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let’s go lesbians! process video under cut

id: first image is of blake and yang’s heads from RWBY. around their heads are kitty heads, bumble bees, and purple hearts. second image is of the first drawing morphed into a repeating pattern on a dark purple background. this pattern includes all graphics from the original drawing along with blake and yang’s semblance symbols 

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Daemons dissolve into Golden Dust when they die, everyone knows this. Their bodies were made of the stuff after all, and they returned to it when their person died.

But then again, so does Pyrrha Nikos.

All are of the Dust, and all turn to Dust again


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“A Part of the Team”


There comes a time where Weiss Schnee burned things through her extreme training  for a new technique that led to that 

an incorrect Team RWBY quotes comic special thanks to @jacketizer007​ cool art for the drawing and making it happen

source of the quotes is under here

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Ok so I’m solving puzzles on Brilliant, when I encounter Pyrrha’s name and I’m like “wow, never thought I’d see that name out of RWBY” but then next name is Blake and I’m like “wait a minute, this is too much of a coincidence”



Yep, the girls made it into a logic problem

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Support BLM: 

Blake and Yang have both been victimized by Adam. Can they, with the connections they have made, get through it together?

A bumbleby/bmblv AMV in celebration of the Volume 6 finale! Yes, I’m very late.

This is the A-side, which has a different ending. You can find the B-side here (link).

Ending art:… (yes the video says twitter, but she’s also on tumblr)

My socials and stuff:

Editor notes under the cut:

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