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#black-billed magpie

While fleshing a coyote hide last year, I had some very nosy visitors. I threw the pieces over the fence for them so they would stay out of my yard and stop upsetting my dogs. 

Black-billed magpies (Pica hudsonia) are a US native corvid, related to crows, ravens, and jays. Their striking plumage is instantly recognizable and their long, trailing tail makes it easy to spot them in flight. They may look like they’re black and white, but the black feathers are actually iridescent! Look how they shine green and blue in the sun.

Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

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Aaaaaah, magpie eggs, why you stress me out so baaaad? I just want you to hatch.

Looks like out of the five* I rescued, three may hatch. According to my Science timeline, they should be hatching between now, and Friday.

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