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The music industry has and always will be a place for black artists to express their feelings especially on matters such as what’s going on in the world right now. To ensure history doesn’t repeat itself our generation must do our part. Today we will refrain from posting any of our regular rap content and instead have posted this video to educate some of you that may not be completely aware of the root causes of racism towards black people in America. Stay safe and let’s continue to support this cause until these senseless forms of hate are finally abolished ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻
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Dropping an update, and pretending not to notice how I’ve gone from nothing at all to real frequent and maybe if I don’t look at it too closely, it’ll keep happening? Things are getting angsty over in Aching, because it’s time for Gina Zanetakos.

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thank you for the tag @zodiyack

Rules: 10 fandoms, 10 characters, 10 tags. Start a new post and list 10 characters from 10 different TV shows and tag 10 other people!

so apparently I have a thing for good and bad boys

1. Thomas Shelby, Peaky Blinders


2. Michael Scofield, Prison Break


3. Donald Ressler, Blacklist


4. David Budd, Bodyguard


5. Tom Hanson, 21 Jump Street


6. Uncle Jesse, Full House (feat. the incredible Aunt Becky)


7. Peter Beale, Eastenders


8. Eddie Diaz, 9-1-1


9. Fangs Fogarty, Riverdale


10. Michael ‘Berg’ Bergen, Two Guys and a Girl


I tag:











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Aram: No! I will not let Samar live alone without me! I will hack Raymond Reddington’s bank account and blackmail the most dangerous man in the world, I will defy the entire Osterman Umbrella Company’s myriad of assassins, I will leave my job and all my friends and family forever to be with my love!!

Aram, one month later: Wow, a rich and pretty woman I barely know kissed me during an adrenaline-heightened moment. I think I’ll go see if I can have sex with her.

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nsfw, 18+ blogs, ddlg/cgl/abdl/age play (+variants), maps/nomaps/somaps/pedos (+ supporters), thinspo, proana/mia/ed, depression/gore blogs, anti-lgbt/mogai, t(w)erfs, truscum, exclusionists, ect.


I will not do anything nsfw, so please don’t request it.

If a character/person’s sexuality/gender is canon, do not make a request with head canon sexuality/gender. I refuse to change their identity. (ex. Thomas Sanders is gay, so I will not put him in bisexual edits.) Of course, if you want a character on your pride flag for your own pride reasons, please preface that before hand.

With that being said, you can only request real people if they are actually lgbt. I will not force a sexuality/gender onto anyone.

You can request mogai identities, but I may not do them all. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


1. medical themes

2. gore

3. mental illness themes (depression, anxiety, ptsd, ect.)

4. horror movie/game themes


You can request an icon/header/moodboard/lockscreen with:

-fictional characters

-celebrities (canon lgbt)


-song lyrics



Note: I do not do name associations or desktop backgrounds.


#igwt icons: my icons

#igwt headers: my headers

#igwt moodboards: my moodboards

#igwt lockscreens: my lockscreens

#not flag: reblogged posts

#not mine: reblogged edits

#babbling gay: my text posts

#queue: current requests

Thank you for reading!

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sure, but i’d appreciate if you asked more nicely next time! anything with milk but especially him x dark choco or yam, anything with yogurt cream, anything with aloe but especially them x cyborg, white choco x any men, adult x child cookies, any of the chocos x each other, peach x plum and i think that’s it!

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Kate Denson? She doesn’t hang around my lot much, since we’re the “elderly” of the survivors. These damn kids wouldn’t know what cool was if it bit them!

The few I’ve spoken to her was nice, though she’s a quiet one. I wouldn’t say she’s my ‘type,’ as I kind of see all the younger survivors as my kids, whether they know that or not. I guess Bill’s rubbed off on me a bit there... But don’t tell anyone I said that, though, y'hear?

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Look, I believe in being fair about things so let me preface this with the acknowledgement that it isn’t necessary just Keen that pisses me off?  She’s just the longest running example of the sort of writing nonsense that is driving me insane about the show.

But here’s my issue with Elizabeth Keen:

1. She doesn’t seem to have an actual set of morals that she lives by but she is 100% super fast to jump on the YOU’RE A DANGEROUS AWFUL PERSON WHO IS LAWLESS AND IMMORAL.  Like, ok Lizzy, sit the fuck down.  You stabbed a dude in the carotid in the first episode.  You held a man hostage after you shot him.  You straight up lied to a man and ended up getting him killed and then you tried to hide the body.  You shot a dude in cold blood in front of everyone and somehow think that you should just get away with it?  

2. Nothing applies to Elizabeth ever unless she is using it against someone.  Law?  Rules?  Morals?  Basic manners?  None of that shit matters.  Fuck it all.

3.  Everything in the show is about Elizabeth and she is STILL over here acting like she’s got the time of day to be surprised?  

4. Despite the fact that Reddington has been proven right about basically everything, about her being in danger.  About Tom.  About her being the target of the Cabal.  About how to get her name cleared?  About the next DANGEROUS thing?  Every single time he is says “please listen to me Elizabeth I am trying to protect you.” She acts like he’s probably just fucking lying to her?  Like she knows better?


6. The fact that she has 0 respect for Red despite the great lengths and personal sacrifice he’s put in to protecting her.  Like yes, ok I am willing to concede that he is a little overbearing and that it is difficult to have your life being constantly under survelliance.  You just want to go out and prove yourself in the world.  That’s fine if it’s all it was.  But Elizabeth REPEATEDLY insults and rejects and betrays Red and then ten seconds later shows up like: oh my God why didn’t you stop this bad thing from happening.

7.  If Elizabeth was my friend, colleague or child I would literally have cut ties with her in like season 1.  I would not still be here dealing with her bullshit.  Like you have proven that you don’t want my help.  You have proven that you don’t want to listen to anyone.  You have proven that you have zero respect for anyone that isn’t actively helping you get what you want in that moment.  There’s no gratitude.  There’s no friendship.  There’s just egocentric Elizabeth Keen getting exactly what Elizabeth Keen wants in that moment.

8.  Now, if they were doing this and ACKNOWLEDGING it within the narrative, that she is egocentric and that her behavior is selfish and lawless and immoral.  That she is becoming like Reddington (albeit a much more chaotic version) then I would be fine.  But they’re not.

9.  This isn’t only Elizabeth that has this constant bullshit.  Fucking Agent Ressler is over there breaking the law once an episode giving Great American Speeches about how they must uphold the law at all costs.  They actually want you to think that he’s an honor by-the-book man.  Yeah ok.  No he’s not.  Give it up.

10.  Also, speculation but vaguely spoilers: Raymond Reddington is the real original 100% authentic Raymond Reddington and he is Elizabeth’s Keen father and regardless of what the show says, what twists it tries to pull or what big reveal bullshit it throws at us next, I will never stop believing this.  I will accept nothing less.

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