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#black women in leisure
billionairebabes13 hours ago
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Hi babes, I feel like I haven't been very active in the last few months so here's a little photo dump of my life in October, November, and a bit of December. In the last few months, I feel as though I haven't been in a mental place to write much because of my own feelings. For example, in the last few weeks, I haven't been feeling like myself. I haven't felt like "that girl" and my face looks off to me but I reminded myself that my perspective has changed and not necessarily my looks or who I am. Mindset is really everything! Once, I came to that realization, I started to feel much better though it's still a process. I also have steps that I take when I fall into a headspace like this and I'm on my way to feeling like my normal self!
In other news, I went to Vegas (unimpressed), started pilates at Solidcore (very hard but so rewarding), saw the Grand Canyon, learned to make my own signature scent at a niche perfume shop, and started dating again! Soo, that being said, I'll be back with new posts soon!
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boujeeceo3 months ago
Start where you are
Avoid wasting time, energy and money like I did. I heard someone say once that most of leveling up is just having the money to do so. Since not everyone has 10,000$ to drop on an overnight physical glow up, it has to be done in phases.聽
When I started leveling up I was so overwhelmed with all this information I didn鈥檛 what to do with. I spent the first year wasting resources on steps I wasn鈥檛 ready for. Only to have to step back and start over at the beginning of 2021. I didn鈥檛 even have an idea of what I really wanted at the end of my journey. Physically, romantically or career wise. I just knew I wanted to be rich and different than I started.聽
The glow up is a journey so it may take over a year or so to complete fully but it鈥檚 so worth it.聽
This is in order of what should be done and cost.聽
General level up
Workout routines 3-4x a week at home that you are excited to do!
Get in the habit of drinking 2 liters of water a day
Fix your sleep schedule! 8hrs a night.聽聽
Nails grown and done yourself
Pick 5 hairstyles to rotate
Eyebrows waxed, tweezed, or threaded.聽
Have makeup and makeup remover.聽
For now just use drug store makeup. As long as it looks good and doesn鈥檛 break out the skin no one can tell where you got it from. Besides聽drug store makeup has gotten much better over the years.聽
Makeup needed: Foundation, primer, mascara, eye liner, lip liner, blush, contour, lashes, concealer, eyeshadow, setting spray/powder + Brush set.
Daily makeup style picked out
Learn to sew and fix your own clothes to fit properly
Get a notebook to track every single expense for the glow up journey聽
Take online free courses/lessons. Pick up like 4 or 5 new skills to beef up your resume or your social intrigue.
Sit down with a snack, a pen, a notebook and read the blogs you look up to.
What鈥檚 the point of having access to all these tips, tricks and life hacks if its just a reblog to be tagged and forgotten or worse lost in the shuffle of your blog?
Just in general. Read for fun. Whether its good, bad, trashy, or so bad it鈥檚 good. All reading is time well spent.聽
Also read self improvement novels.There are so many of them.聽Pick a category (ex personal finance, emotional growth, eating well, beauty, nutrition, time management, persuasion, procrastination, seduction, romance, friend making, mental wellness, strategy, investing) and go wild. Finish at least 2 a month. 1 a month if taking notes.聽聽
Cost: 87$ max
Tumblr media
Nest egg
Make an emergency fund of 1,500$. 3,500$ would be ideal.
1,500$ for real emergencies only!聽1,500$ saved in 1 year is 30$ a week. 60$ a week for 6 months. 107$ a week for 14 weeks.聽
2,000$ for later upgrades. It鈥檚 a slush fund so you don鈥檛 have to worry about finding money for whatever you need later.聽
To save 3,500$ in 1 year 67$ a week or 135$ biweekly or 291$ a month. In 6 months 582$ a month, 270$ biweekly, 134$ a week.聽
There鈥檚 no reason to look like a million dollars and have 5$ in my bank account. Priorities.聽
This can be done while in the General level up and Polish phase.聽
Cost: Time. Discipline needed.聽
Tumblr media
New outfits that compliment your body shape.聽
I will continue to sing the praises of capsule closets. Its the easiest way to go shopping and have a bunch of outfits for next to nothing. I recommend 23 pieces: 3 pants, 4 dresses, 3 skirts, 7 shirts and 2 jackets/coats and 2 pairs of shoes.
2 quality purses (1 large/1 small)聽
Consignment stores have luxury bags at 50-75% off.
Gym membership (paid off for a full year)聽
Take some pressure off your own shoulders by paying for it in full. Planet fitness 10$ a month, 10$ down + fees comes out to 180$ a year.聽
Go 3-4x a week. For at least 30 mins of sweating.聽
2 perfumes for your signature scents.
One for casual day to day wear to work, to the store, to school, to hobby classes. One for special occasions like dates, events, company parties.聽
Quality Makeup that works with your skin type.
Oily, dry, or combination. Your face is your baby. Treat her well.聽
New glasses that fit your face shape or contact lenses.聽
Keep up with your nails, hair, eyebrows and healthy habits.
Cost: $$$
Tumblr media
Lifestyle changes. Experiment!
Lifestyle (diet) change.聽
Research and experiment until you find one that keeps you full, satisfies you and allows you to eat your favorite snacks/meals in moderation.聽
Skincare routine
Makeup remover, cleanser for morning and night, toner, serum, essence, anti-aging creams, moisturizer, sleep mask, exfoliator, sunscreen.聽
I started with the Korean 10 step skincare routine to find what worked for me and got rid of the steps I didn鈥檛 like or didn鈥檛 need. Like sheet masks, and essences.聽
Full Body Beauty Routine put together:聽
Skincare, shower routine, haircare, nail care, below the neck skincare.
Upgrade your room, sleepwear and loungewear!
Invest in a room you actually want to work and relax in.聽 聽
Map out that business you wanna start.
Business plan, website content, business cards, goals, products, licenses needed, social media presence. Look into grants to get your funding.
Write down short term and long term savings goals
Saving mindlessly makes people more likely to spend it because its money in a jar, coming out of their check for no defined reason. Give yourself a reason and you鈥檒l be less likely to mess up your own progress. Examples of goals:
3-6 months of emergency savings- long term
Retirement- long term
Business start up- short term
Last round of upgrades- short term
A house- long term
Investing money- short term
Vacation money- short term
Make a budget and start saving in earnest!
Set aside time for studying, reading, relaxing and recharging daily.
Make a vision book/board
Make a lookbook of outfits, makeup styles and aesthetics you love
5-10 year goals written down
Pick out any further degrees, certifications, licenses you want for your career.聽
Pick up new hobbies.
Keep reading, learning and gaining skills from free courses.
Research different personas and brands to find which you want to represent.聽 聽
Clean up your social media presence.
Cost: Time, patience and $$$
Tumblr media
Full reinvention
Get a lock box for your birth certificate, SSN, check book, warranties, and receipts.聽
Get your teeth straightened and whitened.
Braces, wisdom teeth pulled, veneers, filled in crowns ect. The smile is the most inviting thing about the face. Make it pop.聽
If you wear glasses or contacts: laser eye surgery.
Body hair removal. Laser or Electrolysis.
Both work. Electrolysis destroys the hair follicle but the sessions take longer and may cost more because it may take 6 or visits to do the full area. Laser is cheaper but most women have to continue to go back for maintenance and its easy to burn black women, even in an office. Home laser devices usually don鈥檛 service brown to dark skinned women.聽
Start seeing a dermatologist, nutritionist, and personal trainer monthly
Get a passport booklet
If you want plastic surgery, start saving/get it done.聽
Start that business! Order the business cards, design the website, create the products.聽
Get a closet full of clothes that matches your persona聽or personas.聽
Sets of outfits for Work, Casual, & Formal settings. You can pick different styles for each type- Cottage core casual, business barbie for work, and 1950鈥瞫 pinup for formal events.
This is where you go all out. Nothing but quality fabrics, statement pieces, and jewelry that will last at least 2 years or more.聽
I鈥檇 go with a 40 piece capsule closet: 10 tops, 10 skirts, 10 Dresses, 5 Jeans/pants, 3 shoes, 2 Jackets.
Don鈥檛 forget stockings, panty hose, breast pasties, and bra strap holders.
Examples of styles: Cottage core, classic feminine, sexy, cute, alternative, sporty, business, y2k, 70s, 80s, 50鈥瞫, soft glam, barbie/bratz doll. Ectera.聽聽
Take those hobby classes
Get your scholarships, degrees and certifications
Pick a persona and create the social media, and irl community presence.
Keep track of your costs!聽
Treat it like a business and you鈥檒l see where you鈥檙e wasting money, how you can improve and create a budget for future use.聽
Keep notes too- what brand was the lipstick you bought, what color, how did it feel on you, did it look good, how long did it last, did it come off easily when eating, would you buy it again?聽
Sections: One time static costs. Recurring costs, Product page with notes.聽
Cut out toxic people.聽
Anyone that makes you feel less than or perpetually uncomfortable should have their access to you provoked.聽
鈥淚 did XYZ to better myself, and this is how they treat me?鈥
It鈥檇 be like paying 2,500$ for a seat at the La Scala, Milan for the best classical music concert in the world聽only to be behind a pillar in the corner with someone next to you on their phone all night.聽
Or applying for a job after you got the highest degrees available in your field, were valedictorian, and only applied for established multimillion dollar companies. Only for them to offer you 10$ an hour on a position worth 50$ an hour.聽
This one is last for three reasons. One it鈥檚 not always as simple or easy as blocking them and never speaking again, an exit strategy may be necessary. Two sometimes it pays, literally, to have these people around. If they have contacts I want I鈥檒l get them before I go. If being around them cuts down the costs of something significant in my life I save the extra money while I plan my exit strategy. By the time I鈥檝e left I鈥檝e gotten my payment for any sabotage they鈥檝e thrown my way. Three it鈥檚 an ongoing process. New friends can turn to new enemies in the right conditions. You may never be 100% free of having any snakes in your garden so it鈥檚 good to stay vigilant.
Cost: Time, Patience, Empathy for yourself, $$$$$
Tumblr media
Slow down. Take it easy. Work smart.聽
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missbond5 months ago
Advice your mother should鈥檝e given you.
Stick by your word and stand firm with your boundaries. Don鈥檛 allow聽people to poke, probe, and push your limits, boundaries, and no zones after you told them not to. Don鈥檛 be fooled, all people need is one warning to get the memo that something is off limits, but no one will respect a person who is all talk and no action. Put action behind your words, no one will take your words seriously if you don鈥檛, empty threats get you nowhere. People only continue trying you when they know/think they can get away with it.聽Say it with me, first times a warning, second times a done deal. Don鈥檛 disrespect yourself by going against your boundaries and personal code.聽
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miss-femme-fatalea month ago
饾煋 聽饾惏饾悮饾惒饾惉 饾惌饾惃 饾悜饾悶饾惀饾悶饾悮饾惉饾悶 饾悂饾惀饾惃饾悳饾悿饾悶饾悵 饾悈饾悶饾惁饾悽饾惂饾悽饾惂饾悶 饾悇饾惂饾悶饾惈饾悹饾惒
Tumblr media
饾悥饾悺饾悮饾惌 饾悶饾惎饾悶饾惂 饾悽饾惉 饾悈饾悶饾惁饾悽饾惂饾悽饾惂饾悶 饾悇饾惂饾悶饾惈饾悹饾惒?
Feminine energy is the 鈥渂eing鈥 energy, in contrast to the masculine 鈥渄oing energy鈥.When you are in this 鈥渂eing鈥 energy, you are in receptive mode and allow your partner, experiences, and life itself, to fill you up. This is again opposite to masculine energy, which is a forward-moving, penetrative force that 鈥済ets things done鈥.When you are in your feminine energy, you are not busy doing, but instead enjoying that which is before you.
This idea of 鈥渘ot doing and just being鈥 may feel like an alien and almost annoying concept at first, especially to those of us who have trained ourselves to be in our masculine 24/7. However, it helps to remember that reconnecting with our femininity is the key to restoring that balance that is missing today from so many women鈥檚 lives.
Traits that are most often associated with the feminine are things like connection, empathy, nurturing, and emoting. She is pure energy and flows and changes like the water of a river. She has a diffused awareness, thinking many things at once and she finds details and intricacies that escapes the masculine. She is born to receive. 聽She is most identified with her feelings and craves love deeply to feel fulfilled.
饾悋饾惃饾惏 饾悵饾惃 饾悎 饾悿饾惂饾惃饾惏 饾悽饾悷 饾悎 饾悺饾悮饾惎饾悶 聽饾悷饾悶饾惁饾悽饾惂饾悽饾惂饾悶 饾悶饾惂饾悶饾惈饾悹饾惒 饾悽饾惉 饾悰饾惀饾惃饾悳饾悿饾悶饾悵?
If you are out of balance with both energies, you could experience blocked feminine energy. The feminine energy is lost instead of balancing both energies. It is still possible to have a strong feminine presence within a society that tends to favor masculine energies. Don鈥檛 lose yourself in the process.
饾煋 饾悥饾悮饾惒饾惉 饾悡饾惃 饾悜饾悶-饾悅饾惃饾惂饾惂饾悶饾悳饾惌 饾悥饾悽饾惌饾悺 饾悩饾惃饾惍饾惈 饾悈饾悶饾惁饾悽饾惂饾悽饾惂饾悶 饾悇饾惂饾悶饾惈饾悹饾惒
Dancing is a powerful practice to help you get out of your head and into your body. Find some privacy where you can dance as wildly or sensually as you like. Put on your favorite song or playlist and start off by closing your eyes, taking a few deep breaths and feeling what it feels like to be in your body. Ask yourself if this music could take form, how would it move? Then allow your body to express the music as if you are translating into a form of language.聽
Tumblr media
2. Adornment!聽
The feminine in all of us craves to feel and see the beauty around us and in us. Adorning your space with anything that brings a smile to your face helps nurture this craving. This can be in the form of pictures, decor, or luxurious fabrics or colors. To bring beauty to our wardrobe will also help us express the feminine within. Maybe that means wearing flowy skirts with delicate sandals or rocking a sexy pair of heels with a sleek skinny leg pant.聽
Tumblr media
The divine feminine in all of us is associated with creative energy and life force energy. Similar to the energy of flowing emotions or timelessness, the feminine craves creativity. Our wombs are designed to create life after all. Some ways I express my creativity are through crafting, painting, dancing, clothing, and crocheting. I know a lot of people that express their art in other forms though such as cooking, entertaining guests, writing, comedy or gardening. Expand your mind and see where in your life are you creating something out of nothing. It鈥檚 a common misconception that traditional 鈥渁rt鈥 is the only form of creativity!
Tumblr media
4.Planning a聽鈥淔ree-Day鈥
A day of 鈥渘o planning鈥 is one of my favorite things to do to step into my feminine. Allowing ourselves to just flow and be in the moment can be one of the most relaxing feelings for the feminine. One day out of the week I schedule a self-care 鈥渇ree day鈥. This is where I make zero plans and just allow myself to do whatever I feel like from moment to moment. My free-days normally include, taking myself out for dinner at nice聽restaurants or grab a coffee,聽simply enjoying my surroundings.
Tumblr media
Our bodies hold a lot of power and wisdom as women. We can connect to our feelings and intuition more easily than a masculine associated person, but we need to trust our bodies and heart in order to hear these messages. One way to connect to our bodies more and get out of logical thinking is to practice incorporating more sensuality into our lives.
This means intentionally using the senses to experience life with pleasure. One way I practice sensuality is by soaking in a warm bath with essential oils. Setting the visual with candles or petals, feeling the warm water against my skin, smelling the aroma of lavender or eucalyptus, hearing the water splash against the tub, tasting a treat like dark chocolate or red wine. Any activity can become sensual if you intentionally experience it with all 5 senses.
Tumblr media
Have any other tips you鈥檇 like to share? start a discussion in the comments!聽
follow @miss-femme-fatale鈥 for more post likes these!
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bloggin-by-zia25 days ago
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moodboard part two.
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noiremuse9 months ago
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March 鈥 exercise, eat mindfully, meditate, bask in the sun, think positively, read books, find a new hobby, journal, rest, relax
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carmensapientia4 months ago
Why I鈥檓 literally an icon: how to make everyone fall in love with you
Similarly to my thread about how to make the world your oyster, you can make anyone you want fall in love with you. This stems from the most important part of the law of attraction/assumption: self concept.
Neville Goddard-pioneer of manifesting-says There is no one to change but self; that self is simply your awareness, your consciousness and the world in which it lives is determined by the concept you hold of self. It is to consciousness that we must turn as to the only reality.
This is the key to manifesting! Changing your self concept aka the way you see yourself is the key to getting everything you want. Your self concept is you in relations to the outer world. Change it and your entire world changes!
What can self concept do you for you? It can get you to manifestations quicker, make you beautiful, have people pay attention to you and pretty much automatically manifest anything for you. Once you switch your self concept to wealth, you鈥檒l automatically manifest money. Once you see yourself as beautiful, you鈥檒l be seen and become beautiful. It can also make people call in love with you(hence the thread name)
Ever met anyone who was just effortlessly cool, sweet and loveable? That can be you! But how can I achieve this? Self concept affirmations!
Repeat these every time you think of yourself, every free second you have or any time you might have negative thoughts about yourself. Be sure to engage in positive self talk and have a clean mental diet as well!
Here鈥檚 my favorite self concept affirmations! If you don鈥檛 see anything you鈥檇 like just affirm in present tense that you have and are what you want to be! You can even become like your favorite celebrities by affirming I鈥檓 like xyz!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading! Stay iconic.
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Tumblr media
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