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Imposter Bakugou pt 2


You stand there shaken as you watch Bakugou kick Shinsou into the vents, a smear of blood leading from it. “I respect the bastard for putting up a bit of a fight.” Bakugou laughs darkly, looking at you to join in but honestly you found nothing funny.

Watching Bakugou cover his work, you took the time to assess your options. On one hand, you could run and tell the others, you’d made a pretty strong bond with the rest of them. Then again they knew Bakugou longer. On the other hand, you could simply go along with what he wanted but wouldn’t that just prolong your inevitable death?

Your thoughts are cut at the sound of the door opening. Bakugou narrowed his red eyes at the shadows approaching.

Your time of evaluation had been cut shorter than you expected.

You take a step forward but Bakugou quickly cuts off your path, pushing you against the wall. From an outside view, it would seem like you two were caught in a moment of passion. But the reality was that Bakugou had his utility knife against your side. “Don’t be stupid.”

The irony

You two part ways there, unable to continue further. Bakugou didn’t approach you after that day, but you both knew your decision was already made. Whether it was the selfishness of caring for your own life. Or the sick illusions that your friends would go peacefully if you didn’t cause panic.

Little by little they disappeared and it wasn’t until it was only 4 of you left. For a moment, you felt a slight hope that the 3 of you could ban together and stop Bakugou. But that illusion was decimated as you watch crimson blood drip down Sato’s arm as he crushed Kouji’s head with his bare hands.

“Don’t worry, he didn’t feel a thing. Well less than he would have if Katsuki had done it, he eats people.” Sato said, shivering from an unpleasant memory. He then looks at you from the corner of his eyes with a lifeless gaze, and you take that as a chance to run.

As you sprint down the corridors, Sato makes a move to go after you but Bakugou dissuades him. “We have some unfinished business with each other.”

The sound of carefree whistling, reached your ears in no time and the hammering of your heart became too much to bear. “Come on out, make this easy!” Bakugou’s gravelly voice resounded throughout the now empty halls is the skeld and strikes fear in you.

You try to calm your breathing as you lean against the closet door and the sound of his footsteps retreating became obvious. There was a deafening silence, and then there was a loud crunch of your door being punched through. The familiar sight of Bakugou’s alien tongue crossed your vision as it retracted just inches away from your head.

“Did I get you?” The realism of it all hit you like a brick and you dropped to your knees as Bakugou opened the door. “Guess not. Why are you on the floor?” Bakgou looked at you with slight confusion but mostly disinterest.

You paw at the front of his suit, trying to get it undone before he grabbed your hands. “Aye what’s wrong with you?” You looked at him dumbly, Bakugou wasn’t one to play mind games. It took you awhile to realize his seriousness. “B-But you said that you were going to…” you felt your body heat up at the memory of his words.“

Bakugou smirked, "Ah that, honestly I was just going to kill ya.” You snatched your hands away quickly as the blond man unzipped his orange suit. “But now that I see what a truly desperate little slut you are, how can I pass up this opportunity!?”

You squint your eyes preparing for some disgusting deformity on his body but it seemed mostly human. In fact the only indicator that something was wrong was the small sliver of skin overlapping past his belly button. Bakugou snaps his fingers in front of your face.

“Eyes up here!” Pulling the suit pants low off his waist, the vision of a pink tip flashes before you as his dick hits his stomach. And as much as you hated it, the sight made your mouth water.

Bakugou snorted, “Even I can see how pathetic you are. ” Bakugou holds his member and stores it slowly, “Fine. Open wide for me and I just might let you live.”

You doubted that statement but follow your instructions nonetheless

His cock was hot and heavy on your tongue as he tapped against it a few times. The pre it was leaking was salty and bitter, encapsulating Bakugou’s personality or lack thereof. You hum as he places his hand on the top of your head, urging you to explore.

Oral was never your thing but, being there on your knees, with the possibility of death was enticing and left your skin tingling with excitement. “You’re moving too damn slow, human.”

Bakugou grabs the side of your face and thrusts himself the rest of the way. You choke, tapping his leg rapidly as a sign that is ignored. “Ohh fuck.” His speed was brutal and the feeling of his balls slapping your chin only made him want to go faster.

You sat limply on your knees as Bakugou used you as he pleased. You felt about as useful as a sex toy and he treated you as such. “I’m going to cum so fucking hard and I want you to swallow it.”

You make a noise of alarm as his dick begins twitching in your throat. “Shut up, be a good cocksleave and I might just let you live.” Bakugou’s hips stutter for a moment and next thing you know, sticky strings of cum are sliding slowly down your throat, and it takes deep concentration to keep it from going down the wrong pipe.

Bakugou pulls away and your watch fearfully as his cock bobbed in front of you. Still hard. “I might just keep you around a little while longer if you keep this up.” He slaps your face lightly as he zips himself up.

You are dragged behind him as he pushes you in a capsule that Sato sat waiting in. You didn’t know where you were going but you did know you weren’t dead and that’s all that matters now. Bakugou watched you from the corner of his eye and his mouth spread in a toothy grin.

This would be fun.

Ion really like the ending but ig

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Cow Endeavor


Don’t ask no questions you don’t want answered. Either way, i have no answers for you. I cried while writing this

Praise kink, male lactation (🙃 say something i dare you) farm au, y'all know i love my breeding kink.

You were a simple farm hand. Every morning you’d wake up, feed the animals, and water the crops. It was your job to make sure everything was in order and working properly. In the essence of things working properly, that meant you had to take care of the farm’s prized cow, Enji.

You weren’t sure how or when he got here, he had just always been there. What you do know was that his performance in producing milk was so great that he had become the pinnacle for your farm, a mascot even. A cow that could make milk without even needing to be bred.

So it’s understandable the panic everyone went into when their prized cow stopped producing his prized milk. “I just don’t understand, he just had a calf but there’s not even milk for hj., we had to result to bottle feeding!”

You pat Keigo’s back reassuringly, “It’s going to be okay, have you ever considered that maybe he’s just too old now?” Takami’s face paled, “You’re right, what if our poor Endeavor has run his course?!” He then grips the front of your overalls and gazes you with a look that pierces your soul.

“You have to fix this, if they find out he’s no longer making milk, you know what they’ll do to him!” You nodded, retirement for farm animals was never fun, they’d either try to force his glands to make milk with dangerous chemically induced hormones, or it would be off to the chopping block.

So now, standing in front of Enji’s stall, you take a deep breath to steady yourself. Though his primary caretaker, you had never seen Enji in person so this would be either overwhelming or underwhelming.

Opening the swinging doors, you stand amazed. It may be called a stall but it was nothing less than a renovated room. There was, of course, a wooden trough where his hay and water was, but there was also a nice bed for him and even a damn vanity with a 6ft tall mirror.

“Are you the butcher?” You jump and swivel your head around. There standing at a whopping 6,11, was the prized Enji.

His blue eyes were cold as they glared down at you, and if you hadn’t seen his massive pecs, you would have confused him for a bull.

“Uh, no I’m not. I guess you could say I’m going to be your doctor today.” Enji rolled his eyes and walked past you. He sits on his bed and for a moment, you saw a look of sadness etched in his scared face. A reminder of a past problem.

“Look I’d recommend you replace me with Touya, he can’t do it as often but the quality in milk is just as good. I only ask that you allow little Shouto to sleep with him here, he gets terrible nightmares when he’s alone.”

You cursed your bleeding heart as you were two sentences from crying. Shouto was his most recent calf,, not even old enough to graze, yet he was far away from his mother where he should be, sucking and carefree.

“Well I hope it doesn’t come to that, can you get comfortable?”

Enji lays on his back, sinking into the soft bed below him. You step out the stall and grab your bag of tools. You walk up to Enji and feel your face warm as he looks back at you. His face remained stoic as he watched your hands maneuver the bag clamps.

You let out a loud shriek as a warm hand envelopes your left breast. “If you were a cow, I’m sure you’d make excellent milk.” You laugh awkwardly before breaking into a coughing fit as Enji releases you.

“Thanks, could you remove your top for me?” Enji sits up and does as you ask and you balk at how much bigger his chests were when released. “Mommy milkers.” You whisper to yourself, catching Enji’s attention. “What did you say?”

“Nothing!” You put your stethoscope in your ears, and hold the circle piece to his chest, uttering small apologies when he hisses at the cool temperature. You do the normal required check up before moving to the current task at hand.

You start to put on your latex gloves but it’s stopped by Enji shading his head. “I don’t like the way they feel.” So with your bare hands, you examine his chest.

First you massage the skin around his nipple to try to coax some milk out. With no luck, you decide to pay attention to the actual nipples balancing from prodding to pinching them. “Normally when things like this happen it means that something could be blocking the exit.” Enji huffed, “Why won’t you people accept that I’m just old?!”

You ignore him and continue. You feel around the swell of his breasts and push inwards with two fingers. At that, you faintly catch the sight of his pink buds being coated with clear shiny liquid. Enji’s face warmed at the feeling of it dripping down the valley of his chest.

“See, what did I tell you!? It just needed a little coaxing!” You press and prod more trying to coax a consistently white spurt of milk but soon run dry. Enji’s face was completely red and sweat had accumulated on his brow. He was internally thankful for the pants he requested as an embarrassingly large bulge was present just below the fabric.

“S-See all that was just a shadow of what I once was.” You flick his nip and shake your head, promptly missing how his eyes gently rolled back at the feeling. “Calm down edge lord. I think you need a constant force, I’m going to go get Shouta and see if he can suck more out and hopefully shift whatever is blocking.”

You stand up and give Enji a reassuring smile. Rising into a panic, Enji grabbed your forearm, “Don’t bring him!” You pout your lips, “Well who do you want me to bring?”

Enji grits his teeth, he didn’t want any of his calves to see him in such a state, but he knew this was an opportunity for him to stay at the farm a little while longer. Gently, you feel yourself being tugged.

You trip over yourself, slightly leaning over Enji which gave him the perfect opportunity to cradle the back of your head. He says nothing as he holds you closer, and it wasn’t until you saw his flushed face, that you realised what he wanted.

“E-Enji, I don’t think this is appropriate I-” Enji wastes no time before pressing his hardened nipple into your partially open mouth. Your protest is muffled as he pressed your face closer. His eyes closed tightly as your warm breath fans over his cool skin.

Soon you realise that you were not going to be let go anytime soon. You reposition yourself the best he would allow you before closing your eyes as well, and sucking gently. Enji lets out a sigh that reverberated down his body.

You let out a muffled exclamation as you feel a warm liquid

flow into your mouth. It was thicker than the clear liquid you saw before, bittersweet and addicting without any additives. It was easy to see how Enji had become the prized cow.

Enji’s grip slackened when he felt you relax against him, but you barely noticed as you became enraptured in the taste of his milk. In a strange way, suckling from him felt almost intimate in a maternal way.

Despite your innocent feelings, Enji found himself becoming aroused at the sight of you enjoying him. In all his years of work, he had never seen someone, besides his calves, drink his product.

“D-Do you like it?” You hum around him and he had to clench his teeth so he wouldn’t release any sounds. You find yourself getting pliant in his arms, becoming more focused on getting more of the psweet liquid.

You soothingly lave your tongue around his nipple and Enji can’t help but let out a small moan. His dick was painfully hard in his cotton pants and there was only so much he could take.

You remove yourself from him with a wet pop, before applying a kiss to his swollen bud. Rather high off happy chemicals, you stand shakily to your feet. Enji had drool and small dribbles of milk spurting from the unattended side of his chest. “You were so good for me Enji. I’m sure this will get you up and running in no time!”

With that, you utter a quick “thank you” and walk away, missing the large splotch of cum leaking from the fabric crotch of Enji’s pants.


It was 3 weeks before you saw Enji again. And you don’t deny that you were avoiding him. What you did was beyond inappropriate and uncalled for. You should have pulled away and called for one of his calves.

But avoiding your job is just as easy as it sounds.

“Hey y/n, Enji thinks he’s running dry again. Even though there seems to be nothing wrong when the machine mills him, I think you should go check and make sure.” You stiffen and shovel a mouthful of lettuce into your mouth.

“If there’s nothing wrong, I have no reason to go. Besides why can’t you do it.” Keigo looks at you with a raised eyebrow, “He requested you specifically.” You feel your chest flutter with an unknown emotion and you quickly finish your lunch to avoid any conversation.

You enter Enji’s stall the next day and watch silently as he immediately removes his shirt. Ever since your first meeting, his chests had doubled in size since the milk had finally been allowed to move freely. The sight of them excited you, and you couldn’t help but feel conflicted.

You sit in a small chair next to Enji’s bed and examine his swollen breasts. Even the slightest touch caused milk to spill forth and it became hard to ignore. “You’re not really starting to dry up are you?”

Enji sighs before sitting up. “Ever since that day I couldn’t get you out of my head.” You tilted your head confused as Enji cups his breasts before trailing his large hands down his stomach to his crotch before gripping his obvious manhood.

“Enji this is going beyond inappropriate.” The large man made a sound that was a cross between a desperate whine and a grunt similar to that of a bull. “Don’t deny that you like it too, I saw the look on your face.” You lowered your head unable to look at his eyes.

Thoughts mulled over in your head about what type of punishment you could receive from possibly contaminating merchandise. Would the milk be different? People have been sending letters about how much sweeter Enji’s milk has gotten.

Ah, but the thought of Enji’s sweet sustenance on your tongue made your mouth water. Enji hid a small smirk as he saw you finally make up your mind. He had missed you since your last encounter, he spent nights thinking of you as his tits swelled with milk.

You untie your work apron and toss it on the stool before straddling Enji’s thick legs. In the back of your mind, the logistics of his height and weight made your shiver at the thought of his cock.

Enji brings you in for a kiss and the rather off putting taste of oats and spring grass floods your senses as your tongues intertwine. You use your hands to massage his breasts and feel your front become warm as you subsequently squeeze out some of his milk.

You place hurried kisses along his jaw as you make your way to the true treasure. The sweet taste of his milk overrides your morning meal and you are baffled by how different it was from last time.

Enji, no longer feeling shy, let out a groan as he holds your head close to him. His free hand pulls his leaking cock out and strokes it in time with your rough tongue as you press it against his sensitive bud.

“Harder my little flower.” You sigh with contentment at the nickname and do as ordered. You feel Enji flex below you and you take pride in it.

You scoot your lower body closer to his groin and rock your hips against him. The feeling of your denim pants against his throbbing cock was almost too much yet too little.

“Please, let me be inside you.” You raise your head to look at him and Enji almost coos at the milky dribble rolling out the corner of your mouth. You were such a small thing, needed to be fed, needed to be protected and most importantly, needed to be bred.

Dazed, you shimmy off your pants and underwear and grind your hips. “B-Be gentle okay?” You were trembling on top of him and it was absolutely adorable. “Of course my flower.”

In the corridor Keigo was making his way towards Enji’s stall. It had been beyond the recommended time for an examination so he was coming to see what was taking you so long.

As he comes upon the door, the sound of whining fills his ears. “Just a little bit longer, flower.” His eyes widen and he takes four steps away from the stall door. “You sly fox y/n fraternizing with the produce.” Keigo shakes his head in disapproval before shrugging with a small grin.

“None of my business.”

The feeling of fullness was strange and uncomfortable. Enji was not long whatsoever, that was another characteristic that set him apart from the bulls. But he was thick to the point where you knew you’d have to work extra hard to accommodate him.

“You’re doing so well for me flower.” You rub your face against his bosom and resume drinking from him. The taste of his milk was therapeutic and before you knew it, he was thrusting fluidly inside of you.

The thickness of his shaft rubbed just right against your g-spot. The feeling of your soft lips alternating between each nipple, made Enji speed up his menstruations for he could no longer contain his pleasure.

He was sad that he couldn’t bring you to completion as well but that can always be saved for next time. The feeling of his semen filling you felt just as amazing as the milk flooding your mouth and you clenched tightly around him.


“It’s not funny Keigo!” “Really? I think it’s hilarious.” You groan as you cradle your slightly protruding belly. You should have seen it coming, and subconsciously, you weren’t surprised to see two pink lines on the pregnancy test that you took 4 months ago.

Now at 7 months and obviously showing, Keigo took the opportunity to bring up the fact that he was there when your new child was consummated therefore reserved the right to be it’s godfather.

Telling Enji the news went scarily smooth as the cow bastard only replied with, “Of course you are pregnant, I’m the sire.” Followed by him asking to try your milk as well, so he could critique. All his calves, now yearlings, seemed to take the news just fine and only seemed excited to pick baby names.

“Look, all I’m saying is, don’t come crying when little junior starts asking about the family business.” You groan as the dirty blond man continues his jokes. A small content smile is present on your face.

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Ima tell you this right now. I don’t know how to write a song fic so this is going to be trial and error. Also this song ruined my life, my subconscious learned the lyrics immediately and I only listened to it 4 times. This is not my type of music. I don’t need it in ma brain fam!! 


I never really had a bad boy

You know I’ve always been a good girl

You lived your life as a master in the art of minding your business. Although you were in the one class in the whole school that couldn’t get a break from excitement, you were able to flawlessly blend into the seams. Of course it wasn’t on purpose. You just liked to be in your own bubble. You got good grades and didn’t take part in extra curriculars. An excellent background character.

It wasn’t until you were partnered with the class loud-mouth Katsuki Bakugou, that your life started to take a turn for the better. 

Crazy how it happened so fast boy

The way you rocking my world

Anyone could easily tell you two were opposing forces like oil and water. But as corny as it was, the connection was immediate. Your first plan was to only speak when needed and drown out the white noise with music. Working silently was obviously a struggle for your partner because the next thing you knew, one side of your hearing was exposed to the buzzing excitement of your class.

“What crap are you listening to extra?” You looked at him blandly, one would be a fool to take offense from anything Bakugou says. You watched his face scrunch together in concentration and you could tell that he liked what he was hearing. For the rest of the class hour, you shared headphones and song interests, and for the first time, Bakugou wasn’t yelling.

Yeah, you’re my distraction

Love our connection

He often joined the family for dinner and could even hold fluid conversations with your mother without missing a beat or falling behind. 

It didn’t take long for him to even invite you to his own home as well. While your must tastes were similar, home life and house decor were largely different. You found yourself spending hours with his father, gushing over baby pictures of Bakugou, and dinner was quite the spectacle as you watched him and his mother play ping-pong with insults while you enjoyed new Japanese cuisine.

I see so much when I look at you

You got potential

It became a bit of a routine. He would come over your house, your room would be filled with the warm gooey vibes of soul and r&b and you would day dream your worries away. At some point, Bakugou had become a key item to your way of living. 

When you two were alone, he surprised you by toning down his brash attitude and seemed genuinely interested in your aspirations. “So when you graduate, you’ll still have to take another 8 years of college plus 1 more of residency?!” You nod as you eat a spoonful of Cinnamon Crunch. “Why are you acting so surprised, you want to be the president.” Bakugou shrugged with a small smirk on his face, “Yeah but that’s plan B.”

Time is essential

But I'ma take my time with you

Cause you need it

It was Thursday and at 5am when Bakugou called you. He was drunk and angry, cursing with every sentence. You quickly went to pick him up in your mom’s car as fast as you could. An upset Bakugou was a menace to society and if he felt that he needed to call you this late, it must be serious.

You just need someone to keep it real with you

And I see that

“Fucking bitch!” He slurred, leaning against your car door. “That’s not nice Bakugou, at the end of the day that’s still your mother.” You focused on the road trying to avoid flinching whenever he randomly got loud. “You don’t understand. She won’t fuking listen, ion what to be a damn lawyer.” 

You glance wearily over at him downing the rest of his bottle. “I’m assuming she denied the architect’s idea.” “What do you fucking think! Old lady want’s me to “continue the family business” like hell!”

I'ma be the one to plant that seed in you

You don’t gotta worry

You sighed and made a sharp turn into a Target parking lot. “What the hell we doin ‘ere?” You park and turn the car off, you knew your mom would kill you if you stayed out too long, but this couldn’t wait. 

“Katsuki, I’m going to tell you this right here and now. Sometimes adults think they are doing the best for you but they aren’t and you gotta show em that by doing what you think is the best for you and doing it well.”

I won’t judge you from your past

I know you’re not my first

Bakugou looked at you with slow blinking eyes before scooting closer in his seat. You allowed him to take hold of your face, and didn’t look away as his finger rubbed gently along the curve of your lips.

“If you don’t want this….please…tell me to stop.” His face was red, the air was thick and something that was always there, ignited as your lips met.

With drunken strength, he pulls you onto his lap and feels gently along your body as you tug on his lips with your teeth. The car was filled with hormones and heavy breaths as you got more desperate, but not once did he try to undress you. It was him that pulled away first, “What’s wrong?” you asked, out of breath and concerned, but he only shook his head with a wide grin on his face. 

“Marry me.

But I’ll make sure that you’re my last

We live two different lifestyles babyBut we can change that

“Huh?” you laugh breathlessly, not believing your ears. “Marry me.” You feel your heart speed up so much so you could almost hear it. “But we’re so young, Bakugou, are you sure?” Bakugou cards his fingers through his hair with a determined look on his face. “Of course not now! But in the future.” You cross your arms and look down at him, “You’re not messing with me are you Katsuki?” He scoffed, “Do I look like I’m joking you damn nerd?”

Just promise not to hurt me

Cause you know I told you that

You hold out a pinky, “Promise me then.” Bakugou jokingly pretends to bite your finger, “Are you serious right now?!” You huff indignantly, “Promise me Bakugou.” He rolled his eyes, “Ooo, pulling out my last name like that. Fine, I’ll be weird with you just this once.” 

He holds out his pinky finger and loops it with yours. “I promise that as soon as we graduate, I’ll make you mine.” You share another kiss and watch the sun rise over the large Target building without a care in the world.

I never really had a bad boy

You know I’ve always been a good girl

Crazy how it happened so fast boy

The way you rocking my world

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Tenya Iida with a blk bby momma


Originally posted by hot-wiings

  • Okay first of all, he still don’t understand how you two met
  • i mean he never visits “the ghetto”
  • Obviously ignorant at first.
  • But the more you teach him, the more he’s willing to learn.
  • Low-key is letting your family take advantage of his money
  • but you don’t ask cause you knew you’d hit him for whatever answer he had for that.
  • Extremely respectful to the point that everyone is sightly concerned.
  • When the media find out about you, he didn’t deny not a damn claim.
  • He was proud of you and he’ll be damned if you thought otherwise.
  • Was a little too excited when you got pregnant.
  • “Sometimes contraceptives don’t work all the time y/n”
  • was there for you the whole way.
  • Bought a house as soon as he got the news.
  • has a breeding kink so this would not be the last time.
  • Got horny from simply seeing your big belly.
  • A helicopter dad before the brat was even born.
  • House proofed the whole place.
  • Would sing to your belly.
  • I feel like you’d end up with “bambam kids” on accident from his over the top spoiling.
  • Would take them for rides whenever he got his “ankle pipes” cleaned.
  • To his surprise only one of his kids got the leg engine trademark.
  • But they were all just as fast with other quirky add ons.
  • Proposed after the announcement of bby number 2.
  • He’s the type that doesn’t want you to work and rely on him
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Ah, in case yall didnt know, i got the shigaraki with a blk bby momma story on both wattpad and ao3 titled. “I love it when you call me big papa” there’s only like 4 chapters rn but i just wanted to let yall know

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Gojo with a black baby momma would be something out of a sitcom.


Originally posted by neologyro

  • Let’s face it, the man is a little shit.
  • But would be treated like royalty at the family reunions.
  • Auntie’s love him.
  • Momma love him.
  • Daddy tolerates him after he bought him some nasty ass Old English beer.
  • Wouldn’t pull the “your daughter calls me daddy too” thing
  • cause as powerful as he is, he ain’t sure if he’ll be able to out run an ass whoopin from ALL your cousins.
  • Assuming you have a daughter the man would be head over heels
  • that’s his little girl and you can’t tell him other wise.
  • Was a lil pissy when his son clinged to you no matter what.
  • His son didn’t even like him at first.
  • He was just another ni**a that lived in the house.
  • His genes are recessive so the kids most likely look like you.
  • Makes it into a sport for how long he can go without someone calling the cops because a civilian suspected him of kidnapping a black child.
  • Passed out during your labor because he crosses the line at coochie stretching
  • but will scale a whole building
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Imposter Bakugou pt1


It was so hard to choose who to kill honestly

Among Us au obviously

Darker themes, murder

This was a smut request that i honestly don’t know how to turn into a smut and I’m still unsure if I’m going to put my darker fanfic fantasies on this account.

The lights went out above you, shrouding you in darkness. You wearily tap your body in search of your small built in flashlight. So far it seemed you were the only one heading towards Electrical but that wasn’t surprising.

Ever since you all boarded, there seemed to be something on board. Your friends were going missing or turning up dead entirely, leading to distrust among the crew. So who in their right mind would head towards the source of the darkness rather than huddle together in a corner.

Nonetheless, someone has to turn the lights back on, you couldn’t just be waiting in the dark, it would only lead to more death with no discovery. 

You enter the room and feel around for the breaker. The soft sounds of shuffling was heard near you, but you ignore it against your better judgement. You get the lights on and turn around only to see the doors shut.

“Damn it!” The power going out probably triggered the door mechanism. It was going to be a while till they powered back on and you got out of here. You look down at your walkie and your checklist. “Might as well shift the power route to the top generator before calling someone.”

You walk around the wall supporting the broker and cover your mouth in a silent scream. 

There, laying in a heap of blood was Shinsou Hitoshi. He was a transfer from the other fleet, still so young in the working force, so why was he lying here with a hole in his chest?!? You back away from his body, seat gathering on your forehead.

You screamed and swung a blind punch when two hands clamp down on your shoulder. “Stop making so much damn noise, you’ll scare everyone.” It was Bakugou and you quickly latch onto him as you sobbed. A gentle hand rubbed your back until you calmed down

“Bakgou, we have to go tell the others quickly!” You run to the door expecting it to be unblocked but it still remained shut. “W-What, then how did you get in?” Bakgou leans against the wall. “I was already here.”

You steady your breath, okay. “Then the killer must have killed Shinsou and run off when you weren’t looking.” Bakgou says nothing about your inner turmoil as he watched your eyes glance back and forth. He could care less and honestly he was quiet hungry. The thought of Tokoyaki crossed his mind briefly.

“But Bakugou…” You faced the door, unable to turn around unless the blond man answered your question. “Don’t you have the master card to override all the doors.” Bakgou lazily swung said card in your face confirming your question.

“And the doors only shut after I came in so that would be enough time for you to leave and get help.” Bakgou shrugged, “I couldn’t see that the kid was dead so I had no reason to report." 

You turn around, pressing yourself against the wall to cause a little more distance. Bakugou stands straighter at the sight of your tense behavior. "What task were you doing?” Bakugou snorted, “Damn wires, what else!”

“You were doing wires in the dark?” Bakgou laughed as he walked towards you. The feeling of dread came over you as he got closer. Though the sound leaving his mouth was joyful, his eyes told a different story. You should shut your mouth, you knew, try to live another day. But you couldn’t, for Shinsou.

“No idiot I had my flashlight on!” You slowly draw your hand to the small knife on your waist. “But you said you couldn’t see Shinsou, he’s two feet from wires and even if he wasn’t, our flashlights are good enough to light half this room." 

Bakgou rolled his shoulders, "You ask a lot of questions ya'know?” He stood only a small distance from you, if you moved now, you could take him out. “Ever heard the saying, curiosity killed the cat?" 

You lunge at him, knife out and ready and to your surprise he makes no move to stop you.

You stab directly at his side. You didn’t want to kill him for questioning but you needed to immobilize him. Nothing, you watch as his suit stains with blood. "Damn, I’m gonna have me one hell of a toothache now.”

“Toothache?” Your throat is gripped and you are soon held against the wall suspended. Before your eyes, Bakugou’s midsection opens up completely, revealing a faint mouth full of teeth and a strangely shaped tongue. 

As if hearing your fretful thoughts, the tongue slides out of it’s large mouth and slides along your cheek, slicing the skin there with only a touch. “I can kill you right fucking now all because you couldn’t be a dumb little slut for me.”

You shake your head as you grip the arm holding you up. “N-No this is impossible!” Bakgou rolls his eyes and puts you down before grabbing you by the ear. He drags you towards Shinsou’s mangled corpse and you feel the bile rise in your throat.

“What is that y/n?” You shake your head as salty tears roll down your cheeks. He pressed your face closer, “WHAT IS THAT!” You gasp as another sob takes over you. “Fine I’ll answer, that is a hole y/n. A hole in the middle of this extras body. Is that impossible y/n?" 

The tears falling down your face prevented you from speaking as snot dripped out of your nose. Bakugou sneers in disgust and pushes you away, even closer to the body. "Damn humans are fucking disgusting.” You crawl away from Shinsou as the realization of your situation finally hits you.

“Are you going to do that to me? Am I going to die?!” Bakugou doesn’t respond but his waist does open back up. You clench your eyes shut and stand, it would probably be less painful if you stood. Your fists clenched and unclenched besides you as you waited for either pain, or the sweet release of death.

Nothing happens and you can’t help but break down again. “Just do it already!” The sound of concealed laughter brings you out of your panic and you open your eyes. 

Bakugou is bent over before you, laughing so hard, tears were falling down his face. The thought that it was all a prank crossed your mind but no, Shinsou looked too real. And they were never close enough to want to pull something this sick together.

“Ah, you’re different than the rest. Any other would beg for their life and even offer their first born just to live to see the next day. But you!?” His sentence is interrupted with laughter once again. “You’re so damn weak, you just gave up and decided to die!" 

Bakugou wipes a stray tear from his eyes before becoming serious. "How pathetic. Fine, I’m not going to kill you, not yet at least.” You are not comforted by the news as Bakugou walks towards you. “Nah instead, I’m going to  pound that dumb little head of yours, until all you can think about is me. So much so, you won’t even try to snitch.”

Bakgou taps your head with his index finger as he looks down at your condescendingly. “I’m going to make you live with guilt on your mind as I pick your friends off one. by. one. Until it’s only you left.” He leans away, admiring the damage he was causing. “And then, when you’re all alone, and broken. Then I’m going to come for you, and I’ll be the one deciding whether you live or die.”

This was way darker than i meant it to be. Idk how I’m going to even lead to a smut from this

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The cooking thing I did here is probably wouldn’t work in real life


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It was White Day, and you and Nejire had decided to bake cookies for the other students. “Babe, do we have flour?” You looked through the cabinets in search of the signature white powder “Umm, maybe?” You look over at the lavender girl in question. “Why are you so hesitant?”

She looked away with a small blush on her face. You cross your arms and tap your feet. “Nejire?” She giggled and suddenly held up a white paper bag with pink heart stickers on it. “I wanted to try making them on my own first, so I borrowed the flour.”

That was concerning for many reasons. One, everyone knows Nejire can’t cook. Two, the flour you were searching for was 2 pounds. Gingerly you took the bag from her and opened it. 

On the outside, the cookies looked rather normal. They were soft, kind of cakey, and were decorated rather cutely with pink star sprinkles. You lift one up and immediately notice your fingers being covered with white dust. “Go ahead, try it!” Nejire looked at you hopefully. 

You smile wearily and hold the cookie up. “Cheers!” You place the small pastry in your mouth and balk at the pasty taste coating your tongue. The taste of flour was so strong that the urge to drink water was immediate but you didn’t want to alarm Nejire. 

“Needs a little more sugar.” Nejire gained stars in her eyes. “Really?!” Before you could stop her, she was already reaching inside of the bag and popping a powder monstrosity in her mouth. She sputtered and shot the cookie out, and to your horror, powder really spewed out of her mouth. “A little more sugar huh?”

You look in the bag and unconsciously scrunch your face up. “Maybe we can cook these into new cookies?” Nejire looks in the bag as well, “Do you think that would work?” You shrug, with the amount of flour baked into these cookies, it wouldn’t hurt. 

“Put them in a bowl of water and play with them, maybe it will break apart.” Nejire pouted, “Were they that bad?” You avoided the question.

Nejire busied herself with molding the dough out of it’s cookie form. It wasn’t the best option but it was good enough that you could work with it.

Tying an apron around your waist, you get to work preparing the wet ingredients until Nejire was done. “Do you think we should do vanilla, or chocolate?” Nejire ponders the question as she brings you the bowl of  uncookied cookies. 

“Chocolate, I’d rather not think of my mistake.” You purse your lips and held her chin towards you. “Don’t think like that, you tried and that’s what matters.” She didn’t look convinced and you sighed, placing a chaste kiss on her forehead.

“Let’s get to work!” Surprisingly remaking cookies was the easiest part, you even decided to mold them into quirky shaped like stars and hearts. Of course they were done by hand so some of the stars looked rather deformed.

The problem came when deciding what temperature to cook them at. “They’ve already been cooked, so how do we do it again without drying it out?” Nejire looked at you with wiggling eyebrows. “Why don’t you just use your hotness to cook it just right?”

You looked back, oblivious, “I think 450° would work just fine.” You set it to the desired temperature as Nejire experienced second hand embarrassment. 

Waiting for the cookies was mine wreaking as you hoped things would turn out okay. “Chin up Y/n, I’m sure they’ll be delicious, you put your heart into them so they have to be!” She put a soft hand against your cheek and tucked a lavender lock behind her ear.

“You cheered me up, now it’s my turn.” You held the hand against you and smiled, “You didn’t cheer up though.” “But didn’t I? Spending time with you is the best medicine for sadness in my opinion.”

The cookies were baked as much as you could and you both triumphantly sampled them.

They tasted like shit.

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  • Sukuna with a black bby momma would be the funniest shit.

Originally posted by gojous

  • He would be stunting on live like “Yeah i run this house.”
  • and in the distance you’d hear his baby crying and his bby momma/wifey is like “boy get yo daughter im taking a shower!
  • And his dumbass is like, "I’ll get her when i feel like it.”
  • And all you hear is something flying through the air and the live mysteriously pauses.
  • But when it cuts back he’s holding in infant with a distinct red outline of a shampoo bottle on his cheek.
  • But still taking about, “Hoes don’t know what to do with me.” 💯
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The Grim Reaper


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Episode Four: Something In This Liquor

Summary: Ziva arrives to Charming with the goal of laying low. When that backfires she has to face her demons before they eat her alive.

Tagging: @omg-mymelaninisbeautiful & @shawty-fenty

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Pt 2

Can’t belive i had to make a new post for this bby price of fic

Out in daylight my potential

Suddenly your outfit made a little more sense was all you could think as the cold grabbed your left hand. “Will you marry us?” The words, spoken in unison, was something almost as if sent from heaven.

“I hope, with time, you can come to love me too.” Ochaco started as they should the band onto your finger as you looked at them dazed.

Bold, precise, experimental

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Im making this gender neutral cause I feel like I did pretty damn good here. And it had a bit of a fairytale ending but I couldn’t figure how else to tie it up prettily

Also tried of tumbler adding gaps to ask the persons when i copy and paste from docs to here so y'all just gonna have to deal this fic is way too damn long for me to fix it like i normally do

Also i went over the aparent limit so just look for the words “pt2” in green for the extension

Letting go is one of the hardest things one can do. But understanding why you had to let go is harder.

You and Izuku knew each other for the longest time. Hell you were the one that lifted him back up when Bakugou knocked him down. So why…. Why after all that were you not good enough?

He never said you weren’t, he’d never do that. But the worthlessness you felt as you watched her hand him a love letter. You thought, he won’t accept, afterall she’s one of the many girls and guys that had confessed since the beginning of U.A. Hell you were surprised Ochaco even had the guts to confess.

But the small blush and smile that overcame his face as he finished reading the letter, was one you’ve never seen before. In that moment you wished you’d decline coming with him for support.

The sick feeling in your stomach grew larger as they hugged each other tightly. That sickness translated into a smile when he looked back at you.

From then on, your sunny disposition was a fabrication of what once was. You didn’t hate her, you even saw the appeal, having the slightest crush on her as well. You just hated that he chose her. Was the years of companionship worthless?

As the two grew closer, you grew farther and buried yourself in training and school work. Days went by, months, and by the time graduation came, you were all 3rd years.  You and Deku had become nothing more than aquaintences.

The others tried to stop your descent into isolation, Including you in everything they did, ut it wasn’t the same.

“Hey Y/n.” You wiped your sweat with the towel around your neck. You’d been at it for most of the day and had shed most of your clothes. Izuku was dressed casual for once and looked gorgeous in the setting sun.

“Yes Midoriya?” Ouch. When did you start calling him that? You couldn’t quite remember. Deku looked over the trees, green hair blowing with fall wind. “You know we haven’t hung out in a while.” You took a drink of water as you sat on a fallen log. “Oh really?" 

That came out harsher than needed and you both knew it. "Since we are graduating tomorrow, I was wondering if you would join us for once as a last farewell. 

You didn’t miss the undertone in the last comment. Deku watched in silence as you put your tank top back on. "I don’t think I can make it.”

Izuku’s fists clenched as he glared at the floor. “Why?” You eyed his fists,“I have other things to do.” Deku scoffed, “Give me a break, school is over what more do you have to do?!” “More important stuff than partying.”

There was a change in the air and at the last minute, you jumped back as Deku’s foot slammed down in the floor causing a sizable crater. “Stop lying Y/N! What could you possibly have to do that’s more important than hanging out with your friends?! Don’t you understand that this is the last time we’ll have this much free time to see each other!?”

A small smirk crawled onto your face. ‘Still a crybaby huh?'  tears trailed down Deku’s face as he looked at you, “We haven’t talked in years y/n.” You would not break, this was for the best, you would not fall back into this cycle. “We talked this morning.” “Hello is not a conversation y/n”

“What do you want me to do then Izuku?" 

Nothing, just like you expected. "Listen Deku, Sometimes, people grow apart and…” You have to take a deep breath, cause if you don’t you’d break all over again. “Sometimes we just have to accept it." 

Izuku says nothing more and leaves, heartheavy. During the party,  Izuku spent his time with Uraraka, both day-dreaming about their future, though Izuku wasn’t as engaged as he usually was. You sat alone in the common room, looking down at the feastivities below. Mr. Aizawa was the only one who noticed.

As a pro hero you stayed in a moderate range in regards to popularity. About the same level that Mt. Lady and Kamui Woods used to be. 

Watching Bakugou and Midoriya’s ranking teeter back and forth like hot potato was amusing as the fiery blond would call you to complain since he knew you would simply listen.

Your love life was non-existent besides the occasional fling with a cute chick at a bar or a himbo™ at the local gym. You weren’t looking for anything sold anyways and that was not only due to your hero work, but because no one peaks your interests.

The gang of course flocked together in regards to their love lives. Kaminari and Jiro were finally a thing. Momo and Todoroki were dropping hints to each other but they are both a bunch of oblivious bimbos and that is not going to change anytime soon. 

Tsu and surprisingly Mineta prefered the bachelor life and worked hard on building their teams. You were greatly surprised when Mineta asked you to come to his house and genuinely asked your opinion on trainees. 

Unlike the rest, Mina, Kirishima and Bakugou, were trying to figure out the ins and outs of a poly relationship. Bakgou of course being the word if reason as the other two goofed around.

 All was in its place as you all conformed to your new adult lives. You had no faint clue where the other boys were besides Kouji’s and Satou’s engagement.

It was a Thursday evening when you walked into your condo, shuffling through your mail until a white envelope with gold trimming for your attention. 

You are invited….

Of course how could you forget Deku and Uraraka. When was the last time you saw those two? Most likely the last day of school. How the hell did they get your address?

You tossed the envelope on the couch and walked to your kitchen to get a bottle of wine. You spent that evening drinking the petty thoughts away, altering between cursing Ochako, to reminiscing on how they were truly a match made in heaven.

By 4 in the evening, you were beyond tipsy and could barely stand to answer the door when the bell rung. 

"Whatdoya want Midoriya?” You said, leaning a little too far to the left. Deku looked at you with concerned eyes. “Are you drunk y/n?” Your roll your eyes and turn around, walking back into your home. “What does it look like?" 

You slump on the couch as Deku walks throughout your home. He was alot bigger  than you remembered. His curly green hair was almost touching your ceiling as he looked at your disheveled body.

"I’m just here to make sure you got my invitation.” You tug the envelope from where it fell between the cushion and wavs it in front of your face. Izuku acknowledged it as he sat down, “Well are you coming?”

You shrugged your shoulders as you reach for your glass. Izuku tried to take it away and you smack his hand. Even though you could taste the unresolved tension, you wanted to make things a bit lighter. “I don’t know deku, what’s the theme? If it’s green then I can’t come, you know that clashes with my complexion.”

He doesn’t laugh, not even a smile. Oh well not your problem. The bottle is empty much to your disappointment as you held the opening over your mouth. Deku sits there, fists on his knees as he makes a conflicted face. “How many bottles have you drunk?”

You slap his back, slightly impressed that his solid form didn’t move. “Oh calm down worry wort!” A lazy grin comes over your face and a teasing tone slips into your voice. “I’m not an alcoholic…mmm, yet.”

You both sat in silence, Deku swirling in his own emotions for  seeing you this way. You looked completely fine on the surface but he knew you better. They all knew you better. Bakugou’s weekly gossip visits were nothing more than a check on your personal health.  Even Mineta had to pitch in.

“Hey Deku?” You looked off into thin air as you spoke but Izuku hung off your every word. 

“Can you kiss me?”

Deku didn’t mean to stand up the way he did. You didn’t react, you expected it if anything. “Y/n, you know I can’t do that. Why would you even ask!?” You rubbed your eyes to rid yourself of the smallest threat of tears. You weren’t an emotional drunk and you weren’t going to start being one now.

“Mm just thought that if you did, maybe I could get over this fuzzy feeling in ma'chest.” Deku blushed, from what you. didn’t know, but you did notice how he sat back next to you, closer than before. “If I do…..will you come?”

I was going to come either way idiot

“I’ll think about it.”

Your lidded eyes picked up on the smallest movements and you shivered as Izuku held your chin between his fingers. The kiss was gentle and nothing more than a simple press. You would have been fine with that, that’s all you wanted. What you weren’t expecting was for Deku to continue.

You could feel your chest flair with the familiar discomfort of things being out of your control. His rough hands came home to your face as he deepened the kiss. You couldn’t help but let out a small whimper as his tongue swiped against your bottom lip and he took that chance to delve deeper.


You pushed him away and stood. You both looked at each other, darkened eyes and veins fluttering with adrenaline. “Why?” you whispered, voice betraying you as it cracked. Izuku held his fist over his heart where you pushed him. “I..I did what you asked.” You shook your head.

No, no this is wrong

Izuku stands up and tries to console you. The words that left his lips unrecognizable.

It’s over isn’t it?

“Y/n calm down please and let’s talk.” You put your hands over your ears. “You’re so selfish.” You wheezed. Why was the room getting darker?

It’s over isn’t it?

Strong hands grip your arms and you scrape them off. “Get out.”

You won and he chose you

As a last resort, Deku tries to miss you again, holding you close back your lower back, even daring to nibble your lips as he pulls away. “Y/n can you please focus!?” Why was he making it worse? You are not a home wrecker!!

And he loves you so he’s gone

Izuku helplessly watched you fall into your own thoughts as you gripped the wall so hard your knuckles turned white. 

It’s over isn’t it?

You blindly stumble into your room and close the door, falling against it.

Why can’t I move on?

Izuku tested his forehead against the door, trying to listen for any sign of life, even a heart beat. On the other side you fall into a dreamless sleep.

War and Glory

It rained on their wedding day. And in the worst way possible or made the ceremony even more beautiful as light drops of water tangled itself in Uraraka’s veil. 

The pictures were to die for and so was the food. “Y/n come on, take a picture with me!” You sip some champagne and prepare yourself for your sin  free facade as you walk over to the new bride.

Her dress was gorgeous yet modest, one would confuse this gathering for a party since you were forced to wear white  with her and Deku despite you explaining  how weddings worked.

You kneeled to adjust to her height as she held the camera the highest she could. “You want me to do it?"  You took the phone and held it above you. Ochaco pouted as you dwarfed her and gripped her small hands on the front of your clothes.

She smelt of strawberry’s and soap. 


Before you could pull away, she tugged your down as she came to whisper in your ear. "I know.” She pulled away with the same small smile she wore since the day began. Your face mirrored one of fright and she quickly noticed.

She raised her hands in surrender as she tried to calm you down. “Hey what’s that face for, it’s fin-” you flinched as she reached out to touch you. Backing up, you ran into Deku who quickly held onto you to prevent you from falling.

You do your best to calmly untangle yourself from him, but subsequently jumping away as if you were on fire. The newly weds shared a look and you shivered as they both narrowed their eyes at you. Focused the same way they were when on a mission.


Walking through the crowd of fans and distant family was no hard feat as you headed to the hotel the wedding was taking place behind. The two followed you and you tried your damnedest not to simply run.

You had almost made it out conservation free but Deku’s hand quickly slapped on the side of the door before you could close it and he forced his way in as a limping Ochaco followed behind. “Come on Y/N, these heels are uncomfortable!" 

You could feel tears falling down your face as you backed away from the two. It wasn’t out of fear, but shame. Shame that you had feelings for your friend. Shame that you kissed a taken and engaged man. Shame that his  wife knew.

"Y/n calm down it’s fine, I don’t mind!” You looked at her with confusion and bristled as Deku came closer. “I told her the day after it happened.” You focus on Ochaco, preparing yourself for any physical attacks the small woman might deem necessary. “I’m sorry Ochaco, I-I didn’t mean for it t-to happen.”

Anger at the memory filled your brain and you almost didn’t notice small hands taking hold of yours.

Her attention

“It’s okay Y/N.” Ochaco smiled warmly at you, bringing your hands to her lips as she kissed them gently. “I don’t mind, infact this was the goal for a long time.” You look at Deku for some coherent conversation, “What is she talking about.”

Izuku blushed, “We’ve been trying to get your attention since highschool. We knew how you felt and didn’t mind you joining us like Kachan, Kiri, and Mina.” A steely gaze with the power of Aizawa’s death glare, casted over Izuku’s face, “But you kept running.”

Ochaco waved her hands to divert the sudden hostile energy. “Anyways, we were planning on announcing it at the flower toss.” Ochaco reached into her bussom and pulled out a small jewelry case. Inside it held a silver ring, strikingly similar to the one she now wore on her left hand.

“I know we really haven’t got to get to know each other that well. And I know your feelings don’t lie for me but, if you would like…” Deku gingerly plucked the ring from Uraraka’s hands and the both lowered to their knees. (Ochaco with more effort as the fluff of her dress almost tipped her over)

Oop looks like i went over the limit?

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Not y'all letting Wattpad readers shit on you by making all the requests. I’m not scary i promise just tell me what you want


I now realise that this was not the best face to choose

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I notice my Naruto post dont pack as much heat, do people not like naruto anymore?

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This reader I guess you can say is real cutesy and feminine. I know that there are a variety of black people with different interests and styles so i wanted to show that in this story but I probably failed

I dont really know this man but he gives me very much cuddle-bug 

This will be in modern time cause i don’t know jack shit about Naruto

This is a Wattpad request and I was gonna make this smutty but ive been getting more requests and im thinking of making a separate thing for male reader so if you know any tell em to stay tuned lol

Also in a way this story is gender neutral so heres a head start.

It was Valentine’s Day, and you were excited to finally see Choji for the first time. You two had met through social media two years ago, and had hit it off because of your video series of you cooking foreign food. You two would talk almost everyday about your favorite foods and soon talked about your own personal interests in life.

 About a week ago, you revived a letter in the mail with tickets to Japan, and after a brief confirmation call to Choji, you found yourself excitedly packing. Even though you planned each outfit for the month you planned on staying, you couldn’t help but feel giddy as you searched through your various skirts and blouses. You wanted him to think you were cute but not childish

The scenery on the way there was mind blowing and you took many pictures to show off to him later. You did feel a bit self conscious as you waited for your luggage. You didn’t see anyone around that looked like you, and for a moment you even considered that maybe you were being stood up.

“Y/n?” Came a voice from behind you. You turned around and to your joyz Choji stood there in front of you. “Choji?!” You asked, still unsure that this was even real. The man laughed and held out his arms which you quickly jumped into. “Oh, I’m happy to see you!” You say, doing your best to wrap your arms around his larger build.

Choji laughed as he sat you back down and a faint blush came over his face. “Really? Am I everything you imagined?” You smiled and lightly tapped on his nose, “Yes and honestly you’re even better." 

As Choji drove to his house,  you did your best to hide your amazement. Since Choji lived in the countryside, the scenery quickly went from bustling cities to lots of greenery and small forests. "It’s so pretty here.” You said snapping more pictures on your camera.

When you two arrived, your eyes went wide at the sight of the tall home. Choji had told you a while back how much it cost him but this was the first time you saw something like it in person. The mere size would have cost thousands in America.

Choji awkwardly let you in and you greedily took in your surroundings. The place wasn’t decorated with much but it still managed to have a homey feeling to it as the smell of food filled your senses. “Where do you want me to sleep?” You asked softly. You wanted to sleep in the same room as him but you didn’t know if you were moving too fast or not.

Choji gave you a closed eyed smile as he pulled your luggage behind him. “Well I was hoping you’d room with me if that’s okay. If not you can always have the guest room.”

You followed after him and excitedly helped put your thighs in order. When you were done, you two sat in the living room in silence. Both nervous for what was to come next. “Um, those may be sudden b-but can i kiss you?" 

Choji looks at you surprised and your watch as a cute blush formed in his face. Without thinking, you lean forward and place a kiss on one of his cheeks before retreating. 

A large and gentle hand held your face and you found yourself meeting soft lips. Your heart fluttered as they moved against yours and you gripped the front of his shirt. Choji couldn’t help but place his hands on your waist and you internally cringed as you remembered the flowy skirt you had on.

When you pulled away and covered your face as you hid your big grin. Choji pulled you hands away and for a moment you both shared a laugh at your silliness. "Are you ready to eat?”

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uh idk if you like anime or whatever but do you have any charcter you would like me to do? 👉🏿👈🏿 i can do smut and try fluff hell at this point I’ll even do angst, im very sorry you guys don’t get enough rep, I’m going to start reposting every male reader fic i see on here

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Sukuna pt 2


Body positive Sukuna he like da big girls too. 

Degredation, threesome (?) Breeding

Bitch is used 

I wanted to really give my all for a big y/n but it’s so hard to write without wondering if I’m being demeaning. Like I’m not skinny in the slightest, but I’m no longer the weight I’m trying to portray.  Give me feedback peeps. (xxl peeps only no twigs in this critique)

“Deal then, but no-." 

No time was wasted as your lips were captured again and hands made their way to your breasts, massaging them. To your embarrassment a thin string of saliva connected the two of you which you promptly wiped away. 

"Listen freak no penetration, just get your rocks off and leave me be!” You say as a last retort. Sukuna acknowledged your request with only a wink as he dragged his wet tongue across any expanse of skin he could reach.

Your face heated up as you watched him. You couldn’t help but secretly wonder if Yuji could see through his eyes. Would things be weird after this? Were you even supposed to make a deal with this thing? “You’re thinking pet, let’s change that.”

Hands like electricity ran along your sides roughly squeezing your rolls as Sukuna manuvered himself in-between your plush legs. “A woman’s expectation has lowered over the centuries huh?" 

You bit your lip and squeezed Sukuna’s hips with your legs, "Watch your mouth.” Sukuna smirked, “Oh but I love watching yours.” Sukuna lowered his face towards you and you couldn’t help but feel the slightest bit self conscious. “So big and soft.” Sukuna muttered as he kissed you again, this time making you mewl as he grinded against you.

“I wonder how those perfect lips would look around my cock?” You bit Sukuna’s tongue and huffed softly when he only moaned in response, “Keep wondering cause nothing is happening." 

Sukuna’s grinding got harsher as his strokes went faster. "Ah, you’re close that fast? I expected more from you.” You smirked satisfied from his flushed face and labored breathing. Sukuna’s ruby eyes narrowed up at you and you cried out as a clenched fist wrapped around your braids and yanks.

“It’s Sukuna, but I’d much prefer if you called me King.” Sakuna sits up and removes Yuji’s school uniform as he speaks. “Although my endurance is stunted greatly by this brat, I can still get it up as many times as I want.”

You watched with hidden interest as the black marks swirled around Yuji’s arms and abdomen. Sukuna wraps his arms around your back and with scary strength, and lifts you on to his lap.

A blissful look comes over his face as you uncomfortably rest your weight into him. Slowly but firmly you find yourself corralled above his face. “Wait a damn minute!"  Sukuna uses a sharp nail to cut the crotch of your pants and underwear.

In your surprise you clamp your legs closed effectively trapping Sukuna's….Yuji’s….. Whatever, face in-between your thighs. Before you could release and apologize, the familiar wetness of his tongue makes its way to your twitching entrance.

"H-Hey wait a minute we had a deal!” You stutter out, quickly readjusting your slowly sliding glasses. Sukana chuckled making you subconsciously clench, “The deal was no penetration pet, and I don’t plan on breaking it. I simply want a taste.”

You shiver as hands rub the expanse of your ass and you faintly hear the sound of a belt buckle clinking behind you. “It’s been a while since I’ve tasted a woman of your caliber. If you were any other I would have burned you for your insolence.”

Sukuna let out a deep moan as he pressed you closer to his face. “Stop making those noises please.” You look away embarrassed and watch with lidded eyes as Sukuna lazily strokes himself behind you.

He was big

“Is it wrong for me to enjoy a delicacy such as yourself?” You roll your eyes only for them to roll back as Sukuna finally pushes his long tongue inside of you. From below, eyes watched you with amusement as lips wrap gently around your clit.

You whine with frustration as you feel his tongue retreat. “Sorry cocoa, my 4 minutes are up.” Sakuna brushed his pink hair back with one hand as the other pushed you back.

As much as you hated to admit it, you were disappointed. It had been awhile since you had been touched and the little bit of stimulating tingles Sukuna gave you had you wanting more.

Sukuna used his index finger to tilt your head to look up at him. “Aww what’s that face for doll? I thought you’d be happy for me to be done?!” You turn your face away. “Fuck you Sukuna.”

Sukuna internally smirked, he has you right where he wanted. “My doll is upset it seems.” Sakuna rubbed the globe of your ass soothingly, “Tell me what I can do to make it better.” You sneered at him.

“Touch me.”

You mumbled under your breath, refusing to look at the grinning bastard. “Aww I’m sorry what was that? My ears aren’t what they used to be.” You clench your fist and look Sukuna directly in the eyes. 

“Touch me”


You’re pushed onto your back and your pants are no more as Sukuna quickly finishes undressing himself above you. Your breath quickens as more skin is revealed to you.

The lines went further than you expected but luckily not on the family jewels. A moment of fear passes through you as Sukuna strokes himself above you for a moment. “Do you think it will fi-” Sukuna places a hand over your mouth as he promptly pushes himself all the way inside of you.

“Sorry, but I’m not one for the "it’s too big” talk.“ Small tears collect in your eyes but you’ve never felt so deliciously full. Sakuna, to your relief, did give you time to adjust……sike.

"You know what the best part of fucking you is?” You make an unintelligible sound that was a mix between a scream and actual English. “It’s watching that sour attitude of yours crumble as I put you in your place.”

Sukuna holds your hips in a vice grip as he fucks you. His true goal is to watch your tits bounce from the force of his thrusts. Your stomach distends at every stroke and Sukuna makes it known. “Look at that. so fucking slutty, letting your body reshape itself for me." 

You helplessly grab along his arms as your eyes screw shut from the repeated abuse of your cervix. It hurt but it felt so damn good at the same time. "S-S-Suku..” you couldn’t even speak as you’re folded over by Sukuna’s strong arms.

“Speak up cocoa.” You dig your fingers into the flesh of his arms as a silent retort, but it’s useless as Sukuna laughs above you. “Can’t talk? Good, all you need to focus on is being my silent little breeding bitch." 

That was the last thing you wanted to hear from his stupid mouth but breeding is the only word that was acceptable for the pounding he was giving you.

"Look at you, what do you think Yuji will think when he sees you being spilt open by his cock?” You whined at the thought of it and subsequently squeezed Sukuna even tighter. “You like that huh? What if i cum in you as a little gift for him? Creampie is what you people call it?”

You shake your head, unable to see through your fogged glasses. Seeing this, Sukuna removes your glasses, and tosses them elsewhere, and you prayed that they didn’t break.

“Look at me when I’m fucking you.” Sukuna pulls out, giving you time to breathe as he turns you over into your stomach. You barely had time to get on your knees before he pushes back in, just barely missing your ass. 

“Almost slipped in, you wouldn’t want that now would you?” The position overall was demeaning as the only thing keeping you somewhat balanced was your stomach. “L-let me stand up.” You protest pushing yourself back against his brutal hips.

Sukuna pushes your back down and grips your soft hips. “If I had wanted you to sit up, I would have done it myself." 

Bites are peppered along your back and you could feel his tongue following every crevice and stretch mark adoring your body. You felt loved in a sinful way. "Please I’m so close!” You scream into the sheets but the attempt to muffle, only seemed to sound louder.

Sukuna reached around you, gripping two handfuls of your tits as he pinched and pulled at your nipples. “Then cum, I want to feel you squeeze me like the cum hungry bitch you are.”

And holy hell did you cum. You gripped the sheets as your back arched both in pleasure and in pain as you tried to pull your chests from Sukuna’s attack. “Pitiful. Cumming from being bred by your friend’s dick. What if I really did breed you? Wonder what our brat would look like.

Sukuna stopped as you came down from your high and you thanked him quietly for it. In your haze you lazily allow yourself to be herded towards the top of the bed where Sukuna gripped the headboard.

Sukuna released a low moan as he grinded against you, watching methodically as his dick disappeared inside of you. Using one hand he tightly holds onto your ass and thrusts inside you.

Still sensitive, you reach back and weakly push at his stomach, "Just, ah just give me a second!” Sukuna takes that hand and uses it to fold it behind your back. “Breeding cows don’t speak ah-fuck! Lay there and feel what a real man feels like.”

You faintly have the realization that your eyes were crossed, as your vision varied from closed eyes to facing the white sheets of your bed.

Clean up was going to be a bitch

You screamed as the tip of his cock rubbed against your cervix only to shiver as your swollen clit rubbed against the bed before you. It was much like the saying between a rock and a hard place.

“Y-Yuji!” You moaned weakly as you felt Sukuna cum inside of you, painting your walls white.



Your head is yanked back by your hair as Sukuna cursed on your ear. “Calling for your precious brat is cute. But while you were moaning like a whore, you failed to realise that he was here the entire time.”

“W-Wha?!” Your face is pushed into your pillow as a slightly higher voice speaks. “You wound me Y/N, you didn’t even recognize me.”

Your muffled moans intensify as your ass is spanked till it’s red. A burning sensation bubbled from your hips from most likely torn skin. 

Yuji tossed his head back and stuck his tongue out not caring if he drooled. All he could focus on was the heavenly feeling of his cock being squeezed by your warm walls. 

He’s had a crush on you for the longest of years but ever since he ingested Sukuna, his admiration became a lust for your curves and squish. He spent a long time waiting to get a piece of you and now was better than he imagined.

Throughout the whole ordeal he and Sukuna had been switching the wheel as they pleasured you, well Sukuna was pleasing himself you just happened to cum so win/win.

“I want you to cum again, and again, and again-shit.” You could feel Yuji cum once again and you swear you could feel it dripping out of you. Teeth clamped down on your neck and there wasn’t a doubt your mind that skin was broken as he soothed it with his tongue, stinging you in the process

When Yuji spoke again, it was as if you were in a tunnel as multiple voices came out his mouth, “You’re gonna cum as many fucking times we want, you hear me Y/n?!”

Hear wasn’t the only thing you did as your body spazzed from your second orgasm. Your upper body slouched down in exhaustion but still shook from the unrelenting thrusts both Sukuna and Yuji alternatively gave you.

“You’re ours and you’re not going to forget that after today.”

You couldn’t count how many orgasms you experienced that day as the two alternated from holding down your shaking thighs and eating you out, to fucking your face and mouth. Even with all the tears that left your pretty little eyes, you can’t say you were upset about it. 

Yuji was never the same after that day, after all he finally got what he wanted. Sukuna seemed to take a liking to you as well, the boiling pot of affection mixed together, created a love more monstrous than any curse.

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Sukuna pt 1

So i wrote this man’s name wrong in this whole thing but you got me fucked up if you think I’m going back and editing. It will be fixed in the part 2


Dubious Concent, very breif religious themes, manipulation

Spoiler: this takes place after the deal

“So there’s something I have yet to tell you about.” You raise your face from your textbook and look over at Yuji.

It was Saturday and you two had agreed to study together well, you were studying, he was more or less watching you solve problems that “had too many letters to be math.”

“What is it Yuji?” The pink haired boy scratched the back of his head as he looked anywhere but your face. You raise an inpatient eyebrow and glare at him over the rim of your glasses. “Let’s talk about it today not tomorrow please.”

A faint blush formed over the bridge of his nose as he made eye contact with you again. “Well you see, I kinda got a curse demon thing named Sakuna inside of my body cause I kinda ate 4 out of 20 of his fingers.”

The room was filled with silence as Yuji waited for your response. You blinked once. Then twice. Then thrice. “Get the hell out my house Itadori.” Was all you said as you returned to your book and mumbled a quick prayer.

“What seriously I didn’t even get to explain!” You closed your book and threw it at him. “I am a child of God if you don’t get yo demonic self out of my bubble of safety!” Yuji dogged the incoming stack of literature with a playful smile on his face.

“Aw come on Y/n, you haven’t even met the guy! What happened to don’t judge a book by it’s cover?” You put a hand on your hip, “Yeah well this book doesn’t have very good reviews.”

You walked up to your desk drawer and pulled out a cross and a spray bottle you had blessed. “If you really got all that in ya guts, let me meet him then.” A concerned face comes over Yuji’s features. “Well uh…I was joking.”

 You cross your arms over your chest and trap your foot, Yuji gulps slowly and you can’t help but notice his eyes briefly travel down. You drop your arms and wiggle your jello like body to get his attention.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea right now he hasn’t shut up since we’ve got here.” You roll your eyes, “Oh no backing out now, let me meet him since he has so much to say!”

You saunter up to Yuji with a smirk on your face, “Don’t be a chicken, if I get in trouble you can just come save me can’t you?” Yuji nodded but looked to the side still conflicted, “All right but only for a moment." 

You shrugged and walk back to your bed,  truly not believing that your friend was ‘cursed’. As you go to put your cross back, hands come to hold your waist. "Wow Yuji, take me to dinner first!”

Itadori doesn’t respond and you tense as you feel a warm breath caresses your neck. “The hell…?” Turning around you look up at Yuji with a bored face. “Are you still doing your little demon bit?”

Yuji’s eyes are closed but his mouth is spread wide in a grin as dark lines creep onto his smooth skin. To your complete horror, his eyes finally open along with two others from what you had first assumed to be some type of symmetrical scarring.

“Well would you look at that, the brat actually trusted me.” You pull away, the harsh feeling of your desk behind you, burned like fire as you realised you had nowhere else to go.

“T-This can’t be real, stop playing with me Yuji.” A sharp smirk formed on Yuji’s face but you knew it wasn’t him. “Oh no this is as real as it gets sweet cheeks.” The curse, Sakuna backs away from you and looks around your room.

“So this is a modern home now a days?” You slowly pork yourself away from your desk and back towards your front door. “This would be a dorm but yeah.” Sakuna glances at you from the corner of his eyes and you violently found yourself standing in front of your bed.

“What the hell!?” You yell as you stumble in place. “Why are you trying to run dear, the party is just starting.” You frown and  turn back to see Sakuna’s grinning face. ’

'forgive me Yuji but I’m about to beat your body to a pulp' 

Calculated eyes go down your figure and you couldn’t help but shiver with anticipation. “You know the kid was right. Ever since we arrived I couldn’t stop talking about what a glorious piece of ass you were." 

The new personality rolled Yuji’s head in thought as he gazed at your pudgy figure, "Alot of ass it seems.”

A presence formed behind you and rough hands enveloped your cheeks, turning your face to glare up at Sakuna. “I don’t know if it’s the foreigner blood in you but you’re a gem doll!” Sakuna purred into your ear.

A warm tongue swipes your cheek and you cringe away. “Would you look at that, you kinda do taste like chocolate!” You jerk your body away from the giggling curse and wipe your face with the sleeve of your shirt. “Ya know I’m really starting not to like you dude.”

Sakuna blinked with wide eyes, “Dude?"  The air around the two of you seemed to cool a multitude of degrees as an unseen force flings you at the wall above your bed. "Ow-” your complaint is cut off as Sakuna appears before you with the same wide eyes.

“You need to learn some damn manners 'dude’.” Sakuna pushes you down on your back with one hand while the other props him up above you. “Let’s get to know each other huh, have a lil fun?!" 

Sakuna leans down and kisses you. It’s harsh and unforgiving and consists mostly of gnashing teeth. It may have been your imagination but you swear you could taste hints of metallic forming on your swollen lips. Any further investigation is forgotten as Sakuna’s tongue roughly explored your mouth, swallowing your whimpers.

You weakly raise a hand against his firm chest as he growled against your mouth. After long last, you were able to break away long enough to speak as air returned to your lungs, "Y-Yuji!" 

Sakuna covers a hand over your mouth, "Not yet, I’m not finished.” Sakuna looks at you for a moment, clearly annoyed. “Let’s make a deal coco.” Your nerves twitched at the nickname.

“Don’t call me that, and why do you think I’d make a deal with you!?” Sakuna grinned as he squished your cheeks together with a mocking tone in his voice. “Because I have the power to hold your precious brat back long enough to snap your pretty little neck.”

This of course was not true as per his previous agreement  but you didn’t need to know that. “What kinda deal you talking about, it ain’t got nothing to do with my soul do it?” Sakuna tossed his cotton candy head back with a honk of a laugh. “You mortals are so funny.”

A bit of an adoring look came over Sakuna’s face as he looked at you. The expression was so unexpected, for a moment you thought Itadori had regained control. “The deal is; I have 4 minutes to do whatever I want with you and then I hand the reigns back to pretty boy.”

You glare into Sakuna’s many eyes, “Promise?” Sakuna pressed a clawed hand across his heart and a sky smile washed over his face.

“I make no promises I make deals.”

I already got the rest but i kinda wanna hear y'all beg

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I’m branching out and finally watching aot and Jujutsu Kaisen so be prepared for smuts and Headcannons.

Also would y'all be interested in animes lesser known like diabolk lovers and OHSHC? CAUSE I GOT ALOT OF THOSE

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Bakugou does your hair

In this I’ll be using my hair products cause i don’t know any other. Blue magic, cantu, and Shea Moisture don’t work for me. My hair hates it and breaks off🤷🏿‍♀️

I used to use Grandma’s Recipe but its not moisturizing my hair anymore since i moved to Vegas so i have been using ™WonderGro (Jamaican Black Castro Oil) for grease and ™Elite (total body care) for both shampoo, conditioner, and face oil. I gots me some vitamin c serum for dark spots cause i don’t use make-up.

I have super sensitive skin that switches 25/40 (i cant use suave anymore cause now im alergic to it.) And i break out easy so trust me if i recommend any products in regards to skin care😂

Sorry this is getting long, enjoy the fluff

The day was here. The day you’ve dreaded since you and Katsuki started living together. Wash day.

Up until now, all Katsuki had seen you wearing were different variations of braids. He had a vague idea that not all your hair was real but he has never seen your hair free and in the wild.

“Hey Bakugou, do you have anything to do today?” you ask nonchalantly as your boyfriend walks through the door. “No.” was his only response as he sat next to you. You cringe as he buries his face into your braids and you  imagine the dust and dirt falling on his eyelashes. 

(I’ve only let it get that bad twice in my life)

“Well, could you please find something to do?” That got his attention as he sits up and glares at you. “Why are you trying to get rid of me all of a sudden?” You close your eyes regretting even starting the conversation. “Look today I need to wash my hair so I really need to focus, Baku.” 

Bakugou is, of course, confused as he looks at your hair to see if something was wrong with it. “So why don’t you wash it, I won’t bother you?” You scream inside your head at his persistence but press on. “Because Bakugou, you’ve never seen my natural hair and I’m not sure if I want you to yet.”

You peek your eyes open to see Bakugou’s reaction and to your horror, absolute boredom was present on his face. “That sounds like a personal problem because now I’m not leaving, in fact, let’s go do it now.” 

“Bakugou! Please!” you wail as he drags you to your shared bathroom. You try to dodge and weave but consequently get your hair caught in his steel grip as he held onto a group of your braids. “Stop struggling and sit your pretty ass down.”

You pout as you plop down on the toilet seat but watch with curious eyes as Bakugou grabs your rat tail comb and stabs a spot in-between your braids. “What are you doing?’ He scoffs as he elegantly unbraids your hair. “I doubt you wash your hair while it’s still braided idiot.”

With calm accuracy, Bakugou takes down your hair from left to right, smacking your hands when you try to help. “You didn’t want to do your hair with me around so I don’t want you raising a hand to help!”

When Bakugou finishes, he grabs the mountain of hair and looks at you with wide eyes as he takes in your real hair. “Why are you looking at me like that?” You groan hiding your face in embarrassment. Bakugou shrugs, “I didn’t expect it to be that short.” He bags the rest of your hair and leaves to throw it out as you wallow in self pity.

With frustrated tears you turn away from him with your arms crossed. A hand hits you on the back of your head, “What’s that face for!?” You turn towards him with your lip jutted out, “You said my hair is short!”

Bakugou looked at you dumbly as he watched you glare at your toes. With a sigh Bakgou turns on the shower as he speaks, “I never said it was a bad thing. Hell, i wouldn’t care if you were bald.” You study his face and feel your heart flutter. It wasn’t often you got to see the side of him.

Your suddenly hit with a face full of pressurized water as Bakugou points the shower head at you, “Get that dumb look off your face and get in the shower!”

After you recover from your drowning, you get into the shower and put shampoo on your hair. Humming your favorite song, you massage the liquid into your scalp, completely missing the sound of the curtain opening.

It wasn’t until you felt a warm presence behind you and breath tickling your ear. “Why do you have the water at 100 gotdamn degrees in here!?” In your haste, you nearly slip and bang your face against the shower wall. “I’m not even gonna ask.” Katsuki muttered as he adjusted the knob.

“Why are you in the shower with me?” Bakugou rolls his eyes and turns you back around, and for a moment you thought he wanted to get ✨freaky deaky✨ in the shower. That of course was until you felt fingers rub your scalp in soothing circles.

“Ah~” Bakugou smirked as he heard your sound of pleasure. In reality, he was taking the time to get used to touching your hair. Because it was in braids, he never got to fully feel your hair texture. But now he could not only feel it dry but wet and he must say it’s a strange feeling.

Side note: am i the only one that thinks straight hair feels slimy when wet? Like i can’t stand touching non black hair when it’s wet it feels so icky.🤢

When washing is said and done (of course with a loving make out session: details not included) You somehow find yourself in between Bakugou’s legs as he parts your hair. “Wait a damn minute, you don’t know how to do my hair!?” You say reaching back to grab the comb only to get your hands popped. 

“Your mom taught me that trap card.” Bakugou smirked as you rub your battle wound. “That’s it, I ain’t letting you hang with my momma no moe.” Bakugou applies your repair oil in the parts, and massages it into your scalp once again, soon making your eyes roll back from the feeling.

“Do you want to use Grandma’s Recipe’ or "WonderGro Jamaican Black Castro oil”?“ Bakugou asks, reading your grease labels. You sit there and shrug, "Jamaican.” Bakugou nods and opens it gasping when he smells it. 

(It smells like blue slurpee on gawd)

“Can I eat it?” He asked scooping some of the dark purple solid onto his finger. “You can, but I can’t guarantee you’ll live afterwards though.” You joke earning yourself another pop.

In the end Bakugou puts your hair in twisties for you to blow dry tomorrow. It looked better than you expected and you thanked him for it.


Anyone notice that when you look up short hairstyles it be shoulder length like, “sorry but im bald ma'am😃”

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