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I’m a little out of it from the doctor, but I just wanted to say thank you to all the friends and people I’ve met thanks to Glee.

Thank you for being on this journey with me, for supporting me, being there when I felt lost and alone, for never letting me forget that giving up isn’t the only answer.

I wouldn’t be anything without you all.

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bleerios replied to your photo:Excuse me while I freak out that my friends album…

I work in the music department at Barnes & Noble and see his CD there all the time, too :) We have him (and all stores have him) on a “Discover New Music” endcap. That’s awesome you know him!

oh myg od this makes me so happy! yeah he’s from my hometown and i’m always so upset because whenever he finally brings his shows down to my neck of the woods i’m out of town so i sadly haven’t gotten to see goose live yet but i’ve heard his stuff before they actually formed. he’s an absolute sweetheart and i’m just so glad that everyone i know that i’ve made listen to his stuff love it. 

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bleerios replied to your post:the line where dave was talking about blaine…

blaine has always enjoyed a combo of broadway and top 40 in my head. especially since he lived in new york for at least a year and went to a drama school.

Yeah I definitely agree with that! I mean he was around kurt and rachel consistently and I imagine you’d have to be pretty fond of broadway to deal with the two of them together, but I feel like at the end of a hard day it’s not broadway he’d be listening to while tucked into bed, you know? Especially not for the warblers to perform?? like in the episode before this one they were doing ed sheeran then all of a sudden “oooo blaine’s obsessed with broadway haha the warblers will never perform anything else.” I guess the reason it pissed me off is because it almost implied that it was BLAINE’S thing, BLAINE’S quirk, and not something kurt has been consistently interested in, you know?

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doubleohcas answered your post: YO has anyone ever bought skirts from …

it’s so cuuuuuuute uwu as for sizing, i have no idea, sorry love, but cuuuuuuuute

klainest replied to your post: YO has anyone ever bought skirts from …

all of their clothes run pretty small

sasstricbypass answered your post: YO has anyone ever bought skirts from …

it usually depends on ur body shape, my bff and i are the same weight/jean size, but her waist is narrow,so she gets a small and i get a med

bleerios answered your post: YO has anyone ever bought skirts from …

i’d definitely follow their sizing chart tbh. their clothes tend to run small unfortunately.

ahhhhh okay! i’ll probably go for a large then just to make sure THANK YOU ALL OF YOU FOR YOUR HELP YOU CUTIES *u* <3<3

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bleerios replied to your post “mypatronusisklaine replied to your post:That whole starkid thing is so…”

the amount of people who cling to this argument, not realizing that the joke is pretty much on them. if darren has a 12 foot #nohomo gag order around him never to even look at chris, brian never would have even joked about this sort of thing.

exactly! like, why would one of his closest friends do that to him? there’s literally no logic to it at all lol

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