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Pairing: Android!Erik x Black!Female Reader

Warnings: Language (chapter is short)


You and Erik lay in bed together. His arms were wrapped around you as you laid in between his legs.

“Erik, I have a question” you look up at him.

“Wussup” he looks down at you.

“A few questions actually…first, are you fertile? Can I get pregnant by you?”

Erik laughs.

“I’m sorry” he apologizes while still laughing.

“No I’m not fertile. If you haven’t noticed, I’m not a human. There are components of me that are human like, like my dick for example. But I don’t actually produce fertile cum. We good” he smiled and kissed the top of your head.

“Okay…well how long will you be alive?”

“Forever. Unless you shut me down”

“How do I—“

“I don’t fucking know. Next question” his mood changed with a quickness.

“Do you have emotions like a human? Do you cry?”

“You added emotions to me, for whatever reason. Yes, I can cry and get angry”

“I added emotions because I wanted to share something with you…”


“I’m pregnant…” you bite your bottom lip nervously.

“Pregnant? Wow. From the nigga before?”

“Yes…it’s hard for me to talk about. But he died before I could tell him that we were having a baby…” you wipe a stray tear from your eye and snuggle back into Eriks chest.

“Hm. So we’re having a baby then? I hate kids but we’ll make it work”

“You hate kids? How do you even know that?”

“I just do” he shrugs.

“Do you sleep?”

“Nah. I can’t get tired”

“So what will you do during the night?”

“Watch you, I guess. I want to ask you something”

“Okay” you sit up to give him your full undivided attention.

“You said I can’t go outside cause people will recognize me. Maybe we should just move”

You raise your eyebrows at him, confused. This robot nigga expected you to up and move? You just bought this house.

“No…I couldn’t do that. Me and Erik just bought this house—“

“I’m trying to be nice but you’re making it hard” he smiles with clear anger in his eyes. I don’t want to live in this house and I don’t want to be stuck in this house for the rest of my fucking life. List this bitch or I will” Erik pushes you away before he gets out of bed to walk into the bathroom.


You wake up the next morning and see a bouquet of roses and a note next to you.

Smiling, you sit up sore. You walk into the bathroom and look in the mirror seeing bite marks, hickies, and bruises on your body.

“What the fuck” you whisper to yourself.

“Good morning” Eriks voice scares the shit out of you causing you to jump.

“What the fuck Erik!? I have a doctors appointment today!”

“You mad? You wasn’t mad last night”

“Erik, I don’t even remember last night. You do know I’m pregnant right?”

“Yea, you told me” he brushed his teeth.

“Okay so you know that we can’t have rough sex like that…”

“Okay” he rinses his mouth with mouthwash and exits the bathroom.

“Erik! I’m serious!”

“I heard you Y/N. Also, I listed the house. Took my own pictures and shit. It looks good” he swiped deodorant under his arms and pulled a white T-shirt over his head before sliding into a pair of light wash destroyed denim jeans. He put on a gold cross necklace, gold slugs in his mouth and a gold Rolex on his wrist.

“Erik, I need you to slow down. I never agreed to sell this house” you sit on the bed and watch him get dressed.

“You ain’t have to” he shrugs and puts on a pair of white socks then pulls on his all white forces. He looked really cute. You couldn’t even lie. His fresh fade, facial hair low. The small diamonds in his ears. Erik from before definitely didn’t dress like this. He always dressed business casual.

“Get dressed so we can go” he sprays on some new cologne and looks at you.

“Where are we going?”

“Your appointment”


“Don’t fight me on this. It’s my baby, I’m going”

“But Erik, my doctor knows Erik-you-Erik. She knows. If she sees you—“


You get dressed and Erik leaves the room.

About 20 minutes later, you begin walking downstairs when you hear Erik laughing with someone. You step into the living room to see your parents standing there. Your mouth falls open.

“Mom? Dad? I swear I can explain”

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Pairing: Erik x Black!Female Reader

Warnings: Fluff? Death

A/N: Chapters are short on purpose to build anticipation.

Part Two


You and Erik were newlyweds. Only two months into your marriage and you were both still madly in love with one another. He was an amazing husband, friend, and soon to be father. You hadn’t told him yet, but you were a few weeks pregnant. You decided to wait until after you both move into your brand new home that you purchased before the wedding. The beautiful five bedroom, four and a half bathroom home sat on three acres of land. Erik wanted to be out of the city stating that after a long day at work, he wanted to come home to peace and quiet. You agreed and here you both were, unpacking boxes and setting up your new furniture.

“Baby! Why you buy this ugly ass couch?” Erik called from the living room. You were in the kitchen putting away the white dishes that you spotted at Pottery Barn. Erik thought it was ridiculous that you would spend over $200 on a 6 set of plain ass dishes.

“Stop talking about my couch! I love that emerald green. Plus it’s velvet. Think of all the hot sex we’ll have on it” you say walking into the living room to see him sitting in a sea of bubble wrap.

“If you say so. It’s still ugly as fuck” he flips the couch upright and stands back to look at it.

“Still ugly” you both laugh. He wraps his arm around your waist and kisses the side of your head.


Dinner was takeout. You were both too tired to cook. And for once, you were both too tired to have sex. After getting into bed, Erik snuggled up behind you and wrapped his arms around your body.

“You know I love you right? You’re the best thing to ever happen to me” he whispered into your ear.

“I love you too baby. So much” you say back.


You wake up the next morning. Windows open, fresh air blowing throughout your master bedroom, sheer curtains blowing in the wind. You smile as the sun kisses your smooth brown skin as you stretch out. Noticing Erik is gone because he went to work, you climb out of bed to get your day started. You were an online teacher/tutor and worked whenever you felt like it. In your free time you enjoyed drawing and painting.

You walk downstairs to see coffee was already made and a cute sticky note on the counter.

“I love you beautiful. I’ll see you after work”

You smile as you stick the note back onto the white marble countertop. Pouring yourself a small cup of black coffee, you carry it back upstairs to your office area. You work for maybe two hours when there’s a knock at the front door. You pull out your cellphone to look at the security camera. Two police officers. You raise your eyebrows confused and get up to answer the door.

“Hi officers. Can I help you?” You ask, palms sweaty and heart beating fast.

“Ma’am, are you Mrs. Stevens?” The female officer asks.

“Y-yes? What’s this about?” Your voice was shaky.

“Ma’am…your husband Erik, he was involved in a fatal accident this morning. He was pronounced dead upon arrival….” her voice faded out and your entire world turned upside down. Everything around you was blurry and the sound was distorted.

@wisenerdcreator @btitannaaa @ladymac82 @thehomierobbstark @msreshel-blog @dangerous-history @scrumptiouslytenaciouscrusade @toniilaney @mygirlrenee @mikesteel20 @genuinedonnie @skylahb @hippiesandpeacesigns @seyven89 @browngirldominion @fd-writes @woahthatshitfat @myakai13 @sambucky8 @luvwitoutlimit1 @momobaby227 @blackpinup22 @nahimjustfeelingit-writes @mo0nchxld @therealmrsrhodes @naysianaee @afriicanhoe

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This chapter contains mostly flashbacks/backstory. Hopefully you understand them/the timeline. (Typos?) 

Warnings; Language

Pairing: a Erik x Black!Female Reader
A/N: The next chapter will focus on Italy and hopefully there will only be one chapter after that to end this request. I loved writing this ❤️

Musical Inspiration: I Remember - Keyshia Cole 😭


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Warnings; Smut, language, use of N-word. 
Pairing; Erik x Black!FemaleReader

Words; 8,870 

Musical Inspiration: Touch & Go - Tinashe, 6LACK 

A/N: I feel like this went completely off topic but hopefully you like it ❤️ (Excuse any typos) 


It was a warm summer Friday night, the tall palm trees swayed in the wind. The sky was painted a deep pink and orange with hints of blue and white. Laughter filled the air and music, Tory Lanez - The New Toronto 3 album blared though the Bluetooth speakers set up outside. The young group of friends were lounging around the pool drinking, smoking, and playing spades.

The group consisted of singles and couples. All met in Elementry and middle school, and went to different colleges. Now being adults, they each had their own lives and families to tend to.

Y/N and Erik were both single. Erik had recently gotten out of a three year relationship leaving him cold. He invested so much into that relationship just to find out she cheated on him with one of his old college buddies and ended up pregnant. It was a mess. He reverted back to his old fuck boy ways not giving a shit who he hurt in the process.

Sterling and his girlfriend Sienna.

Chad and his girlfriend Victoria.

Frank and his girlfriend Dionne.

Tre and his girlfriend Ashley.

Everyone except Victoria and Ashley, grew up together. They were super close and did everything together. They promised that no matter what happened in life, they would always be there for one another. That’s why they decided to hang out as a group at least three times a month. Tonight, they were at Eriks home.

“Yo! I’m running to the liquor store! If y’all niggas need something let a nigga know before I go!” Erik yelled out to the rowdy group of twenty somethings. He walked back into his house that he had built from the ground up after college. It was one of his proudest accomplishments. That and his 2020 Ferrari SF90 Stradale. Being an Engineer brought in decent money and since he was a bachelor, why not splurge a little.

“Hey…can I go?” Y/N asked softly. She stepped inside through the French doors. She was in a provocative olive green two piece thong bathing suit. Erik hated to admit it but he couldn’t keep his eyes off her all night. It was especially hard since he always looked at her like a little sister. Erik was four years older than her. Tonight though, her curves were on full display not to mention she was dripping wet. Erik noticed a small hip tattoo she had. He’d never seen it before.

“Of course. You changing though, right?” He pointed at her.

“Duh” she giggled and walked past him. Hips swaying and ass bouncing slightly. He squeezed his eyes shut to keep himself from looking. Him and Y/N flirted often, even when he was in a relationship. They chucked it up as their long history, mutual likings, and chemistry. It always rubbed his ex the wrong way. She thought Erik was way too close to Y/N for her liking. One reason she cheated.

“Hey. I have to ask you something” Y/N said turning around to face Erik.

“Wussup?” He played with his car keys.

“Follow me” she walked up the stairs to one of the many spare bedrooms that Erik was letting his friends stay in while they visited. As hard as it was, he kept his eyes on his black and white Jordan 1’s and off her soft looking ass. She had to have been teasing him on purpose. What was the point of wearing a thong? He’d thought. Just swim naked. Shit.

Erik followed Y/N into her bedroom that she would be using for the next couple of days and stepped inside.

“Shut the door please, so I can get dressed” she motioned and grabbed her overnight bag to pick out some black biker shorts and an oversized Sailor Moon T-shirt she got from Hot Topic a while ago.

Erik shut the door and leaned up against it with his legs in a wide stance and arms folded over his large muscular chest.

“Wussup Y/N? Why you got me up here?” Erik asked with slight annoyance in his deep baritone voice. He wanted to grab more Hennessy and some wraps to come back home and chill.

“So I haven’t told anyone yet and since you’re my best friend, I figured I’d tell you first…” she bit her lip and pulled her phone from the nightstand and unlocked it, scrolling through messages, she pulled up a thread and showed it to Erik. His eyes scanned the messages quickly before he clicked the phone off and handed it back to her.

“Okay?” He said shrugging his shoulders.

“O-okay? That’s it? That’s all you have to say?” She stood up and was about to pull her soaked bottoms off. “Turn around or close your eyes!” She fussed at him.

Erik sucked his teeth and turned around.

“The fuck you want me to say?” He grumbled.

“Should I move in with him or not!? Damn!” She slurred and walked up to him and tapped him on the shoulder. “Can you untie me please?” He turned around and she looked up at him with those big doe eyes. His eyes met hers and she turned around so he could undo her swim top. The sides fell but she caught it from falling to the ground. She had a strong grip on the top and kept her back to Erik so she could quickly switch into her Sailor Moon shirt.

“No bra?” Erik raised his brow in confusion.

“Nope. I like letting my titties breathe”

Erik scoffed and went to grab the door handle when Y/N yelled to him.

“Wait! Should I move in or not?” She asked again and slid her wrinkly toes into her fluffy UGG slippers.

“How long you been knowing this nigga?” Erik asked simply to please her. He didn’t give a fuck about her personal life. Yes, they were best friends but Erik was still being a big ass baby. His previous relationship ended two weeks ago. He was still fucked up. He had plenty of opportunities to cheat on her but he didn’t. Now he regretted it. He had the opportunity to sleep with her sister and didn’t. Now he wished he did. Stupid bitch.

“Hmm. A year. We met at work”

“He ever take you out?”

“Yes. A lot”

“Do what you want Y/N. Why you askin’ me?”

“Because I value your opinion. You know me…”

“Aight” is all he said. Y/N scoffed and followed Erik out to his car. He chose the black Tesla Model Y from his garage. They both climbed in and Do The Most by Tory Lanez Damn near made Y/N deaf. She couldn’t figure out how to turn it down since she wasn’t familiar with Tesla. It was far too futuristic for her liking.

“TURN IT DOWN!” She yelled. Erik hit a button and the music cut off.

“Damn! I enjoy my hearing, thank you”

Erik sucked his teeth. Something he did often. It was that big man baby ass attitude he constantly had.

“You sure do love Tory. Always listening to his music. Talking about him…” Y/N grinned at Erik trying to hold in a laugh.

“Chill on that Y/N” he rolled his eyes and turned the music back up to full volume.

They jumped on the highway. Windows down. Air filling the car. Y/N looked at Erik. She observed how he sung his heart out like he was feeling the words of the music. How he bobbed his head. Dreads moving. How his dimples showed. His left hand gripped the steering wheel and his right hand rested on his thigh. He swayed his legs.

“The fuck you lookin’ at?” Erik looked over with a scowl on his face.

“What did I do to you? Why you being so damn mean all of a sudden?”

He shrugged and focused back on the road.

“Don’t this car drive by itself?”


“So why are you driving? Why not let it drive for you?”

“Cause I don’t want to let it drive for me”

“Then why’d you buy it?”

“You gon question me all night?” He clearly had an attitude. Y/N sensed it.

“Sorry…” she turned in her seat to look out the window. Erik peeked over and placed his hand on her thick thigh. He rubbed his hand over her smooth skin. He didn’t even apologize but Y/N knew this was his way of apologizing.

They arrived at this large liquor store that was an old warehouse. They had the best selection of alcohol which is why Erik always drove out this way. Erik climbed out and quickly walked around to open Y/N’s door. She looked up at him and smiled.

“Thank you”

Erik nodded and walked to open the store door for her. They walked into the crowded building. They looked around and Y/N grabbed some tequila and fruity drinks. Erik twisted his face up at her choices. He loved dark liquor. Hennessy, Crown, D’usse, 1942 on occasion. He loaded his cart up with it all. They walked towards the line and waited.

Y/N stood next to Erik with her legs crossed and bouncing on her heels.

“The fuck is wrong with you?” Erik asked with an eye roll.

“I have to peeee” she whispered loudly.

Erik sucked his teeth.

“I’m sorry I’m inconveniencing you” she said sarcastically.

“I didn’t say all that. I just don’t think they got a bathroom in here” Erik looked around but didn’t see a sign.

“Erik I’m going to pee on myself” she whined like a child.

“Nobody told yo ass to drink all that shit”

“Okay, daddy” she rolled her eyes.

“Keep playin’ with me and watch” he warned.

“Mhmm. Aight” she toyed with him.

Erik abandoned the cart full of liquor and grabbed Y/N’s arm hard. She winced in pain and followed him with fast feet as he led her to a dark alley on the side of the building. He stood in front of her and pulled her shorts and thong down.

“What the f—“

“Pee! Hurry the fuck up” he looked around to make sure she had privacy. When he didn’t hear anything he looked at her.

“What are you waiting for?”

“I can’t…you’re looking” she said quietly.

Erik grunted and let out a frustrated sigh.

“Y/N, let’s not do this. You act like I haven’t seen you naked. You tease me all the fucking time. Lifting your shirt up and showing me your nipple rings. Sitting on my lap with no panties on. Rubbing your feet on my dick. Shit…getting on your knees in front of me earlier today” that last memory had Erik’s dick twitching. Y/N and the girls were taking shots acting crazy like always. Each guy had a bottle of liquor and the women were on their knees in front of them. Since Y/N and Erik were both single, they teamed up. Erik looked down into Y/N’s sweet innocent eyes as he poured Hennessy into her mouth to the hilt. The way her lip poked out and the way her breasts looked from up top had him wishing she was on her knees for other reasons. This behavior wasn’t anything new. Erik is the one who initiated the flirting in the very beginning. It started with him touching her places that had her quivering. Her upper thigh, lower back, right under her ass, her hips. He did that shit on purpose. He knew he had control over her body even without them ever having sex. Erik wished he was the one who took her virginity but she gave it up to some nigga in college who didn’t deserve it. They flirted heavily with one another and their group of friends took notice.

“Girl! Just fuck him! One time” Dionne encouraged her. She sensed the sexual frustration between her two friends.

“He HAS a girlfriend. I can’t do that” Y/N argued back.

“So? He clearly doesn’t want her. He’s always around you. We all see how he treats you, how he speaks to you, how he cares for you, how he looks at you, how he touches you…he wants you girl. Give him a chance”

Except Y/N never did. She enjoyed her friendship with Erik. She didn’t want sex to ruin their friendship. She would never forgive herself. Instead, she opted to flirt back with him. Wearing skimpy and see through clothes on purpose. She got her nipples pierced because Erik told her he thought girls with their nipples pierced were sexy. She would dance on him when they went to parties. He never invited his girlfriend. He instead would go with Y/N and their friends. One night, she didn’t have panties on and was wearing a short plaid skirt. She leaned over and popped her round ass on Erik as he drank his favorite Hennessy. Her ass rubbed on his dick and he liked it. Girlfriend or not. His dick got hard as iron in between her cheeks. He tried to calm himself but he couldn’t. He wanted her. He needed her. Y/N could feel his dick and liked it. She continued her antics and lifted her skirt around her waist showing him her smooth fat pussy lips. Erik hissed and palmed his erection. His dick was pushing its way from his jeans. It needed to be freed. Sterling and Frank leaned over and snuck a peek.

Wooooo! You hittin’ that shit?” Sterling asked.

“Goddamn that shit fat though E” Frank peeked then looked away quickly before Erik could cuss him out.

“Man shut fuck up!” Erik cussed them both out and pulled Y/N’s skirt back down.

“Stand the fuck up yo!” Erik fussed at Y/N and pulled her arm back. She was confused but did as she was told.

“I thought you liked it?” She asked with such sweet innocence. She was tipsy and dizzy.

“Not with niggas over here lookin’ and shit” Erik pulled Y/N into his lap and she sat there grinding on his lap as she swayed to the music.

“Okay? But I don’t want you to see me pee. What if I accidentally take a shit?” She giggled.

“See. You need to stop drinking. Pee before I make yo ass!”

“Make me?” She bit her acrylic nail and Erik snorted.

“Let’s go Y/N! I got an eighth of Trainwreck at home and I would love to be as high as shit right now”

“Fine” she pouted.

Erik stood up against the opposite brick wall and watched her closely. He didn’t want to seem like a weirdo but he wanted to see her pussy. That party three years ago was the last time he seen it.  

“Stop fucking looking!” She yelled at him. His eyes quickly diverted to the left and right of him to watch their surroundings. He looked up when he finally heard her relieve herself.

“Ahhh. That feels so good. Why do you pee so much when you drink?” She asked.

“Alcohol runs through you fast” Erik said without looking at her.

“Erik!” She whispered loudly. “I need tissue!”

“And where am I supposed to find some?”

“Your car?” She suggested with a shrug of her shoulders. Erik looked at her and seen she was squatting with her legs wide open. His dick jumped. He could see her pink all wet and winking at him.


“Aight I’ll be right back” he ran off to his car and checked to find fast food napkins maybe. He luckily found two white McDonald’s napkins in his glove compartment and ran them back to her. She took them and thank him. Wiped and threw the napkins away properly in the trashcans.

“Nasty ass” Erik looked at her with a disgusted look.

“You literally told me to pee out here” she defended herself.

“Go to my car and use my hand sanitizer. I’ll buy the alcohol and be right back out” he unlocked his Tesla and Y/N climbed in to wait for Erik.

“Yes daddy” she said to herself. She reached into her shorts and touched her throbbing clit. The way his hungry eyes looked at her when she was squatting. The way he spoke to her like he was her dad(dy) had her wetting her thong and shorts. Thank god they were black. She played with herself till she heard the back door open. Erik was placing the bags full of glass onto the floor of his car carefully. He shut the door and climbed into the drivers seat.

“What you in here doing?” Erik asked looking over at her. He squirt some sanitizer into his rough hands and waited for her to answer.

“Nothing. Just thinking” she lied.

“Uh-hu” Erik didn’t believe her. Besides, he stood far off and could see her playing with herself through the window. His dick wanted to replace her beautiful fingers. She turned him down so many times in the past, he already knew she wouldn’t agree to it. Not even if someone paid her. She made it clear that she wanted to remain friends. He respected that. He respected her.

Y/N sucked her teeth.

“Whatever” she said low.

Girl where are y’all!? We are waiting on y’all so we can play some games! - Sienna

“Sienna just sent me a text. She said hurry up so we can play games”

Erik clicked the navigation on so they could get home. Y/N watched in amazement.

“You ever let this car drive you while you fuck in the front seat?”

“Nah. Sounds like an idea though. You wanna test it out with me?” Erik smirked at her. And like clockwork, Y/N shot him down.

“No thanks”

Erik sucked his teeth.

“Why you always playin’ hard to get? I know you want me to give you this magical dick. I wanna see those pouty lips spread across my chocolate dick. I want you to hold my dick in your mouth for hours till your jaw gets tired and you drooling. Shit…I’ll stop” he changed his mind and decided to drive himself instead of letting the car do it. Y/N sat there with soaked panties. She couldn’t have sex with Erik even though she wanted to. She couldn’t ruin her friendship. But the way he was talking, she thought maybe it would be worth it. Just once. Just like Dionne said.


“So what we playin’?” Erik asked refilling his cup with D’usse. His silk white Versace short sleeve shirt was unbuttoned and showed his chiseled chest. Y/N decided she’d get back into her bathing suit and swim some more with her girls.

“Sexy truth or dare” Dionne said. She walked into the kitchen with Erik wearing a tight two piece thong bathing suit that looked like it was uncomfortable and too small. It looked good on her since she was hella curvy with a nice juicy ass. Her skin was smooth dark brown and she had a big natural fro but since being in the water, her hair was touching her lower back. Erik snuck a few glances but Erik wasn’t trying to disrespect Frank by checking out his girlfriend even though Frank seen Y/N’s pussy.

“What kind of shit y’all on tonight?” Erik took a sip of his drink.

“I guess we’ll see” she said and winked at him before retreating to his large back patio.

Just as Erik was walking out, Y/N walked in. She ignored Eriks presence and poured herself a cup of Nuvo.

“What?” She asked under her breath with an attitude.

“Why you actin’ like that? Something happen?” Erik was offended that she had an attitude.

“No” she looked at him over the rim of her cup as she drank her alcohol.

“Aight. You playin’ this sexy truth or dare?”

“Yea I’ll be out in a minute” Erik walked outside and Y/N walked upstairs to return a text in peace.

She stared at her phone with sadness washing over her. Just a few weeks ago, a guy she had been talking to for a few months, Lawrence, had asked her to move in. She said she’d think about it. Everything was going great between them. He asked her out about a week ago and Y/N said yes. She dated him secretly because she didn’t want to curse the relationship. This was new for her.

I can’t do this anymore - Lawrence

She had no clue how to respond. What happened? What did she do from then till now that had him recanting his ask? She wanted to cry but didn’t want to ruin her night. She was with people who loved her and she wanted to forget Lawrence’s bitch ass. But of course, she had to send him a text.

What did I do? - Y/N

He text back immediately with a picture from Instagram. In the picture, Erik was standing over her holding a bottle of Hennessy. Y/N was down on her knees in her thong bikini, ass all out and wet. Her hands were on his thighs as he poured liquor into her wide open mouth.

Then there was the video.

“Oh so that’s how you like it baby?” Erik asked grabbing her neck. Y/N and Erik knew they were just playing and flirting per usual but apparently Lawrence didn’t see it that way. Rightfully so because if the roles were reversed, Y/N would kill Lawrence.

“Yes. Fill my mouth up” Y/N licked her lips. That’s where the video ended. Sterling was the one who recorded it. He recorded everyone including himself. She felt bad and decided to call Lawrence to explain.

“Hello?” His voice was deep.

“Lawrence I’m sorry—“

“Save that shit Y/N! You out here being a hoe on Instagram and shit! Embarrassing me! Why would you even think that behavior is appropriate? Especially being in a relationship?”

“Lawrence these are my friends. That’s how we play around. I’m sorry—“

“No. If I did what you did, with one of my friends, you’d be pissed off too! You should have just sucked his dick. Looked like you wanted to”


“Don’t call me again. I’m so fucking glad you showed me your true self before we moved in together” he hung up and Y/N sat there sad and on the verge of crying. She considered getting drunk again.

Sienna and Dionne knocked on the door and walked inside.

“Girl are you coming outside? We’re waiting on you. The guys are all smoking and we need you” both women hugged Y/N.

“Yea. I’m sorry” Y/N wiped her eyes and took a deep breath.

“What’s wrong?” Sienna asked wiping Y/N’s tears with her thumb.

“Umm. Well I was dating this guy for a week. We met at work…he asked me to move in and I was thinking about it. Well he just text me that he was done with me. Apparently he seen a video of me and Erik tonight that he didn’t like”

“Damn. So you was dating someone? I’m sorry baby. If I knew I wouldn’t have suggested we even do anything like that. I figured you and Erik liked each other. Y’all been flirting a lot more lately and I just wanted to push y’all closer together”

“Man FUCK that bitch ass nigga!” Dionne said with zero compassion. “I don’t give a fuck about no cry baby nigga. I KNOW he doesn’t look at you, touch you, care about you or worry about you, shit, even love you the way Erik does. Why are you fighting the inevitable and pushing Erik away. He told me how you keep playing with him like you aren’t interested. Are you interested or not?”

“Dionne, I can’t fuck up my friendship with Erik for some dick. He doesn’t want a relationship, he wants sex. It’s not worth it to me”

“How do you know? Have you asked him?” Sienna asked.

“Well…no. But y’all seen how he’s been acting since him and his ex broke up. He’s constantly in and out of clubs, fucking multiple women. I’m not interested”

“He loves you Y/N. Even if just as a friend, he loves you. Talk to him” Sienna said.


“Damn! Took y’all long enough. Weed almost gone and shit” Tre said glancing at the three girls rejoining the group. Sienna sat on Sterling’s lap. Dionne sat in between Franks legs. Ashley sat next to Tre and his arm was wrapped around her waist. Chad and Victoria shared a lounge chair. Erik sat alone on the swing. Blunt in one hand and glass of D’usse in the other. He looked at Y/N and motioned with his head for her to join him. She smiled weakly and sat beside him.

“You good?” He asked with genuine concern.

“I’m okay” she lied.

“Lyin’ ass” he kissed her temple.

“OKAY we’re playing SEXY TRUTH OR DARE” Victoria was explaining the game very loudly. “Anything goes. As long as everyone agrees and consents”

Everyone agreed and consented to whatever.

Sienna raised her hand.

“Anything goes meaning what?”

“If I dare you to kiss Chad, then either you do or don’t”

“Why would I want to kiss Chad’s bitch ass?” Dionne yelled and everyone laughed.

“This about to be one big ass orgy” Frank joked.

“I ain’t fucking no white bitches. I’m good” Erik spoke up. That threw Victoria and Ashley out the orgy.

“Shut up nigga” Tre and Chad both said.

“Y’all like that weak shit, I’m good” Erik defended his statement.

“Nigga, pussy is pussy at the end of the day” Tre said.

“Yea you might be right but I’m good” Erik passed the blunt to Y/N and she took it. Babysat it.

“I’m literally standing right here” Victoria said with an attitude.

“Okay?” Erik got up to refill his glass.

“Look, don’t get Hotep Erik started. I’m trying to enjoy my night” Dionne complained.

“Aww shit” everyone groaned.

“Don’t get mad at me because I’m trying to enlighten my brothers and sisters. I love Victoria and Ashley, y’all keep my niggas happy…That’s it” he continued filling his glass.

“So what are you saying?” Ashley spoke up.

“I’m saying…” he mocked her voice earning giggles from Sienna, Dionne and Y/N. “…these niggas ain’t about to marry y’all. You’d be crazy to even think they are” Erik sat back down with Y/N and pulled her into his lap.

“ENOUGH! I’m tired of hearing this shit. Sexy truth or dare let’s go!” Dionne yelled.

The group sat closer to one another. They each sat around the large fire pit that Erik had. They were lucky that he enjoyed comfort because he had five personal couches for the couples.

“We’re sharing?” Y/N asked Erik.

“We don’t have to. I can sit on the ground if you want me to?” Erik said.

“No it’s okay I guess” she said low.

“You cold? Aye if y’all cold I got blankets y’all can use” Erik threw one blanket to each couple.

“You wanna share a blanket or have two separate ones?” He asked Y/N.

“We can share” she moved over so Erik could sit next to her comfortably.

“I’m starting” Chad said. “Dionne, truth or dare?”

“Dare” she said confidently.

“I dare you to strip naked and run around the pool”

Frank looked at Chad like he was crazy but remembered that they were all friends and it’s not like they hadn’t seen each other naked. Back in high school they used to skinny dip in a lake by their high school. Then in college they all took a trip to Spain and stumbled across a nude beach. They stayed and surprisingly had a good time.

Dionne gave him the finger and took her bikini off. It made Ashley and Victoria jealous and they both looked at their men to make sure they weren’t turned on by her beauty. They were men so of course they looked and enjoyed the view but they were friends, they wouldn’t try anything with her. Dionne took a few laps around the long pool and even jumped in.

“You sure you good? You not actin’ like yourself” Erik whispered to Y/N who looked to be lost in deep thought.

“I’m okay. I’m sorry—“

“Why you apologizing?”

“I-I don’t know” she looked up at him with sad eyes. He pulled her towards him and kissed her forehead.

“Damn babe. You look good as fuck” Frank pulled Dionne into his lap and wrapped a towel around her.

“This nigga Chad!” Dionne glared at him. “I dare you—“

“You have to ask me truth or dare. You can’t pick it for me”

“Truth or dare, nigga?”

“Truth” he said smiling.

“Fuck you” she gave him the finger again.

“Y’all niggas crazy” Tre laughed.

“Okay pussy Chad, is it True that you cheated on Victoria…with a black chick…recently?” All eyes fell on Chad and he rolled his eyes at something he told Dionne in confidence.

“Really D? This what we doing?” Chad asked leaning forward.

“Answer the question. You been on my ass all day. Payback is a bitch” she laughed.

“You wanna talk about it?” Erik blew smoke in the air not giving a fuck about the drama happening around him. He just wanted to make sure Y/N was good. He hated seeing her upset. He hated seeing her cry.


“ARE YOU SERIOUS CHAD!?” Victoria yelled. The drama had Erik and Y/N’s attention along with everyone else.

“Baby, listen. I can explain” he pleaded.

“Wow! I’m done!” She stomped off and Chad ran after her. Dionne was holding her side from laughing so hard. Frank pinched her arm hard for her to shut up.

“Y’all niggas wylin tonight” Erik laughed.

“That was fucked up Dionne” Ashley said defending her friend.

“Shh baby. Leave it alone” Tre said rubbing her thigh.

“Yea you better get her Tre. Trust me honey, you don’t want to be next” Dionne locked eyes with Ashley and Ashley looked at Tre confused.

“I’ll go” Erik spoke up loud enough for everyone to hear.

“Y/N, truth or dare?”


“Aight. I dare you to make Sienna cum”

Her eyes grew wide. Y/N shared stories with Erik about college days where Sienna helped Y/N explore her sexuality per request. She discovered that she liked both men and women and hooked up with a few women in the past. One being Sienna. It was just two friends helping each other release sexual frustrations. That was it.

“Erik—“ Y/N whispered.

“Shh. Do that shit. I know you want to. Make her cum and make my dick hard” he whispered into her ear and rubbed her chin with his thumb.

“Erik I can’t”

“Yes the fuck you can” he reassured her.

“Look, if you don’t feel comfortable, let me know”

Y/N looked at Sienna and Sterling. Sienna smiled sweetly. Y/N looked back at Erik then the rest of the group. By now, Chad has rejoined the group with an entire bottle of 1942.

“Don’t say shit to me” he pointed to Dionne.

“Aye! Don’t drink all my shit, nigga!” Erik yelled.

Y/N wasn’t necessarily nervous, she just wasn’t in the mood on account of her boyfriend breaking up with her.

“Awww shit!” Tre said when Y/N got up from her seat and walked towards Sienna. She was laying in Sterlings lap and spread her legs. Erik had the perfect view from his seat. His dick was already growing hard.

“It’s okay Y/N” Sienna calmed her.

“You don’t have to do this babe. I know you’re still upset about earlier”

“No it’s okay” Y/N said.

“I need to get my mind off him anyways” she ran her hands up and down Sienna’s legs. Sienna laughed and threw one leg over the couch. Y/N pulled her bikini bottoms off and tossed them to the ground. Sterling watched closely. Y/N ran her fingers up and down Sienna’s already wet lips. Sienna looked down and watched.

“Damn Sienna. You wet as fuck” Sterling said.

Sienna and Y/N laughed. Erik got up and sat on the edge of the couch to watch. Chad, Tre, Frank and Dionne walked over to watch as well. Y/N and Sienna weren’t used to an audience but Sienna loved to watch and be watched.

“Shit. Get all up in her shit babygirl” Erik said.

Y/N leaned in to kiss her lips. Running her tongue through her soft brown and pink lips. She slid her tongue inside and up to suck on her sensitive clit. It was poking out, begging to be sucked. Y/N took care of that. Her lips were wrapped around Sienna’s clit as she sucked on it like a pacifier. Sienna pulled her breasts from her top and pinched her nipples. Sterling rubbed her hair back and played with her other nipple.

“Ohh fuck!” Sienna moaned out.

“Eat my pussy baby. Eat that shit” she ran her fingers through Y/N’s hair. Y/N buried her face deep into Sienna’s phat pussy. Juices covered her face and dripped down her chin. Erik rubbed his erection through his jeans watching the action. He knew Y/N and Sienna were freaky. Hell, even Dionne. But to see it in person had him wanting to join in. Sienna had a pretty ass pussy on her.

“Mmm you taste so good on my tongue” Y/N said to Sienna. Sienna lifted her hips from the couch and rubbed her pussy on Y/N’s face.

“Just like that baby. Make me cum”

Ashley scoffed seeing Tre into the whole interaction and joined her friend in the kitchen.

“That’s right Y/N! Show these niggas how to eat pussy the right way” Dionne said playing with her own pussy. Frank noticed and pulled Dionne off to the side.

“You horny?” He asked.

“You’re not?”

“I am, that’s why I’m asking. Fuck you in the hot tub?” He suggested.

“Let’s go” she smiled and grabbed his hand to run to the hot tub.

“Oh my god! Baby I’m going to cum!” Sienna yelled.

“Cum in my mouth” Y/N said. She held Sienna’s pussy open with her thumbs and buried her tongue deep in her tight pink pussy. She flicked her tongue over her pink bud and Sienna let out an ear piercing scream. She squirted all over Y/N’s face and came on her tongue.

“Mmm fuck!”

Y/N sat up and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

“Thank you baby” Sienna got up to kiss her.

“I knew y’all bitches was gay!” Chad laughed and said in a joking way.

“Damn, and I knew you loved black women” Y/N shot back.

The group laughed and Erik pulled Y/N to the side.

“That was hot as fuck. You like eatin’ pussy?” He asked with his hand on her lower back. Her weak spot.

“Who doesn’t?” She smirked.

“Shit, I don’t even know” he laughed.

“I’m ready to go!” Victoria was crying up in her room.

“Me too. Let’s pack and leave. Tre is outside watching those hoes eat each other’s pussy. Disgusting!” Ashley rolled her eyes.

“Fuck them” both girls packed and called an Uber.

“Ohhh fuck!” Dionne rode Franks dick vigorously. She was horny and needed to cum quick.

“Shit, D. Slow down. You about to make me cum fast”

“So? I need to cum” she pushed his head back and sucked on his neck.

“Aye! What I say!? Chill” he grabbed her neck.

“You good baby?” Sterling asked Sienna.

“Yes” she smiled and cuddled up next to him on their couch.

“I’m sorry for what I did” Dionne said walking over to Chad.

“Yea…it’s all good. You right. I love black women. I’m not ashamed of it. I just haven’t found one that likes me for me”

“Okay so I’ll help you find one. Stop acting like a dick to me all the time. I love yo stupid ass” she hugged him.

“I love you too. Crazy ass” they both laughed.

“Where yo girl go?” Erik asked Tre.

“Who knows. Probably off crying somewhere” he shrugged.

“Wussup with you and Y/N?” Tre passed the blunt to Erik.

“What you mean?”

“Y’all been getting real close”

Erik shrugged.

“She’s my best friend. We been close”

“Yea but you always touching on her and flirting with her. You like her?”

“Not like that. We just friends. Besides, I just got out of a relationship. I’m not looking for anything right now”

“Mhm. Aight” Tre laughed.


The group refilled their drinks and sat back around the fire. Everyone except Ashley and Victoria who planned on leaving. That was fine with Tre and Chad. They liked being with their group of friends anyways.

“Aight I’m going” Tre said looking around.

“Erik, truth or dare?”

Erik thought for a moment. This could either be really bad or really good.

“Both” Erik said.

Dionne sucked her teeth.

“Extra ass nigga” she complained.

“Aight, Erik is it true you wanna fuck Y/N?”

Everyone looked at Erik then at Y/N. Y/N blushed. She knew Erik hinted at sex but she assumed they were playing around like always. Moment of truth.

“Yea. I do. I wanna fuck the shut outta her” Erik admitted with no regrets.

“Aww shit” the men all laughed.

“Aight. I got you” Tre nodded his head. “I dare you to fuck her. I dare you to fuck her so good that we can all hear”

The girls all clenched their thighs and looked at Y/N who was flustered.

“I can do that” he looked at Y/N. “You want that?”

“Umm” she looked down at her thighs. Her hands were shaking. Erik reached over and grabbed her hand softly to calm her.

“You can say no, it’s okay” he said so only she could hear.

“Can we talk?” She looked at him.

“Yea. Follow me” he stood up and took Y/N’s hand in his. “We’ll be right back” he told the group.

“Fuck her good, E” Sienna whispered.

Erik turned and winked at Sienna.


Y/N followed Erik up to his bedroom. It was large and dark. Masculine. It smelled like him. She sat on his soft bed and watched as Erik shut the door and placed his glass on a coaster on his dresser.

“Wussup?” He sat next to her on the bed.

“I’m sorry for being so distant…umm”

“Yo, chill. You can tell me anything” he rubbed her thigh.

“The message I showed you…he was my boyfriend. We’ve been dating for a week. He text me a few hours ago and broke up with me because he seen the video of you and me from earlier with you pouring Hennessy down my throat”

Erik was silent for a minute.

“I ain’t know you was dating anybody. My fault” he removed his hand from her thigh.

“It’s okay. We weren’t going to last anyways. He wasn’t…”

“Me?” Erik finished for her. Y/N looked at him and laughed.

“Exactly. He was the total opposite of you. He was a clean cut guy. Didn’t listen to trap music. Didn’t smoke or drink. He hated that I talked about you all the time”

“Fuck his bitch ass. He broke up with you over a text? He a pussy for that”

“Yea…” Y/N looked down at her feet.

“Aye” he grabbed her chin to make her look at him. “Fuck him. He ain’t deserve you anyways”


“Na. Ain’t no maybe. I’m telling you. What kind of nigga breaks up over text? He can’t call you or see you in person? He a bitch”

“Yea, you’re right” she looked at Erik with watery eyes.

“Stop crying” he pulled her into a hug, wrapping his big arms around her body. She gave in and rested her head on his chest. After maybe ten minutes, Y/N pulled away from Erik and got on her knees in front of Erik. He watched her to see what she was doing.

“Can I pretty please suck your dick?” She begged tugging on his pants.

“Y/N” he said like a moan. His dick was throbbing painfully.

“Please daddy. I really want to suck your dick” Y/N never really had the pleasure of seeing his dick. The only time she seen a peek of it was in high school during their skinny dip and their trip to Spain. In Spain, the group of guys hid their dicks per the request of Sienna and Dionne. They didn’t want no Spanish bitch trying to steal their chocolate men.

“Please Erik. I need this”

“You sure?” He palmed the back of her head.

“Yes…well I have a question”


“If we have sex, will it ruin our friendship? Because I can’t lose you”

“Why would it ruin our friendship? I’ll still be here for you. Like always” he kissed her forehead.

“What if I catch feelings for you? I know you aren’t looking for another relationship after being in one for three years”

“I mean…I don’t know? We’ll be okay. I’m not leaving you Y/N” he leaned down to kiss her. It was the first time they ever kissed. His juicy lips pressed into hers and Y/N immediately forgot about Lawrence. Erik didn’t want to scare her so he chose not to add tongue…just yet. Y/N pulled back and stared up at Erik.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

She shook her head.

“Nothing” She leaned back in and kissed him back, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling his dreads. She moaned into his mouth and slid her tongue into his mouth. Erik pulled her up into his lap and grabbed her soft ass.

“Mmm” she moaned and moved her hips wildly. She was really into the kiss. Erik broke the kiss and began kissing her neck. She tasted so good to him. He couldn’t believe that he was going to go the rest of his life without ever experiencing this.

“Hold on. Let’s take this slow. I wanna get to know your body” Erik said kissing her shoulders.

“Okay…sorry” she stopped moving.

“Stop apologizing” he flipped her onto her back. He hovered over her with both of his strong arms planted into the bed on either side of her body. They made eye contact. Erik studied her face. She was always beautiful to him but in this moment, she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

Y/N studied the veins that ran down Eriks arms. He definitely worked out. She reached up and ran her fingers down his arms.

“You’re beautiful” Erik whispered. Y/N blushed.

“Thank you” she smiled.

Erik leaned down to kiss her again. It was a soft, passionate kiss. Not rushed like when he was fucking a girl. This was different. He planned on making love to Y/N. She deserved that. She deserved the best.

“Follow my lead” he said up against her lips. She nodded her head.

Erik removed her swimsuit and looked at her fully naked body. She beautiful smooth skin. Soft breasts. Suckable nipples. Stretch marks on her thighs and hips. Her legs were also smooth like she just shaved. He ran his hands down her legs then back up to her thighs. He slid his hands under her to play with her soft ass again. It was like two marshmallows or two clouds in his hands. He looked at her smooth mound that rested in between her thick thighs. It was beautiful. Just like her. He ran his hands up her sides and kissed her belly button. Y/N enjoyed Erik touching her. He was familiarizing himself with her body. Something a lot of men didn’t take the time to do.

Erik pulled on her nipples gently and watched Y/N squirm under his soft touch.

“You like that?” He asked.

“Mhm. Yes” she rolled her eyes shut as Erik flicked his tongue over her hard nipple. He pulled it into his mouth and sucked on it with need. He wanted to please her and from the way her breathing changed and she was moaning, he was doing his job.

“What you want me to do? Tell me” he said in his deep, raspy voice.

“Lick my pussy? Please” she said like she was shy. She was shy. Her best friend was touching her naked body. Sucking on her breasts. It was a lot to take in.

“You want me to lick your pussy?” He smirked.

“Mhm. Yes please” she said in her low voice.

“Yes-What?” He flicked his fingers over her wet nipple. She loved the pain it caused her.

“Yes, daddy”

He raised his eyebrows at her.

“Yes daddy. I want you to lick my pussy really good. Make me cum daddy” she ran her fingers through his hair.

“Daddy will take care of you. I promise” he kissed her stomach before biting her softly. He ran his hands down her sides and pushed her legs apart. The noise her wet pussy made as he parted her legs made his dick stand straight out.

“Goddamn” he hissed. She was messy. Creamy. Just the way he liked.

“How long you been like this? Shit is messy as fuck” he slapped her pussy softly then did it harder. Y/N let out a whimper causing Erik to slap it harder. He loved the noises she made because of him.

“All day. Looking at you and seeing you made me like this. Then eating Sienna’s pussy made me really horny” she reached down and stuck two fingers into her wetness, moaning and rubbing her breasts.

“Stop that shit!” Erik slapped her hands away like she was touching something that didn’t belong to her.

“What?” Y/N looked at him confused.

“I said follow my lead. Nobody told yo fast ass to touch. Tonight, you belong to me. This body belongs to me. Imma make you cum, imma make you squirt. Don’t touch unless I tell you to. Don’t make me repeat myself again” he had his hand wrapped around her neck.

“Do you understand?”

“Yes daddy” she said with little difficulty.

“Good” he released his grip.

“Imma eat this pussy, you sit there like a good bitch and let me taste you”

“Yes daddy” she sat up on her elbows as she watched Erik dip his head in between her thighs. The moment his tongue touched her wet folds, she lost it. Twisting her body, gyrating her hips, moaning louder and louder.  She felt herself already about to cum. That’s how good Eriks tongue was. It hadn’t even been five minutes and she was already about to cum.

“Daddy-fuck! Erik! Shiiiiit!” She bucked her hips like a mad woman. Erik grabbed her hips tightly.

STOP fucking running! Take this shit!” He growled at her

“I can’t!” She tried pushing him away with her feet but Erik grabbed both her ankles and pushed them above her head.

“You CAN and you WILL”

Erik continued tongue fucking her good pussy and watched her unravel underneath him. He loved seeing her like this vulnerable. Nowhere to run.

“Fuuuck!” She yelled out loud. Erik knew the whole house heard it.

“IM CUMMING DADDY!!!!” She screamed at the top of her lungs. Erik wrapped his lips around her clit and sucked on it. Y/N lost all her morals at this point.

“N-NO! OOOOOOOO!” She yelled and came hard. It was the most amazing orgasm she ever experienced. Her cream ran from her pussy to her ass and onto Eriks bed. Erik used his pointed tongue to lap up her sweet juices. Y/N laid out on the bed completely spent. Didn’t even get the dick yet and his tongue wore her ass out. It made Erik laugh. He enjoyed the view but also enjoyed making her scream. He went back to eating her sweet pussy. Y/N didn’t have the energy to fight him off. Besides, she loved it.

Erik licked her pussy like she was his favorite flavor of ice cream. His tongue was covered with her sticky nectar and creamy goodness. She swallowed and licked his lips. They tasted just like her. He ran his tongue through her inner and outer lips.

“Damn girl. I can’t get enough of this pussy. You been keeping this good shit from me all this time?” He spit on her pussy to make it messier and rubbed it in.

“So you can’t talk now?” He slapped her thigh hard. He looked at her and seen she was staring up at the ceiling fan.

“Y/N, you okay? You want me to stop?” He asked. He hated himself for even caring but he had to remember that this was his best friend. Not a random bitch her met on Tinder.

“Yes I’m okay. I’m sorry. I was just thinking” she finally said.

“Y/N you not actin’ like yourself. You sure you good?”

“Yes. Please just fuck me already” she sat up and threw up all over his sheets.


“Erik I’m sorry for ruining the night” Y/N said sitting on the floor by the window. Erik had threw his sheets in the washer and let his mattress air out before putting on new sheets. He always used a mattress protector so it wasn’t a big deal. He opened a few windows to get the smell out and made Y/N take a shower, brush her teeth and drink some Gatorade.

“It’s cool Y/N. I already said it…like ten times. Just drink your juice and shut up” he grabbed some air freshener from the bathroom and sprayed it. Y/N watched his back muscles flex as he walked around the room. He joined Y/N on the floor by the window. He placed his hand on her thigh and she laid her head on his bicep.

“C’mere” Erik pulled Y/N into his lap. She straddled him and rested her head on his shoulder.

“Gimme a kiss” he rubbed her back. Y/N turned to kiss him. She pressed her lips into his and lost herself again. Erik reached between them and pulled his dick out.

“Touch it” he said into her mouth. Y/N touched his dick and gasped. He was well hung. Thick. Fat. Long. Veins ran down the sides. Heavy. She looked down at it and seen how beautiful was. She wanted it in her mouth. In her pussy.

“Get up here and sit on my dick. I wanna feel that tight little pussy squeezing my fat dick” his words were soft. Y/N squatted over his dick. Scared. She bit her bottom lip as she slowly sank down onto his length. She let out a moan that made Erik want to cum instantaneously.

Ohmygod!” She stopped to feel his dick stretching her tight pussy. He inner lips were tugging on his dick. She decided to just ride the tip. Erik watched her with his mouth hanging open. His fat bottom lip was poked out feeling Y/N’s lips pull him.

“Damn Y/N. Take all of me girl. I need to feel all that wetness on my dick”

Y/N laid her head on his chest as she took more of him.

“Mmm fuck” Erik moaned. Y/N was sitting all the way on his dick. She was so wet and warm. He wanted her sitting just like this all day. His dick found a new home. Right inside her. He never wanted to leave. Her walls felt so good wrapped around his dick.

“Look at you baby. Taking all of daddy’s big dick” he kissed her lips again.

“Daddy, it’s too big. I can’t move” she said in his ear. His dick swelled inside her.

“It’s okay baby. Your pussy stretched to fit me inside. Go ahead and ride it” Erik rubbed circles in her ass.

“Okay” she slowly moved. Previous guys she fucked with weren’t nearly as big as Erik. Erik was at least ten inches. Ten inches of dick to slang. He was a Pro at this.

“Just like that girl. Make me cum. Make daddy cum” he said with need. “Please”

Y/N moved her hips back and forth and bounced on his dick. It wasn’t long until he found himself cumming deep inside her. They went round for round till Y/N finally tapped out. They both laid on his soft white shag rug and looked up at the ceiling fan. Erik had his arm wrapped around her waist. Y/N was snuggled under Eriks armpit, cum from each round dripping out of her.

“What you thinkin’ about?” Erik asked.

“A few things…” she yawned.


“I’m not on the pill Erik…and I think I love you. Love you, love you”

A/N: Yea they’ll be a second part . 

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Series: Daddy!Erik x Black!OC

Erik’s journey through raising a daughter, dating, working, etc…

*There’s absolutely no reason for these stories but I figured Daddy Erik would be fun to continue.

Warnings; Language, fluff, slight smut 



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Pornstar Killmonger x Black Reader

Erik is a big self-made pornstar who goes by his pseudo name, Killmonger, Killa E or Kill. He uploads videos on the internet and gains millions of views daily. The reader, Erik’s #1 fan, ends up meeting Erik at an exclusive party 👀

*I reblogged someone saying that pornstar ‘issanutbaby’ reminds them of Erik. After watching a few of his videos 💦 I decided to create this imagine. Hopefully you enjoy it just as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Warnings: SMUT 🥵 *I wouldn’t categorize myself as a smut writer but this is nasty as hell IMO. Language.


Part One Part Two Part Three

*quick song for a quick read 😋


“Fuck…ooo fuck baby…shit…uhhh…fuck yea baby….uhhh….Yea baby, take that fucking dick. Put this dick in your mouth and suck on this dick. Yea baby, suck it nice and slow. Take this dick deep baby….yea…take it deep baby. Oh yea baby. Suck it nice and slow. Choke on this dick baby. Choke on that shit…fuck…oh fuck…yes baby…ooo fuck…suck on that fucking dick. Play with my fucking balls while you suck on this big fucking dick” Killmonger sat in front of his iMac webcam stroking his hard glistening dick while slapping and squeezing his full beautiful balls. His hand squeezed and tugged up and down his dick making a squelching noise.

“Ahhh yea…fuck! Choke on this big fat black dick baby. Fuck!…mmm yea…turn around. C’mere. Fuck yea, Let me shove this big fat dick so fucking deep inside you. Yea you gonna be my dirty little fucking slut today. Ohhh fuck….mmmmmm yea baby. You gonna be my dirty little slut. Imma fuck the shit out of you till you cum all over this fat fucking dick. Yea baby….ohhh yea baby…mmmm…oh fuck, take that fucking dick” Killmonger leaned back further and spread his legs wider. His dick was swelling up in his hands and his balls were throbbing.

“Shut the fuck up. Shut the fuck up and take that fucking dick, bitch. Yea take that shit. You gon be my dirty little fucking slut? My nasty fucking slut baby? Ahhh….mmmmm….uhhhh…..Imma make you cum on this fat fucking dick. Imma make your slutty little pussy cum on this dick. Your pussy so fucking wet, shit. You so fucking wet on this dick baby. Take this dick baby, take this dick….oh fuck….ahhhh fuck..ohhh fuck yes. You love this fucking dick. Imma make you cum on this dick baby. You daddy’s little fucking slut. Cum on this fucking dick you little fucking slut. Take this dick baby. Cum on these balls. Cum on this big fat black dick…fuck…oh fuck baby” Killmonger could feel his balls swell up and he slapped them.

“Aaaahhhooooohhhh…fuck….shit. Take this fat fucking dick baby. Imma cum inside that little fucking slutty pussy. Take this dick you slut. Take daddy’s dick fucking deep baby. Don’t you fucking run from that dick….oooo fuck baby. Take that fucking dick till I fucking cum. You gonna be my little fucking cum dumpster. I’m gonna fucking dump this huge fat load inside that tight little pussy. Yea baby. Fuck. Take that fucking dick while I’m talking nasty to you and fucking you so deep and hard…uhhhh…ahhhhhhh fuck yea. Fuck baby, you nasty fucking bitch. You so fucking nasty. Cum on this fat dick. Cum all over this big fat black fucking dick you fucking slut. I wanna fucking cum baby. Fuck. Who’s fucking pussy is that? Who’s fucking pussy is this bitch? Take this fat fucking dick bitch. Fuck I wanna make this pussy cum. I wanna make that little tight pussy cum. That pussy tight? Hm? This fat dick feel good inside that tight wet pussy? Yea? Yea you taking this fucking dick like a good fucking slut. Like a good fucking slut baby. Mmmm….fuck”

Killmonger sat in his chair ready to cum. His dick was so hard in his hand and his balls needed to be emptied.

“Uhhhh fuck yea. Cum on this fucking dick baby. Cum all over this big fat chocolate dick. Oh yea you fucking cumming aren’t you? I feel that shit. You cumming all over this fat fucking dick. Imma cum all over your fucking slutty face. Yea imma fuck you so fucking hard with this dick till I cum all over your nasty fucking face…..take this fucking dick you nasty slut…take this dick like a good girl. Take this dick till I cum inside you…..oooooooaaaaaahhhhh fuck. You like when I fuck you hard and deep baby? You like when I’m in you deep? You like that you little fucking slut. Uhhhh that pussy is so fucking good. That tight slutty pussy feels so fucking good wrapped around my fat fucking dick. Uhhhh she feels so fucking good baby. This fat dick filling you up? You want me to cum in that tight ass slutty pussy? You little nasty bitch. Cum on this fat fucking dick before I bust. Ohhhh fuck baby. SHIT! I’m cumming, fuck I’m cumming! I’m cumming….uhhhhhhh, fuck I’m cumming! Uhhhhh fuck. Mmmm…you such a good girl baby” Killmonger let his cum run down his fat dick and rubbed it in while he continued emptying his fat swollen balls.

“You done daddy?” Y/N peeked in his office wearing only a silk robe.

“Yea I’m done baby. Come here” his voice was low and seductive. Y/N stepped into his office and shut the door behind her.

“Mmm. Can I clean you off?” She teased.

“Of course baby” Erik turned his chair to face her while also recording. He decided to do a POV as Y/N sucked his dick.

“Mmm baby. Just like that. Fuck” Erik ran his hand through her hair.

“Mmm…fuck…choke on that shit bitch. Stick your tongue out baby” Erik grabbed his dick and slapped it on her tongue.

“Mmm daddy, your dick is so heavy” Y/N moaned.

“Stand up and turn around, I need to get in this pussy”

Y/N leaned over Erik’s desk with her ass poked out for Erik to take advantage of. Erik lined himself up with Y/N’s tight entrance and slid into her slowly.

“Uhhhh…fuck baby. You so fucking tight…throw that fat ass back on this dick….mmmm shit. Yes baby, just like that babygirl”

“Ohh fuck daddy. Mmmm your dick feels so fucking good inside me. Mmm…uhhh”

“Imma cum in this tight fucking pussy. Shit”

“Daddy, fuck me! Your dick is so big. Uhhhh”

“You nasty fucking slut. This tight little pussy feels so good wrapped around my big dick. Cum on my dick baby. I wanna feel you cum all over my dick”

“Mmm daddy. My pussy is cumming” Y/N moaned.

“Cum on my dick you nasty bitch. Do it now”

“Mmm fuck daddddyyyy”

“Shit, I’m right behind you baby. Fuck…mmmm…fuck I’m cumming baby. Shit I’m cumming in this tight wet pussy baby” Erik pulled Y/N’s hair as he came deep inside her.

“Oh fuck. I can’t get enough of this good pussy” Erik smacked her ass hard before kissing her neck.

“Mmm daddy. You always fuck me so good” Y/N turned around to kiss him on the lips.

“Oh I know baby. And you always take this dick like a good fucking girl” he kissed her back roughly.

“Thanks to you” she smiled.

“You still love me?” He teased and she mushed his face. “I love you too girl”

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Short: Little League pt.6-2nd Part

Erik x Thick Black Reader 

Erik is a football coach who has his eye on a single mom.

Warnings; Language, Smut, BDSM, Food Play

I’m not a smut writer. That’s why this shit took me longer to write. I hope y’all like it. Excuse any spelling errors. 

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*Recommended listening: On Top by Trey Songz. I wrote this to that song. 


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Short: Little League pt.6-1st Part

Erik x Thick Black Reader

Erik is a football coach who has his eye on a single mom.

Warnings; Language & Smutty Smut Smut, Edging Kink 🤤💕

A/N: Stupid editing didn’t let me add a Read More feature. Sorry!



“I ain’t used to going to no damn nail salon, is this about to take all day? I want to take you out for dinner” Erik stood behind you in line with his arms wrapped around your waist as you signed your name on the paper for your nail appointment.

“Hmm. It’ll take maybe two hours. I want my toes done too” you look up at him and smile coyly. Erik rolled his eyes.

“Two hours? Damn girl. Aight well I’ll leave you here, just text me when you’re done and I’ll be back up here to pay” Erik says leaning down to kiss you.

“You’re leaving? Where are you going?” You pout.

“You cute. I’ll be back. I got some shit to handle before our night tonight. You’ll thank me later” Erik grabs your chin softly and kisses you while grabbing your butt. His antics drew curious eyes from the other women who had been gawking over him since he walked in.

“Okay. I’ll text you” you kiss him back. “What’s your favorite color?”

“White. It’s clean. I’m boring I know” he laughed.

“I like white too but blush pink is my favorite color”

“Thanks for telling me” he smiles.

“Behave” you tell him before he leaves and he just smiles.

2 hours later

“You ready to pay?” a salon employee asked.

“Yea” you hear Eriks voice from behind you.

“It’ll be $220”

Erik hands over his credit card and the lady smiles and hands his card back. Erik signs the receipt and the both of you walk out.

“Damn. You pay that much every time?” Erik opens his car door for you.

“Unfortunately yes” you say climbing into his Range Rover.

“Shit, I can just do them for you. Save you some money” he laughs and climbs into the driver side.

“I’d love to see that” you laugh.

“Here, I got something for you” Erik reaches into the backseat and pulls out some beautiful red and white roses along with a card and a Victoria’s Secret bag.

“This for me?” You ask with a huge smile on your face.

“Yea. Viv told me you loved roses and she gave me your measurements so I picked up some stuff for you. Hopefully you don’t mind”

“Aww Erik. Of course I don’t mind. This is so sweet. Thank you” you go through the bag and pull out an emerald green lingerie set. You bite your lip and look at Erik. Continue your digging till you see white fluffy handcuffs and a blind fold.

“Erik you got all this?”

“Yea. I hope you like it, if not, we can—“

You kiss him before he could finish his sentence.

“I love it Erik. These measurements are correct and I think I’ll look good in them. Oh! Lookie” you show him your long square white acrylics and white toes.

“Oh shit, those look dope” he inspected your nails.

“Thanks” you smile.

“They’ll look even better wrapped around my dick” your eyes grew wide. His comment definitely caught you off guard but you liked his boldness.

“Huh?” You breath out. Heart fluttering.

“I told you I was going to introduce you to the real me. I’m a freaky ass nigga and I talk nasty. Either you can handle it or not” he licked his lips and looked at you.

“Say something else..” you bite your finger.

“You ready?”

You nod your head yes.

“Open your legs for daddy. I wanna see that pretty ass pussy spread wide”

You clear your lap and spread your legs wide like Erik told you to.

“Turn and face me. Yea just like that. Fuck. Look at that juicy peach. Can I eat it?” He looked at you with intense eyes. You could feel yourself get wetter. Reaching down, you sink two fingers into your juicy peach while looking at Erik. Erik hissed and palmed his growing erection. “See, I ain’t tell you to do all that. Take your fingers out”

“But it feels so good” you say fingering yourself. “Mmmm…fuck” you moan.

“I’m not asking girl. Do it!”

You pull your fingers from your sticky center and shove them in Eriks mouth. He raises his eyebrow at you but sucks your fingers moaning softly.

“Oh you freaky too?” He questioned.


“Yea Aight. We’ll see tonight. We were going to a hotel but I changed my mind. I figured all the screaming you would be doing would draw unnecessary attention”

“Screaming?” You sit in your seat the right way.

“You’re safe. I promise. Do you trust me?” He rubbed your thigh.

“Yes. I trust you”

“Good. I’m not going to hurt you…like that. I got you baby”


On the way to your house you decide to call Vivian since you knew Kody left his phone at the hotel.

“Hey girl!” Vivian’s loud ass yelled in the camera.

“Hey girl, hows Disney?”

“Good. They boys went with Shawn on a ride. I’m just sitting back. Fuck Disney, where’s Erik? He give you that act right yet?”

Erik laughs loudly from the drivers seat.

“Is that Eriks goofy ass?” Vivian asks. You turn the camera to face Erik.

“Wussup Viv. Y’all talkin’ shit about me when I’m not around?”

“Maybe nigga. I’m trying to see if you fucked some sense into my girl”

“Viv, Shawn know you talk like that?” Erik started laughing again.

“Shut up negro” Vivian rolled her eyes.

“We ain’t fuck but I’m sure after we do, Y/N will call you from the bed. Her legs gon be too fucked up for her to walk”

“Well damn. Go easy on her. Y/N, make sure you take your birth control”

“OH.MY.GOD! Vivian!”

“What? Safe sex”

Erik snickers.

“We already have that taken care of Viv. Thanks. I guess you forgot we already had sex”

“I didn’t forget but this nigga talking about paralyzing you from the waist down, I’m just trying to make sure y’all are safe…unless Erik wants some little Eriks running around” Vivian laughs.

“Nah I’m good on that Viv. Y’all ain’t ready for no little me” Erik cuts in.

“Y/N here comes Kody is you want to talk to him”

“Yes please” you smile.

“Kody! Your mom is on the phone” Vivian yells out.

“Hi mom!” Kody’s beautiful face appears in the screen.

“Hey babe! I miss you so much. How’s Disney?”

“So fun! I rode on a lot of rides and we ate Dole Whip and churros”

“Ooo that sounds fun. Save me some. Drink a lot of water babe. I don’t want you to get dehydrated”

“Yes, aunt V has water for us”

“Okay good. I love you” you kiss at him.

“I love you too mom. Is that Erik next to you?” He asks. You glance at Erik who looks at you.

“You want to talk to him?” You whisper.

“Of course” Erik says.

“Hi Erik!” Kody yells.

“Aye wussup lil man. How’s Disney?” 

“Really fun. We got on a lot of rides” 

“Thats Wussup. I never been before” 

“Next time, you and mom have to come” 

“For sure lil man. Definitely” 

“Well we’re going to a different ride. Bye!” 

“Bye Kody” Erik waves and the call ends. 

“He’s a happy kid, Y/N. You did good” Erik squeezes your thigh.


You run inside to pack a bag since you were staying over Eriks house. It felt too soon for sleepovers but you were trying to open yourself up to new experiences. You felt like you could trust Erik and you decided to let go and let your guard down. He was paying for your nails, buying you lingerie, paying for dinners, you weren’t used to this treatment and it was weird but you liked it. You wanted to like it. It felt wrong but you knew it shouldn’t. If the two of you were in a relationship, this would be normal.

“You ready beautiful?”

“Yes” you climb back into his car and toss your bag in the backseat.

“Good” Erik hits the highway and the journey starts to his house.



“I know I told you about my past relationship and yes, it was traumatic but I just want you to know, you don’t have to be afraid of being rough with me. I like it rough..I think. I mean I never had the type of sex I crave but I read a lot of erotica and that shit gets me so wet..”

“Oh yea? What you think you like?” Erik was curious to hear this. He turned the music down to gather this very important information.

“Umm..” you shy away.

“Nah tell me. I wanna know how to please you and make you feel good. Tell me what gets your pussy wet” he licked his lips.

“Well for starters, the way you talk to me gets me wet. Your deep raspy voice is so sexy mixed with your nasty talk”

“For real? My voice makes you wanna cum? If that’s the case, I’ll talk all fucking day just to see you dripping”

“Mmm. Yea exactly” you giggle.

“Keep going. Let daddy know”

“Umm…I wanna be spanked. Hard”

“I can do that. Smacking that juicy ass till you crying for me to stop. Then I slide my fingers into that wet pussy while you’re hanging over my legs like a bad little slut. I can punish you ma. Act up, I’ll handle that shit”

“Erik stop” you rub your pussy in the passenger seat.

“What else?”

“I wanna be choked”

“I think you’d enjoy being choked while I’m deep in you from behind. One hand gripping your waist while my other hand is wrapped around your throat. I’d fuck the shit out of you. But you gotta have that back arched just right so I can get up in them guts. Deep strokes. Slow strokes so I can feel those pink tight walls gripping my dick. Shit, I’d say fuck the condom and fuck you raw. I know yo shit feel better raw anyways. Sliding up and down my fat dick like the nasty bitch I know you are. And then when I’m close, I’d go deep in and bust a big ass load right inside that tight pussy. And I’ll keep fucking you after that till I nut in you again. I’d pull out and watch my cum drip out of you”

“Fuck…shit…mmmmfuck” you moan and cum all over your fingers.

“I guess you wasn’t lying. You like nasty talk. Pussy dripping all over my fucking seat”

“Mmm I’m sorry daddy” you continue rubbing circles on your clit. Your left leg was in Eriks lap and your right leg was propped up on the door. You were wide open and Erik kept glancing over to get a look.

“Keep talking like that and I swear to god I’ll pull this car over and fuck you” Erik threatens.

“Dessert before dinner? Is that a threat?” You tease.

“Aight” Erik pulls over on the highway and parks his car.


“Don’t call me now. You want some dick, I got you. Pick some music while I let these seats down” he climbs into the back to let his seats down and you grab his phone to look for some music.

You found music and looked behind you to see Erik had a blanket laid over the seats. You climb into the back with him and got undressed.

“You so fucking sexy” Erik pulled you close to him and kissed your neck. He pulled his shirt off and kicked his shoes and jeans off.

“Let me make you cum real quick since you act like you can’t wait till later. We got dinner reservations” Erik laid on his back and you climbed on top of him completely naked.

“Wait…we need a condom” you say.

“Shit, you right” Erik felt around in the dark before grabbing a shopping bag and digging through it before pulling out a brand new box of condoms. He grabbed one from the box and tore it open with his teeth. He slid it on and laid back down.

You center yourself with his monster of a dick. Sliding down slowly, your pussy swallows him while forcing a moan from him.

“Shit” he grabbed your hips as you rode him like you were riding a bull.

“Oooo fuck! Yes!” You moan as you ride him fast chasing after your orgasm that was right there.

“Switch me positions” Erik says. You open your eyes and whine.


“Just do it” he says and you get off him to lay on your back. “Nah get on your knees and arch that fucking back” he smacks your ass painfully hard.

“Ouch” you reach back to touch your ass but Erik slaps your hand away.

“Stop fucking whining! You like this shit” he pushed your head into the seat and shoved himself back into you roughly. “Fuck” he stroked your walls faster.

“Fuck, daddy I’m coming!” You yell but Erik pulls out before you could release. “Huh? What are you doing?”

“Get dressed” he started to redress and you sat there confused and upset.

“What are—“

“I said get dressed. We got plans” he threw his jacket back on before rolling the windows down to air the car out. You got dressed and climbed back into the passenger seat.

“Why’d you do that? I was this close” you show him with your fingers close together “…and you just stopped me. Now I’m wet and horny” you whine.

“You’ll make it through dinner. Quit being a baby”

“I won’t make it. I want my orgasm” you say folding your arms across your chest.

“And I said I’ll give it to you after dinner. Keep acting up” Eriks voice was low but stern.

“No. I’m irritated. I want your dick”

“This shit must get your pussy wet…you acting like a fucking brat. I got you. Come keep my dick company since you want it so bad” he unzipped his jeans and pulled his big thick meat from constriction. You lean over and swallow his dick.

“Mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm” you moan as you take him deep in your throat.

“Fuck. That’s right make me nut, bitch” Erik pulls his bottom lip in between his teeth and bites down slightly as he feels himself about to explode in your mouth. “Mm, swallow this dick. I wanna bless you with this nut” he thrusts his hips upwards pushing his dick deeper into your throat. “Just like that. Fuck” Erik releases his cum down your throat and you keep sucking him.

“You’re lucky I wanted to taste your nut. I was going to hold your orgasm from you”

“Yea right. You know better”

“No I don’t. You have to teach me”

“You fucking with the wrong one baby. My stamina is out of this world. You can’t keep up”

“Try me” you smile.

“You wanna keep playing hard to get? Imma handle that ass”

“Handle it then” you didn’t realize the hole you were digging for yourself.

Erik pulls up to his house and hops out to open your door.

“You don’t take hours to get ready do you?” He asked grabbing the bags from the back.

“Nope” you walk towards the front door.

Both of you get dressed for dinner. And you meet Erik downstairs.

“Wow. You look amazing. As always” Erik compliments you.

“Thanks. I love your suit” Erik wore a navy blue suit with a black turtleneck and black leather dress shoes. He had diamond earrings in and rings on his pinkies. He looked handsome as always.


Dinner was at a nice steakhouse downtown. It was ridiculously overpriced and it made you wonder…was Erik trying to impress you or was this his real lifestyle. He had two nice cars that you seen, his house was HUGE and he seemed to spend money freely.

“How’s your steak?” Erik asked.

“Good. Not as good as the one I had earlier though” you scoot closer to him in the booth and rub your hand over his already hard dick.

“Stop” he says.

“Why? I know you want me” you say seductively.

“I do but not right now”

“Just fuck me please. My pussy is throbbing. I need you inside me right now”

“Spread your legs” he demands and you gladly open your legs feeling the air hit your sticky pussy”

“Look at that shit. Put your leg up on the seat so I can see it better”

“Like this?” You ask.

“Perfect. Look at you being a good nasty slut. Got that pretty pussy all out for someone to see. What are you going to do if someone walks past and sees your pussy out?”

“Mmm. I don’t know. Ask them to lick it”

“Fuck” Erik was on edge. He needed to bust before had to deal with blue balls.

“Lick it daddy. I need you so bad” you pout. Erik stood up and glanced around the restaurant. There were people present but Erik only needed a few minutes to bust.

“Hurry up, get up here and ride this shit like your life depends on it and be quiet or we’ll get caught”

You happily climb onto Eriks lap sliding down onto his dick raw. In this moment, you didn’t care. Erik gripped your ass as you bounced on it.

“Oh fuck!” You moan louder than you planned to. You finally caught your orgasm and it was amazing as Eriks dick brushed up against your G-Spot. “Daddydaddydaddy. Fuck me” Erik reached up to cup your mouth.

“Shut the fuck up baby. People are looking” Erik says slamming your ass down onto his dick.

“Good. Let them look” you say in his ear.

“Fuck” Erik moans and cums all in your pussy.

“Daddy. You came in me” you say looking him in his eyes.

“I know and it felt so fucking good. You feel better now?”

“Yes. My pussy is happy” you smile.


Just then, a waiter walks up to your table. You were still in Eriks lap. Dick still inside you.

“How was the food?”

“Good. Can we get the bill”

The waiter walks away and you rise from Eriks dick.

“Damn. That nut must be deep inside that tight pussy if it ain’t came out yet. You been taking your birth control?”

“Umm. Yes and no” you admit.

“It’s all good. I’ll just buy you a Plan B. I guess I’m busting in you all night”

The sound of that made your pussy jump. If Erik wanted to use you as his cum dumpster, you wouldn’t argue. You’d just lay back holding your knees as he filled you up over and over again.


You sat in your seat as Erik drove. You couldn’t wait to get back to his place and let him fuck you silly.

“Why you staring at me, girl?” Erik asked. He looked over to see you smiling at him.

“I don’t know…are you rich or are you trying to impress me?”

Erik furrowed his eyebrows. “Why?”

“I mean it doesn’t matter. I’ll still lov-LIKE you…anyways” you look out the window nervously hoping Erik didn’t hear your slip up.

“I got money if that’s what you’re asking?”

“Oh okay. Money is nice” you say low. Still extremely embarrassed.

The ride back to his house was silent. Erik glanced over at you from time to time but you didn’t look at him.

“You good?”

“Mhm” you respond.

Pulling up to Eriks, you get out before Erik could get your door and the two of you walk inside.

“You can change in my room. Imma grab some stuff from down here” he says. You nod and walk upstairs. Erik decides to call Vivian and Shawn because he could sense that you were shutting him out again and he didn’t want to approach the situation the wrong way.

“Hey bro!” Vivian tells.

“Quiet down girl, Damn”

“My bad. What’s up?” She whispers.


“Oh lord. What happened now? She cuss you out?”

“Nah. She slipped up and said she loved me. She ain’t really say it like that but she used ‘love’ and ‘you’ in a sentence. She corrected herself but she’s not talking to me now. I didn’t bring it up cause I don’t want to piss her off. I’m not mad at her slip up. I’m treating her the way she should be treated, I’m spoiling her, I understand these feelings are new for her so her saying she loves me is her exploring those feelings…I can’t say I love her back cause I don’t…not yet but y’all know I don’t do relationships so this shit is new for me too. I like her a lot though”

“You gotta talk to her E…” Shawn said. “…she probably feels like she’s falling for you too fast and she hates it. She wants to be able to dip on you without feelings involved if shit goes down. She’s protecting herself. How invested are you in this…situation y’all got?”

“I like her a lot. I like Kody. I could see myself with her in the future…seeing how good of a mom she is makes me wanna—“

“Aht-Aht! Don’t yo ass even say it” Vivian said.

“Vivian” Shawn rolled his eyes.

“Sorry Viv, I’m just being honest” Erik says.

“Go handle your shit bruh and wrap that shit up” Shawn says.

“I gotchu” Erik laughs. He ends the phone call and grabs the items he needed before walking to his bedroom to see you in the lingerie he bought.

“Goddamn” he sits the items on the bed and stares at you. “I get all this tonight?” He asks but you don’t answer.


“Y/N, babygirl, will you talk to me. Please” Erik kneels down in front of you. “So you said you loved me, so? Don’t be embarrassed about it. I’m not judging you”

“I’m falling too fast and I don’t like it” you finally speak up.


“I don’t want to get hurt” you look away.

“Look at me. I’m not going to hurt you. I don’t know how to prove it to you but you need to trust me. Believe me. I really like you Y/N. I like everything about. Everything except the fact that you keep doubting yourself and me. And you won’t open yourself up to love. I’m a grown ass man, I’m not about to waste your time. I want you in my life. I want Kody in my life. Please stop downing yourself. You’re a beautiful black queen who is capable of giving and receiving love. Let me love you baby”

“It’s hard Erik…I don’t want to admit it but I do love you. You’re the first guy in my life to do something for me without expecting anything in return. My heart is telling me you’re a good guy but—“

“Don’t say but, you love me, it’s okay. Stop fighting that shit and let it be” Erik stood up. “Now are you going to let me pleasure you or are you going to keep worrying?”

“I want you so bad daddy” you stand up and kiss him.

“How bad you want daddy? Show me baby, show daddy”

You pull Eriks suit jacket off followed by his turtleneck. His bare chest was out and he flexed his pecs. You get on your knees and unbuckle his belt. His pants drop to his ankles and his Versace boxers hold his cock captive. You hook your thumbs into the waistband of the boxers and pull them down. His fat cock smacks you in the forehead. All thick, veiny, brown, beautiful, you swipe your tongue over his pre-cum that started to produce.

“Mmmm. Fuck I love the way your cum tastes” you moan.

“Nasty bitch. Hold up” Erik reaches behind you and grabs a can of Reddi Wip. He sprays whipped cream on his dick and places a cherry on top. “You wanted dessert, here you go”

Yours eyes light up and you go to grab the cherry with your hand but Erik stops you.

“Nah bitch, no hands. Matter of fact…” he grabs the handcuffs he bought and cuffs your hands behind your back. “…that’s better. Let’s go, eat this shit up”

You sink your mouth onto his length and gag as you take all of him down your throat.

Erik hissed seeing your face messy with whipped cream. “Fuck. Sucking daddy’s dick like a good girl. Shit. Keeping sucking my dick..oh fuck gon swallow my kids like a good nasty bitch? Huh?”

“Mhmm” you hummed. Erik ran his fingers through your hair as he watched you give him head. His mouth was parted in an O and soft moans slipped through his lips.

“You know how to suck a fucking dick. I love that shit” he bit his lip and closed his eyes as he felt himself on the edge of making your throat a home for his cum. You could feel his dick twitch and you knew he was close.

“Oh fuck I’m so close baby. Keep going” he moved his hips to thrust into your throat but you quickly released him from your mouth. “Yo what the fuck?” He asked with a frustrated look.

“Paybacks a bitch” you smile and stand up.

“Excuse me?” Eriks voice dropped an octave and he had clear irritation painted on his face….

To Be Continued cause apparently I write too much and it won’t let me continue 😭

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Originally posted on Wattpad @Monique_bella

A/N: Book starts with 16 year old high school virgin Erik.

Chapter 1: La’Keisha

Warnings: language, slight smut



May 2004

Erik Stevens 16, grew up in Newark, New Jersey with his best friends Sterling 15, Frank 16 and Monaè 14. Erik lived in a foster home with parents who let him get away with whatever he wanted. To them, Erik was just a paycheck.

Erik met Sterling and Frank in high school. Erik loved basketball and played all the time. He joined the team and the three became inseparable. Frank used to have his older brother buy them four lokos and they would drink and play video games all night.

Erik had the biggest crush on a senior at his high school named La'Keisha. La'Keisha was 17 years old and a dancer on the school’s dance team. Erik found himself staring at her quite a bit. She was well developed and had a huge ass that all the guys talked about. One day after school La'Keisha was driving past Erik in her 2004 Acura.

“Hey Erik! Erik!” She yelled out her window.

Erik stopped and walked towards the car.


“Need a ride home?” She asked popping her gum.

“Sure? I guess”

“Then get in. Let’s go” she unlocked the door and Erik climbed in placing his backpack between his legs and putting his seatbelt on.

Milkshake by Kelis was playing in the background. La'Keishas long hot pink acrylic nails were wrapped around the gear shift.

“So where you live at?” She asked.

“Over on 2nd” Erik replied nonchalantly.

“How old are you Erik?”

“16. Why?”

“I notice how you be looking at me when I’m at dance practice. You kinda cute. You got a girl?”

Erik grins to himself.

“No. I’m single”

“You a virgin?”

“Umm. Yea” he admitted nervously as he rubbed his hands on his pants.

“That’s cute. How bad do you want to lose it?”

Erik looked over at her confused. Was she offering to take his virginity? If so, he would be the happiest 16 year old on the planet.

“I mean-I don’t know” Erik shrugged his shoulders.

“Let’s go to my house then. My mama is working a double tonight anyways”


After a 5 minute drive, they pulled up to La'Keisha’s house.

She cut the car off and climbed out. Erik followed behind her. His heart was beating out his chest. Today was the day he would lose his virginity. Sterling and Frank been lost there’s and he would finally be able to join their conversations about sex.

“Just follow me” she walked upstairs and Erik shut the front door and walked upstairs. They walked into her bedroom that was painted pink. Posters of Run DMC, Wu-Tang Clan, Fugees, Alicia Keys and Destiny’s Child. She had stuffed animals on her bed that was covered in pink sheets.

Erik shut the door behind him and sat his backpack on the floor.

“Don’t be shy. I won’t bite” she winked.

She cut on My Boo by Usher and Alicia Keys. She stood in front of him and pulled her shirt off exposing her size D breast in her white push-up bra.

“Take your shirt off” she pulled at it. He pulled his shirt over his head leaving his two chains around his neck. One was a cross and one held his fathers ring. Both meant everything to him.

“Next is our pants” they both dropped their pants to the ground and looked at each other. Keisha stood in her matching white underwear and Erik stood in his Nike spandex boxers.

“What do you want to do?” She asked walking to her closet to pull a flavored condom from her personal stash.

“I don’t know” Erik shrugged but seeing Keisha naked made him hard. He didn’t know if that was a good thing or bad thing in this moment so he covered it with his hands.

“Lay back on the bed and I’ll give you head” she pushed him down on the bed. Erik heard Sterling and Frank talk about how good and sometimes bad the head they received was. Erik hoped this experience was good.

Keisha climbed in between his legs and removed her bra.

“Touch them if you want” Erik reached down and played with her nipple. It didn’t do anything for him but she seemed to like it.

“Lick you fingers and do it”

Erik licked his first two fingers and played with her nipples. She moaned and Eriks dick jumped.

“Try not to cum so fast” she giggled. Erik sat up on his elbows to watch her as her mouth sank down onto his length. He was amazed. Shocked. Speechless. So many emotions. This new sensations was one he could get used to. Even though she asked him not to cum fast, he couldn’t help himself and ended up coming on her mouth.

“Oh shit! I’m so sorry! Fuck” Erik was apologetic but Keisha didn’t mind. She laughed.

“It’s okay. I liked that” she admitted.

“Has a guy ever done that before?”

“No. Never. You’re the first”

“Oh. Wow. Well that felt amazing. Can you-can you do it again?” Eriks face was turning red.

“Sure Erik”

And she did. And he continued to be her first for the next 30 minutes.

“Since you loved that so much, you get to fuck me and let’s see how much you like it” she tossed him the condom. Erik knee how to wear a condom. He practiced plenty of times for this exact moment.

Keisha pulled her underwear off and laid on her back. Erik nervously climbed in between her legs. His breathing was fast and he was sweating.

“Erik. Calm down. Take your time. It’s only me” her words were soothing and Erik took a deep breath before sinking into her. He felt like he slipped and drowned and couldn’t find his way out.

“Fuck” Erik said thrusting into her.

“Damn little Erik. You got a big dick on you” she smirked. His ego was officially fed thanks to her.

“Shit. Thanks” he smiled.

After their first sexual encounter, Erik asked her out a few weeks later. She said yes and he took her to her senior prom.

They were happy together but unfortunately, Keisha graduated and went off to college.

“I miss you Keisha. How’s college?” Erik asked over the phone as he completed his AP Calculus homework.

“It’s great baby. I’m having fun but I miss you too. How’s school? You apply to any colleges?”

“Yea. I’m thinking about going to MIT for engineering”

“You’re leaving Jersey?”

“Maybe. I don’t know yet. I put in the application but we’ll see. I’m still waiting on my SAT scores to come in this week”

“You did great on them Erik. You know you did. You’re so smart. You’ll get into MIT”

“Thanks. I hope so”

“I love you Erik”

“I love you too beautiful”

That was the first time they said the L word. It wasn’t the last.

4 months later, Keisha came into town to visit her mom. Erik found out Keisha was in town through his best friend Monaè who just so happened to be friends with Keisha’s little sister Destiny.

“She’s in town? How you know?” Erik asked throwing his backpack over his shoulder.

Monaè shrugged.

“Destiny told me”

Erik rolled his eyes then walked straight from school to Keisha’s house. He knocked but no one answered. He knocked again and Destiny opened the door.

“Oh hey Erik..”

“Is Keisha here?”

“Yea she’s-” before she could finish, Erik rushed upstairs to Keisha’s room. Her door was shut but Erik heard that familiar box spring squeaking noise. He opened the door and seen Ray Donovan on top of her. They were having sex. Ray was a football player at Eriks school. Both Erik and Ray were seniors. Everyone knew Erik was dating college girl Keisha.

“Keisha? Are you serious!?” Erik was crushed.

“Erik! Get out!” She threw a teddy bear at him.

“Fuck you Keisha! I thought you loved me!?”

“Erik. I’m a girl and I have needs too. Now get out!”

“Don’t call me again! We’re done!”

Erik stormed out of the house and walked home. His heart was broken.

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