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So I have this precious baby that I love oh so much named Shadow. She’s a bordered collie, black lab, and chow (i just found out abt that recently) mix whos the sweetest frickin floof ball on the planet. 

She’s always been super quiet and doesnt bark or whimper or really make noise in general unless we’re out and she sees other dogs. (again shes a sweet precious baby but she doesnt play well with other dogs because of the chow part, especially if I’m out with her. any sign of aggression from another dog and shadow will switch to protection mode)

So I was sitting on my dads couch doing school work, just straight up vibing when I hear a small, high pitch bark. It confused the hell out of me because it didn’t sound like my other dog and there was no reason for her to bark. 

low and behold shadow was the one who barked, not because of any threat or immediate danger, but because she needed me to know she saw a lizard. SMH

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