haflacky 2 days ago
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Wee John and Frenchie reunion 馃グ
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blackbeardz 2 days ago
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- Richard Siken
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ruby-cloud a day ago
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聽聽 鈥 Well, it seems that's what it means when somebody needs you 鈥 聽
聽聽 馃幎Will Wood - When Somebody Needs You馃幎
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strampunch 2 days ago
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'Cause I know when I find it, my honey It's gonna make me feel good
I know I keep drawing them in profile, but considering at the moment I'm fighting a month-long, anxiety-inducing art block I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out.
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mjulmjul a day ago
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them again
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rainbowbonnet a day ago
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zero at the bone 鈥 jane seville
insp by and for @nofeelingisfinall
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abigailpents a day ago
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"So I reckon what makes Ed happy is... you."
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montygreen 14 hours ago
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Stede: *exists* Ed:聽馃槏馃槏
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stedebonny 23 hours ago
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Ed and Stede drinking together at the beginning and end of This Is Happening
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red-sky-in-mourning a day ago
there are a number of reasons why ed and stede's relationship feels so genuine and blossoms so beautifully from the get go, but i think the key thing is that they have equal (and abundant) enthusiasm for each other. when you look at these two people on the surface, in the context of their worlds of existence and origin, there's potential imbalances of interest and power all over the place. stede has little idea what he's doing in terms of pirating; blackbeard is the most legendary and successful pirate of his time. stede is accustomed to genteel manners and having life handed to him on a silver platter; ed takes charge through base violence, demanding that the world's stolen riches be thrown at his feet.
in a different story, these mismatches might not make for a good friendship or romance. but in ofmd, stede and ed both crave to understand and possess elements of the other's world and lifestyle. stede forays into ed's world willingly, bringing his fascination with the pirate lifestyle and an eagerness to both learn and reimagine; and in knowing and learning stede, ed's desires for fine things, soft touches, and kind company are reawakened.
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to each other, stede and ed are the sudden appearance of a dynamic anomaly from a foreign planet that somehow understands their language 鈥 and desperately wants to keep the conversation going. how could either of them not be head-over-heels excited about each other? especially considering the crushing ennui they were both embroiled in, before meeting. the fact that stede and ed have such an intense and equal enthusiasm for each other as people 鈥 including who and what they are 鈥 is what drives their underlying connection and orchestrates their growing attraction. and despite the ups and downs they face throughout season 1, their enthusiasm for each other never feels unbalanced or unrequited. it just keeps churning and building 鈥 until that fateful, horrible night in episode 10 that we're not going to mention because LA LA LA *sticks fingers in ears* I CANT HEARR YOUUU~
seriously though, they've gotta fix that shit in season 2. the chemistry is just too damn good.
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mikaelson5hale 2 days ago
A "who did this to you??" in season two of good omens while the world is falling appart again in every way possible for Crowley
An angsty " I didnt have anywhere else to go" in season 2 of OFMD after fighting and screaming all day long
A loud "because I care for you you bloody idiot" in season four of wwdits during yet another fight as guillermo accepts his feelings regardless of the consequences
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let-me-dream-with-the-stars 8 hours ago
Cannot fucking wait for the episode plot where Stede invites Jim and Olu and Pete and Lucius (and Frenchie and Wee John cause they wanna have fun on a date as queerplatonic partners) with him and Ed on a date night and everyone is having an awkward time cause it's like witnessing your dad's date night
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thinkimkrakenup a day ago
Absolute Lithops Effect
A Stede Bonnet/Ed Teach|Blackbeard Fic
Summary: Ed mechanically reaches for something he鈥檚 kept on purpose: a little potted fern, the one that saved Stede鈥檚 life once, the one that supposedly made him a pirate. Ed鈥檚 been keeping it watered and relatively happy in the window, because of course Stede fucking Bonnet put a window in a closet. Of course he did. Light everywhere.
He grips it by its little handle and putters back into the main room, sitting at the desk, placing the plant carefully in the center of it.
鈥淭oo bad he couldn鈥檛 take you with him,鈥 Ed mumbles to the plant, who, shockingly, doesn鈥檛 reply. 鈥淢aybe you could have saved him a second time.鈥
In which Lucius reveals that he's alive, and convinces Ed that Stede must be, too. Another reunion fic, but this time, there's only tears of relief.
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ruby-cloud 2 days ago
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another, more cropped version of THIS DRAWING (+no gloves 馃憖). I just really like how this part turned out
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strampunch an hour ago
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If I could turn the page In time, then I'd rearrange Just a day or two (Close my, close my, close my eyes) But I couldn't find a way So I'll settle for one day To believe in you (Tell me, tell me, tell me lies)
Decided to throw some messy splotches of colour on top of a sketch I scribbled on the back of a receipt. Inspired by Ramon Casas i Carb贸鈥檚 poster art.聽
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rhysdarbytits 4 hours ago
OFMD where everything is the same except every time Ed and Stede have some kind of a bonding moment the camera zooms in on Izzy standing in the background holding up a boombox, angrily blasting Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne
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ao3feed-blackbonnet 2 days ago
by FestiveFerret
Stede's day just gets worse and worse, and to top it all off, he's locked out of his apartment and has to break in.
Except... this is not his apartment.
Words: 3494, Chapters: 1/5, Language: English
Fandoms: Our Flag Means Death (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: M/M
Characters: Stede Bonnet, Blackbeard | Edward Teach
Relationships: Blackbeard | Edward Teach/Stede Bonnet
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Divorcee Stede, rockstar ed, Minor Identity Porn, Domestic, Get Together, Falling In Love, accidental break-in, soft, Happy Ending, minor background characters - Freeform, Musical Theatre Director Stede, meet cute, Guard Cats
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spinecorset a day ago
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it's done! here's a blackstede rendition of klimt's the kiss. as always, tap for resolution/details.
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hey-there-hunter 3 months ago
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lamberts 2 months ago
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Ed + loving Stede for all the things he was always mocked for
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