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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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WIP Title: mea culpa by Hesesols

WIP Pairing: IchiRuki

Six Sentences:

“I find it amusing that you think you can escape by hiding in here.” 

Amber eyes widen as he whirls around in surprise. 

She materializes seemingly from thin air, stepping out from the shadows as though she had always been there. At first glance, he thinks, she looks like an angel. Her skin is so pale that it glows under the moonlight and a tumble of raven dark soft curls cascade over her shoulders. As she steps into the light though, the long, curving horns on her head- her crowning glory, come into view.   


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WIP Title: Apotheosis Chapter 6 by Dev14

WIP Pairing: ByaRen

Six Sentences:

“I think it is rather apt,” the raven opined, scribbling on a piece of paper and showing it to Renji. Heat creeped up the redhead’s face as he realized the meaning behind the two simple kanji. 

Oh… did his captain just compliment him? 

Byakuya leaned his chin on his hand as he looked up at his flustered lieutenant, “and as we will be living together, you will become my lover, of course.” 

Of course—huh? 

Renji looked at the raven with bulging eyes. There was, undoubtedly, a smile on his captain’s lips now.

Link to Previous Chapters: (NSFW) Ao3

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WIP Title: Untitled by AriadneKurosaki

WIP Pairing: IchiRuki

Six Sentences:

“Thank you,” a pleasant alto voice says. “You may leave us.”  

“Your Majesty?” 

“We’ll be fine.” 

The doors close behind him, but Ichigo barely notices. Violet eyes steal his breath away the same way they did fifteen years ago, and Ichigo stares at the woman standing before him. Her midnight hair is longer than it was back then, twisted and twined into an elaborate design. There is a platinum circlet upon her head, one set with a diamond larger than his thumb. And the way she’s dressed…


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