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queensofrap3 years ago
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remyma: This weekend I celebrated a milestone with my best friend, my partner in everything, my husband, my forever @papoosepapoose I love you so much- not only because you are the perfect soulmate but because you are the epitome of a real man, the essence of a great father, and the definition of loyalty & if I could start life over the only thing I would change is meeting you sooner so that I can spend more time with you馃拫 We鈥檝e known each other 13 years & been married a decade馃槏 we renewed our vows amongst our closest friends and family members It was a small, intimate setting and one of the most precious moments of my life...thank you Husband, u always make me happy 馃拲 #BlackloveForever #MeetTheMackies #RemAndPap #RemyMa #RemyMafia
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darealunclephil6 years ago
Too many times I see people blaming others for things that as a collection we cannot overshadow any longer. Black Americans have to do better to expect better results. The things that are cherished in our community don't stick in the real world. All of those leaders of the past have one common trend that existed in Black America they all had some type of father figure in their life instructing them. I grew up without my pops but I had a understanding of what it takes to be effective in America versus being stagnant and walking backwards looking forward. Being educated and getting money is what's going to place Black America in a higher hierarchy. Being foolish destroying our communities won't bring justice to these killings that have been apart of our culture since we've been on this continent. Growth will only happen by doing the things we haven't been accustomed to. Graduating college, moving up tax brackets, stop relying on government aid. Blacks gotta stand on their own two feet with our chest up and heads high. Profession as a unit means so much more than the progress of one or two. The "leaders" of Black America gotta do better too. I can't accept you showing up when one of us dies by the hands of a white cop. We need those "leaders" to be proactive & reach out to the youth cause we have the power to change for the better. Revolutions don't always have to be seen cause this one doesn't. When I'm 50 I don't want to have these discussions I want to say we grew out of that and we gotta keep moving forward cause we nowhere near where we should be. I wanna see us progress not regress.
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