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Had to represent for the cause #StreetGroomers today at my doctor’s appointment. #RIPHaroun #KeepApplyingPressure #WeAllWeGot #UnitedWeStand #WeAreDoneDying #StayWoke #UsOrElse #WhatTheMediaWontShow #WeGottaDoBetter #America #BlackPeopleMatter #WakeUp #BlackCommunity #BlackUnity #BlackPower #BlackLivesMatter #BlackPride #BlackLove #BlackAndProud #BMA #BlackMarketAlliance #DigThat (at Grady Memorial Hospital)

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😍😍😍😍😍 This is what I grew up with😎 Men into their Children…Raising Kings and Queens.✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽 Now most don’t have anything to do with their children because they have to pay child support🤔 If you was helping her support the child or gave her more…You would be in child support.🙄 Some just don’t pay or see their children because they are selfish. I don’t want to hear you don’t get along with their mother…Don’t complain because you laid down with her🤣🤣 or she won’t let me see my kids…BULL🤔 Hire a lawyer…Men have Rights too! Yes sometimes, Men do try…But Keep trying to get they the system✊🏽 Excuses #Son #Daughter #BlackLivesMatter #ChildSupport #Life #BeAParent

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hi 👉👈 i have a question about american culture and couldn’t find an answer on the internet

I was wondering: i perfectly know european culture isnt white culture (im french :3) , but black american culture emerged at the same time as “white” (american) culture, so why wouldnt both be considered cultures?

i’ve seen this issue pop up many times but no one focused on this point, the fact that whites have no culture is widely acceptes but i was truly wondering why (i mean, from what i gathered, white american culture has a lot to do with christmas, golf, wearing baseball caps, all those stuff we see in movies)

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The Rwandan Genocide

Between the 7th of April and the 15th of July 1994, as many as 800 000 – 1 million Rwandans were murdered in the most rapid genocide ever to be recorded. I watched the Hotel Rwanda movie countless times so I could wrap my head around the genocide that occurred in Rwanda, in as much as the movie is said to be a tell all it only sheds some light on a few issues and is not in-depth the focus is on…


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Yes ty for the request anon, dont hesitate to point out any errors that I make.


Originally posted by firelinphd


  • He’s obsessed with you from the start.
  • Writes you knightly love letters.
  • He calls you his princess, queen and treates you like the royalty you are.
  • He would 100% be down to go on picnic with you.
  • Definitely calls you his soulmate.
  • He nearly faints when he sees you in box braids.
  • He wouldn’t understand as to why you were insecure about yourself, he sees you as the most wonderful thing that ever existed.
  • He’ll beg you to touch your hair.
  • He’ll stare at you the whole week.
  • He would suddenly become einstein when you’re around.
  • He would notice if you used a new product in you’re hair since he stares at you so much.

Originally posted by yanderehellhole


  • He’d make Victor find everything about you and lowkey stalk you before talling to you.
  • Be would take you on dates at night.
  • Have you seen this man, he would 100% have you dripped out and looking stunning.
  • He definitely would tease you if you’re hair wasn’t going you’re way.
  • Dates would get cut off because he’s shinra’s guardian, but don’t worry he’ll make it up to you 2 times better.
  • He would definitely be the type to stare and add in little comments.
  • If you’re taller than him he wouldn’t mind he loves you’re long legs.
  • If you’re shorter he’d treat you like a child no offense to my short girls.
  • If you’re skinny he loves everything that you hate about yourself.
  • And if you’re chubby same goes with you .
  • Compliments you everytime he sees you.
  • If you dont like his smoking he wouldn’t smoke around you to make you comfortable.

Thanks for the request and dont be shy and send more in.

- sincerely, benisha :)

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Feb. 28th.

“No one man can rise above the condition of his people.” - Honorable Elijah Muhammad

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