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#blackberry cookie

I had a breakdown last night and made some shitty memes to cope

What do half of these even mean? Good question

Oh and there’s more too but I’m only gonna post 4 rn JSHSJHDSG

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I don’t think I ever posted the other ones I did a while back but have Blackberry’s au relationship chart waaaaa

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A continuation of The Gang™ in moments of Markiplier’s Phasmophobia videos

I didn’t take the phrases word for word but it’s close enough :3

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RIP Croissant…

@new-years-nuggie suggested that I draw The Gang™ in Phasmophobia moments from Markiplier’s videos, and I was like “Oh hell yeah”, so here we are.

I really enjoy doing drawings like these, they’re not as clean as my usual, but it’s nice. :)

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Adventurer: I’ve done a lot of dumb stuff.

Truffle: I witnessed the dumb stuff.

Popcorn: I recorded the dumb stuff.

Muscle: I joined you in the dumb stuff.


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Quick doodles of The Gang™ in the situations my friends and I were in during yesterday’s stream that can’t be found because I didn’t know that saving my VODs wasn’t a default thing. ;w;

Horror games scare the shit out of me, but there’s nothing more that I love than playing Phasmophobia with my gang.

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Well im not sure how to just *start* a new art blog but hi!!! My name is Ciarah/Tsuyu and I do a lot of cookie run fanart! ✨

I want my first proper post to be my self insert OC Black Cat Cookie! I am a very recent digital artist so I only have these traditional drawings of her but if I get encouragement id love to draw her more! :3

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Oh look, more canon chars in Reaper High


Now The Gang™ can go to school together!

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This started off as a silly idea in my head but now I can’t unsee it so here we go

Meet The Gang™, a group of Cookies that no one would think of pairing together. These four are always up to something, be it repairing Croissant’s timecraft that they accidentally crashed, helping Blackberry clean the mansion, or running away from a ghost they’re trying to identify.

21 notes

Where their powers are still the same, leading to Blackberry getting help from ghosts to evade Adventurer and find treasures while Adventurer significantly struggles to keep pace

Adventurer still having a keen sense on where Blackberry is (that’s what helps him evade her after all) and she keeps getting startled and starts to suspect the ghosts are helping him

Adventurer finally realizing how big the mansion really is and understands how lonely it can get just being there alone (bonus: can’t see ghosts, ends up ignoring Onion if you wanna angst it more)

Where their powers swap along with their roles, Adventurer having to become accustom to ghosts’ constant input on everything but also their unasked for assistance (that’d be a whole event since he doesn’t believe in ghosts)

^ Additionally, Blackberry having to get used to being properly alone for the first time in forever and deal with the silence in ruins and dungeons, without having her ghost pals to fall back on to help her feel more secure

Adventurer learning Blackberry has much more physical prowess than he assumed, and the added rope skill just makes it that much more obvious to him

Blackberry having to address her own wounds, finally learning first-hand how Adventurer gets so many scars in so little time

Adventurer shaving to “fit the part” and Blackberry poking fun at him

Adventurer saving Blackberry’s life, genuinely shocking the both of them due to it but for very different reasons

Adding to above, Adventurer saving her from falling, arrow traps, poison, or laced darts. Either with him tackling/pushing her out of the way, pinning her, and/or sacrificing himself in the process

Adventurer seeing Blackberry “dress down” for the first time in his life due to her going on an ‘adventure’ in his place

Where they decide to swap clothes as well as roles, Adventure learns he either loves the hoop-skirt or loathes it entirely as Blackberry struggles with the cowboy hat while running and jumping

Where despite their swapped roles, Adventurer still manages to get into trouble and Blackberry arrives to save the day

15 notes

Not once would I have ever conceived the idea of Onion running off with Adventurer instead of being stuck where the ghosts and spiders are, until now.

Hope Blackberry’s prepared for two runaways instead of one…

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Orange: Adventurer, do you ever say romantic things to Blackberry?

Gingerbrave: Oh! One time, he stared deep into her eyes and she said, “What?” And he said, “You’ve got an eye booger.”

*Adventurer and Blackberry turned around and angrily glared at both of them*

Gingerbrave: Moving on.

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