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Fundraiser to support BLM | All proceeds from this video will be donated…

Hey there everyone!!! Great study music, and all revenue generated by the ads is donated to Campaign Zero, which is certainly an organization worth looking into. I’ve heard great things about how KPOP stans know how to maximize revenue on videos, but there are also ahcks in the comments if you really wanna maximize the money you help make them.

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feeling guilty for not talking about the blm the whole day ahead. everything seems so heavy but also revolutionary, y'know?

being a people of color myself and what i’ve been through some years ago caused me a lot of trust issues, things i can’t count on my own fingers because of such damage.

watch it worsening isn’t good. you have to position, support the causes and recognize you have such a privilege for not being killed, bullied or else because your skin color is darker. all i ask for is some peace to all my people :( i hope it soon cool down a little bit at least bc the pandemic isn’t in good terms too and it involves a lot.

well, that’s what i wanted to talk about and i’ll leave this link right here if you’re down to support not only the u.s petitions:

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‪I despise racism. I speak, not only for my author brand, but for myself as a person when I say that people of all races, religions, creeds, and orientations are welcome to read and enjoy my works of fiction.‬ United we stand!

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Co się dzieje na tym świecie?

Czy wy mi powiecie?

Czemu nienawiść jest tak bliska

a wolność ucieka w urwiska?

Dlaczego nie ma tej równości?

Przecież każdy z nas jest taki sam co z tego że mamy:

  • Inny kolor skóry
  • inny kolor oczu
  • inny kolor włosów
  • piegi na twarzy
  • inną orientacje seksualną
  • inną wiarę
  • inny pogląd
  • nadwagę lub niedowagę?
  • iż jesteśmy niscy lub wysocy

Można tak wymieniać w nieskończoność lecz wiecie co? Każdy z nas jest taki sam. Nieważne kim jest. Jest to przykre co aktualnie dzieje się w USA i po części się nie dziwie, po części nie popieram tego że demolują i w ogóle , lecz jak już nie raz słyszałem…

To co oni zdemolują można naprawić, wyremontować lecz życia drugiego, trzeciego czy czwartego człowieka nie zwrócisz.

Jest to naprawdę przykre, lecz czemu jest w świecie tyle nienawiści?

A ludzie? Nie widzą tego co się dzieję? Popierają ich śmierć? To jest przykre naprawdę jest mi przykro co tam się dzieje.

Każdy powinien mieć wolność i wolną wole by nie bać się tego ze zaraz się coś stanie. Nie żyć w lęku.

✊🏻𝑾𝑬 ✊🏼𝑨𝑹𝑬✊🏽 𝑻𝑯𝑬✊🏾 𝑺𝑨𝑴𝑬 ✊🏿



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Hello. If you’re in America (or the UK) you know about these riots. It is absolutely sickening to see people destroy smaller businesses and killing police officers or people trying to protect their stores. You can PROTEST peacefully, and if you absolutely have to destroy things go for bigger/corporate businesses. We are trying to end racism. Killing people and destroying businesses is not okay. Stop killing officers and people protecting their stores. Not all cops are bad and there’s 0 reason for you to kill them. It’s there job to be at the protests and I’m certain the black cops (and most the white) are with you. All cops being killed are black, how does that add up? Get your head together and knock this shit off.

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PROTECTING my %100 BLACK SON by any means necessary…You will not kill my son because of the color of his skin. He life matters. My life matter …Our BLACK PEOPLE LIFE MATTERS !!!

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If #alllivesmatter was the slogan for the army of people that doesn’t YET exist and their personal vendetta and creed is “to make sure every single #human being is taken care of” …. and NOT A REBUTTLE , to a SPECIFIC movement (with clear and defined goals and reasons for existence)…that gets spit out on the split tongues of arrogance and directed at a systematically oppressed group of people in a overly due dire time of need… then yeah I’d be behind it… (again)cause to me we all family …. So let’s see if we can get all these “upright citizens” who apparently stand behind this statement; to put their money where their mouths are … or at the very least to shut the f*** up. And who knows maybe a real group will arise from that statement that stands so firmly behind it that they get off their asses and stand firmly between the violent police , the radicalized (and seemingly military trained) looters and the peaceful protesters trying to bring change …. and maybe even get them to actually be the change and clean up our world wide homeless and hunger problems…. you know cause all lives matter 🤷🏻‍♂️… right ?
#actionsspeaklouderthanwords #TRUBDR
. #blacklivesmatter #whiteprivilege #secondamendment #justiceforgeorgefloyd #putyourmoneywhereyourmouthis #georgefloyd #protests #blm #letsmakeadeal #loveistheanswer #lifeisthequestion #justiceforgeorge #howtodealwithracists (who might not realize they are racists) (at Love is The Answer)

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I would have NEVER know that my #BlackLivesMatter content on my channel was being restricted until people told me. I will not stand by and be censored or silenced by YouTube.

These are the main experiences others have reported to me for my videos:

  • Video coming up as restricted (breaks no terms of service)
  • When sharing URL, entirely different video comes up (they had to manually enter the url for it to work)

Due to the nature of my channel, having serious discussions/reactions/vlogs and more I cover a wide span. With reactions that is new people that don’t necessarily stay. By restricting this single video on my page, it impacts how I show up in algorithms and ultimately pushes my content down. They are silencing my story, my voice. It directly gets in the way of me reaching new people. I, and many others are not super large creators so we will get hit hard if no one speaks up.

I started my channel because I have loved kpop for for 14 years. A core part of that channel is talking about being a black fan of kpop. A safe space, a place we can come love these artists and the art. I don’t shy away, I will address things head on.

That includes #BlackLivesMatter. It includes Covid-19. Cultural Appropriation. Includes being a Black, Mexican, and pansexual female in my every day life. I TALK ABOUT IT ALL. It’s who I am and my experience, and it gives me different views within fandoms.

I’ll be damned if I am bullied out of that. I’ll be damned if I am ever silent about who I am and what I believe in ever again. I am here to have conversations and develop as a person every single day of my life. I work hard to bring joy and fun to others.


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I was ready to post the next chapter of Despite Everything a few days ago, but then this horrible injustice happened and I couldn’t find it in myself to post an update when the world was greiving . I’ve done what I could to support the #blacklivesmatter movement without advertising my contributions because I don’t seek approval from anyone, I just want to help. Help end this cruel reality that we live in that has gone on for far too long. I may not be black, but my nephew is. One of my best friends is. And half of the world’s population is. My heart hurts, and I’m unable to comprehend what exactly goes through their heads when they kill innocent people just because of their skin color. Like my lovely 70 year old secretary said, fuck racists. And now I would like to make your day just a tiny bit better, by asking if you would like me to post the next chapter. If it will make enough people happy and shed a little light onto these dark times I’ll do it. If we all need more time to sort our feelings and focus on more important things, I’ll wait.

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