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Hope you enjoy this!


  • He would wrap his arms around your shoulder and most likely flip the catcaller off
  • Would press a kiss to your cheek and smile when he saw whoever catcalled you stand up and walk away
  • Would most likely square up and demand to fight
  • He would be all pouty and cuddly when you both got home

Originally posted by vraberika


  • Would demand the person stand up and show themselves.
  • He would most likely be the cause of a fight but would come out as the winner
  • Would smother you in kisses and make sure that the catcaller didn’t make you uncomfortable in any way
  • He would become clingy and want kisses and hugs

Originally posted by divakaashi-archive


  • This sweet man would wrap his arm around your waist and send a glare towards however thought it was ok to catcall you.
  • He would pepper your face with small butterfly kisses.
  • If the catcaller didn’t stop, he would ultimately threaten the man. He would openly blackmail the guy and make sure he stopped.
  • He would be extremely cautious when you both went out again. For now, he would content laying his head on your lap and you running your fingers through his hair.

Originally posted by tamajikiies


  • He would be pissed. There is no doubt about it.
  • Yut would get in the man’s face and demand why he thought it was ok to catcall his girl.
  • He would demand the man apologies before flipping his hair in the man’s face and leaving with you at his side.
  • When you both get back to your house, you both would sit on the couch with snacks and drinks and start their movie night.

Originally posted by feilusiana

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Oh my gosh!! I am so happy that you enjoy my banana fish stories.<3 <3

I will be putting the picture of the cars she drives for each individual


  • When he found out you were a street racer, he begged to see your car
  • You had a Porsche 911 and it was all Ash could do not to take your keys and take it for a spin himself.
  • You got a call during a particular morning and it was a call about a street race happening downtown. It paid 100,000 dollars for third place and the first place prize money was 3 million dollars.
  • You told Ash what you were doing and invited all of them to the race so they could watch you in action.
  • Ash had fallen even more in love with you and gladly accepted your invitation to the race.
  • The race had gone so well, and Ash was so proud that you came in first place. You smiled at him and placed the prize money in his hands.
  • “You get this. It’s all yours.” She said.

Originally posted by dapperseoul


  • He about died when he heard that you were a street racer and had been in multiple crashes before meeting each other.
  • “What car do you have now?” He asked when you were getting ready to go and do another race.
  • “I have a Lambo Gallardo.” You replied, gathering your things up and heading towards your car.
  • Blanca asked if he and the others could come and watch you race.
  • You agreed and told him that if she won, the prize money was going to be his.
  • When you won the race, he was just so happy that he pulled you in for a kiss

Originally posted by alaskageyigi


  • When he found out you were a street racer, he wanted nothing more than to have you drive your car with him.
  • You gladly took him on a joy ride in your racing car and boy did Shorter enjoy the ride.
  • “What car is this?” He asked one day while you both were out on a joy ride.
  • “It’s a Lambo Huracan. My dad had this same car when he was street racing.” You said smiling.
  • You invited them to one of your races
  • Shorter was scared that you might get hurt but was very proud of you.
  • Screamed; “That’s my girlfriend assholes!!” You were embarrassed by him but you loved him for it.

Originally posted by vodlka

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Something I’ve been thinking about, is what Blanca said to Ash after Eiji got hurt, and how it really affected Ash

“He doesn’t exist for your salvation!”

This line (to me) perfectly describes how ‘middle of the line’ I am with Blanca

Because objectively- he isn’t wrong. Anybody in a healthy relationship can tell you that it is not fair to place the weight of your own peace in your significant other’s hands ONLY. (Basically, it’s irresponsible to place your own growth & happiness in someone else’s hands alone, bc what happens if something happens to them? What happens if they have a bad day and can’t carry the weight of you both? What happens if you split up? You just gone stop growing? Functioning? That’s not fair to your partner and it isn’t fair to yourself.)

The PROBLEM, is that fact that it had the audacity to come from Blanca himself. Like bro….fuck you lmao where do you get the right?? To tell Ash?? About partners?? About anything, considering you helped put him back with Golzine??

Like maybe if the line had come from Max, the context would have been better explained and he would have said it better (or maybe not at ALL bc it was a terrible time to do so). But because it came from Blanca, ya know, assassin with his own rough past, a vulnerable Ash took it to heart in a way that meant “sacrifice your own feelings to keep Eiji safe bc this is the Way™” and not “don’t lose your shit just because Eiji is hurt, he wouldn’t want that” (which is what somebody kind would have said).

I wish he hadn’t said that shit to him, what terrible timing, and what a horrible person to hear it from. Even if he did come back and try to make up for it… 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

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TW: Kidnapping

OKAY THAT ENDING IS TERRIFYING. I can’t imagine being in that situation. Think of it: you’re almost out of here. You can taste it on your tongue. Freedom is just in grasp, and you’re conversing with someone on escaping. And when you turn around, Ash just looks you dead in the eye and starts speaking in that language. And his stare says: “I know everything.”

The ones that speak another language (Chinese, Russian, Japanese, etc.) will absolutely say creepy ass things without you knowing. And they’ll talk about cameras and shit behind your back. God, and you wouldn’t even know a thing. You’d believe their lies like it was nothing. 

Honestly? I personally headcanon that Arthur’s mother knew German (she’s a military child that was born in Germany). So she grew up speaking both English and German. So Arthur knows enough to get by. Sorry, German speakers. Stabby man’s got you all figured out.

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