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05.18.20.La Suisse depuis Col de Salavenaz by Gérard & Françoise The Lake of Arvouin is an easy hike very popular since Sevan-devant, place called La Chapelle-d'Abondance(France). The lake also allows a short approach to climb the Pointe d'Arvouin via the eponymous chalets and the Col de Salavenaz. Switzerland, Le Linleu, the Cornettes de Bise and the Mont de Grange and further on, the Dents du Midi and the Mont Blanc, are at the heart of the discovered panoramas.

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Hey all! Like I mentioned before, my physical copy of the magazine couldn’t make it to me because of covid/shipping reasons, but my friend in Japan was kind enough to get the raws to me! She actually has a scanner, so she was able to scan the magazine, thus the different format. However, the images are not the highest quality, and for that, I apologize! When I get my copy, I will be able to get better pictures, but for now, this will have to do!!

There is a lot of dialogue in this chapter, so it may take a while for me to translate. Thanks for your patience, as always!

And, as the nice anon told me, Nakamura-sensei wasn’t able to get the last chapter in Opera vol. 76, so we have one more chapter to look forward to in Opera vol. 77 which will be coming out at the end of August.



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Oh!! Thank you for telling me that!! I didn’t know since I don’t have the magazine in my hands!

Well, I suppose we’ll have something more to look forward to, then! Especially with all the really worrying things happening in the world.

Raws will be up soon! Thanks again!

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