’t want to leave you on your own for a week in that house even if I know you can handle yourself.”
“That’s great! We’re going to have so much fun.” By the look on Nat’s face, you knew that would be true.
yes, i made the choice to leave you guys with a somewhat open ending (;
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ynscrazylife · 6 days ago
Can I please request a fix where reader is just really affectionate all the time and it's kind of inconvenient but yelena always find r too cute that she doesn't move her. Like yel is just sitting down for a moment to eat food and r comes up and sits next to her then just puts her head in yelenas lap and sleeps, she doesn't say anything she just does. And loads of other fluffy bits and it happens so often, even in public so nat keeps teasing her about it
The Tales of Sleeping Beauty | y.b & romanoff family fluff fic
Summary: Different stories of Y/N falling asleep around her girlfriend Yelena and the Romanoff family.
Authors Note: Thanks for requesting! Also, I’d like to mention, due to Alexei being the main reason Natasha and Yelena were in the Red Room, I’ve reimagined that to make more sense because the way Alexei is portrayed in the movie is confusing.
Request to be on a taglist (or multiple) here! (Taglists are at the end of the fic)
MCU Masterlist #1 | MCU Masterlist #2 | Main Masterlist
PSA: Do NOT copy, steal, translate, plagiarize, republish, etc any of my works on Tumblr or any other platform. Also, do NOT claim any of my works as your own. All of these works are either requests I’ve gotten that people have wanted me to write or original ideas I’ve had for works. If you happen to take inspiration from anything I’ve written and want to write something inspired by that, please a) ask me first and b) IF I say yes, credit me as inspo in your post by tagging me and link whatever work of mine that inspired you. Thanks.
header c @/romanoffsedits
Tumblr media
Tale I - Dinnertime
“Dinner!” Melina called for about the third time in frustration, sitting with her husband(?) - their relationship was complicated - at the dining table, plates of food and glasses of vodka all around. She had been faced with crickets the previous two times she tried to alert her daughters and practically daughter-in-law.
Finally, the three women arrived. 
“You don’t need to yell,” Yelena muttered as she sat down. causing Alexei to laugh and Melina to send her a brief look of disbelief and annoyance. 
Natasha just smiled at her family’s antics. “In my defense, I had to drag this one out of bed,” she defended, gesturing to a sleepy Y/N.
The “this one” in question just let out a grunt and, as soon as she sat down, plopped her head in her blonde girlfriend’s lap without warning.
Yelena faked a huff of annoyance to maintain her tough exterior but nonetheless played with Y/N’s hair. “You tired, bub?” She murmured quietly, only getting a hum in response, so she directed the question at her older sister.
Natasha just shrugged before going to take a bite of her food. “Maybe she didn’t sleep well?”She offered as an explanation quietly, so as to not disturb the resting one.
Dinner continued on as normal, but as they wrapped up, Yelena went to shake Y/N and tell her to eat, because eating three meals a day was important; however, she found a different scene unfolding. Y/N . . . Fell asleep.
Yelena couldn’t deny that this was absolutely adorable. Butterflies flew around in her stomach at the mere realization that Y/N felt comfortable enough to sleep on her. She couldn’t help but wonder how exactly she managed to fall asleep, though, because surely this position couldn’t be comfortable?
“Y/N, love, wake up,” she whispered, gently shaking her shoulder.
Y/N’s eyes fluttered open, a haze of confusion clouding her orbs for a moment, before she slowly sat up and looked around.
“Welcome back to the land of consciousness, Sleeping Beauty,” Natasha quipped, making Yelena, Alexei, and Melina smile, meanwhile Y/N just groaned, annoyed at the disturbance.
“Why are you so tired? You missed dinner?” Yelena asked, moving some hair out of Y/N’s face with concern lacing her voice as Melina and Alexei gathered everyone’s plates to clean up. 
Y/N turned to her, wearing a pout. “I just want to sleeeep, Yel,” she mumbled. 
Both Natasha and Yelena chuckled. The latter of the two stood up and practically dragged her girlfriend up from her seat and got her to the couch. Once they sat down, Y/N immediately threw her arms around Yelena and in minutes had fallen back asleep. 
“Y/N’s about the only human on this planet who can be that affectionate with you without getting punched,” Natasha remarked, only half-joking, as she walked over and joined the couple. 
“And you,” Yelena reminded her. What can she say? She had a soft spot for her big sister.
“Not even Mama?” Melina called out from the kitchen, over the sink water running. 
“Or Papa?” Alexei added. 
Yelena rolled her eyes and loudly shushed them. “Y/N’s sleeping!” 
Tale II - Theatre 
It was Y/N’s birthday! To celebrate, the family had thrown her a surprise birthday party and, after dinner, they took her to see a play. 
It was about 3/4 through the first act when Y/N’s head landed on Yelena. The former Red Room agent glanced down at her with a smile. “Are you enjoying the show?” She whispered, and got a nod in response. 
Then, the intermission came and Yelena noticed that Y/N had fallen asleep. She just smiled and put her arm around her, not bothered, thinking it was rather cute. 
“Is she asleep?” Natasha asked, looking over. At Yelena’s nod, the redhead continued with a chuckle and, “Oh. wow. Who knew someone could sleep so much?”
Yelena just shrugged, and kissed Y/N’s forehead to wake her. “Are you enjoying the play?” She asked, wanting to be sure she hadn’t just dragged her to something she didn’t like.
Y/N looked up at her, drawing her eyebrows together in confusion. “Yeah, why?” She said.
Yelena’s features softened. “You fell asleep,” she told her, smiling, amused.
Y/N quickly looked around and spotted Natasha, who was poorly concealing her giggles, and her cheeks burned red. “Oops?” She said, not having an excuse for this.
“Are you sure you’re not the real life Sleeping Beauty? ‘Cause it seems like you are,” Natasha teased with a smirk, shifting in her seat.
Y/N stuck her tongue out at her in retaliation.
“Play nice,” Y/N warned, patting her girlfriend’s head and not even meaning her words. The way they all interacted filled her with happiness.
Tale III - Barn
“Does anyone know where Y/N is?” Yelena called out in frustration as she pounded down the thin steps, looking around in defeat.
“Last I saw she was in her room,” Natasha said as she passed her.
Yelena groaned, leaning against the rail and trying to think. Where could her girlfriend be in this tiny house?
Aha, that was it!
She wasn’t in the house.
Spinning on her heel, Yelena assumed that since she couldn’t find Fanny either, Y/N was either walking her dog or feeding the pigs.
She found that she was right and wrong.
Y/N had definitely gone outside to do those two things, but she hasn’t finished either of them, and Yelena couldn’t find it within herself to be the slightest bit annoyed. Because oh my god, how was her girlfriend the most adorable thing ever??
As soon as Yelena stepped into the barn where the Melina’s pigs lived, she found her girlfriend sitting against the wall, asleep. The pigs roamed around her and Fanny was almost supporting her, as Y/N was leaning on her.
Yelena quickly took out her phone and snapped a picture before kneeling down in front of her. By now, she had become a pro at waking her girlfriend up without alarming her. When she did come to, she looked around, before facepalming.
“I took Fanny out here to play with the pigs,” she explained, muffled through her hand.
Yelena just laughed. “Don’t worry about it, moya lyubov' (my love),” she said. Glancing around, she added, “How about you go inside and take a shower? You smell like barn . . . and, ya know, pig.”
Y/N groaned, grumbling under her breath something Yelena didn’t catch, and stood up, heading for the house.
Yelena watched her with a smile until she disappeared in the house and then crouched down next to her her dog.
“Thanks for taking care of our girl, Fan,” Yelena said, petting Fanny’s head, and then picking up her leash and following Y/N inside.
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