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abrilstevens · a year ago
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The art of subtlety, featuring Sterling and Blair Wesley
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blackwidowsim · a year ago
What I want to see in Teenage Bounty Hunters season 2:
- Blair and Sterling better get their fair share of the 90.000$ for turning their aunt/mom in
- I know that Blair and Sterling will have an identity crisis after the reveal but I hope they will come to terms with it
- I just realized, what if there is a moment when they suddenly can’t do their twin telepathy thing anymore because of their crisis?
- They will think they lost it because the aren’t real twins
- if this happens though, they will probably get it back after solving things out
- the parents better explain themselves
- And who is Sterlings Dad?
- I think there is more to the familly mystery
- Blair‘s Dad always seemed a little suspicious to me...
- but now let’s talk about April x Sterling
- I absolutely didn’t expect this to happen but I am so glad
- enemies to lovers at its finest
- they will definitely be a slow burn thing with lots of barriers
- They will probably reconcile and then BOOM, April discovers that Sterling is the reason her Dad was in prison
- lots of drama, tears and heartbreak will follow
- and I would love to see some episodes from April‘s perspective (how it is with her Dad, trying to repress her feelings...)
- I want to see April proudly outing herself but I get it that she needs time
- I also would love to go more into the Bounty Hunting stuff because I really loved this
- Maybe someone bigger, a big bad, someone they chase for several episodes would be nice (maybe April‘s Dad?! At this point these are just theories)
- Miles and Blair were really cute but I also felt like they both weren’t ready for each other?!
- Blair ruined things with the Date but Miles was also a bit annoying when he wouldn’t want to listen to Blair‘s absolute valid concerns about her mother
- I mean I get it, she was super dramatic about it but at the end it turned out to be somehow true and Blair‘s Mom DID act suspicious and not totally out of the blue, so he could have been more supportive of that
- I also want some more information about Miles, maybe some scenes in his perspective as well
- I absolutely loved the sisterly scenes between Blair and Sterling, they are so cute and I want more of that
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tbhfanexchange · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Hello! So emotions are still pretty raw following Netflix’s transgressions, and if you’re like us and having trouble processing, join us in April’s Drabble Fest! 
This event is designed to create tons of little tales depicting all our favorite characters from TBH using prompts submitted by the fandom!
EVENT RULES: Submission Box:
Try to keep your prompts short and sweet so that the prompt list will be easier to read and less cluttered. For example: -a ship or character -one to a few randomly picked prompt words -a fanfic tropes (coffee shop date, road trip, fake dating, etc.) -theme (future fic, college, alternate universe, hurt/comfort, etc.)-short quote or sentence 
You can submit as many prompts as you want! The more we get, the more writers can play around with.
Drabble Parameters: 
Once the official prompt list is posted, write for any/all prompts that inspire you! Don’t worry about repeating a prompt someone else did, the more the merrier! You can post anytime between April 1st-30th!
Aim for 300 words minimum. We're not going to hold you tight to this or police this policy. It's just a general recommendation. And we obviously won’t mind if your drabble becomes more of a fic length either! The goal is to merely make as much new writing as possible for all of us to enjoy!
Wherever you post your drabble (whether it's on twitter, tumblr, or AO3), please DM a link to this blog ( @tbhfanexchange​ ) or one of the mods @tornainbow​ or @jimalim​ to make sure your drabble is included in the round-up masterlist.       
This event is open to all TBH characters, ships, and prompts! 
March 12th to March 28th: Submission box will be open for prompts! We're closing it a little early so we have some time to compile the list and get it ready to go live on April 1st. Make sure to share the prompt box post so we can get as many as possible! 
April 1st: Prompt list goes live! We will likely make it a google doc that is accessible for everyone. We may also post the list on it's own under a cut on the blog. 
April 30th: The mods will start compiling a list of the drabbles posted over the month. Keep writing to your heart's desire, but we can't guarantee that anything posted after the 30th will be included in the masterlist post. 
Sometime in the first week of May: Mods will post the masterlist for the event!
While this is a fic centric event, please don’t let that stop you from making any other kinds of content if you prefer! We are more than happy to accommodate any gifs, edits, fanart, fanvid, etc submissions if that’s your jam!
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donnas-troia · a year ago
miles: it's such a pleasure to be... black, in front of your daughter
Y'all he read her!! 😂🍵
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outlustings · 24 days ago
Outlast 1 boys reacting to a pregnant reader? And maybe them as dads? your blog gives me life
(i am too lazy to do my uni essay. the next logical step is to write 5k words of horror video game characters being dads i guess.
includes miles, chris, the twins, rick, eddie, jeremy, frank and for some reason DENNIS!
includes graphic childbirth scenes - why????? idk???? just because????? and mentions of drug use because frank is frank.
also are they phantom pregnancies? is your greatest joy just a figment of your imagination, a continuation of your insanity bleeding into your reality? are you too, depressed, like the writer is? muahaha...
"I'm - I'm gonna be a dad?" he gripped the steering wheel with such tightness that you thought he might break it. You nodded, smiling as tears prickled your eyes.
Miles let out a shaky sigh, then ran his fingers through his dark brown hair, smiling weakly before bursting into airy, light laughter.
"Babe, that's so -..." he swallowed, turning his head to you, nearly pouncing on you as he hurriedly leaned over to the passenger seat to embrace you, "That's awesome! When?"
"When what?" you giggled against his neck as he held you tight, rocking you clumsily. Maybe you should've told this after you got out of the car.
"When will - you -... holy shit! Like, give birth?"
He was stumbling over his words, his eyes wide and excited. Adorable, you thought, ruffling his hair as he buried his head into your chest.
"I don't know, maybe June," you shrugged, "We'll see."
Miles nodded, leaning back to take a good look at you, his face red and his hair messy, his eyes glistening.
"I'm gonna be a dad!" he blurted out, grinning so wide you thought his cheeks would split. A single tear rolled down to his sharp jawline.
The cold autumn air nipped at your nose as you sat on the park bench, your discarded mittens resting on the the bump of your belly as you held the small digital camera in your numb hands. The ground was covered in little piles of leaves underneath the stirring gray sky ablve Denver. You filmed the park, panning your camera to capture the old maple trees and the distant playground. Miles always liked these little clips you took, you thought. He stayed up for hours on end editing them into little movies that he would proudly present to the two, soon to be three, of you.
A small toddler girl ran from one edge of the frame to another, brown hair spilling in wisps from her beanie as she cackled, being chased by a hunched over Miles who was roaring theatrically.
"I got you!" he snatched your daughter to his chest, raising her up above his head and she squealed in delight as he spun her around in the air.
You laughed, ending the recording on a frame of Miles pressing a kiss to the child's cheek, holding her to his chest as she tried to squirm away.
"Mommy!" she yelled and you waved at her, shoving the camera into the pocket of your jacket.
"You wanna go to mommy?" Miles turned his head to you and grinned, "I'll race you."
He set your daughter to the ground and she started running, waving her limbs all about, stirring up flurries of red and gold leaves with her pink rubber boots.
Miles jogged behind her. You stretched your arms out and she bumped against your legs. You chuckled.
"Daddy's slow, isn't he?" you stroked her cheek as she turned her face to her father. Miles panted when he reached the bench.
"You won," he nodded to your toddler and swept strands of hair from his perspiring forehead, grinning at you, "Are you cold?"
"A little," you shrugged as your daughter climbed up on the bench, huffing with effort, clinging to your arm.
"Wanna grab a hot chocolate on the way home?" he gestured towards the other side of the nearby pond where the city's skyline collided with the heavy clouds, "I think it's gonna rain soon."
"Hmm," you hummed, stroking your belly with one hand while trying to keep your daughter from climbing over the back of the bench with your other hand, "My feet are tired, Miles."
"I'll rub them when we get home," he reached over to grab the girl from your grip and held her to his chest as she giggled, stirring in his arms.
"Fine," you smiled, "You better keep your promise."
Miles nodded, adjusting your daughter to his hip and reaching an arm to help you get off the bench.
"Pissing off a pregnant lady? Not on my bucket list."
"Miles!" you hissed, "Language!"
He grinned.
"I'm sorry, babe."
"You're kidding," his mouth was a thin line, his eyes fixed on yours, "Is this a prank?"
"No, not at all!" you shook your head with a laugh, "I'm pregnant. I swear. Took the test this morning," you flashed him a grin and grabbed the test from the edge of the sink, showing him, "See?"
Chris bent down to look at the test, still looking suspicious. Then his eyes widened and he smiled, letting out a laugh.
"Woah! Wait," he grabbed your wrist and his other hand shot up to his cheek as his mouth hung open, "Wait, I'm gonna be a father?"
You nodded, laughing.
"You need to sit down?" you patted his shoulder as he looked absolutely gobsmacked, leaning against the sink, his eyes fixed on the bathmat as he tried to process the news.
"Actually, yeah," he mumbled and sat on the toilet, burying his head into his hands for a second before looking up at you with the widest smile imaginable.
"You're pregnant," he huffed out a shaky laugh, taking your hand, "You're really pregnant."
You sat on his lap, wrapping your arms around his neck, kissing his left temple as you stroked his back soothingly.
"You're so amazing," he breathed out, "A baby? What the hell...?"
You giggled.
"I know, this is crazy," you muttered against the collar of his uniform shirt, "But I think we'll be fine."
"Yeah," Chris sighed, placing his hand on your cheek and stroked it with his thumb, "I think so too."
You rocked your son in your lap, stroking his platinum hair between pats on his back, a towel slung over your shoulder.
"He ready?" Chris muttered, outstretching his arms.
"I got a few good ones out of him," you sighed, lifting the gurgling and cooing baby by his shoulders and placing it in his arms, "But I don't know, we'll see if he goes to sleep."
Chris nodded and left you to fold the dry towel back into the linen closet of your small bungalow's bathroom. You rubbed your temples, tiredness stinging every muscle in your body as you dragged your feet to follow Chris to the bedroom.
His large form was bent over the crib, the back of his t-shirt lifting up slightly as he placed the boy into his bed, his head brushing against the hanging stars of the mobile. You walked up behind him and tugged on his shirt.
"Thanks," he mumbled.
"You're welcome," you yawned, "Is he going to sleep?"
"He's not putting up a fight," Chris straightened his back and looked down at you as you reached over his side to stroke the infant's cheek. His eyes were already close. You didn't know how Chris did it. He had a pacifying effect on your son whereas with you, he only seemed to be as rowdy as a three-month old can be.
You smiled tiredly. Your eyes skimmed over the little embroidered shooting stars of his blanky, the pastel yellow giraffe resting near his feet and the washed-out, dusky pink pig toy that he had wrapped his tiny hands around, squishing it against his chubby cheek.
"He loves your piggy," you leaned your head against Chris' shoulder.
He nodded.
"They're matching," he pointed one thick finger to his pink romper, smiling gently.
"Oh yeah," you laughed, pressing a kiss to your boyfriend's upper arm, "Unintentional on my part."
"My three little pigs," he squeezed your hand gently, "One," he patted the head of the stuffed pig, "two," he pinched his son's toe, "three," he kissed your temple, his lips soothing your headache as the two of you stood over the crib in the soft hue of the nighlight.
The deadpan delivery made you a little nervous. You thought you could see slight smiles on both of their faces in the flickering light of the cell. You felt a little annoyed, you had expected a far greater reaction. Maybe you were hoping for too much. You adjusted yourself on the bunk.
"That's it?"
"We're happy," the taller man said, "But you seem to be avoiding something."
"Which one of us is it?" his brother completed the question, kicking a stray pebble. You stared at them. You couldn't believe it. Why did they have to overthink now, out of all the situations in the whole wide world?
You clicked your tongue.
"Does it matter?"
"Only if it matters to you," the shorter man reached up to scratch at his head, ruffling his dark, spiky hair. You watched his hand, wondering for a fleeting moment if the baby would have the same kind of hair. Rough and thick. But smooth in your hands.
"It really doesn't," you squared your jaw, "I don't care. As long as the both of you are here with me. Don't leave me."
Maybe they heard the crack in your voice. They both turned their gazes to you, their eyes soft as they watched you from the shadows. You slumped forward, resting your elbows on your thighs. Then you heard the soft sound of their feet hitting the floor and two masses plopping on the mattress on either side of you. A warm, large hand rested on your shoulder.
"You're ours, forever," you heard the taller man grunt in your ear, "We will protect you."
"Our lamb, our dearest," his brother whispered, placing his hand on the slight curve of your belly. You leaned into his touch, revelling in the squish of their bodies pressed against you, shoulder to shoulder. You closed your eyes, relief washing over you.
You pressed your sweaty forehead against his bicep, your throat raw from screaming as you felt a fantastic emptiness below your ribcage as the wails of your newborn filled your ears, its purplish skin glistening with mucus and blood as you wiggled your fingers at the hands that held the baby above your abdomen.
"Give it to me," you sobbed with intense relief as the balding, taller man, your other partner, placed the baby in your arms, where his brother settled his own hand underneath the child's head, bringing it closer to you, shushing the infant with a low, gentle voice.
Your vision was blurry.
"What is it?" you grunted.
"A boy," he muttered in your ear, placing the child on your heaving chest and you wrapped your arms around your son, as tears rolled down your cheeks and you panted, smiling at your baby, only choked sobs coming from you.
"A boy!" the other man called out over his shoulder to the crack of the door, wiping his bloody hands on your thighs. The congregation hooted and hollered behind the door and you distantly heard Father Martin singing praises to the Lord over the rushing of blood in your ears.
"Oh, bless!"
"It's like Christmas!"
"Everyone shut the fuck up!"
You laughed tiredly at the voices behind the door but your laugh turned into a screech as you felt a burning sensation in your loins. Something was wrong.
"What is it?" the taller twin furrowed his brows as you shoved your son to his brother's arms, gripping the sheets underneath you and spreading your legs again.
"I think there's another one coming, fuck!" you bellowed, propping your body up on your elbows. The taller man ducked between your legs and you felt his hands and you saw and felt white hot iron spill all over you as you screamed, his brother's fingers intertwined between yours and you growled as you heard another wail join the chorus of terrific noise rattling inside your head.
You felt your lungs swell and everything hurt but you saw, at the end of another umbilical chord, another baby. Twins. You should've known.
"A girl," her father muttered, grinning to you as she reached her tiny fists to pound at your chest and you stroked her back and the world behind the door ceased to exist as the brothers looked down on you with tender eyes, holding their fruit in your tired, sweaty arms as you rocked them senselessly and breathed deeply, smiling at everything in the room before you slumped back on the shorter man's chest and closed your eyes, feeling two pairs of arms wiping you down and heard low muttering.
"You did so well, you did so well."
Your head spun.
"No way," Rick held your shoulders at an arms length, his fingers digging into your flesh as he shook you gently, "No way you're pregnant."
It was almost frightening how wide his eyes were.
"Yes, I am," you gave him a slight smile, testing the waters. A silence fell between the two of you. Your heart beat like crazy. He was never this quiet. You could almost hear the gears turning in his head, underneath those luscious greying curls.
Then, a wide grin flashed on his face. He huffed through his nose, straightening his back and he pulled you into a tight hug.
"Pregnant!" he exclaimed, letting out a breathy chuckle as he leaned his head back and fixed his eyes on you, his hands sliding from your shoulders to your cheeks, "We're having a baby!"
"Yeah," you nodded your head, laughing.
Rick leaned down to kiss you on the tip of your nose, squishing your cheeks gently as you pressed your hands on his chest, rubbing circles on his skin through the soft fabric of his pink dress shirt.
"Oh, you sweet thing," Rick sighed, pressing his forehead against yours, "You're too good to me."
You poured a handful of cereal to a shallow plastic bowl and set it in front of your daughter who was fiddling with her bib, tracing the stitches with her tiny fingers. You tickled her tummy and cooed at her before straightening your back and looking at Rick, who was making pancakes on the stove, flour and pieces of eggshell all over the counters.
He had insisted on making you breakfast since it was your birthday. Usually he took you to a restaurant on your birthday but after the birth of your daughter he wanted to stay home as much as possible.
You eyed his apron. A honeymoon gift from a colleague, or so he had claimed. "My meat is hand rubbed, well seasoned, aged to perfection and always hot". Rick always wore it when he was making you a little romantic breakfast. Never in the neighbourhood barbecues though.
"You're gonna have to get rid of that apron," you gestured towards his chest, holding back your laughter.
"Yeah, yeah, I will," Rick looked down and sighed, then straightened out the fabric of the front, "When she learns to read, I'll throw it out, okay? I'll part with my dear apron for your sake."
"No, you're good. If she's got your brains, it'll take ten more years," you smirked, pinching your daughter's cheek as she babbled in her chair, fingers dipped into the dry fruit loops in her cup.
"O-ho-ho!" Rick laughed dryly, turning his grinning face to you, eyebrows high, "You want to insult your personal chef now! I'll make sure I burn yours," he scoffed and waved the spatula at you like a medieval weapon.
You walked up to him and wrapped your arms around his waist from behind as he turned to the stove.
"You know I only say it because it's true," you grinned against his shoulder and reached up to kiss the nape of his neck. He shuddered.
"Ticklish!" he warned.
"Oh, are you now?" you giggled, skittering your fingers up to his armpits and he squirmed with laughter, your daughter squealing in her chair, clapping her hands together at the show.
"No, stop, honey, the stove is on," Rick laughed, "Please - have mercy!" he turned to you and grabbed your wrists, giving you a grin, wrenching your hands off of him.
"Can you behave?" Rick cocked his head towards your daughter who was still giggling. His laugh always made her hyper.
"No, and your pancakes are burning," you grinned and gave him a quick, sweet kiss on the lips. He kissed you back tenderly before registering your words and swearing under his breath, whipping his head around to face the stove. Your daughter giggled again and Rick's eyes flickered to her and his face softened.
"Daddy's a klutz, isn't he?" he cooed to her from across the kitchen, "Daddy should feed this to the neighbor's dog, right, princess?"
She laughed again in and jumped up and down in her chair. You saw Rick mouth an "awh" before turning back to the stove.
You licked your lips. How many kids did he say he wanted again?
"Yes, yes!" he bellowed, as he took you by your waist and lifted you several feet into the air, spinning you around while you pounded playfully on his chest with your fists, laughing as tears streamed down your face, "Finally! Oh, I love you, I love you!"
He pressed you to his chest which shook with emotion as he breathed in the scent of your hair. You stroked his broad shoulders, stifling your own sobs by biting your lip and pressing your head into his chest. A warm silence filled the air as Eddie pressed soft little kisses to the crown of your head, muttering softly. You felt him rock you gently to the tune of the old radio.
"My darling. The mother of my children. I can't believe it."
"She's beautiful, just like her mother," Eddie whispered to you as the both of you stood over the improvised cot, watching your newborn daughter wiggle inside the many layers of blankets you had managed to find in the vocational block.
Eddie bent down to his daughter, his eyes glistening with adoration and tenderness, stroking the curls of soft black hair on her little head. She whined, leaning into his hand.
"She's got your eyes," you sighed and massaged his shoulder, leaning down as well, your nose mere inched from the little bundle in the cot.
"Really?" Eddie murmured, rubbing the pinkness of her skin softly, "I thought they were yours, darling."
"They might change," you whispered, curling your finger under her chin, "Newborns often change a little bit. My hair wasn't this color for sure when I got out of the womb," you smiled at your groom as his massive frame covered the baby as he leaned down to kiss her forehead. Another little grunt spilled from her lips and she screwed her eyes shut, kicking at her covers tiredly.
"Well, I'll be here to see if something changes," Eddie nodded, straightening his back and placing his chin on the top of your head, "You should go rest, dearest."
You looked down at the dried streaks of blood running down your legs and chuckled.
"I should go get a bath."
"I'll come with you," Eddie said, kissing the top of your head and rubbing your waist with his hand, almost needily.
"What, and leave the baby here?" you looked up at him.
"Oh," Eddie blushed a little bit, "Yes, I -..."
"Almost forgot?" you giggled, bending down to pick up your daughter, cringing at the pain in your loins but being flooded with oxytocin almost immediately after your skin touched hers.
"No!" Eddie blurted out defensively.
You turned to him with your newborn daughter in your arms.
"Take her," you said softly, standing on the tips of your toes, placing her in his arms, "Mind the head. Just like that."
Eddie gasped softly when you placed the child onto his hands for the first time. He looked at the stirring bundle of rags and pink, wrinkly skin and smiled, his eyes glinting in the dim light.
"She's tiny," he sighed, "Our baby. My god," he sniffled a little bit, exhaling deeply. You leaned over to kiss his cheek, stroking his forearm. The legacy he had always wanted. Here. Finally.
"Wait, what?" he lifted up the rickety plastic test that you had placed in front of him with his morning espresso, fixing his steely blue eyes on you "What's this?"
You just smiled, sipping your tea.
"What is this?" he repeated, wiggling the pregnancy test at you. Then something clicked.
"Are you pregnant?" Jeremy's voice was shaky, still hoarse from sleep as his eyes flickered between you, your stomach, and the red lines on the stick of plastic.
You nodded into your mug.
He leaned back on his chair, his face blank for a moment. Then he threw his arms up, his eyes much brighter, all tiredness washed away.
"You're pregnant!" he yelled, exasperated, his face melting into a smile, "I fucking knew it!" he rushed over to you in less than a second, his coffee cup clattering loudly against the marble of the countertop as he slammed it down, freeing his hands. You laughed as he wrapped his arms around you, the scent of his aftershave filling your nose as he kissed you, bitter coffee lingering on his lips.
"I'm home!" you called out from the hall, pulling the door shut with a heavy thump, kicking off your boots. You could already smell the scent of some microwave meal from the kitchen mixed with the scent of Jeremy's cologne. The distant jingle of a kids' show. You shook off your coat and started walking towards the living room, leaving your shopping bags on the doormat, fancy tissue paper rustling against sturdy bags with even fancier logos printed on them.
"Hey," you peeked your head in through the open entryway of the living room, the lacquered surfaces of sleek black furniture reflecting pastel colors from the massive plasma TV on the opposite wall. You could hear light snoring coming from the designer couch. You smiled and walked over to your husband, leaning down on the outside back of the couch.
He was sleeping in an upright position with your son curled up in his lap, Jeremy's feet slung over the glass coffee table. A bad habit. Stray crayons and colouring books littered the expensive carpet. Your son let out a whistling huff from his nose and shifted on his father's lap.
"Jer," you whispered softly, brushing your fingers against his hair, leaning over from behind him to place hover your chin over is shoulder, "Jer, wake up."
Jeremy jolted awake, looking around him in a few milliseconds of tired panic, spotted you and smiled.
"Hey, honey," he sighed, "We were just watching..." he narrowed his eyes at the television, "Super-d-... Wait, Super-dog and friends? Yeah. That."
"I see," you kissed his cheek, resting your chin on his shoulder, looking down at your son, "Had fun colouring?"
"He stole my pen," Jeremy pointed to the floor where a crudely drawn stick figure with too many fingers smiled with empty eyes beside a sloppily coloured Winnie the Pooh page. Some scribbled text on the bottom. MY DAD WORKS ATT MERKOF.
You chuckled.
"You guys are too cute," you rubbed his shoulder, "Wanna take him to bed? I brought some wine."
Jeremy stretched before wrapping his arms around your son, lifting him up carefully against his chest.
"He's gotten big," he remarked with a strained voice.
"Four years go by pretty fast," you hummed, stroking your son's red cheek with the back of your hand.
"Feels like yesterday."
"It really does."
"You haven't aged a day," Jeremy's eyes flicked to you and he smiled tenderly, "Gorgeous," he added.
You winked.
"Get him to bed, I'll go open the wine."
He finished licking the edge of the joint, his mouth hanging open slightly as his eyes fixed on your face.
"I'm pregnant," you repeated, slightly louder, "So you better not light that," you gestured to his hands.
Frank blinked at you, his face blank.
"A baby? We're gonna have a baby?"
The corners of his lips dipped down. For a second you thought he might burst into tears. Then a strained roar came from him as he jumped up from the dingy couch and jumped up to you, gripping your hands and leading you around the living room while jumping up and down in a frenzied dance, laughing with tears in his eyes.
"We're gonna have a baby," you hugged him tight, joining his feverish movements as the two of you jumped up and down like idiots, the creaking of the floorboards below you making you laugh, "We're gonna have a baby!" he yelled.
Someone pounded on the wall from the next apartment over.
"You're sure?" he stilled, panting, lifting his hands to your cheeks, "You're definitely sure?"
You nodded.
He kissed you, his scraggly beard scraping against your skin, his bare chest pressing to you.
"Oh, angel, I -... I have to..." Frank breathed against you, his eyes widening again, "I have to call my mama!"
You threw your head back and laughed as he vaulted over the back of the couch, skidded on the floor with his hole-speckled socks and dove into the bedroom in less than two seconds. You down, taking his joint from the floor between your fingers and shoving it in between the couch cushions. For safe keeping. He would need it in a few months. But from now on he had to smoke outside.
"Mom, mom," you felt a little hand smack your shoulder and you buried your head deeper into your pillow. You woke up in a jolt.
"What is it?" you groaned, your eyes crusty with sleep, "What's the time?"
"It's six a.m," you heard your daughter's giddy voice. You could tell from her voice she was grinning ear to ear. No emergency. Probably. Then you realized that her voice sounded kind of muffled.
You moaned. You still had an hour before your alarm would go off. But it seemed like your alarm was here. With lots of effort, you rose up and rubbed your eyes.
Your daughter was standing by your bedside, a sheet draped over her like a veil and a latex skeleton mask on her face. It was way too big for her. A silence filled the room. Then you could hear her breathe in deeply.
"I'm Santa Muerte," she whispered dramatically.
You stared.
"You're what now?"
Her shoulders slumped.
"Da-ad!" she yelled over her shoulder at the open door of the bedroom, "Mom doesn't know who I am!"
"Mom what?" you heard Frank's voice from the kitchen. They were both so loud.
Your daughter inhaled, ready to scream louder but you shushed her.
"Of course you're -... What's with the costume, baby?"
She shrugged, peeling the mask off of her face, giving you a gap-toothed smile.
"It was my idea," you heard Frank say as he appeared in the doorway, and to your surprise, was carrying a tray of food, still clad in his sleep attire. Faded boxers and an old band shirt.
"Oh, angel," you smiled at him tiredly, "You shouldn't have."
"I wanted to," he grinned behind his beard, "Happy mother's day."
You had forgotten.
"Oh, yeah," you mumbled as he set the tray on your nightstand and leaned in to kiss your cheek as you propped yourself up on your pillows.
"I wanted to scare you," your daughter grumbled and reached for a slice of toast but Frank snatched her wrist.
"Mom first," he said sternly, then his face twisted into a quizzical expression, "Why'd you want to scare mom? I thought you just wanted to perform some metal or something. The mask was mine," he added to you as you giggled into your slice of bread, swiping crumbs off the sheets.
Your daughter shrugged again.
"Thought it would be fun."
Frank opened his mouth to protest his involvement but you just laughed, ruffling your daughter's long black hair.
"Weirdo," you took another bite of bread and offered the rest of it to her as she scooted up to sit on your legs. Frank sat on the edge as well, taking your hand, rubbing his thumb on the cheap ring he'd bought you ages ago, eyeing the way the gold glinted in the dim light of the bedroom.
"Don't even think about replacing it," you warned and shoved a piece of toast in front of his mouth and he smiled before taking a bite.
"W-well I'll be goddamned," he grinned, enclosing your hand in both of his, lifting the bundle to his lips and placing a tender kiss to your fingers, "Y'all hear that? Me, a-a daddy? Shit..."
You laughed, reaching up to place a kiss on his cheek as he cradled your hand in his grip, so softly, like he was holding a baby bird.
"Don't get all soft on me, Dennie," you giggled, "You're going to make me cry."
He shook his head.
"D'you think th-they'll like him?"
"Who? The baby?"
He nodded, his grin twisting into a solemn look, his dark brown eyes fixed on yours, glimmering with intense happiness and even more intense worry.
"I'm sure they will," you whispered and stroked his cheek, "All that matters is me and you right now, okay?"
He nodded again.
"Hey, lil' guy," Dennis cooed, stroking your son's tiny, pink and wrinkled face with his index finger as he wailed and screeched in his arms, "He's sure g-got a pair o' lungs on him," he turned to you, chuckling as you held your arms open, as you tried to ignore the searing pain between legs. You were flooded with a need to hold your newborn. Hold them both. Your Dennie and his little boy.
"Give him to me," you sighed with a weak smile, "And get us a rag. We need to clean him."
Dennis placed the newborn onto your chest and he writhed against you as you rocked the child, shushing him gently.
"Careful, he's slippery," he cocked his head, flashing a wide toothy smile as he eyed the two of you, "They thought I didn't have enough man in me," he sighed.
"We shut them up," you winked at him and he nodded, reaching over to the side table, retrieving a torn piece of cloth and placing it in your outstretched hand.
"We showed 'em."
(screaming and crying and sobbing and shitting into my pillow rn because i can never be a baby mommy for fictional insane men)
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clinquaant · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
12 DAYS OF GIFMAS / DAY FOUR, YOUR OC IN ANOTHER UNIVERSE/FANDOM (PT. 1 / PT. 2 / PT. 3): ali blaire from dazzler in the multiverse: into the spider-verse
TO BE CLEAR—it was not Ali’s fault that some random portal opened and sucked herself up, only to drop her body off in some other alternate universe…this time. Honest. She didn’t even know the multiverse was real! But now that she does know, she’s never going to shut up about it.
(Peter B. Parker can attest to this.)
Perhaps it was fate’s way of bringing a bunch of people with similar powers—minus Ali, what’s up with that?—together to fight a common enemy (renditions of whom they’ve each faced in their own respective universes)? Or maybe the universe has no rhyme or reason and this purely happened by chance.
Ali was way too psyched about being a few universes away from home, and she wanted to take as much advantage of the opportunity as she could. When the time came to return to her own universe, she found it hard to let go.
Maybe she had really grown accustom to Earth-1610, or maybe she was trying to avoid something in her home universe.
Or maybe…she had just created a super close bond with all of her new friends whom she didn’t want to leave so soon. (However, everyone knows who she’s really talking about.)
pinterest / spotify (i. ii.) / wattpad
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fazcola · 8 months ago
So I found out my meme I made a while ago kinda blew up and became the Outlast hashtag background image and I’m honestly so happy idek why but thank you everyone that enjoys my trash ilysm ;_;
Tumblr media
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booasaur · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Teenage Bounty Hunters - 1x07
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bakaspy · 8 months ago
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this link is expired there’s a new one on my account
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axinite15 · a year ago
so how do we get a season 2 of teenage bounty hunters
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abrilstevens · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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charsawdeath · 9 months ago
Outlast AU
My own Headcanons here-
After surviving the elevator crushing with a little help from the Walrider DNA swarming inside his veins, Trager goes about his life as normal.
Tending to his Ducklings.
Touring the Kiddies.
Coming face to face with Buddy!
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tbhfanexchange · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Start submitting your prompts for the TBH April Drabble Fest! Submissions close on March 28th, 2021 before the prompt list goes live on April 1st!
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lida-leeda · a year ago
Tumblr media
Sticker?😂BUT- I'm gonna make some final adjustments. Take the Cartoon Version For Now^^
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taylorashlynnlove · 3 years ago
Okay but I would highkey love to see any of the Outlast games become a movie. Someone make this happen please.
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fazcola · a year ago
Chris Walker x reader? OwO
Hiiii. Sorry it took so long ;_; I hope you enjoy it
Tumblr media
╔═══════ ✰༄ ═══════╗
𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐲𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐡𝐢𝐝𝐞 𝐧 𝐬𝐞𝐞𝐤 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐜𝐡𝐫𝐢𝐬
╚═══════ ✰༄ ═══════╝
You were hiding in a locker covering your mouth with your hands, you could hear him mumbling to himself, harsh leather boots hitting the ground with every stomp.
"Just relax (name)." You whispered to yourself, trying to regulate your breathing. Immediately the locker door was swung open.
"Found you." Chris' raspy voice sent shivers down your spine as he grabbed your shoulder, pulling you out of the locker.
"Little pig." He said dragging you away, you try to put some words together so he would stop, he didn't listen, and why would he? You were his and he wasn't just gonna leave you there. After being dragged for some time, he made a stop right outside some random room, he picked you up so you could stand again, placing you in front of the door.
"What's going on Chris?" You loosely said. He opened the door and there you were in shock, seeing a table in the middle of the room with two fancy chairs, and what looked to be a good amount of delicious cakes.
"Really! For me Chris!?" You were squealing, your big boyfriend was setting up a date whilst you were hiding. You both sat at the table, you could see Chris was a little awkward, but that soon died down. Digging into your meal of pink cupcakes and chocolate fondue, you could see out of the corner of your eye Chris staring at you, and smiling?
"What?" You said bluntly. Chris mumbled some words that you couldn't really hear, he started feeling all nervous again.
"You're... Beautiful."
You were in shock, getting up from the table and walking over to your boyfriend to give him the biggest hug ever.
"I love you!!"
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bithcassidy · a year ago
miles and blair.... what are yalls thoughts
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bakaspy · a year ago
Tumblr media
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I won’t get my invitation to archive of our own until the 30th so I started my book on my old Wattpad from middle school lol. There’s not a lot of new Outlast fanfiction being written, so I was like damn might as well. I’m super bored and got nothing better to do so send in requests here or on Wattpad if you’d like me to write something. I’ll do anything and anyone. Also if anyone knows the @s of the people who made the fanart I used for the covers of my chapters let me know. I wanna tag them or at least give them a shoutout so they aren’t linked to this...sin. Thanks for keeping me entertained for the past week y’all.
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