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Went out to town and did some shopping of my own for the first time since the pandemic was declared, and I think I was being pretty smart and conscious of things, but I’m still filled with this awful guilt for having gone out in the first place and I would just like this all to be over, thanks.

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I was in a blind rage literally right before work because my bfs car broke down on the side of the highway & the triple a guy REFUSED to tow us/ let one of us in his cab because of covid-19. I have not been so violently angry in probably years & I’m totally drained & feel so fucking guilty & awful…I also wasnt able to get ahold of anyone before work & am stressed but like…my manager isnt here today anyway so..

All of my coworkers have been reassuring me that I’m not going to lose my job but like…I cant not catastrophize & freak the fuck out right now.

I’m trying really fucking hard to hold it all together.

The whole fucking world is on fire and being inconvenienced & disrespected is waaaaay more fucking impactful rn

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Hey im really love your blog and art style but i don't like whats you draw one charakter, eyeless jack... i like him so much but in your blog hes is scary and ugly. Of corse this is so orginal! But really change to... pleasa

1.) He’s supposed to be scary and ugly.

2.) Don’t tell me what to do.

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